It IS the gift that counts



It IS the gift that counts
Gift Baskets
It IS the gift that counts
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The Corrado’s
Since the early 1930’s, the Corrado family name has
been associated with quality products and honest
service that operates on the fuel of family love
and dedication to its customers. Since that time,
Corrado’s has evolved, not only into a merchant
associated with the highest quality products at
remarkable prices, but also into many generations of
a strong family unit, working together for the good
of the business, the customers, and each other.
The standards set by the founder, Jimmy Corrado,
a true visionary, remain the backbone of his family’s
business, building upon their reputation for reliability,
fairness, and quality that customers could count on.
People trusted Jimmy. And now, customers continue
to trust his children and grandchildren because he
instilled his core principles within them. It was Jimmy
that created the long-lasting tradition of a strong work
ethic combined with rich family values and love. And
now, with its fourth generation pulling rank, Corrado’s
Family Affair remains Jimmy’s legacy and continues
to run strongly on his memory.
At Corrado’s we believe it IS the
gift that counts! And, at Corrado’s
there IS a difference.
Gifts For All Occasions
Corrado’s gift baskets are perfect for any occasion.
Send gourmet specialties for birthdays, special
events or simply to say thank you. Corporate gifts?
No problem! We offer a huge assortment sure to
please. Whether it’s a corporate incentive, a reward
for a job well done, or a gift – we have the perfect
solution. When you have an occasion to shop for,
we offer food gift baskets for every category. We offer
fresh fruit baskets to say “Thank You,” gourmet food
baskets to say “Happy Housewarming,” gourmet gift
baskets with fresh cookies and chocolates to say
“Happy Birthday,” fruit arrangements with vitaminpacked antioxidant fruits carefully selected to say
“Get Well Soon,” a variety of food baskets with all
different ingredients whether the occasion calls for
a kosher gourmet food gift or an organic alternative,
a combination of sweets and fruit in our gourmet
basket that says “Congratulations” whether to a
graduate, a colleague, or a friend, fruit baskets that
combine the lusciousness of fresh fruit with the
romance of chocolates and even roses to say “I Love
You,” gourmet food baskets designed especially to
be shared in an office or in a family large or small,
and the perfectly appropriate fruit gift baskets when
you want to say “Our Deepest Condolences.” Let one
of our basket concierges help you in your selection
process. We offer corporate incentives, promotional
pricing, and volume discounts.
Free Shipping Nationwide*
Holiday Feast
Make an impression that will last the
entire year. This multi-tiered gift tastefully
conveys your warm sentiments to
family or friends. It begins with more
than 5 pounds of hand-selected
gourmet Italian sopressata and fresh
cheese, combined with more than
2 pounds of nuts topped with
fresh and dried fruit. The gift also
features delicious Perugina
chocolate and our own
Corrado’s® Torrone. Make
your Holiday Feast basket
Deluxe by adding your
favorite wine for an
additional charge.
(Item 7833)
Fruit Hamper
The Winter Fruit Hamper
features over 5 lbs of
seasonal fruit, chocolate,
roasted nuts, and always
a fresh seasonal plant.
(Item 7813)
$39.99 and up
The Corrado’s fruit
hampers are of
unequaled beauty and
quality. We display our
fresh fruit in an openstyle hamper basket
elegantly featuring the
beauty of each piece of
fruit. We make luxury
gift baskets, not your
traditional pedestrian
fruit towers with bows
and filler. Let us create
a masterpiece that suits
your style and will wow
your family, friends,
and customers. We
assemble each of our
fruit baskets with the
greatest care, paying
particular attention to
color, freshness, and
visual appeal. Adding
in a touch of fresh
floral pieces makes
our baskets come
alive. They can easily
be displayed as a
centerpiece and are
delicious enough to be
shared by all.
To place your order visit
or call 1-800-232-6758
Free Shipping Nationwide*
Italian Sp
ecial s
ti e
Lotsa Pasta
Everything you need to make
a delicious pasta meal!
Includes: Balsamic vinegar,
extra virgin olive oil, 5
different kinds of pasta,
pasta sauce and flavored
breadsticks, all together in a
stainless steel colander.
(Item 7834) $49.99
Italian Kitchen
Everything you need to create a delicious Italian
meal in your own Kitchen!
Includes: Italian toast, flavored breadsticks, extra
virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Corrado’s®
provolone, sopressata, pesto sauce, spaghetti,
Corrado’s® torrone, espresso, artichoke hearts,
bruschetta, Italian appetizers and biscotti. A real
favorite for the Italian food lovers!
(Item 7824) $99.99
Italian Sp
ecial s
ti e
That’s Italian
Italian Sp
ecial s
ti e
Only the finest Italian ingredients abound
in this basket. Homemade plum tomato
sauce, fresh Italian bread (no joke..It’s real!),
3 assorted pastas, sopressata, grated
cheese, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic
vinegar, torrone, biscotti, taralli,
provolone, imported Italian cookies
and espresso… Now That’s Italian!
(Item 7846) $99.99
To place your order visit
or call 1-800-232-6758
Free Shipping Nationwide*
Dolce Vita
Enjoy a basket loaded
with a little something for
Includes: panettone,
Italian toast, flavored
breadsticks, almond
biscotti, crackers,
assorted pasta, sun-dried
tomatoes, tea biscuits,
tea, jam, marinated
mushrooms, pesto sauce,
pasta sauce, red wine
vinegar, extra virgin olive
oil, roasted peppers,
giardiniera, eggplant
appetizer, Baci chocolate,
butter cookies, provolone,
salami, Toggi chocolate
wafers, torrone and
espresso coffee, all
together in a wicker
(Item 7821) $159.99
Italian Sp
ecial s
ti e
To place your order visit
or call 1-800-232-6758
Free Shipping Nationwide*
The Perfect Gift
Perfect for an Evening at
home, anniversary, birthday, or
romantic celebration.
Includes all the makings for a
great evening – bottle of wine,
seasonal flowers, extra virgin
olive oil, balsamic vinegar,
cheese fondue, breadsticks,
provolone, sopressata,
sun-dried tomatoes, marinara
sauce, linguini, chocolate,
coffee, breadsticks, torrone, and
hazelnut spread…all you
need is the candles!
(Item 7818) $99.99
Sure To Impress
Wine and dine with this basket that’s
sure to impress!
This basket includes a bottle each of
Cabernet, Merlot and Pinot Grigio,
Provolone cheese, Cheddar cheese,
Pepato cheese, salami, Italian toast,
cheese sticks, crackers and
flavored breadsticks, all together
in a wicker basket.
(Item 7829) $129.99
To place your order visit
or call 1-800-232-6758
Free Shipping Nationwide*
Cheese Please
Indulge in the moment with this basket full of some of the finest cheeses
from around the globe!
C h ee s
This gourmet basket includes a selection of 10 popular cheeses. Fontina,
Italian Pepato, Swiss cheese, Jarlsberg, extra sharp Cheddar, Kashkaval,
Holland Gouda, semi-sharp Provolone, Asiago and gourmet cheese
spread with Italian salami and breadsticks and crackers.
(Item 7812) $99.99
This trio of wines is a
complement to any dish.
A Bordeaux for chops and
burgers, Beaujolais for
cheese and crackers, and
a Muscadet to serve with
seafood, a sharp provolone
and assortment of gourmet
crackers and a fancy seafood
spread add to the appeal.
(Item 7862) $69.99
To place your order visit
or call 1-800-232-6758
Free Shipping Nationwide*
Guys Night Out
Enjoy these classic treats while watching
the game!
Basket includes pretzels, beef jerky, almonds,
queso dip, salsa, wasabi peas, sopressata,
Provolone, crackers, tortilla chips, and
assorted craft beers.
(Item 7817) $79.99
To place your order visit
or call 1-800-232-6758
Free Shipping Nationwide*
Custom Boxes
Our Custom Boxes Offer a
Great Selection
Picnic For Two
A bottle of wine, 3 fine cheeses,
2 types of sopressata (hot and
sweet), fresh fruit and imported
chocolate... the perfect romantic
picnic in a box guaranteed to
bring a happy memory!
(Item 7827) $89.99
Break Time
Cookies, chocolate candy,
popcorn and enrobed fruit!
Sweet and savory gift set
to satisfy any craving!
(Item 7863) $59.99
and Nut
The ideal blend of fruit and nuts
for the healthy-minded person.
Seasonally selected fruit such as
pears and apples or oranges and
tropicals topped off with fresh
roasted pistachios and almonds.
(Item 7810) $39.99
To place your order visit
or call 1-800-232-6758
Free Shipping Nationwide*
Custom Boxes
Free Shipping Nationwide*
Wine and Cheese
and More! (top left)
A feast in a box! A bold Cabernet
Sauvignon, artisan cheese spread,
peppered crackers, Provolone and Fontina
cheeses, and a sweet Italian sopressata
and the pears are a nice after snack
complement. (Item 7864) - $79.99
Bongiorno (top right)
The perfect morning treat. Breakfast
Italian style. Nutella to spread over the
homestyle pizzelle, two different flavored
cantucci, and an assortment of torrone
complemented with our own Corrado’s
espresso. Start your mornings in an
authentic style. (Item 7865) - $54.99
To place your order visit
or call 1-800-232-6758
Dinner & Dessert
on the Go (above)
Imported pasta, marinated mushrooms, pepper
appetizer, Corrado’s® espresso and biscotti,
and delicious cheese crisps complemented
with Italian torrone. (Item 7814) - $49.99
Snack Attack (above)
This is the perfect box to deliver to an office, a party,
or for any occasion. Stuffed with 3 different nuts/
dried fruit combo, imported chocolates, Viennese
wafers, imported fruit spreads, tea, cheese crisps
and hazelnut spread. (Item 7828) - $59.99
Finest Treats (above)
Imported amaretto cookies, chocolate
covered almonds, imported jams, Italian
torrone, breadsticks, and hazelnut spread
and our own espresso… a treat in a box!
(Item 7816) - $49.99
Chocolate Lovers
This delicious basket is stuffed
with only the most discriminate
chocolate lover’s favorites... Godiva
chocolates, enrobed pomegranate
seeds, Lindt candies, brownie brittle,
Guylian chocolates, enrobed pretzels,
chocolate popcorn, Perugina Baci,
and many more treats sure to satisfy
any chocolate craving!
(Item 7847) $74.99
To place your order visit
or call 1-800-232-6758
Free Shipping Nationwide*
To place your order visit
or call 1-800-232-6758
Free Shipping Nationwide*
Corporate Snack
The perfect corporate snack to
open and share with a group of
coworkers. Popcorn, almonds,
pistachios, pretzels, licorice,
cookies, chocolate, and
SO much more!
(Item 7869) $99.99
To place your order visit
or call 1-800-232-6758
Fit For A King
Our most regal masterpiece!
This basket features more than 20 lbs.
of gourmet specialties featuring
4 bottles of fine wine (Franciscan
Magnificat, Santa Margherita Pinot
Grigio, Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon,
and Maso Canali white), sharp
Provolone, sopressata, Corrado’s®
biscotti, Corrado’s® panettone and
torrone, Lavazza coffee, pesto, Ferrero
Rocher chocolates, Lindt Grandeur
candy bars, fancy mixed nut assortment,
marzipan, Ghirardelli chocolate bars
(2), Perugina chocolate bars (2), cheese
spread, cheese sticks, dried fruit,
breadsticks, sharp cheddar cheese and
cheese sticks. This is an outstanding
basket featuring all full-sized items…
no sample sizes in this indulgence!
(Item 7822)
Free Shipping Nationwide*
Add a Bottle of Wine?
We will gladly “deluxe” your gift basket
selection by adding a bottle of wine to
your choice of baskets. We have an large
variety ranging from whites to reds to
champagne and more!
Silver Oak Wine (Item 7866)
100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Fruit-driven wine from a great California vintage. It has a dark ruby
color and an inviting nose of ripe black plum, blackberry, baking spices and soy sauce.
Angel’s Envy
(Item 7868) $49.99
Angel’s Envy Bourbon is a masterpiece unlike any
other bourbon. Created by Master Distiller Lincoln
Henderson. Aged up to 6 years in charred white
oak barrels and finished in ruby port wine casks.
Packaged beautifully for an elegant arrival. Pair
with cigars for an added extra!
Corrado’s has
many extras to
add to our custom
baskets such as
wine or liquor
ranging from
champagne to
fancy liquors…
candy or cigars!
Hard to buy
for? Cigar gift
baskets are the perfect gift idea for your favorite
cigar aficionado, for a birthday or maybe even
a wedding present. The recipient will remember
your gesture for quite a while with a custom
basket from Corrado’s.
Dom Perignon
(left) (Item 7870) $199.99
Make a special occasion even more memorable with the exceptional
gift of Dom Perignon world-class champagne elegantly presented in
a beautiful gift basket complemented with chocolate truffles.
600 Getty Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011
US Postage
Hackensack, NJ
Permit No. 1121
Holiday Gourmet Gift Towers (above)
Our gourmet gift towers are the perfect pick-me-up for the
doldrums. Choose from a variety of boxed sets, holiday or
everyday. All gift sets come with more than a pound of trail mix,
½ lb. of pistachios, ¼ lb. of chocolate covered raisins, or the
finest chocolate pretzels.
(Item 7836) $29.99
Popcorn Tins
Popcorn is the perfect gift! What’s not to love about Popcorn!
We feature The Popcorn Factory party tins with an assortment
of 3 popcorn flavors. A great gift idea!
(Item 7867) $12.99
We ship FedEx Ground Nationwide
completely FREE!
(Expedited service is available for an extra charge)
*Please note that a surcharge will be added to the cost of fruit and chocolate
baskets to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. It will be shipped via
express delivery. To avoid weekend transit, express orders placed at the end of
the week will ship on Monday the following week.
Corrado’s may substitute any product(s) for
equal value due to availability. Some props
and illustrations are for design purposes only.

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