Ringflash Sell Sheet



Ringflash Sell Sheet
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“A big reason I shoot with Profoto is the incredible control afforded by their terrific range of lighting accessories.
Most of my work is done on-location and Profoto’s Light Shaping Tools enable me to tailor the light in really
interesting ways, offering tremendous creative freedom as well as the ability to spontaneously improvise.
To create this portrait of Bruce Springsteen, I used the Ringflash to fill in his facial detail, plus three
other heads with 7" Grid Reflectors and grids. One for the main light to create defining shadows and
the other two to create the high-key rim lights on either side of his face. The Ringflash was essential
because it brought out the shadow detail perfectly without adding another visible light source.”
–Gregory Heisler
Popular with fashion and portrait photographers for freely positioned, direct, and detailed light without harshness. Excellent
for small interiors such as automobile photography, many types of product photography, and for any application where
shadow-free light is desired. The Ringflash is available for the Pro-7 Series generators and the Acute Series generators,
and is an entirely mobile source of light. The adjustable tripod mount bracket and wide interior (100mm diameter) allows
for fitting all types of cameras and lenses in many formats.
Optional accessory reflectors expand the Ringflash’s capabilities further. Optional Softlight Reflector increases the light
source, for fewer sharp shadows. Optional Close-up Reflector focuses the light source 20" (50cm) in front of the camera
lens. With smaller objects, the effect is completely shadow-free.
Of course with all Profoto lighting accessories, what you see is what you get, making visualizing the final image easy.
Ringflash and Accessories
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Acute2 Ringflash
Pro-7 Ringflash
Softlight Reflector for Ringflash
Close-Up Reflector for Ringflash
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