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Chapter News
Aug / Sept 2014
Letter from Headquarters
Director Guidelines
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BTW/Triker Magazine does not assume
liability for any products or services listed in
this publication. BTW/Triker Magazine does
not assume any liability for loss or damage
due to errors/omissions, products, or services
listed (including, but not limited to materials
and techniques used to convert motorcycles
into three-wheeled Trikes). Every effort
is made to ensure the information in this
publication is correct at the time of printing.
Triker Magazine is a bi-monthly publication
published by Brothers of the Third Wheel
and printed by Sundance Press
(Tucson, AZ).
We welcome your submissions (stories &
photos) pertaining to trikes/BTW.
We MUST receive these by the first of
in order to be in the next publication..
Please contact Alex at 520-334-0534
or E-mail [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Ph: 1-(520)-789-7265 Fax: 1-(520)-789-7261
Submissions will not be returned and
are subject to editing/alterations.
Back Cover: is of John Letournea, Chapter
Director of the Renagade Trikers in Tucson AZ. giving
rides to the students of the Tucson School for the Deaf
& Blind prior to the annual “Run For The Kids” to raise
money for special support for these children.
From your BTW
To All Members
We are back home again getting this issue
out to the printer and then we are hoping to
head for the Washington State Trike-In. The
financials for 2013 are completed and we have
made wonderful improvemnets in the operations to date. The membership has grown by
more than 500 since the first of this year and
sales of the BTW products has been gaining
ground steadily. The web site is improving
daily and it is being used by more and more
members. I would like to thank those of you
who have emailed us pointing out things that
are not right or are missing. This helps us get
them reported to the programers so they can
be corrected. The site is now iphone and ipad
formated for those of you who use them to
access the web site. Anybody having trouble
getting on the new web site or posting on it,
Please call HQ and let us help, so you can use
all the services it offers. Many of the Chapters
& States holding events have donated part of
the donation funds back to BTW to help defray
the original shortfall and it has reduced it by
half to date. If this trend continues for the remainder of the year I believe we will elimiate
this problem totally by year end. The Board is
meeting regularly and making plans to improve our Association in the future. All Directors must communicate your needs and information so the Board knows what you require.
Now for the fun stuff. We made it to the Central States National Trike-In and had a wonderful time visiting with everyone and want to
thank all those responsible for putting on one
of the best events I have ever attended. This is
what all events should be like. Everyone getting involved and sharing. It was great. Thank
you all. For those of you that saw just how
crazy I am, Sorry. I do like to ride and AR has
some great rides, even in the rain. Then we
made it to Colorado Trike In and again had
a great time with old and new friends. This
could become a wonderful habit. I would like
to make mantion of our Brothers and sisters in
France, who have just held their first event and
what an event it was, check it out in “around
the World” section, I salute them, what a
start.The office sytems are starting to work
right and we now have a part time employee
“Becky” who works a few hours per week,
answering phones and posting. So if you call
and you don’t recognize the voice, thats her.
Again I would like to thanks all the Directors
that work so hard to make me look good and
to those that don’t come on I need the help. We
hope to see all of you at some point and until
we do enjoy your triking and ride safe.
The Financial Statement for 2013 is currently
available for any member, simply e-mail HQ and request a copy.
The Front Cover Photo is of the Central States
National Trike-In held in Eureka Springs AR.
and attended by BTW members from all over
the country, photo taken by Wayne Basile of Art
& Soul Photography. For copies of this photo or
many others of the event call him at 479-244-5919
Membership Packages Mail: with payment to:
5 Year Silver Membership: (a $25 savings) $110 $150
10 Year Gold Membership:
(a $60 savings / 2+ years) $210
15 Year Platinum Membership:
(3 years free)
PO Box 2550
Cortaro, Arizona 85652
USA or
[email protected]
on line at
Assistant Executive Officer:
Jim Lee
Phone: 520-789-7265
Chief Executive Director
Alex Ross
Address: PO Box 2550 Cortaro, AZ 85652 USA
E-mail: [email protected]
Member Office Manager
Lynne Ross
Fax: 520-789-7261
Magazine Editor: Alex Ross
Contact Information Position
Alex Ross 520-334-0534
Jim Lee 815-342-8181
Scott Murray
Shaun & Jackie Lloyd 01724-733464
[email protected]
Executive Director
[email protected]
Assistant Executive Director
[email protected]
[email protected]
International Director of
Membership Communications
International Co-Directors
Keith Huffman
[email protected]
(Interim) Regional Director
Fred Rouse
[email protected]
Regional Director
Jan Nichols 870-489-0209
[email protected]
Regional Director
[email protected] Regional Director
Jack Mertes
Kathryn Henry
[email protected]
Regional Director
your next
Roadsmith Trikes is proud to announce the newest addition to their line of trike
conversions for the iconic Gold Wing motorcycle. The new HTS1800 offers a
stunning, contemporary design for 2012 and newer models, along with many
practical improvements including a larger trunk, innovative new running boards
and improved body work.
We were obsessed with the details when we designed it, and we think you’ll be
obsessed with the idea of making it yours.
Trike Tales Told Here
Kathryn Henry
Fred Rouse
Kathryn Henry
Jim Lee
Jan Nichols
(Contact HQ)
Keith Huffman
Jack Mertes
UK chapters
Shaun & Jackie
(Contact HQ)
State and Chapter Directors
State Director:
South Alabama Trikers
Louis Johnson
Saraland Citronelle State Director:
looking for a Director
State Director:
Chiricahua Chapter
Looking for a Director
Central AZ Dust Devils
Looking for a Director
Desert Renegades
John Letourneau
AZ Route 66 Trikers (Interim) William Blackie(WildBill)
High Country Area
Bill Magby
Southern AZ Smokin’ Eagles Rick Hackney
Superstition Area
Tom Magin
West End Chapter
Tom Royalty
Tucson Bullhead City Prescott Whetstone Apache Junction,
Sun City
602-999-5479 623-533-6645
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Freedom Riders
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Loner Abbott
[email protected]
Jim Long (Co)
Clyde Ortiz
Margaret Winebrenner
San Leandro
[email protected]
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Brooks & Michelle CornellJuniper Hills
Linda Jordan
Bear Hoffstatter
Bill Duncan
Becky Landin,
Sharon“Scottie” SisemoreChula Vista
Robert Gallegos
West Covina
Carmen Rous
San Jose
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Jimmy Anderson
Bobby“Thunder”Espy Looking for director
James Lucius
Johnny Arellano
State Director:
Bill Haskett
Denver Area
Keith “Tater” Davis
Pikes Peak Chapter
Bill Haskett
Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs
Looking for a director
Looking for a director
State Director:
Brothers Ocala
Chain of Lakes Trikers
Coastal Riders/ West Pasco
Daytona/Ormond Beach Area
Emerald Coast Trikers (Iterim)
First Coast Trikers
Gold Coast Chapter/South Fl
Lake County Trikers
North Ft. Meyers Chapter
Nature Coast Trikers
Palm Coast Area
State Director:
NorthEast Georgia Trikers
J B Baldwin
JB/Carol Ann Baldwin
Jim Strickland
Ken Dlouhy
Louise Rider
New Smyrna Beach
Leonard Knapp
Rob Bourne
Fernandina Beach
George Torrence
Melvin “Tiny” Adkins
Joe Graves
Cam McCallister
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[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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[email protected]
[email protected]
Southeast Georgia Twisted Spokes
Looking for director
Emmet 208-220-1468
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
State Director:
SE Wind Riders
Treasure Valley Trikers
Kay Cluff
Lon Cluff
Jim Lee
State Director:
Central Illinois Trikers
Cross Creek Trikers
Eagle Rock Riders
Windy City Outsiders
Jim Lee
Bill Lasley
Dave Mendalski
Jim Fiser
Mt. Carroll
State Director:
Circle City Trikers
City of Firsts Trikers
NW Too Much Fun Bunch
Tribal Trikers
Randy Griffin
Mike Williams
Jim Langsdorf
Richard Enochs
Michigan City Martinsville Delphi
Michigan City Hartford City
State Director: Great River Riders
Iowa Heartland Trikers
Siouxland Trikers
NW Lake Tripods
Dave Hopman
Dave Hopman
Tim Jones
Robert Kepler
go[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Newton Looking for Director
Sioux City Ruthven
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East Central Kansas
KAW Valley Trikers
Open Prarie Trikers
Southeast Kansas
Tornado Alley Trikers
Wayne Eck
John Privett
Tom Wing
Jerry Dunn
Ray Scales
John Starks
Kansas City
State (Interim)Director:
Ketuckiana Slo-Pokes
Kentucky Trikes Unlimited
Twin Lakes Trikers
Western Kentucky Trikers
Gene Renfro
Roger Moore
Calvert City
Vine Grove270-877-6021
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ricky Carby
Gene Renfro
Calvert City
[email protected]
[email protected]
270-287-1348 270-703-7476
State Director:
Ark-La-Tex Trikers
Looking for director
Looking for director
State Director:
Doc Lessard
State Director Interim
State (Interim) Director:
Al Womack
State Director:
State Director:
Prarie Wind Riders
[email protected]
[email protected]
Don Brock
[email protected]
Dan Krulish
Dave Stone Minnesota:
Chippewa Falls,WI
[email protected]
State Director:
Magnolia State Area
looking for director
Snake & Sue Shultis
State Director:
Central MO Trikers
Gateway Chapter
Heart of AmericaTrikers 1-70 Chapter
Ozark Mtn. Trikers
Ozark Road Hogs
Route 66 Trikers
Tri-Roller Trikers
Sheri Ducker
Howard”Crash” Telthorst
Deb& Michael Johnoff
Mike Burgess
Al Bilyeu
Dale Carey
Daniel Three Feathers
Morris Jarrett
State Contact:
Cisco Nichols
State Director:
Omaha, NE(Contact)
Grand Island Area
Sandville Road Runners
“Cowboy” Countryman
Ron Thompson
Pauline Brown
Sullivan Columbia
High Hill
Walnut Shade
Rush Highlandville
Neosho Montana:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Lincoln 402-742-4536
St. Paul
Alliance 308-726-3004
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
State Director:
Pahrump Valley Trikers
Southern NV Road Runners
Bonnie Morris
Debbie Heminger
Vaughn Piper
Las Vegas
Boulder City
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
State (Interim) Director:
Robert Kent
New Hampshire:
[email protected]
State (Interim) Director:
New Jersey:
Carl”Rib Man”WeinschenkMonroeville
State Director:
La Luz Chapter
Rock Glaser
State Director:
FingerLakes Area
Long Island & Downstate
New Mexico:
La Luz
New York:
Looking for Director
Joan Brisbane
Looking for Director
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Jim Annon
North Carolina:
John Barnett
Looking for director
Jim Annon
Jim Halstead
[email protected]
[email protected]
State Director:
Harley Jose
North Dakota:
[email protected]
State Director:
Central Ohio Trike Riders
Cleveland Chapter
Marc Tyler
Russ Russell Marengo
Lee Anderson, Jr.
[email protected]
[email protected]
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Blueridge Trikers
Cape Fear Threedom Riders
Capitol AreaTrikers (CAT)
Central Chapter
Mountain Chapter
Piedmont Chapter
Tar River Trikers
[email protected]
[email protected]
Mutton Hollow
North Central Chapter
North East Ohio (NEO)
Northwest (NWO)
Ohio Valley Trikers
Southwest Ohio River Riders
Threedom Riders of OH
Winged Riders/S.Central OH
East Central Oiho Riders
Mike Hadzima
Kevin Palm
Bruce&Ginger Kline
Looking for Director
Ken Carpenter
State Director:
NE OK Trikers
Okie Twisters
Pokie Okie Trikers(S.Centra)
T Town Travelers
Mark Duensing
Lora Darnell
John Reddy
Wade Crabtree
Oklahoma City
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
State Director:
Bridge City Trikers
Capital City Trikers
Willamette Valley Chapter
Central Oregon (Contact)
Marsha McPheeters
Dave Hancock,
Norman DeRoux
Glenda Christman
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Sharon, PA
Kane, PA
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Rhode Island:
David Snyder
Toby Menteer
Dale (Dooley) Graves Contact:
Richard Young
State Director:
State Director:
Mid TN Wind Riders
Tri-City Area
West TN Freedom Riders
Alan Gibson Michael McIntire
Looking for Director
Bob Grape
[email protected]
[email protected]
South Carolina:
Myrtle Beach
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
South Dakota:
[email protected]
Looking for director
Tennessee Ridge
State Director:
Dallas/Ft. Worth
Richard “Troop” Miller
E. TX Riders
Golden Triangle Trikers
Jim Waldrep
Gulf Coast Trikers
JimWaldrep (Interim)
HOT Trikers
(Heart of Texas)
Gary Combs
Patriotic Riders of Killeen
Southwest TX Trikers
Herb Wade
State Director:
[email protected]
[email protected]
State Director:
Borderline Trikers of PA
Western Chapter
Country Road Riders
State Director:
Coastal Grand Strand
Foothills Chapter
Tri-County Triads
Ray Dorris
[email protected]
contact regional director
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Del Rio
[email protected]
[email protected]
State Director:
Looking for Director
State Director:
Coastal Chapter
Shenandoah Valley
Keith Huffman
Jerry Nuckles
Rusty Haley
Zuni Luray
Looking for director
State Director
Churchy Churchward
Coastal Cruisers
Kathryn Henry
Inland NW Trikers
N Sound Threedom Riders Russ Lamb
State Director:
Patrick (Porkie) HendricksCrivitz
Central Wisconsin Trikers
Cory Thornton
Stevens Point
Mark Gouker
High Plains Trikers
Owen Johnston
Provincial Director
Richard Ipsen
Provincial Director (Interim)
Vancouver Island Chapter
Ted Monck
John Helgason (Contact)
Provincial Director
Bernie Kozmeniuk
Provincial Director
Porky& Sue Chenard
Britsh Columbia
Roblin, MB
Fort Erie
Provincial Director
Prince Edward Island
Looking for Director
Provincial Director
Looking for Director
Area Director (Interim)
Tex Walters
Area Director
Chapter France
Jean Marc Platret
Gilles Lietti Area Director
Eric Vanvessem
Victoria, Australia
Niall “The Wasp” Anthony Longford
Junko Asano
Tokyo, Japan
New Zealand:
Area Director
Steven Timmins
[email protected]
[email protected] [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
West Virginia:
Looking for director
State Director:
Chapter Director (Interim)
[email protected]
[email protected]
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[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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[email protected]
068 557-3674
[email protected]
[email protected]
353-0 43 33 467 50
09 836 0678
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Chapter Director
Robert Beckman
Area Director
Shaun & Jackie Lloyd
Scott Murray INT.
Saltash, Cornwall
International Directors
United Kingdom
N. Lincolnshire Eng
Membership Communications
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
DUTIES: * Responsible for making all information from BTW available to all members of the chapter.
*Providing pertinent information of each and every member of the chapter to BTW
*Have availability of email service to correspond with BTW and the chapter members
*Coordinate a minimum of 3 rides per year, that are to be posted in an appropriate time frame and location for members and non members to be able to participate in these rides.
*Hold at least an annual meeting.
*Make available information about local events that chapter members might be interested in attending as BTW members.
*Verify that all chapter members are current with their membership.
*Arrange for the additional positions needed to operate chapter.
TERM: 1 year term, max 3 terms unless over ridded by a majority member vote.
DUTIES *Responsible for making all information from BTW available to all of the chapters in the State.
*Confirming pertinent information of each and every member of all the chapter in the state to BTW.
*Have availability of email service to correspond with BTW and the Chapters in the state
*Coordinate a State event, that is to be posted in an appropriate time frame and location for members *and non members to be able to participate in these rides and submitted to BTW for Event posting.
*Attend as many chapters activities as possible and evaluate member needs.
*Make available information about events taking place in the State that chapter members might be interested in attending as BTW members.
*Verify that all chapter are current with their membership and are properly represented.
TERM: *3year term, max of 3 terms unless over ridded by a majority vote of the members
DUTIES *Responsible for making all information from BTW available to all of the members in the region.
*Confirming pertinent information of each and every member in the region to BTW.
*Have availability of email service to correspond with BTW and the members in the Region.
*Coordinate a Regional event, that is posted in an appropriate time frame and location for members
and non members to be able to participate in these rides and submitted to BTW Event posting.
*Attend as many chapters activities as possible and evaluate member needs.
*Make available information about events taking place in the Region that members might be *interested in attending as BTW members.
*Verify that all chapter are current with their membership and are properly represented.
TERM: 3year term, max of 3 terms unless over ridded by a majority vote of the members
Member Rides
Hi There.
Attached is a pic of my sweetie Brenda and
me showing off the 1st place trophy we took in
Trike class at the Pig Trail Harley Custom Bike
Show, Rogers, AR. It is an ‘09 Boom Lowrider
Muscle with the 1.6L Ford 4cyl and 4spd trans. I picked her up on Mothers Day weekend in
West Palm Beach, Florida and rode her home in
2 days (1300mi). It is a BLAST to ride. We are
new members of BTW Thanks... Jim Gillig
(Welcome To BTW)
Wade and Lisa Crabtree’s trike from OK.
Dick & Fay Luhmann of BTW Ozark
Road Hogs, with their VW automatic
trike they built together.
Dick & Fay have been BTW members
for many years. Larry Freeman
is in the back round
"Frank and Liz Abbott. Two of California's newest
members with their new trike".
Alabama – South Alabama Trikers
Director: Yogie Everett
Contacts: David Belcher 251-802-8824 (VP)
Louis Johnson 251-709-2747 (State Dir) [email protected]
com, Miriam Hurst ([email protected])
Meetings: First Tuesday each month: VFW hall Saraland
Al. Hwy 43 (6:00 pm)
News: Well folks its hot summertime in the south. Great
time to be riding and we have had some great rides. In
May we had our annual family days and as always it was
a wonderful time. We so love putting on this special day
for all our family and friends. This is a good time to enjoy
our children also we always have plenty of fun and food. We all want to thank the city of Creola for the use of the
their park, it is such a great place for triking. The kids all
love to take turns riding on the trikes, this is one of the big
hits of family day. We would love to share our wonderful
time with any of you trikers out there, if you are going to be
in our part of the woods next May lets us know we would
love for you to join us. We are asking for more prayers for
Yogie, he is still mending and can always use more prayers.
Hope you all have a great summer and again should you be
down our way contact us and let’s see if we can get a ride
BTW KS Open Prairie Trikers
Trike-About Wichita 2014
August 8-10, 2014
Event patches available.
Sandwich supper provided by OPT – donations appreciated. 50/50 drawing
Halstead Old Settlers Parade- 8 am - meet at Spangles at 61st Street North and 135, in
Park City.If you want breakfast, please go before 8 am so you will be ready to leave on time
8:30/8:45 am – trike to Halstead for parade – throwing candy is encouraged
LUNCH –FUN RUN – meandering ride through South Central Kansas – cash for the
Trike to Potwin, KS for Biker Sunday breakfast and vendors selling sunglasses to
Lodging: Motel 6, 1075 Hopalong Cassidy Circle, I-135 & 77th North, Park City, KS. This
used to be an upscale Sleep Inn and they have kept the wild west décor as it was. No
breakfast or fitness room, but coffee is available from 6:30 am to 9:30 am. There is also an
indoor pool for guests. Ten rooms are held for BTW, until July 29, at the reduced rate of
$44.99 for 1-2 adults. Phone: (316) 440-5050 for reservations. After the 29th, the regular rate
looks like $49-$55 depending on needs and qualifications for lower rates.
Director: Gary “Shorty” Hicks, Mesa, 480-994-4051,
[email protected]
News: Hope everyone had a happy 4 of July and nice
summer and good riding. I had a great weekend in SAN
DIEGO and nice & cool. I took the trike over to ride but
the tails lights blew out so didn’t ride but did manage to
meet up with some CHULA VISTA chapter members and
had dinner at the Sizzler THANKS FOR A GREAT TIME. The
High Country Chapter is putting a run in Payson Az. Look
for their flyer in Triker magazine. We’re still looking for
Chapter Directors for Central Az. Dust Devil & Chiricahua
Chapters. Thanks SHORTY
ARIZONA - Desert Renegades
Director: John Letourneau, Tucson, 520-578-2522,
[email protected]
Meetings: Contact Anne Adams [email protected] or
520-743-1500 for details.
News: The Renegades spent a nice cool day picnicking at
Madera Canyon. We had a nice turnout, good food and
friends. Another event was the crab boil, put on by the
Loner’s Motorcycle club. Those events were in May while
the temperatures were not in the triple digits yet. ARIZONA - High Country Area
Director: Bill (Rackem) Magby, Prescott, 928-442-6310,
[email protected]
Meetings: Meetings second Sunday of each month, Location
varies, contact director for info.
News: The weather in High Country is changing. We now
have the summer rains. They can be a drizzle or a downpour.
Either way, we gear up and ride. Four of our members went
on a 2000 mile trip into Utah, across Hwy 50 in northern
Nevada (the loneliest highway in the world), over to Lake
Tahoe & south through Nevada back to the High Country.
What a trip they had. Our next group ride will be in August
for what we call the Rim to Rim ride. It is a ride from the
Prescott area to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and
then on to the North Rim the next day. We go from 5000
feet elevation to 8000 feet in three days with spectacular
scenery the entire trip. The High Country Blowout in
Payson, Arizona is good to go. We are only waiting for
September to get here. Reservations are coming in. Check
out the information in the Triker magazine or e-mail me for
more details. This is our second year at this location. The
accommodations and venue are just great. Look forward to
seeing everyone there. Ride often and ride safe.
continued . . . . .
Director: Jim Anderson, 501-388-1680, [email protected]
News: WOW- the CSTR was a rousing success. I cannot thank
the members of the BTW enough for their attendance.
Without their support this event would not have made it off
the runway. Due to their deep pockets and hearts, we were
able to donate a lot of money to various charities. A large
portion went back to the BTW to support our organization.
We also donated to the Echo Free Health Clinic and the
Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. I want to thank Alex, Fred
& Jan for their help in the dunkin booth. Alex found a new
girlfriend, but I don’t think Lynne was concerned too much.
Hope someone puts the pic in the magazine. If you ordered
t-shirts or patches at the rally and have not received them,
please contact me and I will get them to you. Thank you
again from the bottom of my heart, you are truly fabulous
ARKANSAS - Freedom Riders
Director: Bobby (Thunder) Espy, Harrison, 870-656-4688, or
email Cat at [email protected]
Meetings: The first Monday of each month. Call Bobby for
details 870-656-4688 or Cat at 870-715-9507.
News: We’re all glad to be riding and enjoying the wind in
our face. The Crawdad Days gun winner was Ricky Moore
“Open Throttle”. Bobby shared on how we found out
who had won. Ricky’s never won anything before, since
the ticket only had his first name and phone number we
didn’t know who it was until Christy answered the phone
and said hey honey when Bobby called. It made us all smile
and laugh and a lucky winner on the other end of the line.
Our BTW highway signs are up for Adopt-A-Highway. At the
next meeting we’ll decide on a gun for the Hot Springs Rally
(Sept. 4th thru 6th) that will benefit the Wounded Warriors
Project and the chapter. Members were asked if they’d be
open to a prayer for safe travel before our rides. Melissa was
nominated with a motion by Justin and second by Bobby.
Thank you Melissa! The David Harp Ride and Pig Roast Bike
Show in Jasper had three members and one guest getting
trophies. The Mt. Magazine ride on Saturday, June 14th was
great! What a beautiful day for a ride. Will (10-yrs old) was
my partner for the day :) His first ride. Thurs, June 19th was
the dinner ride across the Peel Ferry, three made the ride.
Highway Pick-Up Saturday, June 28th (Postponed per advice
of the AR Hwy Dept. til they can get some of the mowing
done). Instead we made a ride to Mt. View, the long way
around and had lunch at Wings. July 12th ride to Mammoth
Spring. A dinner ride Thursday, July 17th to Eureka Springs.
The Kenda Drive-In in Marshall Saturday, July 26th. State
meeting July 12th at Mt. Magazine with the Rat’s Chapter
camp-out. August 2nd ride to Fairfield Bay/Greers Ferry
Loop. August 16th Mountains, Music and Motorcycles in
Mt. View. Dinner ride to Danna’s BBQ in Branson. August
Chapter News
21st. September 4th thru 6th Hot Springs Rally. Dinner ride
September 18th to Las Cazuelas in Green Forest. Bikes Blues
and BBQ September 27th. Harvest Homecoming October 3rd
thru 5th. Get out and ride. Be safe and enjoy the wind in
your hair/face.
Director: Loner Abbott, Porterville, 559.781.8129,
[email protected]
Assistant Director: Gary Winebrenner, Fresno,
559.355.4267, [email protected]
CA Web Site:
Meetings: Every May and October at the State Trike-In
or any special called meeting, as required, following BTW
News: We have not been doing too much riding these last
few months. My trike is down for a new motor and we
are still working the bugs out of Frank’s trike, and I have
not felt all that well. Things are looking up now and I am
getting back to what needs to be done.I did get to the
Board Meeting for Madera Board of Education and gave
them our check for $1,000.00 for our charity ‘Life Games’
for handicapped children. What a great feeling that was. I
was told that the kids were still talking about our visit. The
dates for this year’s Fall Trike-In will be October 17, 18, &
19. We are tryng to figure out a day ride for Friday. There
will be someone there on Thursday for those who want
to come in early. Check the flyer in this issue of the Triker
Magazine. I hope to see you all there. Well, that’s about
all for now, so see you at the Trike-In or maybe on the
road somewhere. Ride Safe, Ride Free, and God Bless Ron
“Loner” Abbott [email protected]
CALIFORNIA – Central Valley
Director: Margaret Winebrenner, Fresno,
C 559.961.9037 [email protected]
Assistant Director: Assistant Director: Myra Neilson,
Fresno, 559.304.1038 [email protected] Meetings: Second Saturday 9AM at Yosemite Falls Rest Fresno.
News: Margaret reports I hope everyone is having a
wonderful summer and enjoying some great rides! Our
chapter members are enjoying some fun rides before the
heavy summer heat hits the valley! Nine trikes headed to
Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon National Park and enjoyed the
cool clean air! We also had a fun ride to Shaver Lake and
of course had lunch while out! Hume Lake was the site of
another terrific lunch up in the hills! Hmmm- sounds like
we love to ride trikes and eating!! Our Road Captains are
already charting out some special rides for Oct. California
Trike-In at Madera! Here’s a hint- Exact center of California! The route will be the fun part, you all will have to join us
at Trike-In for the ride! Only one trike went to Seligman
Trike Run and they said they had a good time. Due to lots
Chapter News
of smoke from Sedona, they were unable to do some rides
they had planned to do. I want to thank Myra for all her
help in the past with organizing the trike parade entries!
She has stepped down due to work schedule but will attend
whenever possible. Bill and Connie will be taking over
organizing the November Veterans Parade trike entries and
attending all meetings for parade planning. Thanks a lot
guys for stepping up and taking this on. We are honored
to ride with our triker veterans in the 2nd largest Veterans
Parade in USA!! We want to welcome Les and Jerri as new
members in our chapter! If you like trikes, are building one
or just would like to have a meal with people who do, join us
on 2nd Saturday each month at Yosemite Falls Rest - Fresno!
Stay Cool, Ride Safe, and Always, Always take time to smell
the flowers!
CALIFORNIA – High Desert
Director: Michelle & Brooks Cornell, Juniper Hills CA, 661944-3021, [email protected]
Meetings: 3rd Saturday of the month, 10:00am (Location
TBD) – Please call or e-mail for meeting information.
News: Michelle reports; We went on a fun-filled day ride
to the beach June 25th with members of the Bakersfield
Chapter – had a great time as always!!!! Our next adventure
takes us to the July 26th 15th annual Rat Fink Party & Kustom
continued . . . . . . .
Kulture Extravaganza – Acton KOA. Other upcoming events:
September 12th – 14th ABATE Golden State Rendezvous –
Kernville, September 26th – 28th our group will be camping
at Lake Cachuma. Many more events will soon be added, so
be sure to search for The High Desert Triker’s on Facebook
& request to join our group page!! You can see where we’re
going & view pictures and video of where we’ve been. We
add events regularly, so don’t miss out!
CALIFORNIA – Jammin’ 3 Wheelers – Bakersfield Area
Director: Jim Long, Bakersfield, 661-809-6657 [email protected]
Meetings: 1st Saturday 9:00 am, Lorene’s Restaurant, 1531
23rd Street in Bakersfield. Call Jim for information.
News: Ann reports: Well Madera was great. We all had a
great time. Well, after talking about it for over six years, Jim,
Gary and Shawn finely made it to Seligman. Also, they made
a ride over to the Grand Canyon, which they had never
done before. It was worth the six year wait. Shawn blew
the engine on the ride up to Madera, but they got it up in
time for this ride. We have two new members, Smiley &
Louise Contreras, welcome aboard. Shawn & Smiley both
celebrated birthdays this month. Also Jamiee & Shawn
celebrate their wedding anniversary - 16 years, this month.
On August 8th Jim Long will celebrate his birthday, “THE BIG
70”. Looking forward to the fall Trike-In, till then, Ride Free
on Three
CALIFORNIA – River City Trikers
Sacramento Area
Director: Becky Landin, Rancho Cordova, 916.747.2048
[email protected],
Assistant Director: Reggie Joaquin, Roseville,
916-505-9907 [email protected]
Meetings: The 3rd Saturday of the month. Call the
Director for more info.
News: Becky reports: 05/01-04/2014: A group of River
City Trikers (RCT) attended the Western National Trike-In,
Madera, CA. The list of folks that took part in the event is
as follows: Ms. Pete & Dave, Jim & Debbie, Reggie, Marie,
Ron, Stephen, Becky and C. A. & Bernie. During one of our
RCT “group discussions”, we came up with an idea — During
the coming months, each member would plan/sponsor at
least “one ride a month”, take photos and provide a short
“write-up”, detailing the ride. This would become part of
our RCT Group’s submittal to the “TRIKER” magazine. All
in all, Madera was once again, an outstanding event; with
enjoyable riding in the Gold Country!!! 05/17/2014: Our
new members, C.A. & Bernie, invited the rest of the RCT
Group to join them and ride over to Lincoln, CA, to attend
the Freedom Rides Trike Conversions group’s annual “Thank
You Ride and Taco Lunch”. There were at least 40 trikes at the
event. They were really a great group of folks. We passed
out a lot of BTW Info/Brochures; with hopes of getting some
continued . . . . .
new members. Reggie, Stephen, Ms. Pete & Dave, Jim &
Debbie, Becky and C.A. decided to continue our ride up to
Iowa Hill. It was the first time for Dave, C.A., Jim, Debbie
and Stephen. We returned home through Auburn, with a
stop in Loomis for milkshakes. Life is Good on Three! 06-012014: Thanks to “CA & Bernie” (our newest members); we
had a wonderful ride up to the Honey Run Covered Bridge
in the Butte River Canyon, which is located just outside of
Chico. We met CA & Bernie in Lincoln and continued on
to Oroville. There, we met with a group of the Northeast
Wind Riders; then the “combined” group continued on to
Butte River Canyon. We had a pancake breakfast right on
the covered bridge. This is an annual event to raise money
to maintain the old covered bridge. There are several other
activities going on in the area, i.e., 49er Fair, with arts and
crafts, “home-made” jelly & jams, etc. After breakfast, we
went to a friend of CA’s home, which overlooks the river.
We were able to watch 3 foot salmon jumping in the river.
It was very peaceful and beautiful. We continued to the
Butte River Canyon’s museum and an “ole time” one room
schoolhouse. We finished the day with a lunch at the Sierra
Nevada Brewery. Food was very good and moderately
priced. 06-14-2014: We had our first “Evening Ride”. A
week or so ago, a few of the RCT members discussed having
an evening ride on the second Saturday of every month
Chapter News
to establish another activity in which our members could
participate. The “Evening Rides” will begin at Antelope
Road Self Storage, in Sacramento, CA, at 5:00 pm. On this
particular ride, several of our members rode up to Taylor’s
in Loomis for milkshakes; then continued up to “Rattlesnake
Bar” near the upper end of Folsom Lake. It was a “cool and
comfortable” ride!! 06-22-2014: Marie Charlton’s “Ride To
Mosquito, CA” As we are taking turns on a monthly basis
planning the group’s ride, it was my turn. I decided to go
back to Mosquito, CA, going across the “suspension bridge”.
The following joined me on this ride: “Aunt” Becky, “Uncle”
Reggie, Anita, Ron, Ms. Pete & Dave, Jim & Debbie, LuLu &
Chuck. We met, as a group, in Rancho Cordova. We rode
through Rescue, Coloma, Auburn, continuing over the onelane “wooden” suspension bridge into the town of Mosquito.
We had lunch at Finnon Lake. We then headed home, but
detoured through Georgetown and Loomis, where we had
“milkshakes & cones” at Taylor’s. In general, the day was a
little warm, but not too bad. We enjoyed nice scenery and
lots of curves & switchbacks. It was very enjoyable and a
lot of fun. All the trikes were in good shape. We had one
small problem with Ron’s clutch-peddle coming forward
- easy fix. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else
comes up with. Really wish “Momma” Donna could have
gone with us. Regretfully, she has to work on weekends.
Hope everyone is enjoying being “Free On Three” !!! Future
Plans: As a reminder, Donna Bennett is planning for our
next “Monthly Ride” to be on July 4th, and will be a tribute
ride to her late husband, Bob Bennett. We will be going up
to Iowa Hill, which was one of his favorite rides. All of our
fellow trikers are welcome to join us for this ride. Our next
monthly “Evening Ride” will be July 14th FLORIDA - State
Director: J.B. Baldwin, Ocala, 352-216-9704, [email protected]
News: BTW is still here in Florida having a great time
as usual. Many thanks to Pasco Co. for the invite to their
Memorial Day cookout ( hope its going to be an annual
event). Was great to see folks from Marion Co., Levy Co. &
Lakeland there. Great food and even better people. Lake Co.
was a co-sponsor for a successful run to support homeless
Vets in the area, and on the same weekend Brothers
Ocala showed their support for a fellow biker who was in
an accident earlier in the year and still on a long road for
recovery. Florida BTW will be in Daytona for Biketoberfest
again this year. First is the Daytona Fleamarket Trike show
on Thursday Oct. 16th from 10-4pm, then on Friday the
17th at the Volusia Fairgrounds, 10-4pm (I4 & RT44). The
next event after that on the schedule will be the Florida
Trike-In at the Farm in Brooksville, Fl 919234 Lake Lindsey
Rd. Brooksville, Fl) Nov. 7th-9th starts noon on Friday until
noon Sunday. Sunday 10am is the State Meeting. Camping
is available 7 there are hotels nearby. Check us out on
facebook- BTWFlorida Love & Peace, J.B
Chapter News
continued . . . . . . .
continued . . . . .
FLORIDA - Brothers Ocala
Director: JB & Carol Ann Baldwin, Ocala, 352-286-4276,
[email protected]
Meetings: 1st Saturday ea. Month at Cal’s Place, (Belleview,
just over the tracks on 25) 9am b’fast, 10am meeting.
News: Taking full advantage of the summer roads (shaded
w/ rain stopping spots) as the sun & rain showers have really
been doing in. Went over to Pasco Co. for their Memorial
Day cookout, Ken & Linda you have a really kool place there.
With such great food coming out of these covered dish
events BTW needs to hold their own Master Chef event. It
was great to see members from Nature Coast, Chain of Lakes
& West Pasco Co. Brothers Ocala helped out on a poker run
for a downed brother who has a long road to recovery, good
luck to him. At least he’s still among the living & can recover.
Brothers Ocala will be running the games again at the State
Trike-In again this year, hope everyone comes out for the
event. Will also be heading over to Biketoberfest in Daytona
for the Trike shows 10/16 at the Fleamarket & 10/17 at the
Volusia Co. fairgrounds. both shows are from 10-4pm. The
chapters annual July meeting/cookout fell on the 5th had
a nice day good turnout. Yes you can catch a water balloon
tossed over a 7’ bar on a trike. J.B
FLORIDA- Lake County Trikers
Director: Melvin “Tiny” Adkins, Eustis, 352-250-9601,
[email protected]
News: Lake County #2, VORRH Run for Homeless Vets,
was very successful, raising approximately $2,000.00. We
Chapter News
joined up with Abate and Fallen Few. Having 100 riders
was great. Just a great Florida day, 98 degrees and raining.
Our honored guests were from WWII, Charlie McWortey
(age 95) and Mary Farmer (age 90). Charlie was a pilot
and Mary was a bomb tech. It was great talking to them
about the war. Our next event is Bikes, BBQ and Band on
Sept 20 at 5 pm till ? at Bridges Church in Toweras. All are
welcome, free of charge. Florida State Trike-In in Nov 7 – 9
at the “Farm” in Brooksville, FL. Till next time, ride safe on
three. Tiny
Anyone interested contact JB Baldwin at 352-216-9704
ILLINOIS - Cross Creek Trikers
Director: David Mendalski, 630-810-9330, [email protected]
Meetings: 1st Sunday of the month. Downers Grove, IL News: Members attended the Central Triker’s Rally in
Eureka Springs, AR. A well organized event that was well
attended. Looking forward to next year’s event. Planned trip
to Sturgis this year. We are looking forward to the trike-ins
this year to catch-up with everyone since last year
Chapter News
ILLINOIS - Eagle Rock Riders
Director Jim Fiser 815-281-0278
Secretary: Cheryl Fiser
Treasurer: Harry “Fuzzy” Pettenger
Meeting: The 3rd. Saturday of the month at 10:00 AM until
further notice. Meeting place to be determined at next
meeting. Ride usually follows meeting.
News: Several Eagle Rock Riders enjoyed attending the
ABATE bike blessing in Fulton, IL. on June 1.
Check out our Facebook page: eaglerocktrikeriders. Check
it out for events and pictures and as always, everyone is
welcome to join us. Don’t forget Fuzzy’s Field of Dreams,
Aug 15, 16, 17. Contact Fuzzy at [email protected] for
more info. Summer is finally here, lets enjoy riding!!
IOWA - State
Director: Dave Hopman, Newton, 641-792-8127, [email protected]
Meetings: Next state meeting, August 23, 2014
4:00 Saturday, Holmdahi Park, Kellogg, Iowa Hope to see
you at your State meeting
News: Some of the state members and Iowa Heartland
Triker members made it to the Tripods Trike-in at Black
Hawk Lake up near Lakeview, a little rainy but we all had
a good time and we all went over to a small town and
rode in the parade . We all had a good time at the parade.
Good news fellow Trikers we will be back at Holmdahi Park
in Kellogg Iowa this year for our trike in. We have been
working to get everything together for the state trike-in
at Holmdahl Park, getting the patches ordered and the
medals for the trike games and getting everything setup
for the trike games in Grinnell Iowa and the trike and bike
show so put it on the your calendar and help get the word
out about BTW in Iowa. Hope to see all of you at your state
trike-in. Don’t forget about our Iowa State trike-in and
Heartland Trike-in in August 22-24, 2014 and we have the
Indianola bike night, Newton bike night and the Knoxville
bike night once a month. The Tripods Trikers have a new
website setup they finally got it going so go check it out it
is the more that you check
it out it will help them in their rating. So if you need info check out our website WWW.IOWASTATEBTWCHAPTER.
COM.Anyone that wants a picture of their trike and
themselves on it please send us a picture. If you can’t
e-mail a picture give me call and I will give you an address
to mail it to. We would like to get all BTW members in
the state of Iowa on it. Everyone is welcome at all BTW
events no matter what they ride or what they have or what
association or organization they belong to all are welcome,
come help support Iowa BTW. If you have any ideas of
rides or get togethers give us a call any time. Anyone
continued. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
wanting on the state e-mail list give us a call and we will
get you on the list the number is 641-792-8127 anyone
wanting to know how to start a chapter in your area or
other Trikers to ride with in your area don’t hesitate to give
us a call we all need to work together to get the word out
about BTW in Iowa that’s all the chapters and directors in
Iowa. Don’t for get to check your magazine for expiration
date so you don’t miss any of the good news about BTW in
Iowa and throughout the world Till we see you again let’s
all ride together free on three
IOWA - Heartland Trikers
Director: Dave Hopman, Newton, 641-792-8127, [email protected]
Meetings: Next meeting 4 th Sunday of month at 2:00 pm,
Pizza Ranch, 465 Center Place SW, Altoona Iowa. Exit 143
off I- 80 south to Altoona Iowa. The chapters are working
on upcoming events. If you need the day of the next
meeting or information on things coming up check out the
webpage at
News: Some of the state members and Iowa heartland
TRIKER members made it to the tripods trike-in at black
hawk lake up near Lakeview a little rainy but we all had a
good time and we all went over to a small town and rode
continued . . . . .
in the parade . We all had a good time at the parade. We
have been working to get everything together for the state
trike-in at Holmdahl Park Kellogg Iowa getting the patches
ordered and the medals for the trike games and getting
everything setup for the trike games in Grinnell Iowa and
the trike and bike show so put it on the your calendar and
help get the word out about BTW-IN Iowa hope to see all
of you at your state trike-in. Everyone is welcome at all
BTW events no matter what they ride or what they have
or what association or organization they belong to all are
welcome .so come help support Iowa BTW. If you need
any information on anything coming up as far as any of the
events don’t hesitate to give us a call contact information
is on the web page. Check out the webpage at www. So for now lets all ride together
free on three.
IOWA– N.W. Lakes Tripods
Director: Bob Kepler, 612-209-2330, [email protected]
com Assist. Director: Ron Runkle712-260-0622
Meeting: Last Sun of Month
News: The Blackhawk Lake Trike–In went off very well,
even with the lower attendance due to the recent weeks of
violent storms with heavy rains and flooding and a weekend
forecast of more storms. Saturday turned out sunny and
warm for a ride over to the Odebolt “Creek Days” parade.
Everyone enjoyed riding in the parade and tossing candy
to the kids, and the people enjoyed us. We have already
been asked to return next year. With great food and good
company and stories around the campfires, it was a relaxing
weekend. We even had a good laugh when Ted crashed his
“scooter” while racing against his wife on a downhill run
and sported band-aids on both knees for two days. It was
even funnier when George had a mishap and put his trike in
the weeds on the edge of the lake. Souixland Trikers Assist
Dir. Keith Swanson even took time off from storm cleanup
and joined us for a while. We Tripods are looking forward to
repaying the help and good times with the Heartland Trikers
when they host the Iowa State Trike – In at Holmdahl Park in
Kellogg, IA in August. The coffee pot is still on, stop by.
Chapter News
Arkansas where we found a warm welcome waiting for us.
It was a good time and looks like Kentucky has volunteered
to host the rally in 2015. Can’t wait to again see some new
country! 4-Corners Trike-In put on by the SEKS Chapter was
as usual fun with some great triking and great hosts. The
weather was a little iffy on Saturday afternoon but with a
nice covered arena we were able to carry on! Wonderful
facility for the event. By the time you read this ECKS Chapter
will have had their annual picnic at Wellsville, KS which is
also a fun time of getting together with area trikers. They
host a great meal and also will be providing it in an air
conditioned building which will be much appreciated by
all the members to have a cool down place! I know this
year with their director hobbling about in a boot it will be a
challenge but know they will be up to it!! OPT will be hosting
their annual Trike-About August 8-10. They are working on
plans now and hope that some of you can come and join
them as they show you about their part of the state. Every
year Saturday is packed full of fun on the trikes as they take
you about the South Central KS area. Last year they went
West this year they plan to go South. Come see what they
have come up with to see and do!!
Plans for the KS
State Trike-In, September 12-14, 2014 at Camp Alexander,
Emporia KS are well underway. Our Trike Show will coincide
with Emporia’s downtown Merchant Event and we will be
downtown for the show again. If you have a BTW calendar
KANSAS – State
Director: Wayne Eck, Wichita, 316-744-2841, [email protected],
Asst. Dir: Elroy Kettleman, Coffeyville, 620-332-9566,
[email protected]
Meeting: State Meetings: Fall Meeting September 13,
2014, 7PM. Camp Alexander, Emporia KS. For Info Contact
Wayne by email at [email protected] or phone 316-7442841 or Elroy at 620-332-9566 or email [email protected]
News: Wayne Eck, KS State Director submits that riding
season is in full swing here in Kansas. We had a good
showing of KS trikers, 19, making the trip to Eureka Springs,
Chapter News
continued . . . . . . .
please check this date as it is wrong! Looking forward to
seeing a lot of old friends and hopefully make some new
ones!! It is always a fun time with lots of things planned and
some good eats as well. We have some great door prizes
this year including two tablets and some craftsmen tools, so
come on out and get a few chances to win them! Look for
our flyer or check our website for more information.
KANSAS – East Central Chapter
Director: John Privett, 785-242-8543 or email [email protected]
Meetings: 1st Friday, 2 PM. Meetings move around so check
with John for place. 11am Mondays for coffee/lunch at the
Burger King, Ottawa 785-242-8543, [email protected]
News: We just want to start by reminding all of our BTW
brothers and sisters that we continue to meet at Burger
King at 11:00 am every Monday with the exception of the
first Monday. We reserve that Monday to take a ride to a
nearby town and try out the local cuisine. We have also
begun having our meeting on the second Monday of each
month right after our socializing at Burger King, so please
come and join us. We also recently concluded our seventh
annual picnic in July and although we did not have as many
register with us this year as we have had in the past, we
still believe that it was a huge success. We had 62 sign
in with us along with over 20 trikes, 2 motorcycles and 2
parade cars in attendance. We enjoyed a wonderful meal of
hamburgers, hotdogs, and brats that Jay grilled along with
many wonderful sides and desserts that were provided
by our members. We followed our meal with a nice and
pleasant ride through the countryside and ended the day by
giving out some awards. This years winners were; Farthest
traveled was won by Judith Seely who traveled 320 miles,
the fun run and 50/50 winner was won by Rosie Peak (lucky
dog) and the door prize was won by Bud Peek. As far as
the people’s choice trophy presentation went; Jay Kimes
won in the motorcycle category, Mike & Judy Sims won in
the conversion trike category, and Julia Privett won in the
homemade trike category. Congratulations to all of this
years winners. On a personal note, I would like to take this
opportunity to thank all the members of our chapter for all
their help in assisting in another spectacular picnic this year.
We are looking forward to the upcoming events in Wichita
and Emporia in the near future and hope that their events
are as successful as our picnic was. We are looking forward
to our upcoming rides and events and hope to see y’all in
the very near future. John & Julia
KANSAS - KAW Valley Trikers
Interim Director: Tom Wing, Kansas City, 913-236-7790,
[email protected]
Meetings: 3rd Saturday. Call to check on time and locations.
Chapter Director Tom Wing 913-236-7790 or email
[email protected] for info.
News: Tom Wing submits: In June three of our trikes rode
to Eureka Springs, Ark for the Central States National Trike
Rally. Also in June two of our trikes rode to Coffeyville,
Ks for the Four Corners Trike-in. At this event Ken won
trophies for Special Interest and People’s Choice, Tom won
trophies for Best Paint and Custom Conversion Trike. We
had a good time despite the rain. Plans are being made
to attend East Central Kansas trikers BBQ on July 12 and
hopefully Wilber Neb in Aug
Kansas - Open Prairie Trikers Chapter
Director: Jerry Dunn Wicheta, 316-554-4339
[email protected]
Meeting: Last Sunday of the month. Our meeting times
and places move around so check our website for up to
date activities at or Contact Ch. Dir. Jerry
Dunn 316-554-4339 or Activity Director Linda Dunn 316734-9244.
News: Jerry Dunn, Chapter Director sends: Our chapter
has been very busy since we last checked in. Two trikeins in June kicked our summer events calendar into
high gear. The first one was Eureka Springs, AR, for
the Central States Trike Rally. With plenty of planned
activities, an open BTW meeting with our national
director, and tourist attractions, the 15 members from
our chapter had no problem keeping busy. A couple of
the trikes broke down, but the guys worked together
to fix them and kept everyone on three. Bob R and
Jeff E brought trophies home to Wichita for their trikes
in the Trike Show. The other trike-in was 4-Corners at
Coffeyville, KS. Not everyone was able to go, but the
ones who did had a great time with the trike games,
fun run, door prizes, and good food. The rain put a
little damper on the trike show but it was able to go on
continued . . . . .
under the covered pavillion. Gene M and Wayne E both
received awards for their water cooled fiberglass body
trikes and Gary H received two for his air cooled trike. We
had a great turnout for the recent Park City 4th of July
Parade. The weather could not have been better and
everyone had a good time. We even won the award for the
“most fun group”. We received an American Flag which
flew over the US Capitol on Flag Day of this year. We’ve
had two opportunities, so far, to give rides to others. A
good showing from our chapter for the clients of Sedgwick
County ARC who have intellectual and developmental
disabilities resulted in a win/win for all involved. We
enjoy doing this twice a year and they have a lot of fun.
The second opportunity was giving rides to children at a
local church. Five of our members took the kids around
the block several times and reported they all had a good
time. This next weekend, some of our group will go to the
T-Town Travelers (Tulsa) Trike -In and others will go to the
East Central Kansas Picnic. Both events promise to be a lot
of fun. Our chapter is currently working on plans for our
trike about, which is scheduled for August 8, 9, 10. Not
all plans are carved in stone, but please check our website, for more information on this, other
events, and chapter meetings planned in the future. We
generally meet the last Sunday of each month. Please feel
free to contact Jerry Dunn, Director @ 316-554-4339 or
Linda Dunn, Activities Coordinator/Secretary @ 316-7349244, if you have any questions. If you are in our area, we
would love to include you in whatever we are doing.
KANSAS - Southeast Kansas
Director: Ray Scales, McCune, 620-724-0849, 620-6324606, [email protected]
Meetings: 3rd Sunday, 2:30 pm. Call Ch. Dir. Ray Scales
620-632-4606 or email [email protected]
News: Ray Scales, SE KS Chapter Director submits: Things
are rolling along nicely in SEK. Our fist drop off for the
southeast Kansas food bank’s was April 27, 2014. The
monetary donation will really help them out along with
several cases of food. It is warming up so getting a few
more rides in. Our 12th Annual 4 Corners Trike In was a
blast. We had 103 people register for the Trike In and
the $50 gift card was won by Morris Jarrett. Friday night
50/50 was won by Kathy Walters. It was a great evening
for the cruise around town. Of course we stopped for Ice
Cream at Sonic. Saturday morning we were up and going
early. The event run went off without a hitch. Well I guess
if you include the parade we participated in along the
way. That was a surprise. Best hand went to Connie Maas. Several trikes joined in on the trike games Bo, Loella, Cliff,
Jane, Ray, Sarah, Renee, Lori, Janice, Kathy, Roy, Kaylynne,
Wayne & Amber. They are all winners with a gift card to
Chapter News
Braums. After that the sky opened up and cooled us off,
so we had a nice break. The trike and bike show must go
on. 27 Trophies were given away in several categories. The
auction went great with bidding for the Home Made Angel
food Cakes. The big Door Prizes were given to Rhonda
Scales (Laptop), Morris Jarrett (Hero Camera), Donna Jones
(5” Garmin). Followed by many door prizes. 50/50 was
won by John Privett. That lead us into the evening for our
Trike and Bike Light Show Parade thru town to Braums for
more ice cream. The winners of the light show for Best
Lighting were Wayne and Sarah Eck, Most Creative Lighting
went to Randy Culbertson and Jerri Pointer. I would like to
thank everyone that helped and participated in the Event. Would also like to thank all of our Sponsors. We had a
great time. Looking forward to next year June 26 - 28,
2015. Mark your calendars. Until next time Ride Safe.
KANSAS - Tornado Alley Trikers
(Home of the Twisted Trikers)
Director: John Starks, Hutchison, 620-665-1176, [email protected]
Meetings: Call or email for info: Chapter Dir. John Starks
Fraese Drug and Soda Fountain 25 N. Main Street in
Hutchinson Ks. When we meet: whenever we can get free
to go to coffee. Time of day M-F 6:30 am and back at 11:30 /
Noonish, on Sat at 7:30 am then back at Noonish (till we’ve
solved the world problems or we get coffee logged, which
BTW Superstition Area Chapter
Sweetheart Trike-in
Usery Mountain Regional Park
February 13th, 14th and 15th
Cost: $20.00 per couple or $15.00 per person
Names: ____________________________________________ Phone: __________________
Address: ___________________________________________ City: ____________________
State: ___________ Zip: ___________ E-mail: __________________________________
Registration Total Qty: _____ (Patch included)
Dry Campsite (6 available) $15.00 per night
+ $6.00 daily entry fee to park
Total $______________
RV Campsite Reservation must be made no later than August 31, 2014
Contact Usery Mountain Regional Park for RV Reservations @ (480) 984-0032
RV Campsite $30.00 per night w/ 30 amp Elect. (20 available)
Hotel Reservations are available at the Best Western in Apache Junction, AZ @ 480-982-9200
Recommend making reservations no later than September 30, 2014
Destinations Rides
Meet & Greet w/ Ice Cream Social
Pot Luck
Checks payable to: Superstition Chapter of the BTW
Mail to: Lance Southworth 29362 N. Varnum Rd San Tan Valley, AZ 85143
Questions Contact: Tom Magin @ 602-999-5479
Lance Southworth @ 480-263-3862
Karen Redfearn @ 480-823-4411
Pre registration is a MUST
Last date to register is December 30, 2014
Chapter News
does come first)
News: Chapter Director John submits that we (Bobbie and I)
have been working on the Silent Auction items for the state
trike-in. We hope we are coming up with some fun stuff
that everyone will want to go home with! If anyone has
items to donate all will be accepted.
Director Interim: Gene “Sandman” Renfro, Calvert City,
270 - 909 - 0094, (cell) 270 - 703 - 7476, [email protected]
Meetings: June 21, Hillman Ferry Campground
News: The Central States Trike - It was a BLAST! Loved
the area and everyone was so nice to us! They better be,
cause guess who’s hosting next year? KENTUCKY! We’re
excited to be chosen and as this is our first time to host a
major event, a little scared, too! But everyone at the Trike
- In gave us the benefit of their experience and suggestions,
not to mention passing along some equipment! Don’t know
how we got it all on that dinky little pop - up camper but we
didn’t lose any on the way home. Hope everyone had a dryer
trip than we did! Took us an extra day to get there. First, a
change in next year’s Trike - In’s name, it has been decided to
call it the “Region 5 Trike – In”, due to Kentucky’s location
being east of the Mississippi and not really in a well defined
geographic area. Not Central, nor Southern, East or West,
KY just don’t fit nowhere’s! But we fit in Region 5, so that’s
how it was decided! We have our dates, June 10th - 14th,
continued . . . . . . .
2015 and a tentative hotel & campground lined up, already.
Should have full details in next magazine. Watch the website
and Brothers of the Third Wheel Facebook Page, as we can
get info on there much quicker! Our KY State Camp Out was
a fun time, too! Had 13 that camped with us, including some
from Tennessee & Mississippi, 3 that stayed in a local motel
and so many drop-in guests I forgot to count them! Minor
breakdowns as usual, a bit too hot, one storm we dodged, but
the good times canceled all that. Our Fall State Camp out has
been put off till next year, due to personal schedule conflicts.
Suggestions for next year’s site are still welcome! I’d like to
invite everyone to check out a Facebook Page called “Trike
Run” It’s focus is on rides all over the country, and they seem
to be a good bunch of folks! And don’t forget our own little
FB group, “KY BTW Trikers” We’ll be keeping our grand
daughters this summer, while mom & dad get moved to Ft
Bragg, North Carolina. Then we’ll be heading that way with
the girls, so triking gets put on hold for a little while. We’ll
see all you good people down the road!
KENTUCKY - Western KY Trikers
Director: Gene “Sandman” Renfro, Calvert City,
270 - 909 - 0094, [email protected]
Meetings: Fourth Saturday of every month, Contact
Director for time & place.
News: Regular June meeting was held on the 28th at Gene
Renfro’s home. Attendance was light, due to so many things
going on, so we had a small discussion of next years Trike
- In and lots of conversation. A special called meeting to
specifically discuss the Trike - In was held Sunday, July 6th
at Mayfield. A lively discussion and some good suggestions!
Will be scheduling more of these meetings on a regular
basis to get things rolling along for next year! If you want to
participate, we’d love to have you! Or send your suggestions
along to Gene by phone or email. Will have lots more info to
come, along with a surprise or two! That’s All Folks, Bonnie
Walton - Secretary, Western KY Trikers
Director: Looking for a Director.
MAINE – State
Director: Doc Lessard, Lewiston, 207-777-3346, [email protected]
News: Hi everyone Doc here to let you about our time at
Laconia NH Bike week. We all stayed at Mr Fix-its home in
Belmont NH and he and his wife had good days planned for
all, plenty of food and lots of trikers, we even had a couple
from Mass join us again, very good people . Dave’s trike is
still in the building stage but hope to have it for next year
and Crash has motor problems with his trike so he rode on
the back of his wife’s trike and my trike still needs work to
get it on the road so I drove my wife’s trike but in spite of all
that we all still had a great time. Dave got to try just about
continued . . . . .
all the trikes there and now he has the itch to get his done,
almost every night we had bonfires and boy can Mr Fix it do
a bonfire and if you wanted to relax we could jump in the
hot tub. This year there were no real breakdowns so that
was good. Well that’s about it from the Maine trikers . Keep
riding on three and be safe. Happy trails to all Doc.
Director: Don Brock, Waterford, 248-681 7351, [email protected]
Meetings: To be announced
News: Hello BTW members. It’s near the end of June and
we have had great weather for riding. Our hopes are for a
long fall for riding, but here in Michigan, we just never know
what tomorrow will be like. We had a nice turnout for Don’s
brother Ron’s memorial in June. Our summer Trike-in will be
held at Hidden Hill campground on July 25-26th in Harrison,
Michigan. We have twelve sites available for those who
intend to stay at the campground. To reserve a site please
call the campground and reserve your site, and be sure to
tell them you are with BTW. Reservations must be in by July
10th. We hope to meet some of our newer trikers and have
a great time with all our members. We wish you all safe
journeys where ever you go.
Chapter News
Director: Sheri Ducker Ozark, [email protected]
net, 417-827-0547
News: We “ Thank “ Arkansas for a great Central States
National Trike Rally. A wonderful job was done by everyone.
Thanks to all that help raise money for BTW and Charities.
Everyone went beyond their love for giving. Next it will be
in Kentucky, pleases make plans to attend. Been doing a lot
of riding lately. Also enjoyed Trike weekend in Coffeeville,
KS. Had a great time. It’s time for our BTW Fall Reunion in
Missouri, Sept. 26, 27, 28th at Maremac Caverns. We have
8 Chapters in Missouri please join any one of them close to
you. Central Mountain Trikers, Rolla, Gateway Chapter at
Sullivan, Heart of American Trikers at Columbia, I-79 Trikers
at High Hill, Ozark Mountain Trikers at Ava, Ozark Road
Hogs at Alton, Route 66 Trikers at Springfield & Tri-Rollers
Trikers at Neosho. For more information call me at 417-8270547. Enjoy your Trikes and ride safely.
MISSOURI – Heart of America Trikers
Co-directors: Michael and Deb Johnoff, 573-268-2414,
[email protected]
Meetings: 3rd Sunday of each month at 2:30 pm at Burgers
American Grill, Blue Springs, MO
News: Yay, gorgeous riding weather is here. We had our
first fun ice cream run of the season. We’ve added 7 new
members in the past couple of months: Dave and Lisa, Glen
and Susan, Dale and Dana, Bob. Welcome to the HAT family.
June 1st was our chapter ride to Historic Bothwell Lodge
in Sedalia. Our June 8th meeting was at Bo’s house for a
grilling picnic after a poker run. Bo and Louella provided lots
of raffle prizes; it felt like Christmas in June. Everyone had
a great time. Thanks, Bo and Louella for all you hard work.
In July, our monthly meetings will be back to the 3rd Sunday,
2:30 pm at Burgers American Grill in Blue Springs. Most
of us are from the Kansas City area. Michael and Deb just
finished an enjoyable planning “ride” for our trek to Ha Ha
Tonka State Park, then Lake of the Ozarks on July 26th. Deb
sure likes to ride better on 3 wheels than 2 or 4!
MISSOURI – Ozark Mtn Trikers
Director: Director: Allen Bilyeu, Walnut Shade, MO, 417561-4941, [email protected]
Meetings: Third Saturday of every month, time and place to
be announced or call.
News: What a great time we had at the Central States TrikeIn in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. A big thank you to everyone
involved in putting on such an enjoyable event. The
campground was really a perfect fit for the trikers and the
Pine Mountain Music Show was number One. I’m looking
forward to our Trike-In, August 29th-Sept. 1st in Mountain
Grove, MO at the Missouri Park Campground. Hope to meet
Chapter News
new friends and strengthen old friendships. For reservations
at the Missouri Park Campground call 417-926-4104 or call
Days Inn Motel at 417-926-5555. Hope to see you there. Mr.
MISSOURI - Ozark Road Hogs
Director: Dale Carey, Alton, 417-270-7019, [email protected]
Meetings: 1st Saturday of month, meet to eat @ 9:30am,
meeting @10:30am, West Plains at Ryans Restaurant.
News: We really enjoyed the Central State Trike Rally at
Eureka Springs, AR. What a great turn out & Arkansas did
a great job putting it all together. This is what it’s all about,
getting together & seeing old friends from all walks of life &
so many different states showed up. We’re looking forward
to Kentucky next year. The Road Hogs did close to a 200 mile
scenic ride Sat the week end of July 4th. Had a great time
with 11 trikes & 1 two wheeler. Did a eat stop in Mountain
View, AR, then went down on the court house square &
listened to some Blue Grass pickin & grinnin music, then did
a ice cream stop on the return trip. We’ll be doing another
ride the following week end. If ya’ll are in our area, give me
a call or show up at a meeting. We’ll surely treat ya right.
Until the next time, ya’ll “KEEP THOSE THREE WHEELS A
ROLLIN”. continued . . . . . . .
MISSOURI -Tri-Roller Trikers
Director: Morris Jarrett, Neosho, 417-451-7957
[email protected]
Assistant Director: Bill Thorson
Meetings: 3rd Saturday of the month, 1:00 p.m. at the
Green Forest Restaurant, Neosho, MO
News: The Tri Rollers held their monthly meeting, small
crowd but we still had a good time. Not much news this time.
So many are sick, our prayers go out to them to get better
soon. Gearing up to go to Coffeyville Trike-In, expecting to
meet up with old friends and make more. Always have a
good time when we go to this Trike- In. Hope that we have
some pretty weather so that we can get in some good rides.
Ride Safe
NEVADA - State
Director: Bonnie Morris, Las Vagas, 702-456-9160,
[email protected]
News: Had a great July meeting with 5 new guests and 1
new trike for sale!!! We are having an ice cream swim
party on the 13th of July 6pm and a birthday breakfast
at Denny’s on the 26th of July at 8am. So come to Vegas
and join us. Contact Bonnie at 702-456-9160 or Von
at 702- 294-1295.
Interim Director: Rock Glaser, Veguita, NM,
505-861-1967, [email protected]
Meetings: TBA
News: The heat in New Mexico has finally arrived, and I
don’t mean the chili, but that’s hot too. We had a really
great time visiting with Andy & Andrea Bish from the UK
and they were enjoying their Rte 66 tour across the USA.
A big welcome to our newest members, Roy Kitchen and
Ricky Labelle, both from Alamogordo, and Terry Sanders
from Belen. Our June meeting was held in Grants, NM. We
all met up early and had a nice morning ride, well everyone
else did, my trike is still on the rack so John drove. Cecil,
Digger, Don & Anne, Terry & Cheryl all rode from Los Lunas
and Bradley & Cena came from Zuni and met us at the café.
Bradley got to show off his new V-8 trike. The folks at the
First Street Café were great, they had a place all set up for
us when we got there, the food was great and so was the
service. We will look forward to having a meeting there
again in the future. That’s all for now, be safe in your travels,
NEW YORK - Finger Lakes Area
Director: Joan & Don Brisbane, Avon, 585-226-8203,
[email protected], Myra Lincoln, 585-526-6017,
[email protected]
Meetings: The odd months are at 11am at Peppermint’s
Restaurant on Rtes 5 & 20 in Avon. The even months are
continued . . . . .
at 11am at Arnold’s Restaurant on Rte 31 in Weedsport.
News: Our trike-in is in its final stages. We are going to be
holding election of officers during our trike-in so please New
York members, if you want to vote please attend. Please,
please check your Triker magazine label for your expiration
date & pay your dues before that month. Also check your
email address to make sure it is correct. Typos happen.. I
have sent the news out to each NY member by email & it
comes back not a valid address. I even get some back with
snail mail addresses wrong or moved messages on them.
Condolences go out to Tom Hann’s family on the passing
of Tom’s mother June 21’st. Always free on three Myra
NEW YORK - Long Island
Director: Harley Jose, Dickinson, 701-483-3598, [email protected] News: Throughout the many years serving as your North
Dakota State Director I have had the privilege to meet so
many wonderful Trikers from all across the country. I’ve
enjoyed being the Chairperson, as well as, just being an
attendee at the many events held throughout the twenty
plus years of BTW membership. However, there does come
Chapter News
a time in everyone’s life to take a step back and pass the
reins onto another individual. That time is now for me.
So if you are that person that wakes up every morning
(anytime of the year) and would just love to go on a ride or
talk trikes with someone; you’re the person North Dakota
needs. Please step forward and take the reins beginning
in September. Another spring fun run is in the books…..
strange as it was. The one thing certain in North Dakota is
that spring weather is a “crap shoot” at its best. It proved
true again this year. Friday was a sunny day with everyone
arriving timely to enjoy one another’s company. Happy hour
and a great potluck #1 dinner were enjoyed by everyone.
After dinner we enjoyed the bonfire and s’mores. Saturday
was our well planned out Ride Day; however, only part of
the plan was implemented. We did leave camp, we did get
to Washburn, we did tour the Lewis and Clark Interpretive
Center……then the “Plan” fell apart. The rain came, lightly
at first, but radar told us there was much more to follow and
it appeared it would stay for the duration of the day. A quick
vote of the group and we headed to the Captain’s Cabin
about a mile from the Interpretive Center for a nice lunch.
We ate and stalled awhile in the hopes the rain would let up
or provide us a “hole in the clouds”, for a somewhat dry ride
back to camp. Since that seemed doubtful - we donned our
rain suits and decided, “This is what Trikers do….we ride no
Chapter News
matter what the weather”. Off we went. Time to test those
rain suits…the temperature dropped to 51 degrees at one
point and some rain suits proved to be more effective than
others. Camp was pretty quiet the rest of the afternoon as
everyone did their own thing upon arrival. A hot shower, hot
tea, a good book and a nap, was the order of the day among
us. Near 4:30 in the afternoon, the clouds rolled away, the
sun appeared and it became the most beautiful part of
the day. The Trikers gathered at the Sickler campsite for a
potluck #2 dinner and a nice propane fueled bonfire later in
the evening. Sunday morning everyone said their thanks,
said their goodbyes, and shared a hug before breaking
camp and heading back home. Our group was small for this
event but we were a “Mighty Group”…… mighty wet, mighty
cold, mighty disappointed in the weather, but mighty happy
we could share time with one another. Article courtesy of
Coriene Maier
OHIO - Threedom Riders
Co-Director: Bruce & Ginger Kline, 330-336-5191
Meetings: TBA
News: Our first Trikeapaloosa Event was a great success,
great weather, great friends and lots to do. One of the
highlights was taking the trikes on the ferry to Put-In Bay:
an island on Lake Erie. We also visited Marble Head Light
House and a Confederate POW cemetery. The campground
continued . . . . . . .
was very nice and the staff more than accommodating.
Plans are in the works for 2015 during Ohio Bike Week. We
also attended our Ohio State Trike-in. It was really great to
see old friends and meet new ones. Despite Ginger (aka
“Mudslide Slim”) slipping and breaking her wrist, we had
a great time. As we are writing this, we are preparing for
our weekend trip to Erie, Pa and Geneva-on-the-Lake.
Expecting a great time , hoping for good weather. Details
are being finalized for our chapter to ride to PA and attend
Border Line trikers event the middle of Aug. A big thanks to
our chapter members who are stepping up, making plans
for rides, mapping out the rides and helping us move this
chapter forward. More information on upcoming events will
be posted soon. Until then ride safe and feel the Threedom.
OREGON - State
Director: Marsha McPheeters, Salem, OR, [email protected]
com 707-433-8084
News: Apr/May news: Trikers are getting out on the roads
again after a wet winter. You just pull under a cover while a
rainy cloud drifts by, and then you go again. It doesn’t seem
to rain constantly for hours, just cloud by cloud. Interesting.
The trees are in bloom along with flowers everywhere.
ORBTW is excited by the preparations for our upcoming OR
State Trike-in in Dallas on 6/13-15. We have lots of good
times planned- rides, games, and lots of food. We will be
continued . . . . .
camping by a creek and by Wally’s big shop. Grass, trees,
quiet. Email me if you need info. Flyer has been in Triker. Also,
check YouTube after 5/17 for the McMinnville UFO Festival
parade, 2013 and 2014. I know we had 3 trikes on it last
year. Maybe more this year. A couple saw a UFO in the 50s,
and the town celebrates the sighting. Lots of cute costumes
and floats. BTW will be in the Monmouth/Independence
Parade on July 4th again. More decorations. ORBTW wishes
you all happy and safe riding. On three, Marsha June/July
News: Greetings from Oregon. We have finally reached
summer, and it is in the 90s quite a bit. Riding is wonderful.
I’m excited that Eastern OR is on the road to having a new
Chapter. Our OR Trike-in was a success. The camping was
fine at Dallas, and the people were very pleased with the
rides and food, etc. Oregon will do it again next June and
hope you all can come. We collected donations to BTW
National of $110 from the Members (which was more
than our net profit) which proved again that Trikers are
very generous when asked. My thanks to Kathryn Henry
and husband, Junius, for coming down to the Trike-in. Her
discussion with us about BTW National’s needs prompted
the above donations. I’m looking forward to being at the
WA Trike-in in August.
OREGON - Bridge City Trikers
(We are a composite group of greater Multnomah County,
OR and greater Clark County, WA Members)
Director: Dave Hancock, Yacolt, WA
360-608-3556, [email protected]
Meetings: We meet the 2nd Saturday of each month at
10 AM, at the Parkrose Elmer’s, 10001 NE Sandy Blvd,
Portland, OR 97220.
News: Apr/May news: We are now coming out of our Winter
Doldrums and moving into our Summer Burst of Activity. On
May 17th, several of us are going to ride our Trikes in the
Annual UFO Festival’s Alien Parade in McMinnville, OR. On
June 13th - 15th (Fri - Sun) we’ll be partying, riding and doing
all sorts of fun stuff at our Annual Oregon State Trike-In in
Dallas, OR. Looking forward to that. Then we’ll follow that
up with the Annual Bigfoot Fun Run and Yacolt Rendezvous
in Yacolt, WA on Saturday, June 28th. We’ll be in the Parade
and put on a Trike Show (All Trikers Welcome). The Fun Run
starts at 8 AM, the Parade starts at Noon, and the Trike
Show will follow afterwards along with lawnmower races,
music, food and evening fireworks. Then in August, some of
us will be off to the classic Sturgis Annual Bike Get-Together
1st - 10th. BUT, Those good folks will have to be sure to
get back in time for the Annual Washington State Trike-In,
August 14th - 17th at Montesano, WA. Hey! how did July
sneak through unscathed? There must be something going
on then I’ve temporarily forgotten. Wherever you’re at or
whatever you’re doing, don’t forget to salute our country
on July 4th. Well, good friends we’ll close for now, and
remember, if you’re in the area, drop by and visit us at one of
Chapter News
our Monthly Meetings at the Parkrose Elmer’s in Portland,
info above. Ahhh, Spring and Summer. Jealous Note: Paco
got a new Trike, he’ll show it to us all at our May Meeting.
Congrats on your new machine Paco, looking forward to
seeing it. Jun/July news: Wellll, we are finally busting loose
from our Winter Slumber. In May, Dave Hancock and “Paco”
Giesinger made it to the UFO Fest in McMinnville, OR, sadly
sans Trikes, however. Dave took pictures of the Capital City
(Salem) members who rode in the Alien Parade, Norm
and Nadine DeRoux and Wally and Marsha McPheeters.
This is really an unusual annual really fun event. Then,
Dave Hancock, Jeffrey White, Marvin Kopkie and “Paco”
Giesinger made it to the OR State TRIKE-IN in Dallas, OR,
near Salem. Marsha McPheeters, OR State Director, her
hubby, Wally, and grandson, Michael, were there along
with many Oregon Members. Our Reg Dir Kathryn Henry
was there as well, lending her support and letting us in on
the latest from National. Marsha and her supporters had
put together a great weekend. We had rides, food, games,
fireside evenings, awards, raffles and even good weather. It
was an excellent weekend all around. Then to top it all off.
Dave Hancock, Henry Davidson and Marvin Kopkie made it
to the Annual Bigfoot Fun Run, Yacolt Rendezvous and BTW
Trike Show in beautiful downtown Yacolt, WA. This year we
gave all the attendees an “IRON TRIKER” Award because
besides the above it was also supposed to be a RAIN-IN.
So we were greatly impressed when 15 Trikers showed up
from three Chapters. Besides our three from our Bridge City
Trikers, we also had Marsha, Wally and Michael McPheeters
from the Capital City Trikers and from the Coastal Cruisers
(Tacoma, WA) we had Kathryn Henry (also the Regional
BTW Director), Churchy and Linda Churchward (Churchy’s
also the WA State Director), Bill and Linda Crain, Jerry and
Karen Curtis, and Allan and Robin Woodley. A fine group of
stalwart Trikers. The Town of Yacolt was impressed with us
Chapter News
and awarded us “First Place in the Fun Category of Parade
Participants”. I was sooo grateful to see our Trikers show up
as the weather had been off and on miserable for a few days
before, but turned out to be not-too-bad the actual day of
the event. But you don’t know that when you hop on your
Trike in the morning for a one or two hundred mile ride away.
We had a large tent and canopy to give our folks respite
from the rain if it got too bad. To top off the event, Kathryn
had also brought three People’s Choice Awards that were
handed out based on the votes of the townspeople who
attended. It was great; there were also lawnmower races,
music and evening fireworks. We’ll make this an annual
event and see if it’s even more fun when it doesn’t rain.
The next big event (outside of Sturgis; Sturgis is a given) is
our WA State TRIKE-IN, in Montesano, WA. Aug.14th - 17th.
(See the flyer). Another event not to be missed.
Trikin’, Dave
OREGON - Willamette Valley Chapter
Director: Glenda Chrisman, 541-974-6635
[email protected]
News: Apr/May news: Happy Spring Fellow Trikers! As we
look ahead to the nicer weather, we see rides, camping and
a lot of the same things we do each year when we gather
to take part in various activities. One change we would like
continued . . . . . . .
to work on is more community support from our group
like a dinner to support the Humane Society and gathering
donations for other organizations. We want to be a chapter
known for having fun and supporting others when we can.
Calendar of Events: June 7, 2014 - No meeting due to The
Strawberry Parade in Lebanon, OR. Parade starts at 11:00am
and we will be in the old Walmart parking lot. Come join the
fun and see the world’s largest strawberry shortcake. July
4, 2014 – Come join us for another fun parade. This parade
begins in Monmouth, OR and ends in Independence, OR.
The parade is about 3 miles long and takes about 2 hours so
please come prepared. We will get lunch and have a brief
meeting after the parade. August 2, 2014 – We will have our
meeting at Ciddici’s Pizza in Albany. Lunch starts at 11:00
am and meeting begins at noon. Labor Day, Sept 2014, is
our annual campout. Join us for lots of fun. See the flier
in the Triker Magazine. For more information, please feel
free to contact us. Jun/Jul news: As the weather has been
nice, more riding is being done. On July 4th, we participated
in the Monmouth/Independence Parade. We had 10 trikes
and 17 people participate. The parade was long, hot, fun,
and, of course, as always, we ran out of candy. We are
starting to get things in order for our upcoming campout
Labor Day Weekend. There should be a flier in this Triker, if
not, send an email requesting a flier to:
[email protected] Enjoy your summer, have lots of
fun and ride safe.
OREGON - Capital City Trikers/Northern Willamette Valley
Director: Norman E. DeRoux, Salem, 971-218-5616 (cell
Meetings: 3rd Saturday of month:
News: Apr/May news: March and April had their usual rain,
so only a few of us rode our trikes to meetings – or anywhere
else! Nadine and I did make a 150-mile ride to visit friends
in the Portland, Oregon suburb of Gresham during March.
We even got home without wearing rain gear. (Big smile!)
Several of our members are helping prepare for the Oregon
State Trike-In next month (June 13-15), and we all went
out to the location in Dallas, Oregon where work is being
done to get everything ready for the event. The volunteer
workers have mostly been Wally and Marsha McPheeters,
and we owe them our gratitude and support for providing
the location for our Trike-In. The weather is improving,
slowly, and Nadine is starting to talk about making another
ride… so, maybe we can get a few miles on the road this
weekend. Good riding to everyone, from Norm, Nadine,
and the members of Capital City Trikers. Jun/Jul news:
Attending the Oregon State Trike-In during June was a big
event for us, and we had a great time there. While I was not
able to go on all of the scheduled rides, the ones I did take
were excellent. Crossing the Willamette River on the ferry
during the Sunday ride was a special treat for me. I think
many members wondered about holding this event in an
“industrial park” and were surprised at how nice Wally and
continued . . . . .
Chapter News
Marsha made the surroundings. There were grassy areas
with shade trees near a stream for placing tents. Some of
us were able to watch two wild foxes leave the stream and
move across the grassy area. I have to stop here and give a
sincere Thank You to all those who did the work to make this
event a success. I would also like to thank Kathryn Henry for
coming to our event from Washington State and helping us
to understand what is happening at BTW HQ, and for taking
our concerns back to the leaders at HQ.
Chapter Directors, Past Chapter Directors and Past State
Directors for all of the help and advice given to me since
I took on this position two years ago. This has been a
great journey and a great ride, and I thank all of you for
your support!!! My wife and I still have 4 years left on our
membership, but I’m afraid I won’t be very active, but I’ll
look out for any and all of you when I’m on the road. Please
do us a favor though, Ride Safe and Free on Three and may
God Bless each and every one of you!!! Michael & Kristy
McIntire SC BTW State Director 2012 - 2014
OREGON - Central Oregon/Redmond
Contact: Kit, 541-923-9702, [email protected]
News: Apr/May news: No new contacts as of yet. Central
Oregon BTW (that would be “ME”) will be participating
with ABATE with their road side cleanup the 2nd week of
May. Also, The Redmond Legion Riders will be co-hosting
a Bike Night here in Redmond. I’ll let Marsha know when
and where. I’ve got a thought about the title issue in Texas.
Who’s going to decide what’s safe? And why is ABATE in
Texas and Texas BTW the only ones involved? Where’s the
AMA, MRF, MMA, NCOM, and the other MRO’s? Like I said,
just a thought. Be good to each other. Kit Jun/Jul news: Hi,
still representing BTW here in Redmond. I’m in touch with
various bikers and looking for Trikers to connect with BTW.
Get in touch. Stay safe.
SOUTH CAROLINA – Pee Dee Chapter
Anyone interested contact Michael McIntire, 843-6629654, [email protected]
Hello my fellow trikers and riders. I am writing this with a
heavy heart this evening, but it is something that has to be
done. Many of you know that I have some health issues that
I deal with on a daily basis, as do allot of us. Due to the fact
that these issues are progressively getting worse, and the
fact that I’ve had to reset my priorities in my life, I have had
to make the decision to resign my post effective immediately
as the South Carolina BTW State Director and Midlands/Pee
Dee Area Chapter Director. I hope that someone in South
Carolina will step up to take on this position and continue to
keep the South Carolina BTW Department going. I want to
thank all of you Members, Chapter Directors, Past Chapter
Directors and Past State Directors for all of the help and
advice given to me since I took on this position two years
ago. This has been a great journey and a great ride, and I
thank all of you for your support!!! My wife and I still have
4 years left on our membership, but I’m afraid I won’t be
very active, but I’ll look out for any and all of you when I’m
on the road. Please do us a favor though, Ride Safe and Free
on Three and may God Bless each and every one of you!!!
Michael & Kristy McIntire SC BTW State Director 2012 2014
OREGON - Eastern Oregon Trikers
Contact: Allen Cate, Ontario, 541-823-6270, [email protected], or Linda, 541-880-6220
News: I have finally gotten the date for the BTW info
meeting. It will be Saturday, August 9, 2014. 7PM in the
Lions Park in Ontario, under the white pavilion by the
swimming pool. I have lots of flyers out and interest
seems promising here. Please contact me if you are in the
area (before or after the meeting) and might want to get
Director: Michael McIntire, Florence, 843-662-9654,
[email protected]
News: Hello my fellow trikers and riders. I am writing this
with a heavy heart this evening, but it is something that
has to be done. Many of you know that I have some health
issues that I deal with on a daily basis, as do allot of us.
Due to the fact that these issues are progressively getting
worse, and the fact that I’ve had to reset my priorities in
my life, I have had to make the decision to resign my post
effective immediately as the South Carolina BTW State
Director and Midlands/Pee Dee Area Chapter Director. I
hope that someone in South Carolina will step up to take
on this position and continue to keep the South Carolina
BTW Department going. I want to thank all of you Members,
Director: Looking for Director.
TENNESSEE - Mid TN Wind Riders
Director: Mark “Lefty” Rowlson, Tennessee Ridge, 931-7212260, [email protected]
Meetings: 2nd Saturday, Even months, 1 pm, Ponderosa
Steak House, Hwy 70 Bypass, Dickson, TN. Next meetings,
June 14th, and August 12th
News: We’ve been out and ridin’ all over the place the last
month! We had our group ride to Tellico Plains, to ride the
Dragon, Cherohala Skyway and Moonshiner 28 on May 30June 1. Five trikes made the run, down from the eleven that
had planned, (health and family commitments took priority
for those others. Our prayers are with them.) We stayed
again at Hunts Lodge, a great biker cabin & campground
Chapter News
for sure! Riding the sites went well, no major upsets, and
nothing left in the “tree of shame”. Great riding all points!
All had a good time and returned with plans for a future ride
to further destinations! Our chapter meeting on 14 June
went off well, we had 16 members there, and 11 trikes! We
welcomed Roy and Kristi Burrows to their first meeting and
new member Fred Laurence. Sad news to report as well,
one of our founding members, John Knuckles, passed away
on May 31st. Our prayers go out to Faye and the family.
During the meeting, we discussed the news of the 2015
Mid States Trike-in being held in west KY, the upcoming KY
State Bike Rally on July 17-20th, in Sturgis, and plans for the
next group ride, possibly to north Arkansas. A point of order
was made by “Lefty”, that BTW Director Guidelines state
that the Directors chair has a term of one year unless over
ridden by member vote. After discussion, the attending
members voted to retain the current director, and thank
you! ‘smile’ On June 20-22, several of us joined the KY State
Director and the West KY Chapter at the Land-Between-theLakes, KY, Hillman Ferry Campgrounds for camping, riding
and good fellowship! There were BTW members there from
Mississippi as well. Till next time, we’re tryin’ to stay out in
the wind! “Lefty” continued . . . . . . .
TEXAS - Dallas/Ft Worth
Director: Richard Troop Miller, Irving, 972-658-8914,
[email protected]
Meetings: the second Sunday of each month at 1:00 at the
American Legion Hall on Manhattan St in Ft. Worth
News: Hello fellow riders, It’s already July and the time
seems to be flying by at a faster pace than I can keep
up with. We’ve had some good times the last couple of
months with a Memorial weekend ride to Glen Rose TX to
eat copious amounts of barbeque at the legendary Loco
Coyote grill, and chase it down with a favorite beverage or
two. The following weekend a few of us rode to Jefferson
TX and attended the Route 49 Rally, a benefit held annually
for the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, where again
we enjoyed great barbeque & beverages. The rally lasted
3 days, hosted some great bands, along with various
vendors and was held at Diamond Don’s RV Park, a biker
friendly park staffed by some of the nicest folks we’ve met
in a long time. If you ever have the chance to attend, I
would recommend it to everyone. As the 4th of July rolled
around, we decided that our chapter hadn’t eaten enough
barbeque, so it was time for another ride to the Loco
Coyote for another evening of good food with good friends,
as we all sat out on the patio and ate. It was a perfect time
to ride as the evening temperatures dipped into the low
80’s. We still hold our meetings the second Sunday of each
month at 1:00 at the American Legion Hall on Manhattan
St in Ft. Worth, and would like to extend an invitation to
all trike and bike enthusiasts to stop by and say “HI” and
until we meet again, ride safe and ride free.
TEXAS - Golden Triangle Trikers
Director: Jim Waldrep, Texas City, 409-392-4274, outlaw_
[email protected]
Meetings: 3rd Friday of month, Flying-J Truck Stop Denny’s,
Hwy 62 & I-10, Orange, 5 pm.
News: The Golden Triangle Trikers have managed a couple
of rides these last two months before the Texas weather
turned hot and humid. On May 18 we road over to Baytown,
Texas for lunch at Cracker Barrel, after lunch we headed
over to the San Jacinto Monument for a VW car show/
swap meet. A great time was had by all. Then on May 21
we took a ride over to Orange, Texas where we donated
baby items to the Sabine Federal Credit Union for the South
East Texas Community Baby Shower. They collected more
than $24,000 in cash and stocked three different facilities
that supply resources to needy mothers. If you are in the
Orange, Texas area on the third Friday of the month stop by
the Flying J truck stop on I-10 we meet there. Our meetings
start at 5:00 pm till 6:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to come
to our meeting and join us on our rides. Everyone ride safe
and careful. outlaw 36
continued . . . . .
TEXAS - Graham/Abilene Wind Riders
Director: Looking for a Director
TEXAS - Gulf Coast Trikers
Interim Director: Jim Waldrep, Bacliff Texas 409-392-4274,
[[email protected]]
Meetings: at Noah`s ark in Bacliff Texas on the first Friday
on the month starting around 5:30 Pm till around 7:00 PM,
News: Hello everyone, not much going on here for the
month of June, we had a couple of trikes down for repair
and another one off the road due to the Texas DMV codes.
One of our members Walter Sorrells was headed to the
Central States National Trike Rally at Eureaka Springs,
Arkansas and had a Trike accident, a car hit his camp trailer
which in turn spun him out and down a 10 foot deep ditch.
He broke his ankle and has bumps/bruises, one good thing
he was wearing him helmet. On July 4th chapter members
attended the wedding of one of our members, Mike (Capt.
Sundance) married Beatriz Margarite Caballero Villa who
is from Colombia, South America. Texas Gulf Coast Trikers
would like to wish Mike and Beatriz the best of luck in the
future. After the wedding everyone returned to Mike’s house
where the reception was held. A BBQ with all the trimmings
was served and enjoyed by all. Later that evening we moved
out onto the pier to watch the 4th of July fireworks from
several different towns. Our chapter managed one meet
and greet at the Lone star Grill in Bacliff, Texas. Every one
ride safe and be careful outlaw
VIRGINIA – Coastal Trikers
Director: Jerry Knuckles, Zuni, 757-618-4275, 757-485-3337
[email protected]
Meetings: The second Wednesday, of the month at 7:30
p.m. at the Golden Coral on Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeake
Chapter News
News: Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. On June 8th
our group of 13 rode to Weldon, NC, where we had lunch
at Ralph’s BBQ. It was a beautiful ride, everything went
smooth and we enjoyed each other’s company and good
time was had by all. One of our members (Sherry Morris)
just had knee surgery, want to wish her a speedy recovery.
On June 29th our group went on a ride to Mufreesboro NC.
Carol Ernewein was our leader, she took us through some
beautiful country roads, the weather was just wonderful,
had lunch at Whitley’s in Mufreesboro NC, a good time was
had by all. There will not be a July meeting as some of us
will be on vacation. Everyone have a safe and fun 4th of July
Director: Churchy Churchward, Tacoma [email protected] 253-759-8474, cell 253-279-6904
News: Greetings Trikers and Friends...
Right now Washington state is enjoying another fantastic
summer with the Coastal Cruisers and the North Sound
Threedom Riders enjoying the good weather to ride in the
wind... Ahhhh, don’t you just love it..!! Washington State
has been asked to host an August 2015 Pacific NW Regional
Trike-In. We are checking out suitable family friendly RV
campgrounds with Motels close by for the non campers. So
far we have found one in Packwood WA on Hwy 12 that looks
good but we are still looking and open to any suggestions
from you. I will keep you posted on our progress. I have
scheduled what I’m calling a “Rally” in Ellensburg WA on
July 19th to gather Trikers from Eastern WA and talk about
forming a new chapter there. I will let you all know how that
turns out in the next issue of the Triker Magazine. I don’t
know about how you feel when you ride but for me it seems
that after the first few miles I do a Happy Dance in my seat
Chapter News
everytime...Ahhhh, don’t you just love it..!!.
Keep the Shiny Side up...Churchy
WASHINGTON North Sound Threedom Riders
Director: Russ Lamb, [email protected] 360-6781551 or Mike Brenaman Co-Director & Ride Captain [email protected] 360-224-0799
News: It seems that it is time again to update the world of
Trikers about the North Sound Threedom Riders (NSTR). I
have volunteered to take on this task for this month and
give our chapter director Russ Lamb the month off. It seems
that time has caught up with most of us as we get ready to
spend more and more time on the road this summer. Tune
up projects that seem to take longer than they should and
fixing the ever present oil leaks. Then again there are the
“bolt on” chrome packages that we just didn’t get to this
winter. We have a couple chapter members that are in the
process of building new trikes that we were hoping to see
this riding season, I’m sure they will be rolling next summer. The important thing is that we are still getting together and
are riding as much as we can. The camaraderie and the
excitement of getting together is still wonderful. I personally
have found that there is a wealth of knowledge that has been
Registration beginning 4:00pm Friday
$5.00 per person
(Includes hot dogs, chili, & all the fixins)
Camping available $10.00 per night
(water & electric)
Please call Francine at 918-424-9559. or Dale at 580-310-9985 and let
us know how many are coming so that we will have enough food
prepared. Same numbers for more information.
continued . . . . . . .
openly shared between our members and what appeared
to be difficult issues have been talked about and solved over
dinner at our monthly meetings. By the time this is printed
we will have participated in the Oak Harbor, WA 4th of July
parade and have joined the Coastal Cruisers for a ride to
Mount St. Helens. We have a number of rides scheduled for
the rest of the summer and welcome all to join us. Keep the
rubber down, the shiny side up and the wind in your face.
Mike “Boattail” Brenaman, Co-Director NSTR
WASHINGTON - Coastal Cruisers
Director: Kathryn Henry, Dupont, 360-923-0133,
[email protected]
Meetings: Socials every Thursday, Homestead Restaurant,
7837 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma 6PM Everyone welcome.
News: WOW!!! What a busy fun summer we are having! We participated in a large bike show in Snohomish where
they also allowed us to set up a table to distribute BTW
information and we made good use of the opportunity. We
each took handlebar hangers to pass out every time we
walked around the show. We also had Triker Magazines
to give away and plenty of members to talk with anyone
interested in trikes. Besides being a great opportunity
to spread the word about BTW, it was great fun. And our
new BTW banner looked amazing! (Thanks Lynne). We
have also done a lot of riding. A nice leisurely ride thru
the countryside to Black Diamond Bakery for brunch. And
although the food was excellent and we ate too much, we
still had to grab that piece of pie or extra treat to take home. Then there was camping at Friends Landing over Memorial
Day.....a very relaxing time with friends. June brought the
annual ride to Triple XXX Diner where they proudly proclaim
that nothing they serve is good for you! Everyone chose
their favorite artery clogging lunch and the owner offered
up some items for an impromptu raffle. It was a great time
to include others in our fun. We topped that off with a ride
over to the chocolate store. We really know how to be bad! Junius & I attended the Oregon State Trike-in which while
small, offered some great rides and lots of time to visit with
other trikers. We had a great time and I would encourage
you to add that event to your list of things to do next year. I also went to a Spyder Lovers event in Chelan to talk with
them about BTW. I meet a couple of BTW members and
offered magazines to several people who had no idea
such a group existed. Then came the Yacolt Big Foot Run &
Rendezvous days. On my trike, I led the runners in the 5K &
10K runs. When I returned to the finish line, I assisted with
handing out medals. So very rewarding to celebrate with
each finisher. After the run we included our eight trikes in
the parade and then a trike show. It was a great time even
though we got a little wet. Thanks Dave Hancock for setting
that up. July started with the mountains. On Saturday a ride
to Mt St Helens where we saw so many wildflowers in all
colors covering the grassland. And at the same time we
continued . . . . .
could still see and get a feel for the real destruction caused
by the eruption of the mountain in 1981. What an amazing
sight! Then Sunday we rode up towards Chinook Pass,
over Cayuse Pass (with snow still beside the road) and on
to Packwood for the annual chicken barbeque. Recapping
all these activities just makes me anticipate what is coming
next.....picnics, rides, barbeques, our Washington State
Trike-in and even a wedding. It is a busy time for Coastal
Cruisers trikers and we are loving it!!!!!! WISCONSIN - State
Director: Pat “Porkie” Hendricks, Crifitz, 715-854-8150,
[email protected]
Meetings: Contact Director
News: It’s finally summer in the North country. By now
most everyone is on the road and riding. Hope the weather
has been good where you are and trikes running well. We
are getting the new chapter, North East WI Trikers, up and
functioning. Anyone wanting to join, please contact me. The
work on setting up the Southern WI and Central chapters is
starting to roll now. Anyone interested in helping set these
chapters up and get them functioning, please contact me. I
need all the help I can get. Membership is increasing, and
Chapter News
we need to have interaction in the triker family. That’s what
this is all about. That is our immediate priority. Until next
month, keep the shiny side up, and most of all, be safe out
there. Porkie
British Columbia Chapter
(Interim) Director: John (Helgi) Helgason, 1-250-703-9598,
Courtenay BC, [email protected]
News: Submitted by Kathryn Henry. We are currently
looking for a director for British Columbia. Ted Monck has
stepped down as the Interim Director so until I can find
a new director, John Helgason on Vancouver Island has
agreed to act as a contact. If you or someone you know
would be interested in being the Director please contact
me. Kathryn Henry 360-923-0133 or [email protected]
Vancouver Island – Vancouver Island 3 Wheelers
Chapter Chairman: John (Helgi) Helgason, 1-250-703-9598,
Courtenay BC, [email protected]
Assistant Chairman: Bob O’Blenis 1-250-338-2313
News: :. We are “Happy” to announce that as of this last
month we are now a Chartered Chapter of the BTW. The
Chapter name has been decided at our first meeting, to
be “Vancouver Island Three Wheelers”. A name that was
decided on by the majority of the members present at the
meeting only after doing battle with our girlfriend “Paddy
O’ Belinis” then we dug into scrumchius burgers and hot
dogs for our first BBQ. It was a good meeting and I think
several new friendships were initiated. So far we have
about 12 members and we are hopeful that several more
that have inquired will take the steps to register through
HQ and then join with us on some rides. We have not really
done many BTW rides here with the whole group up till
now but it takes time to pull everything together especially
with everyone being on vacation or family commitments
during the summer months. In time we will sort all this out
and look forward to more get together’s and longer rides.
There are some members doing summer rides to places
with other groups or with old friends, Bob and I are headed
for Newfoundland at the end of the month. By next year
we should have rides and outings in place that will suit
all member’s ideas of a good riding group and places to
investigate, great rides to experience and stories to share. Until then we will continue to put out the word to Trikers all
over the Island of our new BTW group and invite “All Trikers”
on Vancouver Island to as many outings and rides as we can
organize. Vancouver Island is just as beautiful as always and
it awaits the feel of your wheels on its roads, come on and
visit with us soon. If you’re coming to Courtenay call Bob
or myself and we will meet with you and show you around.
Chapter News
Most mornings some of the members can be found at the
A&W on Cliff Ave Courtenay around 10am to 1 pm or at
Motorcycle Monday Nights 5:30 pm at the same place. Come
on A&W’s Motorcycle Monday night and enjoy a free root
beer, compliments of the managers/owners. Meet some
neat people and look at some great bikes of all makes and
models. Hope to see ya’s there! Our weather has improved
somewhat and our Provincial Government has raised our
hi-way speed limits to 120 KM (70 miles per hour). Burns
more gas but can be exhilarating at times. Congratulations
to Ted Monk, our new Provincial Director, we look forward
to meeting and riding with you and the mainland rowdies.
lol. It’s great to see the mainland coming back to life and
hopefully we will be able to take part in mainland events
and rides and they with us. Anyone from down south of the
border or elsewhere in Canada coming to the Island, give
us a call and we can meet up and share some stories and a
cuppa. To those on Vancouver Island reading this, give us a
call and Let’s Talk Trikes and hopefully attract some more
new members. It is our hope that as we grow we will form
new chapters in several sections of the Island and then coordinate between Chapters for rides, visitations and BBQ’s.
First things first but that’s my vision. Let’s make it yours too.
Until the next time I leave you all with fair winds in your
face, sunshine at your back , safe roads and riding in your
future. Rubber side down and ride it like ya stole it. From
the Vancouver Island “Three Wheelers” to you ,Toe Faa my
friends. (Samoan for “Till we meet again”.) Helgi
Area Director: Jean Marc Platret, Grenoble, 0685573674,
[email protected]
Chapter: BTW France
Director: Gilles Lietti, Voglans, [email protected]
continued . . . . . . .
Meeting: 1st BTW meeting – France June 28th/29th, 2014
News: The first brothers arrived already at the beginning
of the week and it went on until Friday evening, finally
counting a total of 36 Trikes and 58 persons to share the first
dinner together that is excellent Paella. After a first morning
dedicated to the last preparations under the supervision of
Chapter Director Gilles LIETTI, the welcome reception started
around 9:30. Each crew received a welcome gift as well as a
VIP pass for all BTW-France members. The registrations for
the hikes and first drives on a Trike were confirmed upon
arrival. A total of 102 Trikes (more or less 170 persons) were
displayed to the public on the place of the Grand Port in
the city of Aix-les-bains. A VIP lounge reserved to the BTWFrance members and the sponsors and partners included
a stand for tasting local beers as well as coffee and other
drinks and pastries. Due to the number of visitors crowding
around the Trikes, the first drives started around 10:30 with
a never stopping flow of onlookers wishing to “go and drive
around”. During more than 6 hours, 30 to 35 Trikes and 5
Spyders escorted by bikers drove on the 6 to 7 kilometers
track, bringing joy and smiles to the drivers. The profit of
the day amounted to 1300 Dollars, which was donated in
full to the association ZICOMATIC, which is dedicated to the
disabled people. Around 6pm, the procession going to the
Congress Center via the city centre for a cocktail organized
for us by the city of Aix-les-Bains. The dinner took place in
the restaurants around the Grand Port and was followed by
a rock concert of the band Ventura Steel. Unfortunately, the
bad weather and stormy winds prevented setting off the
fireworks, which should have closed the first evening. The
meeting of the BTW-France members took place on a rainy
Sunday morning to prepare the first moral and financial
report of the association and nominate the Road Captains.
The draw of the Tombola reserved to the Trikers with
continued . . . . .
exciting prizes closed the last morning. After a last lunch
taken together with the 90 remaining participants, the sun
finally showed up and it was time for the Good-Byes of the
BTW-France Sisters and Brothers already in expectations
of the next annual gathering. And as we use to say here:
Un Week End Tip Top que du Bonheur !!!! Proud to be of
Director: Dean “Punky” Barnitt, Cornwall: 07912 101065,
[email protected]
Asst Director: Kathy “Beano” Barton: 01462 637752,
[email protected]
Area 1: 1st Saturday of the month, 2pm. Crooked Inn
Trematon, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 4RZ. Contact Punky:
07912 101065
Area 2: Every 2nd Sunday, 2pm. Royal British Legion,
Newport Pagnell, MK16 8AN. Contact Crinkle: 07831
452313 or [email protected]
Area 3: Every two weeks. Whitton UTD Football Club,
Ipswich. Contact Dennis ‘Denz’ Redman: 01473 828400,
Chapter News
07861 648773 or [email protected]
Area 4: Norfolk. Contact Beans: 01485 518254, 07455
220174 or [email protected]
Area 5: Cheshire. Contact Assessor John: 07565 354198 or
[email protected]
Area 6: 3rd Thursday of the month. Tom Hoskins Pub, 131
Beaumanir Road, Leicester, LE4 5QE. Contact Mixa: 07773
Area 7: 1st Sunday of the month. Dog & Rat, Broughton,
North Lincolnshire. Contact Rob: 07525 170721 or
[email protected]
Area 8: 2nd Wednesday of the month, 8pm. Lowers Arms,
Leam Café, Fewster Square, Leram Lane, Gateshead, Tyne
and Wear. Contact Martin (Dusty) Ablot: 07883 828387 or
[email protected]
Area 10: Last Sunday of the month, 6pm. Pelaw Inn,
Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. Contact Maddog: 07828 431349,
0191 452 1711 or [email protected] Area 11: Essex. Contact Trevor: 012 4522 2280 or [email protected]
Area 12: Herefordshire. Contact Hobbit: 07833 490262
Area 14: South & East Wales. Contact Dartmandaz: 07415
032709 or [email protected]
Area 15: West Wales. Contact Michael (Nut) Lynford:
01646 681409, 07966780342 or [email protected]
Area 16: Andy & Andrea Bish: Tel 07788101493/
07767134594 Email: [email protected]
Area 18: Cambridgeshire. Contact Budge: 01223 426744,
07704 859103 or [email protected]
Area X: The Royal Oak, Derby Road, Old Tupton,
Chesterfield, S42 6LA. Contact Steve: 07837 630929 or
[email protected]
Area V: Isle of Wight. Contact Nuttynorman: 01983 767781
or 07557 733216
Please note: All meeting dates are subject to change, so
please contact by phone or email first.
Chapter News
Can’t find your area? You can get more information at
News: So it would appear that our great British weather
has a lot in common with the England football team;
we would like to bask in warmth, but stormy disaster
is imminent. However, unlike our football team, our
remaining summer season is set to be glorious, which is
excellent news as our BTW National Threedome Rally is just
around the corner. Yes folks, an entire weekend dedicated
to fun on three wheels and, as ever, a great chance to
meet up with fellow BTW members and make new friends.
If you haven’t already got a ticket, where have you been
hiding: If you would like more info of how you can be a
part of our epic, annual rally, please call Hobbit on 07883
490262. On Friday 13th June, BTW members accompanied
the family and friends of Paul (GPZ) Salmon on his final
ride. Paul’s funeral was a beautiful and unique tribute to
a truly wonderful man who will be remembered for so
many good reasons. Paul was a devoted husband to his
lovely wife, Rachel, and an amazing father to the couple’s
young son, Nathan. He was a loyal friend, always happily
giving his help and expertise to those who needed it. His
wonderful sense of style was coupled by his fun loving,
continued . . . . . . .
good nature. He and Rachel often held gatherings at their
home where Paul reveled in playing his part of welcoming
host. As a brother, Paul was so generous with his time,
always supporting events and gatherings. As a friend, Paul
was a kindhearted treasure, who was a joy to be around.
Paul will be fondly remembered by everyone who had the
pleasure of knowing him. Naturally, our thoughts and love
go out to Rachel and Nathan, whose courage throughout
this tragic time has been truly inspirational. Those of you
who are attending this year’s Rebel Rally may be interested
to know that, as well as the usual fun & mayhem, there will
be a unique opportunity for you to take part in the bidding
for a hand crafted sculpture by the late Paul GPZ Salmon. His
stainless steel bike and trike sculptures are truly magnificent,
with amazing attention to detail. Although, I must warn you,
the opening bid has already started at £100, so you may
have to empty your piggy bank for this one. However, a
further two sculptures will also be entered into the raffle.
Since Paul and Rachel have played such a big part in the
Rebel Rally since it began, it is a fitting tribute that the work
of such a talented man should go to help a worthy cause.
All proceeds will be donated to the Air Ambulance. Area 18
(Cambridgeshire is now officially on the map. Road Captain,
continued . . . . .
Budge, has been very busy spreading the word of their
existence and is keen to get the new area up and running.
If you would like to show your support or become more
involved with area 18 you can contact Budge to arrange
a visit (see “meetings” for contact details). Budge will
also be at the Cottenham Bike Show and Party on the 26th
July. We wish Area 18 the very best of luck and our thanks
go to Budge for taking on the mantle. Area 16’s Andrew
and Andrea Bish have recently returned from their epic
adventure across Route 66. Whilst on their travels they
got to meet up with BTW members from the USA. Firstly
they met up with Ray in Santa Fe, then they met up with
Rock (New Mexico State Director) and Sherry for dinner in
Gallup where they were also joined by members, Bradley
& Cena, from Zuni. Andrew and Andrea even featured in
Chapter News
the BTW New Mexico newsletter. Andrea said, “We started
in Chicago, where we met up with the other people who
were also on the holiday for the first night. Over the days
we went to Springfield, St Louis, Joplin, Oklahoma, Amarillo,
Santa Fe, Gallup, the Grand Canyon, Laughlin, Las Vegas,
Victorville and Los Angeles. We did 2,734 miles. We had
such a fantastic time riding a trike, which we love doing. It
was also hard work as we had to get up most days at 6:30
and a lot of time we did about 250 to 300 miles a day, but
we would stop off at places of interest along the way. We
got to know a lot of lovely people, who we travelled with,
and are all in touch with each other. We are still trying to get
through the photos as we have taken about 4000. It is well
worth doing an adventure and challenge” Wishing you all a
safe summer. Paula
Around the World
on Trikes
Bigfoot Fun Run, Yacolt Rendezvous, Trike Show and RAIN IN Here is some of
our brave little band who showed up regardless of the weather. Our hardy souls
were from the Bridge City Chapter (OR/WA), Capital City (OR) and Coastal
Cruisers (WA). Included are Regional Director, Kathryn Henry, and WA State
Director, Churchy Churchward.
Bondo Bob and AJ
Johnson in the forefront
at the Oregon State
Trike-In card run.
Southern Nevada Roadrunners 200 mile run to meet-up with Parhump Valley Trikers, we had lunch at the Nugget Casino
and then went to Shosone CA. then home. there were 14 trikes and 1 motorcycle, great day!!! Nevada BTW, first we went
to Support Combat Veterans on the run they had in Henderson for the veterans home in Boulder City. it was a great turnout lots of support & Bikefest in Pahrump we also did a picnic at Mt Charleston 3 SO NV Roadrunners and 2 Pahrump
Trikers, it was a cool and beautiful ride!!! we had a great time!!!
Threedom riders invade Put-In Bay during this years
some of Iowa Heartland Trikers at Tripods
Trike- In & Triker helping triker at Black Hawk
Lake Iowa
Around the World on Trikes
Tripods Trike- In with great
food and good company and
stories around the campfires,
it was a relaxing weekend. We
even had a good laugh when
Ted crashed his “scooter”
while racing against his wife
on a downhill run and sported
band-aids on both knees for
two days. It was even funnier
when George had a mishap
and put his trike in the weeds
on the edge of the lake.
The Central States Trike-In king & Queen
(the money offered was to go away)
BTW Andy & Andrea Bish from the UK during
their Route 66 USA Tour meeting up with Rock
Glaser, State Director in New Mexico.
A rumor that this was really
the CEO & AR. State Director.
Meet the New Miss
Madera Ca. Trike-In
S N Roadrunners 200 mile run meet-up with Parhump Valley Trikers lunch at the Nugget Casino and to Shosone CA.great day!!!
Around the World on Trikes
Heart of America’s MO June Picnic and meeting. Chapter members Bo and Louella organized a poker
run, followed by dinner and our business meeting. picture shows a portion of Bo’s cap collection. He has
approximately 2,500 caps hung from the ceiling and another 1,000 waiting to be hung. We had 25 members in
FIRST BTW MEETING – France June 28th/29th, 2014 A total of 102 Trikes (more or less 170 persons) were
displayed to the public on the place of the Grand Port in the city of Aix-les-bains. During more than 6 hours,
30 to 35 Trikes escorted by bikers drove on the 6 to 7 kilometers track. The profit of the day amounted to
1300 Dollars, which was donated in full to the association ZICOMATIC, Cocktails organized for us by the city of
Aix-les-Bains. Then Dinner & the band Ventura Steel.
As we say: Un Week End Tip Top que du Bonheur !!!!
Golden Triangle Trikers donated baby
items to the Sabine Federal Credit Union
for the South East Texas Community
Baby Shower.
Members of Tx Gulf Coast Trikers Mike
(Capt Sundance) & Beatriz’s wedding
Golden Triangle Trikers
Around the World on Trikes
Southern Nevada Roadrunners 4th of July Pool Party! great time was had by all!!!
the cheeseburger cupcakes were a smash!!!
The 2014 COLORADO TRIKE-IN as you can see good food, good rides, great band, fun games
a good time was had by all.
2014 Central States National Trike-In: Great Location, Great People, Great Times, it was a blast.
Around the World on Trikes
Ozark Road Hogs Mountain View,
Arkansas ride On the Road Hogs, Mountain View, Arkansas ride, July 4th week end.
Eagle Rock Riders meeting 6-21-14 in Freeport, Illinois.
Coastal Cruisers had a great photo op as we stopped to check out what
is left of Mt St. Helens after the 1981 eruption that blew approximately
1300 feet off the mountain. Now new life is evident even among
remnants of the destruction.
BTW the Beginning
I was asked to write this after talking with “Churchy” our Washington State Director.
You see this story starts about a year ago, June or July 2013 when a person I had never met invited my girlfriend, Lori,
and me to the Brothers of the Third Wheel Washington State Trike-in in Montesano, WA. I had no idea what that was
going to entail or who these people were. We decided to go and check out this new to us organization. You see, I was
a member of an organization that even though not a MC (Motorcycle Club) they acted like one and ran with a number of
the same rules and attitude of an MC. The ideas like ‘Don’t touch my bike’,’ Don’t mess with my woman’, ‘Don’t take any
crap from anyone’ and it was almost a rite of passage to carry a side arm to all functions and especially when we were on
the road. I truly thought that this was a place that I would be for a long time and considered these people my brothers,
knowing that they would be by my side no matter what. I found after spending over two years to gain full membership
in the organization and finally becoming a full member that my thoughts and ideas were not always reality. A change in
leadership and an issue involving a family member brought out the true colors of this organization. Jump forward to the
day that we met up with Russ and Laurie Lamb and headed to the ferry dock to start our ride to Montesano. Russ and
Laurie both made us feel that they were truly glad that we were there and were riding with them. The ferry ride over to
Port Townsend was the first time that I had the trike on the ferry. What a great ride! We traveled back roads to Montesano
stopping for fuel and stretching a couple of times and had a wonderful ride. We checked into the hotel and got settled
before heading to Friends Landing to meet the rest of the Coastal Cruisers. When we arrived people were waving and
happy to see us. We were greeted by a number of fellow trike riders before we
were able to get stopped and off our trikes. There were handshakes and hugs
around even though these people had never seen us before and didn’t know
me from anybody. It did not matter to them that I had a different patch on my
back or that I was from another part of the state. When it came time for dinner
we wouldn’t have been able to sit by ourselves even if we wanted to. Linda
Churchward was one of the first people to introduce herself and make sure
that we felt welcome and part of the group. Katheryn Henry also made sure
that we felt more than welcome and expressed to us that she was happy that
we had made the trip to visit with them for the weekend. There were so many
great people and great trikes to look at. Because of my past (see above) and my
upbringing I know that you don’t get too close and most certainly ask the owner
of the motorcycle or trike before getting too close. When we were looking at
Mitch’s trike and commenting on the unique paint job, we heard “take a look, sit on it if you want, you can’t hurt it”. I
was in shock to say the least. Then Churchy said the same thing, “Sit on it”, “you do have your trike endorsement right”?
“Yes” I said. “Take it for a drive if you want”. I wasn’t even sure I should sit on his trike and I would never think to ride
another person’s trike. I was in complete shock, these people were very different. The ride after dinner was to Aberdeen
to the Baskin Robins for ice cream. How cool is that!! When we got back to the hotel I told Lori that I did not know what
to think of these people. They are nothing like the group that I have been riding with for the last three years. I was really
having a hard time understanding the situation we were in as it was so different from what I knew and thought was the
way everyone that rode was like. I don’t think I slept much that first night even though I was exhausted from the ride
that day. The next morning I got up and was getting ready to head back over to Friends Landing for breakfast and as I walk
outside I see Russ wiping down my trike, cleaning the windshield and drying the nights dew from the seat. What do I say
besides Thank You? Who are these people? When we arrived at Friends Landing for breakfast the reception was much
like the day before. We were made to feel like we had been a part of the group for some time. Linda even took a picture
of our breakfast. I found out later that she does that with most everyone. We were included in all of the group pictures
and were asked to ride in the middle of the group on our big daily rides. In the other world I was a part of, non-members
were required to ride in the back. When we returned from our ride I was told that my brake lights had stopped working
sometime during the ride. Immediately there was a group of these people asking how they could help get the trike fixed.
I found that the brake light actuator linkage had come loose. I am too big to fit under my trike to attempt to fix it. I said
“it would be nice if there was a small Japanese person there that could reach the linkage.” Mitch told me to bring the trike
around to his camping spot as there was a slight rise in the grass and he would see if he could fix it. Mitch dove right under
the trike and fixed the problem. I asked if I could pay him for fixing my trike. “No, just keep riding.” Wow, what an amazing
group of people. It is still working to this day. I am pretty sure I slept that night but I was still having a hard time accepting
the whole situation at hand. The next day was a ride to Westport for lunch. Great ride and a wonderful pace that was set
by the Road Captain. Some of us left Westport at different times and I was asked to lead a group back because I had been
in the area before. The ride back was a success as we didn’t lose anyone between Westport and Friends Landing. The rest
of the weekend was just as much fun as the beginning. We were all sad to see the trike-in end and head home. We all said
that we would like to get together again. The ride home was just as good as the ride down. Jump ahead to September
2013. Russ and I had talked about the possibility of starting our own chapter in the local area because Tacoma is a long
drive to be part of the Coastal Cruisers chapter. Jump ahead again and you will find that there is a new chapter in the
BTW, North Sound Threedom Riders is up and running and doing well. I blame all of the members of the Coastal Cruisers
and all of the others that were at the 2013 Washington State Trike-in as they have changed my mind about the types of
folks that are riding, and pushing pavement everyday on their trikes. I no longer have the other patch on my back. I am
now a member of the BTW and co-director of the NSTR with Russ. I hold all of those folks that I now consider friends
responsible for a change in myself and in my way of thinking. I have learned of true brotherhood because it has been
shown to me instead of just being talked about. I purchased a VW powered trike last September (also their fault), and had
some electrical issues. Russ and I called Churchy for some advice on fixing the problems. Instead of telling me what to do,
he (Churchy) drove 200 miles to teach me about electrical systems and rewire the trike. Not only did he do this once, he
did it multiple times until the project was complete. Russ also drove from Whidbey Island multiple times to assist with the
electrical as well as other issues I have had. I can’t thank these two enough for all of their support and friendship. I truly
believe that because of the actions even more than the words of the members of this organization I have become a better
person and have found a place that I can ride and enjoy the company of friends both far and near.
Thank you, Mike “Boattail” Brenaman, Co-Director North Sound Threedom Riders. (NSTR)
Trike Vacation 2014 Dean and Lois Yates, Hi Desert Trikers in California
We started out going to Seligman for the Trike in. Left Thursday May 23. Checked in at the Canyon Lodge Thursday
night. Saturday went to Hackberry with the group. On the way back the Outsider MC Club invited us to their clubhouse
and served hot dogs, brats, and Chile for lunch. Great clubhouse, Gracios Hosts, good food. Saturday night we went to
the Snow Cap for dancing and ice cream. Good DJ. The old boy still has it in him. Danced a lot. Left Seligman on Sunday
rode thru Ash Fork, Chino Valley, Prescott, Jerome, Cottonwood, We took 17 to Flagstaff, and smoke from Sedona
fires burned eyes and made it hard to breath. Stayed in Flagstaff, the Roadway Motel gets a thumbs down.. Next day
rode one of the most scenic and beautiful rides thru Page, Bryce Canyon, (stopped at a cave tourist trap), then thru
Utah on highway 12 to Torry. Found a cute motel n the pines with a café, very rustic. The Capital Reef Motel, The
next day after breakfast Dean was sick, I guess French toast didn’t agree with him. lWe went on to Yellowstone stayed
at The Branding Iron in “West Yellowstone. Already crowded with tourists. Buffalo and other animals galore. Next
day traveled thru Montana stopped 60 milers north of Great Falls, to Choteau Montana. Dean picked the Motel. We
went to eat dinner came back and left immediately. Yikes bedbugs, we traveled 60
miles at night in 45 degree weather and wind in the middle of no wear to Conrad
Montana, found motel, no bugs. The following day rode to Eureka Montana, Stayed
at Super 8 with a casino attached. The Casino served Prime Rib with all the trimmings
including desert for 22 dollars. Great place to stay. The next day traveled to Jasper
Canada, beautiful ride thru the National Forest in Canada, met some BMW riders
on their way to Alaska. Snow on the ground and cold but worth it. Jasper had no
vacancies due to Tourists, mostly from out of the country. I thought er would have
to sleep in the woods with the bears Of course Dean reassured me that he watches
the Survivor man so he could take care of us. We found a Motel 60 miles away this
one we called the tomb a real dump with 3 channels on the TV. The next day we had some rain, we have rain gear so
it was not a big deal. I have to give it to Dean beautiful ride mostly side roads. We headed to Vancouver Island took
three ferries, the motorcycles and cars park under the deck. Quite an experience. We then rode to Victoria, beautiful
town. We took another ferry to the US. Ferry employees rude. Border patrol very friendly talked to us for quite a while.
Wanted to know about our trip. Rode to Astoria Oregon stayed in a Motel
on the Columbia River. “The next day we rode to Portland, Clackamas, to
visit relatives. Rode down the beautiful Oregon coast then into California where it was 112 degrees. Stopped at a ratty
gas station to wet my cool vest. No water to their sink so I used their employee shower for vest. It worked for about 30
minutes then dried out to fast.
Then thru San Francisco to Highway 1. Traffic unbelievable, stayed in Santa
Cruz. Lots of people in Santa Cruz. The next day we took 1, another spectacular ride, to highway 166 across to 5 temp
108. Met some other riders. Near Taft. Then up grapevine to Gorman across to Lake Hughes and thru Leona Valley, then
home. We met a lot of people, tourists wanted to sit on Trike while their friends took pictures. IF I put everything we
did I could write a volume, all the things we saw and people we met. We put on about 5000 miles, Gold Wing Trike,
Roadsmith Conversion, and Time Out Trailer.Lesson learned don’t put less air pressure in front tire Dean put in 37 psi
instead of 41 psi to make a softer ride. Ruined the tire. We had to detour to Kalispell, Montana to but a new tire. Put on
a Dunlap and still looks new. Dean and Lois Yates
It was at the Western National at Madera, CA 2014. I had just finished building my son’s new trike and this was
to be the shake down ride. My thinking was we would go on the Yosemite day ride, which would give me all the major
riding conditions and have a backup truck if something did go wrong. What a beautiful ride up through the park. I
think they said we had 42 trikes on the ride. My son’s wife, Liz, was riding with me and my son, Frank, was riding with
my wife, Leatha. We were at the back of the pack and somehow we got separated from the main group. We could still
see several trikes way up in front of us so we kept going. We caught up to them just before leaving the park and as we
went through the gate, I asked how long ago did the main group of trikes go through. He said what trikes, we were the
first all day. We pulled over to talk things over and figured out what to do next. It seems that the main group made a
turn that we did not. I knew that we needed to get to Mariposa, which was just up the road a few miles and we still had
the backup truck with us. So off we went. Once we got to Mariposa, we found a gas station. We had five trikes and a
truck. After gasing-up we pulled out of town and found a place to park and figure out what next. Leatha had her GPS
and Jeff said he knew how to get home from a town called Raymond. The GPS said it was only 23 miles to Raymond at
the next left. So off we went. Did I mention that we lost the truck somewhere in town? He thought that we turned.
He did make it back to camp before us. Now, for the name of this little tale. The Road Less Traveled is a Road Worth
Riding. Well, the person who thought that one up must not have known the guy that coined the phrase ’23 miles of Bad
Road’. Maybe, just maybe, if you were in a car, a truck, a motorcycle, or even a school bus, you could dodge and swerve
to miss a lot of the pot holes and bumps, but not on a trike. 23 miles = 1 hours & 30 minutes. We even got passed by
the school bus and he was gone.We finally got to Raymond which was a gas station, Bar & Grill, and a store all in one
building. The locals said they don’t even use that road, they take the long way around to save time. They told us that
about 3 miles up the road was the turn to get back to Madera. After a much needed break, we hit the road back to the
park. I have never been so beat up on one ride in all my life and I am sure that the all of us felt the same way. We all
do have a tale to tell and will remember it for a long time. Back at the park, I cornered the road captain and asked if he
knew who was left out on the road. We did miss the turn and he did send someone back to find us. The park ranger did
tell him that we had been through a while ago and we seemed to know where we were going. I was ok with that but I
did ask again if he knew WHO had been left out on the road. I told him 5 trikes (Loner Abbott, California State Director
and Jack Mertes, Region 9 Director and Alex Ross, CEO and Leatha and Jeff). His statement was “Do you think that
maybe we done it on purpose???”
Ride Safe, Ride Free, and God Bless Ron
“Loner” Abbott
What If 2014
Have you ever been setting around with a group of friends and have you ever said “What if we had a weekend? That’s what
started “What If 2013” and a trip to Eureka Spring Memorial Day weekend. As the Memorial Day weekend approached this
year the question was “What If” we went to Southern Louisiana? The trip included 2 trikes, a bike and 6 members of the
T-Town Travelers from Tulsa, Oklahoma. As the weekend grew nearer the excitement filled the air as we prepared making
plans, mapping routes, and a last minute trip to the store. Now we are ready. The plan is to leave just as soon after work
as possible. Heading south our first night stop was in Mt Pleasant, Texas. Nice town, the people were very friendly. The
next morning Tom was able to get out his fly rod for a few minutes catching a dozen or so pan fish. Just catch and release
is his motto…. I’m working on that. A fish fry might be fun this fall. After returning to the highway we made our way to
the visitor center at Alexandria, Louisiana. After a quick sandwich and a tour of the center we ran into a nice ole southern
gentleman that directed us to a quaint Southern Louisiana cajun seafood shop called Robbie G’s. Very good food, I would
recommend if you’re ever in the area. Then next stop, the Kent Plantation House. This location holds history that was
interesting to the entire group. After leaving the Plantation House we found a motel, checked in and headed on over to
Robbie G’s for dinner. Did I happen to say the food was outstanding???? After returning to the motel it was getting close to
dark and we noticed the outdoor activity seemed to pick up. Have you ever been in a place that just didn’t feel right? Ya,
you probably figured it out by now, the working girls were trolling the parking lot. After a not so restful night we headed on
further south to just south of Lafette to New Iberia on Avery Island to the Tabasco plant. It is hard to imagine the island is
setting on a huge salt mine. Oh and by the way, Jack Daniels, regardless of the TV commercials, doesn’t squeeze their wood
barrels to get the Devil Cut. They send their empty whiskey barrels to Tabasco where they recycle them. Also on Avery
Island is the Jungle Garden Bird Sanctuary. We made the tour and saw magnificent Oak trees draped with Spanish moss.
The view was like a living postcard. I’ll let you know how the pictures came out. Then rounding the corner and yes finally
we see ALLIGATORS!!!!Leaving with all fingers and toes in tack we head toward Livingston Texas where “Switches” brother,
Danny lives. As we travel along the coast we see crawfish ponds, rice fields, and draw bridges. Upon arriving to Livingston
and holding to tradition we grilled in the parking lot of our motel and had a hearty dinner of brats, baked beans, and beer.
After a couple hours of food and conversation we called it a night. Next morning we awoke to possible rain and the forecast
wasn’t any better for the next day. So we turned our bikes north and headed for home. Leaving at 8 am that morning we
arrived in Tulsa around 7 pm. With all the rain possibilities we only ran into rain the last 10 miles coming home. All told,
1495 miles and a life time of memories with great friends. Looking forward to “What if 2015”. Oh, one more thing before I
end this story when you travel riding a homemade custom trike you have to expect the other travelers on the highway that
speed by in their cars to hit their brakes, slow down so they can catch a video or a few snapshots of you while traveling 70
MPH. At each fuel stop you have the people that come over and introduce themselves wanting to know more about the
spider web VW trike they see at the gas pump. Even have enough time for mom to let the little ones set in the seat for a
quick photo op. That’s one of the reasons I love this hobby It seems to bring a smile to everyone’s face. From the firemen
at the intersection in their fire truck, to the homeless man on the corner with his cardboard sign. The smile on their face
is the same. You get the point and a wave or give a thumbs up. It is truly heartwarming to see young and old react in a
positive way. So now the question is what will “What if 2015” bring? Colorado? Iowa? South Dakota? Who knows, we have
a year to make that decision. Maybe your Chapter has a “What If” planned soon…… Hope so, cause you won’t regret it. Mark Duensing, OK.
Bug’s eye view Western National Trike-in at Madera, CA— CONTINUED FROM JUN JULY MAGAZINE
Once we got past the desert and up in the mountains it was shady and more like home. I liked seeing all the dogwood
trees in bloom. Beautiful! They have some high mountains around here. There was even snow by the side of the road
in one place. They had quite a town up at Shaver Lake, a very nice place. We also went a little farther to see a power
plant, then back to the lake for lunch. It was not too hot, and maybe even a little cool at times. The way back was
fine, until we got back down the mountain and it got hot--really hot. It was in the 90s. Everyone seemed to be really
exhausted and worn out from the heat. We rode about 120 miles this trip. After we got back we went to the motel
for a while, then over to the camp ground. The Coastal Cruisers had an ice cream social at 7pm. Of course I miss out
on things like that. I heard that it went really well and there was plenty of ice cream for everyone. I guess they liked
the choice of vanilla or neopolitan to go with the toppings. Friday morning we were up early again to go for a ride to
Yosemite National Park. I think they said there were about 38 bikes. That’s quite a parade! The day dawned bright
and beautiful, not too warm at 9 am. The road up there in the mountains is very curvey, with some of those beautiful
dogwoods in bloom among the pine trees and giant sequoias. There seemed to be trees every now and then that
looked like they were growing right out of the rocks. Sometimes you could see the roots on top of the rocks with just
the ends going down somewhere. We had lunch in a picnic area there. It was a nice area, but there were not many
tables or rest rooms. No water, either, but I guess that would be because they have such a water shortage in California.
The lunch was a little scant, since those in charge forgot to bring CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE
CONT: the chips and some of the drinks, and there were also a few more people than they planned for. Part of our group
was going to go to some sort of museum on a shuttle, but it left just before they got there. The rest of us headed for
home. It was getting late, and people were tired. On the way back I heard that the bike thermometers read 99 degrees!
That last 45 min or so of the ride was very uncomfortable! At that temperature I was almost roasted! We got back to
camp and found out Kathryn, Lorena, and Junius had driven all night and arrived at 3 AM. Kathryn was doing OK, but
got a little tired and needed to rest sometimes. We relaxed the rest of the evening and had a good dinner at Perkos.
Saturday morning was the bike show. I kind of got to see it from a distance. Bill didn’t want to clean the bike and enter
it but he rode it to the campground. That’s fine with me, so I can see what’s going on. There were all kinds of trikes at
the bike/trike show, from rat trikes to the very beautiful, even a smart trike—a smart car made into a trike. Churchy
brought a trailer with the form he used to make his trike body, and the first body he used. They had the show at the
fairgrounds where we camped. They had bike games after that. I didn’t really get to see them, but I heard they were
lots of fun. Gary and Coleman were in all of the games, and Terry and Linda, and Churchy and Linda were in some, too.
The evening meal was a potluck. I heard that had lots of good food for everyone, including plenty of yummy desserts.
They gave out awards, too. We got the “Best Dressed Chapter” and “Largest Chapter from Out of State.” Churchy got
the “longest distance ridden” (he went 10 miles farther than we did.) Tim and Joanne should have gotten the “longest
distance towed,” but something happened and they gave it to someone from Utah that went only 800 and some miles.
It was just fine that we didn’t get the “Hard Luck” award this time. Sunday morning, or night, I should say, we were
heading for home by 3:20 AM with Larry Maulding, who came to visit the Third Wheelers. I don’t know if I like those
early, early starts. Anyway, we rode along waiting for the sun to come up. You know, I like the smells that you get when
you ride along in the open air, not inside a car. The fresh-cut hay on that truck smelled so good! Of course there are the
not-so-refreshing smells, too, like the cattle feed lot, diesel trucks, and the skunks. I’m glad
there weren’t too many of them. Then when we went by a wood carving shop there was
the smell of fresh cut wood, and sometimes a field of something growing, or the beautiful
lilacs in bloom. I love the smell of rain, too. We traveled north on 99, then on I-5 to north
of Redding where we headed east to meet Norm and Donna in Pendleton where he was
supposed to pick up his trike. As we were traveling along at about 65 or so mph Bill sped
up to pass a couple cars. Larry was behind us. When he went to catch up, a California
Highway patrol car was going the other way. He turned around and stopped us. Bill thought
he would get a ticket, but he had clocked Larry at 90 mph and only gave him a ticket that he
said would be for 75 mph. Sorry about that, Larry. The day was cool, and we only had a few sprinkles of rain. We kept
on riding and riding, till we got to Bend, OR. That’s where we stopped about 4:30PM. I don’t know about these loooong
days. At least it wasn’t hot, so that was better, anyway. Sunday morning we found out Norm’s trike wouldn’t be ready,
so we headed north, then on the Washington side of the Columbia River back to I-5 and home. We hadn’t been that
way before. It was a scenic ride along the river. It rained just a little here and there as we went under a rain cloud or
two. Finally home was in sight, and a chance to rest for a while, after a very good trip. Article written by Linda Crain –
Coastal Cruisers
Please try to keep the photos at 150 pix or more for better pictures in the Magazine THANKS
1ST Place:
TX 2ND Place: CA 3RD Place: 0K
(Correcting your email on the web site does not CHANGE
your information at the office)
A copy of the 2013 Financial Statement is now available
to current members who wish one, by simply calling or
emailing Headquarters.
Hi all,
I’m sending this to “everyone” because I want to let you know that we really did have a great time at the
Oregon State Trike-In this past weekend. While I was not able to go on all of the rides, the ones I did take were
excellent. Crossing the Willamette River on the ferry during the Sunday ride was a special treat for me.
I think many members wondered about holding this event in an “industrial park” and were surprised at how
nice Wally and Marsha made the surroundings. I have to stop here and give a sincere Thank You to Wally
and Marsha for the preparations; to Chris and George for their work with the food and games; and to Nadine
for giving up riding to help prepare the lunch on Saturday. Nadine was also the “prime mover” for the
Candlelighters Silent Auction on Saturday, and we were able to raise $70 for them.
I would also like to thank Kathryn Henry for helping us understand what is happening at BTW HQ, and for
taking our concerns back to the leaders at HQ. In friendship,
Norman E. DeRoux Director, Capital City Trikers
[email protected]
Cecilia A. Massetti, Ed.D.
June 17, 2014
Loner Abbott
Brothers of the Third Wheel
Dear Loner:
On behalf of the Madera County Board of Education please accept our heartfelt
thanks to the Brothers of the Third Wheel for their generous donation to our
programs. But more than the monetary value, we greatly appreciate the thought
behind the donation.
We look forward to our continued association and our students in particular look
forward to seeing your members and their trikes again!
As requested our Board members are: Cathie Bustos, Al Galvez, Ron Manfredo,
Grant Sturm, Bobby Thatcher, Sara Wilkins and Maxine Yocum.
Once again, thank you for coming to our board meeting and for taking such an
interest in our programs.
Cecilia A. Massetti
Cecilia A. Massetti, Ed.D.
Madera County Superintendent of Schools
28123 Avenue 14  Madera, CA 93638  (559) 673-6051  FAX (559) 673-5569
Classified ads are free for BTW members and run for 2 consecutive Issues if desired.
The Cost for non-Members is $30 per Ad for 2 consecutive issues if desired.
Ads must be submitted by the 1st of the month prior to publication with required payment.
Reduced to $13,500 OBO -------------
Used Voyager Conversion Kit for a Shovel
was used on a 77 Superglide Asking $2,000
call Diane at 1-231-745-3076 MI.
2006 Honda 1800 with Motor Trike conversion. Gold
with lots of extras, 26,000 miles. Reduced to $19,900
OBO with matching tote made from the saddlebags. Can
deliver. Will text photos to serious inquiries. Contact
Larry at 405-205-0402 or [email protected]
2006 Rewaco HSR. V-twin, 103 inch Harley
Davidson Screaming Eagle package motor. Four-speed manual tranny. Windshield
& luggage rack. 8,500 mi. Always garaged. Runs
great. $25,000. Call Perry 970-854-3978, CO
2006 Honda 1300VTX. Trike by Motor Trike, with
easy steer, custom paint, with trailer.Trike has just
under 30K miles. Asking $13,500 OBO.
Pete at 520-270-8607 Email [email protected] AZ
1971 Volkswagen Trike, 1641 cc engine, less
than 800 miles. New upholstery, windshield,
new front tire, very good back tires. 4 speed
trans, reverse. Asking $7,500. Haileyville, OK.
Call Jerry at 918-424-9559
Custom Trike 2183 Eng w/4000 mi, new 51mm wide
glide front end, New seats, ext oil cooler w/elec fan,
sway bar, eng & Trans straps, custom paint, trailer
hitch. Located in Golden Valley, AZ. $12,000 OBO Call
Rich Wilhelm, 661-341-7624
2008 800 C50 Suzuki Boulauard with a
Lehman Trike kit. Has always been garaged,
looks and runs great. 12,600 miles. Ph 600383-2708 and 816-838-0851. Located just
east of Kansas City Mo. $16,500.
2005 Russian Ural
750cc, 4-Speed with Reverse Gear. Has less
than 3,000 mi. Very Good Cycle,
lots of new parts & paint.
Call Ralph: 317-634-2649 IN.
2002 Lightning Trike, ZZ4 350 Eng., 200-4R Trans,
Ford 9 in. Rear End. 600 Holley Carb., Ceramic Coated
Pipes. Powder coat Paint. Never been ridden hard or
raced. Beautiful ride, looks better than new. stereo and
many extras. This is manufactured vehicle, not homebuilt. Must see to appreciate, can send more pictures
upon request. price Reduction to $43,500. NM. Call Tom 505-459-2366.
TITLED 1987 VW TRIKE, Disc Brakes,1835
cc VW eng, 4 speed Trans, Lavender
Metallic body, Lots of Chrome. Runs
Great $8,000.0BO Call Guff Watson at
480.963.3581 Gilbert, AZ
50 turbo trans. Excellent condition.
Bois D’Arc, MO.
Gene Young 417-230-6087 or
email [email protected]
2013 Custom
Built Trike V-Twin
5-speed. Lots of
Chrome, nice big
trunk space.
This Trike is a new
build with less than
100 mi. Reduced to $17.000
Call Ralph: 317634-2649 IN.
Custom Harley 1980 Super
Glide Trike, Show Winner and
Custom Chrome Calendar bike.
Custom Old School 1978 Harley Davidson
Shovelhead Runs great.
1980 HD wide glide front end, 1941 HD Servicar
rear end. Extra chrome wheels.Price Reduced to
$10,000 OBO Call Eileen,
352-625-1079, FL
2007 V8 Trike, 350 Chevy motor
& turbo trans, 89 Lincoln rear end, (new
distributor, Eldabrook 4 barrel carb,
brakes & tires) 14,000 miles, JUST REDUCED TO $17,500.00/OBO
Call Richard 505-489-1478,
Albuquerque, NM
2003 HD with a 2012 motortrike kit motors uped to
96cc’s. lots of engine up grades. tow package, reverse.
31,000 mi. runs great. $23,500 or consider trike shop
trike on trade. for more info call or text 706 455 9503
or email [email protected]
Mike, GA.
2000 Harley Davidson
Sportster 1200cc
Trike conversion completed by
Harley Davidson West, Indianapolis
IN. Custom ghost flame paint job,
Screamin Eagle pipes, lots of chrome,
custom fairing. Storage in the back
for your 'junk in the trunk.' Runs great
and very clean! Only 32,000 miles. Reduced to $10,000.
Josh Jenkins
317-985-0458 [email protected]
VW “70-73” Full Automatic Transmission Kits.
The kit consists of: A rebuilt & road tested VW transmission, a
rebuilt torque converter, a flex plate & 3 mounting bolts, a gland
nut & washer, a front transmission mount, a type 3 suspension
sandblasted and finished painted, set of right & left new axels & CV
joints, set of new coil over shocks, set of new
rear wheel bearings & spacers, a used 12 volt starter, and the shifter
from the car. I will only sell complete kits, I would prefer that
you picked them up but I can ship them, you pay the crate fee and
shipping. $2500.00, NO TRADES. CALL 417-683-5773. If there is
no answer please leave a message. Thank you , Tom
2011 mid engine w/ 1965corvair Trike 110hp,
I built this from scratch. VW trans, IRS
15inch wheels. Front end is a billet 8inch over
front end 7 degrees rake 21inch front wheel. I cut it, bent it, weld it & ride it. 6,500 mi.
$12,000 (obo) Jeffrey White (503)-901-7711 OR.
you pay the
Great handouts
Upcoming events
August 1, 2, and 3.
Camping In The Clouds
Friday ride at 7:00 Saturday meet and greet breakfast
of coffee & doughnuts. then a ride is planned for
the morning to a lunch stop along the way. Get back
to campground for a few games, then hot dog/ brat
cookout around the big campfire. Have a meeting and
door prizes and stories. Sunday morning a farewell to
all breakfast of coffee and coffee cake. Then for those
that choose we will have a farewell last ride before
everyone packs up to head back to the real world.We
just want folks to come ride/ have fun and get to meet
up with old friends and maybe meet a few new friends.
Onward fellow trikers. Taz Hawley Camping in the
Clouds (920)843-1741 if you have questions
Aug 8-10,
Florida’s Swanee River State Park BTW Family
Reunion, Camping day event is Saturday the 9th, 104pm.
Call J.B for more details, 352-216-9704
Aug. 8th - 10th, 2014
KS Open Prarie Trikers Trike-About
Contact Linda Dunn aActivity Director 316-734-9244
August 14-17, 2014
BTW Washington State Trike-In
Friend’s Landing, 300 Katon Rd. Motesano, WA.
Rides, Trike/Bike Show, Drawings, 50/50, Campfires.
Pre registration is very important
for more info contact: Kathryn Henry, 360-923-0133 or
E-mail “[email protected]
August 15-17th, 2014
15th Annual Nebraska Trike-In, Legion Park
Wilber NE Registration starts noon on Friday,
Super8-Crete NE 402-826-3600, Crete Inn 402-8264341 both 10Mi from Wilber. Camping available at
Legion Park, Contact Butch 402-821-2287, Junkman
Aug 15 - 17, 2014
Field of Dreams Trike Rally 2014 held at Carroll
County Fairgrounds, Milledgeville IL.
Camping & Motels available contact Harry “Fuzzy”
Pettenger at 815-590-6225 or [email protected]
Aug 15 - 17, 2014
14th Annual Pennsylvania Trike-In at ShangriLa by the Lake 1824 Williamsfield Rd. (Route 322)
Jamestown, PA. for camping reservations call 742932-5044 or visit cottages
available at 724-932-3522 cantact Dave Snyder at
[email protected] or 724-866-3281
August 22 thru 24, 2014
Iowa State BTW RALLY and Iowa Heartland Trikers
Trike-in will be held at HOLMDAHI PARK Kellogg
location :just off I-80 take exit 173 off I-80 take hwy north
about 2 miles to Kellogg . RV camping at Rock Creek
State Park reservation number 1-877-427-2757. Motels
Newton and Grinnell Iowa. RV camping at exit 173 two.
Any questions on camping call Dave at 641-792-8127
[email protected]
Aug. 29 - 31, 2014
East Coast National Trike-In at Hounds
Campground Kings Mountain NC 28086
Located at 114 Ravens Circle Kings Mountain NC For
reservations call 704-739-4474
Host Motel: Quality Inn Call 704 739-7070
There will be no pre-registration for more info contact
Jim Annon at 704-865-6223
come join us for a Trike Show,
Games, a Parade and lots of fun.
Aug 30 2014
Willamette Valley Chapter Annual Campout
Labor Day Weekend 2014 Just outside of Lebanon,
OR. we camp the weekend away!
Email Contact is: Tammy Lindgren at [email protected] Registration form can be mail to: BTW
Willamette Valley Chapter c/o Tammy Lindgren 421
Montgomery St SE, Albany, OR 97321
Sept. 5th - 7th 2014
North Dakota Mystery Week End Camp Out
Sept. 12th - 14th, 2014
11th Annual KS Trike-In @ Emporia, KS. at Camp
Alexander, 1785 Rd P-5 3 Mi. east of Emporia off Old
50 Hwy. Primitive camping available. No hook-ups
but plenty of room to park. showers and rest rooms on
site. $5 per person incl. Trike show, Door prixe ticket,
poker fun card. Friday cook out & Suday breakfast
free-will donations. Sat Fried chicken dinner $7.50 per
person. for info contact Wayne Eck KS State Director
316-774-2841 or [email protected],
September 19 – 21/ 2014
10th Annual High Country Area Blowout
Payson Campground & R.V. Resort 808 E Highway
260, For camping reservations, call 928-472-2267.
Majestic Mountain Inn 602 E Highway 260 For
reservations, call (928) 474-0185 or (800) 408-2442
Mention BTW and receive a discount at both places.
All day Suggested rides in the beautiful pines. Early
Bird door prizes Fun Ride Group Events
Awards & Dinner for info Bill (Rackem) Magby –
(928) 442-6310
KC Claassen – (928) 778-7020
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected] Come join us
Sept. 26 - 28, 2014
3rd Annual Pokie Okie Trike-In & Camp Out
All Trikers, Bikers & Campers welcome, at Sardis
Lake at Potato Hills Cantral Campground. Approx.
8 Mi. north east of Clayton OK & 24 Mi. south of
Wilburton, OK on Hwy 2, 50/50 Drawing, Games,
poker run 10 AM Sat. Registration begins 4 pm
Friday. $5.00 per person, Camping available $10.00
per night,Water & Electric, For info and registration
call Francine 918-424-9559 or Dale 580-310-9985
Sept. 26 - 28, 2014
Missouri Fall Reunion at Meramec Caverns exit 230
Stanton MO. $25 per person Incl. all Activities and
Patch ( except poker run) Contact Sheri Ducker 417827-0547 see web site or flyer for more details.
Oct 17th - 19th, 2014
California State Fall Trike-In Madera Fairgrounds,
1850 W. Cleveland ave. Madera CA Sat nite Elections,
Light Parade, Cost $5 per person/ under 13 free
Camping $15 per nite plus $5 per nite for electricity
.$20 per nite for RVs with full hook up. for Info Loner
Abbott 559-781-8129 or [email protected]
Nov. 7 -9, 2014
14th Annual CRS Turkey Fest,
At Tombstone RV Park & Horse Ranch 1475 N.
Hwy 80, 520-457-3829, Scavenger hunt, Trike
& Bike Games, Ride to St. David Monastery Fall
Festival,Trike & Bike Show, Campfire and Music
Auction for Make a Wish, Pot Luck Turkey Dinner,
Nov. 7th - 9th 2014
The Farm, 19234 Lake Lindsey Rd, Brooksville, FL
1/4 Mi. East of US 98, Games, 50/50 Drawing, poker
Run, Bike & Trike Show, Trophies, Trike Games,
Food & Music. Contact JB at 352-216-9704 or Carol
Ann at 352-286-4276 Call for area Hotel/Motels
Everyone welcome pre registration Deadline Oct 19
includes patch, $8 Single/ 12 Couple, $5 Spectator
& under 12yrs. Free, At the Gate on Event Day $10
Single/ $15 Couple. No Credit Cards.
Feb. 13th - 15th. 2015
Sweetheart Trike-In at the Usery Mountain Regional
Park, $20 per Couple/ $15 per person Incl. patch.
Rv Reservations must be made be Aug. 15th, 2014,
call 480-984-0032 sites are $30 per night w/30 amp
service.Destination rides, Games, Meet & Greet w/
ice cream Social, Pot Luck, AuctionChecks payable
to Superstition Chapter of the BTW Mail to Lance
Southworth, 29362 N. Varnum Rd. San Tan Valley, AZ
85143 For info call Tom Magin @ 602-999-5479
Lance Southworth 480-263-3862, Karen Redfearn @
480-823-4411. Pre Registration a must by Dec. 30,
Vendor Partners
PAIR-A-DICE TRIKES: Richard Ipsen CEO (is Chapter Director for Alberta) 3025 - 3rd Street, Sunnybrook, AAB T0C 2M0, Phone
780-789-1933, Fax 1-888-813-3495. As some of you may already know my partner Cheryl & I own Pair-A-Dice Trikes, where we
manufacture California Side Car, Champion & Road Smith trikes. We have enjoyed doing this now for the past 6 years. We invite you
to drop by our shop for a visit, the coffee is always on. Special pricing to all BTW members.
SHADY OAKS CAMPGROUND & RV PARK, Harrison, AR. Owner: Terri Cochrane, fellow BTW Member says the facility is
trike and motorcycle friendly and they offer a 15% discount to all BTW members. Go to, email them at
[email protected] or phone 870-743-2343. “Our location provides miles of great riding here in the Ozark Mountains. Shady Oaks
offers beautiful wooded acres and accommodates everything from primitive tent camping to 42 ft toy haulers, and everything inbetween, plus 1 full cabin, and 2 camper cabins, pavilion, pool clean bathrooms, laundry, store, and much more. Hope to see ya’ll.”
CORNELL’S CUSTOM TRIKES: Custom metal fabricated VW trikes, necks, frames, modifications, rolling chassis’ and complete
trikes made to your specs. Options available: disc brakes, powder coating, floor boards, independent or attached fenders, storage
areas, accent lighting, aux gas tank, hitches and tow bars. Littlerock, California, 661-944-3021, [email protected], www. We offer BTW member a discount.
GARY’S SEW SHOP & OTHER CRAFTED ITEMS: Open twice a year at the California Trike-In’s. Sewing on all patches, so
don’t forget to bring them.
TRIKEMASTER: Custom chopper style, VW trikes. Complete trike or kit. Automatic or 4 speed, and repairs. Jim Sexton, 9680 Palm
Lane, Fontana, CA 92335. 909-350-3201. Ask for our BTW member discount.
THE TRIKE SHOP: VW, Goldwing, HD trike conversions, 3744 Scheuneman Rd, White Bear Lake, MN 55110 and Daytona Beach,
FL, 888-396-8139. Dick & Helen Lindholm, 651-777-7774. Ask for our BTW Member discount.
LONE SPUR HEARSE: Newly established independently owned Motorcycle Hearse Service in the St Louis, MO metro area
providing a dignified alternative for those looking for a unique final journey. We offer an alternative when a cage just won’t do. Old
West Enthusiasts: we pay tribute to your loved one’s thrill of an old western flair. Nostalgic attire adds a sense of dignity. Standard
attire includes white shirt, black pants, boots, vest, armband and a Lone Spur.
Available for airport transfers. Inquiries from an religion, funeral director, clubs or individual s welcome.,
Dave 618-971-7839. We offer BTW Members a Discount.
SITTIN’ IN STYLE: Custom made trike upholstery. Many styles and colors available. Don’t know what you want: I can help.
Reasonable prices, fast turnaround time. Also motorcycle seats and auto upholstery and custom fit trike covers. Vicki 815-792-8571,
[email protected] We offer a 5% BTW discount to BTW Members.
CHEETAH TRIKES: 4-cyl, V6 or V8 automatic. Flawless design, high quality and the best materials have created a comfortable
ride and fingertip control that make Cheetah’s the smart choice for a trike. The value of buying at factory direct prices is also a good
choice., 812-256-9199. We offer BTW a discount.
RENEGADE TRIKES: Several engine choices - 6 cylinders to big block V8’s, 3 - 4 speed automatics, cornering capabilities that
rival sports cars. 3 models with tops and optional cab enclosures, 4 open models. Also available in kit form.,
Clarksville, IN, 888-588-6405. We offer 1/2 off the first $500.00 of upgrades.
HOPPER’S CUSTOM TRIKES, LLC: Lockridge, Iowa. Authorized dealer for Roadsmith and Hannigan trike kits to convert your
Goldwing, Harley, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and BMW. We’ll top off your experience with custom murals, real fire graphics or pin striping
by my wife, Sue Hopper of, [email protected],
Ask for our BTW discount.
ELITE UPHOLSTERY: Instalation of gel inserts, M/C Seat upholstery, Sewing, Embroidery on seats, custom upholstery, Avaiable
Products: sheep skins, Patches, custom embroidery, WE GIVE BTW MEMBERERS DISCOUNTS ON ALL PURCHASES.
Contact Tom Kilmer 515-276-4392, 1313 Walnut St. Des Moines IA 50309
MACS HOTROD SHOP: V8 Trikes, chassis parts, see web site, 402-305-2863, 34625 L ave. Adel Ia. 50003
E-mail: [email protected] Ask for your BTW Discount.
FRANK PEDERSEN’S M/C WORX: Specializing in trike conversions using FRANKENSTEIN TRIKES and Mystery Design Trike
rear ends. 913-352-6788,, 21519 E 931 Circle, Pleasanton, KS 66075. We offer all BTW members a discount.
PREMIER TRIKES, INC: The Premier “Roadstar” is a luxurious ride. The Roadstar is powered with a 4.3 Chevy V6 engine and a
700R4 automatic transmission. See our 1/2 page ad or visit We also custom build trikes. Wayne or Jeff Eck,
316-744-2841. We offer BTW Members special pricing.
L & J TRIKE ENGINEERING: We not only ride trikes, we build them for you. Custom made VW V6 and V8 trike sales and
services. Motorcycle conversions, new and used trike sales. Princeton, MN. Shop: 763-856-2261, Office: 651-464-7846 or www.
STENERSON’S TRIKES: DFT trike kits and conversions for Harley and 1500 or 1800 Honda. 102 E Interlaken Rd, Fairmont, MN
56031. 507-848-0488, BTW member discount.
CLEAR CREEK COACH: Clear Creek Coach for hire. A memorable tribute as alternative transportation for your loved one from
the funeral home, church or chapel to their final resting place. Special rates apply for veterans, fire fighters, law enforcement, BTW
members., 417-432-3511. Special offer to BTW.
POSSUM PRIDE TRIKE BODIES: New fiberglass Lithia style wide trike bodies, travel boxes with hinge & latch kit, one and two
piece fiberglass seat inserts and front fenders. Also dealer for DNA motorcycle front ends & wheels. Made to order. Fast, reliable
service. Sales in the USA only. God Bless the USA. Tom/Linda, Ava, MO, call us at 417-683-5773, [email protected]
com, We offer discount to BTW members.
LIGHTININ V-8 MOTORCYCLES: Top of the line custom-built V8 trikes. Rolling chassis or turnkey. Small or big block. 305
Conchas SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123 or 866-999-1598, or email [email protected] We give BTW
members a 5% discount.
BREWER CYCLES: 8 brands of OEM vehicles, plus MotorTrike, California Sidecar, Tow-Pac, Insta Trike, Velorex SideCars,
and others! We do handicap conversion, electric shift, hand brakes, and more! Our technicians are factory trained with over 100
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BTW members.
EAST COAST SAND RAILS: 611 S Mineral Spring Rd, Durham, NC 27703. Phone 919-596-2934. See our website at www. Specializing in Jig Built frames, stocking air cooled custom VW parts, and disc brake kits. We will ship
anywhere. Discount to BTW members.
Vendor Partners
M & H TIRES AND TREADS, INC: 1600 Hwy 56, PO Box 56, Creedmoor, NC 27522. Phone 919-528-1858. We do tires for all
size vehicles, 4-wheel, or 3-wheel alignments, oil changes, and road service available. BTW Members receive 5% discount.
NINE’S IMPORTS: Builder of Dreams. You dream it - I’ll build it. All trikes are custom hand built one at a time the way you want it.
From a small chain drive bike or an auto V8, it it’s your dream, we will make it come true. From 2 wheels in front to 2 wheels in back.
Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. Be different, ride your dream. Tim Nine, Nine’s Imports, North Carolina, 919-556-6463,
[email protected] Discount offered to all BTW members.
3531A Horse Shoe Rd, Creedmoor, NC 27522. Phone 919-528-9894. Paying top money for junk
cars. Custom exhaust work, builder of custom vehicles. BTW members will be paid 10% extra on junk vehicles.
TRACY’S AUTO: 1155 Woodland Ch Rd, Wake Forest, NC 27587, phone 919-632-0305. We repair cars, trucks, trikes, VW’s and
scooters. Special discount to all BTW members.
PHOENIX TRIKE ROADSTERS: Makers of 3 different frame/handmade body models for front, mid and “Formula One” single
seat reverse trikes. 918-740-1234, [email protected] Rod & Connie Bauer, 18172 Quail Creek Rd, Claremore, OK 74017.
Ask about our discount to BTW members.
A & L TRIKES: Authorized California Side Car Dealer. New & used trikes & Escapade trailers. Conversions for Harley Davidson
FLH series (Daytona), FLST Softail, (Volusia), GL1800 (Cobra), GL1500 (Sport) Honda Goldwing, Valkyrie, and new Vantage for
Yamaha Roadliner & Stratoliner. Also new is the Roadliner for the 1700 Kawasaki & 1700 Nomad. South Dakota’s oldest and largest
trike dealer selling trikes for 20 years full time with repair shop. 8867 Schroeder Rd, Rapid City, SD 57702. 605-342-2121, [email protected],
OUTDOOR MOTORSPORTS: Midwest’s trike headquarters with sales and service for Lehman Trike Conversions, Motor Trike
Conversion, Thoroughbred Stallion, Voyager Tour Conversions. Full dealer services and warranty work for Yamaha, Honda, Ural.
6-time winner Deal News Top 100 Dealer Award. We pay cash for used trikes, great financing and love trade-ins. Trike-friendly
dealership. A must stop during Sturgis MC Rally, Next to Lehman Trikes factory. Exit 14 off I-90, 3245 E Colorado Blvd, Spearfish,
SD 57783. Toll-free 877-642-7731, We offer BTW members a discount.
ANGELINA CUSTOMS: 3400 Harley Golden Rd, Huntington, TX 75949. Custom chopper trike frames, rollers, and turnkeys.
Fabrication, frame alterations, painting, custom parts and throttle cables. Service and maintenance available. Now offering emergency
towing. Wings, 936-707-3270, [email protected] We are a member and we give special pricing to BTW
MOTORTRIKE: Conversion kits available for 1200, 1500 and 1800 Goldwings, Honda Valkyrie and Harleys. PO Box 611, Troupe,
TX, 800-90-TRIKE. We offer special pricing to BTW members.
TORBLEAU TRIKES: V6 & V8 trikes. HD and Honda conversions, custom fabrication. 501 Business Park Circle, Stoughton, WI
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In Memory of Trikers Lost
Robert "Bob" Oatman 07/14/57 - 12/16/13
Tim McCue , July 10, 2014, was a sad day for the
He was a beloved family member of the
BTW-DFW chapter as we buried one of our own,
BTW High Desert Chapter CA, for more
Tim McCue. He was a very good
than 15 years, a loving Husband, Father
man, and is missed already. His
and adoring Grandfather. He and his
Harley trike was brought into the
wife of 37 years, Sharon Oatman, have
funeral home, very classy, and his
triked their way across the U.S. many times. They've
leather cut off was hung so his
attended the National Trike-in
patch showed with pride, just as he
in MO & have been to the Sturgis wore it. It was a nice service, and
Motorcycle Rally in 2004 & 2013. as a veteran of the United States
We will all miss Bob's infectious
Air Force and the Army Reserves, the Air Force
laugh and the carefree, easy going Honor Guard performed a ceremony that included
way that he looked at life.
the folding and presenting of the American flag to
his wife Mary, and the playing of Taps. He was a
(My apologies for the delay of this tribute)
husband, a father, a member of the American Legion
Riders, and Brothers of the Third Wheel, who will be
Dan and Maudie Norden, of Gateway
missed by many and all who knew him. We all know
Chapter MO. BTW who were killed in a
Tim is riding in heaven, so ride the skies my brother.
car crash over Memorial Day weekend.
Chaplin Grunt
Barb LaChance, Gateway Chapter
member, was killed in a trike crash
14 June. Mike and Barb had just been
at the funeral of two other Gateway
Chapter members,
Paul GPZ Salmon of BTW UK.
A final farewell
Dale Kilwien June 4th, 2014 was a day our fellow
friend and Triker had his final ride. St. Joseph’s
Church was overflowing with acquaintances
Claude (Butch) Landry a life time member has passed representing the many organizations. Dale Kilwein
was involved with BTW throughout his many
away. May 21st 2014. Thunder Bay, Ont. Canada
years in Dickinson ND. It was certainly an honor
bestowed upon the North Dakota Trikers to lead the
Mary Christina Freel passed away peacefully in her
procession to his final resting place. Fifteen trikes
sleep at her home on May 23, 2014. Beloved wife of
were in the procession with Lance Kilwein, his son,
the late Milt Freel and member of BTW.
in the lead riding Dale’s green trike.
Glen Hagen. Glen had just been a member a short 2
years but was a good friend to all who knew him. I
don’t believe there was ever a stranger to this man. Our
deepest condolences go to his family at this time of
need. Glen will surely be missed.
Glen RIP and ride that
yThey Re
Harley in heaven. 68
In Peace
In Memory of Trikers Lost
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