Fourth Quarter 2008 Vol.16 No.61 Hyundai



Fourth Quarter 2008 Vol.16 No.61 Hyundai
Fourth Quarter 2008 Vol.16 No.61
Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group Joins Ranks of
Global Top 5 Automakers
Hyundai Motor Unveils Veracruz and Genesis
at the Moscow Motor Show
Hyundai Elantra Hailed as the Best
Small Sedan in the U.S
Hyundai Extends Its Sponsorship
of the Hyundai A-League
Interview: Dmitry Sergeev, President
of Rolf Altufijevo Moscow, Russia
Genesis Coupe to Come with
High Performance Brembo Brakes
2008 Hyundai Dealers’ Korea Trip
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Meet the
Hyundai Family
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group Joins the
Ranks of Global Top Five Automakers
We ask for your continued cooperation and support so that Hyundai Motor
can evolve into the world’s best automotive brand.
Rapid climb from 11th in 1999 to 5th in 2007
2007 Global Sales Rankings
Toyota Motor Corp.
General Motors
Volkswagen AG
Ford Motor Co.
Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group
1999 ~ 2007 Global Sales Rankings
Dear Hyundai Family Members,
I would like to take this opportunity to first of
all convey my sincere appreciation to each and
every Hyundai global family member, for your
great contribution to our company’s growth and
In the midst of a global economic slowdown, led by
skyrocketing energy and commodity prices and contracting consumer demand, automakers everywhere
are faced with tough challenges. However, thanks
to your effort, innovation, and patience, we are
having a relatively successful year with a number of
meaningful accomplishments.
According to the 2008 Global Market Data Book
published by Automotive News, Hyundai-Kia
emerged as the world’s fifth-largest automaker,
based on worldwide sales of 3,961,629 vehicles
in 2007. Hyundai-Kia ranked as the world’s
eleventh-largest automaker in 1999 when MongKoo Chung took over the helm as Chairman and
CEO. Under his visionary leadership, Hyundai-Kia
has expanded its global footprint, setting up new
manufacturing plants in China, the United States,
India, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Russia.
Our company’s rapid rise up the global rankings
would not have been possible without the energy
and passion of our dealers and distributors.
Other good news includes the Accent grabbing
first place in the small car category in the latest
J. D. Power and Associates’ Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS). Furthermore, Azera, Santa Fe, and
Entourage were selected as the best cars within
their respective categories in the Total Quality
Study (TQS) conducted last June by Strategic Vision, an influential U.S.-based research organization. These awards serve as yet another indicator
of Hyundai’s growth into a world-class automaker.
In addition to delivering high-quality products to
the market, we are striving to build a closer connection with our consumers as an official sponsor
of international football, which helps us raise
awareness of the Hyundai brand. During the UEFA
EURO2008TM, which was co-hosted by Austria and
Switzerland this past June, we showed the public
our European model lineup through on-site activi-
ties that reinforced our brand image. Attention now
shifts to South Africa and the great opportunity
in our sponsorship of the 2010 FIFA World Cup,
where we will pursue new and innovative marketing and communication strategies that will set
the stage for Hyundai’s rise into the elite ranks of
global automakers.
Thank you once again for the faith and devotion
you have shown our company, and I ask all our
global family members for your continued cooperation, so that Hyundai evolves into the world’s
best automotive brand. I wish you great success
and prosperity always.
Best regards,
Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
Nissan Motor Co.
PSA / Peugeot-Citroen SA
Chrysler LLC
Fiat S.p.A.
With worldwide sales of 3,961,629 vehicles in
man Mong-Koo Chung took over the helm as the
2007, the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group emerged
CEO. Since then, under Mr. Chung’s leadership,
as the world’s fifth-largest automaker, moving up
the company has steadily moved up the rankings
from sixth place in 2006, according to the 2008
ladder, accelerating its push to globalize operations
Global Market Data Book by Automotive News in
by building new manufacturing plants in the United
States, China, India, Slovakia, Czech Republic,
While quantitative growth has been an important
objective of Hyundai-Kia in the past, the company
is now focusing its efforts on qualitative and social
growth as well, including continuous improvements
in technological innovation, brand power and corporate social responsibility activities. Hyundai-Kia
has the momentum to keep on growing.
Jae-Kook Choi
Hyundai Motor Company
and Russia. Including the export sales of 185,114
complete knock-down
kits, which are
assembled by
overseas partners,
2007 global sales
reached 4,146,743
Hyundai-Kia has recorded remarkable growth in the
units. Automotive
past four decades since Hyundai Motor Company
News’ methodol-
was founded. It ranked as the world’s 11th largest
ogy excludes CKD
automaker in 1999, the year Hyundai-Kia Chair-
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Hyundai Develops New
Fuel-Saving Kappa Engine
Innovative technologies cut weight and friction to
boost fuel economy
To be installed on Hyundai’s i10 and i20 A- and B-segment cars
In an era of soaring gasoline prices,
Hyundai Motor Company is helping costconscious drivers meet the challenge of
finding affordable means of transportation with its newly developed Kappa
The first car to have the Kappa engine installed
will be the i10, which, in whole, is produced by
Hyundai’s Indian subsidiary in Chennai. Hyundai Motor
India (HMI) launched i10 in October 2007 and had sold 184,465 units by the end of June. It
is one of HMI’s best sellers.
Hyundai’s i10 minicar with a 1.25ℓ Kappa engine will deliver a fuel economy rating of
5.0ℓ/100km (47 mpg) in the European combined test cycle for best-in-class performance.
Kappa is also cleaner than its competitors—in the European combined test cycle, an i10
equipped with the Kappa engine produces just 119g/km of CO2, far less than Fiat Panda,
Fiat Punto, Opel Corsa, Renault Twingo, and Nissan Micra.
Kappa also impresses with its high specific torque rating of 9.6kg.m per liter, best in its
class for excellent drivability in stop-and-go city traffic. Kappa will be installed in Hyundai’s
i20, due to be revealed at this autumn’s Paris Auto Show.
Kappa is the 11th in its series of gasoline engines developed by Hyundai’s exclusive enginebuilding technology. Kappa will be manufactured in two variants, 1.25 litres (EU) and 1.2
litres (Indian market), at HMI’s second-largest engine plant, where annual output is forecast
to reach 250,000 units per year. With
the newly-constructed Kappa engine
Kappa 1.2
Kappa 1.25
plant, HMI will, in its capacity, be able
to produce up to 570,000 units per
Displacement (cc)
year, including the existing 320,000
Bore × Stroke (mm)
units-per-year produced by the largest
Compression Ratio
Epsilon and Alpha engine plant. The
Max Power (ps/rpm)
Kappa engine plant went into operation
Max Torque (kg·m/
11.8/4,000 12.0/4,000
on July 15.
Cylinder Block /
Cam Type
Valve System
16-Valve Swing Arm Type
Ignition System
Distributorless (2X2 Coil)
Intake System
NA (Natural Aspirated)
Fuel System
RLFS (Returnless Fuel System)
MPI (Multi-Point Injection)
Emission System
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Hyundai to Start Retail Sales of
First Hybrid in July 2009
All-New i20 to be
the Highlight of
Hyundai’s Line-up at
the Paris Motor Show
World’s first LPI hybrid, first to use advanced
Lithium-Polymer batteries
Six new Hyundai models (i20, i20 blue, Santa Fe
Petrol-Electric Hybrid, ix55 sports utility vehicle,
Genesis saloon, Genesis Coupe Show Car) will
make their international debut at this year’s Paris
Mondial de l’automobile. Hyundai Motor will use
this occasion to showcase several productionready vehicles designed and built with the European market in mind and demonstrate its “green”
credentials with two innovative concepts: the
eye-catching Coupe show car and the premium
Genesis sedan.
Taking the center stage for its world premiere will
be the all-new i20 subcompact, set to become a
best seller in the European Hyundai range.
All-new i20
The all-new i20 subcompact, due to be launched
in Europe towards the end of 2008, will be a highly
significant addition to the new generation of Hyundai vehicles identified by the ‘i’ prefix. Designed at
Hyundai’s European Design Centre in Russelsheim,
Germany, the chic, new five-door i20 rides on a
longer wheelbase than did its predecessor model,
Getz, giving the i20 an athletic stance and a spacious interior architecture. Featuring Hyundai’s
distinctive design motifs—the bold chrome-topped
grille flanked by piercing teardrop headlamps at the
front and the striking stacked rear light clusters—
the i20’s modern lines are further strengthened by
meticulous attention to details, including the colorcoordinated bumpers, sills, and wing mirror. The
well-packaged interior provides generous levels of
standard equipment.
Elantra Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Hyundai Motor Company plans to start retail sales of its first LPG-electric hybrid vehicle
in July 2009. To be sold initially in the Korean domestic market under the Elantra badge,
the Elantra LPI Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) is the world’s first hybrid vehicle to be
powered by liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and the first to adopt advanced Lithium Polymer
(Li-Poly) batteries.
Powered by a Liquefied Petroleum Injected (LPI) Gamma engine displacing 1.6 litres, a
15kW electric motor, and continuously variable transmission, the Elantra LPI HEV is a
mild-type hybrid capable of delivering a competitive fuel economy rating.
“The Elantra LPI HEV demonstrates Hyundai’s innovative approach: We have leveraged Hyundai’s world leadership in LPG-fueled vehicles to develop a hybrid that will be very economical
to operate,” said Dr. Hyun-Soon Lee, president of the Research and Development Division.
The Elantra LPI HEV will have a premium cost, compared to a conventional Elantra, due to
the extra hardware (Li-Poly battery, DC motor, and electrical control system). However, with
the resulting fuel savings, Elantra LPI HEV buyers can expect to recover the extra cost of the
vehicle in about two years.
In addition, the Elantra LPI HEV emits just 103g/km of CO2 and 90% less emissions than
an equivalent standard gasoline-powered Elantra to qualify as a Super Ultra Low Emission
Vehicle (SULEV).
Initial sales of the Elantra LPI HEV are
to be restricted to the Korean domestic
market. However, the LPI Hybrid could
be exported to markets that have excellent LPG distribution infrastructures.
Because the Elantra LPI HEV remains
under development, more detailed
technical specifications will be released
closer to the July 2009 launch date.
Interior of Hybrid Electric Vehicle
CKD Manufacturing
Plant in Ukraine
Hyundai Motor Company held the opening
ceremony of its CKD manufacturing plant in
Cherkassy, Ukraine, on June 20. Those in
attendance included the Ukrainian president, Mr.
Victor Yushchenko, who gave a congratulatory
speech, high-ranking government officials, and
some 700 guests from various sectors. The new
plant, together with the manufacturing plants in the
Czech Republic and Russia, will play a pivotal role
in dominating the Eastern European markets. A gala
dinner was held on June 19, the eve of the opening
ceremony, for VIP guests.
The CKD manufacturing plant, located in
Cherkassy (250 km south of the Czech capital of
Kiev), is a local assembly base for Hyundai. It has
been producing the Tucson model since its opening and at the end of the year will add the Avante
XD model, bringing the combined production total
of the two models to 3,400 units by year-end.
With the addition of other small cars, the plant’s
capacity will be increased to 60,000 units per year
by 2012.
By operating the Ukrainian CKD plant, Hyundai
will reduce the customs levied on imported
finished cars, being able to compete more
effectively with cars made by local and Chinese
automakers by offering more affordable cars
and reinforcing its local marketing. Furthermore,
Hyundai expects to revitalize the Ukrainian
region’s economy by helping the country sustain
its economic growth and decreasing the unemployment rate by creating new jobs.
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Hyundai Unveils Veracruz and
Genesis at the Moscow Motor Show
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Hyundai Accent Named ‘Most Dependable
Subcompact Car’ by J.D. Power and Associates
Hyundai to capture Russia’s premium automobile market with Veracruz (ix55) and Genesis
Hyundai presents Dick Advocaat with the first Veracruz as a premium marketing initiative
High-mileage Accent at the top of its class
The fuel-efficient Hyundai Accent, which gets
up to 35 miles per gallon on the highway, was
named the most dependable subcompact car by
J.D. Power and Associates in its 2008 Vehicle
Dependability Study (VDS) on August 7. The
highly-regarded study measures problems
experienced by original owners of three-year-old
(2005 model year) vehicles. The study is based
on the responses of more than 52,000 owners of
new vehicles bought between November 2004
and April 2005.
The Accent’s score is based on the fact that only
187 problems were registered per 100 cars, more
than a 20% improvement over the 2007 results.
This improvement was mostly accounted for by
measured improvements in the engine, climate
Hyundai Motor Company unveiled the Veracruz
(export name: ix55) and Genesis at the Moscow
International Automobile Salon 2008, signaling their
arrival in the Russian luxury automobile market.
The recent Moscow Motor Show was held on
August 26 at the Crocus Expo Center. Hyundai
featured a total of 15 models, including the new
premium SUV Veracruz, the premium sedan
Genesis, and the environment-friendly concept
car i10 Blue.
The Russian SUV-E segment to which Veracruz
belongs to recorded impressive sales of 90,815
units in 2007, representing 19.6% of the total
European market sales of 462,545 units. The market demand is anticipated to continue its growth.
In an active promotional gesture, Hyundai Motor
presented its first Veracruz in Russia to Mr. Dick
Advocaat of the Zenit St. Petersburg team. Mr.
Advocaat was also the former trainer of the
Korean National Football Team during the 2006
World Cup in Germany.
At the Geneva Motor Show last year, where i30
made its world debut, Hyundai announced the
company’s new “i” series naming system in
Europe, which stands for ’inspiration,’ ‘intelligence,’ and ‘innovation.’
Now, the launch of ix55 signals the birth of
the “ix” series as Hyundai Motor adds the
letter “x” for its Cross Utility Vehicles to
its SUV models in the European
market, ensuring a consistency in
the brand.
Furthermore, i10 Blue, the
environment-friendly concept version of the next-generation small
car i10, which is manufactured
by the Hyundai plant in India and
sold in Europe, was also featured
at the Moscow Motor Show,
reaffirming Hyundai’s advanced
An area of 950 square meters
was dedicated to the display of 15 Hyundai
controls, and seating categories.
models, which also included the Sonata, Grandeur,
The VDS study measures problem symptoms of
Elantra, Getz, Hyundai Coupe, Santa Fe and
three-year-old vehicles primarily in categories such
Tucson, capturing the full attention of the Russian
as ride, handling, braking, temperate controls,
automobile industry.
seats, engine performance, driving dynamics, and
interior and exterior durability. The VDS is one
of the three J.D. Power and Associates quality
studies, along with the Initial Quality Study (IQS)
that measures quality after 90 days of ownership,
and the Automotive Performance, Execution, and
Layout (APEAL) study that measures customer
perceptions of the design, content, layout, and
performance of their new vehicles.
2008 Vehicle Dependability Study
Subcompact Car
Hyundai Accent
Scion xA
Chevrolet Aveo
Suzuki Aerio / Aerio SX
Kia Rio / Rio 5
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Hyundai Elantra Hailed as
Best Small Sedan in the U.S.
Genesis Receives Favorable Reviews
from Automobile Magazines
Consumer Reports selects Hyundai’s Elantra as the best
small sedan, a category receiving much attention as a
solution to high oil prices
In this era of high oil prices, Hyundai Elantra has proved to be the best car for consumers seeking small sedans as a fuel-efficient option.
Consumer Reports, one of the most widely recognized and trusted magazines as well as the
most influential on American consumers when it comes to buying cars, judged the Hyundai
Elantra the best in the small sedan category in their recent July issue.
The special July 2008 “Gas-Saving Sedans” issue of Consumer Reports introduced the results
of their test of a group of small sedans, a category which is receiving much attention from
consumers as a solution to high oil prices.
Hyundai Elantra scored 82 points in the Consumer Reports test, beating Subaru Impreza (72
points), Toyota Corolla (71 points), Ford Focus (65 points), Chevrolet Cobalt (50 points), and
Chevrolet Aveo (36 points) to the first place.
Consumer Reports wrote that “Elantra is a well-rounded package with a quiet, roomy cabin, a
comfortable ride, and ... respectable fuel economy.” In particular, it judged Elantra to have the
best safety features, noting its excellent braking and very secure emergency handling. Elantra
delivered the shortest braking distances and achieved the best score in emergency handling
tests among the six models
Consumer Reports went
further to praise Hyundai’s
quality management, adding
that “Elantra’s selection as
the best small sedan is the
amazing result of Hyundai
Motor’s continued efforts to
improve quality.”
in this
overall road-test score
Subaru Impreza
Toyota Corolla
Ford Focus
Chevrolet Cobalt
The 2009 Hyundai Sonata redesign was led by the
team at Hyundai’s America Technical Centre, Inc.
(HATCI) in Superior Township, Michigan. The 2009
Sonata was the first Hyundai worldwide product
program led by the team in North America.
The focus of the redesign of the 2009 Sonata was
on the interior, where Hyundai’s American designers re-crafted the cabin area to create an upscale
ambiance for the driver and passengers. Eyes
are drawn to the clean and sophisticated flow in
the center console and instrument panel design,
which borrows design cues and rich materials
from the premium Hyundai Veracruz SUV sold in
North America.
In the U.S., Sonata is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Large Car, truly
a “class above” its competitors, such as Toyota
Camry. Sonata even shines in boot room, with 462
liters (SAE) of boot space, giving it an 8% advantage over the Toyota Camry and a 16% advantage
over the Honda Accord.
Hyundai engineers also listened to customer
feedback on seat comfort and were able to redesign the front seat angles and cushion lengths to
improve comfort.
Hyundai Elantra
Chevrolet Aveo
The 2009 Hyundai Sonata has been named an
“Interior of the Year” award winner in the category of The Best Redesign at the annual Automotive
Interior of the Year Awards conducted by Ward’s
Auto World magazine in the United States.
New, well-crafted interior still a “class above”
In its article titled “The Refined Elantra SE Beats the Very Thrifty Corolla,” Consumer Reports
rated the Toyota Corolla, launched in the U.S. market last February, as being impressive in fuel
economy but a stroke below the Hyundai Elantra in overall ratings, confirming Elantra to be the
best in the small sedan category.
2009 Sonata Wins
Award in
North America
for Interior Design
Top four U.S. automobile magazines expect Hyundai
Motor to “take the next leap forward with Genesis”
2009 Hyundai
Genesis Receives
Five-Star Crash Test
Ratings from NHTSA
Hyundai Motor Company’s Genesis and Sonata received favorable reviews from top U.S.
automobile magazines.
Leading U.S. automobile magazines including Car and Driver, Motor Trend, Road & Track, and
Automobile Magazine gave their first driving impressions and reported on the exceptional
performance of Genesis on the eve of its full-scale launch on the North American market.
They all introduced Genesis as Hyundai’s first luxury rear-drive model, which will signal a new
beginning for the brand with performance and quality that surpasses existing European and
Japanese luxury cars.
The leading U.S. automobile magazine Car and Driver reported on Genesis’s potential for
success in their review entitled “From Genesis to Revelations” that “the Korean upstart tries
to pull a luxury rabbit out of the Lexus top hat. And pretty much does,” and added “it looks like
1989 all over again.”
Another U.S. automobile magazine, Road & Track, wrote “Are the Japanese and the Germans
nervous? They should be,” citing the refined and exceptional style of Genesis.
Automobile Magazine gave favorable reviews to the excellent performance and quality of
Genesis, commenting “Hyundai might not be entering the luxury-car world with a new brand
and shiny new dealerships, but there is nothing tentative about the Genesis itself, a car that
represents the most ambitious engineering undertaking ever for the Korean automaker.”
For the successful launching of Genesis, which will be released in the U.S. market later this
month, Hyundai invited leading members of the U.S. automobile press to Korea in May for a
first drive and again held a press event in the U.S. in June where 70 members of the U.S. press
were invited to test-drive the car.
One source at Hyundai Motor Company explained: “Hyundai is pursuing marketing activities
based on actual experience in order to upgrade
the image of Hyundai cars in
the minds of American
consumers.” He added
that, “thanks to the
positive response of
opinion leaders after
experiencing Genesis, we
expect the reputation of
Hyundai Motor Company
to be improved, generating not
only the sales of Genesis, but also
an overall increase in the sales of
all the models.”
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave five-star crash test ratings, the
highest government rankings under the agency’s
New Car Assessment Program, to the all-new 2009
Hyundai Genesis in both the front- and side-impact
crash tests.
Maintaining Hyundai´s emphasis on delivering
the highest safety standard, Genesis boasts of a
world-class active and passive safety features that
simultaneously prevent accidents and maximize
the well-being of its occupants in the event of a
collision. Genesis continues the Hyundai tradition
of standardizing key life-saving safety technology, with features such as the Electronic Stability
Control (ESC), eight airbags, and electronic active
head restraints.
ESC compares the driver’s intended course with the
vehicle’s actual response. It then brakes individual
front or rear wheels and/or reduces engine power
as needed in certain driving circumstances to help
correct understeer or oversteer. Genesis´s eight
airbags include advanced dual front airbags, front
and rear seat–mounted side-impact airbags, and
roof-mounted side curtain airbags for both the front
and rear outboard seat occupants.
Hyundai is the first popular brand to offer electronic
active front head restraints, a standard feature
on the 2009 Genesis, and an improvement over
mechanically based active head restraint systems.
Genesis is brought to a halt by large four-wheel
anti-lock disc brakes with the Brake-Assist and
Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD).
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Entourage Ranks First in its
Segment in AutoPacific’s IVA
AutoPacific announces winners of the Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVA)
Hyundai’s Entourage ranks No. 1 for the second year in a
row in the minivan segment
Genesis Coupe Wins
”Production Preview”
as Concept Vehicle
of the Year
Hyundai received the 2008 Production Preview
Vehicle of the Year award for its Concept Genesis
Coupe at the seventh annual North American
Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards on June 24.
Concept Genesis Coupe closely resembles the
production model which will join Hyundai’s lineup
in the spring of 2009. The awards, organized by
the Southeast Automotive Media Organization
(SEAMO), recognize those vehicles most likely
to shape the future of the automobile industry.
Winners were honored in a ceremony at the
Automotive Hall of Fame.
The exceptional quality of a Hyundai car has been recognized by American consumers who
have rated it as their “ideal” car.
Hyundai Motor Company announced on June 30 that Entourage ranked first in its segment in
the 2008 Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVA) given by AutoPacific, the U.S. automotive research and
consulting firm.
Out of a total of 28 segments, Hyundai’s Entourage, along with Toyota’s Sienna, was selected
as the best model in the minivan segment.
AutoPacific’s 2008 IVA evaluation was done by some 33,500 owners of new 2008 model year
cars and trucks purchased between September 2007 to December 2008 who rated how close
their vehicles came to their ideal vehicle on 15 attributes, including exterior styling, passenger roominess, cargo space, driver’s seat comfort, power and acceleration, etc.
The Hyundai Entourage received the honor of being named the best model in the minivan
segment for the second year in a row.
A Hyundai Motor Company source commented that “This year’s AutoPacific Ideal Vehicle
Awards results signify that Entourage has been recognized for its true worth in the U.S., the
home of automobiles,” and added that “Hyundai will continue to make efforts to enhance its
brand image by introducing new cars that provide superior quality, performance, and design.”
Entourage owners who participated in this year’s IVA gave great reviews on the minivan’s
safety, design, and passenger space.
Hyundai Entourage is listed in the 2008 edition of The Car Book as the best recommended
model in the minivan category and was also chosen as the best-quality vehicle in the Total
Quality Study (TQS) conducted by Strategic Vision last year.
According to juror Kevin Kelly of Automotive
Design & Production, the Concept Genesis Coupe
is “sporty, aggressive, and modern—not words
you commonly associate with Hyundai design,
but this car is an exception. The Concept Genesis
Coupe doesn’t try to be a muscle car in the vein
of the American concept; it busts through those
doors to create something that’s a combination
of sport and a bit of luxury that will still appeal to
those who want power.”
A jury of more than two dozen professional
automotive journalists from across North America
selected the concept award winners from the 40
concept vehicles and 12 production preview
vehicles that made debuts in North America
during the 2008 auto show season. The Concept
Award panel is assembled by peer selection, and
the jurors do not pay or get paid to participate.
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Hyundai Extends Its Sponsorship
of the Hyundai A-League
The naming-rights sponsorship will enhance awareness
of the Hyundai brand in the Australian market
Hyundai Sells
its 700,000th Vehicle
in Australia
Australia’s national football league, the Hyundai A-League, has just commenced its fourth
season. Hyundai Motor Company Australia (HMCA) has been the naming-rights partner since
its inception in 2004.
The Hyundai A-league was born with the intent to focus on developing communities and
commercial support in the major cities of Australia and New Zealand. Australians have been
captivated by the new competition. At the conclusion of last season, the Hyundai A-League
was ranked in the Top 15 football leagues in the world in terms of average match attendances.
With the all-time peak game in Australia, HMCA has recently renewed the sponsorship with
Football Federation Australia and extended its naming-rights sponsorship of the Hyundai ALeague until the 2011/2012 season.
Synergies created by HMC global head office’s sponsorship of FIFA make the Australian
commercial relations more compelling. However, the real benefits of the relationship include
the improved status of Hyundai as a brand in the Australian market. This is achieved by a
systematically structured leverage program, which breaks down previously barriers to the
Australian market by engaging the Hyundai brand with the country’s football fans.
The leveraging of the sponsorship has been at the forefront of HMCA’s objectives since it entered the partnership. Among the programs instigated are the Hyundai Club Challenge featuring
LA Galaxy’s David Beckham, Goals for Grassroots which sees a $1,000 donation for every home
team goal scored for a local junior community club, a dedicated website,
and an integrated media campaign aiming at specific targets.
HMCA has shown that this sponsorship
is a strategically important one, and the
commitment and faith shown in football
in Australia will continue to bring benefits
to the Hyundai brand through 2012 and
Hyundai records its 700,000th vehicle sales since
the brand was launched in Australia in 1986.
In celebration of achieving 700,000 sales in July,
Hyundai is giving football fans who attend a
Hyundai A-League match* during the first three
rounds of the 2008/09 season the opportunity
to win a Hyundai i30 SR 2.0 litre petrol 5-speed
manual car.
In many ways the i30 showcases Hyundai’s
improvement over the X1 Excel, the first Hyundai
to be sold in Australia. The engine is a latest
generation CRDi turbo Diesel delivering 255 Nm
of torque and achieving 4.7 litres/100 km fuel
economy* in manual. With these specifications,
the i30 was recently awarded Carsguide Car of
the Year 2007 and Green Car of the Year 2007, as
well as ECOCAR Best Small Car 2008.
The 700,000th Hyundai comes hot on the heels
of the record sales result recorded by Hyundai
Motor Company Australia in June, with 5,447
new vehicles finding new owners (a market
share of 5.1%).
* Australian matches only (excludes NZ)
* Source:
Australian Design Rule 81/01 static laboratory combined average city and highway cycle test
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Hyundai Sponsors the
Czech National Football Team
Hyundai Strives to
Become Russia’s #1 Automaker
Combined with the FIFA-UEFA Cup sponsorships, football marketing expected to
have synergy effect in the European market
Hyundai Motor Company is using football marketing
to accelerate the consolidation of its position in the
European market.
Hyundai announced that it signed an exclusive
sponsorship deal in the automotive category with
the Czech National Football Team at the Crown Plaza
Hotel in Prague on August 18. The sponsorship will
be effective through 2012.
As a result, Hyundai will become the official sponsor
for all the games of the Czech National Football
Team, including the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South
Africa and the UEFA Euro 2012TM.
Team, including a Grandeur for the Team’s trainer
Mr. Petr Rada. The Czech National Football Team has
been officially sponsored by Hyundai since 2005 and
is one of the world’s top football teams, ranking No.
8 as of August 2008 (FIFA).
As an official partner of the FIFA until 2014, as
well as an official sponsor of last June’s UEFA Euro
2008TM games, Hyundai hopes to achieve a synergy
effect in its football marketing activities within
the European market with this recent sponsorship
extension of the Czech National Team.
As an official sponsor, Hyundai will be entitled
to billboard advertising at all the Czech National
Football Team’s home games, automobile displays
in the stadiums, radio advertising rights, and rights
to use images of the National Team.
Meanwhile, Hyundai expects to complete the construction of its manufacturing plant in Nosovice,
in northeastern Czech Republic, by the end of this
year. Construction commenced in April last year.
The new plant will produce cars exclusively for
the European market with an annual capacity of
300,000 units.
Hyundai further plans to actively promote the
company’s brand image of “Refined and Confident”
by providing a total of 17 cars to the Czech National
Through the long-term sponsorship of the National
Football Team of the Czech Republic, whose market
forms the base for advancement into the rest of the
Hyundai aims to sell 200,000 passenger cars
and 16,700 commercial vehicles this year in Russia
Azera Wins
First Place in Brazil’s
Quatro Rodas
Best Buy Award
European market, Hyundai plans to develop a high
public awareness of the brand with a strategy to
increase sales in the region.
Brief introduction of
Czech National Football Team
One of the most influential automotive magazines
in Brazil, Quatro Rodas, has selected Azera (3.3
V6) as the 2008 Best Buy model in the large sedan
category. Association Name: Ceskomoravský Fotbalový Svaz
Confederation: UEFA
Founded: 1901
FIFA Affiliation: 1907
FIFA Ranking: 8th
Highest FIFA Ranking: 2nd (March 1994)
Lowest FIFA Ranking: 67th (September 1999)
Petr Cech
Hyundai Motor Company plans to sell 200,000 passenger cars in Russia this year, up
35.3% from last year (including small commercial vehicles).
The automaker sold 102,814 vehicles in the first half of this year (January-June), taking up the No. 1 position in Russia’s imported car market.
Head Coach: Petr Rada (2008-)
No. Pos.
Subsidiary established in July last year …plans to sell 200,000 cars this year
Caps Goals
Daniel Zítka
Zdenek Grygera
Marek Jankulovski
Zdenek Pospech
Michal Kadlec
Tomáš Ujfaluši
David Rozehnal
Jan Polák
Radoslav Kovác
David Jarolím
Jaroslav Plašil
Jan Rajnoch
Radek Šírl
Michal Papadopulos
Václav Sverkoš
Stanislav Vlcek
Milan Baroš
With a new focus on its newly created subsidiary Hyundai Motor CIS (HMCIS), Hyundai plans to maintain the favorable sales trend while establishing a foundation for
continued long-term growth in Russia. To do so, the subsidiary plans to increase sales
by carrying out even more aggressive marketing and sales activities, enlarging and
strengthening the maintenance network.
Hyundai also hopes to enhance its leading brand image and continue the current sales
momentum by gearing up for the launch of new models—Sonata Platform, Genesis,
and Veracruz will be introduced during the latter half of the year to establish a full
lineup in Russia, from small cars to luxury sedans. Meanwhile, Hyundai will also
improve its profitability by selling more mid- to large-size cars, which offer higher
added values.
In particular, Genesis will be launched in Russia after its debut at the 2008 Moscow
Motor Show held at the end of August. As Hyundai’s main luxury vehicle, Genesis is
expected to play a key role in upgrading the brand’s image.
As for the rest, Hyundai anticipates to further increase its sales through the launch of
new models such as the i10 and i20, designed for emerging markets. These models
are currently manufactured and exported from India. They may be introduced to
Russia as early as next year to capture the small car market.
Though the price of Azera was a little higher than
the competing models, it was judged to be more
powerful, more spacious, and better equipped
than the other finalists. As for safety, Azera provides ABS and ESP systems as standard features,
which were not available with its competitors. The recognition by this prestigious auto magazine
was big news in the Brazilian automotive industry.
Brazil’s automotive experts acknowledged the
quality and value of Azera as well as the Hyundai
brand only six months after the model was
launched in Brazil.
With such favorable endorsement, Hyundai’s
Brazilian distributor will use this opportunity to
make Azera the star model of Hyundai Motor
Company and upgrade the image of the brand in
the Brazilian market.
Quatro Rodas (Four Wheels)
The most prestigious automotive magazine in Brazil. First
published in 1960, it covers
automotive information and
news in Brazil and the world.
Every year, the magazine announces the Best Buy model
in each automotive category.
The award is most influential
in Brazil with both consumers
and the automotive industry.
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Interview: Dmitry Sergeev, President
of Rolf Altufijevo, Moscow, Russia
Hyundai's Focus on
Safety Drives
the i30 to a Five-Star
Euro NCAP Result
The following interview took place during a visit to Rolf Altufijevo, the largest of the
15 dealers in Moscow, with its President, Mr. Dmitry Sergeev
new releases of such models as Elantra and Tucson. Hyundai has been enjoying a rapid in
crease in sales over the last 2–3 years. Cus
tomers are readjusting their perception of Hyundai cars. I think the difference in pricing and brand recognition with Toyota comes from time. Toyota acquired world-class quality 15 years ago whereas Hyundai did so only 4-5 years ago.
Q10. Why are Hyundai cars so popular?
A. It’s a combination of Hyundai which makes ex
cellent products, and Rolf, which has an excel
lent sales network.
Mr. Dmitry Sergeev, President of Rolf Altufijevo
Q11. When production starts at the Hyundai manufacturing plant, do you foresee a change in the quality and pricing of Hyundai cars?
Q1. How do customers react to Hyundai cars?
Hyundai cars represent 40% of our total sales at Rolf. We are only selling them in the two cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg but plan to expand the network in the future.
Q2. How aware are consumers of the Hyundai-
brand cars, and which model is most popular?
As the income level of the Russian middle class
increases, the popularity of Hyundai cars is on
the rise, because Hyundai is a brand for the mass and the middle class. In particular, Getz, Elantra, and Tucson are very popular.
Q3. Describe the public perception of Hyundai cars in one word.
A. The Russian family car.
Q4. What brand would you say is Hyundai’s com
petitor in Russia?
A. I think it’s Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi entered 14 . HYUNDAI MOTOR WORLD
the Russian market at around the same time as Hyundai did, and has a similar image and price positioning. Within the Rolf dealerships, Hyundai Motor Company and Mitsubishi have similar sales volumes.
Q5. What are the prospects for each brand in the Russian market?
Q7. If you were to point out some complaints or problems associated with Hyundai cars, what would they be?
A. Mid-range brands such as Hyundai, Kia, and Chevrolet (GM) have a promising outlook in the Russian market.
Q6. What are the effects and prospects of the Hyundai manufacturing plant construction?
The situation will get even better with the completion of the 100,000-units-per-year
Hyundai manufacturing plant. I hope it will be
completed as soon as possible. Ford and Toyota, among others, saw their sales increase sharply after opening their plants in St. Petersburg. I expect Hyundai will also see its sales increase and reinforce its image as a family car brand.
The demand of customers looking for Hyundai cars is on the rise, but the supply of popular models such as Elantra is insufficient. Once production starts at the Hyundai manufacturing plant, there will be more sales opportunities.
Q8. How many units do you sell in this dealership?
A. We sold on average 280 units from January to April. That’s a 40% increase from last year.
Q9. How is the image of Hyundai compared to that of Toyota? Is Hyundai catching up?
A. Right now Toyota enjoys a better brand image than Hyundai does. However, Hyundai’s brand
image is gradually improving with the recent A.
The Ford Focus model, which used to be fully imported from Europe, has not shown any
changes in quality and pricing since it started being manufactured in Russia. Accent (the
former Verna) also used to be fully imported from Korea, but is now manufactured in and
imported from the Hyundai plant in Turkey.
Once again, quality and prices have remained the same. With the reduction in the customs barrier and low labor costs in Russia, there may be a slight price adjustment, but high-
quality products cannot be sold at bargain prices. It’s premature to make predictions about a plant that will be completed in the future. Come back in five years.
Brief introduction
of the dealer
Opened in December 2005.
Altufijevo is the largest of Hyundai car
dealers (4,000 sqm), and is well equipped
with maintenance and service facilities.
Recorded sales of 5,000 units through
May 2008 since its opening.
Selected as an elite Hyundai dealer
in 2008 (selection based on sales
performance and head office requirements). Sells almost all Hyundai models
(currently 10 models) including Accent,
Elantra, Grandeur, Tucson, and Santa Fe.
Euro NCAP announced that the Hyundai i30
hatchback has been awarded the maximum of
five stars for adult occupant protection. Assessed
during the organization’s latest round of testing,
the i30 also achieved a four-star result for child
occupant protection, matching the best in the
Small Family Car category.
The achievement underlines Hyundai Motor
Company’s dedication to providing class-leading
safety for its customers. Sharing many of its
passive safety equipments with other Hyundai
models, the i30 benefits from six airbags—including twin front airbags, side, and curtain airbags
to protect the body and the head—and front
seatbelt load limiters and pre-tensioners.
Commenting on the announcement, Kun Hee Ahn,
President of Hyundai Motor Europe, said: “We are
very pleased with the result achieved by the i30 in
this Euro NCAP assessment, as it demonstrates our
determination to produce vehicles which provide
the best possible package of safety features. The
i30 has been engineered to reflect our commitment
to cutting-edge design and technology, and safety
has always been our top priority.”
An active safety feature available on the i30 is
the Electronic Stability Program (ESP). This system
assists the driver in the event that he or she is
forced to swerve the vehicle and helps to maintain the vehicle’s intended direction, rather than
allow it to unavoidably slide or spin out of control.
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Genesis Coupe to Come with
High-Performance Brembo Brakes
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
Hyundai Completes Cross-Country Hydrogen Road Tour 2008
Brembo brakes attest to Genesis Coupe’s high-performance capabilities
Hyundai’s fuel cell electric vehicle successfully completes the first U.S. test
Hyundai celebrated the successful completion of a
13-day, cross-country road trip which served as the
first significant U.S. test for the company´s
proprietary fuel cell technology. Two Tucson Fuel
Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) powered by Hyundaideveloped fuel cell stacks completed the nearly
7,000 km (4,300 mile) event on August 23 in Los
Angeles as part of the Hydrogen Road Tour 2008.
Nine auto manufacturers, the U.S. Department
of Energy, the California Fuel Cell Partnership,
Genesis Coupe, Hyundai Motor Company’s eagerly
awaited performance car, promises to stop just
as fast as it goes. Premium high performance disc
brakes from Brembo will be available as part of an
optional track-use performance package.
For the Genesis Coupe’s front 18-inch wheels, Brembo
engineers developed 13.4-inch x 1.1-inch rotors
(340mm x 28mm) and four-pot fixed calipers (42mm +
42mm) while the rear setup features 13.0-inch x 0.78inch rotors (330mm x 20mm) gripped by four-pot fixed
calipers (32mm + 28mm).
“By specifying Brembo brakes we are sending a
strong message about the performance capabilities
of the Genesis Coupe,” said Dr. Hyun-Soon Lee,
president of the Corporate Research and Development
Division. “Among car aficionados, Brembo’s oversized
calliper design is recognized as one of the hallmarks
of a high performance car. They grab attention and
will force people to take another closer look at
Genesis Coupe.”
At the highest level of international motorsports,
Brembo’s signature fixed monobloc brake callipers
and oversized rotors are recognized as delivering
the ultimate in braking performance. The Italian
brake manufacturer is acknowledged as the world
leader in high-performance braking systems and is
a supplier to the world’s best-known formula racing
teams as well as Italian and German manufacturers of supercars and sports cars.
The base of Genesis Coupe will be equipped with
the National Hydrogen Association, and the U.S.
zero-emission vehicles can operate in real-world
Department of Transportation sponsored and
driving conditions. The vehicles recorded an
participated in the event, which started on August
exceptional range of 300 km (185 miles) per refuel-
11 in Portland, Maine. The road trip consisted of 34
ing and achieved top speeds of 150 kph (95 mph).
tour stops in 31 different cities across the country,
At the conclusion of the tour, the Tucson FCEVs
reaching communities such as New York City,
with Hyundai fuel cell technology will be added to
Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Phoenix before rolling to
a fleet of more than 30 Hyundai and Kia FCEVs tak-
the finish-line event in Exposition Park.
ing part in testing programs throughout the country.
The two Tucson FCEVs exceeded expectations
Participants successfully completing the tour also
its first-ever U.S. fuel cell vehicle at Partnership
throughout the event, demonstrating yet again that
included vehicles from BMW, Daimler, General
headquarters in Sacramento in 2001.
Motors, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen.
Hyundai is a member of the California Fuel Cell
Partnership, a collaboration of organizations including auto manufacturers, energy providers, fuel cell
technology companies, and government agencies
working together to promote the commercialization
of fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai has been a member
of the Partnership since 2000 and began testing
a turbocharged 2-liter Theta engine pumping out
an estimated 212 horsepower. For enthusiasts who
demand pure unadulterated performance, Hyundai
will offer a high performance-tuned 3.8-liter V-6
Lambda delivering 300-plus horsepower.
Genesis Coupe’s rear-wheel drive architecture
gives it an ideal front-rear weight distribution that
is a prerequisite for excellent handling. Brembo
brakes promise to enhance the Genesis Coupe’s
driving experience.
The first Hyundai to be fitted with Brembo
brakes, Genesis Coupe is stirring anticipation
and excitement as its official launch date draws
near. The first Genesis Coupe is due to arrive in
Korean showrooms in September this year, while
international sales are due to start in the first
quarter of 2009.
Brembo’s high-performance brakes provide a perfect match to Genesis Coupe’s high output engines.
Message From the CEO . Headline News . Cover Story . Global News . People News . Product & Technology News . Event
2008 Hyundai Dealers’ Korea Trip
Dealers not only shared sales and marketing strategies but were able to bond with
one another as members of the Hyundai Motor Company family
The 2008 Hyundai Dealers’ Korea Trip was held
successfully from April 2 to August 22, 2008,
inviting a total of seven groups of Hyundai Motor
Company dealers from different regions around
the world. The trip provided an opportunity to
experience everything about Hyundai for dealers
who work hard in their respective countries in
order to increase sales and improve the image of
the company,
5-day program also in different periods of time: May
had a chance to gain an insight into Korean culture
4–8, July 6–10, and August 10–14. The HMI dealers
by taking part in cultural programs planned in Seoul
attended the Busan Motor Show where they visited
and Cheju.
Coming from all over America, 127 dealers of
Hyundai Motor America (HMA) visited Korea in
four separate groups during different periods
of time: April 2–5, May 19–23, July 14–18, and
August 18–22. They toured the Hyundai Motor
Company headquarters and the Namyang R&D
Center, including its next-generation hybrid center,
where they experienced Hyundai’s state-of-theart technology by trying out the next-generation
hybrid cars. They also got hands-on experience of
Hyundai’s world-class performance by test-driving
Genesis and Genesis Coupe against competitors’
models of the same category (BMW 530, Mercedez
Benz E350, Lexus ES350, MMC Eclipse, Ford
global business plans and strategies through various
the Hyundai exhibition area and witnessed the
trips and seminars, and like their HMA counterparts,
In addition to experiencing the international stature
and technological prowess of Hyundai Motor
Company, one of the world’s leading automotive
companies, the 2008 Hyundai Dealers’ Korea Trip
was a good occasion to reaffirm the professional
pride of the dealers and instill in them a sense of
being a part of one big Hyundai family, notwithstanding the differences in nationalities.
Hyundai Heavy Industries Tour- HMI Dealers
Yakcheonsa Temple Tour- HMI Dealers
present and future of Hyundai. They also had a direct
experience of Hyundai’s world-class technological advances during their excursions to the Ulsan and Asan
plants. Furthermore, HMI dealers had the opportunity
to deepen their understanding of the company’s
Together with the corporate excursions, HMA
dealers also had a refreshing chance to discover
dynamic and vibrant culture of Korea through visits
to Seoul’s famous tourist sites, the Folk Village,
Buddhist temples, and the island of Cheju.
A precision chemical company rapidly
growing based on customers’ confidence
QUICK PRASURFE (FAST TYPE PRASURFE) *CLEAR: UT5750 Multiclear (Universal 2:1 type Clearcoat), ECO-CLEARCOAT (2.1 Low
VOC UT5777 ), DELUXE CLEAR (High Quality 2:1 type Clearcoat), SENSE CLEAR(N) (Standard 4:1 type Clearcoat), UT1492 DRY ICE SPEED CLEAR (High Speed 2K Clearcoat) *etc: FLAT GLOSS CLEAR (FLAT GLOSS),
ZY0935 (Mottling Preventer), ZY0940 (Anti-Pinhole Agent), Softner (Urethane), ZY0978 (Blending Thinner), TH0045 (Urethane Thinner(Reducer)
(Universal Primer-Surfacer), UU3000 (Low VOC Primer-Surfacer), UU2727 (SAND FREE),
Meanwhile, three groups totaling 280 dealers from
Hyundai Motor India (HMI) visited Korea on a 4-night,
*Beijing, China KCC Chemical (Beijing) Co.,Ltd
No.51 Shuntong Rd, Renhe town, Shunyi District, Beijing, P.R.China 101300 Tel : (86)-10-8949-8852 Fax:(86)-10-8949-8144 e-mail : [email protected]
*Shanghai, China KCC
Chemical(Kunshan) Co., Ltd. #1, Wusongjiang-Lu, Qingdeng-Zhen, Kunshan-Shi, Jiangsu-Sheng, P.R.China, 215341 Tel: (86)-512-5746-9000~3, Fax: (86)-512-5746-9009 e-mail : [email protected] *KCK Shanghai Office Room 1402,
Block A, Far East International Plaza, No. 319 Xianxia Road Shanghai 200051, China Tel: (86)-21-6235-1540, Fax: (86)-21-6278-6338 e-mail : [email protected]
Yonghe Economic zone, Guangzhou 511356, P.R.China Tel: (86)-20-3222-1111, Fax: (86)-20-3222-2121 e-mail : [email protected]
*Guangzhou, China KCC (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
#9,Doutang street,
KCC(Singapore) Pte. Ltd. 1 Tuas Avenue 2, Singapore 639441 Tel : (65)-6862-0100, Fax:
(65)-6863-0679 e-mail : [email protected] *Turkey KCC Boya Sanayi Ve Ticaret Ltd.Sti. Gebze Organize Sanayi Bolgesi(Tembelova mevkii) 3100 Cad. No: 3107, Gebze-Kocaeli / Turkey (zip code 41400) Tel : (90)-262-645-0200, Fax :
*Vietnam KCC (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. Longthanh Industrial Zone, Longthanh District, Dongnai Province, Vietnam Tel : (84)-8-9971004 / 5, Fax : (84)-8-9971006 e-mail : [email protected]
*India KCC Paint (India) Pvt. Ltd. Plot No K20. Phase II, Sipcot Industrial Park Mambakkam, Sriperumbudur, Kancheepuram Tamilnadu 602105, India Tel: (91)-044-2714-2000, Fax: (91)-044-2714-2001 e-mail : [email protected]
*Hamburg, Germany KCC Hamburg Office Osterbek Str., 90c 22083 Hamburg, Germany Tel: (49)-40-2780-9267/68/73 Fax: (49)-40-2780-9269/71 e-mail : [email protected]/[email protected] *Houston, USA KCC Houston
Office 14811 st. Mary’s Lane Suite #160, Houston, Texas 77079 Tel: (1)-281-870-8785, Fax: (1)-281-870-8781 e-mail : [email protected] *Greece KCC Greece Office Filonos Str. 107-109, 18535 Piraeus, Greece Tel: (30)-210-428-2424~5,
Fax: (30)-210-428-2422 e-mail : [email protected] *Hong Kong KCC Hong Kong Office Rm 1903 19th Floor, Goldmark, 502 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: (852)2577-0476/0489, Fax: (852)-2577-0497 e-mail: [email protected] *Tokyo, Japan KCC Tokyo Office 15th Floor, JT Building, 2-2-1, Toranomon, Minatoku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan Tel: (81)-3-5114-8095, Fax: (81)-3-5114-8282 e-mail: [email protected] *Dubai, UAE KCC Dubai Office
Room #304B. AL Salemiyah Tower, Deira, Dubai, UAE Tel : (971)-4-229-3496/3497, Fax: (971)-4-229-3498 e-mail : [email protected] *Malaysia KCC paints Sdn. Bhd Lot13, Jalan Anggerick Mokara, Seksyan 31, Kota Kemuning,
(90)-262-645-0209 e-mail : [email protected]
New Car Test Drive- HMA Dealers
Sungsan Sunrise Peak- HMA Dealers
40460 Shah Alam, Selangor darul, Malaysia Tel : (603)5122-2900, Fax : (603)-5122-1800/1900
1301-4, Seocho-dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea Tel: 82-2-3480-5292/5289/5263, Fax: 82-2-3480-5887
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