ConnectLAX Introduction



ConnectLAX Introduction
ConnectLAX Introduction
We partner with travel teams to…
1) Drive better recruitment results
2) Grow their brand with players & coaches
3) Save everyone time and money You will receive an UberConference number and PIN ahead of the call by
email or text. Share this with any team members you want to include. Nick Lattimore Gage Mersereau
[email protected]
[email protected]
Questions You Get That We Answer
Where should my kid play college lacrosse?
> College matching service
How do we get in touch with college coaches?
> Built-in messaging system
Did the coach get my email; are they interested?
> Track email opens & clicks
How do I maximize my recruiting exposure?
> Mobile profiles in recruit finder
Can you help me with the recruiting process?
> Track college preferences
Better Recruitment Results
College matching service
Match players to schools that fit on & off the field
Team recruiting benefits
Track your player’s college preferences online
Roster-linked profiles share recruiting exposure
Grow Your Brand
Company and player profiles
Profiles branded with your logo & link to website
College coaches identify recruit with your team
Recruit finder directory
Built with coaches to help them find recruits
Save Time & Money
“” for players & coaches
Easy, mobile service to evaluate and “connect”
We provide tools to help players get recruited
Value and discount from team
Efficiently manage your team; players enter info
You only pay for the players that sign up
$5 / month per player ($60 / year)
Your players save ½ off the individual rate
We can charge players until fee in dues cycle
Players get discounted film & highlight editing
Next Steps
Sign up
> We create your company profile and branded
sign up page (ex.
> We provide marketing materials for players
> Players can sign up on their phone in minutes
The service is completely mobile
Coaches can view profiles from sidelines
Others who have signed up with us already:
Why We Started ConnectLAX
To solve a problem
>1,450 collegiate programs; ~1,000 actively recruit
But most recruits can only name 50-100 teams
Target list may just be last year’s final 4 teams
College lacrosse at any level matters
We want players to get this amazing experience
at the right school for them both on & off the field
Gage played MCLA at Indiana (left)
Nick played D1 at Fairfield (right)
(at a very cloudy Machu Picchu)

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