Where People Come Together
Napa Earthquake
Relief Effort
A Word From Our Leaders
Early Sunday Morning Northern California experienced a 6.0 earthquake. While shocks and rolls were
felt throughout the Bay Area it was the Napa Valley area that was hit the hardest. Two of the Lucky
stores (Store #730 and Store #731) were greatly affected by this quake and needed “Team Egos” to help
put things back in place.
Without hesitation many of you answered the call for help and for that we are truly humbled and
thankful. You became part of the “STOP, DROP & COVER” team. You stopped what you were doing,
dropped everything, and came to Napa to provide us the coverage needed to get our stores up and
running. Because of your quick response, diligence, and commitment we as a team were able to get our
stores ready for our customers, old and new, in need.
Our stores were open quicker than our competition. Store #731 was able to open at 5pm on Sunday
and Store #730 opened their doors at 3pm on Monday; AMAZING! This just goes to prove that when you
have a great team there is NO COMPETITION! Because of the help and support of the Save Mart, Lucky,
and Food Maxx leadership we are “LUCKY”!
Mike Haaf
General Manager, Lucky Banner
I could not be prouder of the way our team came
together to return our Napa stores to
business following the Sunday earthquake. Help
came from all areas across our company
to contribute to the recovery effort, and the long
hours and lack of sleep did not deter them from the
task at hand. Honestly, I was not surprised with
the overwhelming response to our stores' need-but I was inspired by it.
Woody Hunter
Executive Director of Customer Experience
Lucky Banner
I want to thank you for taking time off of your
busy schedules to help out your brothers and
sisters in Napa! What an amazing job! Great
teamwork by everyone and as Steve J says,
"Team Ego".
Because of our fellow Store Managers, ASM's,
Grocery Managers, Center Store Managers,
Head Clerks, Clerks, LP, R&M, Store Support
and the entire Team, we were able to get
service to our customers quicker than the
Many of the service technicians from Kirk
Electric, Key Refrigeration, and all outside
vendors had awesome things to say about our
amazing team. We had our entire company,
managers and corporate staff, pitch in to help
and these vendors were just amazed. One of
our bigger competitors only sent their local
managers from 4 stores to help. I am grateful
and inspired by this team and our company.
Alex Macksoud
Senior Director of Customer Experience-D3
Lucky Banner
“Without hesitation, many of
you answered the call for help
and for that we are truly
humbled and thankful. You
became part of the “STOP,
DROP & COVER” team.”
- Mike Haaf
General Manager, Lucky Banner
“Help came from all areas across
our company to contribute to
the recovery effort, and the long
hours and lack of sleep did not
deter them from the task at
- Woody Hunter
Executive Director of
Customer Experience
Lucky Banner
“It was a monumental task, but the team pulled together and accomplished it in record
time. We can now serve our customers and community in need.”
- Rick Shipley, Store Manager of Lucky #730
“Walking into the store Sunday morning just after 4:00 AM was like a scene out of a
movie...just unreal. But the support my team and I got was humbling and extremely
encouraging. We pulled together and were able to serve the community in a time of
need. That was such a rewarding feeling that I will never forget!
Very proud to be part of the Lucky family!”
- Kelly Presley, Store Manager of Lucky #731
Thank you for your help!
Store 730:
Rick Shipley
Pam Fisk
Michelle Tiner
John Kollar
Randa Muscat
Jamie Hernandez
Jan Vanherde
Glenn Hall
John Kollar
Mike Strand
Donta Flagg
Cindy Johnson
Randa Muscat
Rosalva Perez
Lynda Azevedo
Ron Giachello
John Ford
Cathi Myhre
Mary Plunkett
Vicki Valenzuela
Paul Tavares
Denise Nuno
Barbie Gonzalez
Veronica Magdaleno
Vino Gajiwala
Lynn Lyle
Teresa Perez
Michele Tiner
Lauren Turner
Sharon Michael
Roland Jorvino
Tommy Gibbs
Becky Nava
Rosanne Sanderson
Richie Joseph
Brenda Hanes
Rodolfo Lua
Paige Crawford
Jan Vanheerde
Jaime Hernandez
Rosa Fernandez
Kim Miller
Vaneza Godinez
Glenn Hall
Melanie Kamikawa
Maria Asencio
Taylor Villa
Eric Perez
Jesus Canevett
Kevin Villanueva
Marisol Avalos-Perez
Domingo Cruz
Store 731:
Kelly Presely
Lynn Ransdell
Scott Ciarasco
Kevin Coursey
Dixie Fox
Cindi Galindo
Gabriel Bruce
Tom Ashby
Deshone Goward
Charlene Shrader
Wendy Sarozek
Jennifer Dispois
Janya Spiteri
Thank you for your help!
700 Tom Morris
700 Jessica Taylor
707 Sergio Mungcal
707 Martin Fong
710 Jon Sales
711 Joe Silveria
713 Jerry Schneider
713 Chantha Vath
714 Alex Moore
715 Willie Diaz
715 Marty Jackson
716 Tom Hui
716 Christina Chaput
726 Joe Messina
734 Ann Bradford
734 Ron Clark
736 Jack Fong
736 Jose Llamas
739 Thomas Wilson
745 Lorenzo Espinosa
748 Mitch Stuber
748 Michael Lee
749 Dave Hineline
749 Joel Lanoie
755 Randy Sentachi
755 Geronimo Serafino
756 Diane Rubinstein
767 Al Ricker
768 Ann Petersen
768 Henry Louie
782 Mark Starsiak
Cheri Martinez
Ruben Perez
Manuel Martinez
Kristin Peters
Frank Silva
208 Mike Tewksbury
Tim Eklund
Victor Sta. Elena
Therese Sanchez
Wylie Mitchell
212 Mike Wamsley
223 Diana Valdez
628 Mark Poston
705 Lawrence Szeto
705 Loretta Garcia
708 Pam Garcia
709 Brian Hare
709 Shari Buhlis
709 Chris Emmons
718 Dennis Azevedo Jr
718 Kim Gustafon
720 Hipolito Zermeno
721 John Bettencourt
721 Robert Hammond
722 Adam Smith
722 William Wegar
722 Juan Mesa
722 Lorraine Luib
725 Patricia Collins
725 Ernie Perez
732 Joe Koppy
732 Nirosh De Silva
737 Mike Cook
737 Alpha Warren
740 Cindy Lake
740 Don Martin
741 Jenalyn Cooper
741 Lester Phillips
742 Tony Meadows
742 Gene Tapia
743 Joe Lombardo
744 Rick Lawrence
770 Anthony Garcia
770 Ralph J. Pedraza
775 Georgie Ball
775 Randy Russell
776 Anna Olivo
776 Jason Thompson
777 Greg Van Dyke
778 Chris Niehage
783 Larry Grable
783 Brenda Forbyn
783 Maria Lammon
784 Alicia Adema
784 Brandi Keesee
784 Kathy Cook
784 Mark Becker
784 Tina Gall
Bonnie Monroe
Joe Andrade
Ken Buerke
Steve Nino
Michael Leary
Alex Macksoud
Lucky Division:
Mike Haaf
Woody Hunter
Ben Ueda
Chris Vasconcellos
Patrick Pottgieser
Lloyd Scott
Scott Jordan
Steve Spence
Mike Waters
Kevin Crain
James Gillespie
Liz Farina
Tara Esquivel
Derrick Silva
Wes Risdon
Thank you for your help!
Save Mart-D5:
15 Rudy Lua
15 Tyler Diaz
94 Omar Fernandez
94 Carlos Roa
781 Raymond Melendez
Kathy Baker
415 Jessica Freels
467 Brian Jannsens
467 David Cruz
489 David Cran
467 Kristian Bihari
480 Vince Messina
482 Keith Jose
418 Wayne Czellecz
481 Joey Christansen
415 Sterling Yost
467 Danny Mendoza
Charla Giles
Mark Tillett
Kevin Goddard
Terry Lai
Doug Sheridan
Angel Figeuroa
John Lewis
Fred Darling
Miguel Salias
Joe Arevalo
Mike Flowers
Jim Stevens
Derrick Amado
Bryan McCray
Jeff Earl
Chet Graska
Roberto Hernandez
Jamie Hageman
FoodMaxx Division:
Zeb Early
Jeff Hamilton
Rick Johnson
Rodney Rodriguez
Dale Harmon
Reggie Fong
Brett Wing
Frank Capps
Linda Weems
Steve Junqueiro
Alicia Rockwell
Jerry Osmundson
Andrew Butterfield
Ken Ilejay
Tammy Sibbitt
Shawnte Priest
Steve Gaines
Brian Koeller
Keith Thompson
Steve Setzer and team
Mike Madias
Salveen Kumar
Matthew Mengistue
Memo Lopez
Chris Benavidaz
Beau Ownes
Richard Craig
William Phillips
Cathy Craft-Akin
Lawrence Riggs
Randy Brooks
Patrick Miller
Albert Longboy
Steve Tressler
Dan Roberts
Anthony Canales
Julio Ayala
Marcalo Serrado
Ray Agah
Justin Pratt
Sean Coons
Bill Phillips
Ed McKay