Port Neches-Groves ISD Groves Elementary



Port Neches-Groves ISD Groves Elementary
No Child Left Behind Goal
To help students meet and maintain grade
level skills while enhancing their selfconfidence.
Title I is a federal assistance program
designed to meet the needs of students
at PN-GISD. Funds provided by the Federal Government help meet the needs of
our students that need supplemental help.
This funding helps improve the educational opportunities for the success of our
children in the regular classrooms, while
fostering positive growth in social/emotional behaviors and attitudes.
Additional Information
 Parent-teacher conferences are conducted in
the fall and again in the
spring during early release times and during
teacher conference periods, if needed.
 Feel free to contact the campus at anytime for questions regarding your child.
 Progress reports and report cards are
issued each six weeks. Family Access to
online gradebook is available.
Support Your Child’s Learning...
Groves Elementary
Title I Contacts
Children are our most
valuable natural
Scarlet Hammersmith, Principal
Alisha Broussard, Title math teacher
Amy Champagne, Title Math & Reading teacher
Groves Elementary
3901 Cleveland Groves, TX 77619
Fax 409-963-2484
Groves Elementary
Scarlet Hammersmith
Shelley Dettman
Title I Parent Involvement Committee:
Parent Members:
Rose Dore’ and Tammy Dugas
Staff Committee Member
Alisha Broussard, Amy Champagne,
Nina Jones, Angie Robison
Port Neches-Groves ISD
Monitor attendance
Make sure homework is complete
Monitor amount of television watched
Promote positive use of children’s extracurricular time
 Stay informed about child’s education
 Communicate with school by promptly
reading all notices from the school and
school district.
 Participate, as appropriate, in decisions
relating to your child’s education.
Port Neches-Groves ISD
Many opportunities are provided to help
children perform at their maximum
level of academic achievement.
Saxon Phonics and Spelling (K-2)
istation Intervention Program (K-3)
Earobics Intervention Program (K-5)
Fast Math Facts Program (K-5)
At-risk Reading and Math Programs
(4th and 5th grade)
Accelerated Reading Program
Peer Tutors
Special Education, Inclusion, & Content
The Purpose of Title I
School Staff:
Regularly communicate student’s
Recommend what is best for the student and student’s
educational needs.
Focus instruction on grade level TEKS.
Meet the needs of PNGISD
Improve educational opportunities of underachieving children
Include parental involvement
Title I Parent Advisory Council
PNG-ISD maintains a parent advisory
council that meets four times per
year to support the Title I program.
Show respect for your child, the staff and the school.
Find out how your child is doing by attending conferences, looking at your child’s schoolwork or calling the
Encourage your child to follow the rules and regulations of the school.
See that your child attends school regularly and is on
Gifted and Talented Program
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Dyslexia Program
Speech Therapy
Counseling Services
Technology Services
Attend school regularly and on time.
Come to school prepared with necessary supplies.
Schedule time to study each day.
Complete and return all homework assignments.
Encourage your child to read at home and apply all
their learning to daily life.
When and How Parents can
be involved
Volunteers and community members can
serve on committees, participate in open
house, attend parent involvement meetings, help/attend assemblies/programs,
attend or help with holiday celebrations,
Spend time with your child each day reading, writing,
and participate in other functions such as
listening, or just talking.
fundraisers, field trips, and campus PTA.
Character Education
Career Awareness
Music/Physical Education
Follow rules for student conduct.
CATCH Program (K-8)
Respect others and yourself.
Ask for help from teachers and parents.
Port Neches-Groves ISD
Dr. Rodney Cavness
Dr. Brenda Duhon
Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and
Tanya Davis
Middle School Curriculum Coordinator
Staci Gary
Elementary Curriculum Coordinator

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