our impact on our local economy



our impact on our local economy
Dixon, Illinois
How KSB Hospital Contributes to Our
Economy and Community
KSB Hospital invests in the health of our community in many ways.
We provide essential medical services 24 hours a day, 365 days a
year. We provide a variety of innovative, preventive and community
services that improve the health of our citizens.
An increasingly important way KSB Hospital keeps our community healthy is by
supporting our local and state economies. We are a vigorous economic engine for
our community and for Illinois.
This report, prepared with assistance from the Illinois Hospital Association,
highlights the significant role KSB Hospital plays in our community. It identifies
and measures the direct involvement of our hospital in the local and state
economy and demonstrates the “ripple” effect of the dollars the health care sector
brings into the community and the jobs it helps create. In addition, it illustrates
the ways we provide for a safe, stable and healthy community.
KSB Hospital contributes significantly to the area’s economic health.
In 2012, our hospital had an estimated total economic impact of
KSB Hospital
Total Economic Impact on Our Community
JOBS ......................................................................................... 1,863
 Payroll ................................................................
 Goods & Services .............................................
 Capital Spending ...............................................
$ 195,544,176
$ 83,299,707
$ 11,867,778
$ 290,711,661
Providing Well-Paying, Stable Employment
 KSB Hospital employs 829 FTEs and has a total payroll of $82,323,991.
Hospital payroll expenditures serve as an important economic stimulus,
creating and supporting jobs throughout the local and state economies.
 Dollars earned by KSB Hospital employees and spent on groceries, clothing,
mortgage payments, rent, etc., generate approximately $195,544,176 in
economic activity and create an additional 1,034 jobs for the local and state
Stimulating the Local Economy with
Purchases of Goods and Services
 KSB Hospital spends about $35,069,131 per year on the goods and services it
needs to provide health care – for example, medical supplies, electricity for its
buildings and food for patients. Funds spent to buy goods and services flow
from the hospital to vendors and businesses and then ripple throughout the
 Dollars spent by KSB Hospital generate approximately $83,299,707 for the
local and state economy.
Building for a Healthier Tomorrow
 In 2012, KSB Hospital spent $4,996,328 on enhancing and updating buildings
and on major medical equipment.
 Capital spending by KSB Hospital generates approximately $11,867,778 for the
local and state economy per year.
A positive change agent, KSB Hospital is on the front lines of health
care’s transformation, implementing the profound changes of health
care reform, and delivering on the promise of better health care for
all at a lower cost.
KSB Hospital is pro-active in identifying opportunities for clinical improvement
and implementing solutions to enhance the patient experience. KSB adopted
Project RED, a task force charged with reducing the number of patients who are
readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of being discharged. The Project RED
team looked at every step of the process to identify opportunities for better
education, communication and follow-up.
In today’s world, hospitals do even more than provide medical care
to the community. Communities can take comfort in knowing that
their local hospital always is there, ready to help in an emergency.
Hospitals are a place of refuge, food, shelter, and information in
times of distress.
KSB Hospital’s state-of-the-art Emergency Department is the nucleus of local
emergency medical care. With a versatile, skilled staff of emergency medicine
physicians, nurses, and technicians, the ED is ready to meet the community’s
needs whenever a situation arises. KSB staff regularly collaborate and train with
local law enforcement, first responders, and emergency preparedness teams.
KSB Hospital has a positive impact on its surrounding
neighborhoods. We contribute to civic and cultural programs, make
space available to community groups, and improve the environment.
KSB Community Wellness is a proactive supporter of local health and well being.
We’ve sponsored nutritional education for local students through Jump With Jill,
a rock music show with a healthy message. KSB Community Wellness also runs
Move to Win, a healthy weight loss competition for employees of local businesses.
 Medical and Nursing Education: Students in the Katherine Shaw Bethea
Hospital teaching/nursing program spend money in the community for
housing, food, transportation, books, entertainment, clothing, utilities,
insurance, and supplies.
 Construction: Construction activity at Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital
affects the local economy, from the convenience store located down the street to
the insurance agent providing policies for the contractors and other companies
working on the project. Construction projects are currently underway at
Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital, generating local jobs and revenue while
improving health care delivery for the community.
 Research: Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital medical research programs draw
funding from sources outside the community per year.
 Donations: Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital contributes more than $275,000
to local schools, clubs, and charitable organizations.
 Visitors: Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital attracts a variety of visitors,
including medical residents from the University of Illinois College of Medicine
at Rockford and students in a variety of specialties from many colleges and
Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital provides vital health care services
to our community.
In 2013 we had:
3,831 inpatient admissions,
383 newborn deliveries,
2,263 outpatient procedures, and
18,678 emergency room visits.
 Through programs aimed at educating consumers and preventing disease
before it occurs, Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital saves individuals and the
community millions of dollars in treatment costs and lost earnings.
The KSB Center for Diabetes Management offers support, counselling, and
solutions for people living with diabetes. By educating and engaging patients,
KSB supports better health at a lower cost.
KSB sponsors health education classes and seminars, like the “Sleep Connection”
series which offered education on the connection between sleep and mood,
academic performance, stress, and more.
In addition, our hospital contributes to a variety of community service initiatives
designed to improve residents’ health status and quality of life.
KSB Hospital provided $12.6 million in charity care to members of the
community who were uninsured or unable to pay medical bills.
Hospitals are a key ingredient to Illinois residents’ quality of life and
to keeping communities healthy and vibrant. Katherine Shaw Bethea
Hospital is a major contributor to both our local and state economies
and to keeping families healthy and secure by providing needed
health care services.
The data and information contained in this report provide strong evidence that
the economic benefit of our hospital on the local and state economies is
significant. Hospitals play a critical and irreplaceable role in building healthy
communities and a strong economy.