HPL1600 monoblock LED light



HPL1600 monoblock LED light
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CooLED 100
Model #HPL-1600 monobloc LED light
The new era of constant studio light is no
longer a power hunger, boiling hot light source.
This new high power (only 100W) LED light
delivers over 15000 lux of light in a compact
package. The light is cool, long lasting, flicker
free. The light emits out equivalent to a 1000W
incandescent bulb yet it consumes only 1/10
of the elecitricity, a really enviromental friendly
product. It is maintenance free, long lasting,
rates for 10,000 hours.
The HPL-1600 is an universal light, it works
on 110V to 230V, covers the entire world.
Unlike the other LED panel, which has many
dots of LED and causes step shadows, should
not be desirable for portrait or studio work. A
cleverly designed glass diffuser enhances the
large LED similiar to a single light bulb, and
intensifies the light by means of a conical
It accepts all our Imager
accessories. The glass diffuser is removable
. Standard reflector is 21cm 50 degrees, mirror
finish. Comes with sock diffuser. The tilting
head is push button, gear lock, fits on standard
16mm stand spigot. Optional accessories:
Softbox, barndoors, conical spot attachment.
Standard reflector with satin finish.
HPL1600 LED light
Simple push button power selection switch, full,
half and 1/4 power.
Technical specification
Application: for Still and Video
Type: Semiconductor LED, 100W
Color Temperature: 5200K
Lux: 15000/m with mirror conical reflector
Dimmer: 3 steps
Power consumption: 100W
Voltage range: 110 to 230V
Cooling fan: Yes, enclosed
Noise level: Undetectable/1m
Life span: 50,000 hours
Casing: All metal
Power cord: 3.5m, 3 wire with inline switch
Size: 26x12cm without glass diffuser
Weight: 1.8kg
It is possible to use car battery with 200W
inverter (turn 12VDC to 110 or 220VAC)
availalbe in many Electroinic stores.
Has bayonet reflector mount, the removable
glass dome is to concentrate and diffuser the
HPL1600K2, comes with 2
HPL1600, 2,60cm silver umbrellas,
2, 2m aluminum stands, 2, standard
mirror finish reflectors, 2, sock
diffusers,1, hold-all carrybag with
2 light kit comes with 60cm silver umberella
4 sections, all metal pneumatic stand.