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Ward 10 News - Cleveland City Council
Jeff Johnson, Councilman
www.clevelandcitycouncil.org | Summer 2014
Parade Route
1.Kick off at 105 St. at Superior Ave. 3.Turn west on St. Clair Ave.
2.Head north up 105th to St. Clair Ave. 4.End at East 88th St. (Sam Miller Park)
There will also be amateur competitive boxing with top
Councilman Jeff Johnson and the Glenville
Community Foundation invite you and your family to local boxers.
the Glenville Community Festival & Parade, now celebrating its
37th year!
The headliner for this year’s festival is Cleveland’s own
Kinsman Dazz Band. Also performing will be some of
Cleveland’s best jazz, blues, reggae, R&B and gospel artists.
Considered one of the best community events in Greater
Cleveland, the Glenville Community Parade & Festival has fun,
food and entertainment for everyone. Last year’s event drew
over 10,000 visitors. Guests can take in live performances on
five stages! Youth can enjoy activities in “Children’s World”,
with free pony rides, and inflatables. Older residents can go
to “Senior’s World”, a special area where they can comfortably
take in the festivities. While there, golden-agers will be treated
to FREE hot lunches from 1 pm to 3 pm.
Let’s make this an unforgettable summer!
Come experience the sights, sounds, vendors, food and fun
of the Glenville Community Festival & Parade.
A Message from Ward 10 Councilman Jeff Johnson
Dear Neighbor:
Engage with Councilman
Jeff Johnson:
PHONE 216-664-4743
Email [email protected]
web www.clevelandcitycouncil.org/ward-10
It has been seven months since I became Councilman for
the 10th Ward. I have spent the time responding to
city service requests and planning the redevelopment of our
community. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve as
the Councilman of new Ward 10. For anyone who
does not know the six neighborhoods within
Ward 10 are Glenville, Forest Hills, Collinwood,
St. Clair/Superior, Euclid Park and Nottingham
Village. Because of the size of the Ward 10 area I have
worked to develop partnerships, provide a process for
people to assist us in responding to the major issues of our
neighborhoods and to work to improve our community. It is
critical that residents of Ward 10 also join us in our efforts to
I am excited about the
future in Ward 10 and
in the Northeast area of
make our neighborhoods stronger. If you want to volunteer
and assist with our efforts within your neighborhood please
contact me at [email protected] or call me
at 216 664-4231.
The issues of economic development (including job
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Five Pointe
Community Center
Sponsored Programs and Events
For more information about these and other programs
and activities, please call 216-268-2138:
Walkers Club
Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 7 am
Collinwood Recreation Center,
16300 Lakeshore Blvd.
Senior Meal Program
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
10 am - 3 pm
Five Pointe Community Center,
813 E. 152nd St.
Movie Night
Sponsored by Councilman Jeff Johnson
& the Fifth District Community
Relations Committee
Every last Thursday of the month.
Movie begins at 8:30 pm:
July 31 @ Duggan Park,
1696 Catalpa Rd.
August 28 @ Groton Park,
At the corner of Groton and Greenvale Rd.
Ice Cream Social
& Movie
Sponsored by Councilman Jeff Johnson
& the Fifth District Community
Relations Committee
Sat., August 16 @ 6 pm, Groton Park
At the corner of Groton and Greenvale Rd.
Vacant Property & Lot
Maintenance Service
The Parks Maintenance Division will be
servicing and cleaning vacant properties and
lots throughout the City of Cleveland from
April through September. This process
helps keep Cleveland clean and green one
neighborhood at a time.
The objective of this program is to keep
vacant lots and the exteriors of vacant
structures within the City aesthetically
pleasing and to eliminate health and safety
hazards. Activities include cutting high grass,
weeds and remove debris from vacant lots.
Owners who abandon their property
will be charged for maintenance services and
a fine will be incurred. Problem properties can
be reported by calling 216-420-8300 or
216-664-2701, weekdays from 7 am to
3:30 pm.
Owners whose property has been
serviced by the city are billed for services.
If the bill is not paid within 30 days, it is
sent to the County and placed as a “special
assessment” on the owner’s property taxes.
Those wishing to protest the invoice
or services are asked to call 216-4208367. Property owners are advised to have
information, including service dates, available
to expedite this process.
A Message from
Anthony T.
Cuyahoga County Councilman, District 10
Dear Constituents:
My name is Anthony T. Hairston and I am the
District 10 Cuyahoga County Councilman. The areas
in which I serve include the cities of Cleveland’s Ward 8,
Ward 10, East Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, University
Heights and the village of Bratenahl. As a lifelong
Clevelander and current resident of Cleveland’s
Ward 10, I am aware of the challenges faced by
Cleveland and its’ suburban neighbors. However, I
believe there is a brighter, prosperous day for the region
as long as we continue to band together and work for
the common good of our communities.
Since my appointment in March 2014, I have
worked diligently for the the residents of Council
District 10 by sponsoring and voting for legislation that
will help create jobs, provide necessary benefits to the
community and protect voter rights. Those resolutions
1. Authorizing an agreement with the Educational
Service Center of Cuyahoga County for the Help
Me Grow Bright Beginnings Home Visiting
Program in order to implement and maintain
coordinated, community-based family services for
expectant parents, newborns, infants, toddlers and
their families.
Summer Youth Employment program to
enhance employment skills of eligible youth in
Cuyahoga County.
3. Voting for the Cuyahoga County Voting Rights
Law to protect our citizens’ right to vote. The
legislation promotes voter registration at all levels
of citizen interaction with County Government;
Promotes early voting programs, including
the voting by mail program; and seeking court
intervention to protect access to the ballot by the
County’s citizens.
I have collaborated with Cleveland Ward 10
Councilman Jeff Johnson on many occasions
and I look forward to working with him in the
future to bring jobs, better education and more
opportunities to our community. By working
together with Councilman Johnson and the community
at large, we can transform Cleveland’s Ward 10 into
a prosperous place to live and the best location in
Cuyahoga County.
Anthony T. Hairston
Cuyahoga County Councilman, District 10
2. Sponsoring a resolution to award $4,497,220
to Youth Opportunities Unlimited for the
Office: 216-698-2022
Email: [email protected]
Message Continued
PHOTO: Councilman Jeff Johnson and
Mayor Frank G. Jackson with Ward 10
Consuella Exum at the 2014 City of
Cleveland Senior Day Celebration
held on May 14.
Photo Credit:
City of Cleveland Photographic Bureau
MS. CONSUELLA EXUM is a lifelong resident of the
City of Cleveland and she attended the Cleveland Public
Schools. She is the mother of one daughter and two sons.
She is blessed with three grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren.
Education is important to Consuella and it is
demonstrated through the coursework she has completed
over the years which includes: Security Guard Training at
Cleveland Marshall Law; Managing Cosmetologist License
at the Beatrice Academy School of Beauty; and Home
Health Aide/Nursing Aide License through the State of Ohio.
She also attended Cuyahoga Community College, majoring
in Business Administration.
Ms. Exum provided 30 years of public service as a Family
Service Aide I and II at Cuyahoga County Department of
Human Services. For 27 years, she was a Union Steward
of ASFCME, Local 1746, representing 350 Family Service
Aide employees. She also served one term as Secretary of
ASFCME Local 1746.
She is a passionate, dedicated resident of her
community. In 2002, she was elected as Precinct Committee
Person to help address the concerns of Ward 10; this is a
position she still holds today. Consuella is also a member
and past Vice President of the East 143rd Street Club.
Ms. Exum has been an active member of Morning
Star Baptist Church for more than 30 years. Currently, she
is studying as a Deaconess in Training and serves on the
courtesy committee. She previously served as leader of the
Tribe of Benjamin.
Consuella is a member of the Order of the Eastern Star.
In her free time, and to stay active, she enjoys line dancing.
Ms. Exum is committed to giving back to the community.
Her dedication to the Ward 10 community is greatly
creation), housing, crime prevention, local schools, senior
outreach, youth development and city services are our focus.
Again, I encourage any resident or business owner to contact
me and participate in our efforts.
Each month there are three meetings with
residents of the neighborhoods of Ward 10. In the
west end of the ward, the St. Clair/Superior neighborhood
meeting will be at the Goodrich/Gannett Center on East 55th
on every second Tuesday of each month beginning at 6 pm.
The meeting in the Glenville and Forest Hills area is every third
Thursday at 6 pm at the Ward 10 office at East 105th and
St. Clair Avenue (10553 St. Clair Avenue). The meeting for the
Collinwood, Euclid Park and Nottingham Village area is every
third Tuesday at 6 pm at the Greater Faith Baptist Church
located at 13816 St. Clair Avenue (at Hayden Avenue). At
each meeting there will be a representatives from the police
department and from city hall to discuss city issues.
There are three local neighborhood development
corporations who will be assisting with the planning
and development of our community. Famicos Foundation,
St. Clair/Superior Development Corporation, and the
Collinwood & Nottingham Village Development Corporation
will work with us to move our neighborhoods forward in
a positive way. Additionally, I am working closely with
Councilmen Michael Polensek and Kevin Conwell in a joint
effort to focus on improving the entire northeast community
of Cleveland. The coalition we have formed will include Wards
8, 9 and 10. Together we expect to be stronger for change. We
have also asked Cleveland State University and the Cleveland
Neighborhood Progress Inc. to assist in our efforts.
I am excited about the future in Ward 10 and in the
Northeast area of Cleveland. There are tough and challenging
issues but I believe our community residents, organizations
and other supporters will work together to make us stronger
and better. Remember, we are Ward 10 Proud.
Thank you,
Jeff Johnson
Councilman, Ward 10
Senior Homeowners Beware: Home Remodeling Scams
From the City of Cleveland Department of
Community Development
The Office of Fair Housing & Consumer Affairs,
Department of Community Development, City of Cleveland,
is issuing a CONSUMER ALERT regarding remodeling
contractors who convince seniors that their homes
can be repaired and/or remodeled for free without
the consequences of a loan or mortgage.
In Cleveland neighborhoods, The Office of Fair
Housing & Consumer Affairs has received complaints from
seniors who were unaware that they had signed reverse
mortgages after being solicited by remodeling contractors
to do work on their homes.
In some cases, the contractors have taken all the
proceeds from the senior homeowner and performed little
or no work. The Office of Fair Housing & Consumer Affairs
has concluded from the cases that it has examined that
there is an inherent conflict of interest when contractors
and/with mortgage brokers (and their representatives)
steer senior homeowners into reverse mortgages.
These contractors have told seniors that there is an FHA
program (Federal Housing Administration) that will provide
funds to repair their homes with no monthly payments; no
credit required, no income required or payback leaving the
seniors with the false conclusion that they are receiving
the remodeling work for free or that it is being paid for by
“the government” when, in fact, the repairs are being paid
for by the senior with a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage
Reverse mortgage scams are engineered by
unscrupulous professionals in a multitude of real estate,
financial services, and related companies to steal the
equity from the property of unsuspecting senior citizens
or to use these seniors to unwittingly aid the fraudsters in
stealing equity.
The Office of Fair Housing & Consumer Affairs advises
seniors to avoid accessing Reverse Mortgages through
or on the advice of Home Repair or Home improvement
contractors. If you are considering a Reverse Mortgage
(Home Equity Conversion Mortgage HCEM), seek out a
qualified reverse mortgage counselor from a legitimate
agency such as Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater
Do not seek or listen to advice from anyone who is
connected to the mortgage company such as a “steerer” at
your church or a contractor or his/her “steerers”. [A “steerer”
is a person who testifies and endorses a product or service
and who may or may not be compensated for providing
leads to a products or service provider such as a contractor
or mortgage company.
If you need help or would like more information,
City of Cleveland Department of Community
Development, Office of Fair Housing & Consumer Affairs
Jeff Johnson, Councilman
601 Lakeside Avenue, Room 220
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: 216-664-4743
Fax: 216-664-3837
[email protected]
Call 216-420-8323 for a complete listing:
For the Forest Hills & Glenville Neighborhoods
Call 216-664-4743 for more information.
Senior Transportation Connection
The Senior Transportation Connection (STC)
is funded by Councilman Jeff Johnson
(At the Glenville Town Plaza next to Rainbow Clothing Store)
10553 St. Clair Avenue
Open Swim • Water Slide/Kiddie Pool • Learn to Swim
Open Gym • Kickball • Basketball • Pickle Ball
Open Track • Arts & Crafts • Senior Fitness and more!
• For Ward 10 residents 60 years of age or older who have
limited transportation options
Lunch: 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Every Third Thursday @ 6 pm
Free Summer Meals (For youth ages 5-18)
13816 St. Clair Avenue
For the Collinwood, Euclid Park & Nottingham Village Neighborhoods
Call 216-664-4743 for more information.
Collinwood | 16300 Lakeshore Blvd.
Greater Faith Baptist Church
Glenville Rec Center will remain open until 11 pm
every Wednesday - Saturday now through August 9
Activities include:
Every Third Tuesday @ 6 pm
Open Swim • Family Gym • Baseball • Tee Ball
Arts & Crafts • Senior Aerobics, Field Trips and more!
“Cleveland Nights” program
1400 East 55th Street
For the St. Clair/Superior Neighborhood
Call 216-664-4743 for more information.
Breakfast: 10:00 - 10:30 am Lunch: 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Goodrich-Gannett Neighborhood Center
Free Summer Meals (For youth ages 5-18)
• STC provides (2) two, one-way trips per week to eligible
Call 216-664-2516 for a complete listing:
Every Second Tuesday @ 6 pm
Glenville | 680 E. 113 Street
Join Ward 10 Councilman Jeff Johnson, Ward 10 Leader Anthony T. Hairston
and special guests for these monthly informational meetings.
Open Swim • Family Swim • Weight Room
Open Gym • Soccer • Ping-Pong • Game Room
Baseball • Volleyball • And more!
4:30 pm.
Activities include:
• Fare is $1 per one-way trip.
• Service is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 am -
Lunch: 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Community Meetings
Free Summer Meals (For youth ages 5-18)
Ward 10 Community Office
Activities include:
• First time riders: call the Department of Aging
at 664-2833 to sign up and for details. To schedule a
trip please call 1-800-983-4782.
If you don’t like
change it.
If you can’t change
it, change your
– Maya Angelou
Call 216-664-4140 for a complete listing:
Visit www.ClevelandCityCouncil.org
Emergency (Police, Fire, EMS) ………………………… 911
Police (non-emergency) ………………………… 621-1234
3rd District Police (10700 Chester Ave.) …………… 623-5300
5th District Police (881 E. 152nd St.) ……………… 623-5500
Fire (non-emergency) …………………………… 621-1212
EMS (non-emergency) …………………………… 623-4545
City Hall (all departments) ……………………… 664-2000
Mayor’s Action Center …………………………… 664-2900
Animal Control (dogs, etc) ………………………… 664-3069
Building/Housing Complaints …………………… 664-2007
Cleveland Public Power ………………………… 664-3156
Collinwood Recreation Center …………………… 420-8323
Glenville Recreation Center ……………………… 664-2516
Department of Aging …………………………… 664-2833
Dominion East Ohio Gas ………………………… 361-2345
Health Department Complaints ………………… 664-2300
J. Glen Smith Health Center ……………………… 249-4100
Illuminating Company …………………… 1-800-589-3101
Potholes/Snow Removal ………………………… 664-2510
Sewers/Catch Basins (clogged) …………………… 664-2513
Street Light Outages …………………………… 621-5483
Tree Trimming/Removal ………………………… 664-3104
Waste Collection Issues ………………………… 664-2397
EJ Kovacic | 6250 St. Clair Ave.
Ward 10
Come learn what’s happening in our community!
Rec Center

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