PETER GRANDICH He`s been seen and heard on TV and radio



PETER GRANDICH He`s been seen and heard on TV and radio
He’s been seen and heard on TV and radio hundreds of times,
having been interviewed by just about every well-known financial
media outlet from the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s to Forbes, CNBC
and Fox News.
He was a regular keynote speaker at major investment conferences
who has seen it all...he’s been a financial advisor, market strategist
and mutual fund manager, and one of the most recognized financial
experts in the world.
His autobiography, Confessions of a Wall Street Whiz Kid, has garnered rave
reviews from financial gurus, athletes, entertainers, and the nation’s
top accountant, former U.S. Comptroller General David M. Walker.
Who is he? Peter Grandich, the founder of Peter Grandich & Co.
and Trinity Financial Sports & Entertainment Management Co., LLC.
Grandich recently launched the Athletes & Business Alliance, a
private organization of professional athletes and business executives
intended to build relationships and “Score for Business.”
Peter Grandich
Athletes & Business Alliance
2431 Atlantic Avenue
Manasquan, NJ 08736
[email protected]
The friends you keep.
Says Grandich of his friendships with so
many professional athletes, “In my lifetime,
I have had the pleasure of knowing many
extraordinary people who happen to be
exceptional athletes. The passion you see on
the field is magnified tenfold in a one-onone setting, making these men some of the
most dedicated and dynamic individuals I
have ever had the chance to meet. It’s truly a
blessing to call so many friends.”
First column from top: Peter Grandich inside the NY
Giants locker room after a team Bible Study; Legion
of Doom members the late Hawk (left) and Animal,
a.k.a. The Road Warriors, take a shot at Peter; Peter
poses sidelines with former “New York Sack Exchange”
members Marty Lyons and Joe Klecko.
Second column from top: Peter in front of the Big Blue
Creed posted outside the NY Giants locker room; Peter
on the sidelines with NFL placekicker Jay Feely; Peter
and NFL legend Joe Klecko stand in front of the
graphic of Klecko’s retired jersey at Jets Stadium.

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