Corporate Brochure Presentation In Travel



Corporate Brochure Presentation In Travel
Tour operator specialising in inbound tourism
“Travel where your imagination takes you”
About us
DMC. Incentives and conventions
Philosophy and value proposition
Our team
Our services
Custom circuits for Individuals
Special programmes for groups
FIT rates for individuals and B2B access
XML integrations
Cultural tours
Culinary tours
Sports events
Religious tours
Real Spain
Real Portugal
N. and S. America and Asia
In Travel works to make your holiday or
business trip unforgettable
Commitment, trust and constant contact with our
clients are what make us different.
They are the foundation of our philosophy, which can
be summed up as: “The total satisfaction of everyone
who puts their trust in our company”.
Our greatest asset and source of pride is undoubtedly our team.
Well-qualified professionals of integrity who provide personalised
and friendly client relationships. Flexible and quick to respond,
they are authentic specialists in incoming tourism services.
Enjoy a wide and varied range of inbound services in
the most amazing destinations on Earth.
Exclusive custom itineraries for individuals and groups.
You can find accommodation, transfers, excursions,
and all the services you need for your holidays or
business trips at In Travel.
Our products always offer the best quality at the
best price, with personal service
We offer a wide range of tourism programmes
for your individual bookings in the most
exclusive destinations.
Personalised tours designed to suit each one
of your clients, with all the services they need
to ensure they just have one thing to do – enjoy
an unforgettable holiday.
In Travel has extensive experience as a specialist
in custom tours for groups.
We design and develop exclusive itineraries and
custom trips for your groups, taking care of all the
details, with tours to suit every budget.
Book your hotel with our B2B gateway for professionals.
In Travel works directly with a diverse portfolio
of hotels with FIT rates, with the best corporate
rates for Travel Agencies.
In Travel’s B2B access will let you save time,
minimise costs and make you more competitive.
What are you waiting for? Go to the Professionals section
of our website and request your username and password.
If you would like a direct connection to our
database, ask our integrations department for
more information.
With In Travel’s XML integrations you can have
all our hotel prices on your own website.
We invest in new technologies and the Internet
as the foundation for growing our business.
As a “Destination Management Company” we
specialise in incentive and convention tourism
For your business travel, you can rely on our MICE department
(Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions).
We offer you all our reception services for
organising events and incentives.
See the best of Spain’s historic, cultural and artistic heritage in person.
Discover our custom cultural tours to the most iconic places in our
country: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Seville, Cordoba, the
Basque Country, and many more destinations.
In Spain, good food has been a passion for centuries,
in every part of the country.
If exploring a place through its taste experience is an important part
of your holiday, you can’t miss our culinary tours of Spain. Our most
exciting options, flexible and personalised for your palate.
Have you always wanted to see a Real Madrid or Barcelona match? We can organise
your travel and book your tickets, transfers and accommodation in the best hotels.
With In Travel you can enjoy the world’s greatest league
and the Champions League matches of your favourite team.
Discover a different way to enjoy your holidays with our
exclusive religious tourism routes.
We take you to the most important Marian Shrines and
places of worship in Western Europe. Art, culture and
Marian devotion to suit your needs.
Specialists in Spain and Portugal, we also offer
personalised trips in Europe, Russia, the Middle East,
Asia, the United States and Africa.
Explore all the tourism attractions of Spain with In Travel.
Travel to the most iconic tourism destinations with our
custom trips and tours, and experience unique Spain.
Its hospitable and friendly people make Spain the most
desirable tourist paradise for visitors from all over the world.
From the world-famous Sanfermines in Pamplona, where they run with the
bulls, to the tomato battle or Tomatina of Buñol. The Fallas of Valencia, a
feast of fire and passion; the Feria de Abril in Seville; the spring festivals
celebrating the Courtyards and Crosses of Cordoba, in the heart of
Andalusia; the colourful Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Canary
Islands, or the bullfights of the Feria Taurina de San Isidro, in Madrid.
Las Tapas
The most genuine and representative way to sample fine food,
accompanied by excellent wines and refreshing beers.
Tapas are miniature culinary delights to be eaten while moving from bar
to bar or restaurant to restaurant, enjoying their cheerful atmosphere and
the famous quality of Spain’s artisanal cuisine.
The culture of bullfighting is a deeply rooted tradition which forms an
essential part of the identity and history of Spain.
A trip to this country should always include attending a top-level corrida or
a bullfighting festival. Bullfights and the festivities and culture relating to
them can be found almost everywhere in Spain.
Flamenco is one of the forms of artistic and popular expression most
identified with the culture of Spain, its philosophy, its ancestral wisdom
and its approach to life.
The art of flamenco has been recognised by UNESCO (the United Nations
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) as part of the Intangible
Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Now with In Travel you can discover a unique side of
Portugal. Enjoy tourism in Portugal with custom trips
and made-to-measure tours.
The people of Portugal will always welcome you with
open arms. Their warmth invites us to go with them and
enjoy their beaches, their paradise islands, their cuisine
and their rich heritage.
The capital of tourism in Portugal is a must-see stop for any visitor
travelling for pleasure.
History is present in every street and square, with a legacy of countless
monuments, museums and heritage sites of enormous value in Lisbon
and its metropolitan area.
Porto is Portugal’s second city, the capital of the northern region of the
country, with a character and identity strongly marked by the River Douro,
which runs through it.
But Porto is also known for its traditional, secular, historic and artisanal
wine. Port wine is deservedly famous, appreciated and sought-after
everywhere in the world.
Perhaps the greatest attraction of the island of Madeira is its impressive
landscape, the result of its abrupt volcanic origins. In fact, Madeira is the
peak of a huge marine volcano, full of natural settings of surreal beauty.
Madeira also offers a notable artistic heritage, thanks to its wealth and
prosperity in past eras.
The Algarve
Spectacular beaches, welcoming villages, imposing landscapes, nautical
sport, golf courses, sunshine and nature. What more could you ask? All of
this is in the Algarve region, in southern Portugal.
The Algarve has a prestigious international image thanks to its endless
beaches of fine golden sand, and a wonderful climate all year round.
Explore the continent with our personalised
European tour department.
Visit the most important and attractive
cities, such as London, Paris and Rome, and
enjoy all their charms with our custom tours
for individuals and groups.
Now is your chance to discover the most
heavenly spots on the planet.
We will organise your itinerary to suit your
needs and budget, to the destination you
prefer. From the USA to the most surprising
side of China. You decide where you want to
take your clients and we look after the rest.
From anywhere at any time, contact In Travel and you will find
a team of multi-lingual professionals ready to make
your clients’ dreams come true.
24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the services of In Travel will be
available to you, your business and your end clients.
Central offices:
In Travel by Iscar Travel Services, S.L.
Calle Lorenzo Solano Tendero, 8 - 1 ª, 28043 Madrid. Spain
Telephone: +34 917.161.974
Fax: +34 917.591.151
Mail: [email protected]

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