Technical data



Technical data
Transformable porch.
Equipment – on the edge of
Site: Private property
Description: Single-slope awning and fencing system
Implemented: in 2014
With the glazing around the room and widely opening windows, the
summer part of the room, the porch, has gained a completely new look and
functionality. The noise-making window sashes are replaced with telescopic
extendible glass packages in a metal frame. When it is hot outdoors, the
windows can be lowered to form a low, transparent fencing, and leave the
upper part open for a gentle breeze. When the weather conditions are
gloomy and you want to hide from the draught or the rain, just press lightly
on the metal frame and the glass walls will be rise. But from above the porch
is covered with a durable single-slope awning.
A summery area so close to nature! And there is enough space for a grill,
for a dining table, as well as soft cushions, which won't get wet in a sudden
The porch now pleases the host and his loved ones right there in his own
house starting from early spring until late autumn! We are proud of having
been able to offer a truly unprecedented solution!
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