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Nov/Dec 2012 Issue - Automobile Association of Malaysia
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The recent Malaysian Motorcycle
Grand Prix was indeed an eye opener and
tremendous boost for Malaysian motorcycle
racing when two local riders beat all odds to
finish on top among the world’s best riders.
On behalf of the Automobile
Association of Malaysia (AAM), I would
like to congratulate Muhammad Zulfahmi
Khairuddin for finishing second in the Moto3
category, and Hafizh Syahrin for coming in
fourth in the Moto2 category.
Muhammad Zulfahmi led the 18-lap
race and was enroute to becoming the
first Malaysian to win a grand prix until the
last lap when he was overtaken. Second
place and being on the winner’s podium
for his home grand prix was nevertheless
an outstanding achievement for this young
Malaysian rider.
Hafizh Syahrin meanwhile, was entered
in Moto2 as a wild card entry but despite
starting from 26th position went on to do the
unexpected and jumped into the lead of the
race. For a newcomer, his performance at
the home grand prix was nothing short of
mesmerizing and earned a well-deserved
fourth place.
Motorcycle racing in Malaysia enjoys
tremendous popularity and MotoGP is the
pinnacle of two-wheel road racing. It is
indeed a great honour that this prestigious
event continues to not only return to
Malaysia, but provide Malaysian riders and
teams with valuable international racing
exposure in the form of wild card entries.
As we move forward, and as momentum
and popularity for motorcycle racing
greatly increases as a direct result of the
performance of these two young riders,
the AAM believes that this will contribute
towards creating an even larger pool of
young and potential riders.
The role of a wild card entry goes
beyond the goodwill participation of a
Malaysian rider in our home grand prix.
More importantly, it enables talented local
riders to benchmark their true capability
and performance to race alongside the best
riders on the planet.
The wild card entry programme presents
valuable experience and exposure at the
highest level of motorcycle racing, and from
here, allows teams and riders to determine
what would be the next important step to
take in pursuit of racing excellence.
In closing I would like to wish all
members a happy new year. As we usher
in 2013, I would like to record the AAM’s
highest appreciation to all members for their
continued support. As you are aware, 2012
has been a successful turnaround year for
AAM and various strategies put in place has
enabled the Association to function more
effectively, efficiently and productively to
reaffirm our position as the leading motoring
organisation in the country.
Moving forward, we will strive to not
only enhance our range of services and
products, but introduce new initiatives for the
benefit and convenience of our members.
... it enables talented
local riders to benchmark
their true capability and
performance to race
alongside the best riders
on the planet
PROTON Green Mobility Challenge
serves as another platform for the
automotive industry to seek innovative
ideas from universities (including
foreign university with local presence) to
develop an electric vehicle based on the
conventional Proton Saga specifications as
determined by the Challenge. While the
Challenge focuses on the energysaving
technology and strategies, it also looks
into potential solutions to bridge the
gap between these two types of vehicles
in terms of distance travel and overall
PGMC 2012 is organised in line with
the National Green Technology Policy
and the National Automotive Policy in
promoting Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.
The Challenge mainly targets the
participation of local research community
from selected universities in Malaysia
and ten (10) teams have been short-listed.
The project duration (second phases) is
for eight (8) months with the penultimate
challenge to be culminated at the Sepang
International Circuit (SIC) in October
Each university is awarded a
standard Proton Saga vehicle, one
set of battery, motor and a controller,
one unit of vacuum pump, a telematic
together with RM20,000.00 seed fund.
All this components are given for them to
innovate the development of Full Electric
Vehicle based on Proton Saga Platform
to meet the challenge requirement. The
participating teams will have to put
into practice their innovativeness in
terms of EV development and strategy,
2010 reporting to the Prime Minister.
PROTON believes that new
advancements in green technology should
be continuous and dynamic and that the
future of the automotive industry lies
in green technology. This is what the
PROTON Green Mobility Challenge 2012
(PGMC 2012) is all about. The challenge
is an ideal avenue where new ideas
and information related to all aspects
of sustainable green technology can be
presented and shared; new contacts and
networks are established; experiences
and best practices are exchanged between
universities, industry players and
government agencies – all these positive
exchanges and knowledge sharing
will pave way to excellence in future
automotive engineering.
The challenge is part of AIM’s
program called Innovation Accelerator
under the Triple Helix Alliance, which is
a unit under AIM.
The azimuth that
AIM is heading
is to foster closer
between industry
and academia.
AIM envisages
that academia will
concentrate and
innovate on an
research that will
effectuate opulence
for the country.
battery management, electric motor
control technology and thermal
management. The vehicle will be
judge for its performance, efficiency
and effectiveness when it is put to test
during the final event in four categories
i.e. Farthest Distance, Quarter Mile
Acceleration, Fastest Time for 2 Laps
and the Maximum Velocity (V-Max).
This challenge is jointly-organised by
PROTON Holdings Bhd and Agensi
Inovasi Malaysia (AIM), a statutory body
set up by the Government via AIM Act
Organisers’ contribution to each
participating team:
1 Unit Proton Saga (standard vehicle)
RM 20,000 (twenty thousand Ringgit
Malaysia) development seed money
1 set Lithium Ion Polymer battery
1 Unit electric motor (AC Induction
Traction Motor)
Unit ACIM Motor Inverter / Controller
1 Unit vacuum pump for the Proton Saga
EV brake booster
4 Units tyres (175/70 R13, Proton Saga
standard tyres) for final event
Think Blue.
Supports awareness campaign for
protection of migratory birds by the
Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).
For over 10 years, the Festival
of Wings has brought together
bird watchers, nature lovers, and
environmental enthusiasts together
for a quiet get away, away from the
city noise amidst the wonders that
Malaysian flora and fauna has to offer.
Organized by Malaysian Nature
Society (MNS), the event celebrates the
biodiversity of birds that flock around
Kuala Selangor and runs a series of fun
filled educational events throughout
two days.
But much more than that, the
festival has been instrumental in
spreading environmental awareness
through the last decade. It has also
got surrounding communities to take
ownership of their natural heritage.
This year, the event is being organized
on 20-21 October from 8am onwards.
Supported by Kuala Selangor
District Council (MDKS), Tourism
Selangor Sdn. Bhd. (TSSB) and the
Selangor State Government, this
year’s event features Europe’s top
car manufacturer Volkswagen Group
Malaysia (VGM), as the event’s main
sponsors where there will be a display
of the recently launched Touareg
Hybrid as part of efforts to promote
Volkswagen’s Think Blue.
In line with Think Blue, the
association as the main sponsor of the
Festival of Wings is also the first step in
brand’s membership of the Malaysian
Nature Society.
Volkswagen Group Malaysia
rolled out their Think Blue initiative
in Malaysia on 9 October. Think Blue
is an environmental umbrella for the
Volkswagen group and encompasses
technologies in petrol engines such as
TSI and DSG, hybrid systems, TDI
diesel engines and electric cars.
Managing Director of Volkswagen
Group Malaysia Mr. Ricky Tay said that,
“A clean and green environment where
the ecosystem thrives in health, is a
gift. As we move towards a more urban
society, it is up to all of us to play our
part to ensure that nature’s offerings
are preserved and passed on to the next
generation to cherish and protect. At
Volkswagen, environmental sustainability
is at the core of our products. With
this partnership with MNS, we are
strengthening our commitment to this
cause in Malaysia.”
Mr. Ricky Tay also mentioned that
raising an environmentally conscious
younger generation and raising awareness
among local communities cannot be overly
emphasized because these people are the
leaders of tomorrow and they hold the
power to mould the future.
Volkswagen has long embarked on
the journey of being an environmentally
responsible car maker with its fuelefficient, low-emission vehicles and
technologies as well as supporting
other green initiatives such as The
River Jungle Marathon 2012 where
a fleet of Volkswagen Polo Sedans
were made available for injured
Besides bird watching, the Festival
of Wings also includes engaging
activities such as treasure hunt, nature
photography coaching sessions, a
mangrove tour and also, the National
KPA (Kelab Pencinta Alam) school
camp, to name a few.
For the Volkswagen brand,
participating in the Festival of Wings
also displays the brand’s commitment
and pledge towards environmental
causes through the Think Blue
For more information, please visit
Malaysian automotive manufacturer
PROTON unveiled the Prevé and Exora,
two new models for the Australian
The Prevé, a stylish midsized sedan, is
now officially open for booking, while the
spacious seven-seater Exora, PROTON’s
first seven-seater will go on sale mid-2013.
The models were unveiled by
PROTON Holdings Berhad Executive
Chairman, Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd
Khamil Jamil at the 2012 Australian
International Motor Show. Also present
were PROTON Holdings Berhad Deputy
Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Lukman
Ibrahim and PROTON Cars Australia’s
Chief Operating Officer, Kaye Amies.
Prevé (pray-vay) is derived from
the English word Prevé, which means
to prove or offering proof, and this is
precisely what PROTON has ambitiously
set out to accomplish in what is
essentially its most technologicallyadvanced vehicle offered to date.
“When we launched the Prevé in
Malaysia earlier this year, we underlined
our commitment to expand abroad by
becoming more technologically advanced,
continuing to offer customers desirable
vehicles, strengthening our sales and
after sales networks internationally,
and to evolve stronger as a reputable,
trusted, preferred and competitive car
manufacturer,” said Dato’ Sri Mohd
Khamil at the unveiling.
“Both the Prevé and the Exora
represent a new and higher level of
standard for PROTON cars in all
aspects encompassing key aspects such
as safety, performance, comfort, build
quality, technology, overall design and
convenience,” he said.
PROTON also understands the
importance of achieving the Australasian
New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP)
maximum 5 star safety rating and other
market requirements and is working
towards meeting these requirements for
the two models.
“We want to emerge stronger as a
global car company and redefine PROTON
as both a product and brand in the
realm of a rapidly evolving and highly
competitive global automotive industry.
And to do this, we are strengthening
our presence in key strategic markets,
including Australia.”
“We have been working very closely
with PROTON Cars Australia to ensure
all future vehicles launched in Australia
meet our aspiration to produce the right
car at the right time and at the right price
for the Australian public.”
As part of its on-going nationwide
network expansion exercise, Nasim Sdn
Bhd today launched its 22nd outlet in the
country, Peugeot Blue Box Chan Sow Lin.
Peugeot Blue Box Chan Sow Lin is the
fifth outlet launched by Nasim this year
following the launch of outlets in Penang,
Seremban, a new 2S centre in Balakong
and the new Peugeot Blue Box Glenmarie.
Peugeot Blue Box Chan Sow Lin is
a 3S centre owned and operated by Sing
Huat Premium Sdn Bhd. The company
invested RM4 million on the 35,000
square feet facility which incorporates
Peugeot’s latest brand identity.
The facility’s service centre comprises
of 15 service bays that can service up to 45
cars a day. The service centre includes a
body and paint shop.
“The Klang Valley is a key market
with sales comprising 55% of Peugeot’s
total sales in Malaysia. In light of that,
Peugeot Blue Box Chan Sow Lin will play
a pivotal role in meeting the aftersales
needs of our customers in the Klang
“With this new 3S centre, we now
have a total of 58 service bays in the
Klang Valley with the capacity to
service up to 3,500 cars a month, which
represents a 46% increase from 2011,”
said Dato’ Samson Anand George, Chief
Operating Officer of Nasim.
He said Peugeot Blue Box Chan
Sow Lin will serve customers in Taman
Bandaraya, Taman Sri Lempah, Mutiara
Seputeh, Jalan Pudu, Kampung Malaysia
Tambahan, Cheras, Pandan Perdana,
Pudu and Bandar Tasik Selatan.
Following Peugeot Blue Box Chan
Sow Lin, Dato’ Samson said Nasim will be
opening new outlets in Kota Damansara,
Kuala Terengganu, Ampang, Taiping, Old
Klang Road, Penang and Batu Pahat.
Dato’ Samson said Peugeot’s network
expansion was in line with its growth in
sales volume. As at end-August 2012,
Nasim has sold 4,200 units, up 7.5% from
the same period in 2011.
“In fact, we have now sold over 17,000
Peugeots since we took over the Peugeot
franchise in 2008,” he added. Among
Peugeot’s best-selling cars this year
include the 207, the 308, the all-new 508
and the all-new 408.
All Peugeots come with a five-year
warranty with unlimited mileage.
Together with its lifetime 24-hours
Peugeot Assistance service and Peugeot
Privilege Programme, Nasim is dedicated
to providing the best ownership
experience for its customers.
Learners and new drivers will be put off
the road for six months if they notch just
six penalty points.
Tough new laws are set to come into
force next summer in a bid to
reduce the number of
road fatalities among
younger drivers. The
new laws will focus on
both learner drivers and
new motorists who have full
driving licences for two years
or less in a new road safety
The Cabinet has decided to halve
the number of penalty points that new
drivers can incur that results in them
being banned.
More experienced motorists
must accrue 12 penalty points to get
disqualified from driving.
The Road Traffic Bill to be published
within weeks will see the total points
limit halved for learner and newly
qualified motorists.
Learners and newly qualified drivers
will also
face an increase in
penalty points for
two to
four), mobile
phone use (from
two to three or four)
and failing to wear a
seatbelt (from two to three).
Drivers who pass their driving tests
will also have to display an ‘N’ sign for
‘novice’ on their cars for two years.
Learners will get points if they do not
display their L sign.
Noel Brett of the Road Safety
Authority said the measures are being
targeted at the group of drivers who are
most at risk of causing death or being
killed themselves.
So far in 2012, 135 people have
been killed on the roads -- down
eight on the same period in 2011.
Ireland is the sixth safest country in
the European Union for road travel but
the aim will be to make Ireland the safest
country in Europe for road users, said Mr
Transport Minister Leo Varadkar
said: “The new Road Safety Strategy,
which is nearing completion, will have
new targets on reducing deaths and a
focus on reducing injuries.
“The new Road Traffic Bill will
include changes to the graduated driver
system and learner drivers with six
penalty points will be disqualified.”
In June 2009, three Hamilton people
died in a preventable series of collisions
on York Boulevard — a grandfather
cycling to visit his wife’s grave and a
young couple married less than three
The driver, a local high school
teacher, was convicted of three counts
of careless driving causing death. He
claimed that due to his diabetic condition
— he had Type 1 diabetes — he had
no memory of the accident. The judge
sentenced him to the maximum 10-year
driving ban and said he hoped he would
never drive again. He was also sentenced
to a three-year suspended sentence and
community service.
Equally disturbing is why it had
taken almost two years to suspend the
driver’s license despite pleas from police
and a physician.
According to the Ontario
Ombudsman, approximately one million
Ontario residents suffer from diabetes.
Further, “up to 25 per cent of those being
treated with insulin could potentially
experience hypoglycemic unawareness
— the inability to recognize the warning
signs of low blood sugar impairment.”
(A paramedic tested the teacher’s
blood glucose after the collisions and
got a reading of 2.7. A reading of 4 is
concerning for diabetics.)
The Ontario Ombudsman further
points out that while most diabetic
drivers are perfectly safe, uncontrolled
hypoglycemia was deemed serious
enough that Ontario and other provinces
made it a reportable condition.
The Canadian Diabetes Association
states that diabetic drivers should not
drive when their blood glucose level is
less than 4.0 mmol/L.
Choosing to drive with any medical
condition that might prevent a driver
from normal and conscious attempts to
avoid an accident raises questions about
accountability. Should someone suffering
a problem like this be allowed to roll the
dice as to whether it is safe to drive on
any particular day? How do laws protect
us from a driver willing to roll the dice?
The ombudsman’s investigation offers
hope for change. California, parts of
Australia and the EU have established
progressive protocols regarding this risk.
Among the futuristic ideas Nissan Motor
Co. is developing is a steering wheel
that doesn’t shake or vibrate even while
driving on a bumpy road and a vehicle
that swerves on its own to avoid a
pedestrian jumping in front of your car.
Within a year, Japan’s second biggest
car maker by volume will install in its
upscale Infiniti-brand vehicles a nextgeneration steering wheel that controls
tyre angles by transmitting steering
inputs via electronic signals, instead of
mechanically, similar to the “fly-by-wire”
high-tech used in today’s aircraft flight
control system.
The advanced system can filter out
through electronic control units input
from tyre vibration signals from rough
road surfaces in order to keep the wheel
stable and to prevent shaking to improve
the vehicle’s handling and safety.
Another innovation is a new collision
avoidance system that works by using
automatic steering and braking.
Using five laser scanners around the
vehicle, two left and right rear radars
and a front-mounted radar and camera,
once the vehicle equipped with those
sensors realizes a risk of an unavoidable
collision by just braking — situations
like sudden intrusions onto the road
in low speed zones or when a collision
at high speeds is imminent with the
tail end of a traffic jam — the vehicle
instantly searches for a zone free from
obstacles and with no approaching
vehicles from the rear and then
emergency steering is applied to guide
the vehicle to a safe spot.
Nissan has been working on crashavoidance technology with its latest
innovation expected to be made available
in five years.
A survey has revealed that the ‘baby
on board’ stickers that are designed to
alert the emergency services that a baby
or small child is in the car could be a
distraction in their own right. Part of the
problem is because they can obscure
the driver’s vision through the car’s
rear window.
According to the poll of
2,000 drivers, 46 per cent
of parents displayed the
stickers irrespective
of whether there
was a child in
the car at
the time or
not, 15 per
cent said
they had
the stickers
for their novelty
value, while 46 per
cent regarded them as
a hazard.
The findings, which
would be equivalent to the
stickers causing two million
accidents, were questioned by
Andrew Howard, the AA’s head of road
He said “there are 150,000 injury
accidents a year and about 10 times
as many metal to metal crunches.
According to the Government’s own
figures, in car distraction is responsible
for about 3 per cent, with vehicle blind
spots for another 2 per cent on top of
that. The baby on board signs are there
to alert the emergency services that
there is a child in the car in the
event of an accident. Motorists
should, of course, put stickers
in a windscreen where it
doesn’t interfere with
your view.”
Robert Gifford,
director of the
Advisory Council
for Transport
Safety, also was
cautious about the
findings. “I think we have to
be very careful not to draw too
many conclusions from these selfreported figures drivers will always
try to find something else to blame than
their own misjudgement. The key point
to remember is that you are in charge of
the car at all times and that your view
should not be obscured.”
urges young driver safety
Nigel Mansell, the former racing world
champion, has highlighted the ‘perfect
storm’ of circumstances surrounding
drivers’ first crashes in a new report
co-launched by the UK Automobile
Association and the Make Roads Safe
Nigel Mansell CBE returned to the
scene of some of his greatest racing
triumphs to urge that speed be kept on
the race track, not on the road. Mansell,
who is a member of the Commission
for Global Road Safety and recently
undertook a charity cycle ride from
John O’Groats in the north of Scotland
to Paris in his capacity as President of
UK Youth, joined the Director of the
AA Charitable Trust, Edmund King,
and FIA Foundation Deputy Director
Saul Billingsley to launch the report
on young driver safety in the UK at the
Silverstone race track as part of the
‘Silverstone Classic’ weekend.
Key findings of the report, “Young
Drivers at Risk”, centre on a survey
of almost 20,000 motorists on the AA/
Populus panel who have been involved
in car crashes and shows new drivers
are most at risk on the roads in the first
six months or so after passing their test.
These drivers revealed nearly 40 per
cent of them had crashed by the time
they were 23 years old. The results also
showed a quarter (26%) had crashed
within two years of gaining their licence.
Twenty-six per cent of car occupant
deaths are young people aged 17-24.
To tackle these tragedies, the report
urges a ‘Safe System’ approach to road
safety, including more investment in safe
road design, awareness of the benefits
of safety technologies such as electronic
stability control, more visible police
enforcement and a more innovative and
rewarding approach to young driver
insurance. The report also calls for young
drivers to be given more opportunities
to drive in a safe, off-road environment
before they turn 17. Almost three
quarters (73%) of UK motorists believe
this would make young drivers safer.
Nigel Mansell CBE, said: “I became
a world champion by driving fast. I love
cars and racing. But I know the place
for speed is on a race track, not on the
road. Here in the UK we have one of the
best road safety records in the world.
Since the mid 1970’s, around the time
I was starting my racing career, road
fatalities have fallen by more than half.
Seat belts, drink driving campaigns,
safer vehicle and road design, speed
enforcement and better driver training
have all played their part. But we
cannot be complacent, and the latest
casualty figures suggest that the
number of deaths has begun to creep
back up. And while road deaths among
the young remain a serious problem in
the UK, in many parts of the world they
have become nothing less than a crisis
out of control. Someone is being killed
or maimed every six seconds. It is an
epidemic that is set to double within
the next few years unless we take
action. This is a vitally important issue
which doesn’t get enough attention. Too
many of our young people are still being
killed or injured on the roads. These are
preventable tragedies.”
At the launch event, held at ‘AA
World’ in the Silversone circuit, the AA
Charitable Trust pledged 1,000 free
driver improvement courses for new
drivers at risk as part of its commitment
to improving road safety in the UK.
Drive Confident and Drive Smart are
both taught by AA Driving School
instructors and help nervous, lapsed or
over-confident drivers update their skills
to stay safe on the roads. These courses
are being partly funded by a grant from
the FIA Foundation, through the FIA’s
‘Action for Road Safety’ initiative in
support of the UN Decade of Action for
Road Safety. The grant is also being
used to create a template for the courses
so other motoring organisations can
implement similar schemes worldwide.
Nigel Mansell met young drivers at the
event to discuss their perspectives on
road safety.
Edmund King, director of the
AA Charitable Trust, said: “It’s no
secret that new and young drivers are
disproportionately represented in road
crashes and we need to work together
to stem this tide of carnage. Our survey
shows one quarter of 18-24 year olds
who have had a crash had crashed
within six months of taking their test.
We must change this. By the age of 17
attitudes towards driving will already
have been largely formed. If teenagers
have had interesting and practical road
safety education they are less likely
to take dangerous risks when they get
behind the wheel alone. We must also
remember that when driving, practical
training counts for nothing if the driver
is impaired through drink, drugs and
driver distractions such as mobile
phones. Road crashes are not only the
leading cause of death and injury for
young people in the UK, but also across
the world. We need safer drivers in
safer cars on safer roads, to reduce these
preventable deaths in the UK and across
the globe.”
• Nearly 40% of young British drivers
have been involved in a road crash by
the time they are 23. Those first few
years of driving are a dangerous time
when a lack of experience combined
with a misplaced confidence can often
result in a crash. Fortunately many
young drivers only suffer hurt pride. But
some do not survive their first years of
driving, or have to live the rest of their
lives with injuries or disabilities. Nearly
one in three of those killed or seriously
injured on UK roads is under the age of
• Road crashes are now the leading
cause of death worldwide for young
people aged 10-24. Many of those
killed and injured are pedestrians or
cyclists. But motorcycles and cars are
increasingly available to younger road
users in the fast developing world. And
a silent epidemic of traffic collisions is
killing a thousand young people every
day. Most of these deaths and injuries
are unreported, or quickly forgotten
except by the families involved.
• In 2010 nearly 1 in 3 car occupants
killed or seriously injured were under the
age of 25. A total of 55 children under
16 died on the road in 2010. Some 30
per cent of young (17-24) drivers killed
were over the legal drink drive limit, the
second highest age group behind the
25-30s. Nearly 25 per cent of young
drivers killed were over twice the legal
limit – the highest age group for that
figure. Some 4.8 per cent of 20-24 year
old men involved in crashes fail a breath
test administered after an accident –
the highest group. Women in this age
group fail in 1.6 per cent of cases, again
the highest group. Some 3 per cent of
men aged 17-to-19 fail breath tests after
crashes, less often than those aged
between 20 and 24. The AA estimates
that some 200 road deaths may be due
to drug driving or a combination of drugs
and alcohol.
• Many young drivers are not aware of
the potential risks driving poses to them.
Some 37 per cent of 18-24 year olds
think gun and knife crime is the greatest
threat to them, compared to just 12 per
cent who think the greatest threat is
driving. The reality is that in 2007 138
teenage drivers were killed on the roads
compared to 42 teenagers killed in knife
crime incidents in 2008.
• Driver distraction from mobile phones is
a growing problem. Surveys show that
one quarter of young drivers admit to
accessing email or social-networking
sites from their phones while driving
• Some 26 per cent of car user deaths and
12 per cent of all road deaths are young
people between 17 and 24 travelling in
• Some 37 per cent of drivers had a crash
by the time they are 23 years old with
some 28 per cent having had a crash
by the time they were 21 years of age.
Nearly one in four (26 per cent) had
crashed within two years of passing their
test. Another 23 per cent of 18 -24 year
olds had been involved in a crash whilst
driving within 6 months of passing their
• Teenagers and young adults starting out
on their independent lives - whether they
are on foot, on bicycles, or behind the
wheel – are most at risk on the roads.
Safely navigating these early journeys,
as children travelling unaccompanied to
school or as novice drivers, must be a
Read the full report at http://www.
a new high-speed car
building the BMW 1
M Coupé the way it
should have come
from the factory in
the first place
600 hp and 330 km/h are the key figures
of the G1 V8 HURRICANE RS with a
supercharged M3 V8 engine and so the
world’s fastest BMW 1 M Coupé comes –
once again – from G-POWER
After G-POWER has already
created the world`s fastest sedan (M5
HURRICANE RR), the world’s fastest
LPG-powered car (M5 HURRICANE
GS), the world’s fastest estate car (M5
HURRICANE RS Touring), the world’s
fastest 4-seated Coupé (M6 HURRICANE
RR) and the world’s fastest BMW M3,
G-POWER presents with the G1 V8
HURRICANE RS a new high-speed car.
G-POWER is making itself an early
birthday present in preview of the
upcoming 30Th anniversary next year.
And for this special occasion G-POWER
has fulfilled itself a heart’s desire by
building a manufactory automobile based
on a 1 M Coupé the way it should have
been delivered directly from the M-GmbH.
Coming from the factory the BMW 1 M
Coupé already features the front and rear
axles of its “big” brother BMW M3. The
only things missing are “just” the right
engine and the nifty DCT gearbox, in
order to match G-POWER’s expectations.
Consistently G-POWER went one step
further than BMW and implanted the
entire M3 V8 engine including the DCT
gearbox into the compact body of the 1
M Coupé. But that’s not all, in addition
G-POWER installed a supercharger
system especially designed for this special
edition car, that fits into the compact
engine bay of the 1 M Coupé.
Just like the basic car, the production
numbers of the G1 V8 HURRICANE RS
are strictly limited. Starting next year
and corresponding with G-POWER’s
anniversary, a max. of 30 customers can
enjoy an automobile that guarantees pure
driving fun.
In order to make the dream of the
ultimate driving machine come true,
G-POWER has faced every challenge.
After getting the BMW E46 scene ecstatic
with the 550 PS strong G-POWER M3
E46 with integrated 5.0l M5 V10 engine,
by the way the only one on the market,
this time the choice fell on the V8 engine
of the current M3 for the smaller 1 M
Coupé. Of course the factory power output
of 420 hp is not enough to make the G1
V8 HURRICANE RS the fastest of its
class. Being the leading manufacturer of
after market supercharger systems for
BMW automobiles it is no surprise that
G-POWER relied on forced induction
for its power output enhancement and
developed a supercharger system based on
the premium superchargers from ASA.
For its mission with the M3 V8 engine
the ASA T1-523 has been literally been
tailor-made, to provide the giant need for
fresh air of the up to 8.300 rpm revving
4.0 litre V8 engine. Amongst others
they even did a sophisticated, computer
aided simulation which analyses the
conditions of the air-ducting engine parts.
The set goal of this extensive research
has been to improve the efficiency of the
G-POWER supercharger system to the
best possible performance. And the result
proofs G-POWER right. The supercharger
system is capable of reducing the specific
fuel consumption of the engine. This
shows that G-POWER does not just care
about performance but is concerned about
the sensitive use of restricted resources
like fuel, as well.
The engine’s modifications made by
G-POWER are topped off by a handmade,
stainless steel exhaust system that has
been especially designed to fit under the
1 M Coupés compact body and at the
same time being capable of handling
the extremely high flow-rate of the
supercharged, high-revving V8 engine
with a minimum of backpressure.
Naturally the performance figures
benefit from this huge power output
improvement. The sprint from stand still
to 200 km/h is now completed in 12,7
seconds and the top speed is reached at
more than 330 km/h making the G1 V8
HURRICANE RS the fastest BMW 1
series in the world.
Chassis-sided G-POWER has gained a
lot of experience over the many high-speed
cars build in the past years. From this
know-how and many joint development
projects for world record cars a technologic
partnership has developed between
G-POWER and Mov’it in the field of high
performance braking systems and with
KW when it comes to suspensions.
Accordingly the G-POWER
CLUBSPORT suspension package has
been developed in close cooperation with
KW and thanks to a G-POWER setup has
been adapted to the special needs of the
G1 V8 HURRICANE RS. It optimises its
road manners at race track level without
sacrificing its usability as a daily driver
and encompasses a coilover suspension
that is independently adjustable for
both compression and rebound. The
CLUBSPORT version distinguishes
oneself, apart from the adjustable
dampers, by support bearings that enable
correction of camber or caster according to
the individual purpose.
Of course the negative acceleration
is in the focus of G-POWER, as well.
The G-POWER braking system with
six respectively four brake pistons bytes
into mighty up to 396 mm in diameter
Ceramic-Carbon brake discs. The high
performance braking system for the G1
V8 HURRICANE RS has been exclusively
designed together with Mov’it according
to the specifications of G-POWER in order
to match the performance and top speed
of the G1 V8 HURRICANE RS. With this
set-up, the G-POWER braking system
always provides maximum brake force and
the braking point remains precise in any
case. In addition the G-POWER ceramic
braking system reduces the unsprung
mass by 50% percent, compared to a
system with steel brake discs. Accordingly
the cornering and road handling is
improved significantly.
Further weight is dropped by adding
a bonnet made from Carbon fibre that
features the M3 design including a power
dome and vent openings. In the rear
a lighter Carbon fibre boot lip with an
aerodynamically shaped tear-off edge
makes for reduced lift.
not only set benchmarks in performance,
but also when it comes to individuality
and exclusivity. The interior of the G1
V8 HURRICANE RS, upholstered by
G-POWER in premium leather and
Alcantara offers impressive confirmation
of what is possible above and beyond
“BMW Individual” equipment.
600 hp / 441 kW at 7.800 rpm (+ 240 hp / 176 kW)
580 Nm at 3.900 rpm (+ 80 Nm)
V-max: >330 km/h
0-100 km/h: 4,4s
0-200 km/h: 12,7s
G-POWER conversion to M3 V8 engine incl. stainless steel
exhaust system
G-POWER conversion to DCT gear box
G-POWER M3 S65 supercharger system SK II
G-POWER bonnet and boot lid made from Carbon fibre
G-POWER coil-over suspension GM1-RS Clubsport
G-POWER Ceramic braking system
- Fastest BMW sedan with 730hp
top speed of 360 km/h
- Fastest LPG-powered car with the
and a top speed of 333 km/h
- Fastest Sedan with the 750hp
measured top speed of 367.4 km/h.
G-POWER exceeded its own record
with the 800hp G-POWER M5
HURRICANE RR with a top speed of
372 km/h
- Fastest 4-seater coupe with the 750 hp
top speed of 370 km/h
- Fastest SUV with the 750hp
RS and a top speed of over 360 km/h
- Fastest BMW 1 Series with the 600hp
G1 V8 HURRICANE RS and a top
speed of over 330 km/h
KTM and Kawasaki reigned supreme
in an intense weekend of racing last
weekend (30 September 2012) during
Round 2 of the 2012 Malaysian
Supermoto Series which was held at the
Speedway PLUS Circuit in USJ Subang
Round 2 saw both new and expert
riders as well as leading supermoto
teams competing in seven classes. This
included the S1 Open class for unlimited
supermoto up to 700cc; S2 Open for
unlimited supermoto up to 250cc; S3
open for unlimited supermoto up to 700cc
(veteran class for age 40 and above); S4
for production supermoto unlimited
up to 200cc; Kawasaki KSR for both
unlimited 110cc and production
limited 110cc bikes; and the
introduction of the Kawasaki
D-Tracker 150cc class made up of
essentially new or novice riders.
In the main event, the S1
Open class for Unlimited
Supermoto up to 700cc, KTM
motorcycles dominated three
of the top five positions with
Muhammad Habibullah of KTM
Planet Racing Team riding his KTM 450
SMR to a sterling finish ahead of his
elder brother Mohd Al-Amirul Ashshahid.
Finishing third was CBK Maxima
Kawasaki Racing Team’s Mohd Khairi
Zakaria, followed by privateer Kong Kar
Fai on board a KTM 350SXF, and CBK
Maxima Kawasaki Racing Team’s Mohd
Suhaidi Ali Rahmat.
The S2 class for unlimited supermoto
up to 250cc again saw KTM dominating
the field but it was Kawasaki this time
with three bikes in the top five places.
Mohd Al-Amirul Ashshahid won the race
on his KTM 250SXF, but Mohd Suhaidi
Ali Rahmat on the Kawasaki KX250FI
denied KTM of a 1-2 finish by finishing
ahead of Muhammad Habibullah Mohd
Saleh. CBK Maxima Kawasaki Racing
Team’s Mohd Khairi Zakaria and
privateer Choong Kok Weng both on the
Kawasaki KX250FI rounded up the top
five positions.
The Kawasaki D-Tracker 150cc class
meanwhile, attracted a total of 17 riders
who raced what was essentially the
standard production model of Kawasaki’s
recently-launched supermoto-styled
production motorcycle for the Malaysian
Supermoto or also known as
Supermotard, is motorcycle racing on a
closed circuit that alternates between
three types of track: flat track, motocross
and road racing, using motorcycles
designed for that purpose or generally
modified off-road, motocross and dirt
bikes. The motorcycles competing are
fitted with road-racing wheels and tyres,
while the riders wear a combination
of road race and off-road equipment,
normally road racing leathers and
motocross helmets and boots. Racing
speeds are generally less than 160km/h
on short and technical tracks where rider
skill is more important than just machine
The Malaysian Supermoto Series is
promoted by Bike Nation Motorsports,
jointly-promoted by Comma Motorsports,
organized by the Langkawi Motorsports
Club and sanctioned by the Automobile
Association of Malaysia (AAM).
The 2012 Malaysian Supermoto
Series is run over 4 rounds with round 3
scheduled for 18 November. Round 4 on
16 December will also coincide with the
Malaysian round of the 2012 FIM Asia
Supermoto Championship which will be
held in the country for the very first time.
Kawasaki KSR – Unlimited 110cc
1. Chew Wai Tuck
2. Mohd Emy Nordin
3. Muhd Khussaini
4. Muhd Ammar Hafiq Rauzan
5. FaizulZahrin Zakaria
Kawasaki KSR – Limited 110cc
1. Muhd Hafize
2. Chia Chee Peng
3. Mohd Azri Mat Nasir
4. Eric Chan
Kawasaki D-Tracker - Production Limited 150cc
1. Mohamed Fizwan
2. Eric Chia
3. Mohd Emy Nordin
4. R. Suresh
5. Mohd Zahin Mohd Jais
6. Mohd Reffe Mohd kamar
7. Muhd Mukhlis Basri
8. FaizulZahrin Zakaria
S1 Open – Unlimited Supermoto up to 700cc
1. Muhammad Habibullah Mohd Saleh (Gabit)
2. Mohd Al-Amirul Ashshahid (Gaban)
3. Mohd Khairi Zakaria
4. Kong Kar Fai
5. Mohd Suhaidi Ali Rahmat
S2 Open – Unlimited Supermoto up to 250cc
1. Mohd Al-Amirul Ashshahid (Gaban)
2. Mohd Suhaidi Ali Rahmat
3. Muhammad Habibullah Mohd Saleh (Gabit)
4. Mohd Khairi Zakaria
5. Choong Kok Weng
S3 Open - Unlimited Supermoto up to 700cc
(veteran above age 45)
1. Chong Fong Chun
2. Omar Mazlan
3. Zamarul Anuar Abdul Rahim
S4 – Production Supermoto Unlimited up to 250cc
1. Muhamad Adam Mohd Norrodin
2. Mohd Amir Yusoff Mohd Ridzuan
3. Mohd Emy Nordin
4. Vinod DB Singham
5. Chew Wai Tuck
The Automobile Association of Malaysia
(AAM) is the controlling and governing
body for motorsports in Malaysia and is a
national sporting body recognized by the
Federation Internationale De’ Automobile
(FIA), Federation Internationale
Motorcycliste (FIM) and Commission
Internationale de Karting (CIK) as the
custodian of all disciplines of sanctioned
motor-racing in the country.
The AAM’s primary role is to ensure
that the technical, safety and sporting
rules of the FIA, FIM and CIK governs
all forms of competitions organized
in the country in accordance with the
International Sporting Code.
The AAM is the sole governing body
that is also responsible for the issuance of
competition licences, sanctioning and in
issuing organizing permits for motorsports
events, races and competitions.
A competition license enables an
individual to compete in legal and
sanctioned national motor-racing events.
The application for a competition license
must be accompanied by an insurance
policy – attained from the AAM - to
ensure that individuals who participate
in sanctioned motorsports events receive
proper insurance protection in the event
the unfortunate occurs. The competition
license is in compliance with the rules
and regulations of the FIA, FIM and CIK,
and no one is permitted to take part in a
sporting event, set or break a record, if he/
she does not possess a license issued by
the AAM. Competitors who do not hold a
legal driver’s license and/or who are under
18 may participate in events not using
a public highway. Where a competitor is
under the age of 18, the entry for an event
must be supported by a parent or guardian
who will act as a guarantor to the minor.
The guarantor, or his representative, must
attend the event with the minor, and sign
on as his entrant.
In order to obtain a competition
license, an applicant must undergo and
pass a compulsory medical examination
to ascertain his/her physical fitness
and ability to take part in an event,
competition or race, The AAM National
competition license is currently RM25
per year. Individuals have the option of
obtaining an insurance policy with three
different coverage which are RM75 per
annum for coverage up to RM15,000
for permanent disability or death and
RM3,000 in medical expenses; RM100
per annum for coverage up to RM20,000
for permanent disability or death and
RM7,500 in medical expenses; and
RM150 per annum for up to RM50,000
for permanent disability or death and
RM25,000 in medical expenses;
All forms of motor-racing events
and competitions in the country, which
includes closed club event, restricted
competition, national and international
status, must be organized by the AAM or
clubs, promoters and other bodies that
are affiliated to or approved by the AAM.
These events require a permit and must be
inscribed in the AAM calendar. There are
currently 19 clubs, 8 registered promoters
and 3 racing circuits affiliated to the AAM.
Events, competitions and races may be
organized on permanent and temporary
circuits with prior the approval of the
AAM upon being inspected and assessed
for safety requirements and granted the
necessary permits or waivers.
As the national governing body for
motorsports, the AAM also undertakes
various initiatives in tandem with
developing motorsports in the country.
This includes conducting training, the
development of human capital for the
enhancement of technical knowledge
and professionalism, and the licensing
of all motorsports officials; development
of motorsports at grass root level via
incentives, subsidies, technical as well
as financial assistance; and in upholding
safety regulations and requirements which
encompasses circuit and event venue
safety, competitor safety, vehicle safety,
and safety homologations.
The AAM also conducts Defensive and
Advanced Driving modules that impart
valuable knowledge and techniques of how
a motorist can become a better and safer
driver. It also issues international driving
licences to individuals who are going
Find out more about motorsports in
Malaysia by contacting AAM Motorsports
at: 03-7710 9121 or visit
*Terms & Conditon Apply:
-Limited time only
-Available at selected AAM branches only
-While Stocks last
Jaafar celebrated two podium finishes
at the final round of the 2012 Cooper
Tires British F3 International Series
to take the accolade of Vice-Champion
in the overall British F3 Drivers’
Championship. A second place finish
for Jaafar in the first race preceded a
non-finish in the second race after being
punted off track by Alex Lynn. Crossing
the line in third place in the final race
of the weekend sealed the runnersup place in the final standings of the
championship for the young Malaysian
The weekend began with a second
place finish for the Malaysian driver
in the first race, behind Carlin team
mate Harvey, which kept him in the
lead of the championship at the end of
Saturday, although the results closed the
gap between the two drivers to just one
point, with the other title contender, Felix
Serralles, finishing fourth to lie in third
place in the championship and still able
to wrest the title from Carlin.
Cool and cloudy conditions welcomed
the British F3 drivers for the penultimate
race of the 2012 season this morning.
Jaafar lined up in seventh position with
Carlin team mate and title rival, Harvey
alongside in eighth however, it was a
shortlived race for Jaafar. The 19-yearold Malaysian had a storming start and
was challenging Lynn for position, quickly
passing him for sixth place. Lynn then
tried to retake the position, taking a
tight line into the next corner, but with
a deflating tyre he locked up his wheels
and then crashed into the Malaysian, with
the PETRONAS car being tipped up onto
two wheels and then spinning across the
grass, ending Jaafar’s race.
He said after the race, “I am obviously
disappointed to have been taken out in
an incident which had such a big impact
on my title fight, but reflecting on it, it
was a racing incident and I was just in
the wrong place at the wrong time. Alex
had a puncture so it was an unavoidable
incident; there was nothing he or I could
do about it. It doesn’t make it any easier
to stomach and I’m still feeling quite raw
about it, but there’s no point in dwelling
on it, I need to move on and focus on the
final race.”
The third and final race of the season,
with the Drivers’ Championship still
undecided, began with Jaafar having
another good start and snapping at
the heels of second placed driver, Alex
Lynn. Jaafar tried to make a move on
Lynn but couldn’t find a way past on his
first attempt. He continued to push for
position, but Lynn held him at bay. In the
meantime, championship rival, Harvey
led the race and Serralles was in fifth
place. As the race settled Lynn began to
challenge Harvey for the lead, and Jaafar
was close behind. The young Malaysian
kept pushing throughout the 28 laps of
the race, defending hard from his rivals
behind, while also trying to push for
second place. Meanwhile, Felix Serralles
had moved out of contention for the title
after dropping back to eighth place. After
40 minutes of hard racing Jaafar crossed the line in
third place.
Of his final race of the season Jaafar said, “I had
a good start but couldn’t get past Alex (Lynn) in
the opening lap and was a bit cautious after what
happened in the race this morning. Once the tyres
came up to temperature I was able to close up on Alex,
who was also closing up on Jack (Harvey) and it was
a three-way battle; everyone was quick in that race
and anyone could have won it. Jack hung on in there,
Alex couldn’t quite catch him and I couldn’t quite get
Alex, so we stayed in the same position throughout the
Jaafar’s third place finish brought him second
place in the Drivers’ Championship and he said of his
success, “It’s been a hard-fought battle in the Drivers’
Championship and I’m really pleased to have finished
just behind Jack. It’s been a tough season, full of ups
and downs but that doesn’t stop me pushing right to
the very end.
The championship wasn’t really decided until the
last lap of the last race, so it really couldn’t have been
any tighter. In the end I was only 13 points off Jack, I
think it’s the closest finish since 1999!”
Jaafar adds, “Over the last three years since I’ve
been racing in British F3 I’ve matured as a driver
and honed my driving skills to be racing harder and
getting the results I felt I was capable of achieving.
It’s been an exciting journey and each season I’ve been
improving. I was 12th in the championship in my first
year, sixth last year and now second, so it’s been a
great three years of F3.”
Jaafar will now turn his attentions to finalising
plans for next season’s racing campaign. As an elite
athlete he will continue to follow a strict fitness
regime, including a winter programme of endurance
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