Management Consultancy Firm of the Year 2015



Management Consultancy Firm of the Year 2015
Management Consultancy Firm of the Year 2015
FTHM Consulting was founded in 1994 and now has over 20 years of experience in helping businesses achieve
optimum performance. Currently based in Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital city, its reputation is well known
throughout Africa.
Our Partners are:
Thierry RAJAONA, Co-founder and Associate Partner
Thierry RAJAONA graduated from HEC Business School Paris and has more than 25 years of experience in
banking, industry and strategy and management consulting (ACCENTURE, FTHM Consulting). He has worked
for a number of multinational companies and international agencies both in Europe and Madagascar and has
participated in several missions related to strategic studies.
He has a wealth of experience in economic and sector analysis, focused on FDI and strategic domestic
investment and also possesses extensive experience in negotiation with various stakeholders, including senior
government and private sector representatives.
Xavier MICHEL, Managing Director
Xavier MICHEL has over 17 years of experience in the financial sector and consulting and has worked in
France, Mauritius and Madagascar (CIC Banks, CCF-HSBC, Accenture and LOM Consulting).
As a partner at FTHM Consulting, he has strong project management experience - particularly in development
issues - process optimization and company reengineering assignments. His main expertise is in banking,
mobile banking and technology.
22 / Sector Performance Awards 2015
Alain PIERRE BERNARD has over 30 years of professional experience. A statistician, Alain graduated from the
Institute of Statistics of the University of Paris (ISUP) and as an engineer economist from the French Institute of
Petroleum. He is a specialist in strategy, organization, change management, governance and international trade.
FTHM has grown significantly to become one of the leading consulting firms in Africa, with a customer portfolio bringing together a huge number of large national/multinational companies and governments.
The firm has rapidly developed a portfolio of various services and sells its expertise both nationally and internationally (especially in the Indian Ocean area, Africa, America and France). Specialized in two core business
segments - namely strategy consulting and management services (project management, financial engineering,
human resources, economics) and outsourcing (BPO or business process outsourcing), the company assists
businesses in their creation and development.
Company: FTHM Consulting
Name: Thierry RAJAONA
Email: [email protected]
Address: Immeuble ARO Antsahavola,
BP 7631, 101 Antananarivo Madagascar
Tel: +261 20 22 631 86 /
+261 32 07 631 86
In addition to corporate clients, FTHM has conducted many missions on behalf of or funded by national and
international institutions: the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), European Union, USAID,
COMESA, the Malagasy Government, Governments from Comoros, Congo, DR Congo, Cameroon, the GEM
(trade association of Malagasy companies).
With its recognised expertise and its ISO 9001 certification, FTHM Consulting carried out several missions
throughout Africa, in countries such as Comoros , Mauritius, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo,
Cameroon, Angola, Ivory Coast and now in the Americas (Haïti).
The company now boasts more than 80 permanent consultants and collaborates with numerous national and
international partners of high reputation who bring additional expertise.
Thanks to 20 years of existence and a turnover reaching €4m in 2013, FTHM Consulting is now aiming to
become the leading consulting firm in Africa.
The company works regularly on tenders launched by donors such as WB or AFD, in diversified sectors and
has, over the past few years, seen a definite evolution in the required expertise in sectors like public finances,
renewable energy, climate change, WASH or inclusive finance. With this in mind, the firm works closely with
experts possessing up-to-the-minute experience in these sectors.
FTHM’s mission is to provide high quality services to its clients and their companies. Those services meet all
international standards and in 2007, FTHM was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification for all its services.
As such, it is the first management consulting firm in Africa to have ever received such a distinction. This
certification was renewed in June 2010 and March 2013. In addition, as a member of MGI worldwide network, FTHM Consulting belongs to one of the world’s top alliances of independent audit, tax, accounting and
consulting firms.
Being ISO 9001:2008 certified, FTHM Consulting’s priority is always on fully satisfying its clients. For its quality
values, the consulting firm has adopted the following motto: Listening – Commitment – Results. This means
the company listening to its clients’ needs, remaining committed to proposing the best tools, means and
human resources to achieve its assignments, and achieving the results that add value wherever possible.
It is FTHM Consulting’s aim to become the leading consulting firm in Africa and the company is currently
making a huge effort to win more and more assignments in all African countries, not only in Madagascar. All
staff contribute to this ongoing success and the firm’s recruitment is founded on a culture of excellence, with
staff benefitting from regular training and education.
As the African continent transforms itself to become an emerging economy, investors from around the world
are starting to flock and search for better investment opportunities. It appears that some countries that were
inside-looking for a long time are now opening their economy to foreign investment and this is a good opportunity for business development in the finance industry.
As far as Madagascar is concerned, the country has just exited a five-year political crisis that hampered the
development of the economy. It is hoped that the return to increased stability following the outcome of both
presidential and legislative elections in 2014 will bring in more and more business opportunities and increase
Thanks to the increased political stability, the situation in Madagascar should evolve for the better in the consulting industry and FTHM will undoubtedly have a large part to play in these developments.
Sector Performance Awards 2015 / 23

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