2012 Annual Report - United Charitable



2012 Annual Report - United Charitable
2012 Annual Report
Table of Contents
Our Board of Directors................................................................................................................... 3
Our UCP Staff Members................................................................................................................. 3
A Letter from the Chairman of the Board, Lyn Haston........................................................................ 4
Financial Position as of Dec. 31, 2012............................................................................................. 5
A Letter from the Executive Director, Jan Ridgely............................................................................... 6
A Letter from Greg Colvin, Adler & Colvin........................................................................................ 7
A Directory of Our Fiscally Sponsored Programs............................................................................... 9
Where Our Programs Are Located................................................................................................. 10
Our Programs’ Fields of Interest.................................................................................................... 43
A Letter from the President, John Houk.......................................................................................... 47
Donor-Advised Funds................................................................................................................... 48
Insurance and Investment Companies We Work With....................................................................... 48
Directory of Donor-Advised Funds................................................................................................. 49
Countries That Receive Support from Our Programs........................................................................ 50
Top 50 Charities Supported By Our Programs................................................................................ 57
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Front Cover Photo Credits
From left to right:
Half Pint Horse Foundation – Volunteer, Mary Anderson, visits a nursing home in Minnesota with a specially trained miniature
horse. Their mission is to bring these horses to promote mental and physical healing, therapy and education to those in
nursing homes, hospitals, schools and libraries. They are located in Bloomington, MN.
Outward Bound Projects – Volunteer, Shelly Harrop Guild, drives to Mexico to donate clothes and toys to underprivileged
children. Their mission is to “preach the Gospel to all nations.”
Midwives for Haiti – Midwifery student, Wilma Bastia, makes post-partum rounds to check on her patient and the proud
mother of a one-day old boy. The mother’s pregnancy was complicated by pre-eclampsia, a hypertensive disorder that, unless
medically treated, is life threatening. Their mission is to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates in Haitian villages. Photo
was taken by volunteer and midwife Cheryl Hanna-Truscott.
The Potter’s Hand Foundation – Program Manager, Taylor Benson, brings clean drinking water to the poor children in Peru.
Their mission is to bring nutritional food programs to the children of South and Central American and the Caribbean.
Micronesia Dental Support Project (MDSP) – Volunteers gather at a community dental clinic held in Chuuk State, Federated
States of Micronesia in July 2012. Their mission is to make quality dental care and equipment accessible to the impoverished
people in the Pacific island nation of Micronesia.
Grace in God’s Hands Ministries – Program Manager, Steve Carlyle, and wife, Carol, go into the war zones along the Sudan
border to help bring humanitarian and educational aid to the children in Uganda.
Freeman Institute Foundation – Program Manager, Joel Freeman, is speaking to more than 300 attendees at a soiree on
March 26th, 2012. The event was to launch the United Nations “Transatlantic Slave Trade” exhibition in New York. Twenty
documents and artifacts from The Freeman Institute Black History Collection (in collaboration with the Freeman Institute
Foundation) were showcased from March 26th - June 6th, 2012.
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To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Our Board of Directors
The staff and Board members of United Charitable
Programs work tirelessly to promote the mission and
vision of encouraging people to help others. We couldn’t
do this without these people!
Lyn Haston, Chairman
General Manager
ERA Sellers Buyers &
Yasmine Bonilla, Member
Financial Services Advisor
Ameriprise Financial Services
Diane Hill, Member
Development and
Communications Officer
United Community Ministries
Rick Mikszan, Member
State Farm Insurance
Matteo Sabattini, PhD, Treasurer
Senior Manager, Partner
Dave Finnigan, Member
Program Manager
Juggling for Success, Climate
Change Is Elementary
Janet H. Ridgely, Secretary
Executive Director
United Charitable Programs
Staff Members
Pictured here are the UCP
staff at our corporate office
located in Falls Church, Virginia.
From left to right (seated):
Stephanie Lanham, Marian
Houk, John Houk, Jan Ridgely,
David Koury,(standing) Stacy
Summitt, Julie Houk, Katie Kern,
Julia Weltmann, Barbara Hiller,
Susan Andalora.
Page 3
A Letter from the Chairman of the Board, Lyn Haston
Dear Colleagues,
United Charitable Programs (UCP) is a unique public charity which embodies the
ideals of empowering people to help people. We do this by providing the infrastructure
required to efficiently and effectively run charitable programs through the management of
Fiscally Sponsored Programs and Donor-Advised Funds.
Too many people who want to help come up against a quagmire of rules, restrictions, and expenses in setting up a charity.
The requirements and expenses to establish a non-profit corporation or private foundation, obtain government approval and
fund the administrative operations kill most good charitable ideas before they even get started. UCP pools these vital legal,
accounting and oversight infrastructures under one roof to allow charitable ideas to accelerate quicker, spend far less time
and money on administration and to focus more resources on charitable programs.
I came to know UCP through my own charitable passion. After 10 years of working with a metropolitan YMCA, I have run
a Fiscally Sponsored Program at UCP for more than 10 years, which has helped the community maintain quality sports and
arts programs in the public schools of Soquel and Santa Cruz, California. We have raised more than $100,000 over these
years to provide facility improvements and help hundreds of children
participate in sports programs and arts events.
UCP also helped my own real estate company – ERA Sellers, Buyers
& Associates – organize a Corporate Donor-Advised Fund to empower
our employees to make a bigger impact on their community. Through
automatic payroll deduction, our agents and employees easily make
donations to our fund, which pools these donated dollars and then
distributes them where they are most needed. We’ve enjoyed the process
of working together to make our charitable grants and have been able to
better recognize the needs in our community.
I am proud to have served as a member of the UCP Board of Directors
for two years and am honored to be its chairman. In 2012, our growth
in Fiscally Sponsored Programs and Donor-Advised Funds has been
tremendous, and we look forward to that continued growth in the coming
The efficient model of UCP makes it perfectly poised to meet the
needs of charitably minded citizens seeking cost-effective ways to get
their donated dollars to the charitable
organizations they wish to serve.
Take a look. Get energized.
Empower yourself to serve!
All the best,
Lyn Haston
Chairman of the Board
Page 4
The efficient model of
UCP makes it perfectly
poised to meet the needs
of charitably minded
citizens seeking costeffective ways to get their
donated dollars to the
charitable organizations
they wish to serve.
Financial Position as of Dec. 31, 2012
Statement of Financial Position at December 31, 2012 and 2011
Cash and Cash Equivalents
Property (Net)
Cash Surrender Value of Life Insurance
Other Receivables
Total for Revenue
Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses
Total Liabilities
Unrestricted Net Assets
Temporarily Restricted Net Assets
Total Net Assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
Liabilities and Net Assets
Schedule of Activities for the Year Ended December 31, 2012 and 2011
Support and Revenue
Contributions and Grants
Non-Cash Donations
Investment Income
Program Service Revenue
Event Revenue
Insurance Proceeds
Application Fees
Other Income
Program Services
Charitable Donations
General and Adminsitrative
Fund Raising
Increase in Net Assets
Net Assets, Beginning of Year
Net Assets, End of Year
Page 5
A Letter from the Executive
Director, Jan Ridgely
Dear Charitable Enthusiast!
What if you immediately had a way to turn your wonderful
charitable idea into a reality?
What if you had a way to take away all of the
administrative, accounting, legal and oversight worry and
hassle to do it?
That’s exactly what United Charitable Programs is able to
offer to good people, great funders, and anyone with a terrific
charitable idea!
“No legal, organizational,
financial, corporate or
mission separation exists.
We are our projects, and
our projects are us.”
Fiscal sponsorship has evolved as an effective and efficient
mode of starting new nonprofits, seeding social movements,
and delivering public services. According to a recent
IRS report1, “Fiscal sponsors have the ability to receive charitable contributions for specific projects, the
infrastructure to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws, and adequate internal controls to
ensure that the funds will be used for the intended charitable purposes.”
UCP has been experiencing steady, solid growth of our Fiscally Sponsored Programs. We now manage
more than 500 active programs, which are located in 32 states and the District of Columbia. Our programs
support charitable activities abroad as well, with their donations reaching 12 different countries around the
In 2012, we broadened the depth of services we provide to our programs including:
• State of the art online access to program account information in real time;
• Free learning opportunities through conferences, events, and webinars;
• Extended public awareness within social media outlets.
Increasingly, fiscal sponsorship is viewed by project leaders and funders alike, as a sustainable, costeffective way to manage a charitable initiative. Our program managers love us because they are able to spend
more time on their mission-related work and fundraising, and less on administrative details. Funders love us
because UCP offers a low-risk way to test new ideas by providing fledgling projects with a solid infrastructure
with a high level of regulatory and financial oversight.
There’s no better way to empower people to help others, learn the ropes of running a charitable program,
and direct more funds toward your charitable mission!
Let’s work together to make the world a better place!
Jan H. Ridgely
Executive Director
1 Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities (ACT), Report of Recommendations from a meeting held June 6, 2012. Publication 4344 (Rev. 06-2012),
Catalog Number: 38578D, Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service.
Page 6
Greg Colvin is
Chairman of
the Board, Adler
& Colvin, and
Author of Fiscal
6 Ways To Do
It Right, San
Francisco Study
Center, 1993, 2005
Page 7
Page 8
A Directory of Our Fiscally Sponsored Programs
Our mission is to empower people to help others
by fiscally sponsoring targeted charitable programs
that encourage positive change through charitable,
educational, scientific, or religious actions worldwide.
Our programs vary in size, budget and scope, but all
share the desire to make a difference in the lives of
UCP provides fiscal sponsorship as a cost-effective
way for charitable programs of any size and scope to
be efficiently and effectively managed. UCP relieves the
administrative burdens which can inhibit doing good
works. We provide strict oversight of our programs to
ensure compliance with 501(c)(3) nonprofit regulations.
We strive to uphold the highest standards in
charitable program management so that our programs
can focus on what they do best – helping those in need,
whether in their own community, across the nation or on
the other side of the globe.
The following is a list of our fiscally sponsored
programs, their mission statement, and the city and
state where the program is operating. The listing
is categorized alphabetically by their charitable
field of interest. To find out more about these and
all of our programs, go to our website at www.
UnitedCharitablePrograms.org and select “Search for a
Animal Welfare
ARF Animal Rescue Foundation – To trap, neuter, release,
and place in homes, when possible, feral cats. To rescue,
spay or neuter, and place lost dogs; to rescue wounded
birds, and take them for Recovery Assistance to vets or
foundations when needed. (Miami Lakes, FL)
Chez Paws Foundation – To provide for the well-being of
animals by supporting Central Texas animal welfare groups.
(Austin, TX)
Every Cat Counts – To offer help to homeless cats in the
community and to the people who try to care for them
using educational and hands on methods. (Brainard, NY)
For The Love of Animals – To help homeless animals by
setting up adoption events for non-profit animal adoption
organizations and raising funds for other non-profit
organizations to help them spay and neuter, house, pay vet
bills, etc for homeless animals until they can be placed in
forever homes. (Laguna Niguel, CA)
Half Pint Horse Foundation – To work in collaboration with
existing charitable and educational organizations to funds
visits by specially trained miniature horses to nursing
homes, hospitals, schools and libraries with the intent
to promote mental and physical healing, therapy and
education. (Bloomington, MN)
Humane Nation Foundation – Humane education is our
primary focus. This may include, but not limited to,
teaching children humane education lessons, creating books
and videos that are humane education based, rescuing dogs
and/or cats, working with families with outside/backyard
dogs, and working with veterinarian offices creating
humane education materials. (Montvale, NJ)
Half Pint Horse Foundation visits a children’s hospital with mini
horses to cheer the kids.
International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing-IAATH
– IAATH is an alliance of professional healers, therapists,
concerned companies and individuals dedicated to assisting
the maintenance, balance, and enhancement of the body,
mind, and spirit of all animals. We have come together as
an alliance to share our vision and raise consciousness.
(Winters, CA)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 9
Animal Welfare
Live Monarch Foundation – To provide education,
involvement, assistance and acknowledgement of persons
acting directly to benefit the Monarch Butterfly and various
native creatures who have suffered a decline in their natural
habitat. (Boca Raton, FL)
New England Equine Research Foundation – To investigate
the clinical problems faced by equine practitioners and
horsemen in the New England area, with the intent of
producing practical information to benefit the equine
populace. (Rochester, NH)
Pawtographs – To raise money and to build awareness for
animal rescue. To support animal rescue programs across
the country by building awareness and helping raise funds.
(Mt. Laurel, NJ)
Puppy Imprinters Academy (PIA) – To promote responsible
pet ownership in cities across the country through
awareness, education and training. The PIA believes dogs
are amazing animals that if properly trained can be amazing
pets and assets to society. Our charity collaborates with
various sub groups within the pet community to offer
needed services, knowledge and training to ultimately
better the lives of our canine companions. (Los Angeles, CA)
Save The Animals Project – To help improve the lives of
animals that have been injured, abandoned, orphaned
or adopted by improving their health and environment.
(Pflugerville, TX)
The Clyde Fund – To help rescued animals or, in some cases,
terminally ill, homeless children. Proceeds will be used to
build and maintain Clyde’s Sanctuary and/or donated to
other organizations for expensive surgeries or rehabilitation
of severely abused, rescued companion animals. Clyde’s
Sanctuary, an environmentally friendly, “green” community,
will house the core staff implementing the various applications
for animals and children in need. (Ridgefield, CT)
The Dunamis Project – To provide opportunities for spiritual
enlightenment through time spent with horses in the
wilderness. And to interact with both kids and adults in
the outdoors using horses as the draw and sharing our
faith and the peace that accompanies these experiences.
(Tacoma, WA)
The Equine Care and Hospital Development Fund – To
provide enhanced veterinary care and education to clients
and horses, to direct financial aid to qualified horse
owners, and to support our local Equine Charter School.
(Rochester, NH)
The US Animal Aid Foundation – To aid in the education,
recovery and protection of animals. (Daphne, AL)
TrainHumane.org – To make the world more humane
for dogs through the use of humane training tools and
education. (Basalt, CO)
Uniting Hands Pet Coalition of America – To unite with
people and businesses by joining hands to foster and rehome abandoned domestic animals and disaster animal
victims. And to reduce the population of unwanted animals
through assisting with spay and neutering. (Punta Gorda, FL)
Where Our Programs Are Located
Number of
Page 10
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture
Advocacy Art Project – To place fine-art prints and
meditation/prayer cards into the hands of patients for their
spiritual and emotional comfort and well being. (Richfield,
Art Works Foundation – To provide for Arts projects in all
of the various forums. We promote education and training
through exhibition of Art projects in All Medias. We bring
together existing Art programs and create a collaborative
effort in public areas through the communities we serve.
(Channel Islands, CA)
Blues Hall of Fame – To develop The Blues Hall of Fame
which honors and preserves the achievements of Master
and Local Blues artists by displaying their uniquely
American musical art form on www.blueshalloffame.com
and other media. We are educating people about Blues
Music and Musicians, and how it has developed and
prospered worldwide. (San Diego, CA)
Chili ‘n de Mud – To build a 50+ acre Art Ranch which
will serve as a place for learning and retreat for youth and
adults who desire to sharpen their life skills and acquire the
“creative edge” for success. (Awendaw, SC)
Chinese Music Culture Center of NY (CMCC-NY) – To
promote Chinese music and cultural heritages. To enable
as many people as possible to experience the philosophy
and spirit of Chinese music and culture. To grow young
musical and cultural leaders through engaging music and
cultural activities and events. (Yorktown Heights, NY)
Cultural Diversity International – To promote a cultural
understanding relationship in the USA. And to promote
cultural diversity in the Church and the workplace.
(St. Louis, MO)
Friends of J & V Music Affairs Plus – To nurture the
preservation of Jazz and Blues, with a focus on nurturing
seniors audiences and paying tribute to legendary musicians
through a variety of live performances and presentations.
(Los Angeles, CA)
Atitlan Education Project is working to develop an intercultural
and multilingual kindergarten and primary school for children
around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
If you are looking to spend
your time and efforts on
fundraising and promoting
your foundation, then UCP is
the team you want managing
all the 501(c)(3) regulations.
Otherwise, you will be
spinning your wheels, paying
exorbitant legal fees, and who
knows what else.
~ Maryann Pacheco,
Program Manager of 7 UCP projects
Golden Ratio Project Foundation – To support educational
and charitable endeavors through musical performance in
collaboration with educational, environmental, charitable,
spiritual, social services and other non-profit organizations
for the purpose of fostering well-being within the individual,
community and world at large, and to promote its
associated projects to the public. To educate students in
the musical arts, exploring and celebrating the relationship
between music, science and spirituality. (Ambler, PA)
Let the Music Begin Project – To collaborate with and
support existing non-profit organizations which are focused
on educational activities and to raise awareness about the
power of music on society. (Navarre, FL)
Masters/Apprentice/Preservation Foundation - M.A.P. – Our
Mission and Goal is to assist artists of all types: painters,
print makers, sculptors, writers and songwriters, musicians
and more. (Rogers, AR)
Media Arts Collaboration Foundation – To provide for Arts
projects in all of the various forums. We promote education
and training through exhibition of Art projects in Visual
Medias. We bring together existing Art programs and
create a collaborative effort in public areas through the
communities we serve. (Channel Islands, CA)
National Performing Arts Foundation – To provide education
and encouragement to a variety of audiences through the
power of performing arts. (Salem, OR)
Orlando School of Cultural Dance Foundation – To give
youth in the Central Florida community access to arts and
education as a means to enhance their social and emotional
well being during the after school and evening hours.
(Orlando, FL)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
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Arts & Culture
Upendo Kids International Foundation is providing child
development programs and family services to low-income families
in Kenya.
Planters Barn Theater – To provide the finest in historical
theater productions in Hannibal, Missouri’s Planters Barn
Theater and to provide educational shows for colleges,
schools, museums and libraries. (Hannibal, MO)
poetryN.O.W. – To provide educators with the resources
necessary to create successful poetry programs in their
schools. Through these after school programs, we seek
to cultivate creative outlets, give young voices platforms
on which to be heard, facilitate writing and performance
workshops, create a sense of camaraderie between students
of varying economic and social divides and to foster
opportunities for those organizations to contribute back to
their schools and communities. (Arlington, VA)
Promethean Spark – To teach life skills (viz. discipline,
respect, perseverance, etc.) through ongoing training in
dance and the performing arts to impoverished youth
worldwide. (New York City, NY)
Red Sycamore Program – To make Washington, D.C. not
only a major player in the political world but in the arts
as well. The Red Sycamore Program seeks to bring more
international, political and social justice art and 20th
century classical music to this region and hopefully to other
areas as well. (McLean, VA)
S’kool Music – To raise public awareness of the necessity to
maintain school music programs; assist schools in funding
programs and/or supplies; provide instruments to talented
but needy students; provide scholarships to exceptional
students; assist in establishing music programs in schools
where none exist. (Mission Viejo, CA)
Soul Seeking Disciples – To enlighten, encourage, and uplift
all peoples through the Gospel music we sing and play at
retirement centers, nursing homes, churches and other
venues. (Gloucester, VA)
Sunny Isles Beach Eastern European Film Festival – To
create a world class venue to encourage sharing the ideas
and culture through the motion picture arts and sciences.
(N. Miami, FL)
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Swing Dance Magazine – To provide a reading source both in
print and online which reflects the pulse of our international
dance community. To educate the general public, as well
as current dancers about other international communities,
dance and music legends and upcoming events. (San
Antonio, TX)
The Artery – To assist local artists in taking classes and with
funding for their projects. Also the foundation will support
projects of public art and the arts community as a whole.
(Rogers, AR)
The Bryten Goss Foundation for the Arts (BGFA) – To
support and preserve the legacy left behind by the
influential young artist, Bryten Goss, and to encourage
the broad recognition of his work. Also to establish an
art scholarship in his name for future young artists who
excel in the fine arts of painting, dry point, etching, and
photography. (Glendale, CA)
The Galal Project – To provide either partial or full
scholarships to those pursuing performing arts training.
The area could be in music, dance, art, acting, or modeling.
(Coeur d’Alene, ID)
The MasterClass Academy – The MasterClass is an
international event for Christian high school and collegeaged visual and performing artists. Master classes and
workshops are taught by award winning faculty. Receive
personalized training in YOUR field, develop your
strengths, expand your creativity and capabilities. (Paola, KS)
Touched By Art Foundation – To conduct and teach creative
and artistic classes both privately and in conjunction with
local agencies, schools and organizations to serve the
community, specifically assisting those of low income,
underprivileged and the “at risk youth” population. (South
Glastonbury, CT)
Vanguard Consort Ministries – To provide quality musical/
drama performances for “shut-in” communities such as
nursing/assisted living facilities/retirement homes, prisons,
and jails. This will include church services, Bible studies,
and seminars where appropriate. (Manassas, VA)
Youth Heritage Arts & Culture Foundation – To give our
youth not only some place to go, but also something
constructive to do and to change negative energy to positive
thinking. (Chicago, IL)
Children & Youth
A Family’s Child Program – To encourage and apply
philanthropic contributions to organizations that are
creating meaningful solutions that help improve the lives
of children and their families and thereby enhancing the
overall community’s quality of life. To address the needs
of children by increasing awareness of the problems facing
families, promoting the needs of family, and nurturing a
greater sense of community and community involvement.
(Mundelein, IL)
Advantage in Sports Foundation – To develop and enhance
the skill levels and improve citizenship roles of today’s
youth through skill building and incentive and award
programs. We intend to provide alternative means for
families to share and enjoy the rewards of sporting and
recreational events. (Oklahoma City, OK)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Children & Youth
Aim For Success – To provide empowerment and education
programs to at-risk girls regarding drug/alcohol prevention,
abstinence, obesity prevention and other healthy lifestyle
choices. To provide mentoring programs which will
connect the girls with caring adult mentors who can guide
them through their challenging adolescent and teen years.
(Oklahoma City, OK)
America’s Children of September 2001 – To provide
assistance to children of survivors of the terrorist attacks
on the Pentagon who experienced great personal injury
and lasting impairment as a result of their heroic rescue
and recovery efforts on September 11, 2001 and the days
following. (Gold River, CA)
Andrew Szarko Memorial Fund – To continue to build
multiple playgrounds in honor of our son. To provide
specific grade level modules to help the children learn in the
classroom. And to feed multiple families in Howard County
for Thanksgiving and to provide gifts, toys, & clothing
along with a food pantry for the Christmas holiday to these
families in need through the “Adopt a Family” program.
(Aldersburg, MD)
Angels in the Streets – To be the voice of the poverty stricken
areas where children are abused and neglected in the
Philippines, in an effort to provide hope and support
through our organization as the advocate for children, our
“Angels in the Street.” (Kissimmee, FL)
Arise for Children – To exhort and equip those called to
impact the life of a child. Specifically, we seek to help
children as we strengthen their support systems, provide
opportunities for families to creatively engage, and remove
the financial barriers to counseling and family education.
(West Linn, OR)
ASPIRE Youth Leadership and Development Program – To
motivate, educate, inspire, and provide guidance to youth
of all ages through a variety of preventative programs and
enrichment activities that build self-esteem, character, and
leadership, while creating lasting relationships. (Concord, NC)
Athletes for Charity – Our primary objectives consist of
encouraging professional athletes and the community
at large in the giving of time, financial resources, and
information to improve the collective lives of disadvantaged
citizens, specifically underprivileged youth. (Jamaica, NY)
Destiny: The Rock of Escape provides a youth development
program that encourages and equips young men ages 14 to 24 to
stay in school, cultivate winning character, develop valuable work
ethics, and to live a life of spiritual discipline.
Horse Sense for Teens-At-Risk is helping adolescents develop
self-confidence using Equine Guided Education.
Atitlan Education Project – To develop an intercultural and
multilingual kindergarten and primary school for children
around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The school will embody
a holistic emphasis that addresses the whole child - head,
heart, and hands. (McLean, VA)
Austin Pettis Foundation – To broaden the life experiences
of inner-city, underprivileged and disadvantaged youth by
raising money for them to attend various sports camps. The
camps will provide a complete package of sports training in
a variety of different sports designed to have a lasting and
positive influence to put all children on the path to a great
future with hope and opportunity. (Plymouth, MI)
Baytown Hit Squad – To support the Baytown Hit Squad
boys baseball team. (Baytown, TX)
BC Soccer Booster Club – To support the development of
our students through the participation in a quality and
supportive athletic program at Boulder Creek High School.
(Anthem, AZ)
Bridge the Divide Ministries – BTD will use therapeutic
horsemanship to provide meaningful experiences for
children and families with Down Syndrome, cancer, and
emotional disabilities. This ministry meets real needs
and builds bridges with families in our community in a
charitable capacity. (St. Jacob, IL)
Buchanon Youth Foundation – To provide programs and
opportunities for kids such as after school sports programs
in the North San Diego County area and other activities to
be planned in the future. (Oceanside, CA)
Camp Carey Program – To reach, minister to and to begin
the healing process for children ages 5-12 who are grieving
due to the loss of a loved one. (Ft. Myers, FL)
Carter Suggs Foundation – To inform the youth in the
community about the importance of physical fitness and
also to provide them with the education assistance required
to enable them to achieve self sufficiency and become
effective and productive persons. (Tarboro, NC)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
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Children & Youth
Children Helping Children, International – To educate
American children about the plight of children worldwide,
orphaned by wars, disease, and poor economic conditions;
to enrich the lives of American Children by involving them
in helping underprivileged children around the world;
to provide global assistance and relief to orphanages by
organizing American children to raise funds on behalf
of their peers overseas and to create awareness among
orphaned children that they are not forgotten - that there
are children in the world who care about them. (San Diego, CA)
Children of Violent Crimes – To help children who have been
sexually abused with any resources they need to move
forward in their lives. The program also will raise fund for
the capture of sexual pedophiles. (Buena Park, CA)
Children’s Education Foundation – To research, develop,
produce, and market the finest principle-centered behavior
and character educational programs and products in a
user-friendly format to children, teachers, parents, and
administrators nationwide. (Brentwood, TN)
Children’s Heritage Foundation – To do mission work
for children through television, school assemblies and
businesses. (Midland, MI)
Chrishaven Program – To support therapeutic services
and life skill needs to children suffering from abuse,
abandonment and trauma. (Phoenix, AZ)
CJ’s Gift Foundation – Our mission is to promote self-esteem
and self-worth among disadvantaged and at-risk youth and
their families. To purposely seek-out families who have
been forgotten, overlooked and left out of opportunities that
produce positive change and inspire hope. (Nolensville, TN)
Cognitive First – To give lower-income, disadvantaged and
at-risk children the cognitive learning skills they need. Our
mission is empowering learning for children who are underperforming in school and are often unprepared to succeed
in life by ensuring that they have access to programs that
evaluate and build their cognitive capacities. (Colorado
Springs, CO)
Corey McIntyre Foundation – To teach young men to pursue
their God given purpose and dreams that will positivity
affect their personal lives, family, community and, ultimately,
the world by establishing a strong network of support
with school systems and communities and by creating
partnerships with financial lenders, community leaders and
countless other professional organizations to help fund and
provide the needs of the young men. (Plymouth, MI)
Derrick Williams Foundation – To improve under-served
young adults’ personal development, educational
preparedness and healthy lifestyle. To empower socially
responsible young adults to prepare to maximize their
potential. (Plymouth, MI)
Destiny: The Rock of Escape – To provide a youth
development program that encourages and equips males
ages 14 to 24 to stay in school, cultivate winning character,
develop valuable work ethics, and to live a life of spiritual
discipline. We invite caring adults, businesses, ministries,
and organizations to serve our young men through holistic
programs and services designed to help them establish
strong foundations and pursue meaningful life visions.
(Atlanta, GA)
Page 14
Divine Creations: The Leadership Empowerment Group – To
educate and train youth, ages 12-18, on leadership and
life development skills. Youth will develop their voice of
leadership and the ability to advocate on issues that are
important to them as well as to those with whom they
work, live, and play. (Fairburn, GA)
Dream Maker Institute – To bring together Young People
(Dream Makers) with a ‘dream’ (an idea/project that
supports their local community) and Adults (mentors) who
can assist and mentor them to make that dream a reality.
The Young People (ages 14-25 years) are taught skills
needed to put their ideas into a basic proposal, including
an overview of their dream, what resources they need and
steps required to make it a reality ~ and then mentored
and supported to help them actually find those resources,
take those steps and implement their plan = make that
‘dream’ come true! (Las Vegas, NV)
Dream Spirit Community Foundation – To provide
comprehensive, authentic support, in the form of
information, advocacy, coaching assistance, and community
engagement to parents of children with special needs
without regard to their ability to pay for services. (North
Andover, MA)
Eagle’s Wings Mission – To provide food, clothing, and
shelter for abused and abandoned children; to establish
orphan awareness and orphan care ministries within
churches; and to encourage adoption and foster care
through education. (Hamilton, OH)
EDEM Foundation – To support the education of children in
Haiti and support the development of economic activities in
Haiti by working with local communities. And to empower
local communities in Haiti through small enterprises
development and sustainable activities. (Framingham, MA)
Embracing Military Families – To aid families of the
military personnel who have been deployed overseas.
These families have great emotional and financial need.
We will provide for various needs and wants such as
Easter baskets, Christmas gifts, back to school supplies,
scholarships, and other items. (Peachtree City, GA)
Athletes for Charity’s mission is to encouraging professional athletes
to give their time, financial resources, and information to improve
the lives of disadvantaged youth, and foster care children. They
achieve this mission by teaming up with professional athletes,
sports leagues and teams, various sports professionals, foster
care agencies and related organizations, as well as volunteers
and mentors, to empower and support the development of
disadvantaged youth.
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Children & Youth
Eric Lamont Cosby Foundation – To improve the quality of
life for children and young adults with Autism Spectrum
Disorders and to support non-profit recreational
organizations/clubs that normally serve “typically
developing” children through training and monetary
donations. (Severn, MD)
Exposing Kids 2 Greatness – To mentor kids one on one
who come from a single family household. Our program
is a character building program which will show kids how
to maximize their God-given gifts to find and fulfill their
purpose in life. The kids meet with a mentor once a week
pursuing like-minded interests. The mentor will lead with
strong Christian values. (Henderson, NV)
Foundation for Orphans – To educate others about the needs
of orphans around the world and how we can help them.
(Johns Island, SC)
Friends of Kuloshe – To see that sustainable housing, food
and care is available to underserved orphans worldwide.
We aim to serve marginalized and orphaned children in
the United States and across the world by identifying the
geographic regions with the greatest need, building homes
for the children and ensuring their consistent access to
food, medical care and schooling. (Arlington, WA)
Full Circle Foundation – To bridge the gap between education
and sports. Enlighten today’s youth on issues while
providing healthy habits with nutrition and physical activity.
To use sports as a platform to educate, empower, and
motivate to achieve. (Greensboro, NC)
G.A.M.E./ AMP – To facilitate skills, experience, education,
and development (SEED) in art, media, music, and
theatre for our youth and communities. The AMP
Project exists, therefore, as a creative outlet for youth,
as well as supporting and promoting positive forms of
education, expression, and upliftment in our communities.
(Albuquerque, NM)
Giving Back Concert – To give a child a better quality of life,
hope and a smile. (Rainbow City, AL)
Global Children Care USA – To provide high quality
Education and Healthcare programs to disadvantaged
children in impoverished communities in South East Asia.
(Mamaroneck, NY)
GLUE (Giving Love Unites Everyone) – To be a resource
for all students, from elementary to high school student
athletes to achieve their God-given purpose. The primary
goal is to provide the necessary skills and expertise to
assist students (potential athletes), their parents, and
coaches to facilitate fulfilling their purpose. It is Sports
Evangelism at a grass roots level. (Lawrenceville, GA)
Glue Guys Foundation – To teach young people the
fundamentals of basketball through basketball camps.
(Durham, NC)
Go Get It Foundation – To give children the opportunity to be
active and to develop an interest in sports. It is our belief
that sports and being active keeps children out of trouble as
well as teaches them to work hard. The children will learn
the value of hard work and goal setting, which will benefit
the children in their futures. (San Diego, CA)
Go West USA – To promote self-esteem, positive choices,
leadership, and teamwork among youth, ages 13 to 18,
through 21 day expeditions that travel across the United
States. We take advantage of the opportunities to use the
outdoors as a place to learn valuable life-skills and to build
and cultivate relationships. (Harrisburg, PA)
God’s Lighthouse International Ministries – To enrich the
lives people in the community, specifically youth, through
the development of career training, counseling, seminars,
special events and fund raisers. The proceeds from
fundraisers, special events, etc. will be used to provide
scholarships and missions trip opportunities for students
and/or youth and other charitable activities that may be
planned from time to time. (Virginia Beach, VA)
H.U.G.S. - Helping Underprivileged Girls and Boys While
Sharing the Good News – To simultaneously attend to
needy children’s physical and spiritual needs and also
to provide any necessary encouragement and support
for their families. Providing for their physical needs will
include food, clothing, toys and games/activities and school
supplies. The children will then have a chance to enroll in
a free Bible study/ lesson plan, which they would receive
through the mail. (Grenada, MS)
Harrisburg Microenterprise/ Youth Entrepreneur Training
& Development Center – To provide entrepreneur skills
training and business development assistance primarily to
low income adults and disadvantaged youth. This training
will encompass basic computer skills. Youth are our
primary focus. (Harrisburg, PA)
Heart of Peace Initiative for Autism – To create a better world
for individuals and families affected by autism through
education and access to innovative healing and therapeutic
modalities, research and development of new programs,
The Potter’s Hand Foundation provides much-needed assitance to
through partnerships with NGOs to the poor people in Peru.
and centers that can serve as a model for healing and
heart-centered therapeutic interaction. (Tucson, AZ)
Heavenly Angels – To provide hand-made garments and
blankets to premature babies in New Jersey hospitals.
(Edison, NJ)
Hope For Children of Africa – To support village projects
in Africa that create opportunities for orphans and
disadvantaged youth. (Alma, CO)
Hope For Orphans Foundation – To help orphans throughout
the world. (Delray Beach, FL)
Hope4Youth Foundation – To encourage teens to live their
dreams through vision and belief in themselves. (Seattle, WA)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 15
Children & Youth
Horse Sense for Teens-At-Risk – To offer participants an
experiential learning environment as a significant way
to help create positive change for personal growth and
development through Equine Guided Education. We are
a stand for helping adolescents develop self-confidence,
increase their awareness of the larger world around them,
and expand their sense of possibility. (Tomales, CA)
I’m A Great Child Worldwide – To enhance the self-worth,
self-respect, self-esteem and confidence of orphans,
vulnerable children and teens. To help them believe
in themselves, empower them and help them see the
possibilities and hope for the future, To provide training
for adults who are influential in the lives of these youth.
To train trainers who will further spread these methods to
other trainers and youth. (Cary, NC)
Inner City Wrestling – The main goal of Inner City Wrestling
is to get our youth off the streets and corners of their
“hoods”, and onto the mats of our program to educate
and expose them to the sport of wrestling. Wrestling will
enhance the social, intellectual, and emotional growth of the
students that we impact. (Miami, FL)
Jireh Foundation – To help fund people and organizations that
are less fortunate such as inner city schools, orphanages
abroad, deaf schools, homeless, but not limited to these.
Also, to help the agencies who support those who are less
fortunate. (Littleton, CO)
JJ Allen Foundation – To support the personal growth and
development of student-athletes. This foundation was
created by a family of friends, former high school and
collegiate teammates, coaches, and business associates in
the loving memory of JJ Allen and in everything JJ stood for
as a student-athlete, on and off the field. (South Boston, MA)
Justice for Youth – To bring hope to Children & Youth
around the world victimized by human trafficking, poverty,
homelessness or HIV/AIDS and other life threatening
diseases. Justice For Youth accomplishes its mission
through bringing awareness, connecting resources and
networking partners. (Riverhead, NY)
Kelly Native American Education Program – To continue
our Native American Education Program working with
high school students on the Crow Indian and Northern
Cheyenne Reservations. There are over 100 high school
students in this college access program which has
graduates from Dartmouth, Brown, Guilford College,
Stanford and Cornell, etc. (Alexandria, VA)
KelsKids – To allow the special needs community to learn
water safety, swim skills, stand up paddleboard lessons and
seasonal camps, also offering school year tutoring in an
environment that promotes global development. The overall
effect of the program will allow these individuals to improve
upon and expand their world and the world of all those
involved in their lives and influence their communities in a
positive manner. (Kill Devil Hills, NC)
Lady Dragons Softball – To be a facilitator and guiding force
to each of its student-athletes. Lady Dragons Softball
players will learn to play the game one pitch at a time with
respect, discipline, poise and integrity while honoring each
other as we strive to reach excellence on and off the playing
field. Lady Dragons Softball will strive to provide each
student athlete, coaches and parents a positive, challenging
and rewarding environment for success. Our success is
measured by the process NOT the result! (Tempe, AZ)
Page 16
The Potter’s Hand Foundation is also working to bring clean drinking
water to villages in Peru.
Las Sonrisas de Los Ninos – To develop a child care program
for pre-school children with working parents who would
otherwise be left alone or in the care of siblings too young
to reasonably supervise them and also to provide a variety
of other community services in El Cacoa, Honduras.
(Thompson, PA)
Let’s Feed the Children – We hope to feed as many children
as we can. No child should be left hungry. (Brockton, MA)
Letters 4 Kids Foundation (L4K) – To bring hope to
disadvantaged children through letters and drawings of
encouragement written by other children. (Elkridge, MD)
Lifeline Impact Foundation – To collaborate with and support
new and existing non-profit organizations which are focused
on charitable, educational, scientific and religious activities
in communities around the world. (Chaska, MN)
Like a Girl – To empower, inspire, encourage and support
disadvantaged young girls and women. By providing
numerous opportunities, experiences and resources, Like
a Girl aims to assist program participants in their pursuit
of academic, social, professional and personal excellence
in order to rise above the challenges of their unique
circumstances. (Belleville, IL)
Literary Village Foundation – To present the Literary Village
Foundation to young aspiring hopefuls and their parents
and heighten the Arts cultural, social and educational
awareness of attainable possibilities (beginning with the
metropolitan St. Louis and Southern IL area) of those who
may not have been fortunate enough to be exposed to the
Literary Village Foundation. (East St. Louis, IL)
Living Out Unique Dreams (L.O.U.D.) – To empower and
embrace at-risk youth within our community. We strive to
promote self-confidence, personal growth and problemsolving skills that will impact their everyday lives resulting
in a successful future. L.O.U.D. (Living Out Unique
Dreams) is dedicated to providing hope to those who are
victimized by drug abuse or gang violence. Our purpose is
to expose youth to alternative lifestyles and opportunities,
in the midst, we will engage in community service projects
that may provide leadership opportunities for our youth.
(Kissimmee, FL)
Maisha Child Sponsorship – To support orphaned children
in Kenya through a child sponsorship program. (Oklahoma
City, OK)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Children & Youth
Maisha International Orphanage – To meet the basic human
needs of destitute children such as orphans, abandoned
children and street children. To provide and enhance health,
education and shelter in Kisumu, Kenya; to reach out to all
and share God’s love and blessings. (Oklahoma City, OK)
Mammal-Cycles Choppers for Charity – To introduce young
people to the disciplines of bike building including metal
fabrication, welding, paint and wiring, skills that they
cannot learn in High School. (Tigard, OR)
Man Apart Ministries – To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
to adolescent males and transform their perspective of
masculinity. We will disciple and mentor them through the
lens of the Bible and provide for them both spiritually and
physically. (Easley, SC)
Martin Nandi Foundation – To take care of orphans and
disadvantaged children who have lost parents to AIDS and
other causes by providing food, shelter, clothing, medical
care as well as tuition and school supplies. Our secondary
goal is to improve the lives of residents living in villages by
taking on short-term projects such as bringing electricity
and running water to their villages. (Castro Valley, CA)
Merry Go Round Ranch Foundation for Youth – To provide
an Equine Assisted Learning opportunity for Kids at risk
and other underserved members of my community. (Napa, CA)
Miracle Children Project – To give children with transplants
and their families the opportunity to get to know each other
and feel that they are no less capable than other children
through different projects such as travel, sightseeing,
entertainment, education, health, and much more.
(Templeton, CA)
Open Hearts Open Roads – To design and implement a
variety of activities to provide opportunity and support to
children in need in our area. (Aurora, CO)
Orange County Heart Gallery Program – To assist in finding
permanent adoptive homes for Orange County, CA foster
children who are available for permanent adoption. These
are generally hard to place children because of issues such
as their age and/or membership in sibling groups. (Rancho
Santa Margarita, CA)
Orphans Know More - USA – To work together
to give orphans a face, family, and a future.
OKM’s mission is threefold: 1) to dispel
the myth of a faceless crisis in the growing
problem of orphans due to AIDS, war, poverty,
and family breakdown; 2) to strengthen
families caring for orphans and vulnerable
children; and 3) to awaken hope in children,
young people, families, and communities and
equip them to develop their potential to make
their world a better place. (Myakka City, FL)
Polly’s Charity Project – To reach out and
positively impact children in local communities
through school and church programs by
providing project funding. (New York, NY)
Preserve the Children – To establish a safe
oasis for children at risk. A place where they
can learn and develop in a loving, nurturing
atmosphere of mentors. A safe harbor that
inspires them to reach for more than they see
around them. To provide a sanctuary where
there are no silly questions and the arts,
sciences, and sports teach leadership and
compassion. (Tarpon Springs, FL)
Project Destiny Tweenz & Tweenz Empowerment – To
target youth ages 10-18 with positive programs that would
establish a positive foundation for youth. (Tauares, FL)
Project Shero – Project Shero delivers enrichment programs
that build self-efficacy and provide effective tools for
making powerful and positive life choices. (Las Vegas, NV)
Project T.EX.T. (Teens EXperiencing Triumph) – To provide
a quality on-going, intensive youth development project
that connects teens with opportunities for personal growth,
academic success and community development through
an intensive on-the-road summer program that deploys
teens for community service and after school programs that
reinforce academic success and continued participation in
community service projects. (Chesapeake, VA)
Race 2 Embrace Crusade – To assist children around the
world who have been gravely affected from the results
of natural disasters. R2E will strive to provide relief in
goods and services for the immediate need and survival
of children in these areas. Through our affiliation with
sports champions, past and present, we are dedicated to
effectively raise awareness to this cause. (Las Vegas, NV)
Revolution 1 – Group 1 Crew will use their platform as
professional entertainers to raise money through online
promotions as well as invitations to donate at every
scheduled event. All monies raised will be distributed to
partnering organizations that give aid to children in need of
food, water, transportation and other basic human needs.
(Orlando, FL)
S.A. Mobile Fitness – To conduct fitness clinics to raise
awareness of the harm of poor physical fitness with a
special focus on preventing obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.
(San Antonio, TX)
SAFE Teens – To be a clearing house for high school
students and their parents looking for service projects for
organizations needing student volunteers. The program
is committed to facilitating the connection between
organizations in the United States and abroad that provide
service opportunities for youth and with the students who
are seeking such volunteer projects. (San Antonio, TX)
Working with UCP has been one of the
smartest decisions I have ever made.
I’ve met the staff, seen their modest
offices, and could not think more
highly of them as an organization and
as wonderful people. My advice is...
listen to them, learn from them, and
it will free you up to do what you are
really here to do. ~ Bruce Campbell, Program
Manager, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Tour
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 17
Children & Youth
Global Legacy Programs provides assistance in poor communities.
They offer educational classes, clay stoves and goats to people in
impoverished areas. This family lives in Guatemala.
Saras Presence – To memorialize the life of Sara
Catherine Tyrrell through the spirit of giving by serving
underprivileged, handicapped children by providing
equipment for daily living that they could not otherwise
afford and giving college scholarships to reward academic
achievement, coupled with character development, to
college bound seniors who demonstrate exemplary
performance in academics, athletics, and the arts. (White
Hall, MD)
SCORE – To provide the services of our Cyber Cafe, The
D-Pad, to local youth organizations, free of charge, as a
way to say, “Thank you for your service,” on one side of
the spectrum, to provide a reward/positive reinforcement
program for troubled teens that are succeeding in their
rehabilitation programs on the other and to provide
musical teaching experiences to public schools and other
organizations. (Palm Harbor, FL)
Seasons Foundation – To develop the community by providing
comprehensive, positive, purposeful, and impactful life
changing services to senior citizens, adults, young adults,
and youth. (Raleigh, NC)
She Smiles Foundation – To advocate, activate and nurture
self-esteem in under privileged and disadvantaged girls
who have become blind to their own beauty and power and
have lost their ability to dream. She Smiles Foundation
is committed to reaching and reminding women of our
responsibility to be or become a support system, helping
to assure young girls of the ability to have access to the
tools they will need to reach their dreams and grow up
to become productive women driven by their purpose.
(Sherman Oaks, CA)
Sherrie Handrinos Foundation – To attract and retain
students at an age where foundational academic and
athletic skills can be influenced and mental confidence
strengthened. The foundation believes that through
academic achievement, physical fitness, athletics, proper
nutrition, computer/technology training and mentoring for
students, this can inspire them to reach their maximum
potential and become significant contributors to society.
And to offer business coaching to small business owners
launching their companies along with assistance and
guidance to create and launch other nonprofit foundations.
(Plymouth, MI)
Page 18
Spradling Athletic Foundation – To empower young student
athletes life paths through education, sport and community
service. (Ellenwood, GA)
Team Maisha – To inspire people to make a difference in
Africa. This is a student group in Oklahoma and a project
of Maisha International Orphanage. (Oklahoma City, OK)
TeenFest Foundation – To conduct community
programming, collaborative projects, campaigns, and
activities that encourage and support teens and young
adults to become and remain drug-free, alcohol-free, and
tobacco-free. TFF creates opportunities to engage in
community service and outreach, and teaches leadership
and mentoring, while promoting and reinforcing antiviolence messages, and also develops conflict resolution
skills. (Wake Forest, NC)
Texas Seminoles Baseball – To promote Youth Baseball for
8-year olds through high school students, and to support
the activities of the teams. (Magnolia, TX)
The Brand New Project – To incorporate my project into the
public school system, to share my knowledge by teaching
young people the ABC’s of filmmaking in order for young
people to take more interest in their communities by
making documentaries and short films dealing with social
issues, and hopefully to lead them to think about a career in
filmmaking in the future. (Newport News, VA)
The Brick Road to Success – To positively impact the lives
of young student athletes through the investment of time,
resources, and encouragement. (Canton, GA)
The Destinee Foundation – To help young high school girls
learn the fundamentals of basketball. To teach nutrition,
life skills, conduct career counseling and provide college
placement counseling as well. We want to develop good
citizens. (Fairfield, CA)
The Golf Indoors / Outdoors Foundation for Children and
Adults – To develop and deliver community youth and
adult athletic programs that expand the popularity of Golf
through innovative Golf teaching/learning and to educate
instructors in these new methods. These activities will serve
low income and others handicapped in using mainstream
facilities. Character, physical, and mental aspects included.
(Denver, CO)
Pictured is Dr. Jordan and Annie Mickle at the 4th Annual ARM
FOUNDATION Auction. The auction raised more than $1,200
which will be used to assist high school dropouts with funds for
testing and training.
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Children & Youth
The Hope4Growth Education and Achievement List (HEAL)
Project – To strengthen elementary and secondary
schools in the southern part of the Philippines that will
in turn enhance and motivate children to become positive
contributors to themselves, to their community, and to
society. (San Francisco, CA)
The Impact1218 Foundation – To bring quality martial arts
instruction, specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, to the youth
of urban Dallas at no cost. We believe our martial arts
program provides a positive redirection to youthful energy
while also distributing tangible self-defense skills. We
wish to positivity impact the community by instilling self
awareness, self respect and self confidence within the
individual. (Dallas, TX)
The Potter’s Hand Foundation – To bring the Reliv
International Inc, Kalogris Foundation’s nutritional feed
programs which are so successful in Asia and the United
States, to the children of South and Central American and
the Caribbean. (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
As a small business owner
(since 1979), I have been so
relieved and grateful to United
Charitable Programs and their
entire staff for creating a way
for me to enjoy the “benefits
without the burdens” of
nonprofit work. If I had to do,
or hire, all the work done that
these people do, I would never
have the time, energy, or the
wherewithal to accomplish my
charitable purposes. In every
single way, this organization
and its people are well-oiled
professionals, and I am so
pleased I chose UCP.
The Sharing Foundation – To assist the children of the
working poor in Anne Arundel County, MD. (Annapolis, MD)
The Tackle Life Foundation – To capture kids and teens at
an age where foundational academic and athletic skills can
still be influenced and mental confidence strengthened. The
foundation seeks to engage young students and studentathletes locally and nationally to offer enrichment programs
that expose them to athletic competition, mobile/web
technology and computer science. (Plymouth, MI)
Train Them Up for Success – To serve school and youthrelated groups with the common goal of training youth
for success. Programs are designed to promote academic
success, communication, and social responsibility.
(Morrisville, NC)
Tri Kids Camps – To support and develop amateur athletes,
under the age of 18 years old, who participate in local and
regional amateur competitions, with a focus on swimming,
cycling, and running multi-sport competitions, such as
triathlons and duathlons. These young athletes will learn
the sports as well as nutrition, flexibility, and proper
strength training. We hope to educate these young persons
as to why and how a healthy lifestyle can create a happy
and prosperous life. (Houston, TX)
Tribos Foundation – To encourage and teach children sound
moral values through the use of youth sports. (Longwood, FL)
Turning Point Children’s Aid – To design, implement and
support the leadership development of underprivileged
children while providing for their basic needs. In doing
so, we hope to strengthen and enrich the lives of children
throughout the world, while granting them the knowledge
and tools to make positive transformational changes within
their societies. (St. Louis, MO)
Upendo Kids International Foundation – To provide childcentered programs that prepare all children for a lifetime
of learning, while families of those children are empowered
to become self independent. The program provides quality,
comprehensive early and late child development programs
and family services to meet the basic needs of low income
population. (Edmond, OK)
Victory Cheer Company Parents Club – To operate a
parents club that helps coordinate areas of the program,
fundraisers, and team parents for the squads to help at
competitions. (Pasadena, CA)
Walk Thy Talk Ministries – To help the children of Mindanao,
Philippines by feeding, clothing and providing spiritual
nurturing. (Cape Canaveral, FL)
Women Against Child Trafficking (WACT) – To protect
children around the world from predators who profit from
selling children into sexual slavery. To educate parents,
teachers, children, religious leaders and others in positions
of authority. To create awareness to the public, law
enforcement and political leaders. To advocate changes
in laws, and publicize and list sex offenders and be an
advocate for victims’ rights. To support organizations which
are helping victims. (Murrieta, CA)
~ Sheila Van Houten, Program
Manager of 3 UCP projects
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 19
Community Development
YachtAid Global delivers humanitarian and development aid to coastal communities around the world. They coordinate the purchase and
delivery of aid to schools, medical clinics, and the scientific community.
Youth Advancement Program – To provide mentoring,
personal development workshops to address youth
needs, pre and post tests to assess youth, provide
educational, social and recreational activities, expose
youth to community development, educational assistance
and heighten youth awareness through cultural exposure.
(Maywood, IL)
Youth Talent Fund – To support youth worldwide to discover
and develop their individual talents. (San Diego, CA)
Youth With A Vision –To make a positive difference in the
San Diego, CA and Baja, Mexico area by instilling in our
youth opportunities to experience the joy of helping our
fellow man through participation in live action character
building performances including musical and singing as
well as helping to distribute food and clothing to the needy.
(Valley Center, CA)
Community Development
3 Sixty Network Foundation – To create a vehicle that
promotes and markets new and existing small businesses
via all possible media sources such as television, radio,
print, etc. in order to stimulate business markets and
encourage start ups. We also want to create, develop,
and assist new programs that will empower and stimulate
personal and economical growth to individuals and
organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.
(Cleveland, OH)
A Legacy of Tradition (ALOT) – ALOT creates opportunities
and stimulates men to harness and employ their collective
time, talent and treasure (T3), to make a positive impact in
their communities. (Wake Forest, NC)
Agri - Maya of Guatemala Foundation – To teach and train
people how to use the land in ways that honor God, AgriMaya provides a self-sustainable method for utilizing the
land. This method increases land productivity, preserves
and protects the land, secures sources of food for the
hungry, and economic growth for the most disenfranchised
poor. (Nacogdoches, TX)
Page 20
America in Africa (AiA) – To discover, foster, manage,
present, and share intercontinental exchange opportunities
between America and Africa, focused on agriculture,
business, culture, community development, education,
health care, ministry, and philanthropy. (Wake Forest, NC)
American Center for Manners and Civility – To inspire and
equip this generations of parents, teens, and children to live
with character and good manners. (Langley, B.C. Canada)
AmeriService Foundation – To raise funds for educational,
community, health and fitness (including sporting teams)
and related charitable endeavors that present themselves in
our geographical area. (Voorhees, NJ)
ARM FOUNDATION – To find mentors who would sponsor
and offer funding to help individuals with educational goals.
To fund individuals who are struggling to maintain funding,
transportation and shelter while attending school. And to
teach Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek,
and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you...
(Alexandria, VA)
Arts Center on the Hudson – To restore and preserve the
important cultural resource of St. Luke’s church for
the educational and artistic enrichment of the people of
Mechanicsville, Saratoga County and surrounding area. To
bring outstanding educational and artistic richness to the
community through programs at the Center. (Schuylerville, NY)
Asociacion Constru Casa-USA – To offer the poor and
deprived families in Guatemala, that endure bad living
conditions, the possibility to obtain, by paying a small
amount of money, a newly constructed simple home. In
addition, Constru Casa offers stoves, toilets, water filters,
and carries out upkeep of the houses that have already been
built. (Antigua, Guatemala)
Athletes Building Peace – To build healthy relationships and
peaceful communities through sports. Athletes Building
Peace connects the lessons learned through sports to
leadership development, emotional literacy, conflict
resolution, violence prevention and community organizing.
Athletes Building Peace’s foci are (1) promoting
understanding and partnership between refugee/immigrant
and host communities and (2) preventing gender-based
violence. (El Centro, CA)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Community Development
Behavioral Sensibilities Institute – To improve order and
civility within the chaos of modern society, and to improve
the quality of human interaction and interpersonal
relationships. Our trainings include Multicultural Diversity
programs, Presentation Skills, Executive and Behavioral
Change Coaching, consultation, instruction, and application
in etiquette, manners, politeness, social and life skills.
(Dallas, TX)
Blessed 2 Bless Foundation – To bring the joy of Jesus back
to Christmas. We do so, buying, wrapping, and delivering
presents and the Gospel to less fortunate individuals and
families in the Youngstown area. (Youngstown, OH)
Bridge of Hope Now – To meet the basic human needs of
survivors of domestic violence with safe relocation and
resolutions that will bridge the divide and allow survivors
to become self sufficient . Bridge of Hope Now will foster
prevention and intervention with a fortified effort to halt
domestic violence in its tracks by educating the community,
teachers and clergy with a concentration on the churches
to aid in a call to arms by having trained leaders who are
equipped to assist victims in their exodus. (Baton Rouge, LA)
Center for Dialogue, Peace and Action – The objective is
to bring harmony between Muslims, Jews, Christians and
others to advance and promote dialogue, understanding,
tolerance and respect for the beliefs of others. (Bethesda, MD)
Communication Integration – To recycle computers from the
corporate world to avoid filling up landfills with hazardous
materials. To refurbish computers and provide them back
to educational programs for needy communities. (Miami,
Communities of Peace – To create ‘peaceful communities’
through evoking individuals’ inner peace, then spreading it
to the community. (Warrenton, VA)
Connecting Options Program – Connecting Options Program
is a faith based national and international community
initiative for at-risk Children & Youth and their families
with a focus on Health Wellness and Financial Education
Services. (Hampton, VA)
Dallas-Saratov Sister City Committee – To partner in
charitable, educational, scientific, cultural, humanitarian
and civic activities between “sister” cities. (Dallas, TX)
Dejeuner Spirituel Foundation – To encourage and
motivate people to be better citizens, both spiritually and
emotionally. (Miami, FL)
DLJ Give to Live Community Foundation – To raise funds
and awareness as well as to support charitable causes,
events and needs of people in some of the following areas:
sports, athletics, education, religion, poverty, homelessness,
socio-economically depressed areas, law enforcement,
the arts, sick and disabled people, children, young adults,
students, women and the elderly through fashion, sports
and entertainment events. (Lakewood, NJ)
Encouraging Lives – Encouraging lives to be free so we all
achieve our dreams. (Dallas, TX)
Equipping Our Heroes Foundation – To raise monies to fund
needs in fire departments and give free of charge tools and
equipment to save lives. (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
Fanapi Foundation – To raise funds and provide technical
assistance to support the Fanapi Center’s mission to
promote self-reliance among the underserved outer
islanders living in the remote Northwest region of Chuuk
State, Federated States of Micronesia. (Hilo, HI)
Far East United Reformed Foundation – To provide
affordable leadership training, doctrinal education, library
and multimedia resources, and information technology use
for financially-handicapped pastors through workshops,
seminars, and conferences. And to help members of
churches in poor communities to be economically selfsufficient through sustainable small-scale livelihood
projects. Additionally, to help employees and students
develop good moral character values. (Concord, CA)
Fathers Helping Fathers – To take our stand in our city to
feed and clothe needy families; we inspire and equip men to
be the involved fathers, grandfathers and father figures their
children need. (Las Vegas, NV)
Foundation Esperanza – To help the very poor people living
on the North Coast of Honduras through three programs:
Education (enabling children from poor families to stay
in school), Medicine (running a clinic to provide medical
treatment and necessary medicines), Milk Project (giving
powdered milk to poor families). (Livingston, TX)
Foundation for Conscious Awareness – To practice and share
methods, experiences, and environments that assist in
deepening an individual’s conscious awareness that we each
create our own lives so together we can create a better
world through providing and promoting various forms of
consciousness services...and to work with and support likeminded organizations. (Wheat Ridge, CO)
Foundation of Hope – To educate the Nicaraguan people
by assisting with building and carpentry projects while
ministering the word of Jesus Christ. The initial project is
a Christian school that is already operational with building
plans in place. (Treasure Island, FL)
Foundation Office – To achieve distribution of benefit to
various programs throughout the world. The objective of
this is to assist local programs managed by local citizens for
the benefit of local charitable needs. (Channel Islands, CA)
Friends of Sudan – To assist the villages in Southern Sudan.
We want to help the Sudanese people improve their
schools, clinics, and general standard of living (clean water,
sanitation, and nutrition) while sharing the love of Jesus
Christ. (Annapolis, MD)
The Future Scholars Foundation is providing children who are
living in developing countries assistance with their education.
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 21
Community Development
Joel Freeman of the Freeman Institute Foundation. One of the
program’s goals is to develop Black History galleries designed to
educate and inspire this generation.
Friends of the Valley – To promote community participation in
eradicating poverty in Kenya through the building of dams
for clean drinking water and irrigation, promotion of food
security and the use of renewable energy such as solar and
wind. (Washington, DC)
George Washington Institute of Living Ethics – To develop
educational curricula and practices, which apply Founder’s
wisdom, character and values to today’s challenges.
The Institute develops on-site retreats, workshops and
classes in public, corporate, professional, environmental
and community ethics. The importance of ethics to the
economic and social well being of America is illustrated
to national audiences of executives, leaders and citizens.
(Harpers Ferry, WV)
Givft Fund – To harness the power of retail and corporate
gift markets to generate resources for social good. We
envision our donation gift cards as serving the dual purpose
of motivating and empowering consumers to create a better
world by helping others while reducing materialism and
waste. (Atlanta, GA)
Global Education Foundation – To promote, participate in
and develop educational, cultural, professional and athletic
projects and exchanges in North Africa. (Bethel Park, PA)
Global Legacy Programs – To fund sustainable projects
in poor communities with a special focus on education,
community progress, and health. (Hallandale, FL)
H.I.S. – Helping in Service to others throughout the world.
Through encouragement, financial support, and spreading
the good news about the Love of God. (Delray Beach, FL)
Page 22
Hands Around the City – To maximize the effectiveness of
every dollar contributed to charity by providing needy
citizens the necessities they need to sustain themselves
and their families one city at a time. We will focus on
decreasing the unemployment rate in the City of Hinesville
and preventing foreclosures within the state of Georgia!
(Allenhurst, GA)
Hands on Community – To bring a sense of joy and
community to special interest groups through drumming
and related activities. These groups include developmentally
disabled, youth detention centers, terminally ill, orphaned
and others. (Palm Harbor, FL)
Helen Phillips Foundation – To promote healthy living
through nutrition, education and physical fitness. To create
awareness through Life Coaching, speaking, workshops
and seminars. To use community involvement to enhance
neighborhoods, schools, activity centers, and parks and
to create an educational program and implement it in the
school’s curriculum to combat obesity and promote healthy
living choices. (Plymouth, MI)
HelpEver Program – To provide community based services
such as Health Care Screening Camps. To provide funding
for underprivileged children’s education and health care
needs, and provide spiritual and social care projects
which will help uplift the human values in societies and
communities. (San Jose, CA)
Inner Dimensions Foundation (IDF) – To provide
motivational seminars and life skills coaching to under
served communities. IDF helps strengthen the community
by focusing on improving the spiritual, financial, personal,
and collective well being of individuals and organizations.
IDF also contributes to other charitable causes periodically.
(Raleigh, NC)
Institute for Peace and Harmony – To create a community
that is more peaceful in word and deed. To work with
individuals and groups to educate how to use methods that
promote internal and external peace. (Fort Collins, CO)
Local Choices for Global Respect – To educate and inspire
people in our diverse communities to, first, unite mentally
by way of a 12-word “Pledge of Kindness” as our
commitment to this “Think Of All” CAREolution movement
and, then, show-by our daily choices and actions-respect
and kindness to one another. This is how each of us can
each proactively contribute our “piece to peace”-first locally
and, gradually, globally....Namaste! (Irvine, CA)
Man of God Outreach – To see our community prosper
and become strong and spiritually uplifting. We are an
outreach program that provides services to the community
and our mission is to teach love, caring, and togetherness
throughout the community. We desire to equip youth with
a sense of hope, purpose, and destiny for their future.
(Lakewood, WA)
Margaret’s Hope Chest – In honor of Margaret Herrema,
Margaret’s Hope Chest was established to show the
world that wonderful blessings can come out of hopeless
situations. To raise funds and collect materials so that
volunteers can make beautiful quilts to give to people
who have lost hope due to death, fire, disease or poverty.
(Byron Center, MI)
Motherhood First Program – To provide education for
mothers on all the various stages of life. We have identified
four stages of motherhood with information on each stage.
(Ventura, CA)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Community Development
MSG Foundation – To produce college scholarship programs,
community development, create jobs, encourage youth
to set educational goals while steering them away from
drugs and gangs and effectively produce awareness of
Amyloidosis. A group of committed, dedicated volunteers
will host AAU Youth Sporting Event Tournaments and
conduct other activities to support these goals. (Redlands, CA)
NGAAP Fund – To serve as a philanthropic vehicle for
African Americans to give their time , talent, and treasure.
Also to support charitable and educational purposes.
(Raleigh, NC)
NSpired Community Solutions – To provide financial
resources, business ownership education, leadership skills,
and human capital resources to women business owners
and the under developed and under served communities.
(Kernersville, NC)
OHM Foundation – The Open Heart Movement (OHM) is
a spiritual, educational, and practical based foundation
that serves the graceful birth, growth, and blossoming
of awakened heart consciousness in the global human
community. Through transformational, embodied
curriculum, coupled with a network of earth and
spirit based communities, we are anchoring in a new
grid of thriving, sustainable sanctuaries called OHM
Communiversities for humanity to continue to express its
highest spiritual and multi-cultural essence. (Mt. Shasta, CA)
One Cool World: Base Camp – To provide the children
and families in our community, regardless of income an
enriching activity center to participate in after school and on
weekends. To help children discover their unique abilities,
raise their level of confidence and self esteem, experience
success, and reinforce learning. One Cool World believes
every child is a unique individual, and will strive daily to
meet the needs of each participant. (Miami, FL)
OxyGenesis Institute – To assist and train others in
developing skills and habits that lead to happiness, health
and prosperity, regardless of current financial status and
ability to pay. (East Hartford, CT)
Partners for Ethiopia – To empower women, children and
the elderly in Ethiopia through education, counseling,
sponsorship and the development of social programs.
(Chippewa Falls, WI)
Philadelphia Urban Technology Institute – To improve
access for and build the capacity of underserved
communities to understand, design, and use information
and communications technology (ICT) for social change.
(Philadelphia, PA)
Project E.N.D. (Empowering Need-Based Development) –
To eliminate the social and economic disparity affecting
those living in countries within Africa, while educating
Africa-American youth about their connection to the
continent. We aim to restore human rights through
advocacy, education and economic initiates supported by
the common principle that we are ONE united for the good
of humanity. (Lansdowne, PA)
Prophecykeepers Foundation – To fulfill the wishes of Hopi,
Cherokee, and Iroquois elders of the 1950s and 1960s
in sending their prophetic messages around the world.
(Crossville, TN)
Rotary Club of Casselberry Foundation – To continue
the Rotary Club of Casselberry’s 30 year history of
contributions to many worthwhile organizations. Our
objectives have been focused on youth programs but
include many diverse organizations with a variety of needs.
(Casselberry, FL)
S.T.E.P. – To help people rebuild their lives, to stop the
extreme poverty globally and improve the lives of people
struggling with poverty. (Glendale, CA)
San Miguel Escobar Community Development Foundation
– To promote community development and social
entrepreneurship through construction of educational
facilitates (middle school, technical school, etc.),
construction of small business infrastructure (coffee drying
patios, coffee processing facilities, etc.), construction
of recreational facilities, and general oversight and
management as needed. The majority of our development
work takes place in San Miguel Escobar, Sacatepequez,
Guatemala. (New York Mills, MN)
In 2012, our
Programs had:
*As reported by our Programs on their 2012 Annual Activity Reports.
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 23
Community Development
Serveall Program – To “SERVE ALL” the socialcare,
educare and healthcare needs of the Sacramento, California
community and support global disaster relief work, as the
need arises. The program will support projects held by
organizations with the mission of Love All Serve All without
barriers of caste, creed, religion and open to the public.
(Sacramento, CA)
Silk Road Development Foundation – To assist the
community development in rural areas along the ancient
Silk Road, specifically among ethnic minorities, by
supporting educational, medical, agricultural, and business
development projects. (Rosalia, KS)
Smoketown Good Samaritans – To provide the residents
of the Smoketown neighborhood with charitable services
that will strengthen this African-American community that
has suffered from being economically depressed for over a
century. (Louisville, KY)
SOHAM – To promote self-reliance and enhance livelihoods
and ecological equilibrium for indigent communities,
and/or groups, around the world through the integrated
development of personal and environmental assets.
SOHAM will implement the following projects in its initial
phase (first 1-3 years of operation): Nepal - to establish a
garment production micro-enterprise operated by women
in distress in Kathmandu, Nepal. India - to establish an
organic essential oil farming/incense-production enterprise
in the rural area neighboring Nainital, India and to develop
a non-invasive eco-tourist flow in the Nainital area through
the establishment of eco-friendly facilities. (Boulder, CO)
Southern Latitudes Foundation – To improve the human
condition where opportunities present themselves,
primarily in the Republic of Panama as well as Florida and
Tennessee through funneling equipment, skilled mentors,
and funding. (Tampa, FL)
Springfield Rotary Club Foundation – To serve our
community, nation and world and to further Rotary’s ideals
of “service above self.” (Flourtown, PA)
Standing-N-Truth Project – The mission of SNT is to educate
members of diverse communities on the importance of
respecting and valuing themselves; to empower them
to make responsible choices concerning their social,
economic, and political welfare; and ultimately, to
encourage them to lead by example in becoming the change
that they want to see in society. (Antioch, TN)
Steve Ward and Friends Foundation – To provide support for
charitable, educational, scientific, or religious activities to
be approved periodically. (Mt. Laurel, NJ)
Sufi Peace Mission Foundation – To propagate peace
and love through the Sufi tradition and to undertake
educational, religious or charitable programs. (Berkeley, CA)
The Compassion Movement – To transform the world by
awakening hearts to the practical use of compassion, thus
freeing them from the destructive patterns that perpetuate
conflict. (Lewisville, TX)
The Flagstaff Community Service Foundation – Community
service activities that shall be approved from time to time
(e.g., blood drives, charity drives, disaster assistance, etc.)
(Flagstaff, AZ)
Page 24
The Jump Start Project – To collaborate with and support
existing non-profit organizations which are focused on
charitable and educational activities and to raise funds to
support programs that help released offenders to become
law abiding citizens and contributing members of society.
(Marietta, GA)
The Kemor Institute – To engender initiatives that promulgate
Socio-Economic innovations to perpetuate civility and
affirmatively impact society. (Jacksonville, FL)
The Maryland Task Force for the Missing and Unidentified,
Adults and Children – To bring attention to the tragedy
of missing and unidentified adults and children to the
government and public in Maryland. The Task Force is
working to advance laws and policies that create resources
and secure rights and protections for victims at the state
level. We strive to provide resources for all Maryland
communities to become informed and educated in the
growing number of missing and unidentified. We will
support families, law enforcement, and forensic experts
in their efforts in locating missing loved ones and work to
identify the “Jane and John Does.” (Baltimore, MD)
Ecole du Village is a school in Haiti supported by our EDEM
The Natural Law Institute – To help break the vicious cycle
of learned dependency, to encourage sobriety and to offer
a way for community members and others to learn about
natural law, Indigenous culture and ceremony to reconnect
with the natural world. (McLaughlin, SD)
The Touching Lives Charitable Fund – To provide subsidized
grants to families in need of community based services that
do not qualify for government funding or can’t afford total
private pay prices. (Excelsior, MN)
The Triangle Center (TTC) – To build, support, and sustain
educated, empowered, healthy, invested, and viable families
and communities, by focusing on the implementation of
solutions to emergent risks which plague under served
communities. (Wake Forest, NC)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
The Urban Progressive Foundation – To educate, train,
inform and create hands-on programs/events that enhance
the lives of urban and rural communities (e.g., community
education, technology use, and development). To help the
underserved communities become engaged in embracing
technology. Provide education to the under-privileged (e.g.,
seniors/elderly, youth, disabled, at-risk income and rural
individuals) which will support their lives and promote
growth in their communities. (Washington, DC)
The Village Education Project – To enhance the educational
opportunities of children in rural villages, thus enhancing
the prospects of entire communities. Our current project
is underway in the villages outside of Otavalo, Ecuador.
Students in sponsored villages are given scholarships to
attend secondary school, and their primary schools are
supported with a summer teaching program and resource
support. The project was founded in August 2005 by
volunteer teachers and a school principal in the mountains
of Ecuador. (New Haven, CT)
Universal Woman Foundation – To empower the Universal
Woman with the ability and tools to advance educational,
civic and philanthropic endeavors in her community and
society at large. (Lancaster, PA)
University Heights Art Association – To promote and support
the artists and community of University Heights. To
sponsor a free annual event, the University Heights Arts
Open, which creates public awareness of the local artists
and community. To partner with the elementary school in
teaching art and to create public artworks. (San Diego, CA)
Victory Services – To provide operational and financial
skills to assist organizations that are established to help
people. These skills and know-how would include but not
be limited to setting up financial and accounting systems,
training in accounting and systems, training in budget
development, and providing financial help to further assist
development of smooth operations. (Geneva, IL)
Visitor 17 – To partner with local businesses, churches, youth
organizations, schools, social service organizations, etc.
to provide practical, respectful, creative, and meaningful
solutions for the needs of families in crisis, particularly
in quiet crises like mental illness of a parent, financial
disaster, a major accident that requires long-term care, etc.
(DeKalb, IL)
Desha Lang Jackson (center) is the Founder of DLJ Give to
Live Community Foundation, which raises funds and promotes
awareness for charitable causes through fashion, entertainment
and sports-related events like Jersey City Fashion Week ( JCFW).
Last year, the Foundation donated $900 each to JCFW’s four
charities. The leaders of each charity were presented with the
awards by Jackson and Mayor Jerramiah Healy.
Waluga Neighborhood Foundation – To promote safety,
maintain neighborhood character, increase livability,
encourage beautification, and participate in charitable
activities for the benefit of the Waluga neighborhood and
the local community. (Lake Oswego, OR)
Wayne Park Charitable Foundation – To benefit appropriate
community, educational, and medical purposes. Such
purposes can include medically necessary healthcare of
needy individuals. (Lehi, UT)
We Came to Win – To enhance the dignity and quality of
life of individuals, families and communities by eliminating
barriers to opportunity and helping people in need reach
their fullest potential through the power of work, education
and awareness. (Chattanooga, TN)
Without A Vision The People Perish – To improve the quality
of life for African Americans by serving, protecting, and
preserving the physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural
wellbeing of the community. (E. Lansing, MI)
Word-Out Awareness Foundation – To continuously remind,
inform, and influence public opinion as it relates to social
conditions, civic responsibilities, and health issues.
Utilizing the media and managing well crafted public
service. Campaigns for public consumption conveying an
informative message or an inspirational thought is our
thrust. (Deptford, NJ)
YachtAid Global – To deliver humanitarian and development
aid to coastal communities around the world. We
coordinate the purchase and delivery of aid to schools,
medical clinics and the scientific community. We achieve
our goals by enlisting the help of volunteers and by
fostering relationships with other nonprofit and nongovernment organizations. (Encinitas, CA)
Young Adults on a Mission-YAM – YAM provides
opportunities for young adults to engage in community
service locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
YAM sponsors community service projects that lead to
acquiring and distributing food, clothing, shelter and
educational materials to citizens in need. (Wake Forest, NC)
Back on My Feet - A Helping Fund – To provide funds for
the living and medical expenses of persons suffering from
accidental injuries and disabilities especially those who
have no medical insurance or are under-insured, as they
recuperate and go through surgery and/or rehabilitation.
Recipients are to include both Father Gregory Wilcox and
others in similar circumstances. (Los Angeles, CA)
Choose Living Foundation – To educate people around
the world about the challenges people face living with
disabilities and to teach and support others financially and
emotionally so that the changes in their physical bodies
create no limitations. Choose Living’s message is “We are
not limited by our bodies.” And also to help people around
the world with our “Smiles” Program. (Ephrata, PA)
Educational Solutions of Central Virginia – To provide
educational support and resources to families of children
with Autism Spectrum Disorder, a Developmental Delay or
with a Specific Learning Disability. (Madison Heights, VA)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 25
Stone Soup - Friends of All Abilities - Monroe – To connect
families of children and young adults with special needs to a
community of friends. (Nashville, TN)
Support Epilepsy In Guiding Epileptics (SEIGE) – To open
the eyes of the public by educating them with the support of
other epileptics. (Louisville, KY)
Wheels In Motion – To distribute new and used custom
wheelchairs to needy persons in Third World countries.
(Pensacola, FL)
The Clinton Lefler Memorial Foundation provides scholarships to
high school football players in San Antonio, Texas.
Endurance With A Mission Foundation – To help people with
disabilities understand and use their God given gifts to
successfully pursue their dreams and fulfill their purpose
to further advance themselves, their families, and their
community. To bring direction to misguided youth and help
men and women, young or old take charge of their lives
through action with purpose. To help restore the basic
needs of hurting families in need of food, clothing, and
shelter. (Newman, CA)
Framing Barn Program – To provide physically and/or
mentally challenged persons with items and services which
are not provided by governmental assistance programs.
(Philadelphia, PA)
Fund for Children Born With Genetic Disorders – To help
needy families with handicapped family members, with
long term goals to raise funds and purchase a group home.
(Longwood, FL)
Funnybone Foundation – To create laughter, dispense
happiness, and spread cheer. Clowns, jugglers, magicians,
and puppeteers join forces to provide people to people
activities for individuals with special needs. (Sequim, WA)
Millman N.R.G. Foundation – To increase participation
of persons with disabilities in the game of golf while
transforming lives by providing a therapeutic approach
to golf by creating a program for persons of all ages,
disabilities, economic background, along with inner-city
youth, disadvantaged and under-privileged youth; while
assisting them with their emotional, cognitive, physical and
social development. (Farmington Hills, MI)
Re-Ability Foundation – To offer monetary assistance or
products to those who fall between other program’s cracks
affording the disabled or elderly to live in their own homes
safer and for a longer period of time! (Tacoma, WA)
Shipman Family Services Fund – To provide individuals,
families and organizations with disability, health and life
information and resources. (Philadelphia, PA)
SOAR in the Saddle / SOAR 4 America – To utilize
horsemanship therapy to promote Success, Outreach,
Achievement and Responsibility to disabled, at-risk and
disadvantaged children, teens and military families in the
Mid-Shore area. (Federalsburg, MD)
Page 26
A.C.T.S. – To aid in the development of our next generation,
ages 13 to 21, academically, socially and mentally. To
assist them in everyday life skills and educational planning.
(Richton Park, IL)
Adult Day Care Charities of Santa Clara – To provide
scholarships and grants for SarahCare Adult Day Care
Program participants in Santa Clara and San Mateo
counties of California. (Campbell, CA)
African Diaspora Coalition of North Carolina Foundation –
To advocate for issues important to the people of African
descent living in North Carolina. ADCNC serves as an
organization that harnesses the experience, talent, culture
and education of Africans and non-African well-wishers to
positively stimulate the interests and productivity of the civic
and cultural engagement of the entire community. (Research
Triangle Park, NC)
American College Planning Foundation – To provide
educational programs, resources, and scholarships
to college-bound students and their families in the
communities we serve. (Columbia, SC)
American Priorities – To support the efforts of William J.
Federer and others to educate on issues of significance to
the United States and Western Civilization with specific
emphasis on Judeo-Christian historical contributions.
(St. Louis, MO)
Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Project (AKRNA) –
To collaborate with and support existing non-profit
organizations which are focused on charitable, educational,
scientific, and religious activities and to raise funds and
awareness about revolutionizing education in America for
21st century preparedness. (Bethany, OK)
Atone 4 Peace – To provide tools, healing, and opportunities
to all people who have experienced division or rupture in
relationships in all spheres of life. (Benton Harbor, MI)
Back to Life Re-Entry Program – To build a support system
involving education, counseling, and skill building to exoffenders. (Jacksonville, FL)
Blake Institute of Technology Foundation – To partner with
the business community to create/provide internships in
the Information Technology and Computer Science arena
along with offering real life work experience to inner city
high school students, physically handicapped, Veterans/
Military Service and the hearing impaired to inspire them
to reach their maximum potential and become significant
contributors to society. (Wixom, MI)
Bridge Foundation – To help Native Americans succeed in
post-secondary education. To send Native American high
school students to summer programs to help prepare them
for college. To provide laptop computers for students in our
programs. (Billings, MT)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Brilliant Living Charitable Fund – To bring life skills and
learning skills to men, women, and children who choose to
thrive in the 21st century. (Bloomington, MN)
Chiropractic Society of Alabama – Education of the public
as well as chiropractors regarding the advances, benefits
and understanding of the art, science and philosophy of the
primary healing profession: Chiropractic. (Birmingham, AL)
Connecting Communities for Good – To help youth transition
into specific career paths by assisting them with educational
tools online, career aides, training, & mentors. (Encinitas, CA)
Cordell Riddick Jr. Scholarship Foundation – To award a
charitable educational scholarship to a high school senior.
(Woodbridge, VA)
CuePrep Foundation – To Inspire Student Performance
by providing independent academic and college advising
to minority students, grades 8-12. Services include
(1) customizing college path, (2) academic advising,
(3) tutoring for success, (4) college match, (5) college
applications assistance, (6) extra-curricular activities
management, (7) volunteer service hour opportunities, and
(8) college financing. (Aventura, FL)
Discovery Foundation of Clay County – To provide
educational assistance to children who are struggling in
school whose parents cannot afford programs. (Orange
Park, FL)
Du Plain Enterprises Foundation – To advance cultural,
spiritual (interfaith) and educational programs to the
public. Our vision is to explore different faiths and cultures
through dialogues, workshops and panels; to make the
world a better place for people to understand each other on
a personal level and listen to similarities of their faiths and
cultures. (Falls Church, VA)
KelsKids involves children and teens with developmental delays
and disabilities in learning swimming and paddle boarding skills.
Education2Success – To further the education of students
from needy families by providing necessary school supplies
to help them succeed in school. We work with students and
their families to make sure that students are prepared for
the classroom. (Lowell, MA)
Emerald Mountain Partners – To educate and enlist people
into awareness of the need for value-based training and
assistance to the poor. (Capitola, CA)
Empower to Succeed Network – To work in the area of
employment, training, and community outreach. Our
mission is to facilitate programs and services to prepare,
inform, and educate unemployed and underemployed
individuals about career and income opportunities to assist
them in becoming self-sufficient and improving their quality
of life. (South Holland, IL)
Fifth Track – To facilitate the sharing of a multicultural
spiritual paradigm powerful enough to foster trust, and
empower influential leaders to replace radicalism with
peace. (Goshen, IN)
Flutter Forever – To celebrate and commemorate the life
of Bridget McGrath, our dear friend, who was tragically
killed in an automobile accident in 2010 and to contribute
monetarily to the Bridget McGrath Memorial Nursing
Scholarship, established through the Westmoreland County
Community College Education Foundation. (Crabtree, PA)
Fort Lauderdale Sailing Foundation – To support sailing
education and to help provide funding for general boating
educational activities. (Jupiter, FL)
Foundation 44 – An academic program created by
experienced and high minded educators with the explicit
aim of assisting and motivating at-risk and economically
disadvantaged students in gaining college admission. Since
our inception we have worked diligently to accomplish this
goal. As budgets are slashed and services seem to shrink
in the public school setting, we offer additional support to
families, schools, and communities. (Monrovia, CA)
Foundation for Freedom and Independence – To support
and promote education and programs to further personal
freedoms and independence. (Los Altos, CA)
Freeman Institute Foundation – To help subsidize openregistration, world-class leadership educational and
entrepreneurial workshop experiences for qualifying
organizations - regardless of age, race, class, or religious
affiliation of participants. Some events will be especially
designed for urban youth. To manufacture and donate
already developed resources to prisons, juvenile detention
facilities and educational institutions in the US and abroad.
To develop Black History galleries designed to educate and
inspire this generation. (Severn, MD)
Funny Money Radio – To have the Funny Money Radio
broadcast syndicated in 20 major cities to increase
charitable giving, awareness of CAP Designation, and the
use of 664 Trusts. (N. Miami, FL)
GeoMath Foundation – To create and operate an after school
math/recreation facility and service for grade levels 3 12. The objective is to compliment current community
resources to promote individuals to become more
autonomous and productive people. (Princeton, NJ)
Give-A-Book – To donate books to children, adults,
schools, libraries and churches in the states and abroad.
(Cantonment, FL)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 27
ReTreeUS works to plant orchards in schools and provide
educational programs that empower young people and their
families to grow their own home gardens. They connect people of all
income levels with the resources they need to grow and buy local,
organic produce, making nutrition accessible to those for whom
good food is otherwise out of reach.
Global Community eXperience (GCX) – To facilitate an array
of interactive learning programs that are completely unique
to the educational arena. These programs are currently
being held within local Napa Valley school classrooms
and will soon be made accessible to schools, colleges,
universities & communities around the world, empowering
students and educators alike with advanced communication
trainings, methods, and tools. (Ben Lomond, CA)
Great Explorations Educational Program – To provide
educational, social and/or cultural opportunities that will
enhance the quality of life for youngsters who will one day
impact our world. (Annandale, VA)
Help Educators of America (HEOA) – To advocate the
absolute necessity of the need to assure both the survival
and continued progressive advancement of our educators
to secure mentors to groom the next generation of leaders.
And to provide assistance to individuals and select
organizations whose passionate commitment to nurture
souls and educate minds make them an essential to the
communities they serve. (Los Angeles, CA)
Hispanic Christian Chamber of Commerce Foundation –
To provide business training classes and seminars, in
person and online, in English and in Spanish, based on
Biblical principles and mainly focusing on Hispanic/Latino
individuals and companies, but without excluding anybody.
(Aurora, CO)
Hope Help Heal – To produce authentic, positive
programming dedicated to encourage, equip and empower
people through life’s journey. (Fort Worth, TX)
Immigration Document Preparation – To educate and assist
immigrants and non-immigrants on proper immigration
document preparation, without giving legal advice, to
help immigrants and non-immigrants who face economic
hardship. (Addison, TX)
In Search of Human Origins and Primal Environments
(ISHOPE) – To research the scientific and theoretical basis
for the origins and history of mankind and other living and
non-living things. (Sacramento, CA)
Page 28
James Lee Foundation / TEAM LEE – To motivate and
inspire youth within the cities of Belle Glade and Tampa,
FL to ‘dare to dream’ and ‘strive to succeed.’ Team
Lee aims to do so by creating partnerships with various
middle and high schools through the creation of academic
incentives, scholarships/mentoring programs and athletic
events. (Jamaica, NY)
Jewish Radio Foundation – To promote radio programming
on issues and topics of interest to the Jewish community.
(Baltimore, MD)
Lanyi Fan – To provide cross-cultural education and peopleto-people community development. We build lasting and
supportive relationships, appreciation and respect for
diversity and all individuals. Our projects are designed
to strengthen artists, their families, communities, and
ecosystems... giving rise to heath and vibrant culture.
(Portland, OR)
Learning Life – To spread learning by printing knowledge on
the surfaces of everyday life. We partner with universities,
governments and others to gather, print and disseminate
knowledge that matters to people’s lives on the surfaces of
everyday life (e.g., vital health facts on napkins in school
and hospital cafeterias, fascinating social science findings
on cup sleeves in coffee shops, informative pie charts on
drink coasters in bars.) (Alexandria, VA)
Learning Sponge – To be in the forefront of promoting
lifelong learning. Our goal is to provide brain-friendly
education to students from under 1 year to over 100 years
of age regardless of whether they have the financial means
to participate. This would include those with disabilities
and those who are in assisted living and memory care
facilities. We use innovative tools and techniques to keep
the mind engaged and active, while building self-esteem,
improving the quality of life, and promoting social,
intellectual and emotional well being. Our classes include
technology, art, language and more. (Citrus Heights, CA)
Life Touch Program – To provide adult basic pre-vocational
training in basic employment skills, basic life skills training
and work place skills. We will teach the fundamentals of
being employable by preparing our clients for possible
internship and job placement in the fields in which we
have job placement partnerships. Our target audiences are
individuals who are out of work because they lack job skills
and or experiences. We offer trade theory and hands on
training in specialized trade areas. (Loganville, GA)
Life Works Foundation – To improve the quality of life
through education that strengthens relationships in the
home, school and workplace. (Palm City, FL)
LOFT - Arts and Education – To conduct an open association
of consultants who create safe learning environments,
globally, based on trusting relationships with the use of all
art forms to help raise each participant’s academic and
social achievements. (Greenfield, MA)
Make A Decision to Win Foundation – To assist both youth
as well as adults, who do not have the financial means,
to live their “best” self through personal and professional
motivational programs. The idea of each session is to
uncover hidden strengths and talents so that they build
an increased level of self-esteem and confidence and are
empowered to attain their goals and unleash the greatness
within themselves. (Mt. Laurel, NJ)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Ohio Endowment for Art, Music and Physical
Education – To sponsor, promote and support
art, music and physical education in the
elementary and secondary public schools of
Ohio by making grants with particular regard
to schools and school districts which lack
the financial resources to provide education
in these areas for their students. And also
to promote and support appreciation,
recognition and public awareness and to
assist in the development of curricula for art,
music and physical education in schools in
Ohio. (Chardon, OH)
One World Leadership Institute (OWLI)
– To ignite and foster an international
conversation through a network of school
and Diaspora leadership clubs abroad and in
the U.S., allowing students to find the power
of their voices through critical thinking and
collaborative projects focused on public service
Micronesia Dental Support Project (MDSP) raises funds to send teams of dentists,
and social entrepreneurship. (Richmond, NH)
dental assistants, and technicians to Micronesia to operate free community dental
PATT (Preparing Americas Tomorrow
Today) – PATT will expose middle school
and high school students to the benefits of
Mary Alice Education Fund – To enhance educational
obtaining higher education, by conducting college tours,
opportunities for students and recognize academic
cultural awareness tours, forums and educational awareness
achievement. (St. Cloud, FL)
seminars. (Wake Forest, NC)
Mary Burmeister-Jin Shin Jyutsu Outreach – To serve others
Poor Servant Ministries/Learning Club – To continue to
by expanding the work of Mary Burmeister and the Art of
enable local congregations to give minority and low-income
Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio- Philosophy through contributions
youth highly-structured, outside of school math and reading
that support medical research, educational development,
learning opportunities not available in poorly performing
student scholarships and advancement of other Jin Shin
schools. (Whitehall, PA)
Jyutsu activities across the world. (Scottsdale, AZ)
Potomac Foundation – To support educational, environmental
MatT Discussion Program – To attempt to revive the Arab
and humanitarian efforts worldwide. (Springfield, VA)
Golden Age discussion learning methods in Arabic, starting
Professional Jai Alai Support, Assistance, and Training
in Jordan. (Frederick, MD)
Project – To increase awareness of the sport Jai Alai, to
Monroe County Black Heritage Preservation Foundation – To
provide support and employment opportunity to retired and
promote and preserve Black history of the Florida Keys
disabled professional Jai Alai players, and to support the
through festival events/educational programs with public
efforts to train and instruct youngsters to play the game of
and private institutions throughout the county, the Bahamas
Jai Alai. (N. Miami, FL)
and Africa and to promote Black heritage tourism business
opportunities for residents in the Florida Keys. (Key West, FL) Providence – To provide financial literacy to consumers
through workshops and individual consulting, teaching
New Paradise Foundation – To integrate Human & Universal
an applicable, repeatable Planned Spending program.
Energy in all aspects of life to cultivate divine consciousness
To aid consumers, in particular low and low-middle
in humans to fulfill the divine purpose & mission of creating
income consumers, in achieving financial liberty through
a New Paradise on Earth with joy, peace & prosperity to
our Planned Spending program that teaches continual
all. (South Pasadena, CA)
responsibility. (San Marcos, CA)
Next Step – To encourage and enhance the efforts of
Reach Out to Kids – Reach Out To Kids provides educational
Christian leaders through personal coaching, training, and
opportunities for youth in non-traditional settings through
speaking. (Folsom, CA)
Athletic and Recreational activities, including summer sport
Noah’s Ark Relief and Development Fund – To provide
camps for grades 6-12. Through these opportunities we
basic education, computer education, hand crafts and art
strive to help young people develop Confidence, Discipline,
training, micro credit training through self-help groups
and Self Esteem, as well as provide a relaxed setting to
of women, free legal aid, counseling, medical and other
interact with Positive Role Models. (Longmont, CO)
support services, effectively and compassionately, to
Ready to Excell – Ready 2 Excell is focused on 4 program
individuals and families seeking assistance in meeting
elements: Practice in Math-Science-Language-Reading.
their basic needs and helping them to reach their fullest
Our mission is to enrich, tutor, mentor and provide social
potential. (Chester, PA)
enrichment activities in after school programs for students
Nordic Research Fund – To bring understanding of health
in grades K-12. After school programs that include social
and emerging science to the public. Through mixed public
enrichment activities have been shown to result in improved
forums and the advancement of educational research, we
academic achievement in the 4 elements included in Ready
will unify and advance public understanding. (Redwood City, CA)
2 Excell. (Grayson, GA)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 29
S. D. Miller and Associates Research Program - Air Force –
To improve the quality of life through scientific research and
education. (Flagstaff, AZ)
Seeds of Charity – The goal of Seeds of Charity is to establish
a private school in Hawaii. We believe in providing our
students with excellent educational learning experiences
that foster a lifelong love of learning. (Hilo, HI)
Self Management Institute – To create a culture of self and life
affirming values through workshops and a body of support
literature. (Hartford, CT)
Simply Outrageous Youth – To teach youth life skills such
as financial literacy, entrepreneurship skills and etiquette
through fun learning methods such as games and interactive
activities. (Fairfax, VA)
Soquel Sports & Arts Program – To assist in the development
and funding of athletic and arts programs in the Soquel
and Santa Cruz area and to assist in funding facility and
equipment needs. (Soquel, CA)
Spreading Literacy and Love – To promote literacy for
underprivileged youth and adults while providing literature,
books and educational materials. In addition, we will
provide yearly scholarships for students majoring in
journalism, English or literary based majors. (Brandywine, MD)
Student Rights Campaign – To achieve the goal of giving
students in public schools the right to choose as an elective
either Creation Science or Intelligent Design or Evolution
as theories of creation. (Caldwell, ID)
Teach O Rea Foundation – To promote quality programs
in the area of academic enrichment (literacy/science/
math), family life enhancement, community awareness,
and to service the needs in our communities. To foster
professional and physical growth for individuals working
with all underserved populations. Our goal is to increase
community awareness, advocate for all people in need and
promote education and proper nutrition that will meet the
needs of our community. (Stone Mountain, GA)
The Book Project – To collect and redistribute books,
journals, audio and visual materials within
the community. To work with libraries and
individuals to create new reading resources.
(Los Altos, CA)
The Caraway Foundation (TCF) – To
promote continuing education and higher
education and to provide support in the
areas of life skills, financial empowerment
and professional development assistance
for underserved populations. TCF also
contributes to charitable, educational,
scientific, or religious activities that may be
approved periodically. (Ansonville, NC)
The Center for Wealth and Legacy – To give
individuals and families an unbiased source
for information regarding wealth and legacy
issues; to help wealthy families to identify
and pass along to heirs their virtues and
values which have made the wealth the pass
along; and to teach heirs how to be active
in philanthropy and good stewards of their
wealth. (San Diego, CA)
The Clinton Lefler Memorial Foundation – To provide
scholarships to football players (linemen) at Churchill High
School in San Antonio, TX in memory of Clinton Lefler.
(San Antonio, TX)
The Mildred Thomas Quinn Foundation – To disseminate
health education and wellness (spiritual, mental, physical,
financial) information to the community. To support the
future generation of health scientists through the provision
of books and to support the next generation of leaders in
the community through employment on special projects.
(Vallejo, CA)
Thomas John Straub Wrestling – To establish a scholarship
and support fund in memory of Thomas John Straub.
Awards will be presented to provide an opportunity for
wrestlers to further their education or growth in the sport.
(Simsbury, CT)
Total Restoration for You – To provide long term social and
educational services to the victims of domestic violence.
(Washington, DC)
United States Freshwater Fishing Federation (USF3) – To
represent American amateur anglers in international
competition, to promote educational endeavors for fishing
among all age groups and abilities, to consolidate amateur
fishing competitions in the United States along United
States Olympic Committee and International Olympic
Committee standards and to secure private and corporate
sponsor monetary and resource donations to assist in the
efforts stated above. (Tomah, WI)
USA Ice Team – To organize and host a World Ice Fishing
Championship in the US every three years, organize
competitions for try-outs to compete for the USA Ice Team,
hold fundraisers to cover the costs for the US Team to
compete abroad, and to generate enough sponsor monies
to sustain the organization for 100 years. (Lombard, IL)
Flutter Forever holds a Walk/Run Fundraising Event which benefits a memorial
scholarship for Bridget McGrath, a close friend of the women in green shirts in this
picture. Bridget McGrath died in an automobile accident soon after she finished her
Nursing Degree. The scholarship is awarded to nursing students at a local college.
Page 30
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Emergency Assistance
Valley Family Health Care Foundation – To provide
scholarships/educational assistance to medically oriented
students, to help individuals with needed medical
equipment and to make a difference in the lives around us
through thoughtful distribution of funds. (Payette, ID)
Value Driver Institute / Research and Educational Expedition
Programs (VDI / REEP) – To further the understanding of
the nature and characteristics of enterprise value drivers as
proposed by value driver theory. The further understanding
and research of value driver theory will be accomplished
by conducting field research and other scholarly research
on a global basis and by extending value driver theory to
encompass other economic areas such as to non-profit
enterprises. It is also the mission VDI/REEP to teach value
driver theory, as well as other general business practices
and methods, to entrepreneurs at all levels, including at the
micro-finance level, on a global basis. (Capistrano Beach, CA)
Village Children Honduras – To provide uniforms and
books to all children who in 2009 were sixth graders in
the Honduran villages of El Tule and La Majada in the
Santa Barbara District so that those children who want
to continue their educations can afford to attend public
middle schools in larger, nearby towns. The financial
commitment is for the 2010 school year, but the longterm objective is to provide uniforms, books and perhaps,
as needed, housing through middle-school and secondary
school for the children who enter the program in 2010.
This then would be a six-year program, lasting until 2015.
(Washington, DC)
Virtual Flight Academy Foundation – To help youth
transition into military aviation careers by assisting them
with educational tools online, career aides, training, and
mentors. (Encinitas, CA)
We Can Hear You Now – To provide outstanding
professional speakers to organizations such as schools,
churches and prisons. Our mission is to change our culture
with powerful motivational speaking and performance
events. (Houston, TX)
We Will Not Forget Foundation – To provide funds for
scholarships for the education of students who have lost a
parent who was serving our country either in the military,
fire department, police department, or EMT. (Marietta, GA)
Wisdom Insight Network – Through prayer and spiritual
education, we encourage people to discover freedom and
joy for living. (Slidell, LA)
Wise Entrepreneurs Worldwide – To empower entrepreneurs
and potential entrepreneurs who are economically
disadvantaged to become financially successful and able
to take care of themselves and their families. To provide
business skills training, including marketing, business
plans, financial concepts, accounting and personal life
skills. To be a resource for information on obtaining
microloans and other credit. To train trainers who will
teach others in order to have a “ripple effect” in their areas.
(Richmond, VA)
Worldview Leadership Institute – To provide organization
leadership training that specializes in teaching about and
dealing with the comparative cultural worldviews found
among the world’s religions, philosophies and ideologies.
(Virginia Beach, VA)
Your One Degree – To help prepare, guide and launch
10,000 impacting second-halfers over the next two
decades. In other words, prepare leaders/influencers,
people in their 20’s and 30’s; guide people in their 30’s
and 40’s and launch people in their 40’s and older to make
their ultimate contribution. (Broken Arrow, OK)
Emergency Assistance
C.H.A.N.G.E. – To develop collaborative partnerships that
assist the homeless by delivering emergency services,
providing hope and encouragement and educating the
public about problems facing the homeless and the
communities where they exist. (Irmo, SC)
Emergency Assistance Fund – To provide support for needy
individuals around the world. (Bellevue, WA)
HomeTask Cares Foundation – To assist in emergency or dire
situations in the repair and maintenance of peoples’ homes
and to assist those people providing the repair work.
(Seattle, WA)
Hope Haven – Hope Haven plans to provide emergency
assistance, local, national and international missions and
disaster relief efforts. (Lakeland, FL)
The Haley Bell Blessed Chair Foundation raises funds to provide wheelchairs and other medical equipment for those who are physically and
cognitively disabled.
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 31
Millstone International Human Rights / Child Protection
Foundation – To offer protection, support, and treatment to
the many exploited children in the “Third World” nations.
Millstone is an outreach to the poverty stricken nations of
Africa (initially concentrating on the region of Ghana). Its
purpose is to offer emergency care/therapeutic treatment
facilities where victims are integrated into curative care
blended with the traditional family values of the nation
served. Children are removed from dangerous situations
and receive intense treatment, nurturing, and support as
they adapt into a safe, non-judgmental family setting. To
help accomplish our mission of “shifting the world’s at-risk
children from danger to destiny.” (Hagerstown, MD)
NY Disaster Relief – To help meet the needs of NY families
that have experienced losses from a disaster. (Schoharie, NY)
Project Braveheart – To provide charitable assistance relief
services for Computer Science Corporation (CSC)
employees during times of natural disasters or family
tragedies. (Woodbridge, VA)
Rev. Hazel Forts Feed My People Program – To ensure that
the need of our hungry neighbors is met. The emergency
distribution of our resources reaches those most in need of
holistic nutrition. This includes feeding the mind, body, and
spirit. (Chicago, IL)
The Three Doves Foundation – To raise funds for major
natural disasters and disease prevention and cure that
positively impact lives of children in need. (Beverly Hills, CA)
The United Impact Foundation – To collaborate with and
support existing non-profit organizations which are
focused on charitable, educational, scientific, and religious
activities and to provide grants,
support for families of victims
of natural disasters and crises.
(Eden Prairie, MN)
Grace in God’s Ministries provides educational
assistance to orphans in Uganda.
Climate Change is Elementary – To teach elementary school
students about climate change. (Celebration, FL)
ENVIROW – To organize DC area high school rowers
to preserve and protect the rivers where we train and
compete, mainly the Potomac watershed. Founded by
rowers for rowers, we have three main initiatives: One
Bottle/One Rower, Annual Watershed Clean Ups and an
information campaign centering around Envirow’s Top Ten
List. (McLean, VA)
Friends of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park – To serve
as the liaison between Harpers Ferry National Historical
Park and the surrounding
communities. (Harpers Ferry, WV)
Lloyd N. Harris Memorial
Foundation for Soil and Water
Stewardship – To promote
understanding of and respect
for the Earth, our natural
environment, through emphasis
on conservation education.
Ancient Sounds of Peace – To
Science, and
make the Earth a better place by
Technology Foundation (MIST) –
bringing peace into community
To expose young people to career
and by creating a healthy
choices in the marine industry,
environment for people to live
to encourage environmental
in, through the healing power
stewardship for coral reefs and
of ancient sounds and music;
to keep our oceans alive. Most
to preserve wonderful Native
importantly, we seek to instill
music traditions and to promote
a reverence for our maritime
Nature preservation and unity
culture. Our students become the
with Nature. (San Diego, CA)
maritime community of the future.
Bee Understanding.Org – To
(Hollywood, FL)
educate, raise awareness and
*As reported by our programs on their 2012 Activity Reports
My Green Earth Foundation –
demystify the honeybee for
To promote awareness towards
children while helping them to
Global Climate Change, to
form a connection to nature.
provide advisory services for
The sustainability of the world
interested individuals and organizations to decrease carbon
we live in will be determined by what we do now with the
foot-print, and to organize activities to educate the general
young people growing up. If children can understand the
public about the human effects on our earth. (Duluth, GA)
importance of the bees and how bees work together, this
understanding can potentially deepen their connection and Rescue A Million – To create a brighter and more peaceful
relationship with their community and the world around
future for our planet by providing solutions to problems that
them. (Wellington, FL)
threaten our earth’s most precious resources – children and
the environment. (New York, NY)
Charitable Projects
impacted 84,797 people
around the world
Page 32
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Family Services
Juggling for Success teaches juggling and related skills as a means of
improving self-esteem and self-confidence in youth and adults, and
to help with physical activity to assist in anti-obesity programs.
ReTreeUS – To promote an environmentally sustainable,
socially just food system by providing education, practical
resources and mentorship. (Durham, ME)
Save the Lake Foundation – To raise funds and interest to
give to organizations which seek to help in preserving
ecological and environmental quality related to specific
lakes. (Redmond, WA)
Sportfishing Foundation – To promote sustainable fisheries
and advocate fishery issues to the recreation angler.
Through educational programs and promotion of
recreational fishing, to educate the public about sustainable
fishing methods. (St. Petersburg, FL)
The Mycoguild – To promote the many uses of Mycology,
including but not limited to: wild crafting, cultivation,
identification, medicinal mushrooms and the field of
Mycoremediation. We desire to host an informational
website and networking tool and offer workshops and lab
instruction. To achieve this we strive to be a presence
where and when fungi should be considered. (Portland, OR)
Youth Landscape Architecture – To promote sustainable
design and development, increasing social responsibilities
of landscape architects, and to provide young landscape
architects and students with a platform for learning and
communicating; to provide support for landscape projects
in China. (Pasadena, CA)
Care 2 Action – To help families, schools, community
programs and those in need through the collection and
distribution of Clothes, Food and Various Supplies through
the efforts of concerned and motivated volunteers. Also
to help families with special needs children, particularly
those with Autistic children, with donations of necessities
and by sharing the latest information on nutrition, therapy
developments and funded programs. (Ventura, CA)
Christian Angel Smile (CAS) – To encourage and support
members of our community who may be experiencing
difficult financial times during the holiday season by
providing gifts of meals, clothing, and toys. Our focus is on
individuals who may “fall through the cracks” of the social
service programs which are available and will include but
not be limited to families with medically compromised and
disabled children. (Boxford, MA)
Equus for Humanity – To provide Equestrian Assisted
Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning activities to
individuals who are grant qualified for financial aid and
can demonstrate benefit from our services for medical,
social, or psychological reasons. In addition, we will pay
for continuum care by assessing the needs of patients and
providing the appropriate referral for such interventions.
Our center will serve as an educational facility, where
multidisciplinary meetings will take place, in order to
promote collaborative multi-specialty networking amongst
different disciplines within the community. (Southwest
Ranches, FL)
FAIR Family Foundation – FAIR Family Foundation thrives
on building a stable, supportive community to assist
former offenders and their families dealing with the many
challenges of life on the public sexual offender registry.
(Elkridge, MD)
Financial Literacy International – To provide tools and
training needed to help families and individuals escape
debt, worry and poverty, or the equally damaging
tyranny of discontent and self-absorbed materialism. To
provide mentoring in applying the underlying principles
of true success including faithfulness, balance, honesty,
contentment, and generosity. (Ellensburg, WA)
Family Services
Advocate for Orphans – To create the opportunity for Ukraine
orphans to travel to the US for two to three weeks to visit
with families. They learn about family life and experience
American culture through a day camp with organized
activities and excursions. The hope of the program is also
that the children meet a family to adopt them. (Gilroy, CA)
Ascension Family Services Foundation – To provide
assistance in the vital areas of people’s lives needing
financial and other material support to help them
accomplish their immediate and long term goals. And to
promote a sense of well-being in community involvement.
(Morrison, CO)
The Teenok Heart Foundation was founded in mid-2009
in loving memory of Samara Beth Lessner. Born with
cardiomyopathy, a congenital heart defect, Samara lived only four
and a half months. Teenok’s mission is to offer an extra “breath
of life” to existing hospital and research programs in the area of
pediatric cardiology.
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 33
Family Services
The Sanctuary New Family Foundation – To improve the
health of expectant and new families in Los Angeles
County through a community-based, multi-disciplinary,
collaborative approach. The Foundation is set to achieve
this goal through a myriad of subsidized programs designed
to provide health and wellness care, education, and support
to under-served communities who might not otherwise have
access to holistic care. (Los Angeles, CA)
Track Missing – To assist law enforcement agencies and
families locate missing persons of all ages. To achieve this
goal, we will be providing a web site with information on
missing persons as well as links and information on what to
do in case a person becomes missing. This Foundation was
formed in the memory of Mary Denise Lands and on behalf
of her family. (Paris, MI)
Raising funds for Outward Bound Projects.
Friends of Refugees of Louisville – To help refugee families
and individuals with the challenges they face with health,
education, family living and unforeseen family crises as
they acclimate to a new country with new laws, customs,
language and culture, through caring cultural interpretation
and practical help. (Louisville, KY)
Global Family Legacy Fund – To collaborate with and support
existing non-profit organizations which are focused on
charitable and educational activities and to raise awareness
about the value of capturing and sharing family/ancestral
stories from generation to generation. (Minneapolis, MN)
Lead With Heart – To provide charity and food baskets to
needy families within the community. (Tualatin, OR)
My Friends House Foundation – To provide life-sustaining
staples that include food, clothing, toiletries and spiritual
motivation to the economically disadvantaged, regardless
of race, creed, or religious beliefs. To provide agape love
to these impoverished men, women, children, seniors, and
families in all of the communities we serve. (Beverly Hills,
Project Tian Touch – To impart strategic teaching to families
through which they see and experience fresh life to their
home and communities in China. (Wood Dale, IL)
Retrouvaille - Ventura/Santa Barbara – To improve
communication skills between married couples and their
children, by providing workshops, retreats and follow-up
programs to accomplish this goal. (Ventura, CA)
Save DC Children – To help parents in DC help their
children. Our vision is to reach parents, helping them
support their children and realize their children’s potential.
To make a positive impact on family life by offering
training, workshops, and dialogues. We must put our
children’s lives first. Our future as a city, nation, and world
depends on support from our families. (Washington, DC)
Stone Soup - Friends of All Abilities – To connect families
of children and young adults with special needs to a
community of friends. (Nashville, TN)
Page 34
Health & Wellness
Abled Network – To enrich lives, by providing independence
and pride in achieved accomplishments. Offering essential
life skills, will be enhanced by clients participating in
integrated community and recreational activities. (Poulsbo, WA)
Advocates for Change – To offer victim advocacy services to
those who are compromised by traumatic situations. Our
main focus is with clergy abuse victims. (Uxbridge, MA)
Advocates for Senior Adults Project – To raise awareness of
the breadth of adult day services available in the community
including adult day care and auxiliary services, in-home
care, and medical transportation. To provide grants to
individuals who need financial assistance to enable families
to take advantage of these services. (Malvern, PA)
Anderson Health Foundation – To promote better health
through natural means to help people achieve optimum
health and enjoy a higher quality of life. Our approach is to
promote and provide health care awareness, education and
treatment by means of working with youth sports groups
and health clinics. (Penn Valley, CA)
Applied Neurosciences Institute – To find applications for
advancements in neuroscience and to encourage, through
education and other appropriate means, improvements in
the effectiveness of therapeutic modalities. For example,
the application of techniques to correct or compensate for
traumas that occur very early in one’s life. (Tahlequah, OK)
Athletes for Haiti – To raise awareness about the plight of
Haitian and Haitian American children in Haiti and the
United States and to benefit such youth through mentoring
programs, self esteem development initiatives and academic
scholarships. (Jamaica, NY)
Autism Meet Optimism – To serve the Autism community
with the best possible resources allowing for the best
possible outcome, RECOVERY! Autism Meet OptimismWhere there is a will...there is a way! (Manhattan, KS)
Billy Yout Memorial Fund – To raise and donate money to
charities that had an impact on Billy’s Life or in which
Billy was involved throughout his life. Examples of these
charities include: brain cancer organizations, children
with cancer organizations, law enforcement training, and
hospices. (Waltham, MA)
Cameron Social Sciences Foundation – To provide objective
research to problems within the social science field. And
to provide psychological assistance to the local community
in the form of group and individual psychotherapy.
(Ellenwood, GA)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Health & Wellness
Angels in the Streets is the voice of the poverty stricken areas where
children are abused and neglected in the Philippines, in an effort to
provide hope and support as the advocate for children, our “Angels
in the Street.”
Cruisin’ for Health (CforH) – To promote health awareness
and disease prevention by delivering free medical
screenings, safety and wellness counseling and offering
fitness programs to underserved and low-income
communities via our mobile clinic throughout California,
starting with San Joaquin Valley. (Oakdale, CA)
Dr. Keith O. Aldridge Rural Medical Fund – To provide
financial aid to programs and individuals focused on helping
meet the chronic and growing shortage of primary care
physicians in rural and underserved communities across
America. (Germantown, TN)
Drs. Dean & Dean: Newsong Charitable Foundation – To
support people who are in need of therapeutic help, yet
have limited resources, as a Christian oriented organization.
(Palm Desert, CA)
Family Wellness Foundation – To support wellness services
for children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Bi Polar
Disorder, ODD and Sensory Integration Disorder. To
support research, development and education of holistic
services that enhance the health and well being of children
and their families. (Longmont, CO)
Foundation for Integrated Healing – To provide education
and conduct applied research in integrated health
care, combining aspects of conventional medicine with
complementary and alternative philosophies. People
with chronic illness and others will be offered services
that stimulate the inner healing potential and promote
restoration of balance in all areas of life. (Brevard, NC)
Friends of Jin Shin Jyutsu – To expand the work of Mary
Burmeister and the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu, PhysioPhilosphy, through contributions that support medical
research, educational development that includes enabling
practitioners to establish new centers, implementation
of scholarships and financial support for Jin Shin Jyutsu
seminars. (Budd Lake, NJ)
Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Tumor Foundation – To
aid and assist families through unexpected medical crises
and for the ongoing research, education, and treatment
of recurrent and progressive Glioblastoma Multiforme and
other malignant brain tumors. (Temecula, CA)
Global Medical Aid Foundation – Each day, thousands of
children die from diarrhea contracted from contaminated
water that leads to their death by dehydration. This
foundation will generate money to develop and deliver
a device that will economically and effectively deliver
oral rehydration therapy (ORT, sugar, and salt mixture
approved by WHO) to prevent diarrhea with a filtration
system to ensure people have the clean water they need for
ORT. (Arleta, CA)
Gorilla Massage Fund – To raise funds which will support
massage therapy for people with arthritis, cancer, and MS.
These folks are (many times) in pain and the massage
therapy has helped to ease their pain and stop the decline
of mobility. (Brockport, NY)
Green Valley Hospice Foundation – To educate the public
as to hospice care and the needs of hospice patients; to
develop programs in hospices that encourage participation
by volunteers in visiting hospice patients and helping to
provide for them; to develop programs that offer counseling
for grief and bereavement for families and communities;
to provide financial assistance to hospice patients for
medications, supplies, clothes and personal items that are
not covered by hospice care plans or insurance, as well as
financial assistance for funeral expenses. (Roseville, CA)
Harmony Health Ministries – To offer health choices and
education in a Godly manner to ameliorate and alleviate
pain and suffering, emotional, spiritual and or physical to
anyone in need. (Pompano Beach, FL)
Healing Resources Foundation – To raise funds to financially
assist families to get treatment for their brain injured
children. (Shelton, CT)
Health IT for Patient Safety (HITPS) – To optimize
practices that address both improved patient safety, as
well as reduced health care costs. The project will focus
on the correlation between increased patient safety,
reducing medical liability claims and malpractice insurance
premiums. (Fairfax, VA)
Healthy Referral Program – To expand education in the fields
of natural health foods, diet, environment, heath issues,
and personal development through an e-newsletter, Healthy
Referral newspaper, special events, and special health
reports. (Shaker Heights, OH)
Huddle Connection – To create life-long health habits in
children. It is important to have fitness programs that
appeal to a variety of individuals including martial arts,
boxing, yoga, skating, and Latin dance. Community
professionals such as teachers, counselors, and police
officers recommend children to Huddle Connection. It is
then up to Huddle Connection to connect the child to a
program suited to their needs and to provide assessment
and evaluation of the success of the child in relation to their
participation in the fitness program. (Chagrin Falls, OH)
Ian W. Larmore Foundation – To support organizations,
initiatives and individuals associated with or affected by
childhood cancer and other childhood illnesses. (Virginia
Beach, VA)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
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Health & Wellness
In 2012
people used
our Programs’
*As reported by our Programs in
their 2012 Annual Acitivity Report
Imagining Hope – To raise money for pediatric cancer
research and support. We have written a book to help
children with cancer and plan to distribute it for free to any
child in need. We also plan to raise money for research.
(Mt. Laurel, NJ)
Infinity and Beyond – To raise funds for cancer research and
to assist indigent cancer patients with the costs of care.
The program will conduct a Bicycle Around America
fundraising effort, visiting churches, hospitals and other
places in cities around the country. (Argyle, TX)
Juggling for Success – To teach juggling and related skills as
a means of improving self-esteem and self-confidence in
youth and adults, and to help with physical activity to assist
in anti-obesity programs. (Celebration, FL)
Kids Fighting Cancer - K.F.C. – To support the operation
of the Kids Fighting Cancer Nature Resort Wish Trip
Program and the Courage Closet program. (Fenton, MI)
King’s Way Ministries – To facilitate trauma abuse
survivors in their journey toward healing. To educate
clergy, counselors and laity in recognizing and supporting
survivors. (Orlando, FL)
Living From The Heart – To implement programs which
will enable people to live healthy, peaceful, and fulfilled
lives. We will focus on helping them to heal the emotional
traumas which keep them locked in the past and on
helping them create new futures filled with passion and
purpose. Specific programs will address racism, addictions,
nutrition, and ancestral memory. (Marathon, TX)
Page 36
Love Your Fruits & Vegetables - Center for Food Education
– To give all children equal access to healthy food, nutrition
education and the knowledge and skills to select, grow
and prepare healthy food. Our mission is to help children
incorporate more fruits and vegetables in their diets.
Children ages 2 to 18 will learn to cook, garden, live
sustainably and develop social responsibility. (Bala Cynwyd,
MCS Beacon of Hope – Dedicated to increasing awareness
and education on the dangers of toxic chemicals, mold,
mercury and other toxic exposures and of the adverse
health effects they have on our bodies and the environment.
(Spring Hill, FL)
Medical Compassion International – To help meet medical
needs by assisting organizations that are currently helping
or seeking to help the needy, who, without the help of this
project, would be limited in facilities, equipment, materials
and/or resources to adequately meet the needs of their
constituency. Efforts will be made to find those who have a
concern beyond just the process of providing the help, but
those who are helping others and doing it compassionately.
(Salem, OR)
Michigan Minority Health Coalition – To develop strategies
and create partnerships that will improve the health status
of Michigan’s ethnic and racial minority populations. (E.
Lansing, MI)
Micronesia Dental Support Project (MDSP) – To make
quality dental care and equipment accessible to the
impoverished people in the Pacific island nation of
Micronesia, specifically the under-served population living
on the small and remote outer islands. (Hilo, HI)
Minnesota Yoga Teachers Foundation – To collaborate with
and support existing non-profit organizations which are
focused on charitable and educational activities and to
raise awareness about the benefits of yoga. The Minnesota
Yoga Teacher’s Foundation exists to support the education
of yoga teachers by providing scholarships and education
events. (Eden Prairie, MN)
Sam Davenport of Infinity and Beyond raises funds for cancer
research and assists indigent cancer patients with the costs of care.
The program conducts a Bicycle Around America fundraising
event, visiting churches, hospitals and other places in cities around
the country.
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Health & Wellness
S.A. Mobile Fitness conducts fitness clinics to raise awareness of
the harm of poor physical fitness with a special focus on preventing
obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.
Miracle of Life Foundation – To educate, communicate, and
support the community. MLF also supports studies aimed
at understanding neurological conditions that can damage
the brain, such as cerebral hypoxia. The goals of these
studies are to find ways to treat this condition by possibly
opening the door for other people to experience the Miracle
of Life. MLF recognizes the need to provide innovative
research, educational resources, counseling, and healthcare
services to assist patients and families towards finding hope
and rebuilding their lives following the traumatic challenges
they face on a daily basis with this medical condition.
(Centreville, VA)
Mountain Meadow Vista – To provide support for a healing
and retreat center offering workshops, classes, and retreats
to help people re-connect to their inner selves for physical,
emotional, mental, and spiritual healing and growth.
(Masonville, CO)
Music for Memory – To provide assistance to individuals
with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other memory debilitating
illnesses by utilizing music or other therapies. Science
based programs will be developed and implemented to
assist people suffering from memory loss. Our goal is to
help as many people as possible to improve their cognitive
functioning and quality of life. An additional goal is to
educate professionals and the general public about the use
of these therapies. (Mt. Laurel, NJ)
National Brain Injury Foundation – To provide social support
groups, advocacy and information to people with brain
injuries and their families. (Utica, NY)
National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation – To create
an educational program for patients, educators, medical
professionals, and corporate executives to learn to
recognize health hazards in their environments and how
to mitigate them. Additionally, to help employers or
educational personnel about how to accommodate a person
with an environmentally related illness. (Las Vegas, NV)
New Tomorrows Foundation – To work with GECHAAN,
an organization in Nigeria for HIV/AIDS. This is a holistic
approach to this dreaded disease. Our center focus is
orphans. In order to take care of orphans, care needs to
be given to infected and affected (keeping infected parents
alive longer), prevention, and treatment. (Oswego, IL)
Operation Smoke Free – To help over one million people
quit smoking permanently by July 4, 2011 - beginning in
American and expanding worldwide. (San Diego, CA)
Precious Life Centre – To reduce the prevalence of Diabetes
in the Mathira Division of Kenya by increasing awareness,
providing counseling, better disease management and
treatment with the goal of lowering the mortality rate and
improving the quality of life. (Knoxville, TN)
Ripples International – To support the program of Ripples
International, an African charity, which provides HIV/AIDS
counseling and home based care, voluntary counseling
and testing, mitigation against female genital mutilation,
community mobilization and development and rehabilitation
of commercial sex workers. Other plans include the
establishment of orphanage home(s) to cater to HIV
orphans and infected children. (Wild Rose, WI)
Robert A. Parker Foundation – To support research for
cancer and medical care for children, as well as other
charitable causes as they are made known to us. (Dayton, OH)
Robins Rainbow – To bring awareness to and help those
diagnosed with rectal-colon cancer while helping them and
their families to be encouraged daily, continually supported,
and educated through ongoing research about this terrible
disease. We work to recover some of the damage that
this disease leaves victims and their families in. Robin’s
Rainbow is a tribute to Robin Alvarez and her fight with
rectal-colon cancer. (New Smyrna, FL)
Samuel “Sam” K. Dowell Foundation – To enable Hospice by
donating funds to provide quality palliative care to terminally
ill persons and support for them and their families, and
to support the Chapel Hill A.M.E. Zion Church in Wilkes
County. (Chapel Hill, NC)
Share the Health – To “share the health” by providing
grants and scholarships to Americans that cannot
afford chiropractic care. Researching and disseminating
information on health care, the health care system, and
pharmaceutical companies to act as a clearing house for
“one source of truth” for an alternative to using Rx drugs or
surgery. (Huntsville, AL)
Sharon Randolph Foundation – To achieve awareness and
prevention of cancer. By bringing awareness and teaching
prevention, we will be able to save a lot of lives and people
will be able to live vibrant and healthy lives. (Oakland, CA)
Small World Big Life – Small World Big Life provides
assistance to under/uninsured individuals experiencing a
catastrophic life event. Hope and inspiration come from the
stories on the site, stories of real people who have survived
and thrived after their challenges. (Santa Monica, CA)
South Candler Neighborhood Advocates – To educate the
community and general public about why we should keep
ourselves healthy and fit for life. We plan to have healthy
eating and active living awareness workshops for the entire
South Candler Community and the general population of
South DeKalb County. (Decatur, GA)
Stoll Foundation for Holistic Health – To educate and
empower individuals to experience natural wellness by
providing low cost, self-care tools and support for health
improvement and maintenance, disease reversal and
prevention (taking into account that conventional medical
evaluation may be needed). (Boulder, CO)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 37
Talitha Cumi – To empower Black Christian physicians and
dentists with needed support and guidance to help them
in their individual careers as well their communities by
inspiring them to achieve their full potentials as healthcare
professionals. (Spotsylvania, VA)
Teenok Heart Foundation – To offer an extra breath of
life to existing hospital programs in pediatric cardiology.
(Plainview, NY)
The Action Foundation – To collaborate with and support
communities which are focused on helping children improve
their health and physical abilities through fitness and
nutritional training. (Litchfield Park, AZ)
The Amanda Foundation – To emotionally support and
financially aid families with a child who has a long-term or
terminal illness, or those who have had a child pass away.
(Fleming Island, FL)
The Black BeautyShop Health Outreach Program – To
empower African American Women by promoting health
and wellness through a variety of educational and physical
activity programs. We will serve as a valuable resource
to African American Women and assist them to better
understand health care disparities that affect them the most
and provide the tools which will give them an opportunity to
live a healthier lifestyle. (Inglewood, CA)
The Brain Candy Project – To support the needs of parents/
guardians living in the hospital with their critically-ill
children. We will collaborate with and support other nonprofit organizations who are focused on charitable and
educational activities that raise awareness about pediatric
illnesses, traumas, and the support needs of families who
are affected by them. (Manchester by the Sea, MA)
The Diabetic Amputation Prevention Program (DAP) – Our
mission is to help decrease the amputation rate related
to diabetes both domestically as well as internationally.
(Inglewood, CA)
The Elephant Ideas Foundation – To provide services and/
or events that generate funds to support individuals, groups
or organizations that make a positive impact on the world
and /or embody the principles of a positive mental attitude
and the belief that an individual has the ability to become
whatever they choose to be. (Rocklin, CA)
The Haley Bell Blessed Chair Foundation – To support and
assist families of the cognitively and physically disabled
through much needed resources with a primary purpose
of assisting families in need of wheelchairs and other
necessary equipment and medical help, for the enhancement
of their loved one’s quality of life. (Lebanon, TN)
The Integrative Medicine Program – To raise awareness, fund
research, and financially assist those who cannot afford
integrative medicine. (Brunswick, OH)
The Markie Project – To raise funds to support children’s
hospice services. Our mission is to help make a difference
in the lives of terminally ill children and their families.
(Rocklin, CA)
The Roger Milbourn Foundation – To provide fund raising
activities to support research and develop for a cure for
Lou Gehrig’s Disease in addition to providing for other
charitable activities that may be selected by the Roger
Milbourn Foundation. (Rescue, CA)
Page 38
The Saralee and Carol Foundation – To increase access to
healthcare, empowering women with cancer by providing
financial assistance when potentially life-saving treatment is
delayed or denied by health insurance. (Sherman Oaks, CA)
The SON Foundation – To develop ongoing education on
health care, especially as it applies to end-of-life care,
cancer, disability and AIDS. (Richmond, VA)
Time Out for Cancer Project – To raise money to fight cancer
through a golf tournament and various other public events.
(Trumbull, CT)
TMAT Foundation – To provide financial relief and support
for families of critically ill children. (Bountiful, UT)
Tri-County Senior Advocacy Services – To help a forgotten
segment of society: seniors or those facing end-of-life
decisions who have little or no financial means and
no voice. Our one-on-one intervention will be made
possible through the generosity of grants and donations.
(Summerville, SC)
Unity Sports – To build stronger healthier communities for
the future through the sport of bicycling. To expand the
capabilities of youth from inner city communities where
exposure and access to this sport and lifestyle are limited.
Unity Sports’ goal is to provide the lessons that will
establish a healthy lifestyle, discipline and physical fitness at
an early age. (Los Angeles, CA)
Vibrant Health and Wellness Foundation – To enhance the
physical wellness and quality of life for adults, youth,
children, and people with special needs without regard
to race, religion, or national origin. And to provide
multidimensional solutions on how to achieve a healthy
life style with improved human performance and holistic
growth. (Largo, MD)
Viva La Raw Project – To raise awareness, provide education
and support for a sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially
just, plant-based, nutrition-rich lifestyle, supporting
scientific research and initiatives that respect the quality of
all life and the Earth. (Albany, NY)
Stephen Sergon of Friends of the Valley was recognized for the
program’s humanitarian efforts in Kenya by the Embassy of the
Republic of Kenya.
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Legal/Civil Rights
Project Shero delivers enrichment programs for girls to build
self-efficacy and provide effective tools for making powerful and
positive life choices.
Walsh Family Charities – To give donations to help assist in
the prevention of and discovery for a cure of cancer. Past
donations have been given to Memorial Sloan Kettering
under the direction of Dr. Patrick Borgen currently the
head of Women’s Breast Center at the Maimonides Cancer
Center. (Fair Haven, NJ)
Wellspring Counseling Ministries – To serve the spiritual,
emotional, social, and physical needs of individuals and
families in crisis or in need of ongoing care. Our goal is
to develop an accessible network of lay and professional
counselors who desire to serve our local and world
community in the spirit of Isaiah 61:1-4. (Oakdale, CA)
Workwell Foundation – To focus on research concerning the
functional aspects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related
illnesses. We aim to educate patients in conjunction with
health and fitness professionals. Our goal is to facilitate an
understanding of the biological basis for fatigue and provide
objectively determined therapeutic interventions that will
improve quality of life for this population. (Ripon, CA)
Creative Real Estate Housing Foundation – Our mission is to
assist low income single male/female households and low
income families in the following housing capacities: Assist
with subsidized and affordable housing opportunities,
credit repair and homeownership education leading to the
purchase of homes, foreclosure recovery, and real estate
investment to secure future financial funds for college
expenses, real estate investments to provide debt relief
and any other supportive services that may be needed.
Creative Real Estate Housing Foundation was established
to create a bridge of hope to low income single male/female
households and low income families who find themselves in
a cycle of indebtedness. (Newman, CA)
Friends of El Salvador – To build houses for the poor in El
Salvador. (Annapolis, MD)
Isaiah’s House Foundation – To advocate information
concerning homelessness and the hardship it is causing
families in America, offering an alternative directive on self
preservation. (Los Angeles, CA)
Joy Filled Homes Foundation – To provide support for the
building and operation of Christian homes for disabled
children primarily in third world nations, beginning with
a home in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. These homes will
also provide schools, day care, and other services for the
disabled and their children. (Kansas City, MO)
K.E.Y.S. for the less Fortunate – To focus on bringing
awareness to the importance of helping our poor and needy
by hosting various nonprofit fundraising events. This
program will help homeless shelters, nursing homes and
orphanages. (Moncks Corner, SC)
Legal/Civil Rights
Life’s Visions – To help and support challenged teenagers
supporting those aging out of state custody or foster care
and others in need of transition into young adulthood, by
making sure they have affordable housing while providing
nurturing, mentorship and support until they are on solid
footing with education and employment. (Citrus Springs, FL)
America Forward Foundation – To help American
homeowners prevent foreclosure or attain affordable
housing, to assist the public with their financial planning,
debt negotiations, debt management, credit repair and
provide credit, debt, and financial guidance so as to attain a
debt free, financially stable lifestyle. (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
Caring Neighbor Program – To continue to provide senior
housing rehab, transportation, and food resources. To
continue to educate the public to the destructive plight of
the homeless and poor. To continue to raise awareness
for the need of stronger education and vocation training.
(Brunswick, OH)
Community Kitchen – To feed, clothe and give shelter to the
poor. (Shelton, WA)
Great Love Foundation provides mentorship to the poor and
forgotten in urban America, the Caribbean, and to the nations.
The focus is on the orphans, the infirmed, the homeless and the
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 39
Legal/Civil Rights
E.V.E. Ministry (End Violent Encounters) – To help free
victims of violence and abuse of every kind. (Camp Springs, MD)
Legal Victim Assistance Project – To assist individuals who
have been victimized (or damaged) by the legal system and
unscrupulous attorneys. (Melbourne, FL)
People United for Legal System Equality (P.U.L.S.E.) – To
establish a grassroots campaign favoring the fair and equal
treatment of Self-Represented Litigants and Legal Services
Consumers, and the institution of reforms that prevent legal
system harassment, misconduct, and abuse. (Altamonte
Springs, FL)
Presumption of Innocence Legal Defense Foundation – To
assist those in need of preserving their innocence by
helping them financially to obtain attorneys and assist with
attorney’s fees. (Monticello, GA)
Tools for Tolerance, MENA – To establish partnerships with
social entrepreneurs and civil society organizations in the
MENA region and provide them with capacity-building
support to help them develop sustainable programs. The
promotion of social entrepreneurship also serves as an
important means to foster cross-cultural relationships
between Americans and peoples across the MENA region,
while promoting an ethos of volunteerism. (St. Louis Park, MN)
Voice of Justice Foundation – To be a voice of hope, hands of
rescue, and instruments of justice on behalf of the neglected,
abused, or ashamed. And to train and equip leaders who will
be instruments of justice to a generation, the poor and needy
and to every sphere of society. (Millersburg, PA)
22One7 Ministries – To provide worship leading, teaching,
and preaching for all kinds of church, youth, and collegiate
events in addition to providing biblical counseling for those
in need. Our ultimate desire is to have a retreat center
that provides a place of refreshing to those in ministry.
(Fentress, TX)
Akkalkot Swami Samarth Foundation – To spread the
teaching and philosophy of Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj
of Akkalkot; To serve suffering humanity by way of
distributing free food, clothes, medicine, educational
assistance, etc; To support financially his temples; And
to publish and freely distribute spiritual literature about
Shri Swami Samarth to elevate the consciousness of human
beings. (New Orleans, LA)
Aloha Mission – We desire to spread the Lord’s Aloha (love)
throughout the lands by “visiting the fatherless and the
widow” preaching the Word, teaching basic skills, sharing
with others whether rich or poor, a coat, a blanket and
other necessities. (Tombstone, AZ)
Art and Gladys Reifel Foundation – This foundation will provide
scholarships and financial aid to person serving God and
furthering the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ and His
saving Grace in the West African Countries by supporting
organizations such as the Missionary Church Association of
Nigeria and the Kabala bible and vocational training center.
(Osceola, IN)
Art Lindsley International Ministries – To influence leaders
in key cities, networks, and ministries to help them to
articulate, defend, and live faith in Christ in their personal
and public lives. (Arlington, VA)
Page 40
Walk Thy Talk sent funding on behalf of the little boy in the
Philippines in order to pay for school tuition, school uniform and
supplies. The child has had Polio and never has been able to go to
school. They’re also raising funds to purchase a wheelchair for him.
Athletes Empowered Ministries – To bring people to a saving
knowledge of Jesus Christ and spiritual growth through
evangelism and discipleship. (Lakeland, FL)
Brothers United in Christ Fund – To raise money through
various projects to help the homeless and to minister to
youth about drug abuse. Also to help those released from
prison to adapt and get back to a normal healthy life.
(Ridgeland, MS)
Center Court Ministries – To reach both domestic and foreign
junior, college, and professional tennis players and coaches
with the Christian gospel. And to serve others through
tennis. (Nashville, TN)
Center Pole – To teach, preserve and raise awareness of
traditional Crow Indian ways. To promote the health,
welfare and equal educational opportunity of Native
American youth. To conduct community projects essential
to the future of the Crow Indian Reservation and other
native communities. (Garryowen, MT)
Christ Satisfies Ministries – Christ Satisfies Ministries’
objective is to participate in the transformation of our
community (No. Mpls.) and the troubled youths that
populate it through pointing them to Jesus. We desire to
see them turn from gang banging, drug using crimes to
being productive members of the community, who reflect
Christian values and seek to glorify the Lord through loving
people. (Columbia Heights, MN)
Christian Fellowship Healing Church Foundation – To
bring blessedness in peace and joy for all eternity to all
individuals throughout the world. CFHC Foundation
strives to meet this vision through the following strategies:
ministering to all people disregarding their race, tribe,
culture, faith and economic status; fighting the spread of
HIV and AIDS; helping in the fight against stigmatization
of those affected by the epidemic; following the teachings
of Scripture through outreach services and contributing to
community development. (Kwa-Mhlanga, Mpumalanga, S. Africa)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Encouraging Lives conducted a concert event with an
inspirational message at Genesis Crisis Shelter in Kaufman,
CrossWords Ministries – To involve members of our Bible
study group in raising funds to buy children’s and youth
Bibles for free distribution to families in our community.
Because we recognize the need for early exposure to the
gospel of Jesus Christ, our mission is to make children’s
and youth Bibles available to those who cannot afford to
buy them for their families. As the Lord directs, we may
expand our mission to other Christian ministries and to a
wider geographic area. (Rio Rancho, NM)
Disciples International – In compliance with The Great
Commission (Matthew 28:18-21) we seek to create and
distribute literature and to carry on activities both written
and oral to fulfill our mission. (Chester, PA)
Dynamic Worship Experiences – To help churches prepare
culturally relevant environments for people to more richly
experience the presence of God. (Washington, IA)
Eagles Football Team Foundation – To reach young men
with the gospel of Christ and to further strengthen these
men in their walk with the Lord in fellowship with one
another and in competition with other football players
throughout Kansas. The goal of the football team is to
build character, strength and sportsmanship through
participating in the football program for those young
men who attend Flint Hills Christian School or are home
educated. (Junction City, KS)
Entrusting Truth – To help men effectively utilize their Spiritual
Gifts in order to sustain a close relationship with Christ by
having them constantly in the Word of God. The objective
of this effort is to establish men in the study of the Word of
God, increase their skill in the study and application of the
Word of God, and to empower their gifts through consistent
personal interaction with Christ. (Tulsa, OK)
Fallen Walls International – To proclaim that because of
Jesus Christ there are no more barriers in city centers to
the urban dweller by means of support and discipleship.
(Memphis, TN)
Family Volunteers Missions – The teaching and preaching of
the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as the active charitable
“consider the poor” ministries He spoke of, including the
distribution of Christian literature, books, music, donated
food items, clothing, etc,. to poor families and orphans.
Youth counseling and related social programs will also be
a part of the mission. (Fullerton, CA )
Fifth Row Ministries – To train and equip Hispanic pastors
and church leaders in the Americas. (Piedmont, OK)
Foundation for Comprehensive Christianity – To engage
individuals and groups in understanding and implementing
a comprehensive approach to Christianity. (Nashville, TN)
Global Move of Prayer – As part if the worldwide
Global Day of Prayer (see www.gdopusa.com or www.
globaldayofprayer.com), the purpose of the Global Day
of Prayer-St. Louis Foundation is to call together all
Christians in the greater St. Louis area to: 1. unite together
in one location for prayer each year on Pentecost Sunday,
and to pray during the 10 days prior, for repentance and
for healing our land and 2. demonstrate God’s love by
encouraging existing ministries and acts of volunteer service
to bless our community and those in need. (Kirkwood, MO)
Grace in God’s Hands Ministries – To spread the Word of
Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching, publishing, and
distributing Christian literature around the world. To show
acts of kindness, providing the essentials of life spiritually,
physically, and educationally, by going into the nations
giving goods, funds, Christian materials, and helping
orphans, assisting widows and the needy. (Prosser, WA)
Grace Program for Clergy and Congregational Development
– To provide support for clergy renewal and educational
events for church congregations. (Cantonment, FL)
Great Love Foundation – To provide felt needs and worship
evangelism for the sake of the poor and forgotten in urban
America, the Caribbean and to the nations. The focus will
be with the orphans, the infirmed, the homeless and the
forgotten. (Los Angeles, CA)
Grid Iron of the Most High – To introduce men, women,
and children to a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.
This will be done through mission trips, sports camps,
mentoring, book writing, and speaking engagements. (Virginia
Beach, VA)
Harvest Ministries of Manasota – To strengthen the people
and mission of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa,
Nairobi, Kenya. To provide Christian counseling services to
churches and individuals as needed. (Parish, FL)
I’m A Great Child Worldwide works to enhance the self-worth,
self-respect, self-esteem and confidence of orphans, vulnerable
children and teens.
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
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Outward Bound Projects’ goals are to make disciples, missionaries
and to train pastors in the countries in which we work.
Healing Lives Mission – To minister to the poor, underprivileged,
sick, handicapped, physically impaired, and deaf giving
hope, God’s Love, medical care and supplies, food, clothing,
vitamins, water and basic necessities. Our services will include
but are not limited to: providing education, training, counseling
and equipment needed for training. (La Palma, CA)
Hope4Health Foundation – To teach, nurture, and promote a
healthy lifestyle as understood through the Holy Scripture.
(Seattle, WA)
i Solomon’s Temple – To rebuild Solomon’s Temple 1
Tabernacle, 1 Facility at a time and feeding the poor, for
the coming of Mashiach. 1Kings 6-9, 2 Chronicles 2:2-5,
Zechariah 6:15. (Lady Lake, FL)
Immanuel Distance Education for Adventist Students
(IDEAS) – To seek educational solutions for those most
in need of them! IDEAS is an association of concerned
Seventh-Day Adventist Christians helping young people in
developing countries around the world to secure a basic,
Christ-centered education by providing distance education
curriculum and materials to students. (Ellensburg, WA)
Interdenominational Org For Unity In Christ (IOU Christ) –
IOU Christ is a faith-based initiative to augment established
youth-oriented programs without theological discrimination.
IOU Christ intends to establish a supplemental mentor
project entitled Mentors for New Millennium through
United Charitable Programs. (Chardon, OH)
Kingdom Harvest – To reach the unchurched with the power
and love of God to save souls and transform lives for the
kingdom purpose of worldwide harvest. (Dodge City, KS)
Legacy Minded Men – To engage, encourage and equip men
to be the man God created them to be. (Wayne, NJ)
Mideast Peace Prayer Foundation – To create a grass-roots
movement to pray for peace in the Middle East each day at
5 P.M. (Lake Oswego, OR)
Mindheart Foundation for Biblical Studies – To promote
the Biblical teaching and training of Praise and Worship.
(Queen Creek, AZ)
Mission Volunteer Partners – Sponsor mission service
teams for mission projects primarily in Latin America.
(Cantonment, FL)
Page 42
Mission X International Foundation – To assist churches,
missionaries, non-profits, and individuals in becoming more
local, global, and practical in fulfilling their humanitarian
and “Great Commission Vision.” (Lodi, WI)
On a Wheel and a Prayer – To provide support services to
biblically sound and spiritually healthy missionary efforts
under the auspices of, but not limited to, Sowers Ministry,
or serve other qualified independent projects assisting
churches, camps, retreat centers, orphanages, communities,
or individuals in need. (Howard, SD)
One-To-One Ministries – The overall objective is to give
assistance to individuals for whom no resources are
available from other churches or charitable agencies with
a primary focus on Cameroon and Nigeria, West Africa.
(Vancouver, WA)
Open Arms Brazil – Open Arms Brazil exists to support
and encourage the vision and mission of the organization,
Bracos Abertos Brasil in Assis, Sao Paulo Brazil. Bracos
Abertos seeks to be the “open arms” of Jesus to children at
risk in Brazil, proclaiming the gospel and the love of Christ
by meeting their spiritual, physical and academic needs.
(Reston, VA)
Outward Bound Projects – To “preach the Gospel to all
nations” (Luke 15:16). Our goals are to make disciples,
missionaries and to train pastors in the countries in which
we work. (Round Rock, TX)
Park Avenue Missionary Baptist Church Fund – To provide
assistance for needy surviving spouses of clergy who
provided at least five (5) years of continuous service at
Park Avenue Missionary Baptist Church. Also, to provide
assistance for needy clergy who have provided at least
fifteen (15) years of continuous service at Park Avenue
Missionary Baptist Church and or retired from Park Avenue
Missionary Baptist Church. Other charitable activities that
may be approved from time to time. (Riverside, CA)
Rev. Carl Dickerson Foundation – Rev. Dickerson is the
Pastor of St. Luke United Methodist Church is Pensacola,
Florida. (Cantonment, FL)
Riovision – To provide an effective Christian missionary
program with a primary focus of sharing God’s Word with
others in Brazil and North America. And to provide training
for skills in a wide variety of community-based initiatives to
make a positive difference. (Anaheim, CA)
RPJ Ministries – To see young, gifted athletes use their
talent to bring glory to God. We envision them becoming
leaders for Jesus Christ and one day sharing the Gospel of
Christ on their college campuses, in their homes, on their
teams and in their communities. Our mission is to develop
our participants into leaders both on and off the court.
(Mokena, IL)
Sacramento Life Chain – To communicate the traditional
message of the Christian Faith to leaders of the political
and church bodies through print and live media as it applies
to social issues focusing especially on the Sanctity of
Human Life. The area of communications will be the USA
and elsewhere if it is convenient. (Sacramento, CA)
Seeds of Love – To fund ministerial activities for the Kingdom
of God including but not limited to preaching the good
Word of the Kingdom, funding/creating orphanages,
authoring books and other creative Godly arts that show
the Love of the Father. (Flowery Branch, GA)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Setting the Captives Free – To reach those who are spiritually,
emotionally, and physically broken and bring freedom and
restoration through the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Waco, TX)
Shine for Jesus Ministries – To operate a street ministry
preaching the Gospel, feeding homeless people, and raising
funds for homeless shelters. (Green Cove Spring, FL)
Sidewalk Counselors Support Fund – To communicate the
traditional message of the Christian Faith to leaders of the
political bodies through print and live media as it applies to
societal issues focusing especially on the sanctity of human
life. The area of communications will be the USA and
elsewhere if it is convenient. (Sacramento, CA)
Streetministries.org – To share the message of God’s love with
people around the globe. We seek to bring hope and spiritual
renewal through the unconditional love of Jesus Christ that
knows no borders or boundaries of race, creed, or social
status. We strive to make a difference in our world by offering
spiritual solutions for the challenges of life and translating
God’s love into actions that manifest kindness and compassion
and improve the lives of others. (Fairview, OR)
Strong In Spirit Ministries – To raise up strong in spirit
quality disciples like John the Baptist and Paul the apostle
by strengthening, liberating and transforming disciples
who will live out their destinies co-reign with Christ in life,
expand God’s Kingdom on earth and carry out His works
of love. (Jacksboro, TN)
Sundays Cool Foundation – To share the love of Jesus Christ
and the Jewish roots of our faith, perform charitable acts in
our community and beyond, to publish faith based articles
and books, and to be a resource of hope and inspiration.
(Denver, CO)
The Abiding Room – To help Christians to glorify God by
teaching them to surrender to His will, abide in Christ, thus
being filled, led and controlled by the Holy Spirit. (Tempe, AZ)
The Circle of Influence – To provide a foundation of immunity
from disabling processes leading to morbidity through the
knowledge of whom they are, whose they are, and how to
walk in their purpose. We will mentor those struggling with
issues of substance abuse, homelessness, and probation/
parole. (Leander, TX)
The Family Volunteers – To go on mission trips and to be
able to provide outreach programs and ministry to help
needy people with food, clothing, Christian materials, and
spiritual guidance. (San Antonio, TX)
The Global Business Corps – The Global Business Corps
will develop and operate international businesses in cooperation with the global church for the spread of the
gospel of Jesus Christ into all nations, peoples, tribes and
tongues. (Orlando, FL)
The Kirk Institute – To provide support for Church-centered
communities of faith that are working to renew their
commitment to teaching the first principles of the historic
Christian faith at every level of development, through
conversational teaching, discipleship and mentoring.
(Greensboro, NC)
Our Programs’ Fields of Interest
Fields of Interest
Animal Welfare
Arts & Culture
Children & Youth
Community Development
Emergency Assistance
Family Services
Legal/Civil Rights
Veterans/Military Service
Women's Issues
# of Programs
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 43
Destiny: The Rock of Escape has been working within Atlanta
high schools to encourage and equip young people to change their
character to achieve positive life outcomes.
The Light Ministries – The Light Ministries will be “a church
body of Christ” ministry originating in Orlando, Florida
and spreading to other cities across the US for the purpose
of ministry to the body of Christ and to make disciples
through the teaching of the Word. (Orlando, FL)
The Rhythm and Praise Charitable Fund – To reach the youth
of America for Jesus Christ through the development and
expansion of music ministries and faith communities across
the country and worldwide. By supporting youth music
ministries, faith communities can involve youth in reaching
other youth through music. (Atlanta, GA)
The Sound of The Word – The Sound of The Word is a
mission support ministry. We accomplish this activity by
providing audio tapes and CDs, books and other printed
materials including educational materials, and
financial support to mission boards to help
fund specific mission projects. We turn no one
away, regardless of their faith, as long as an
honest need can be established. (Jefferson,
True Path Ministries – To present Jesus Christ
as the true path to positive life change for
recovering drug addicts; also to provide
them with Biblically-based discipleship/
life coaching. And to encourage spiritual
entrepreneurship - the creating and innovating
of services that address real, unmet needs
for God’s glory and honor. Initially, the
commitment is to provide the teaching of
Biblically-based financial stewardship to
businesses and families, with the goal of
creating a community of contagious givers.
(West Chester, PA)
Truth and Hope International – To give without
cost, the Truths, Values, and Principles
of God’s Word to all interested people,
worldwide, but with a concentrated focus on
the ill, aging and dying, the incarcerated, the
homeless, poor and abused, and the men and
women of the military. (Camp Verde, AZ)
Turning Point Ministries – To provide media production
for Christian ministries and outreach including website
development and promotion, curriculum development, DVD
and video production, and book publishing. (Sun River, MT)
Victory Christian Fellowship (VCF) Church, Korea
Foundation – To provide support for the ministry of the
Victory Christian Fellowship Church in Seoul, Korea and to
support registered charities and churches in other locations,
especially in the Philippine Islands. (APO, AP)
VIP Foundation – To work with correctional institution
chaplains to provide an outreach ministry for prisoners.
Prisoner’s lives will be transformed as they touch the
lives of others with letters of hope and encouragement.
(Elkridge, MD)
Volunteer Ministry International – To help research and
open creative new opportunities for volunteer Christian
service around the world. To help promote and safeguard
the principles of volunteer “ministry without borders.” To
expand volunteer ministry where it is most needed when
funding sources are limited or restricted. To advance true
physical and spiritual healing. (Ellensburg, WA)
With Hearts United – To stir this generation to know the love
of Jesus Christ and to extend that love to their community
and beyond. With Hearts United exists as a storyteller
that utilizes various platforms of media to raise awareness
of global poverty, injustice and the responsibility of each
individual to engage his/her culture. (Irvine, CA)
Women Influencing the Nation (WIN) – To defend and
restore the dignity of women and children (both born
and unborn) through educational resources as well as to
preserve the traditional family according to Biblical values,
the 10 Commandment ethics and in harmony with the over
2,000 year tradition of Christian civilization under the
freedoms of the Constitution as envisioned by our founding
fathers. (Lebanon, TN)
UCP has certainly achieved a
commendable position in the
nonprofit world: it is one of less than a
dozen truly nationwide, professionallymanaged fiscal sponsors available to
directly sponsor virtually any type of
community benefit project.
~ Gregory Colvin, Adler & Colvin,
Author of Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways
To Do It Right”
Page 44
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Veterans/Military Service
Worship Leaders Network – To present quality concerts
and programs with artists that promote and present the
Christian Gospel message while preserving the heritage of
sacred and Gospel music-each time taking on a valid and
worthwhile charity/ministry organization to be a beneficiary.
(Queen Creek, AZ)
Veterans/Military Service
Joint Service Academy Ball (JSAB) – The annual Joint Service
Academy Ball honors Cadets of the five national (military)
service academies West Point (US Military Academy),
Annapolis (US Naval Academy), US Air Force Academy,
US Coast Guard Academy and Merchant Marine Academy.
By honoring these students (young men and women), the
Academy Ball encourages and elevates the spirit of service
to our country and advances ideals of patriotism. Proceeds
from sponsorships and support will be designated to
worthy charitable causes that support cadet activities and
or missions. (Mt. Airy, MD)
Military Needs – To raise funds to purchase items that are not
provided by the military. (Auburn, WA)
Operation Giving Back – To train military Veterans/Military
Service and their families as well as qualified financially
disadvantaged individuals with Zengar NeuroCare
Neurofeedback to defeat post traumatic stress injuries.
(Encinitas, CA)
Operation Never Forget – To provide a source of healing to
the families of our lost service members KIA, as the result
of their participation in the war on terror. And to begin the
process of building a strong alliance between the families of
the lost, the military, their communities, and local and state
governments. We would also like to honor these families
and their lost loved ones with a “life-like, life-sized” bronze
bust to display in their hometowns. (Covington, VA)
To the Troops, with Love – To send care packages to the
troops around the world. The goal is to raise money to buy
much needed supplies and gifts; including postage to the
men and women fighting for our freedoms. (Des Plaines, IL)
Troops in Transition – To conduct an individualized coaching
program designed to help returning U.S. troops reacclimate into satisfying lives AND to help them hone their
job-seeking skills so that they can find meaningful work.
(Richfield, MN)
Truly Blessed – To provide support and comfort to our troops
who are currently in harm’s way and to our injured heroes
and their families while they are recovering at Walter Reed
Army Medical Center. (Fairfax, VA)
Veteran’s Outreach Foundation – To work in collaboration
with existing charitable and educational organizations
and to promote the awareness of the homeless Veterans/
Military Service’ issues in America and abroad and to offer
solutions that will impact the quality of life for Veterans/
Military Service. (Covington, TN)
Vietnam Veterans/Military Service Memorial Tour – To
visit each and every Vietnam specific memorial, that I
can identify, in the 50 U.S. states, offer a prayer or other
spiritual practice that may be appropriate, and interact with
Veterans/Military Service at each memorial, assisting with
resolving issues of PTSD, depression and anxiety for which
I have been trained. (Arvada, CO)
Women’s Issues
Global Women’s Network – To enable women’s organizations
to connect, collaborate, communicate and advocate on a
global scale. Technology, specifically web 2.0 applications
and cell phones, will allow for a virtual global women’s
movement that helps bridge the divide that currently exists
between women’s organizations in the global north and
global south. (Washington, DC)
Love Them Both Ministries – To show Christ’s love and
compassion to women in an unplanned pregnancy. Their
needs include: emotional, educational, physical and networking with agencies that help them meet those needs.
Number one or central to this program is a maternity home
now in operation. (Sacramento, CA)
Mother Matters – To be a supportive place for moms to
meet and connect with the core of who they are. To
educate mothers on parenting, nutrition, fitness, personal
empowerment, children’s educational and emotional
needs, and much more. To encourage women to find their
passions and achieve their dreams while being a wonderful
parent, positive role model, partner, and friend. (Littleton, CO)
Power Woman Magic Project – Dedicated to the education
and empowerment of women in the second half of life. We
believe women in the second half of life have the potential
to be the most powerful force for good in the world. It is
our goal to inspire, entice, and excite women to remember
the power and the magic of love, nurture, creativity, healing,
caring, giving, sharing, and express it in their own unique
ways for themselves, their communities, and the world.
(Los Angeles, CA)
The Executive Women’s Consortium Foundation – To provide
free educational material and health resource information to
women and families. To provide free educational workshops
and free newsletters. We hope to inspire, motivate and
uplift others. (Landover, MD)
The Phoenix Foundation for Empowering Women – To
educate, provide resources and develop programs that
empower young women of color to realize their value,
strengthen their sense of self-worth and maximize their
self-esteem to enable them to externalize their inner beauty
and enhance their abilities to become shining lights in their
communities. (Washington, DC)
The Smart Women’s Empowerment Program – To provide
financial and entrepreneurial skills to disadvantaged
women through ongoing coaching, mentoring, and training.
(Commerce, MI)
The Women’s Divorce Resource Center – To empower
and educate women contemplating and going through
the divorce process. We strive to provide educational
opportunities about the various legal, financial and
emotional aspects of divorce. (Birmingham, MI)
WOWcares.org – To unite and assist women around the
world to work for peace and stability through education,
nursing skills, and humanitarian efforts. (St. Louis, MO)
To find out more about our programs, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
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Page 46
A Letter from the President, John Houk
I am proud to report that in 2012, our Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) program has grown in nearly every way. We
now have more than 150 DAFs, and manage nearly $10 million in assets.
UCP has been, and will continue to be, dedicated to its mission of empowering people to help others—a mission
only made possible by a partnership with our generous, charitable donor-advisors. We’ve come to know them as
active philanthropists, focusing on charitable missions ranging
from cancer research, to developing programs to assist
wounded warriors, to supporting children who have been
abandoned in the streets of Kenya. In 2012, under UCP’s
A Donor-Advised Fund
supervision, our DAFs made grants to charities in 12 different
countries, and nearly 250 different charities within the United
(DAF) at UCP gives you
States. Our DAFs are certainly making a difference in this
the advantage of building
I also want to recognize the superb work by the
financial professionals who place their confidence in us by
recommending a DAF at UCP to their clients. Since we are
not affiliated with any financial institution, nor do we accrue
any benefit from brokerage services, commissions, finder fees,
or product sales, we rely on these advisors to spread the word
about UCP. We currently have a strategic partnership with 34
different investment and insurance companies. Thank you for
placing your trust in us!
a legacy of philanthropy
that’s shared by you and
your family, that can even
be passed on to your heirs
for generations to come.
As you can see, UCP’s grant history and financial
information in this year’s annual report is a reflection of our
deep personal relationship with these DAF donor-advisors.
Our staff at UCP is committed to helping them support the
causes and organizations that are important to them, whether those concerns are located domestically or abroad.
I want to acknowledge the incredible work and dedication from our staff and our Board of Directors for growing
our DAF program in 2012. I also want to thank all of our current donor-advisors—for trusting us, for inspiring us
and for helping us realize our vision of making the world a better place.
As you read through the missions of our DAFs, I hope that you, too, feel inspired to help others!
John T. Houk
Page 47
Donor-Advised Funds
As of Dec. 31, 2012, UCP sponsors more than
150 Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs). A DAF is a
type of charitable giving program that allows donors
to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the
flexibility to support their favorite charitible causes at
any time. We have DAFs that have been established
to support various charities, both domestic and
international. We also have DAFs that have been
established to honor a loved one by creating a
scholarship program in their name.
Here’s how a Donor-Advised Fund at
UCP works:
Make a tax-deductible
contribution to UCP
to establish a DAF.
Once the DAF account
reaches $10,000, you
may advise how your
contributions are invested,
which gives the assets the
potential to grow.
Recommend grants
to the charities and
causes you want to
Page 48
Insurance and Investment
Companies We Work With
AIG American
ING Reliastar Life
Protective Life
American Funds
John Hancock
Raymond James
American National
Life Insurance Co.
Life Investors
Insurance Co.
Reassure America
Life Insurance
American United
Lincoln Financial
RiverSource Life
Ameriprise Financial
Loring Ward
TD Ameritrade
Assurity Life
National Advisors
Trust Company
Time Insurance
Aviva Life and
Annuity Company
United Life/
One United
Conseco Life
Insurance Compnay
Mutual Life
United Planners
Fidelity Assurance
Pacific Life
Insurance Company
Western Reserve
Life Assurance
General American
Life Insurance
Phoenix Life
Insurance Company
Woodbury Financial
Hartford Life &
Annuity Insurance
Power Income Fund
ING Annuity
Principal Life
Directory of Donor-Advised Funds
Beginning a donor-advised fund at UCP allows you to focus easily on fulfilling your philanthropic goals and
deciding which nonprofit organizations you want to support, without having to endure the administrative and
financial burdens of establishing a Private Foundation. Under UCP approval and supervision, you may also use your
donor-advised fund to establish a scholarship program.
UCP gives you the advantage of building a legacy of
philanthropy that’s shared by you and your family, that
can even be passed on to your heirs for generations to
come. It takes just a few minutes to recommend grants
to charities from your fund, and you can determine
how you would like to be recognized -- including the
option to remain anonymous.
A donor-advised fund at UCP is easy to set up,
administratively simple, and provides you with
ongoing tax benefits. Donors can receive immediate
tax benefits, and avoid time-consuming and costly
paperwork involved in setting up a private foundation.
UCP enables you and your family to achieve flexibility
in your charitable giving. The following is a list of
our Donor-Advised Funds, their charitable mission
statement and how they want to make a difference in
this world, and where they are located.
A M D G Foundation – To support charitable organizations
dedicated to protecting the lives of unborn children and
adoptions. (Carmel, IN)
Animal and Plant Advocacy Foundation – To be an advocate
for the welfare of animals and conservation/preservation of
“green” (plant) concerns by contributing funds to 501(c)
(3) foundations with animal and plant (“green”) missions.
And other charitable purposes of like nature will be funded
as needs are identified. (Richfield, MN)
Anna May Regan Foundation – The Foundation has two
purposes: (1) To support Catholic individuals and
organizations that further Catholic formation and Catholic
education. (2) To support Catholic individuals and Catholic
organizations that advance the daily lives of the poor and
needy. (Oakland, CA)
Autism Meet Optimism Family Endowment – To provide
charitable outreach and education to the autism community.
And to promote activities and awareness for families
affected by autism. (Manhattan, KS)
B and C Charitable Foundation – 1. To support the work of
the Richard W. Wetherill Foundation (teaching the Law of
Right Relationships.) 2. To support other agencies, such
as the Salvation Army and the Red Cross with donations to
help them with their activities in such things as providing
disaster relief or personal relief for shelter, clothing, and
food in emergency/hardship cases. 3. Gifts to earth life
preserving organizations such as the Ocean Conservancy,
the Arbor Day Foundation , etc. 4. To support the local
Hartford Presbyterian Church. 5. To support the IA
Genealogical Society. 6. Dollars for Scholars (Carlisle,
IA). 7. Other agencies of our choice who meet the 501 (c)
(3) code. (Hartford, IA)
Babcock Foundation – To support Christian counseling and
mission programs and the arts (theater, dance, music, and
sewing). (Cameron Park, CA)
Belur S. & Leela Bhagavan Charitable Foundation – To build
endowment for education and medical assistance based on
need of applicants. (Bronx, NY)
Bible Faith Mission International Foundation – To assist
pastors and Christian workers in needy countries by
spreading God’s love through the message of the Gospel
of Jesus Christ by meeting humanitarian needs, fostering
community development, training pastors and establishing
educational institutions. (St. Louis, MO)
Brad and Lindy Enlow Foundation – To build endowment
for charitable educational, scientific or religious activities.
(Manhattan, KS)
To find out more about our donor-advised funds, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 49
Countries That Receive Support from Our Programs
United Republic
of Tanzania
Buddy Ehrlich Foundation – To raise and distribute funds, in
memory and honor of Buddy Ehrlich, to the Sacred Heart
Church Building Fund (in Pascagoula, MS), and to families
of cancer victims in need of a helping hand. Initial fund
raising project is the production and sale of a CD of “”The
Lord’s Prayer”” sung a cappella by Buddy Ehrlich himself
- recorded a few years before his recent death. (Austin, TX)
Build It So They Can Come – To support the work of
construction teams going into poverty or lower income
areas to perform construction tasks from elementary to
elaborate needs in a community. Extending the ability to
meet the communities’ needs while constructing roads,
bridges, community centers of interest, schools and
healthcare facilities to provide for others who do not have
the means. This is for foreign and domestic construction in
fitting areas of our nation and world. (Princeton, IN)
Byrns-Tolson Family Foundation – Charitable activities to be
determined from time to time. (Orange Park, FL)
Carol A. Jory Foundation – To build endowment for KTWU
Public Television; Washburn Endowment Association,
Joab Mulvane Endowed Income Fund; Kansas University
Endowment Association Division of Clinical Oncology,
James T. Hamilton Memorial Fund; Kansas State
University Foundation, John Ross Mulvane & Joab
Mulvane Agriculture Research Fund; and David’s Fund.
(Rossville, KS)
Charles and Sandra Eldridge Family Foundation – To build
endowment for various educational institutions. (Santa
Cruz, CA)
Claude R. Wilsey Family Foundation – To divide the income
equally each year to Kansas City Youth for Christ, Kansas
City Union Mission and the Lighthouse. (Leawood, KS)
Page 50
United Kingdom
United States
Conan Ward Family Foundation – To donate to a variety of
education causes, help disabled veterans and fund causes in
the furtherance of American Freedom and exceptionalism.
(Princeton, NJ)
Dari Foundation – To educate in religious, scientific research
and educational endeavors from pre-school to college level,
to establish institutions of learning and/or care facilities
and to assist existing institutions, and to assist in religious,
educational and civic organizations. (N. Las Vegas, NV)
David & Mildred Brewer Foundation – To fund scholarships
and educational empowerment programs for disadvantaged
youth and other charitable activities that may be selected
from time to time. (Centreville, VA)
To find out more about our donor-advised funds, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
De Anda Family Charitable Foundation – Our family desires
to show our gratitude to our creator by supporting religious
activities designed to help people find their desire to help
mankind, as well as support artistic endeavors which seek
to bring people in touch with life and its realities. (Laredo, TX)
Denise Dennis Education Foundation – To provide
scholarships for education. (O’Neill, NE)
Dewar Family Foundation – To make charitable donations to
help underprivileged families. (Cardiff, CA)
Diane M. Dwyer Family Foundation – For the support of
charitable organizations that focus on improving the lives
of children in the United States and worldwide; for the
Cathedral of the Incarnation, Baltimore, MD, community
outreach activities; and for educational institutions
(including Dartmouth Medical School, Denver University
Law School, and Mills College). (Baltimore, MD)
Dr. Mary Ruth Swope Reclamation Foundation – To provide
a legal venue for receiving, managing and disbursing funds
received from donors who are returning goods, multiplied,
as recorded in scripture in the following verses: Job 42:10;
Exodus 22:7; Proverbs 6:31 and 2 Samuel 12:6. (Avinger,
Eileen & John Kirchner Foundation – To support various
charitable activities including: St. Dominic Parish and
the church’s outreach programs, Womankind Maternal &
Prenatal Center, and the activities of the Cleveland Ronald
McDonald House. (Cleveland, OH)
EJN Foundation – To educate in religious, scientific research
and educational endeavors from pre-school to college level,
to establish institutions of learning and/or care facilities
and to assist existing institutions, and to assist in religious,
educational & civic organizations. (N. Las Vegas, NV)
Elmer & Bernice Bluml Family Foundation – To build
endowment for charitable activities. (Carroll, IA)
Humanitarian Efforts to Lessen Poverty (HELP) provides muchneeded assistance to children in the Philippines.
Elroy & Carol Hefner Foundation – To promote the charitable
endeavors of the Immanuel Lutheran Church, Coleridge
Public Schools and other charitable activities in Northeast
Nebraska. (Coleridge, NE)
Engle Foundation – To support missionaries and churches/
groups associated within the churches and to do God’s
work of Evangelism. (Rogers, AR)
ETENT Foundation – My wife and I believe that with our
blessings, we find blessings in sharing our good fortune and
giving Glory to God. (Poway, CA)
Eternal Life Foundation – To build endowment for Kreider
Services, Special Olympics of Illinois, Oblate Missions,
Food For the Poor, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart,
the Salvation Army, St. Labre Indian School, Covenant
House, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and
Edmundite Missions. (Amboy, IL)
Evan and Fauneil Bennett Foundation – Charitable,
educational, scientific or religious activities that may be
approved from time to time. (Wayne, NE)
Every Church A School Foundation – To educate, motivate
and assist churches and individuals of all denominations in
forming Christian schools to meet the educational needs
of young people of all ages, races, and economic levels.
(Dallas, TX)
Far East Regional Ministry (FERM) – To be a vehicle to
serve the cause of Jesus Christ primarily in the far east of
Russia. (Christmas Valley, OR)
Forristal Foundation – Charitable, educational, scientific or
religious activities that may be approved from time to time.
(Salina, KS)
Fred and Mary Tarnow Foundation – To provide funds for
people who reside in the Texas Hill country who wish
to improve themselves by furthering their education. To
provide support for faculty members and staff who provide
services or training to Hill Country students and to support
a variety of other charitable programs that serve this area of
Texas. (Fredericksburg, TX)
Friends of Healing Colombia – Drug prevention and
rehabilitation programs, instruction in sexual responsibility
programs, missionary outreach: dissemination of children’s
materials, evangelism and Bible studies, prison visitation
program: music benefit, entertainment teaching values,
receive & distribute humanitarian aid for underprivileged
communities, displaced people. (Bogota, Colombia)
Games Family Foundation – To support children’s hospitals
and fight against childhood illnesses. (Los Angeles, CA)
Gene and Susan Howerter Foundation – To provide and
support educational scholarships and programs; to support
local and national charities, to support religious institutions
and organizations; to provide medical and other services,
supplies, and support to the needy through this foundation
or other charities. (Topeka, KS)
George V. & Kay E. Hefner Foundation – To support
Immanuel Lutheran Church of Coleridge, Nebraska.
(Coleridge, NE)
Giselle Charitable Fund – To make donations to charitable
organizations and programs as selected on a regular and
ongoing basis. (Las Vegas, NV)
Global Goods Foundation – The Global Goods Foundation
is dedicated to make a difference in the world one person
at a time. Education can improve the quality of life for
individuals, families and villages. By investing in basic
education, training programs and vocational projects
around the world, we hope to make the world a better,
kinder place. (Maynard, MA)
To find out more about our donor-advised funds, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 51
Global Outreach Network – To partner with and equip
churches, pastors, church leaders and international
missions organizations for responsible evangelism
around the world by providing teaching, training, and
creative outreach events. (Carrollton, VA)
Go Team International (G.T.I.) – To gather support for
those who travel to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ
throughout the world. To provide food, clothing,
medical supplies to the homeless and less fortunate
in the USA and abroad. To help and support those
who train, teach and inspire people all over the world.
(Ironwood, MI)
GovConectx Foundation – To give back to those who
have given so much. We believe that it is important to
continue to support our troops now that they are home
by donating a portion of our proceeds to organizations
like the Wounded Warrior Project, AFCEA Scholarship
Fund and Veteran’s Task Force and encouraging our
customers to do the same on our website, registration
forms and outgoing emails. (Prince Frederick, MD)
H & M Zimmer Family Foundation – To build endowment
for Christian mercy, education, missions and benevolence.
(Raymond, MN)
Hallelujah Acres Foundation – To promote and raise the
general public’s awareness and understanding of a biblically
based vegetarian lifestyle; to conduct research to document
the health benefits of a biblically based vegetarian lifestyle;
to train others to teach. (Shelby, NC)
Hands Across Nations – (1) To meet the physical, spiritual
and health needs of disadvantaged people. (2) To support
needy children and young adults in primary, secondary and
higher education (3) To initiate and support health care
programs and practitioners. (Chewelah, WA)
Harold and Genevieve Nitz Scholarship Fund – To support a
music scholarship in honor of my parents and to award a
music scholarship to be given yearly to a promising music
student. (Sioux City, IA)
Harrison K. & Varedo A. Huwaldt Foundation – To provide
support for St. John’s Lutheran Church, St. James Frances
de Chantal and the City of Randolph Nebraska Community
Golf Course. (Randolph, NE)
Hope First Foundation – Charitable, educational, scientific
or religious activities that may be approved periodically
including philanthropic endeavors to support young
musicians and the destitute. (Eau Claire, WI)
Humanitarian Efforts to Lessen Poverty (HELP) – To provide
humanitarian assistance to underprivileged children in the
Philippines. (Lebanon, KS)
I Will Wait for You: The Rick Salmastrelli Foundation – To
provide scholarships for high school students who focus
their strengths on academia and sports as well as their
community. The foundation will highlight and celebrate
a student athlete who sees the beauty in all people and
is a moving force in creating a positive and enthusiastic
community. (Brooklyn, NY)
International Aid Foundation – To help provide training
materials and financial assistance to organizations,
groups and individuals who are giving humanitarian aid
to those who do not have the means or resources to
help themselves. The primary areas of aid are in medical
treatment and research, education, safety, religious,
scientific, literary and benevolent fields. (Springfield, OR)
International Life Foundation – To perpetuate and promote
Christian values, character, education and physical wellbeing through the generosity of time, financial blessing,
gifting and compassion. To allow the light of God to shine
brightly through man in all the world from generation to
generation. (Newberry, FL)
J. Floyd and Gladys Ruzek Foundation – For charitable
activities that may be approved from time to time.
J.D. Spivack Family Foundation – To promote family
involvement in philanthropic activities. (Boynton Beach, FL)
in 2012 we had
$ 14, 496, 744
in cash & noncash gifts
Page 52
To find out more about our donor-advised funds, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
J.P. and Sophia Lewis Education Fund – Created in memory
of J.P. Lewis and Mrs. Sophia Pratt Lewis who both served
as educators in the Giles County public school system
in Pulaski, Tennessee. In an effort to give back to the
community and to keep the Lewis legacy alive, an annual
scholarship will be awarded from this fund to an African
American student from Giles County who is planning to
attend an accredited 2 or 4 year institution. (Raleigh, NC)
Jacolyn Foundation – To build endowment for the Yosemite
National Park in order to protect, preserve, restore
and enhance the park for current and future generation.
(Lawrence, KS)
Jefferson & Loretta Amacker Foundation – To build
endowment for charitable activities. (Lake Arrowhead, CA)
Jewell & Evelyn Schock Foundation – To provide support for
our favorite charities. (Wayne, NE)
HelpEver Foundation – The main objective of this foundation
will be to help the poor and needy in the USA and around
the world. The foundation will help the needy with respect
to food, housing, clothing, education, etc. In addition it
will work in encouraging spiritual and moral values across
the globe within the guidelines of fostering love and nonviolence in all. (San Jose, CA)
Hendrick Ministries – 1. Advance the great commission of
Jesus Christ. 2. Encourage social ministries. 3. Support
racial healing and reconciliation. 4. Advocate and advance
Biblical and traditional values. 5. Assist Christians &
others in networking to support righteous endeavors and
conditions. (Florissant, MO)
Hinunangan Spirit Beach Park and Scholarship Foundation –
To develop the beachfront of Hinunangan, Southern Leyte,
Philippines into a park for future generations to enjoy unencroached by modern development. The second purpose
is to provide scholarships to bright and ambitious students
who otherwise would not be able to attend college. (St.
Louis, MO)
Hoffman Charitable Foundation – To build endowment for
charitable, education, scientific, or religious activities. (Ft.
Myers, FL)
Hoff-Phillips Foundation – To provide for educational
scholarships. (Redan, GA)
Learn & Teach Stewardship Foundation – Any charitable,
educational, scientific or religious activities that may be
approved from time to time. (Manhattan, KS)
One-To-One Ministries Foundation – To assist needy
individuals, families or churches in health care, nutrition
and general welfare. (Vancouver, WA)
Oppman Foundation – To support St. Labre Indian School,
the Children’s Defense Fund, the YWCA, Southern
Poverty Law Center, American Friends Service Committee
and to establish The Mary Reed Wiseman Scholarship.
(Gary, IN)
Orphans’ Hope Foundation – To raise funds and collect
humanitarian aid to support orphans. To raise awareness
about the plight of abandoned children and improve
their lives through improved living conditions, nutrition,
education and letting them know that someone truly cares
about them. To give them the one thing human beings
survive on when all seems lost..Hope. (Ayer, MA)
Sisters We Are Foundation – To support the empowerment of
women in Bangladesh by providing assistance to individuals
employing destitute women. To provide food, clothing,
shelter, and education to destitute women and their children
as needed. To further support the empowerment of
women in other countries as deemed possible with funds
and resources collected, and any charitable, educational,
scientific or religious activities that may be approved.
(Loveland, CO)
Sonrise Foundation – To support charitable, educational,
scientific or religious activities that may be approved from
time to time. (Wamego, KS)
John K. Agajanian Memorial Foundation – Charitable,
educational, scientific or religious activities that may be
approved from time to time. (Downey, CA)
Julia and Tina Sanchez/Row for a Cure Foundation – To
support Institutional Review Board (IRB) - approved
research studies designed to evaluate the effectiveness of
nontoxic, noninvasive products and procedures that have
reportedly benefited patients who are undergoing treatment
for cancer and other diseases. To respond to requests for
financial assistance from those who may be unable to afford
the products and procedures their health care providers
wish to offer. (Note: All such requests must be submitted
by licensed health care practitioners on behalf of their
patients. (Imperial Beach, CA)
Juney Foundation – To build endowment for educational
scholarships. (Milwaukee, WI)
Jyotishi Foundation – To support and promote charitable,
educational and religious activities in the U.S. and India
and to help raise funds in times of need and crisis. Serving
people in pain and need wherever they are located.
(Duluth, GA)
Kartik Gada Foundation – To provide support for Humanity+
to uplift people out of poverty through innovative
technologies. And to support other charities that may be
selected from time to time. (Santa Clara, CA)
Kenneth W. & Jean C. Dodge Foundation – To support any
charitable educational, scientific or religious activities that
may be approved from time to time. (Manchester, NH)
Kim’s Family Foundation – Charitable, educational, scientific
or religious activities that may be approved from time to
time. (West Linn, OR)
Konitzer Family Foundation – Charitable, educational,
scientific or religious activities that may be approved from
time to time. (Colgate, WI)
To find out more about our donor-advised funds, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 53
Krino Legacy Foundation – To build endowment for God
through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to bring good news
to the poor, freedom to the oppressed, healing for the
sick, light to those in darkness. To build endowment for
the Lawrence Wesleyan Church, Oral Roberts University
Endowment, Douglas County Visiting Nurses and Focus on
the Family. (Lawrence, KS)
Kris Goodwill Charitable Foundation – To build endowment
for the provision of financial assistance for medical
diagnosis and treatment for those with financial hardship.
(Merced, CA)
Kumar K. Das Foundation – Charitable activities to be
selected from time to time. (Windsor, NY)
L - Foundation – To support any charitable athletic,
educational, religious, scientific or technological activities
that may be approved periodically. (Durham, NC)
I enjoy working with UCP
and the way they handle my
family foundation. My wife
and I have saved money over
the years and now are able to
help people in our area that
are in need. This idea of giving
back to the community as
well as helping others in need
makes us feel good. It is fun
to a walk into a local charity
and hand them a check [from
our Donor-Advised Fund]
out of the blue. It is just plain
FUN. ~ Rich Sexton,
Donor-Advisor of The Richard P.
Sexton Family Foundation
Page 54
Listen to the Children, International – (1) To applaud the
positive contributions that children bring to life on earth.
(2) To educate the public about the value and importance
of listening to children. (3) To reinforce the idea by
eliciting corporate, community and individual support. (4)
To perpetuate the concept by donating reminders inscribed
with “Listen to the Children”, presenting speeches and
writing about the topic. (Farmington Hills, MI)
Lonnie & Judy Smith Foundation – To build endowment for
the Boys and Girls Club of Fort Worth. (Ft. Worth, TX)
Loyal & Carol Friesen Foundation – To further charitable
interest in religion, education, science and/or research for
the betterment of mankind. (Greenview, CA)
Manoharan Family Foundation – To build endowment for
charitable purposes. (McAllen, TX)
Meredith Erin Miller Foundation – To support the needs of
pediatric cardiology patients. The foundation, specifically,
endeavors to support patients with their initial and ongoing
medical care through donations to hospitals and other
charities. In addition, the foundation hopes to contribute to
the field of cardiology by providing tuition and educational
assistance for medical school students who aspire to be
cardiologists. (San Jose, CA)
Michael E. Moses Family Foundation – To donate to
charitable, educational, scientific or religious activities that
may be approved from time to time. (Biloxi, MS)
Milligan Greentree Life Foundation – Milligan GreenTree Life
Foundation will support community humanitarian, religious
and educational causes that may need funding from time to
time. Priority given to poor, needy, hungry and homeless.
(Fort Collins, CO)
My Good Cause Foundation – To support existing non-profit
organizations which are focused on charitable, educational,
scientific or religious activities in the United States and
around the world. (Excelsior, MN)
Nancy E. Olson Memorial Foundation – To support
organizations that are focused on cancer research, faithbased initiatives, and education. (Minnetonka, MN)
Newman-Berbaum Foundation – To help provide food for the
poor. (Atlanta, GA)
No More Sclerosis – To support charities and charitable
programs that raise the awareness and aid a cure for
spiritual and physical multiple sclerosis. (Newport News, VA)
Ohio Endowment for Art, Music and Physical Education –
To support charitable causes and projects pursued by the
Ohio Endowment for Art, Music and Physical Education
charitable program under UCP. (Chardon, OH)
Outreach Opportune Foundation – To provide aid and
support for Christian missionaries; and other charitable
projects as may arise from time to time. (W. Melbourne, FL)
Parry Charitable Foundation – To support and assist the
North Carolina Diocese of the Episcopal Church of
America, Raleigh, NC and the Southwest Virginia Diocese
of the Episcopal Church of America, Roanoke, VA. (Apex, NC)
Patricia and Tim Dorsey Foundation – To build endowment
for eye care for women who are trying to decrease their
dependence of governmental assistance programs; as
well as providing for educational and research assistance
for men who are trying to decrease their dependence of
governmental assistance programs. (Emporia, KS)
To find out more about our donor-advised funds, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Patrick J. Smyth Foundation – Charitable, educational,
scientific or religious activities that may be approved
periodically. (Owings Mills, MD)
Paul F. O’Connor Foundation – To provide support for the
Archdiocese of Omaha Seminary Fund, Catholic Relief
Services, the Catholic Church Extension Society, the St.
Lawrence Seminary, Columbian Fathers, St. Anthony
Bread for the Poor, the Archdiocese of Omaha Retirement
Fund, CARE and the St. Augustine’s Indian Mission.
(Homer, NE)
Paul Hiles Youth Empowerment Foundation – To empower
the youth to develop the basic and essential life skills:
educationally, physically and emotionally, through the
expression of art, media and hip hop. (Inglewood, CA)
Paul L. and Virginia A. Johnson Family Foundation –
Charitable, educational, scientific or religious activities that
may be approved periodically. (Mankato, MN)
Pedersen Family Foundation – To generate support for
educational, scientific, religious and/or charitable outreach.
(Upland, CA)
Peete Family Foundation – Charitable, educational, scientifc
or religious activities that may be approved periodically.
(Overland Park, KS)
Peter Lopez Family Foundation – To provide support for
religious, cultural and educational activities. (La Mirada, CA)
Pierson Family Foundation – Charitable, educational,
scientific or religious activities that may be approved from
time to time. (Graham, WA)
Polini Foundation – To build endowment for the St. Elizabeth
Seton School and to assist underprivileged children in
Santa Clara to further their academic needs. (Saratoga, CA)
Project Help – To provide support for secular organizations
and community activities that further the nurturing,
development, repair or rehabilitation of the human spirit in
the areas of children, education, the arts, drugs, abuses of
any kind, criminality, and initiatives in civic responsibility
with emphasis on practical, common sense and hands-on.
(La Crescenta, CA)
Raise Your Game Foundation – To improve the quality of the
bed-confined pediatric patient’s life through family unity,
warmhearted friendship and spirited play by transforming
the hospital room into a noticeably personal space
with familiar visual surroundings and games to support
interactive play. (Lake Orion, MI)
Raising Timothys – Charitable, educational, scientific or
religious activities that may be approved from time to time.
(Junction City, KS)
Real Life Ministries – Real Life Ministries exists to establish
a global network of biblical growth communities reaching
out with the love of Christ. We do this by birthing organic
church movements committed to real life community,
growth and outreach. Our activities include church
planting, leadership development and discipleship, mercy
ministries, outreach consulting, speaking and pastoral
counseling. (Orlando, FL)
ReUse It Foundation – To collect used and/or obsolete
business equipment and prepare it for missionaries in
foreign countries and for charities benefiting low income
needy individuals in the United States. Training and other
support functions may become a necessary part of the
purpose. (West Des Moines, IA)
Richard & Larel Grant Family Foundation – To build
endowment for the Milford First United Methodist Church.
(Cincinnati, OH)
Richard and Mary Schuttera Foundation – To support First
Church of God, Mansfield, Ohio, and to establish an
endowed scholarship. (Maineville, OH)
Richard P. Sexton Family Foundation – To help people and
organizations that provide help to others in need. And
to promote sports and groups to help kids grow in these
groups. (Crystal Lake, IL)
RMH Children’s Foundation – To improve the lives of
orphaned and homeless children in Minnesota and around
the world though direct relief efforts, child sponsorships,
and adoption advocacy. These goals will be achieved by
hosting fundraising events; conducting drives to collect new
backpacks, toys, clothing, shoes, hygiene products, medical
supplies and other materials; participating in humanitarian
aid expeditions; and through community outreach
programs. (Shakopee, MN)
Sabattini Fund – To help the poor and the needy through
charitable activities, institutions and individuals related to,
affiliated with or endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church.
(Arlington, VA)
SCLC Poverty Institute Foundation – To provide grants to
organizations that provide assistance to those in poverty.
We will also assist organizations that offer sustainable
programs that help lift families out of poverty via education.
(Temple Hills, MD)
Sellers Buyers & Associates Youth and Family Foundation –
To assist in funding charitable programs making the lives
of greater El Paso area youth more positive and productive
and family assistance programs emphasizing the importance
of families to Youth development. (Soquel, CA)
Shivangini Foundation – To provide support for charitable,
educational, and humanitarian activities that may be
approved periodically for administering through Sri Sathya
Sai trusts in India, the United States and other countries.
Also to assist organizations or individuals engaged in the
above activities after verification. (Midland, MI)
To find out more about our donor-advised funds, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 55
Short Family Foundation – For the betterment of humanity
through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as
well as social, environmental and educational needs of the
community. (Kingman, AZ)
Stan and Kay Byrne Family Foundation – The purpose is
to develop the mission of the Eudora United Methodist
Church of Eudora, Kansas. (Eudora, KS)
Stanley B. & Erma J. Jaye Extended Hand Foundation –
To build endowment to assist financially needy persons,
preferably over the age of 60, when public charities or
services cannot offer help. (Redmond, OR)
Stimac Family Foundation – To build endowment for local
charitable causes. (Windsor, CO)
The Art and Pat Block Foundation – For stewardship and
evangelism. (Yorktown, VA)
The Atwell Family Foundation – Charitable, educational,
scientific or religious activities that may be approved from
time to time. (Harrison, OH)
The Chris A. Lamberg Memorial Foundation – To continue
Chris’ legacy of Godly characteristics and promote youth
Christian development, educational excellence, leadership
and musical expression through services, programs and
scholarships. (Indianapolis, IN)
The Clara B. Hinson Memorial Foundation – To promote
general non-profit activities with special emphasis on
scholarships and aid to individuals in Bent and Prowers
County, Colorado, who are being trained and/or educated
as nurses or other medical professionals for service in rural
areas. (Hasty, CO)
The Daran Churovich Charitable Foundation – To build
endowment for general charitable giving. (Chesterfield, MO)
The Dove Foundation for St. Joseph the Worker – To build
an endowment for St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church
in Mankato, Minnesota. This endowment is to promote
and/or enhance spiritual growth in order to answer our
call to holiness. Also to encourage stewardship through
matching funds. (Mankato, MN)
The Doyle Foundation – To contribute to worth charitable
causes including, but not limited to education, disaster
relief, the homeless, the poor, religious orders, programs
which develop self-sufficiency, environmental or scientific
endeavors. (Burke, VA)
The End Foundation – Any charitable, educational, scientific
or religious activities that may be approved from time to
time. (Manhattan, KS)
The Father’s Heart – To bring together and fund various
nonprofit organizations which provide life-changing services
to help people of all ages. Committed to serving people
through a network of Christian ministries and community
agencies for the purpose of healing and restoring broken
families. (Scottsdale, AZ)
The Future Scholars Foundation – To offer children living
in developing countries assistance with their education.
Assistance may include providing funding to build schools,
buying school supplies and paying the tuition for children
from needy families. Also, the fund may award scholarships
to students with outstanding academic performances.
(Birmingham, AL)
The Gary Meidinger Charitable Foundation – To build
endowment for support of health, education and civic
concerns. (Wamego, KS)
Page 56
The Good Gifts Foundation – Charitable educational,
scientific or religious activities that may be approved from
time to time. (Fort Collins, CO)
The Guest Family Foundation – Dedicated to the furthering of
music and other fine arts, Christian service, and community
development through private charitable endeavors. (Salina, KS)
The Harold E. and Alice E. Jones Foundation – To
benefit Manhattan Catholic Schools, Seven Dolors
Church, Kansas 4-H Foundation (Manhattan), National
Shrine of Immaculate Conception (Washington, DC),
The Christophers (NY) and Boys Town (Nebraska).
(Manhattan, KS)
The Harris Family Foundation – To support programs and
causes that bring the village together for positive social
change. (Athens, GA)
The Helen Posner Foundation – To provide an endowment to
support educational scholarships. (Los Angeles, CA)
The Hupp Family Foundation – To build endowment for
charitable and educational purposes. (Willowick, OH)
The Isaiah 41:10 Donor-Advised Fund – To support the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Pompano Beach, FL)
The Jean Woods Foundation – To provide dental care and
funding for scholarships, educational and environmental
projects locally, nationally and internationally. To provide
grants to International Foundations, and both Government
and Non-Government Organizations for a variety of
charitable purposes. (Durham, NC)
The John & Maxine Barber Family Foundation – To build
endowment for the needy & elderly who cannot adequately
support themselves, and to provide support for Christian
education. (Bakersfield, CA)
The John Fawcett Foundation (USA) – To support the
humanitarian activities in Indonesia of the John Fawcett
Foundation Incorporated, whose aim is to relieve sickness,
suffering and distress in families of the lower socioeconomic group associated through blindness, eye disease,
cleft lip and palate and crippling and debilitating disease,
particularly in children, through provision of medical
equipment, medical care, medical advice, welfare and
support services. (Honolulu, HI)
The Karl and Helen Braun Foundation – Charitable activities
to be determined from time to time. (Spring Branch, TX)
To find out more about our donor-advised funds, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
The Karma Institute Foundation – To financially support
charities and non-profit organizations that demonstrate
honorable principles and embrace the notion of Good
Karma. (San Rafael, CA)
The Kern Family Foundation – To support various religious
and faith based charities and to provide funding for
charities that are actively supporting animal care and
welfare. (Hampton, VA)
The Lane Family Foundation – To build endowment for the
Stetson University, and the First Baptist Church. (Deland, FL)
The Lawrence & Kathryn Welling Family Foundation – To
build endowment for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints for use in its missionary endeavors, building of
temples, church tithing fund. (Kaysville, UT)
The Loren & Phyllis Harris Foundation – To build
endowment for Salina Regional Health Center, Kansas 4-H
Foundation, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Occupational
Center of Central Kansas and the Saline County 4-H
Foundation. (Salina, KS)
The Lyle & Patricia Walters Family Foundation – To build
endowment for the City of Bushnell Recreational Park,
library activities, and Boy Scout activities in Bushnell, IL.
(Bushnell, IL)
The Markie Foundation – To help make a difference in
the lives of terminally ill children and their families by
supporting pediatric hospice programs. (Rocklin, CA)
The Matamba Children’s Foundation – To raise support
to fund the physical, educational, and spiritual needs
of orphaned children in Matamba, Tanzania and other
charitable activities that may be approved from time to
time. (Bloomington, MN)
The Maureen & Bob Ihrie Family Foundation – To build
endowment for educational scholarships to qualifying
students; to support educational institutions, local and
national qualified charities, religious institutions or
organizations, or scientific institutions or organizations; to
provide medical, educational, or religious services, supplies
or support to the needy, world-wide. (Winston Salem, NC)
The Michele Johnson Charitable Foundation – To build
endowment for the support of health, educational, and civic
concerns. (Wamego, KS)
The Mustard Seed Foundation – To support religious
activities and organizations, educational institutions and
activities and charitable service organizations. (Wamego, KS)
The Nagler Family Foundation – To support education, health
care, culture and the fine arts. (Ballard, CA)
The Rainbow of Hope Freedom Foundation – The Rainbow
of Hope Freedom Foundation is a non-profit and nonsectarian global outreach organization championing human
rights. (San Diego, CA)
The Rice & Jan Brown Family Foundation – To build
an endowment for the American College Endowment
Foundation. (Colorado Springs, CO)
The Richard and Linda Gallagher Family Foundation –
Charitable, educational, scientific or religious activities that
may be approved from time to time. (Manhattan, KS)
The Ronald E. Gareis Charitable Fund – To donate to various
charitable organizations, including Wildlife Conservation,
Ducks Unlimited, Humane Society, Food Banks, Boys &
Girls Clubs, World Wildlife Fund and Richmond Catholic
Charities & Bishop Relief. (Charlottesville, VA)
Top 50 Charities Supported By Our Programs
Asociacion Caracol
Asociacion Constru Casa
Basilica of the National Shrine of the
Immaculate Conception
BIGHOOP Charitable Inst., Inc.
BNJ Entities LLC
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Texas Hill Country
Children’s Medical Center Found.
The Christophers
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Church On Fire Ministries
Comunidade Bracos Abertos Brasil
Duke Catholic Center at Duke University
Equipping Pastors International, Inc.
Father Flanagan’s Boy’s Home
Fire Wagon Hockey
Foley United Methodist Church
Foster My Pet
Galeria Studio 24
George Mark Children’s Fund
Global Connections
Golden Hub Senior Center
Greater Hill Country Hospice
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Healing Wind International
Hill Country Ambassadors
Hinds Hospice
Hockey Fights Cancer
Kansas 4-H Foundation, Inc.
Los Gozosos
Loveland-Berthoud Interfaith Hospitality
Maimonides Medical Center
Maisha Orphans & Widows of Kisumu
Majestic Life Ministries
Manhattan Catholic Schools
Mission to the World PCA Inc
Presbyterian Church Eastern Africa Juja Township
Sacramento Bhartiya Sabha
Sai Educare Trust
Saint Mark Methodist Church
Sanctuary Birth & Family
Schoharie Little League
Seven Dolors Catholic Church
Slavic Gospel Association
Soquel High Fund, Inc.
St. Thomas the Apostle Church
Stetson University
Steven & Alexandra Cohen Children’s Med. Center
of NY
The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer
Youth With A Mission
To find out more about our donor-advised funds, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Page 57
The Rosenthal-Starling Foundation – To further understanding
between Christians and Jews. (Crestwood, KY)
The Rosewood Foundation – To support philanthropic,
environmental and educational projects which enhance the
well-being of humans and ecosystems in Latin America
and which encourage educational and cultural exchange
programs in and with Latin America. Priority will be given
to, but not limited to, projects in Costa Rica and Mexico.
(Kellogg, IA)
The Shamsid-Deen Family Foundation – To support
scholarship, community development and other charitable
activities that enrich the community at large. (Concord, NC)
The Skibba Family Foundation – Charitable, educational,
scientific or religious activities that may be approved from
time to time. (Arcadia, CA)
The Spickler Family Foundation – To provide support for
Mt. Tabur Lutheran Church, National Conservation
Foundation, and the National Envirothon - Environmental
Education. (Williamsport, MD)
The Spirited Woman Foundation – To help heal and support
women through actions of empowerment. (Los Angeles, CA)
The Todd Swain Foundation – To support Christian based
children’s relief programs, Christian Education and pro-life
activities. (Huntington Beach, CA)
The Toler Family Foundation – To build endowment for the
Illinois Baptist State Association and the Streator Camp
Development Plan. (Streator, IL)
The W.R. Muetze Family Foundation – To build endowment
for various Catholic charities and their related activities.
(Batavia, IL)
The Yaffe Family Heritage Foundation – To build endowment
to encourage, promote & fund philanthropic ventures
which are consistent with our family’s heritage, current
objectives. (Columbus, OH)
The Zebra Foundation – To support cancer patients and
their families through donations to registered charities.
(Minnetonka, MN)
Thoman Family Foundation – To support charitable
organizations related to helping the poor (food, housing,
education, religious formation and medical care). (Carmel, IN)
Thomas Family Foundation – To build
endowment for the Make a Wish Foundation
(OH), Doctors Without Borders, Operation
Smile and Giles County Historical Society.
(Maineville, OH)
UCP Gives – To create awareness of the
importance of corporate giving programs and
to demonstrate UCP’s dedication to empower
people to help people. (Falls Church, VA)
Urban Odyssey Fund – To support educational
and literary community organizations.
(Fayetteville, NC)
Victor C. Esch Family Foundation – To build
endowment for charitable educational,
scientific or religious activities. (Albuquerque,
Victor H. & Elsie J. Davis Family Foundation –
To build endowment for the Peoples Church,
Fresno, California. (Clovis, CA)
Page 58
Vincent P. Connor Family Foundation – Any charitable,
educational, scientific or religious activity that may be
approved from time to time. (Chicago, IL)
Walcott & Darrow Scholarships – To provide scholarships to
Doane College, to be given to Juniors and Seniors enrolled
in the sciences. (Weeping Water, NE)
Waldo & Alyne Bugbee Family Foundation – The Alyne
Bugbee Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust to benefit:
The Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn. (Hawaii Baptist
Academy, The First Baptist Church, Cal Farley’s Boy
Ranch, American Bible Society, Wycliffe Bible Translators,
Mission Without Borders and the Hispanic Baptist
Theological Seminary.) (San Antonio, TX)
Walsh Foundation – To build endowment to help children
who have been afflicted with a particular disability or
disease. (Sioux Falls, SD)
We Care Society – To support and promote charities and
programs for youths and adults in urban communities
throughout America that provide poverty and disaster relief
and educational resources for low income families. Also to
support charities that promote human rights and programs
for village development in undeveloped civilized countries.
(Beachwood, OH)
We Remember You Foundation – To support charitable,
educational, scientific or religious activities that may be
approved from time to time. (Manhattan, KS)
Witt Family Foundation – To build endowment for the Luther
College, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, The American
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the
American Red Cross. (Oro Valley, AZ)
Zenza Foundation – To assist children around the world
who have been gravely affected from the results of natural
disasters. By making donations to charities and registered
NGOs overseas, we will strive to provide relief in goods
and services for the immediate need and survival of
children in these areas. This relief will include donations to
provide shelter, health care, nutrition, emergency facilities,
education and social and emotional assistance. Through our
affiliation with sports champions, past and present, we are
dedicated to effectively raise awareness to this cause. (Las
Vegas, NV)
To find out more about our donor-advised funds, go to www.UnitedCharitablePrograms.org.
Our mission is to empower people to help others by
sponsoring targeted charitable programs that encourage
positive change through charitable, educational, scientific,
or religious actions worldwide.
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TEL (703) 536-8708  FAX (703) 820-5100  WEB UnitedCP.org

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