saint john of god parish



saint john of god parish
84 Carleton Avenue * Central Islip, New York 11722
Phone: 234-6535 * Fax: 234-7474 * Email: [email protected]
Rev. Christopher Nowak, Pastor
Pastoral Staff
Rev. Rómulo César Gómez, Associate Pastor
Sr. Valerie Scholl, CSJ, Pastoral Associate / Admin.
Dcn. Ronald J. Gillette
Sr. Claudia Allen, CSJ, Apostolado Hispano
Mrs. Maggie Martin, Religious Education
Mrs. Ana Sullivan, Parish Social Ministry Coordinator
Mrs. Patricia Walsh, Cemetery Secretary
Mrs. Eleanor Gould, Music Ministry
Parish Center: 234-6535
Religious Education: 234-4040
Outreach Office: 234-1884
Cemetery Office: 234-6535 x135
Apostolado Hispano
234-6535 x 106
Equipo Pastoral Que Habla Español
Parish Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9AM – 4:30 PM
Rev. Christopher Nowak, Pastor
Rev. Rómulo César Gómez,
Pastor Asociado
Hna. Claudia Allen, CSJ
Sra. Ana Sullivan,
Ministerio Social
Sunday: 9 AM – 2 PM
(Mass Cards)
Emergency Sick Calls Any Time
Sunday Mass Schedule
Saturday Vigil: 5 PM Chapel
Sunday: 8 AM Church
9:30 AM Church
11:00 AM Chapel
Misas En Español
Sábado: 7:00 PM Capilla
Domingo: 9:30 AM Capilla
12:30 PM Capilla
Martes: 7:00 PM Capilla
Weekday Masses
Monday – Saturday:
9 AM Church
Miraculous Medal Novena:
Monday at 9 AM Mass
Bautizos en Español:
2ndo y 4tro Domingo de cada mes, 2 PM Los padres de los niños
deben ir a la oficina antes de inscribirlos. Llame 234-6535 x 106
para una cita.
Confesiones: Los sábados a las 4:00 PM
Primera Comunión y Confirmación:
Niños de 6 hasta los 17años deben asistir a las clases de
Educación Religiosa de acuerdo a su edad. Llame: 234-4040
Sacramentos Para Los Adultos:
(18 años en adelante) Llame 234-6535 x 106 para más
información. Las clases para los adultos son los domingos a las
11 AM.
Matrimonio: Inscribirse 6 meses antes de la fecha de la boda.
Llame: 234- 6535 para hablar con un miembro del Equipo
Pastoral que habla español.
Reconciliation: Saturday at 4:00 PM in the Church
or by appointment. Please call the Parish Center.
Baptism: 1st and 3rd Sunday at 2 PM. Parents must register
at the Parish Center at least 1 month before the baptism.
Marriage: Those wishing to be married must make arrangements
at least 6 months in advance. Call the Parish Center.
Our Lady of Providence Regional School
Pre-K (4 yrs.) through 8th Grade
234-1113 or 234-6324
Principal: Mrs. JoAnn DiNardo
February 26, 2012
Nuestra Señora de la Providencia Escuela Católica
Pre-K (4 años) hasta 8vo grado
234-1113 o 234-6324
Principale: Mrs. JoAnn DiNardo
First Sunday Of Lent
Mass Intentions for the Week of Feb. 26th:
– Emily Hamlin
– Intentions of Virginia Koop
– No Intention
– Alberta Maieli
– Thanksgiving to St. Jude
– Anne Gormley
– Lucille Vavosa
– All those enrolled in the
Society of Prayer
– 9:30AM – Andy Andersen
– 11:00AM – People of St. John of God
Monday, February 27th –
Lv 19:1-2,11-18 Mt 25:31-46
Weekend of February 18th/19th
Sharing One’s Resources in the Parish
Sunday Collection:
$ 8,167.00
Maintenance & Repairs
$ 2,849.00
Total Collection:
$ 11,016.00
Sunday Attendance:
9:00AM – Daily Mass –
Future Special Collections Dates:
Tuesday, February 28th–
Is 55:10-11 Mt 6:7-15
9:00AM – Daily Mass
7:00PM – Misa en Español – (Capilla)
Wednesday, February 29th–
Jon 3:1-10 Lk 11:29-32
9:00AM – Daily Mass –
Thursday, March 1st–
Est C 12,14-16,23-25
Mt 7:7-12
9:00AM – Daily Mass –
Friday, March 2nd –
Ez 18:21-28
Mt 5:20-26
Saturday, March 3rd –
Saint Katharine Drexel, virgin
Dt 26:16-19 Mt 5:43-48
9:00AM – Daily Mass
5:00PM – Vigil Mass
7:00PM – Misa en Español
Sunday, March 4th –
Second Sunday of Lent
Gn 22:1-2,9a,10-13,15-18
Rom 8:31b-34
Mk 9:2-10
– Mass – English
– Mass – English
– Misa en Español
– Mass – English
– Misa en Español
March 18th
Diocesan Needs Collection for
Catholic Relief Services
April 6th
Diocesan Needs Collection for
Holy Lands
Restoring the Glory….
to welcome…to worship…
to grow…to serve…
9:00AM – Daily Mass
March 11th
Parish Maintenance & Repairs Collection
Pledge Report:
$ 1,293,719.75
Total Paid to Date: $ 1,179,689.75
$ 114,030.00
Thank you to all
who have completed
a pledge and to all
who are planning to continue
payments in 2012.
I am in the process of choosing
among three proposals for the
Memorial Garden for completion
in 2012.
Fr. Chris.
Remember in your thoughts and prayers,
the Sick of the Parish...
Services & Happenings for the
Week of February 26th
Rosary at 8:30AM before Daily Mass
February 27th — Religious Education
Lenten Mass - 7:00PM
March 2nd
— 9:00AM Mass & Start of
Eucharistic Adoration Stations of the Cross (E)
Adoration — all day ending
at 7:00PM Holy Hour &
Benediction (Church)
March 3rd
— 7:30PM — Saint Patrick /
Saint Joseph Dinner Dance
Knights of Columbus Hall
March 4th
— Celebration of the Feast
of Saint John of God
St. John of God Parish
Family Mass
Next Sunday.
March 4th
at 11:00Am
in the Chapel
Lenten Practices
Laws of Fast & Abstinence
All Catholics who have reached their
fourteenth year are bound to abstain
entirely from meat on Ash Wednesday
and All Fridays of Lent.
Joseph Acciarito
Leticia Colon
Geanne Cordinglly
Mark Dixon
Donna Falk
Helen, Leon, JoAnn Falk
Ron Gillette II
Alice Hydell
Troy Liddell
Maggie Martin
Gloria Martin
Josh Mouzakes
Liz Mouzakes
Charlie O’Donnell
Marge O’Rourke
Arcadia Paz
Carmen Ramos
John Santiago
Louise Savino
Louis Vavosa
Barbara & Tim Warfield
Mary Weber
Barbara Zarcone
Names of parishioners on our parish sick list
will remain on the list for six weeks. After
that time you may advise us that there is still
a serious problem and please have them
returned to the list.
Father Chris
Saint John of God
Youth Mass
The Youth Mass will
take place on the first Saturday of
each month at the 5PM Mass.
All youth of the parish are invited
to attend and bring
their families.
Next Youth Mass will
be March 3rd.
All Catholics between the ages of eighteen and fiftynine inclusive are also bound to observe the Law of
Fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. This
means limiting oneself to a single full meal and
avoiding food between meals. Two other light meals,
which together do not equal a full meal, may be taken
during the day.
Religious Education Office
Mrs. Maggie Martin, Director
Telephone: 631-234-4040
Email: [email protected]
Office hours for week of Feb. 26th
Monday, Feb. 27
Tuesday, Feb. 28:
Wednesday, Feb. 29
Thursday, Mar. 1
Friday, Mar. 2
Saturday, Mar. 3:
Sunday, Mar. 4:
4:00pm – 7:30pm
4:00pm – 7:30pm
10am – 2:00pm
Schedule of Classes for Week of Feb.26:
Mon., Feb. 27:
Level 8 Teen Team
Regular Session &
*Lenten Mass
7:00 –8:15pm Chapel
(RCIC) Rites of Christian
Initiation for Children
Regular Session &
*Lenten Mass
7:00 –8:00pm Chapel
Wed., Feb. 29:
Sat., March 3;
Levels 1-7
Regular Session
4:45 — 6:00pm
Levels 1-7 &
Miss Sandy’s
Regular Sessions
8:30-9:45am &
*Arrive Early. Mass begins at 7:00PM.
Parents welcome.
Please continue to
keep Miss Maggie in
your daily prayers
as she continues
her recovery from
her heart bypass
Miss Maggie we miss you!!!
Religious Education
Level 7
Annual Blanket & Coat Drive
continuing throughout
The winter season,
Saint John of God’s
Level 7 classes will be
collecting gently used
or new coats and blankets to
donate to the Thrift Shop to
keep the members of our
community warm throughout
these cold months. Bins are at
the main doors of both the
Church & Chapel.
Thank you for your
continued generosity.
Small Change Will Make
a Big Difference!
St. John of God Religious Education
Program embraces the Gospel message
found in Matthew 19:14-15 Jesus said,
“Let the children come to me, and do
not prevent them; for the kingdom of
heaven belongs to such as these.” All
money will go to support Religious
Education in our
Please deposit your
small change at the
doors of the Church
and Chapel.
Telephone: 234-6324
Visit us at:
Mrs. JoAnn Di Nardo, Principal
A Piece of Providence
News from Our Lady of Providence
the regional school for your parish!
Registration for
new families
is now open.
If you would
like to register,
please call the
school at 234-6324 or stop in.
Documents Required:
* Birth and Baptism Certificate
* Proof of Immunization
* Copy of Latest Report Card (Gr.1-3)
* Copy of Last 3 Report Cards (Gr. 4-8)
Registration Fee:
Pre K:
4 years old by 12-1-2012
5 days—9AM to 3PM
GYM Uniform Only
Physical Ed., Music, Art
and Guidance
Kindergarten: 5 years old by 12-1-2012
Full day—Regular Uniform
Computer, Music, Spanish,
Art, and Guidance
Grades 1-4:
Computer, Music Art
Physical Ed., Guidance
Grades 5-6-7-8: Computer, Art, Physical
Ed., Guidance, Choice
of Spanish or French
Highest Class size: 25 now and may go
up to 30 students.
Academic Individual Services Program for
students who are having academic
A Before and After School program is
Our Lady Providence had an amazing
Catholic Schools Week! It all began with
a very successful Open House.
Prospective parents and students were
introduced to teachers and staff in
addition to touring our wonderful school.
Visitors were able to see Smart Boards,
iPads, and other technology in action.
We cannot wait to welcome new students
into our OLOP family.
Interested in joining our OLOP family?
Well now is the time! Registration for the
2012-2013 school year has begun!
Forms for registration and tuition
assistance from Tomorrow’s Hope can be
downloaded from our website or picked
up at the front office of the school.
Our World’s Finest Chocolate candy
fundraiser was a huge success! Thank
you to all of the parish families for
supporting our school. Congratulations to
all of those families that won prizes for
selling the most chocolate.
We are all excited to begin our Spring
fundraiser – “Mixed Bags”. We will be
selling different types of colorful bags
such as lunch bags, totes, makeup kits,
iPhone accessories, etc. There are many
beautiful patterns just in time for Spring.
Dates to Remember:
February 27th — School Reopens
March 2nd
— Report Cards
March 22nd — Professional Day
11:30AM Dismissal
Keep up to date with current events and
individual class information by visiting our
school website at Our
website can be translated by scrolling
down to the bottom left corner.
Society of St. Vincent de
234-6535, ext. 103
In today’s Gospel, Jesus overcomes the
temptations to wealth, power and esteem. He
is on the brink of inaugurating his ministry but
not even the Son of God was exempt from
being tested! His decision was to be faithful to
God’s law and revelation, and his great selfknowledge led him out of the desert to begin
his public ministry.
We are never immune to temptation; it is
real. Temptation always brings choices and
decisions. In our daily living we must place our
temptations and our choices within the
commandment to love God and neighbor.
This defines in a nutshell what Lent is all
about: we, too, spend extra time by ourselves
during Lent so that we can come to the Easter
celebration better able to proclaim the Gospel.
As we begin Lent, may we open our hearts
to the grace of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.
All PFI students, First and
Second Year...there will be a
meeting on this Monday,
February 27 at 7:30pm with
Fr. Chris N in the Seton
Todos los alumnos de PFI,
primer y segundo ano….habrá
una reunión con P. Chris N
este lunes el 27 de febrero a
las 7:30pm en el Salón Seton
Telephone: 234-1884
Ana Sullivan, Coordinator
Thank you
to all parishioners for your continued support.
“For I was hungry and you gave Me food,
I was thirsty and you gave Me drink,
I was a stranger and you welcomed Me….”
-Matthew 25:35
Our Food Pantry is very low
or out of the following items:
- Jelly/Jam -Cereals - Pork and Beans
- Can Potatoes
- Mix vegetables
- Mac and Cheese
- Gravy
- Peanut butter
Adult Choir Rehearsal
7:30PM in the Chapel
February 29
March 7
March 14
March 21
March 28
April 4
April 18
April 25
Children’s Choir (English) Rehearsal
7:00PM — 8:00PM in the Chapel
March 1
March 4 — Sing at 11am Mass
March 8
March 15
March 22
March 29
April 1 — Sing at 11am Mass
April 19
April 26
Mark Your Calendar
March 3rd — Parish Seventh Annual
Saint Patrick—Saint Joseph Dinner Dance
— 7:00PM to 11:00PM will be held at the
Knights of Columbus Hall— Open Bar, Dinner,
DJ, Door Prizes, Auction Table, two 50/50.
March 5th – Confraternity of
Christian Mothers — 7:30PM Monthly
Meeting in the small Cafeteria of the School. All
women of the Parish are welcome.
March 8th – Feast of Saint John of
God Our Patron Saint.
 March 11th — The Holy Name Society
members will gather at the 8:00AM Mass with
their monthly meeting following. All members of
the Parish are invited to join them.
March 11th — Ministry to Catholics of
African Ancestry members will hold their
regular monthly meeting at 12Noon in Room 11
of Our Lady of Providence School. All members
of the Parish are welcome
 March 20th – Society of St. Vincent
de Paul Meeting – 12:30PM -- members
will hold their monthly meeting in the Conference
Room of the Parish Center. All are welcome!!!
March 23rd — Parish Soup Supper
6:30PM to 8:00PM — Knights of Columbus.
Eucharistic Adoration
Stations of the Cross (E)
March 2nd (After 9AM Mass)
Adoration —
all day ending with
Holy Hour and Benediction
from 7:00PM to 8:00PM
Sign up sheets are in the
Sacristy of the Church and
the Chapel.
Have you sign up yet???
March 23rd — Parish Soup Supper
6:30PM to 8:00PM — Knights of Columbus.
March 29th — Parish Seder Supper
7:00PM to 9:00PM — Knights of Columbus
 April
1st — Parish Annual Super Raffle
Tickets go on sale in the Parish Office
during Office Hours. You can start
reserving your lucky numbers then.
June 3rd — P.F. I. Raffle — Drawing
and Winners Announced at Outdoor
Concert 3:00PM to 7:00PM at St. John of God.
July 13th— Annual Super Raffle —
St. Patrick’s/St. Joseph’s
Dinner Dance
Any one wishing to
donate a new item or
basket for the auction baskets table
or a door prize can contact Mary
Ann Gruner by calling 631-234-8118
after 6PM Monday through Sunday.
Deadline for donations is Monday,
February 27th. Arrangements for
pick-up or drop off will be made
at the time of your call.
Eucharistic Ministers
and Lectors Needed!!!
We need more parishioners to
serve in these ministries. Our Lord
is calling you to help serve at his
Speak to Fr. Chris
Bread & Wine and
Altar Candle Memorials
are still available in 2012.
If you would like a
special date, for 2012,
call or stop at the Parish Office
before your date is taken. There are
Announced Masses available for
2012 and 2013. Come to the Parish
Office to arrange for your Masses.
You can also enroll your loved ones
in our Society of Prayer for a year.
They will be prayed for at the 8AM
Mass on Sunday mornings.
We need young
people to join
the Children’s
Any one in third Grade or
higher is invited to join us.
We need singers. come and
join us At our next rehearsal
on February 16th at 7PM in the
We Pray: Lord, hold our troops in your
loving hands. Protect them as they
protect us. Bless them and their families
for the selfless acts they perform
for us in our time of need.
We ask this in the name of your
Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and
Maria Regina Residence
Volunteers Needed
Maria Regina Residence, a
sponsored ministry of the
Sisters of Saint Joseph of
Brentwood, invites you to share this ministry
with us as a volunteer. Our ministry is to
those women and men, Religious and Lay, in
need of skilled nursing care.
We have many areas of need and would be
grateful to each of you who recognizes
and accepts the challenge and joy of
becoming a volunteer. If you are
interested in sharing this ministry
with us, please contact Sister Rita Epilone,
Volunteer Coordinator, at 299-3288.
Somos La Parroquia de San Juan de Dios - comprometidos a La Fe, La Familia, y La Comunidad!
Para Acoger….Para Alabar
Para Crecer….Para Servir
Cantidad total de los Compromisos
$ 1,293,719.75
Cantidad total de los Pagos
$ 1,179,689.75
La Cuaresma es la época del año que
dedicamos a examinar nuestras vidas a la luz de
nuestro Bautismo en la muerte y Resurrección
de Jesús. Las lecturas de hoy son un catecismo
abreviado de lo que significa estar bautizados.
Como Noé pasó por las aguas del diluvio a una
alianza con Dios, así también nosotros entramos en una alianza, una relación con Dios,
mediante nuestro Bautismo.
La carta de Pedro da una explicación
explícita de lo que nuestro Bautismo significa:
un llamamiento que hacemos a Dios para que
nos dé una conciencia tranquila. ¿Cómo
podemos obtener esta conciencia tranquila?
Las palabras proclamadas por Jesús inmediatamente después de su tentación nos muestran
cómo: “Arrepiéntanse y crean en el Evangelio”
(Marcos 1:15). Podría ser un buen ejercicio
espiritual mantener estas lecturas ante nosotros
durante todo el tiempo de Cuaresma, un medio
que nos ayude a volver a una vida vivida por las
promesas bautismales.
Lv 19:1-2, 11-18; Ma 25:31-46
Martes: Is 55:10-11; Ma 6:7-15
Miércoles: Jon 3:1-10; Lc 11:29-32
Est C:12, 14-16, 23-25; Mt 7:7-12
Viernes: Ez 18:21-28; Mt 5:20-26
Sábado: Dt 26:16-19; Mt 5:43-48
Domingo: Gn 22:1-2, 9a, 10-13, 15-18; Sal 116
(115); Rom 8:31b-34; Mc 9:2-10
Cada miércoles, a las 7:30 PM en
la cafetería, tenemos las prácticas
para el Vía Crucis en Vivo. Este
quiere decir, el Viernes Santo, a
las 10 de la mañana vamos a andar
en la procesión vestidos en trajes
típicos alrededor de la Planta
Física. Todos están invitados a
practicar con nosotros.
El sábado,3 de marzo, vamos a
reunirnos en la cafetería para comenzar
este retiro. Para tener una Cuaresma que
resulta en un acercamiento más a Dios, no
hay mejor manera que empezar con un
retiro. En esta forma la mente de uno va a
estar centrado en las cosas de arriba como
San Pablo dice. El Padre Rómulo es el
dirigente de este retiro. Venga y asegurarse
de pasar una Cuaresma llena de las
gracias de Dios.
Orar , Ayunar, y Ayudar (dar limosna) son
las tres practicas tradicionales durante la Cuaresma. Cada viernes durante esta estación del
año vamos a tener Las Estaciones de la Cruz
en la Iglesia dirigidas por varios grupos. También, el 2 de marzo vamos a tener La Adoración del Santísimo todo el día. Rezar el Rosario es otra practica muy fructífera. Además de
las oraciónes, hay que control los alimentos y
ayudar a los pobres. Escribiremos más de estas dos practicas la semana venidera.
From Fr. Chris N
The primary purpose of Lent is spiritual preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ death
on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday. The Church tries to achieve this goal by
leading her children to “repentance.” It is a type of conversion – the reordering of our priorities
and the changing of our values, ideals and ambitions - through fasting, prayer and almsgiving.
Lenten observances are also intended to lead us to our annual solemn renewal of baptismal
vows on Holy Saturday. Through baptism we are called to live justly, to love God with all our
being and love our neighbor as ourselves, and to build the kingdom of God by our acts of
charity. That is why the three readings chosen as today’s scripture refer to baptism directly or
indirectly. The first reading describes how Noah’s family was saved from the deluge waters by
God’s special providence and how God made His first ‘friendship covenant’ with mankind.
Noah’s rescue from the flood symbolizes how we are saved through the water of baptism which
cleanses us of sin and makes us one with Christ. Today's psalm is an exquisite penitential
prayer, humbly acknowledging human insufficiency and our radical dependence upon God and
His mercy and forgiveness. The psalmist lists some of the characteristics of the life resulting
from this repentance: truth, compassion, love, kindness, goodness, uprightness, humility and
justice. In the second reading Peter shows us how Noah’s episode prefigured baptism. In the
gospel we are told how Jesus faced and defeated the tempter by His forty days of prayer and
penance in the desert immediately after His baptism.
God’s Blessings Always, Fr. Chris N.
De Padre Chris N.:
El propósito primero de Cuaresma es una preparación espiritual para la celebración de
la muerte de Jesús el Viernes Santo y su resurrección el Domingo de Pascua. La Iglesia trata de
alcanzar esta meta por conducir a sus hijos al “arrepentimiento” . Es un tipo de la conversión –
el arreglar de prioridades y el cambiar de nuestros valores, ideales y ambiciones—a través de
ayunar, orar y dar limosna. También las observancias de Cuaresma tienen la intención de
conducirnos a nuestra solemne renovación anual de los votos bautismal el Sábado Santo. Por el
bautismo estamos llamando a vivir justamente, amar a Dios con todo nuestro ser, y amar
nuestro prójimo como así mismo, y edificar el Reino de Dios por nuestros actos de caridad. Por
eso las tres lecturas escogidas hoy refieren al bautismo directamente o indirectamente. La
primera lectura describe como la familia de Noé fue salvado de las aguas de la inundación por la
providencia especial de Dios y como Dios hizo Su primera “Alianza de Amistad” con la
humanidad. El rescate de Noé de la inundación simboliza como estamos salvados por las aguas
del Bautismo que nos limpia del pecado y nos hace uno con Cristo. El salmo de hoy es una
exquisita oración penitencial, humildemente reconociendo la insuficiencia humana y nuestra
dependencia radical en Dios y Su misericordia y perdón. El Salmista hace una lista de algunas
características de la vida que resultan de este arrepentimiento: la verdad, la compasión, el amor,
la bondad, el bien, el honrado, la humildad, y justicia. En la segunda lectura, Pedro nos muestra
como el episodio de Noé prefigura el bautismo. El evangelio de hoy nos cuenta como Jesús
enfrentó y derrotó al tentador por sus cuarenta días de oración y penitencia en el desierto
inmediatamente después de su bautismo.
Bendiciones de Dios Siempre, Padre Chris N.

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