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(Week 9 - 6th September, 2016)
Dear Parents,
This will be the last newsletter for Term 3. My how quickly the time has flown.
Our school’s main focus topics in 2016, the “Stars on our Christmas Tree” in our
Regional terminology, are improving students’ achievement in Mathematics and
introducing digital technologies into our students’ every-day learning and
understanding. With the introduction of NAPLAN online compulsory for all students
sitting NAPLAN (Years 3 and 5) in 2018, we have to ensure that students have the
skills to demonstrate their learning digitally.
The National STEM School education Strategy defines STEM as:
“A term used to refer collectively to the teaching
of the disciplines within its umbrella – science,
technology, engineering and mathematics.”
Interestingly, 75% of employment opportunities
require STEM skills however, many of our
students are not choosing these pathways. In
our school and the region, we are addressing the
imperative to improve student learning in and
mathematics through:
Enhancing teaching capability
Improving student achievement
Improving student engagement.
At Amiens, our focus is improving student achievement through:
Developing and sustaining an enhanced focus on A-E (Report Card)
attainment in STEM related subjects
Resourcing and support for capable students to achieve at A and B standard.
Adopting differentiated approaches that support the extension of more
capable students.
Years 3 – 6 Classroom
We are again doing creative writing in shared-writing time each day,
straight after lunch. During this time students are shown an item or an image
and there is a short discussion about it. Students are becoming very creative
with their efforts. Here’s one for your entertainment! Enjoy
The Apple
Mrs T was going to have a look at her apple tree. An apple
had fallen and she wondered why. “There hasn’t been any
wind” she said to herself. She kept thinking until she went out
to have another look. Then she saw them. Footprints where
there weren’t any old footprints before. They were animal
footprints but she didn’t know what animal it could be. She
carefully looked at the apple on the ground and saw a bite on
it. It was a big one. So she thought of an idea. That idea
was putting the apple outside and watching it. She kept
watching and waiting for hours when finally something came out of the bush. She
went closer to have a look, but it was gone.
Mrs T decided to go to the shop to buy some stuff that animals don’t like. She put
the stuff in the yard and the animal never came back.
By Korbyn Austin, Year 4
What a great time we had with our numeracy activities for National Literacy and
Numeracy week.
Many thanks to our parent and community volunteers, Mrs Bec Tapscott, Mrs Wendy
Lowry, Mrs Colleen Willis, Mrs Cara Hall, MR Alan Kerr, Mrs Maria Ricca and Mr
Nunzio Ricca.
Judging from the amount of noise and the engagement of all students, it was a
roaring success! And we have the photos to prove it!
General News
Mercy Community Services in Toowoomba has arranged for a FREE public
screening of the acclaimed document film ‘Call me Dad’. This screening will be held
at the Toowoomba Library on Wednesday, 7th September. Tickets are available via
the link for Eventbrite.
Thank you and your support is greatly appreciated.
It is important to Keep Our School Safe during the holidays. If you see, hear or
suspect anything unusual please report it to 13 17 88.
Look, Listen and Report!
P &C News
Hi Amiens Families,
We invite your family to participate in making an art plate or turn an existing art piece
in to a collectable keepsake.
$20 for a 20cm melamine plate printed with your art.
There is a display outside of Anita’s office...see the sample plates and get some
great art ideas.
Please check out the display and pick up an envelope with art template and return
completed artwork 1st week back after the holidays...great holiday project!
If you have received an envelope and do not wish to participate, please return it to
Any questions call Bec 0466990096
Please be advised the tomorrow’s P&C Meeting has
been cancelled.
Hope you all have a fantastic week.

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