the 2016-2017 season guide



the 2016-2017 season guide
Tickets - $60 Members - $54 Under 19 - $30
Bringing the world to our doorstep.
Welcome to the 2016-17 Spotlight Series – our flagship program here at the Playhouse, Fredericton’s first
choice for live performance. This year, we are thrilled to welcome some of the most exciting artists touring
today to our stage.
As you browse through the pages of this guide, I’m confident you’ll find something that suits your tastes.
We pride ourselves on our diverse offerings at the Fredericton Playhouse, and this year’s Spotlight Series
features an impressive range of classical, contemporary and traditional performances in music, theatre and
dance. Whether you prefer large-scale productions or small, intimate shows, we have something for you.
In the 2016-17 season, you’ll find a number of familiar artists hailing from close to home, alongside
performers from all over the world who are visiting our community for the first time. The wonderful
thing about the Spotlight Series is that it brings the world to our doorstep, allowing us to experience
performances from as far away as China, as well as artists from right here in the Atlantic Provinces.
I would like to thank the people and organizations that make this award-winning series possible. Our
sponsors, donors (the Friends of the Fredericton Playhouse), funders and other partners continue to be
there for us, and for you, the audience.
I hope you enjoy these performances as much as we enjoy presenting them to you.
Tim S. Yerxa
Executive Director
Media Partner
Funding Partners
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Tickets - $26 Members - $23 Under 19 - $13
Joe Ink
Saturday, September 24
Led by Artistic Director Joe Laughlin, Joe Ink has built a
reputation for its versatility, creating provocative, witty
and lyrical work. Described as “wickedly sophisticated,”
“unusual” and “daring,” Laughlin’s style is uniquely
informed by his background in gymnastics and
performance, and choreographic experience in dance,
theatre and new media. With more than 50 works to
his credit, Laughlin’s productions have been performed
throughout Canada, and in the United States, Europe,
South Africa and South Korea.
Exploring the dynamics of family, the transference of
memory, and the singular moments that shape our lives,
4OUR is an emotionally resonant and visually striking
performance that reflects the unique chemistry and
cross-generational relationships between the dancers.
Rich in Laughlin’s signature brand of inventive, intricate
choreography, he performs alongside dance greats
Gioconda Barbuto, Heather Dotto and Kevin Tookey.
Tickets - $60 Members - $54 Under 19 - $30
Contemporary Dance Workshop
A Conversation with Joe Laughlin
Friday, September 23 at 7 p.m.
Fredericton Playhouse
Experience required / Ages 13-16 /
Registration required / $20 ($15 Spotlight Member)
Saturday, September 24,
Fredericton Playhouse
No charge/Non-ticketed
Tickets - $30 Members - $27 Under 19 - $15
20th Anniversary of One Chord to Another
Wednesday, October 12
Canadian rock band Sloan hits up the Playhouse as part of a
very special tour this fall, in celebration of the 20th anniversary
of their Juno-winning 1996 album, One Chord to Another. This
Beatles-influenced record features stand-out hits like “The Good
in Everyone,”“Everything You’ve Done Wrong” and “The Lines You
Amend.” The quartet will perform the album in its entirety,
along with other hit songs and fan favourites from their
extensive catalogue.
Since forming in Halifax 25 years ago, Sloan has become a
household name, releasing 11 albums, and winning a Juno and
several ECMAs along the way, all while maintaining their original
lineup. Known for their brilliant live show, the band presents
challenging harmonies, complex instrumentation and clever lyrics.
After a quarter of a century, Sloan is going stronger than ever –
this is a rock show you don’t want to miss.
Tickets - $60 Members - $54 Under 19 - $30
Tickets - $36 Members - $32 Under 19 - $18
The Nylons’ Farewell Tour
Thursday, October 13
International stars and Juno-winning performers the Nylons have performed as an a cappella ensemble for the past four decades. Known for covers of songs like the
Turtles’“Happy Together,” Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” and the Tokens’ version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” they have performed all over the world, and
are living legends in the world of vocal music. Don’t miss this final chance to see why the Nylons are renowned for their vibrant live show, dazzling harmonies, smooth
arrangements and fabulous showman during their exciting farewell tour.
Tickets - $30 Members - $27 Under 19 - $15
Tanya Tagaq
Friday, October 21
Polaris Prize-winning artist Tanya Tagaq creates music unlike
anything you’ve ever heard. Unnerving and exquisite, Tagaq’s unique
vocal expression is rooted in Inuit throat singing, but her music also
incorporates electronic, industrial and metal influences. This Inuk
punk is known for delivering fearsome, elemental performances
that are visceral and physical, heaving and breathing and alive.
Her shows draw incredulous response from worldwide audiences,
transcending language and culture. Tagaq has collaborated with
everyone from opera singers, to avant-garde violin composers, to
experimental DJs to create cutting edge, challenging music. With a
string of Juno nominations, she demonstrates her ability to make
difficult music that speaks a universal tongue.
Tickets - $60 Members - $54 Under 19 - $30
Tickets - $26 Members - $23 Under 19 - $13
The Once
Thursday, October 27
Armed with bouzouki, guitar, mandolin and banjo,
The Once creates music inspired by their Newfoundland
roots, that comes from a thoughtful place. Thanks to
powerful vocals and expert instrumentation, this trio
is a perfect blend of voice and melody. Sometimes
funny, sometimes melancholic, and always poignant,
this up-and-coming band has built a fervent following
thanks to a live show that’s unique in its combination
of intimacy and power. The winners of several ECMAs
and Canadian Folk Music Awards, The Once draws huge
crowds and receives glowing reviews
wherever they perform.
Traditional Newfoundland Dinner
Thursday, October 27 at 5:30 p.m.
Knights of Columbus Hall, 170 Regent St.
Tickets required/$35 ($30 Spotlight Member)
Tickets - $26 Members - $23 Under 19 - $13
Written and performed by Gavin Crawford
Written and directed by Kyle Tingley
Saturday, October 29
Gemini Award-winner Gavin Crawford is one of Canada’s
brightest comedic and dramatic performers, best known for
star turns on CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes and his eponymous series,
The Gavin Crawford Show on the Comedy Network. His one-man show
“FRIEND”“LIKE” #ME takes audiences through a click-baiting spiral of
characters we all know and love (and love to hate) from our lives
both off and online. You’ll be humble-bragging that you saw
this hilarious exploration of social media to all your distant
high school friends!
A Conversation with Gavin Crawford
Saturday, October 29, post-performance
Fredericton Playhouse
No charge/Non-ticketed
Tickets - $60 Members - $54 Under 19 - $30
Tickets - $34 Members - $30 Under 19 - $17
Celebrating Diwali
Bollywood Dance Workshop
Roots: A Journey
Through India
Saturday, October 29 at 2 p.m.
Hatheway Family Fitness Studio,
Richard J. Currie Center, UNB
No experience required
Sunday, October 30
Celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, at the Fredericton Playhouse. This special celebration will
include workshops, henna art, rangoli painting and cultural cuisine, culminating with a performance
by Toronto-based Bollywood fusion company DancewithSL. Led and choreographed by Shereen
Ladha, DancewithSL will perform Roots: A Journey through India. From classical Indian dances to
Bollywood styles, this narrated production will take you on a journey inspired by important events and
cultural traditions in India’s history – from the love story of the Taj Mahal to modern Mumbai, where
Bollywood dancing has gained a world-wide fan base.
A dancer, choreographer and instructor, Ladha is trained in Bollywood, classical Indian, hip hop,
contemporary and jazz styles of dance. She is the creative mastermind behind hit YouTube channel
DancewithSL, featuring dance covers to the latest Bollywood hits and tutorial videos. Ladha has
appeared on Canada’s Got Talent, in Hollywood films, and has danced and toured with major
Bollywood personalities. Presented in partnership with the Association of Indo-Canadians.
Tickets - $30 Members - $27 Under 19 - $15
Las Migas
Wednesday, November 2
Hailing from Spain, Las Migas is a fascinating blend of flamenco and
Mediterranean styles, combining classical and contemporary rhythms, and
melodies that range from powerful and passionate to playful. The members of
this all-female quartet share a passion for flamenco music that can be heard
in the rhythms of their guitars, their dancing violin lines, and the raw power
of their vocals. Featuring choreography to accompany upbeat Latin rhythms,
Las Migas’ live show is full of sensuality and self-confidence, showcasing their
exquisite, heartfelt style and emotional intensity.
Wines of Spain Tasting
Wednesday, November 2 at 6 p.m.
Corked Wine Bar, 83 Regent St.
Ages 19+/Registration required/$45 ($40 Spotlight Member)
Tickets - $40 Members - $36 Under 19 - $20
Classic Albums Live performs
The Beatles: Abbey Road
Thursday, November 3
A perennial Playhouse favourite, Classic Albums Live presents skilled
musicians who recreate the greatest albums of the ‘60s and ‘70s live
on stage – note for note, cut for cut. Don’t look for costumes and
look-a-like theatrics at these rock recitals, just pure musicianship
and songs that shaped a generation.
Released in 1969, Abbey Road is the Beatles’ 11th studio release;
the recording sessions for this album were the last in which all four
band members participated. This rock record incorporates the blues,
pop and progressive rock, and is widely considered by music critics
to be one of the greatest albums of all time. Featuring tracks like
“Come Together,”“Here Comes the Sun” and “Something,” Abbey
Road has been certified 12 x platinum, and is still the Beatles’
best-selling album today.
Tickets - $30 Members - $27 Under 19 - $15
Symfunny Orchestra
Friday, November 4
HubCap Comedy Festival and Tutta Musica have teamed up to create the
hilarious musical comedy romp, New Brunswick’s own Symfunny Orchestra.
Combining the talents of one of the province’s most beloved humorists,
Marshall Button, known for his fictional persona Lucien, with Maestro
Antonio Delgado and his orchestra, this event will be a wonderful music and
comedy production celebrating New Brunswick talent. The performance
features the dynamic musicians of Tutta Musica, comprised of the teaching
artists of the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra and Sistema NB, and a troupe
of comedians. Together, they promise an unforgettable evening of great
music and side-splitting comedy.
Tickets - $26 Members - $23 Under 19 - $13
Danny Michel
Fortunate Ones
A Special Double Bill Concert
Saturday, November 12
One of Canada’s finest songwriters, Danny Michel has developed a devoted fan
base thanks to his thoughtful lyrics and earnest performances. An adventurous
and fearless artist, Michel slips into many genres, from rock, to folk, to world
music with ease. He’s received praise for tackling major issues in his songs, from
the environment to the nature of the universe. A three-time Juno nominee,
Michel is a master at striking a balance between unpredictability and meeting
expectations, leaving you wanting more.
Juno-nominated folk-pop duo Fortunate Ones draws audiences in with wideeyed energy, pragmatic optimism and an earnest mission for connection. The
Newfoundland-based band weaves blissful vocal harmonies, guitar, accordion,
piano and percussion to create an experience that will elicit feelings of joy, hope,
sadness and contemplation – and the spirit that we’re all in this together.
Tickets - $36 Members - $32 Under 19 - $18
Hank Williams Live 1952
Performed by Joe Matheson
Friday, November 18
Regarded as one of the most significant and influential singer-songwriters of the 20th
century, Hank Williams is known for hits like “Your Cheatin’ Heart,”“Hey, Good Lookin’” and
“I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” While he passed away at the age of 29 in 1953, his legacy lives
on, as he continues to have an impact on country artists to this day.
Accomplished actor and singer Joe Matheson has been called “the quintessential voice of
Hank Williams.” During this fully scripted musical theatre performance, you’ll be treated to
all of Williams’ hits, as well as some of the great stories from his short but eventful life. Hank
Williams Live 1952 will take you back in time to experience a music legend – backed by a
fabulous band – in an intimate and wildly entertaining performance.
Hank Williams Open Mic
Wednesday, November 9 at 8 p.m.
Dolan’s Pub, 375 King St.
No registration required/No charge
Tickets - $26 Members - $23 Under 19 - $13
Out Innerspace
Major Motion Picture
Tuesday, November 29
Innovative yet accessible, Vancouver’s Out Innerspace is a contemporary
dance company that pushes beyond traditional aesthetics and forms
with unreserved ingenuity. Artistic directors David Raymond and Tiffany
Tregarthen challenge each other to commit to their imaginations,
combining their contrasting points of view to make a radically intricate
dance language that’s both amusing and poignantly meaningful.
Digital Grafiti Wall
Sunday, November 27 at 3-5 p.m.
Fredericton Public Library
This interactive platform is a video system that uses infrared technology, and allows members
of the public to draw their own content. Write a message, take a picture, or leave a symbol.
Their latest work, Major Motion Picture, involves seven dancers exploring timely themes of surveillance, territory, propaganda and belief through eccentric
and lawless characters. Incorporating infrared technology and an onstage surveillance system as well as Out Innerspace’s trailblazing movement invention,
this innovative performance examines conflicts between the self and the crowd. It raises questions about how human beings want to be seen, heard and
understood in the world as a group, a generation, and as a people.
Tickets - $28 Members - $24 Under 19 - $14
Christmas Party
Starring Sharron Matthews
Wednesday, November 30
This holiday crowd-pleaser is one part stand-up, one part
pop concert. Starring the hilarious Sharron Matthews, who
performed in a sold-out show at the Playhouse with comedian
Mary Walsh in 2015, this irreverent performance is sure to put
you in the Christmas spirit! Combining her powerful voice with
her signature comedic wit, Matthews creates holiday-themed
pop medleys and fun sing-a-longs that will have you roaring
with laughter and crooning along.
Tickets - $32 Members - $28 Under 19 - $16
A Cape Breton Christmas
Friday, December 2
One of Atlantic Canada’s premier traditional groups,
Còig is an ensemble of skilled musicians with a fiery
Celtic style at its musical core. The four-member
band easily shifts between century-old tunes of
past generations to original and contemporary
compositions, featuring over a dozen instruments,
including fiddles, piano, guitar, banjo, mandolin,
viola, bouzouki, whistles and more. With driving
tunes, haunting songs and infectious energy,
Còig is an unparalleled musical force.
Cape Breton Step Dancing for Beginners
Saturday, December 3 at 9:30 a.m.
Charlotte Street Arts Centre
Registration required/Ages 12-plus/$20 ($15 Spotlight Members)
Tickets - $40 Members - $36 Under 19 - $20
Brett Kissel
Thursday, February 2
Influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Buck Owens, Garth Brooks and
George Strait, Brett Kissel is a young, Alberta-based singer-songwriter who has broken
into the country scene in a major way over the last few years. He became the first
country artist in 17 years to win the Juno for Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2014.
With countless sold-out shows across the country, and five consecutive top 10 radio hits
including “Started with a Song,” Kissel has proven that he certainly is a breakthrough
artist, continuing to gain attention and accolades with his hit 2015 album, Pick Me Up.
In partnership with/en collaboration avec:
Tickets - $30 Members - $27 Under 19 - $15
Machine de Cirque
Thursday, February 9
Founded in 2013 in Quebec City, Machine de Cirque is a young, contemporary circus company whose show is both poetic and humorous.
Set 15 years after the apocalypse, this performance follows five survivors who create an astounding machine as part of their quest to find
signs of humanity. Armed with a talent for acrobatics and ingenuity, these wacky characters masterfully manipulate props, including
a teeterboard, juggling clubs, a drum kit and even a bath towel! Sometimes comical, sometimes nostalgic, Machine de Cirque’s show
promises to dazzle you with theatrics, acrobatics, juggling and more.
In partnership with/en collaboration avec:
Tickets - $26 Members - $23 Under 19 - $13
Le Patin Libre
Vertical Influences
Sunday, February 12 at 2 p.m.
Le Patin Libre is a Montreal-based company that describes their
performances as “contemporary dance on ice.” Formed by former
high-level figure skaters in 2005, the group
has transformed their athleticism into a means
of free expression. The five-member troupe
is reinventing ice skating by bringing urban
street dance and high-level artistic expression
onto the ice, with a mix of movement, wit,
speed and grace.
In their two-part piece Vertical Influences,
Le Patin Libre explores human interrelations
between individuals and the groups they are
a part of. They touch on leadership, bullying,
individualism and rivalry, all while evolving
toward a new harmony. The performance
challenges audiences with an almost
vertiginous rhythmic and choreographic essay.
Public Skate with Le Patin Libre
Saturday, February 11
Location TBD depending on weather
This performance is presented at Willie O’Ree Place, 605 Cliffe St.
Tickets - $24 Members - $22 Under 19 - $12
Atlantic Presenters Association & SOCAN present
ECMA Songwriters Tour
Featuring Mike Biggar, Jordan Musycyan, Jon Pike,
Ian Sherwood and Andrew Waite
Thursday, February 16
This intimate backstage performance features some of the East Coast’s hottest
up-and-coming songwriters. Audiences will be treated to performances by New
Brunswick’s Mike Biggar, Jordan Musycyan of Cape Breton, Newfoundland’s Jon
Pike, Nova Scotia’s Ian Sherwood, and Andrew Waite from Prince Edward Island,
selected by members of the Atlantic Presenters Association.
This performance is presented in our intimate backstage studio space.
Tickets - $36 Members - $32 Under 19 - $18
Ballet BC
Friday, February 24
An internationally acclaimed collaborative and interactive
contemporary dance company, Ballet BC is known for its bold
and innovative style. Led by Artistic Director Emily Molnar, the
company’s distinctive approach has helped it make a unique and
valuable contribution to the development of dance in Canada.
With a program that includes three pieces from three celebrated
choreographers, Ballet BC makes its triumphant return to the
Playhouse with a performance that promises to be powerful,
thought-provoking and transformative.
A Conversation
with Emily Molnar
Friday, February 24,
Fredericton Playhouse
Non-ticketed/No charge
Ballet Masterclass
Thursday, February 23 at 7 p.m.
Fredericton Playhouse
Experience required / Ages 13-16 /
Registration required
$20 ($15 Spotlight Member)
16+ a room
(Emily Molnar)
16+ a room is inspired by the writings of
Jeannette Winterson, Virginia Woolf and Emily
Dickinson as well as the musical force of German
composer Dirk Haubrich. It is a study about time,
transition and stillness; where the beginning
and ending of an event intersects and the space
between is as important as the space occupied.
Solo Echo
(Crystal Pite)
Solo Echo describes the balancing point between
the exuberant and sometimes reckless states of
our ambition and fortitude in the prime of life,
and the opposing force of a more collective spirit
that begins to take shape in the reflection of our
existence and surroundings in later years.
(Sharon Eyal)
Bill combines dance, music and design into an
instantly recognizable whole of raw, unexpected
beauty created with equal parts ebb and flow.
The piece features a small ensemble, which in
turn morphs into a series of breathtaking solos.
Tickets - $48 Members - $42 Under 19 - $24
Vienna Boys Choir
Wednesday, March 15
With roots dating back to the Middle Ages, the Vienna Boys Choir continues to perform in sold-out shows around the world. Comprised of 100 choristers from 30 different
nations, divided into four touring choirs, this beloved group delivers 300 concerts to almost half a million people each year. Their repertoire includes everything from medieval
to contemporary and experimental music. The choir is particularly known for their own arrangements of quintessentially Viennese music, waltzes and polkas.
Tickets - $30 Members - $27 Under 19 - $15
The HillBenders present
The Who’s Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry
Friday, March 17
Forty-five years after its original release, the Who’s classic rock opera Tommy has been reimagined as a full-length bluegrass tribute. This opry brings a new
perspective to Tommy, while also paying respect to its original composer, guitarist Pete Townshend.
With a perfect mix of virtuoso musicianship and rock star vocals, the HillBenders bring the hit album to life. Using banjo, dobro, mandolin, bass and guitar,
they bring the same amount of energy to Tommy as a full rock band and orchestra did originally. Complete with special video accompaniment and audience
participation, you’ll fall in love with this new and exciting version of a classic.
Tickets - $32 Members - $28 Under 19 - $16
Immortal Chi
Thursday, April 6
Immortal Chi is a spectacular fusion of Chinese martial arts and jaw-dropping acrobatics, accompanied by an all-female percussion ensemble. You’ll be blown away by
adrenaline-packed stunts, traditional weaponry, incredible feats of human endurance, innovative video projections and stunning costumes. Immortal Chi is a feast for the
senses that brings the ancient traditions and rich theatrical history of China to life with a rousing 21st century twist.
Tickets - $38 Members - $34 Under 19 - $19
Classic Albums Live performs
The Eagles: Hotel California
Friday, April 7
A perennial Playhouse favourite, Classic Albums Live presents skilled musicians who recreate the greatest albums of the ‘60s and ‘70s live on stage – note for note, cut
for cut. Don’t look for costumes and look-a-like theatrics at these rock recitals, just pure musicianship and songs that shaped a generation.
One of the best-selling albums of all time, Hotel California includes the Grammy-winning singles “New Kid in Town” and “Hotel California.” Released in 1976, the record
sold more than 32 million copies world-wide, and is still hailed today by many critics as one of the greatest albums of all time.
Tickets - $28 Members - $24 Under 19 - $14
An Evening with
Stephen Fearing
Saturday, April 8
One of Canada’s foremost singer-songwriters, Juno-winning folk musician Stephen Fearing is
known for mixing powerful lyrics, creative arrangements and brilliant guitar playing. A founding
member of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Fearing has built a loyal international following
over the past 30 years thanks to his thousands of live shows and nine critically
acclaimed albums. In concert, you’ll be captivated by his arresting
voice, accomplished guitar playing and his ability to turn a
phrase with ease.
Songwriters Workshop with Stephen Fearing
Sunday, April 9 at 12 p.m.
Fredericton Public Library
Registration required / $25 ($20 Spotlight Members)
Tickets - Pay What You Will | Tickets required
Jake’s Gift
Written and performed by Julia Mackey;
Directed by Dirk Van Stralen
Tuesday, April 11
Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017, Jake’s Gift has been
performed in over 200 communities across Canada and overseas.
This powerful, award-winning Canadian play follows a Second
World War veteran who reluctantly returns to Normandy, France to
commemorate the D-Day landings. There, he meets a young girl who
challenges him to confront long-ignored ghosts – most notably,
the war-time death of his elder brother. Full of poignancy and
surprising humour, at its heart, Jake’s Gift is a story about the legacy
of remembrance. This touching performance personalizes the story
behind one soldier’s grave.
A Conversation with Julia Mackey
Tuesday, April 11, post-performance
Fredericton Playhouse
Non-ticketed/ No charge
Tickets - $26 Members - $23 Under 19 - $13
Roller Derby Saved My Soul
Written and performed by Nancy Kenny
Directed by Tania Levy
Friday, April 21
Since premiering in 2011, Roller Derby Saved My Soul has
become a huge hit on the fringe circuit. Roller derby and
superheroes collide in this delightful comedy, described
by critics as “perfect escapism and purely satisfying
entertainment.” With a mixture of heartwarming honesty
and snappy observations, Roller Derby Saved My Soul has
charmed audiences across the country. Written by and
starring New Brunswick’s own Nancy Kenny, this
one-woman show is fun, uplifting and original.
Presented in our intimate backstage studio space.
Please be advised this performance contains occasional use of strong language
Pre-Show Derby Demo
Friday, April 21 at 7 p.m.
Fredericton Playhouse
Tickets - $30 Members - $27 Under 19 - $15
This is That LIVE
Wednesday, April 26
Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring offer an intimate look behind
the scenes of CBC’s award-winning satirical radio show
This is That in this live stage performance. Featuring a mix
of character interviews and mockumentary stories, this
send up of public radio doesn’t just talk about the issues, it
fabricates them. Nothing is off-limits – politics, business,
culture, justice, science, religion – all the issues relevant to
Canadians. See how Kelly and Oldring create the voices and
develop content for their completely improvised radio show.
Tickets - $36 Members - $33 Under 19 - $16
Home Free
Thursday, April 27
A cappella country group Home Free rose to fame in 2013 after winning NBC’s competitive
reality show The Sing-Off, providing an international spotlight for their homegrown
country style. Their high-energy show is full of quick-witted humour, including a mix of
Nashville standards and pop hits dipped in country flavour. Country fans will love their
covers of everything from Dolly Parton to Andy Grammer songs, as well as a few of the
band’s original tunes along the way.
Tickets - $30 Members - $27 Under 19 - $15
Written, directed and performed by Rick Miller
Friday, May 12
From Dora and Gemini-winning performer Rick Miller, BOOM is an explosive
new solo performance that documents the music, culture and politics
that shaped the Baby Boom generation. BOOM will take you through 25
turbulent years, and gives voice to over 100 influential politicians, activists
and musicians. Through cutting-edge multimedia, unforgettable characters
and tour-de-force storytelling, BOOM allows you to experience global
events as they unfolded, from the Cold War, Beatlemania, JFK and the
Vietnam War, all the way through to the Summer of Love. This performance
is a mind-blowing experience for audiences of all generations.
Tickets - $32 Members - $28 Under 19 - $16
In partnership with/en collaboration avec:
Swingin’ with Oscar
Rémi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble
Saturday, May 13
Born in Montreal in 1925, Oscar Peterson became one of the most important pianists in the entire
history of jazz. As accompanist to the greatest jazz vocalists of all time, including Ella Fitzgerald
and Billie Holiday, recognition of his talent quickly spread far beyond his hometown.
The Rémi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble pays tribute
to Peterson in this special performance.
Known for intense yet controlled
musicianship, breathtaking precision and a
magnetic stage presence, Bolduc is one of
Canada’s greatest jazz saxophonists. Joined by
his skilled band, he captivates audiences with
dazzling virtuosity and stunning maturity – a
must-see performance.
Wine Tasting and Artist Talk
Saturday, May 13 at 6 p.m.
Corked Wine Bar, 83 Regent St.
Ages 19+/Registration required
$45 ($40 Spotlight Member)
Menopause the Musical
The Hilarious Celebration of Women
and The Change!
Wednesday, October 19 and Thursday, October 20
Since its creation 15 years ago, Menopause the Musical has been
performed to sold-out audiences across North America and around
the world. The off-Broadway hit features 25 brilliant parodies based
on hit songs from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s that will have audiences
cheering and dancing in the aisles.
Tickets - $50 Members - $46 Under 19 - $25
This wildly funny musical brings together four women from different
backgrounds who find out they share more than they could have
imagined. The characters make fun of everything from their woeful
hot flashes and mood swings to night sweats and chocolate binges.
These women create a sense of sisterhood and form a bond with the
audience, celebrating together over the realization that menopause
no longer needs to be “the silent passage.”
Please be advised this performance contains mature themes.
Tickets - $15 Members - $13
’Twas the Night Before Christmas
DuffleBag Theatre
Wednesday, December 28
This holiday season, DuffleBag Theatre brings the story of ’Twas the Night Before
Christmas to life, with lots of hilarious twists along the way! The latest show from this
Playhouse favourite is full of spontaneous fun and audience involvement.
Designed to capture the imaginations
of children, the Fredericton Playhouse’s
Kidstage Series is the perfect way to
introduce young audiences to the magic of
performing arts. Featuring theatre and music
performances, the Kidstage Series allows
families to create lasting memories that
children will treasure for years to come.
All Kidstage performances begin at 2 p.m.
Tickets - $15 Members - $13
Tickets – Pay What You Will | Tickets required
Moon Mouse: A Space Odyssey
Lightwire Theater
Guy Davis’
Routes of the Blues
Sunday, April 9
Louisiana’s Lightwire Theater is known for their unique electroluminescent artistry,
poignant storytelling and imagery-evoking music scores. Moon Mouse tells the
story of Marvin, a mouse who longs to be a hero, and ends up taking the space
adventure of a lifetime!
Known as an “ambassador of the blues,” and for hit
shows at the Playhouse and the Harvest Jazz and
Blues Festival, Guy Davis is an accomplished artist
who has performed around the globe. Children
and their families will gain a deeper appreciation
for the blues thanks to Guy’s immense knowledge
and impressive musicianship.
Sunday, February 26
Since 1974
“The Transmission Specialists”
In partnership with:
The Snow Queen
Written by Hans Christian
Andersen; Adapted by
Thomas Morgan Jones
Country Showcase
October 22
December 3
Don Juan
October 8
Welcome Home Janina - October 18
March 24
The Seasonal Symphony - December 6
New Brunswick on Show - March 14
December 15-17
January 21
Canada Comes of Age - April 25
presented with Symphony NB
Tickets - $37
February 25
Young Talent - May 16
June 1
Members - $30
April 22
Tickets $36.52
Tickets $38
Tickets $23.50
Members $33.91
Members $34
Members $21.50
Students $8.70
Students $16
Students - $15
New Brunswick
All prices subject to HST
By Phone
(506) 458-8344 or 1-866-884-5800
In Person
686 Queen Street
unless otherwise indicated all performances
begin at 7:30pm
Get the best seat available for only
$12 (plus HST) with TD StudentRush!
One ticket per person, with valid student ID. Available only in person
at the box office two hours before show time.
2016-2017 Series-at-a-Glance
Joe Ink
September 24
Machine de Cirque
February 9
October 12
Le Patin Libre
February 12
The Nylons’ Farewell Tour
October 13
ECMA Songwriters Tour
February 16
Tanya Tagaq
October 21
Ballet BC
February 24
The Once
October 27
Vienna Boys Choir
March 15
Gavin Crawford: “FRIEND”“LIKE” #ME
October 29
The Who’s Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry
March 17
Roots: A Journey Through India
October 30
Immortal Chi
April 6
April 7
Las Migas
November 2
Classic Albums Live: Hotel California
Classic Albums Live: Abbey Road
November 3
Stephen Fearing
Symfunny Orchestra
November 4
Jake’s Gift
April 11
April 8
Danny Michel and Fortunate Ones
November 12
Roller Derby Saved My Soul
April 21
Hank Williams Live 1952
November 18
This is That LIVE April 26
Out Innerspace
November 29
Home Free April 27
Sharron’s Christmas Party
November 30
May 12
Swingin’ with Oscar
May 13
Brett Kissel
December 2
February 2
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