Patriot Day Ceremony - Jefferson Elementary



Patriot Day Ceremony - Jefferson Elementary
Patriot Press
First Tornado Drill 9/6/11
Magazine Order Turn in
Date 9/7/11
Mrs. Oaks Grandparents
Day 09/08//11
Mrs. Seaton Grandparents Day 09/15/11
Patriots Day 9/9/11
Picture Day 9/12/11
Pumpkin Festival 9/14—
PTO Meeting 6:30p at
school 9/19/11
Oct. 20 & 21
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Patriot Day Ceremony
On September 9th at 8:40 a.m. we will hold a K-6 assembly in front
of our school marking the sacrifices, losses, and historical
significance of September 11th.
Students will sing patriotic songs, learn about the symbolism of the flag, and get to meet local men
and women in uniform who serve our community and country.
The high school band will perform the National Anthem. Students will finish the day by writing from
the sentence stem, “I am a Patriot because…” These will be written on stars and then made into a
memorial sign for the gym.
Parents are welcome to attend. K-1 students will be excused after their performances. We will finish
by 9:30 a.m. Photos of children with their parents who are in service to our community or country
will be taken immediately following the ceremony by Mrs. Killion.
What did you do on summer vacation?
What an amazing accomplishment!
Eighty-six students participated in the
library’s summer reading program.
Forty-eight students participated in
sailboat reading. We read 715
books! Thank you to all families for
supporting this. It is great way to
keep children motivated about
We will be taking a trip
to mini-golf on Sep.
13th to celebrate this
great achievement!
MAP Testing...It’s a Wrap!
Our children have been
diligently working on
their Measures of Academic Progress Assessments. Given in reading,
math, and language arts
on the computer, these
assessments give us
learning levels for each
student in each subject.
This allows teachers to
create a learning path so
each child has individualized instruction throughout the year that keeps
him/her moving forward.
We will do a mid-year assessment and end of year
assessment as well for
most grade levels. The
scores connect to a set of
objectives. We will send
home reports of these
data with the first quarter
report cards.
What Incredible Children You Have! A Message from Ms. Grzanich
Dear Parents,
As we enter our fourth week of school, I can honestly say, the impression I always had about Morton
and Jefferson are true. The families here have been
so welcoming—thank you to each of you who have
taken the time to check in with me on how things
are going and how I like it here. I can honestly say, “I
love it!” I really do feel at home. And while I am still
learning the ropes, I feel like this is where I am supposed to be.
And parents I am very impressed with your children.
84% of Students
had families
at Meet the Teacher Night.
33% of First Grade Parents
Attended Reading Night.
Accelerated Reader
Goal Points per Quarter
2nd—10 points
3rd-8 points (start chapter
Thumbs Up!
Students reading books
may choose to write about
their opinion of the book.
Students should write a
summary of the book, how
well they liked the book,
and why they did or did not
like the book. These book
reviews should be turned in
to the classroom teacher
for display.
They give 100%, are thoughtful and polite, follow
directions the first time, and demonstrate huge
hearts. The children have also been so patient as I
learn names and they kindly let me know what the
recess rules are—in case I make a mistake.
I also want to thank each of you helping make sure
we keep procedures, practices, and traditions in
place that make Jefferson the very special place
that it is. Know that I will seek input and look forward to working with you to ensure an outstanding educational experience for your child(ren)!
First Grade Reading Night
Reading Nightly + Time with Your Child
= Memories to last a lifetime!
On August 30th, our amazing first grade teachers, Mrs.
Shafer and Mrs. Hochstettler hosted parents for the
annual reading night.
att paren
r ea
din ed
The purpose of this event is to give parents information on
how to work with their children when reading. Mrs. Shafer
and Mrs. Hochstettler showed parents about how to take a
picture walk, strategies to help students figure out an unknown word, and how to ask questions as their child reads to
check for understanding. Additionally, parents learned
about the computer reading website Raz-Kids.
4th-10 points
5th-12 points
6th-15 points
Mrs. Shafer explains when to correct a
reading mistake and when to let it go.
Mrs. Hochstettler discusses how to use
the computerized reading program at
Say Cheese!
On September 12th, we will
have picture day for all students. Student packets will be
sent home prior to this day and
must be returned on September 12th in order to get photos
done. Thank you!
The new dress code has been in place now for several weeks. Thank you parents for your diligence on
this matter! We have had five incidences where we
needed to have a student change from a tank to a tshirt. Please make sure shorts are not far above the
knee. The guideline is cell phone length or four inches above the knee. We do have some clothes that
we can have kids wear but we will have them
change back for going home. So if you can’t bring in
something and we call, this is our back up plan.
Thank you!
Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz…
Morning Drop Off Causing Concerns
Drop off by car in the morning has
become very challenging. We have
concerns with cars and buses pulling in near each other and student
moving between the two. Cars are
to pull further up the road
going by the tree to drop off.
The path of travel is Clifton
going towards the school and
then turn left onto Adams.
Please do not to enter Adams
at Third. This will help reduce
congestion. We will have
umbrellas for rainy days. If you
must park, please pull further
down the street. Thank you.
Third Grade Classes Will Host Guest with Special Abilities
Jefferson third graders will have two guest presenters next Wednesday,
September 7th. Mrs. Trueblood, a sign language teacher, and her friend, who is
both blind and deaf, will be showing the classes how to communicate without
the benefit of sight and sound. This follows the book study, just completed by
the third graders, of Helen Keller, Courage in the Dark by Johanna Hurwitz.
Eighty-six students participated in the summer reading
challenge at the
715 books were
participated in
the sailboat
Our Hearts Are Filled With Music.
Students Learn About Choir, Band,
and Orchestra
Over the past week, our fifth and
sixth grade students have been
learning about their special talents
and interests. The fifth and sixth
grades were able to ask about the
Elementary Choir when Mr.
Roche was here (see picture
right). Then our grade six
students learned about instruments when band and
orchestra instructors came
in to explain each as well as
discuss expectations. Information has been sent home
with students.
Thank you to our wonderful PTO for
providing treats to our staff! We appreciate all of our parents so much!
Grandparents’ Day
Boy Scouts Have
Informational Meeting
The annual second grade grandparents’ day will be
held on the below dates. Hot lunch costs are $2.45
per adult. Students will bring home a form soon.
We will need orders three days prior to the date.
Thank you!
Mrs. Oaks’ Second Grade—September 8th
Mrs. Seaton’s Second Grade—
An informational meeting
was held Tuesday, August
30th to share with parents
about how the Scouting
program works. Scouting is
a great way for students to
build confidence and
friendships. If your child is
interested, please contact
the school office and we
will get you in touch with
September 15th.
Learning + Fun = Physical Education Class!
Morton Pumpkin Festival
Set up for the Pumpkin Festival will begin at 1 p.m. on September 9th.
Please be extra cautious when driving around the school as trucks begin
to roll in and advise your children to be watchful as well. Thank you!

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