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Top Executive Seminars for China
January - October 2010
❛❛ You walk for days among trees and among stones.
Rarely does the eye light on a thing, and then only when it has recognized that thing as the
sign of another thing…❜❜
Italo Calvino from “Le città invisibili” (Invisible Cities).
The initiative is the first one entirely
developed by Bocconi and delivered in
China without the involvement of a local
partner and consists of a series of first
class executive seminars for the
International and Chinese business
The participants are senior managers
working both for International and
Multinational Chinese corporations.
International Think Tank
Top Executive Seminars for China
In a fast-moving marketplace, none of us can afford to miss what we are seeing and
perceiving even if it’s hidden. Weak signals and market cues are sources of real time
information that the entrepreneurial organization can use on a day-to-day basis.
They shape perceptions of the environment, help uncover opportunities and provide
essential inputs into organizational sense making through a double loop process.
The program consists of 7 seminars,
delivered by Bocconi faculty,
international guest speakers and
testimonials from the industry or from
local institutions.
Roberto Donà
Università Bocconi through its School of Management, SDA Bocconi, is offering
executive managers an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge, understanding and
decision-making techniques via the new International Think Tank for China.
A series of high-quality seminars which feature the most important strategies on the
development of business, presented by internationally renowned economic and
management scientists and industry experts.
The seminars will introduce an innovative formula that highlights essential methods to
uncover and interpret weak signals, focus on inter-personal networking, together with
theoretical and operational knowledge necessary for successful decision-making
SDA Professor of Strategic and
Entrepreneurial Management Department
Email: [email protected]
Seminar 1 - 25 January 2010
International economic outlook
Guido Tabellini
Rector and Professor of Economics at Bocconi,
he obtained his PhD at UCLA and taught at
Stanford University and UCLA prior to joining
Bocconi in 1994. In Bocconi, he was closely
involved with the launch of the PhD program in
Economics and served as Director of the
Innocenzo Gasparini Institute for Economic Research (IGIER) until
2002, when time he became President of the Institute.
In 2003, he was named honorary member of the American Academy
of Arts and Sciences and in 2007 he became President of the
European Economic Association. He has been consultant to the IMF
and the Italian government. He sits in the editorial board of a number
of scientific journals and in the scientific advisory board of several
international research centers. He is a regular columnist of the daily
Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore and has published op-eds in many
international newspapers.
The underlying theme throughout the majority of his work is the
positive and normative analysis of economic policy. He is a member
of various research centers including CESifo (Munich) and CEPR
(London) and is a fellow at the Econometric Society.
Seminar 2 - 1 March 2010
Project finance: how to boost infrastructure
development and growth
Project finance is associated with the design, construction and
management of large-scale infrastructure projects in both
public and private sectors. Infrastructure development is a key
success factor from the political and economic point of view.
According to estimates, a 1% increase in infrastructure
spending can lead to a 0.3% increase in a country's GDP.
There are two requirements to successfully exploit the
potential of this financial technique: an understanding of the
principles underpinning a successful project’s finance deal;
and the knowledge of the underlying risk analysis and risk
management tools. This is necessary to both support
development in infrastructure and be a proactive partner in a
Stefano Gatti
Director of the BSc in Economics and Finance at
Università Bocconi, where he was also former
Director of the International Teachers’
His main area of research is corporate finance and
investment banking. He has published a variety of
texts, articles and research papers on banking and served as a
consultant to several financial and non-financial institutions including
the Italian Ministry of Economy. He is partner of Iperion Corporate
Finance, financial advisor of the Pension Fund of Health Care
professions and member of the Board of Directors for several
industrial and financial firms.
Seminar 3 - 22 March 2010
Master the Italian way: how to be successful
in luxury industries
The goal of the seminar is to highlight the roots of Italian
excellence and success in luxury business focusing on food
& beverage industries and to identify the main characteristics
and assets of middle and large Italian firms. By combining a
series of case studies as well as lectures by a panel of guest
speakers, we will discuss and identify strategies for
sustainable competitive advantages in a global environment.
Innovative business models implemented by both mature
and developing markets will also be presented.
Massimiliano Bruni
Professor at the Strategic and Entrepreneurial
Management Department and Director of the
Master in Fine Food & Beverage at SDA Bocconi
School of Management. He is Associate Professor
of Strategy and Director of the Brand
Management degree at IULM University in Milan.
His topics of interest are: strategic management and economic value
creation, growth strategies and international strategies with focus on
the food & beverage industries. He is a consultant for both Italian and
International companies.
Seminar 4 - 10 May 2010
Managing people to renew strategic
and entrepreneurial capabilities
Today, hyper-competition, an enduring technological
revolution, and hostile economic conditions place extreme
pressure on businesses to adapt rapidly to survive.
Corporate and industrial renewal depends on the ability of
businesses to go beyond efficiency of execution and to
stimulate and nurture the seeds of growth. Radical and
disruptive ideas, which are the source of economic growth,
must be identified, championed, and developed within
businesses that must simultaneously continue to satisfy
existing customer needs. Professor Hayton will discuss how
organizations can build their capacity for entrepreneurship
and strategic renewal through efficient people management
and effective enterprise structuring.
James C. Hayton
Associate Professor at Università Bocconi.
He is Executive Editor of the journal Human
Resource Management, and serves on the
editorial boards of Entrepreneurship Theory and
Practice, Journal of Business Venturing, Human
Resource Management Review, European
Management Review, and Journal of Management Studies. He is an
external research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Economics,
and a visiting professor at Zhejiang University (China). His research
has been published in numerous international scholarly journals such
as the Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory &
Practice, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Human Resource
Management and others.
Seminar 5 - June 2010
How the Chinese giant is becoming more
open to the global practices
Francesco Sisci
He was the first foreigner ever to be admitted to
the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of
Social Sciences (CASS) in Philology and
Philosophy with a thesis on "Rationalisation of
Thought and Political Discourse in Early Mohism".
Since 1994 he served as correspondent from
China for the most prestigious Italian and international newspapers
and magazines, such as Il Sole24Ore, Il Corriere della Sera, La
Stampa, ANSA, Asia Times and Singapore Strait Times.
From 2003 to 2005 he was the Director of the Italian Institute of
Culture in China and the Cultural Counsellor at the Italian Embassy in
Beijing. He was also Senior consultant for the Italian Ministry of
Environment in China.
Since 2004, he has been Coordinator of the Coordinator of the
exchange program between the Central Party School and Italy. He
has been awarded the title of Honorary Senior Researcher by CASS
in Classical Chinese Studies.
He is a frequent commentator of political affairs at the Central
Chinese TV, his articles are widely published and circulated in China
and among Chinese decision makers.
Jin Bei
President of the Institute of Industrial Economy of
the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
and of the China Business. He got a Degree in
Law from NanJing Normal University, a Master in
Economics from NanJing University and a PhD in
Economics from Renmin University. He also
studied at the University of California at Berkeley.
His main fields of studies are Industrial Economy and Theory and
Practice of Enterprise. He published several articles and was
awarded prestigious prizes.
Seminar 6 - September 2010
The bright and the dark side of financial markets
Alberto Bisin
Professor of Economics at New York University
and fellow of IGIER at Bocconi University. He is
also Research Associate of the NBER, and fellow
of the Center for Experimental Social Sciences
(CESS) at NYU, IZA at the University of Bonn, and
CIREQ at the Université de Montreal. He is
Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Theory, and of Research
in Economics. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago,
obtained in 1994.
He writes an economic column for the Italian newspaper La Stampa
and he is founding Editor of, an economic
His main research contributions are in the fields of General
Equilibrium Theory, Financial Economics, Behavioral Economics and
Social Economics.
Fulvio Ortu
Dean for International Affairs and Professor of
Financial Mathematics at Bocconi, he obtained his
PhD in Economics at the University of Chicago.
Prior to joining Bocconi in 2002, he was a faculty
member at the Marshall School of Business
of the University of Southern California,
at Columbia Business School and at the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign. In Bocconi, he led the start-up of the PhD
School, administering its programs and also serving as Dean from its
Professor Ortu is an expert in the areas of quantitative finance and
insurance, in which he has published extensively. He is a member of
the American Finance Association, the Western Finance Association
and the Econometric Society.
Seminar 7 - 4 November 2010
Differentiation strategies: lesson from the luxury industry
The luxury industry has significant experience in
manipulating both material and immaterial values. It thus
becomes relevant to the spectrum of industries as it enables
them to understanding how this symbolic value in created.
Taking this kind of experience as a starting point, it is
possible to identify practical activities that can help
companies to create effective differentiation strategies. The
relationship between product performance and immaterial
value is a contemporary phenomenon that is impacted by
global market pressure. Thus it needs to be regulated in
order to ensure that value is created, especially in the
perspective of the next few decades.
Antonio Catalani
SDA Senior Professor, Strategic and
Entrepreneurial Management Department. His
main fields of interest include: Competitive
patterns in symbol intensive industries, Design
strategies, Management of design and
Management of luxury. He has written several books and articles
on the management of luxury. He serves as consultant for major
international companies such as, among the others, B&B Italia,
Ikea, Poliform, Calvin Klein Europe, GFT, LVMH, Prada, Versace,
Richemont and Chantecler.
The registration fee is Euro 3,000 or RMB 30,000 + VAT (if required). Registration to the program will give the company the
right to designate two participants to each of the seminars. Participants can be freely nominated and can be different for each
seminar. Three “wild cards” are included in the same price and can be used for any of the 7 seminars.
Università Bocconi
Università Bocconi, founded in 1902, was the first Italian university to grant a degree in
economics. For a century, Bocconi has played a leading role in Italy's social and
economic modernization. It has remained loyal to its founding values of being a financially
and politically independent research university with a democratic and international
In order to guarantee greater functionality and effectiveness in managing the programs,
all activities have been divided among five Schools: the Undergraduate School, the
Graduate School, the School of Law, the PhD School and the SDA Bocconi School of
Management, which promotes and organizes post-experience training for executives,
with an international approach. Its vision of empowering life is present throughout the SDA
Bocconi program offering: executive and custom programs, MBA and Masters, for the
development of individuals, companies, institutions and the economic systems.
Today, with a worldwide network of international relations and over 190 partner
universities, Università Bocconi has received prestigious international recognitions for
the level and quality of its programs. Bocconi has specifically targeted emerging markets
such as China, where it opened a permanent office in Shanghai with a dedicated local
liaison in 2004.
More recently, Università Bocconi has also launched dedicated programs that are
delivered exclusively in China by Bocconi and local faculty, such as the Double Degree
in International Management and through SDA Bocconi School of Management. An
elective module from the Global Executive MBA and the Advanced Joint Certificate in
Fashion & Prestige Management, has been also been presented and delivered by SDA
Bocconi School of Management in Shanghai.
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