Prezentare Universitatea Danubius



Prezentare Universitatea Danubius
 is a private higher education institution founded in 1992;
is governed by the Romanian Ministry of Education,
Research and Innovation;
is based on the principle of "non-profit“;
is an active actor in the knowledge society;
is a promoter of Romanian culture and
offers to train specialists at a high knowledge
level in social sciences and humanities;
forms and promotes education methods in
accordance with the current progress of the human
society, but also with human rights and freedoms.
promotes private education by creating the
possibility of a state of competition, designed to
capitalize on superior individual skills and the highest
knowledge in the areas studied.
ensures transparency of the graduated students
for both Romanian and foreign employers;
is highly concerned in the integration on the
labor market through complex content of the
Diploma Supplement, according to the Bologna
Faculty of Law,
Faculty of Economics,
Faculty of International Relations and
European Studies,
Faculty of Communication Sciences,
Faculty of Public Administration
deploy day courses and distance education for
graduate and master studies.
“Danubius” University is concerned in:
the development of the curriculum and the content
of courses;
applying new educational methods: IT and open
educational resources, project orientated learning;
Research Development and Innovation activities - in
which most of the teaching staff is implied.
co-operates with personalities from European and
US universities
is visible through research works which are
published in various publications and reports
presented in conferences and journals.
The research teams:
publish their works in Thomson ISI or in
international data base registered journals;
take part in peer review or expert evaluation bodies
for works to be published in various journals, and
respectively, for project proposals submitted to
national funding authorities.
Professors of “Danubius” University won important
prizes of the Romanian Academy of Science or of
European universities
The “Danubius” University has granted the title of
“Doctor Honoris Causa” to various Romanian and
international personalities”.
“Danubius” University ensures:
library services;
laboratories (computer sciences,
economics, criminology);
non-stop Internet connection.