January-February 2014, Inaugural Detroit Int`l Powerboat



January-February 2014, Inaugural Detroit Int`l Powerboat
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Excellence in Teaching and Learning
We value excellence in teaching and learning; we enable students to
achieve desired learning outcomes through individual attention and
varied approaches to teaching. Our programs and courses are designed
for students from all backgrounds in an effort to help them achieve
academic and career success.
We value and celebrate the multi-cultural, gender, generational,
socio-economical status and experiential global understanding of our
students and others we serve. We nurture increased appreciation and
understanding of diverse cultures, ideas and ways of thinking needed
to live as responsible citizens in a global society.
Student and Community Service
We value being a student-centered and community-based community
college. We provide a caring, friendly, responsive, safe and accessible learning environment for students. We are an integral part of the
communities we serve, providing community services that improve the
economic, social, cultural and educational life of these communities.
We are accountable to the students who depend on us to provide them
with a quality education, to the citizens who support us with their tax dollars and to the businesses that depend on us to provide them with highly
trained employees. We commit to being good stewards of the resources
that are provided to us and to being accountable for creating a positive
learning environment that produces student knowledge and skills.
We exemplify the values of honesty, trust, fairness, reliability and
mutual respect in every aspect of our work.
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P u bl is h er & E d ito r
Michael & Adrianne Collins (Selfie)
Happy New Year! This special edition will bring uncreated light to some
outstanding people and awesome opportunities extended to Detroit Entertainers &
Musicians News (Detroit EM News) in 2014. In fact, we would like to express
appreciation for those extraordinary people who positively impacted our lives.
“Thank you, Wes Wyatt & Tom McGinnis - Detroit River International Powerboat
Championships (DRIPC), Mayor Mike Duggan, City of Detroit, Michael J. Brennan &
Elizabeth Hennessey, United Way for Southeast Michigan (United Way for SE MI) , Dan
Ammann, General Motors Corporation,
Glover Quin, Detroit Lions, Will Bynum,
(former) Detroit Pistons, Sergeant Charles Spruce, Detroit Police Department (DPD)
and Leslie Nelson-Ferguson, President, Detroit Metro Area Musicians & Entertainers
Association (DMAMEA). Muchas gracias for the fulfillment of social wellness in Detroit;
First Impression Farm, James H. Cole Home for Funerals, Inc., Bazzi Oil & Gas. Co.,
Hutchison Funeral Home, Heaney Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Gleaners Community Food
Bank, The Parade Company and our socially responsible community sponsors,
advertisers, supporters, professional staff, volunteer ambassadors along with Marc
Quirles, Jr., Iresis & Icesis Chanlder-Poole, senior high school students attending the
Detroit Public Schools and 2014 junior reporters for Detroit EM News.”
w w w. d e t r o i t e m n e ws . c o m
“Entert ainer ’s wr itt en wor d”
A m e a n i n g m a k in g n e w s o u t l e t a n d t ra i n i n g g r o u n d
January-February, 2015
Table of Content
Children’s Festival
United Way-Glover Quin (Lions) 20
United Way-Will Bynum (Pistons) 24
Concerts, Events, Shows
Veteran’s Luncheon (DPD)
Michael R. Collins
Editor in Chief:
Adrianne Collins
Associate Editor:
Jeneka Williamson
Contributive Writers:
Adrianne Collins, Michael Collins,
Marc Quirles, Jr., Icesis & Irisis ChandlerPoole
Graphic Design Layout:
Adrianne Collins
Adrianne Collins, Michael Collins,
Jeneka Williamson
Michael Collins, Bill Arrington,
Adrianne Collins, Errick Wilson
Special Thanks:
Penelope Poole
Coach Orlando Watkins
Leslie Ferguson, Keely Smith
Tom McInnis, Al Owens. Big Mike
Detroit EM News - Volunteer Ambassadors
The staff of Detroit Entertainers & Musicians
News feels it is our humbled duty to bring to
you the information that matters to you. We
know that the needs of entertainers and
musicians are not always the same as the
audience we serve. With that in mind, we’d
like you to know that this publication is owned
and operated by musicians and entertainers
with great influence from writers under 30 years
old, yet created for performing artists and the
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Entertainer’s Written Word
Cover: Detroit EM News
Photos: Detroit EM News
C h i l d r e n ’ s F e s t iv a l
Obviously, Detroit Entertainers & Musicians News (Detroit EM
News) is dedicated to our children and their families. We are very
aware of the diverse cultures that exist in this great city of ours. In an
effort to enhance community relations, Detroit EM News - Children’s
Festival offered an opportunity to build and modify social
relationships within neighboring Detroit communities. And we’re very
sensitive to the religious and spiritual practices that may offend some
in our society and put our best efforts forward not to do so.
In the past with the observance of what should be a fun celebration, we have
refrained from using the word “Halloween” in the title of our children’s annual
event permanently. We’ve changed the event’s title from “Detroit EM News Children’s Halloween Masquerade” to “Detroit EM News - Children’s Festival.”
This year, we partnered with the Detroit Police Department (DPD) to present two
events the same day, The Detroit EM News – Children’s Festival and DPD
Nevada House of Horrors.
We’re here for the citizens, the inter-connecting of communities and, by all
means, family-friendly. In prior years, Detroit EM News has held three children’s
Halloween masquerades with hundreds of children in attendance; (twice) at Bert’s
Warehouse Theater and (once) within Eastern Market District inside of Shed 3.
On Friday, October 31, 2014 between 3:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., Detroit EM News Children’s Festival brought hundreds together again, but this time, to the offices
of Detroit EM News located at 18855 Dwyer Street and East Seven Mile Road.
In spite of Mother Nature’s relentless high winds and light rain showers,
remarkably, “First Impression Farm” still managed to offer FREE pony rides to
over 150 children making Detroit EM News - 2014 Children’s Festival, a huge
Event #1: Amidst the drizzle, the stage show went on and we enjoyed playing
games of eyeball bounce. The entertainment was compliments of the “Legends
of Steele,” David Steele, 3.0 G.P.A., sophomore at DPS Detroit School of Arts.
During the festival David performed, “Sugar,” “Little Sunflower,” “Afro Blue”
and “C Jam Blues.” At the Detroit School of Arts, David plays saxophone under
the direction of Ronald Malabed and violin under the direction of Sean Smith.
David is a member of the orchestra band and the jazz band. He was recently
accepted into the DSO’s CYE Jazz Program. He also performed during the 2014
Detroit Jazz Festival. Last year, David appeared in the TV mini-drama “Low
A special dance tribute to Michael Jackson was performed by Aaron Rooks, a 37 year old native Detroiter born with
special needs. Aaron was educated in the Detroit Public Schools and is the recipient of three Special Olympic medals.
Gloria Rooks, B.S.W., performed a dance as “Raggedy Ann” and the children mimicked her dance steps. Gloria is the
proud mother of Aaron Rooks and loves children in general. As a young girl, Gloria also loved dancing and danced
professionally for nearly two decades as a dance choreographer. Gloria’s work has been on display for many productions
including “Selma,” Snowella Brown and the Seven Souls” and “Crème De Cocoa.” The final stage performance was a
hip hop dance routine performed by “Officially 2wice,” Randi & Rachelle Fitzgerald, 8th grade students with a 3.2 GPA
attending Reach Charter Academy in Roseville, MI.
The 2014 Children’s Festival was a site for sore eyes. There were free pony rides, Bar BQ hotdogs, free drinks, a grab
bag and tons of wellness for everyone.
View photo gallery: http://detroitemnews.com/index.php/multimedia/photos?func=viewcategory&catid=122
View video: Gloria Rooks as Raggedy Ann: http://detroitemnews.com/index.php/multimedia/video-library/viewvideo/196/childrensfestival/2014-childrens-festival-fea-gloria-rooks-as-raggedy-ann
Event #2: For those who attended the Detroit EM News Children's Festival, DPD offered FREE admission for the first
one hundred children (with a ticket and wristband) into the Nevada House of Horrors located at 5200 Nevada near
Mound Road. Those who successfully “ventured” through the House of Horrors received a free grab bag compliments of
DPD. Meanwhile, the Farwell Recreation Center, 2711 East Outer Drive held its annual Trunk-a-Treat. Mr. Williams,
Supervisor, City of Detroit – Farwell Recreation Center and Sgt. Charles Spruce, DPD – 7/11 Precincts Community
Relations coordinated an additional pick up location at Farwell Center for families (with a parent or guardian). The
transportation was FREE to/from the Children’s Festival and House of Horrors.
The next Detroit EM News - Children's Festival will be on Friday, October 30, 2015 and you're invited!
Socially Responsible Sponsors
7 Mile Foods, Aaple Fabricating, ABTire, Detroit Police Department 7/11 Precincts, Detroit Tire, Diamond Dot Store, First
Impression Farm, Gleaners Community Food Bank, Heaney Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Hutchison Funeral Home, JG Auto, Jakes
Auto-Parts, Kwikstop Store, Lee’s Beauty Supply, Lou’s Coneytime, Mandee’s Lounge, Notorious Entertainment, The Parade
Company, Pick & Save Supermarket, All American Restaurant Equipment and the volunteer ambassadors for Detroit EM News.
BY: Adrianne Collins
Photos/Video: Detroit EM News
Rachelle & Randi Fitzgerald
Aaron Rooks
Gloria Rooks
Inaugural Detroit River International
Powerboat Championships
As a lifelong native Detroiter raised just a few blocks away from
River of the Straits, I grew up with many cultural opportunities
surrounding our waterways. Back in the day, at least once-aweek during the summer, most eastside families visited Belle
Isle Park. There we swam off the Detroit River, took canoe
rides, rode ponies, rode bikes, toured the Fish Aquarium,
watched salmon swim upstream, visited the Greenhouse,
enjoyed concerts at the Band Shell Amphitheatre, walked
around the Scott Fountain and through wooded areas or just
cruised in a car around Belle Isle.
In the interim, my appreciation for the Great Lakes was being
influenced by my late uncles and their friends who fished off
rock piles and the riverbanks of the Detroit River. However, I
am extremely excited about anyone interested in bringing positive activities along Detroit’s riverfront.
Therefore, we are also seeking partnerships to develop a maritime program to offer Detroit area youth and
young adults. Want to know more? Email: [email protected]
So, imagine how enthusiastic I felt when the
opportunity arose to interview Wes Wyatt, title
sponsor of the Inaugural Detroit River
(DRIPC) on Friday, September 5, 2014 (at the
beautiful historic Roberts Riverwalk Hotel)
prior to the official kick-off on Saturday,
September 6 and Race Day, Sunday, September
7, 2014.
Adrianne Collins: Mr. Wyatt, please talk to us
about your upbringing?
Wes Wyatt: “Absolutely! I was born in Boston and moved at
a very young age to Pittsburgh where at age 35 I went to
Philadelphia and spent 20 years there. I’ve been here in
Detroit for seven years. I have three sons and Rich one of my
sons is here with me in Detroit, this weekend. He’s actually
one of the championship throttle men on Cintron race boat #21
racing in the Extreme Class. But, I attended Salem College in
West Virginia until my father had taken ill, that’s when I had
to quit going to school and started working.”
AC: Let’s talk about your eateries?
WW: “The 24 Grill opened when the Book Cadillac reopened.
It’s been about five years now. The Fried Green Tomatoes is
not open yet. We’re about to open that within the next few
months. Fried Green is going to do a little bit of southern flare
but not a whole lot. Just a little bit of that. We’re moving
towards much healthier menus getting away from a lot of the fried products. We’re going to offer some salmon
dishes. It will still be great. It just won’t be with as many fried items.”
AC: What inspired you to purchase, not one but, two restaurants
when Detroit was facing possible and now bankruptcy?
WW: “Well, I think the bankruptcy was inevitable. I think, it’s a
positive thing in the long run, but it had to happen. You know,
it’s not the only city to face this type of situation. It looks like
Chicago might be next.
It was years and years of
mismanagement and mistakes then judgment day came. I am
kind of glad to see us working on getting it behind us. We have
some great gifts in this town. Like, Mr. Dan Gilbert. I am
seeing so many positive things. I think of Detroit as a train
leaving the station starting to really pick up speed now.”
AC: What motivated you to take the challenge and become title
sponsor of DRIPC?
WW: “A lot of people don’t realize it, but powerboat racing started in the early 20th century in Detroit,
Michigan with Garfield A. Woods (Garwood). He raced a boat with Packer engines. Back then, Miss England
and Miss Italy would come over and race against him. So that’s really the heritage we wanted to bring back to
Detroit. In fact, our featured race will be seven heats on Sunday. This is a civic event open to the public. We
think that’s very encouraging this time of the year when you thought summer was over, but decided we’ll
squeeze a little bit more out of it.
Also, let’s not forget our neighbors in Windsor across the river. They enable us to call this an international
event, so it gets quite a bit of coverage on both sides of the river. Windsor embraced us, the Coast Guard
embraced us, the Mayor’s Office, Homeland Security, The Port Authority and the Detroit River Conservancy
embraced us. Everybody has helped get this together. The mayor asked me to make this an annual event and
we’re going to try to do that. The City of Detroit lays up just right for this. We’re going to race between the
tip of Belle Isle down towards the Ambassador Bridge by the Riverview Apartments. It’s pretty nice flat water.
It doesn’t get too choppy, although, a lot of things can come out of that. We could have a lot more boats than
normal. We don’t just have big boats -- we have little boats, too.”
AC: Overall, how does this entire project make you feel?
WW: “I am pretty excited about it. It’s a little expensive because it’s hard to get sponsors for a brand-new
event. But, we were extremely excited about General Motors coming to visit with us at the race site. They are
certainly considering sponsorship for next year (2015). I just hope
that the families, the kids and everybody comes’ out on Sunday.
There will be vendors along the riverfront, so you will be able to get
something to eat. There’s plenty of parking. We’re just looking to
put on a very good show for the City.”
With thoughts of the offshore boats in mind, I began to ponder which
youth could handle the research and conduct interviews for the
project. That’s when Marc Quirles, Jr. came to mind, a senior,
University Preparatory Math & Science 4.0 G.P.A. and junior
reporter for Detroit EM News. (www.upsm.uprepschools.com),
For seven years, during the American Power Boat Association
(APBA) - Gold Cup (www.gold-cup.com) and 2014 Festival of
Speed, Marc has acquired an impressive and extensive history
interviewing powerboat drivers, crew members, race teams, sponsors
and family members in the hot pits. We knew he would be the
perfect candidate for the job. And, we were correct!
Marc Quirles, Jr., Jr. Reporter
The Inaugural DRIPC
Mayor’s Cup Winner!
Cleveland Construction
Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA)
Auggie “Godfather” Pensa, V.P., OPA:
“Let me start off by saying we’re really
glad to have our first race here in Detroit -thank you guys for having us. Offshore
powerboat racing is one of the greatest
sports in the world. We have a course that
changes every fifteen feet. It’s not like a
track. It is not NASCAR. We have teams
and crews from all over the United States
that have come here. We have over 40
boats that will be racing this weekend and
we’re hopeful everyone will come out. It’s
free family fun. It’s exciting! It’s daring!
It’s scary, but it is also a big kick for the
kids. Tonight, we have an autograph
session with all the race crews and teams.
Please come on down. Enjoy yourselves and have a good time!”
Marc Quirles, Jr. & Ed Smith, OPA
Ed “Smitty” Smith, President, OPA: “OPA racing has been around for over 30 years with different people
running it with its highs and lows. About ten years ago, we took on a challenge trying to keep offshore racing
alive. Basically, we started out with some races down in New Jersey. We got together with a group up here in
Michigan and started talking about having some races up here. You know, the more you branch out you start to
bring more and more guys back or into it. It’s a lot of work but, it’s a sport we all love. There’s not a lot of
money in it, it’s really for the guts and the glory to say, you did it! We’ve also raced in St. Clair and Port
Huron, Michigan and we’ve done other races in Michigan. Our goal was to get three solid sites in Michigan
that we could put all together. And the idea about Detroit came about from Wes Wyatt. He owns “24 Grill”
and the race team “Cintron” (the big silver CAT, you see around the pits). In fact, Wes called me a year ago
wanting to put on a race here in Detroit. So, we came out and looked at the site. And, because Wes is the kind
of guy when he puts his teeth into something, you know, it’s going to happen we went with him. It’s been a lot
of work trying to put it all together -- but, it’s done. We’re here and Wes is looking to do a five-year deal. He’s
gotten the attention of some big businesses around here to fund it for future years. Hopefully, we will be here
for a long time.”
Vashay, Wes & Leslie
On Race Day, Sunday, September 7, at the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority, Vashay Nance, Vocalist &
Youth Ambassador for Light Up Detroit officially kicked off the Inaugural DRIPC celebration with “Light Up
Detroit,” a song written by Gerry Zonka, Emmy-nominated Producer.
Immediately following, Leslie Nelson-Ferguson, Vocalist & President of Detroit Metro Area Musicians &
Entertainers Association (www.DMAMEA.com) sang the national anthems for the United States and Canada. In
addition, Leslie graced listeners with a song she penned especially for veterans, first responders and defenders
of our freedom entitled “Thank You, Soldier” while simultaneously the audio was heard along the American
and Canadian riverfronts.
Click to hear; Leslie @ the DRIPC: Visit: http://detroitemnews.com/files/MOV00187.avi
BY: Adrianne Collins
Photos & Videos: Detroit EM News
Want more DRIPC? Visit: http://www.detroitoffshorerace.com/
Want more OPA? Visit: http://www.oparacing.org/
View videos: http://detroitemnews.com/index.php/multimedia/video-library/viewcategory/52/2014-detroitriver-intl-powerboats-championship
View, photo gallery: http://detroitemnews.com/index.php/multimedia/photos?func=viewcategory&catid=117
Want more Leslie? www.notoriouskld.com
Want more Light Up Detroit? www.lightupdetroit.com
Offshore Powerboat Racing Excitement
Marc & James Martin
24 Grill &
Al Owens, Executive VP, IPC & Tom McGinns, President/CEO, IPC
with Marc
Wes Wyatt, Chairman, IPC & Michael Lake, IPC Event Logistics
Adrianne Collins, Editor in chief,
Detroit Entertainers & Musicians News
“Than k you!”
Th e Mag ic Word …
“ Op po rt un it y ”
It’s opportunity that gives Detroit Entertainers & Musicians News (Detroit EM News) its foundation to
continue our mission to give youth and young adults an opportunity to become social entrepreneurs. In
2010, Detroit EM News launched Detroit EM News, L3C LLC, a platform and business strategy that
extends opportunities, not just for musicians and entertainers, but for students, local businesses, parents
and teachers within urban areas of Detroit.
As opportunities are presented to Detroit EM News, our free
family-friendly meaning making news publication – (available
online at www.detroitemnews.com) gives us the liberty to avow
opportunities to you. To illustrate, our good fortune to LIVE
United, our experience began with the “2014 United Way for
Southeast Michigan (United Way SE MI) official campaign kickoff to raise 42 million dollars for its programs and to make
Detroit the city America would want to live in by 2030.
Michael & Adrianne
As a result, the United Way for SE MI extended opportunistic invitations we were more than happy to
accept. The first was the “2014 United Way Torch Lighting Ceremony” held on Monday, September 22,
2014. Although we extended the opportunity to you via a Detroit EM News Media Alert and throughout
the social media spectrum, it is understandable if you were not there. As a matter-of-fact, I have not
attended a torch lighting ceremony before and assumed the event was held in the evening (to see the
flame). No, sir! It was 6:00 a.m. at Hart Plaza with a northeast cold wind off the Detroit River. Our hosts
were Michael J. Brennan, President & CEO, United Way for Southeast Michigan, Dan Ammann, GM,
President & Campaign Chair
United Way for Southeast
Mayor Mike
Safety for the Detroit Lions
and Renea Allen, Inkster
resident/Poster Child, United
Way for SE MI. And, yes, it
was dark when the Torch was
lit to glow for hope in the
dawn of a new day for
southeast Michigan.
Under these circumstances, we realized it would have been a challenge to recruit a junior reporter
(student) to perform so early in the morning. And as nippy as it was we were glad we did not. However,
after eating breakfast and drinking hot coffee before listening to the program speakers (who also braved
the cold) we interviewed with Glover Quin, Safety - Detroit Lions and Ambassador for United Way for
SE MI. We also interviewed with Roslyn Sample Mosley, Asset Building Assistant, United Way for SE
MI and Renea Allen, a recipient of services provided by United Way for SE MI.
Q: Why did you become involved with United Way?
Glover Quin: “I’ve been involved with the United Way for the last four years. I got involved when I
was in Houston. We did a huge reading program for the kids trying to increase the literacy rate,
graduation rate and stop them from dropping out. So, it was great coming to Detroit and joining the
United Way in Detroit. All their programs are the same…”
Q: How do you fit into the big picture?
GQ: “I am real big on education. Getting kids all the
education they need especially in school, with reading and
financial literacy. I think that’s very important. It’s really
important to stimulate kid’s brains and put stuff in their minds
to let them know there are things out there that they can do and
programs that can help them. So, I don’t feel anybody has an
excuse because there are programs available to help people
and the United Way offers these programs and I am proud to
be a part of it.”
For more about Glover Quin, click on: http://www.nfl.com/player/gloverquin/71441/profile
Q: Who are you? Tell us about a program offered by United Way
for SE MI?
Roslyn Mosley: “I am Roslyn Sample Mosley, United Way Asset
Building Assistant. I’ve been a supporter of the United Way since
the mid-1990’s and began working for United Way in 2011. We
have a program called Individual Development Account (IDA). A
“match savings program” designed to help participants in the
community save money to purchase a home, go back to school or
start a business. The United Way will match the participant’s
savings of $1000 for a three to one or two to one match. I am most
proud of this program because it actually impacts the lives of
people living in my community. This way, I can help neighbors and my family members better their
financial situation by saving money -- like part of our American Dream.”
Q: Tell us more about the IDA program?
RM: “The IDA program offers a portion of the financial stability work or the income work that United
Way does. It is a program that goes into agencies in the communities and these agencies are centers for
working families or our community financial centers. They provide financial coaching to families who
are working, families who are looking for work to help them budget their money. The slogan that we
have to help you remember our income program, “Earn it! Keep it! Grow it!” This program talks about
money which I think is the program or a foundation for everyone to be able to save money and better their
financial situation.”
Q: As a youth, how do you feel about volunteerism?
John Mosley: “I believe, as a youth being a volunteer gives you more of an outlook on life and what you
want to be and what you want to do especially with the United Way. They’re helping people instead of
going against them for all kinds of things.”
Q: Who are you and what’s your experience with United Way of SE MI?
Renea Allen: “We’ve been supporters of the United Way for five years.
Since I had my second child, United Way has been a lot of help to us with
different things including financial burdens that we come across. They
have helped me out a great deal.”
Q: What are some of the programs offered by United Way?
RA: “United Way helps with many different programs. There are so
many it’s hard to distinguish, but I am familiar with -- I know they help
with energy assistance. They also helped with an IDA account. As I
mentioned, United Way is helping to match my financial aspects, three times, so that I can purchase a
home. They also have other programs that can help out
like free tax services and much more.”
Q: As a youth, do you enjoy being a volunteer?
Laniah Allen: “I like to volunteer because I am trying to
grow up and be a child care provider. I help my mom at
home so she can go to work and I help in school.”
RA: (Laniah’s mother) “Right now, she also volunteer’s at Starfish Family Services where I work. She
goes into the classroom from time to time and she reads as well as helps out once or twice a week with the
teachers. She along with my other two children also went through StarFish Family Services and helped,
as well.” www.starfishonline.org
For more information about United Way for Southeast Michigan, visit: www.liveunitedsem.org
BY: Adrianne Collins
View videos: http://detroitemnews.com/index.php/multimedia/video-library/viewcategory/51/united-way-forsoutheastern-michigan
View photo gallery: http://detroitemnews.com/index.php/multimedia/photos?func=viewcategory&catid=120
Meaning Making News
“Entertainer’s Written Word”
A d v er t is e w i t h us!
Me e t t he D e tro it Pis to ns
The next event, Wednesday, October
8, sponsored by the United Way for
SE MI was “Meet the Detroit Pistons
Live” at Campus Martius Park. It
was a very sunny but brisk afternoon
with hundreds of Pistons fans eager
for the outdoor basketball practice
simulation which was open to the
One fortunate event goer won a
priceless (blank) check, all expense
paid trip to the 2015 All-Star Game
for winning the Ultimate Basketball
Challenge. A couple dozen lucky
fans each received a free Detroit
Pistons basketball while hundreds of
others received a Detroit Piston Tshirt sponsored by Sprite. D.J. Emily Thornhill, (first female) disk jockey for the Detroit Pistons, pumped
out the music accentuating the high energy routines performed by the Detroit Piston’s Cheerleaders and
As social entrepreneurs, we offer a training ground to enhance communication skills and self-esteem as
we transfer interpersonal skills, procedural and selective declarative knowledge. In so doing, we present
opportunities to conduct video recorded interviews with educators, celebrities, musicians, entertainers,
business leaders, church clergy, peers and more. Beforehand, our junior reporters have several weeks to
research a person and create appropriate questions for the interview. But, due to unrealistic deadlines, we
were unable to do so, this year.
That being the case, we approached the parents of Iresis and
Icesis Chandler-Poole about their availability to interview with
the Detroit Pistons. Iresis & Icesis are twin female senior 4.0
G.P.A., all American Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School
(DCPHS) students whose parents gave approval and introduced
us to Orlando Watkins, Coach - DCPHS Women’s Varsity
Basketball Team. In fact, our biggest challenge was being
granted media access two days prior to the event and rehearsal
with Icesis & Iresis one day before the big event. Needless to
say, with less than two hours of practicum training Iresis and
Irisis Chandler-Poole proved to be knowledgeable and anxious to
proceed with Will Bynum’s interview.
Iresis: Can you share a routine or a ritual you perform before, during or after a game?
Will Bynum: “Okay, during high school my schedule was pretty
hectic. During the week, I use to get up at 6:00 in the morning and
workout with a good friend of mine, Tony Allen with the NBA
Memphis Grizzlies. I use to workout with him from six o’clock to
eight and then we would go to class. I would get out of class around
12:50 pm and shoot again for about an hour and a half until school
let out for all kids when we held team practice. We had team
practice from 3:00 p.m. – 5:00. At 5:30, I left to go to another gym,
the James Jordan Gym (Michael Jordan’s father) ran by Robert
(Sonny) Parker the father of Jabari Parker. So, my thing was
basketball. It saved me from the streets. In the city of Chicago, it’s
kind of tough growing up. I had to make sure my time was valuable with what I was doing with it. I was
getting the full effort out of my time. It had to be me going into the gym throughout the whole day, so I
pretty much lived basketball most times.”
Icesis: As senior athletes concerned about our education and futures, what advice can you give to athletes
who are serious about the game of basketball?
Will: “You have to put the time and effort in. You know,
everything is about effort, focus, time and discipline. You have to
be disciplined. You know your goals. So, you set a goal and then
you go out and achieve it. Day by day, minute by minute, second
by second and that’s what it’s about. As long as you focus and
dedicate yourself into whatever you’re doing…it could be school, it
could be basketball, it could be whatever it is you’re trying to be in
life. If you put the time in and dedication and you approach it with
the same hunger and effort -- you’ll be successful at whatever you
Iresis: From a man’s point of view is there any advice
you can give me to achieve my goals in basketball?
Will: “I could give you some values to live by and that is
staying disciplined. If sometimes you don’t go out when
everybody else does -- like your peers going out. It’s
those small times that you sacrifice and go to the gym that
can help you prosper in life. It takes that kind of focus
and dedication to make it at anything. It doesn’t matter if
its basketball or anything else you’re doing. You can have a goal in your mind and a lot of negativities or
doubters around you. If you focus on the positive nothing else matters as long as you block that out and
continue to put the work in on a day-to-day basis for whoever or whatever you want to be.”
Icesis: When you entered the NBA, were you able to reach your personal and educational goals?
Will: “Yes! I’ve been attending school every year. I am finishing up my degree, now. I should be
finished next year in December. I am constantly working on getting better as a person and as a player.
Basketball has given me the tools that it takes to be successful and great at anything. So, I’ve used those
same tools, those same values and I approach different things with them while trying to improve myself
and improve my family.”
Icesis: Is it hard to balance basketball with your education?
Will: “Yes, it is hard, but nothing in life is given to
you easy. You have to expect it to be hard and live
by certain values. And, if you have faith in God you
can do and be anything you want. Don’t approach it
as it is hard because everything in life is hard,
nothing in life is given easy. And, you shouldn’t
even want it. At the end of the day, if you achieve
something that’s hard you appreciate it more once
you have it.”
Adrianne Collins, Iresis & Icesis Chandler-Poole
Photos/Video: Detroit EM News
View photo gallery: http://detroitemnews.com/index.php/multimedia/photos?func=viewcategory&catid=121
View video: http://detroitemnews.com/index.php/multimedia/video-library/viewvideo/195/united-way-for-southeasternmichigan/live-united-part-ii-meet-the-detroit-pistons
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De tr o i t Po l ice Dep ar tme nt
Ve ter a n’ s Day Lu nch eo n
On Tuesday, November 11, 2014, as a special day set aside for our country to
stand up and salute those who have served our nation and protected the freedoms
we all hold so endearingly, Chief of Police, James E. Craig observed Veteran’s
Day with a special luncheon celebration. The event was hosted by Captain
Timothy Leach, Eleventh Precinct and Captain Kyra Joy Hope, Seventh
Precinct at the Veterans of Foreign War, Post #2233, 18651 Mound Road in
Unlike Memorial Day, which is reserved and dedicated for those fallen in battle
or while serving our country, on this day, it was for all who served within the military. Detroit
Police Department (DPD) paid special homage to the seventh and eleventh precincts. Today’s
efforts recognized all brave men and women who continue to serve our country in civilian life as
first responders. Be they police officers, firemen, emergency medical or rescue personnel. Those
defenders of our freedom were honored for continued service or service as living veterans who
served in WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan.
The celebration of these esteemed men and women were designed around a
feast fit for royalty. As host commentator, Chester L. Logan former
Detroit Police Chief, so passionately expressed, “I served three years in the
32nd Airborne Division. I was also deployed to Vietnam. I saw a lot over
there. Some folk didn’t come back in one piece. I swore then
that everything I could do to advance the causes for veterans I
would do; which is why I am here now.” Police Chief Craig
further states, “I just want to say, “Thank you” to all of our
veterans for keeping us all free. I remember when I started at
the Detroit Police Department in 1977. It was Vietnam veterans who broke me in
on the job.”
Several soldiers received a “Certificate of Recognition” for their service from the Lama Rose
Zeta Sorority - Pontiac Chapter. In fact, the
Milton Manufacturing Company brought an
armored personnel vehicle for public display
(www.miltonmfg.com). In addition to our
veterans receiving a gift bag filled with bottles
of men fragrances, toiletries, a pair of gloves, a
hat and other novelties donated by local
businesses, Detroit EM News provided
entertainment by Detroit Diva, Leslie Nelson Ferguson. She sang our national anthem and
“Thank you, Soldier,” a song she penned especially for soldiers. As Leslie stated, “When I
perform this song, it is for every soldier and defender of our freedom. So for those in attendance,
I present a complimentary CD.” BY: Michael R. Collins
Photos/Video: Detroit EM News
Click for photo gallery: http://detroitemnews.com/index.php/multimedia/photos?func=viewcategory&catid=124
Click to hear Leslie sing @ the Veteran’s Day Luncheon: http://detroitemnews.com/index.php/articles/102-leslieferguson
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