Minnesota Fats TITLE: State Rehab STREET DATE: 7/28/2006



Minnesota Fats TITLE: State Rehab STREET DATE: 7/28/2006
Minnesota Fats - State Rehab
Hot Tracks: 11.Tell ‘em Somethin, 10. Abominable Booty,
18. Hold me Down
ARTIST: Minnesota Fats
TITLE: State Rehab
STREET DATE: 7/28/2006
GENRE: Hip-Hop/Rap
LABEL: Weon Records
Quick Facts:
Total Circulation
(Retail and Promotional): approx. 1000 CDs
Enjoying spiked airplay on: KTTB B96, MN
Performances including but not limited to:
Myth Nightclub, Club Euphoria, Escape
Ultralounge, Quest , First Avenue, Decoy’s,
Red Sea, The Annex, Brown College - MN
Mecca, Club Crystal - MI
E2 - IL
MTV Showcase - NYC, NY
Draw: An average of 100 people per show to
the delight of club owners
Shared Stages:
Chamillionare and Cam’ron
Marketing: 200 Posters distributed around the
Twin Cities area, with a free poster included
with every purchase of State Rehab
Material: Over 50 songs recorded
Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Wanabe Me
3. Only #1 Sota Man
4. Over Here
5. Yung Vet
6. Push Whatever
7. You a Bitch
8. Wheremabichat?!
9. Sweat My Techniques
10. Abombinable Booty
11. Tell ‘Em Somethin’
12. Campaign
13. Get It How I Live
14. Honestly Speaking
15. Mom Always Told Me
16. Remember Me
17. Still All Good
18. Hold Me Down
Current Status:
Current Status: State Rehab was released
on 6/28/2006 and has been pushed locally
via live performance. Minnesota Fats is looking forward to selling his music nationally in
major retail outlets.
Contact 952-233-3632, [email protected]
Minnesota Fats - Biography
Jason Brown, AKA Minnesota Fats was born
and raised on the west side of Chicago.
Chicago is well known for being a hotbed of
developing talent and famous for its nightlife.
Having this surrounding you can be a big
influence on the path you take in life. And so
it was with Jason as he started making music
at the age of eight. As the years passed and
Brown learned his craft he became a teenager, and at the age of 15 moved to Minnesota,
where he presently resides. As Fats continued to create his own music, by the age of 21
he decided to start the Minnesota based independent label We On Records. This would
spur on Minnesota Fats to record a string of
successful releases.
We On Records first release was in 2002, titled Nation Business, it was Minnesota Fats and
Famis the High Life Man’s first duo venture, and it was well received. Album’s to follow were We
On Mix-tape Vol. 1 (2004), Natra’s Citiology (2005), Desi’s Baler Street Journal (2005), and the
newest solo venture and We On’s latest release, State Rehab (2006).
We On Records has sold over 20,000 albums to date. A good start for indie label indeed. The
importance of education and understanding his business became a priority and Jason Brown
recently graduated with an Associates Degree in Music Business from Minnesota School of
Business in 2006, and he has hopes to go national in the first quarter of 2007.
The We On label is currently doing shows every month around the twin cities in support of their
artists. They have done shows in many other states as well including, Chicago, Illinois, New
York, and Michigan. Minnesota is the home of the label but they understand that you need to
spread your wings and reach out on more national level if getting the music the exposure it deserves and selling your catalog is a priority.
The different venues the label has included as homes for their artists are First Avenue, The
Quest, Club Myth, and Escape Ultra Lounge. In 2004, We On Records landed a first place position at the American Music Search (AMS) conference in Chicago. Since then they have maintained healthy relationships with many industry executives.
Jason hopes to lead a musical revolution blending heavy hip-hop bass and rock and roll guitars
with his own music and by influencing others that become part of his vision. The plan is to bring
their music to the masses and provide like-minded artists an opportunity to distribute their music
with a label run by an indie artist. For an artist looking for someone to entrust his or her music
to, it does not get any better than that.
Contact 952-233-3632, [email protected]
Minnesota Fats
Contact 952-233-3632, [email protected]

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