january 2016 - Gull Lake Community Schools



january 2016 - Gull Lake Community Schools
The Richland Elementary Reporter
Our Mission Statement
Richland Elementary will provide a safe, creative,
and positive learning environment for life-long skills
January 1, 2016
PTO—The Richland PTO will hold a meeting this
month on January 8, at 9:00 a.m. We hope to see
you there!
Early Release-On January 13, 2016 dismissal is at
2:35 p.m. for all students. Please make sure your
child knows where they are going. Please send a
note if there is a change to their routine.
Cold Weather Reminders—Be sure your child is
dressed appropriately for the weather with hat,
coat, snow pants, mittens, and boots. Be aware
that jacket strings and ties can be dangerous
when playing on our playground equipment.
Once we have snow on the ground all students
must wear boots. We suggest that students
keep an old pair of shoes at school as we can not
allow them to call home if he/she forgets to bring
shoes. Children must wear boots and snow pants
every day or they will stay on the blacktop. Students must be prepared for the weather because
there will be outside recess every day, weather
Early Dismissal—It is imperative that your child
knows what to do if school is dismissed early due
to weather or a power outage. Discuss a plan with
your child to avoid any confusion if this happens.
www.gulllakecs.org or www.wwmt.com or listen to
the radio or television. You will also be notified by
School Messenger. We need to keep the school
phone lines open for emergencies, please do not
call the school. Thank you for your cooperation.
Two Hour Delays—Due to our Michigan weather
we often have two hour delays. When these occur, school begins at 10:55 a.m. Buses will pick
up children two hours after they normally do.
Please do not bring children to school before
10:45 a.m. as there is no supervision for your children. Make it a habit to check our web site at
www.gulllakecs.org or listen to the radio or television to learn about delays. You will also be notified by School Messenger.
Absences—If your child is going to be absent,
please contact the school (488-5080) by
10:00 a.m. and provide an explanation. When no
excuse is provided, the absence will be unexcused
and the student is considered truant. Any student
arriving late to school needs to be signed in at the
school office before proceeding to class.
The Frosty’s Holiday Shop was a huge success. Thanks to Jennifer Yapp for organizing this event and all the volunteers who
helped the children shop for gifts. There
were many students featured in the Talent
Show. They danced, sang, and other various
forms of entertainment. We are very proud
of our performers!
The PTO book fair was very successful with
sales of over $8,000.00 with over half of this
amount going to our library .
Thank you to all the volunteers who put in
their time to help our students and a special
thank you to Meredith Alspach for organizing
the book fair.
Thank you to everyone for supporting our library.
Richland Elementary School
9476 EAST M-89
Phone: 269-488-5080
Fax: 269-488-5081
E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
School Closings
The decision to delay or cancel classes for Gull Lake
Community Schools is a cooperative effort by the director of instruction and personnel, the transportation supervisor, the supervisor of buildings and grounds and a
transportation employee. The decision will be made by
5:45 a.m. The television stations that relay the delays
and cancellations for Gull Lake schools are channels
WWMT Channel 3, Wood-TV 8 and WOTV-41. Radio
stations include WNWN 98.5 FM, WFAT 96.5 FM,
WQXC 100.9 FM, WMUK 102.9 FM, WWKN 104.9
FM, WBXX 95.3 FM, WBCK 930 AM, WQLR 106.5
FM, WKZO 590 AM, WQSN 1470 AM, WRKR 107.7
FM, WKFR 103.3 FM, WKMI 1360 AM and WKPR
1420 AM.
January 4
School Resumes
January 8
PTO Meeting, 9:00am
January 13
Early Release at 2:35pm
February 4
Conferences 5:00pm-8:00pm
February 5
No Students! Conferences
9:00am-12:00pm &
February 10
Count Day!
February 12
PTO Meeting 9:00 a.m.
February 15
Mobile Dentist
February 17
Early Release @ 2:35
SCHOOL MESSENGER will be used by Gull Lake
Community Schools as a way to alert families of school
Please be on the lookout for
any of our school visitor
badges . Please return the
visitor badges to the school

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