innovative new yacht brokerage



innovative new yacht brokerage
Sun Yachts is an innovative
new yacht brokerage and
marine services specialist,
which recently launched
in Guernsey. The business
was created by experienced
sailors, Jon Le Conte
and Simon Hughes, who
themselves understand the
needs of buyers, having
sailed all types of boats
across the world.
Guernsey’s location, less than 30 miles
from France and 80 miles from Poole
and Dartmouth, makes it the ideal
base for cruising and island hopping,
so perhaps it’s time to buy your own
vessel? Maybe you’re already a boat
owner, but now you want something
different, or fancy an upgrade?
Either way, getting the right buying
advice, after sales care and reliable
maintenance can make for smoother
sailing down the line.
‘We established Sun Yachts to
provide islanders with a total
care package that includes
boat selection advice, sea
trials, handover and aftersales support, on-going boat
maintenance and preparation
for re-sale,’ said Jon, a
designer, broker and skipper
of sailing yachts for more
than 30 years and a previous
director of Sea Ventures, the
biggest Jeanneau dealer in
the UK.
‘We are one of few Guernsey
companies that has a
direct relationship with
a major manufacturer,
thanks to our exclusive
dealership for sailboats and
inboard powerboats from
highly prestigious French
manufacturer, Jeanneau. This
relationship is based on our
extensive network of contacts
and years of experience in the
Jeanneau has built boats
for more than 50 years with
100,000 vessels sailing
worldwide, which makes for
an active re-sale market.
that time. At the end of three
years the boat will be sold and
the proceeds, net of sales costs,
will be distributed between the
owners who can then go on to
share another boat, if they wish
to do so.
Simon, a commercially
endorsed RYA Yachtmaster
Ocean with 250,000 sea
miles under his belt and 20
years’ experience as a captain
of luxury yachts said it is
important clients are paired
with vessels that best suit
their needs and experience.
‘The scheme is based on
models that currently exist in
other areas and have proved
extremely successful,’ said
Simon. ‘With similar schemes
having returned about two
thirds of the initial capital cost
at sale, making it very costeffective.’
‘As such, we can provide cost
effective solutions for firsttime buyers or more exclusive
opportunities for experienced
sailors seeking their third,
fourth or fifth boat.
With this in mind, Sun
Yachts has also obtained
the sole dealership for BRIG
inflatables in the Channel
Islands. BRIG is the largest
selling brand of RIBs across
Europe. Perfect for fishing,
scuba diving, wake boarding
and water skiing, their size
and power makes them the
ideal choice for having fun
on the open water around the
Channel Islands.
However, anyone who
has previously wanted to
purchase a RIB, but either
feels that they wouldn’t use it
enough to be worthwhile, or
When it’s time to sell, the Sun
Yachts team can advise on
valuations and how best to
present and market the vessel.
would struggle to get a berth
in their own name, now has
the opportunity to be part of
the innovative Sun Yachts RIB
share scheme. Purchasers
will be one of four owners,
maximum, of a single vessel.
to offer the boats at the best
price any private individual
could buy at and a quarter
share will range from under
£5,000 for the F500 through
to £18,250 for a top of the
range E780.’
‘As BRIG dealers we are
offering BRIG boats from 5m
to 7.8m under the scheme,
although we anticipate the
most popular models will be
the Navigator 610 as a trailer
launched boat and the Eagle
780 as a luxury RIB,’ said
In addition each owner will
pay as little as £99 per month
for the smallest suitable
model, which will include
all running costs, insurance,
mooring fees, cleaning and
servicing plus a refueling
‘We will take advantage of
our status as a BRIG dealer
The scheme is designed to
run for three years and all
owners will be contracted for
‘Our aim is to provide the
potential purchaser with
an informative spec of the
boats that Sun Yachts has
for sale. This will include as
many pictures as possible
and important information,
such as when the engine was
last serviced and the cost of
mooring the boat,’ said Simon.
The new Sun Yachts website is
currently under construction,
but will ultimately provide
video and 360 degree photo
shoots of the boats in question.
For more information please
visit, email
[email protected]
or phone 07781456814.