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Sunsational News - Evans Elementary School
Sunsational News
March 2014
Volume 1, Issue 7
Dear Parents,
We have just completed our second semester of school. Report cards
went home on March 6th. Our third round of Discovery Education
progress monitoring for reading and math is occurring in all grade
levels. Your child’s teacher will have the information in the next week to share with you.
I want to thank our wonderful PTA for all the events they have sponsored so far this
year. What dedicated and hardworking parents we have at our school! I also want to
thank all of you who have joined our PTA and support Evans Elementary. The PTA
Founder’s Day event is just around the corner. It will be held on Thursday, March 13th
beginning at 5:00 p.m. on our school campus. Please plan to attend this wonderful event.
As you probably know, our 4th graders just recently took the FCAT Writing Assessment.
They have worked so hard on writing, and there is no doubt that they performed very
well. Thank you to our families for all your support of our students!
With FCAT Writing behind us, we look ahead not only to FCAT Reading, Math, and Science
for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, but also to the many spring activities that provide our
children and families opportunities to come together.
I know Spring Break will be a much deserved break for all our students and families. I hope
that you have some fun family activities planned for the week. I thank you for your
support in your child’s academic success.
Evans Elementary
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Oviedo, FL 32765
Phone: 407-320-9850
Fax: 407-320-9899
Carol Ann Darnell
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Assistant Principal :
Carol Ann Darnell
Rendon Fletcher
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Read-a-Rama Fun
Principal and AP for the Day
Sunsational News
March 2014
Volume 1, Issue 7
We have been very busy in Kindergarten. In
reading, we have been focusing heavily on the
comprehension skills: sequencing and realism vs.
fantasy, as well as how to identify these critical
components in our literature selections. We've
recently read a variety of texts on trains that
encompass a range of different genres. Our
classes have also enjoyed extending our story
selections to include other books about transportation. Next, we will be learning
how to identify the main idea of the stories we read. This can be a difficult
skill. You can help by encouraging your child to communicate the central theme
(or what the story is mostly about) when you read together at home. Feel free to
model this for them.
We are eager to begin studying two-dimensional shapes and how they can be
found all around us in the real world. A great way to explore shapes is taking a
walk or using the internet. Another exciting way to explore shapes is to create a
picture or object using shapes. Cut out multiple two-dimensional shapes and
have your child build or construct a real-life object out of them.
3/10 - Sunshine State Book Deadline
3/13 - Founder’s Day
3/14 - No School/Teacher Work Day
3/17-3/21 - Spring Break
Finally, we will learn about plants and what they need to survive. We will have
the opportunity to plant a class plant in the Sunray Sanctuary, as well as,
removing the soil from plants in order to expose the roots. Each student will also
plant their own plant and care for it so it can grow.
3/24 - School Resumes
We are very excited about these upcoming activities.
3/25 - Sunshine State Book Party
3/26 - Tijuana Flats Spirit Night Lockwood Location
Evans first graders have been very busy as we continue our
march toward 2nd grade! We have been exploring changes
in ourselves, our communities and nature while developing
comprehension skills such as sequencing, comparing and
contrasting, fact and opinion, author’s purpose and drawing
conclusions. In math, we have been exploring numbers to
120, culminating in activities focused on the 120th day of
school! We have also been exploring the use of graphic
organizers to help us structure our ideas for expository
(informational) writing.
3/27-3/28 - Spring Pictures
3/27 - SAC Meeting 6pm
Sunsational News
March 2014
Volume 1, Issue 7
Our second graders have been very busy bees! In
math, our focus has been on money and time.
The students have been identifying coins, coin
value, counting mix coins, and telling time to the
five minute interval. We encourage our students to
review a few three-digit addition and subtraction
problems with regrouping weekly. This is a skill we
do not want our students to forget. In science, we
are studying Weather. Our second graders are discovering how
weather changes, how the sun heats the Earth, evaporation, and how
to prepare for severe weather. Research suggests independent reading
time can increase a child’s vocabulary, background knowledge,
fluency, comprehension, and improve test scores. Keep reading at
least 20 minutes each night! We would like to thank all of our parents for
their support.
Looking Ahead: April
4/10 - Kindergarten Registration
4/11 - 70’s Spirit Day
4/11 - Gifted students to Project Create
at Amway Center
4/11 - School Supply Store Open at
4/14 - Scholastic Summer Book Fair
4/14 - Sonny’’s Spirit Night
4/17 - Progress Reports Go Home
As we head towards the last trimester of the school year, our outstanding
third graders are continuing to work hard in all academic areas, as well as
with citizenship and responsibility. We are very proud of the skills and
behaviors our students have mastered. In reading, students will deepen
knowledge in the areas of compare/contrast, main idea, sequencing,
inference, and author’s purpose. Students should continue to read at least
20 minutes each night and summarize what they have read. In math, we
are finishing plane shapes and moving into the chapter of length and
perimeter. In social studies, students are learning about different regions of
the U.S. and will be completing a report about a state. In writing, we will
continue to work on stories that develop ideas, word choice and
organization as we focus on opinion writing. Students are becoming
extremely comfortable with a variety of writing styles and are discovering
their unique voice in writing. We would like to thank you for your continued
involvement in your child’s education as well as in our school activities.
4/18 - Schools Closed
4/22 - FCAT Reading, Math, and Science
begins for grades 3,4,5
4/24 - 2nd Grade to Central FL Zoo
4/24 - SAC Meeting @ 6pm
4/25 - School Supply Store Open at
4/27 - SCPS Spring Art Show - Seminole
Towne Center Mall
Sunsational News
March 2014
Volume 1, Issue 7
The fourth grade teachers would like to congratulate their students on the
successful completion of FCAT Writes. We are incredibly proud of the months of
hard work and effort the students have put forth in order to prepare for the test.
Some of our students had the opportunity to participate in Writing Clubs offered
before and after school. These students worked at developing and enhancing
the writer’s craft. A special thanks to the following teachers for taking the time to
facilitate this extracurricular activity: Mrs. Quinones, Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. Antalek,
Mrs. Polley, Mrs. Rothenberger, Ms. Anderson, Mrs. Vaccaro, Mrs. Gillespie and
Mrs. Bernstein. Also, we would like to thank the parents and students for
supporting the Writing Club.
In the coming weeks, we will continue studying the Spanish exploration of
Florida, geometry, and strengthening our reading comprehension skills. Students
should be reading 20 to 30 minutes a night and taking AR tests on a regular basis.
We hope that everyone has a fun and safe Spring Break!
Much of our science curriculum
for February has been focused on
learning about space and our
solar system. All of our fifth grade
students created models, projects
and power point presentations
that examined unique facts, traits
and characteristics of the planets
in the Milky Way. The students
also shared what they learned
with their classes using props,
music and creative artwork.
Please take some time to check
out all their hard work displayed in
our fifth grade hall!
We have also started our D.A.R.E.
program, which is something all fifth
graders look forward to each year!
Officer Duffy has met with all of our
classes. The students are gaining
excellent tools and skills for positive
decision making, while having a lot
of fun. The fifth grade students are
encouraged to discuss the topics
and curriculum covered each week
of the D.A.R.E. program with their
parents and family. They also have
a D.A.R.E. book for weekly
Middle School
Visits 5th Grade
Hard to believe - but still
true, two local middle
schools have already
come to Evans to discuss
scheduling classes for our
fifth graders. Lawton
Chiles Middle School and
Jackson Heights Middle
School have both sent
representatives to share
information and
encourage students to
turn in paperwork for
classes. Please make sure
to return these as soon as
possible. The fifth grade
team would also be
willing to help, if there are
questions about this
Sunsational News
March 2014
Volume 1, Issue 7
Congratulations to all of our students for
their hard work in the Odyssey of the Mind
Club. The 3rd grade team did an amazing
presentation. The 5th grade team placed
8th in their category among 16 teams. The
4/5th grade team placed 2nd in their
category among 17 teams. They were 3
points short from being the 1st place
winner. Our team scored highest in the
area of long term problem. Evans
Elementary is so proud of you!
Odyssey Teams
3rd Grade Team
Karthik Nagaraju
Brendan Excellent
P J Donnellon
Emerson Noteboom
Joseph Giron
Jackson D'Nelly
Jacob Henderson
4th/5th Grade Team
Neil Dash
Tommy Robertson
Ann Robertson
Cupcakes from administration
in honor of Valentine’s Day.
Maxima Noteboom
Jack Hartmann Concert
Jamie Thompson
James Hu
Taylor Randa
5th Grade Team
Stephanie Wilks
John Fecko
Aiden Rotondo
Sarah Siverio
Christopher Wilson
PTA Walk-a-Thon Limo Rides
Karla Purvis
Benjamin Parrish
Sunsational News
March 2014
Volume 1, Issue 7
Congratulations to these
extraordinary MusiKIDS who
participated in the SCPS
Elementary Honors Music
Festival on February 22, 2014.
They spent many long hours
in evening rehearsals after
school in preparing for the concert. Thank you students
and parents for representing Evans in this special
event...your dedication to excellence makes YOU shine
Sunsational Award
K - Kaelyn Vidal, Morgan
Daniels, Samuel Lee, Lily
McLean, Noah McPherson
Addie Atkins
Kayley Gilman
Robbie Haller
1st - Mackenzie Becker,
Brady Eichler, Caliana
Rosario, Addison Taylor,
Karissa Emmert
Chloé Pinkston
Camilla Tinedo
Emily Watford
THANK YOU to all of our families who supported the
Music Department and MusiKIDS fundraiser this year.
We appreciate your willingness to contribute to the
continued success of our programs here at Evans!!! The
Mixed Bag Designs website is available for purchases
ALL year so please make note of the site and
shop, shop, SHOP!
2nd - Laela Shepard, Nailah
Walker, Aidan McConnell,
Brooklyn Mettler
3rd - Thomas Rhodes,
Jaylee-Ann Suriel, Kate
Singleton, Talia Silva
4th - Tanner Garick,CiCi
Newton, Joshua Joy,
Braden Meyer
Make sure 17582 and your child's name
is included on their order at checkout.
We receive 40% from every online purchase! Please
note, prizes available only on sales through 2/21/14 .
5th - Gillian Geddes,
Camilla Tinedo, Colby
Socha, Kyle Walsh, Paola
Rodriguez-Ezquilin, Kaitlin
Sunsational News
March 2014
Volume 1, Issue 7
PTA Reflection Finalists
The following students were honored for having their work submitted to the County
for PTA Reflections judging: Mallika Satish, Kayley Gilman, Jenna Persaud, Elizabeth
Cooney, Pasha Peredelchuk, Sophia Adkins, Maxima Noteboom, and Hassan Khan.
Congratulations to Elizabeth Cooney and Jenna Persaud! The girls had their Visual
Arts entries selected for the State level of judging. This is especially noteworthy
because Seminole County could only submit 3 entries to State for each of their
respective levels. Good luck at State girls!!
Evans Elementary students will have their art work on display in the lobby at the
Educational Support Services Building ( School Board) from Thursday, February 27th
through 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 5th.
The Art room has been very busy with our Clay Days! Our K-5 students have been
creating beautiful pottery pieces while learning about the science of clay and glaze.
Evans Elementary students love dirt!!
ESC Lobby
Ryan Siguenza
James Miller
Elisa Canty-Pham
Jason Sawukaytis
Elijah Mike
Jacob Henderson
Bella Hammen
Diane Espiritu
Gabriel Santanna
Courtney Torres
Abbie Garcia
Angelique Diaz
Olivia Robertson
Bella Santilli
Vivian Yeung
Addie Atkins
Gillian Geddes
Chloe Pinkston
Benjammin Parrish
Viola Veliu
Sophia Iglesias
Amari Whetro
Madison Slavik
Oliver Lyons
Jason Ramirez
Jashton Zambrano
Robbie Haller
Emily Watford
Lucy Goodwin
Sophia Klopfenstein
Kristina Norman
Payton Wickizer
Zoe Xavier
Kaitlin Menoher
Sarah Rifenberg
Zoe Heidt
Riley Fennell
Raegan Neel
Jadon Hojiadan
Brody Schatte
Maddie Segers
Haleigh Slavik
Emely Chhu
Colby Socha
Karlie Green
Traevon Lawrence
Hannah Sanchez
Brooke Eddy
Daryl Siwendu
Cameron Perrotta
Kindergarten Registration
will be on April 10th from
9:00 a.m. –12:00 p.m. and
from 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
More info to come.
Sunsational News
March 2014
Volume 1, Issue 7
Summer Fiesta Book Fair April 7th-11th
Be sure to visit our upcoming Summer Reading Book Fair
in the Media Center coming April 7th-11th. There will be
many new and exciting titles that the students will want
to have for their very own this summer. This is your
chance to stock up on some excellent reading
resources for your child as we will be having many
BOGO (buy one/get one) deals. More details coming
FCAT: April 16th - May 1st
** FCAT is right around the corner… Are you helping your child prepare?
Be certain that your child is reading both
fiction and nonfiction.
Help your child learn to read for extended
periods of time independently to build
their stamina.
Discuss meanings of unfamiliar words; look
for clues in the sentences around the
word to figure out its meaning.
** Utilize FCAT Explorer. The format and
question design is similar to the real
User name: last name, first initial
Password: 59(1st four letters of last name)
(birth month/birthday)
Example: Michael Reader who is a 4th grader would be: readerm
Sunshine State:
Time is running out… our
Sunshine State Party is fast
approaching and will be on
March 25th!
Please encourage your 3rd,
4th, or 5th grade readers to
participate by reading our
Sunshine State titles and also
taking/passing the AR
comprehension tests. Here’s
the numbers to attend the
Sunshine State Party:
*3rd grade- 8 titles
*4th grade- 9 titles
*5th grade 10 titles
It is vital that your student attends school regularly and arrives ON TIME.
As always, check the daily planner, homework assignments and review
classroom work and tests to
monitor your child’s progress.
Contact the teacher for a
conference if you have concerns.
Evans’ teachers and staff do an outstanding job of preparing our
students for the FCAT, but we need the support of our families to
continue our tradition of success!
Founder’s Day is Thursday,
March 13th. This is our
biggest event of the year
with a basket raffle,
carnival rides, cotton
candy, and tons of fun!
Come celebrate with us
from 5:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m.
at Evans Elementary!