Drøbak – Norway`s Christmastown……



Drøbak – Norway`s Christmastown……
Drøbak – Norway’s Christmastown……
Visit Father Christmas post office and the Christmas house in Drøbak
With its picturesque wooden houses, galleries, small shops and cozy cafes Drøbak is worth a
visit. Less than 30 km from downtown Oslo you will find Drøbak with Tregaardens Christmas
House and Father Christmas' Post Office with its own special post stamp. It is possible you
will be one of the few who sees the Norwegian “Fjord-nisse”. Enjoy a day in Drøbak, book a
lunch at one for example Kumlegaarden, Skipperstuen or Galleri Café Teskje.
While in Drøbak you should include a visit to Drøbak Aquarium, Oscarsborg Fortress and
museum for newspaper cartoonists.
Duration: 3-6 hours.
Suitable for: All – Groups and individuals
• Galleri Cafe Teskje: [email protected]
• Drøbak Akvarium: [email protected]
• Christmas house: [email protected]
• Newspaper cartoonist house: [email protected]
• Drøbak Tourist information: [email protected]
• Oscarsborg Fortress: [email protected]
• Kumlegarden: [email protected]
• Skipperstuen Restaurant: [email protected]
• Follo Museum: [email protected]
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