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Les Nouvelles de l`Alliance - Alliance Française de Buffalo
Les Nouvelles de l’Alliance
L’Alliance Francaise
de Buffalo a l’honneur de
présenter Brice Kapel dans son
nouveau spectacle Porto Seguro
Alliance Française de Buffalo, Inc.
P.O. Box 721
Buffalo, NY 14207
Phone: (716) 688-4171
Le concert se tiendra entre la dernière semaine d’octobre et la première semaine de
novembre 2009. Malheureusement, nous ne sommes pas encore en mesure de donner plus
de précisions car nous attendons de plus amples informations de l’Alliance de Washington.
Dès que nous obtiendrons ces informations, nous vous en ferons part par courriel ou, pour
ceux qui n’ont pas d’ordinateur, par téléphone.
Web Site:
E-mail contact:
[email protected]
The concert will take place between the last week of October and the first week of November
2009. Unfortunately, we are not able yet to provide you with more information as we are waiting
to hear final dates from the Alliance of Washington. As soon as we receive this information, we
will notify you by e-mail or, for those who do not have a computer, by telephone.
Contact: Colette Jowdy
Phone: (716) 706-0505
Courriel: [email protected]
Full Time Student
Teacher of French
Tout simplement, les adultes adorent, les enfants en raffolent!
PRIOR TO THE CONCERT there will be the possibility of a 45mn-workshop for children
from age 3 to 6 and 7 and over. The workshop will cover body expression: sign language
(langage des signes), creation of rhythms thanks to “body percussions”
(percussions corporelles) etc. FEE TBA
Brice Kapel sings wonderfully. He makes the public
sing and dance and recounts African or Breton
legends. We sense in him a great mastery of the
game and children all respond to him in the same
way. Poetic, tender and funny, his songs have the
audience on their feet, children and parents alike.
Pure talent, bursting with energy and a striking
cheerfulness…An excellent composition of world
music written entirely by Brice Kapel who has the
Colette Jowdy
59 Quail Run Lane
Lancaster, NY 14086
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Les Nouvelles de l’Alliance
Send your articles, petites annonces,
(free for AFB members), travel news,
in English or in French, preferably
in digital format, to:
Patricia Schiavone, [email protected]
October 1, 2009
Photography: Paul Pasquarello
Dans ce numéro
Brice Kapel event
Annual Potluck
Brice Kapel (continued)
La Fleur excursion
Siege of Fort Niagara
Once more, Norm and Thuy Murray are kindly opening their beautiful
home for our Annual Potluck which will take place on Saturday
September 26th, at 5 p.m., 9115 Sesh Rd, Clarence Center.
Le Louvre, Lenox et Limoges
Le Petit Nicolas
Cercle de lecture
Petites annonces
Quebec article
La Fleur menu
The event is limited to 60 people, and is not appropriate for children.
Everyone is asked to bring a dish which can serve 10 people.
Please, make your reservation with Patricia Schiavone at 895-0415
or at [email protected] Hope to see you there! Welcome | Bienvenue!
New Session for French Classes
September 8 – December 22
(Novice A and B) 14 weeks
September 14 – October 26
(Intermediate & Advanced) 7 weeks
New Members for
September & October
Barbara Nevergold 834-7302 Ashley Wodzinski 627-2068
Les Nouvelles de l’Alliance
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audience dancing, all too happy to follow the crowd. Brice Kapel is a message, a
window on another world. More than a singer, he’s a magician.
Porto Seguro is the name of the village where Brice’s mother was born, south-east
of Lomé, Togo. It is also the reassuring port, the land we finally reach or the last
leg of a trip.
Mixing new versions of songs from U2, Daniel Lanois, Sting and Peter Gabriel, as
well as tunes with African sounds and songs bearing messages and basic images,
Porto Seguro is a summary of Brice’s life through his French and Togolese cultures.
It is also the product of his human encounters and musical influences. He tells his
story to the audience who itself becomes actors in the play. Children become part
of the staged “game” and interpret some of his sixteen songs along with him.
The tunes, which are in French, English and Mina, Brice Kapel’s mother tongue,
speak of childhood reverie but also implicitly bring up much deeper subjects, such
as education, the death of loved ones, etc. Porto Seguro is a playful, interactive
and pedagogical performance which delights young and old. He is from everywhere: From Togo, where he was born, from Paris, where he
arrived in 1970, from the Bosquets projects in Montfermeil, where he grew up,
from the United States, too, where
he studied and made a high-profile
tour in April 2008.
Brice Kapel carries around a
history that transcends borders.
His personal and musical wealth is
drawn from the intersections of all
of his different parts. He has kept
his grandmother’s language from
Africa, the joyful rhythm of Togolese
lullabies. From everywhere else, he
has grazed on the ingredients of his
music, a cheerful mixture of world,
pop and reggae.
Above: Brice Kapel entertaining kids of all ages!
I am looking for volunteers to:
-Host the artist for 2 nights (2 breakfasts)
-Transport from host to place of rehearsal
-Pick-up at airport and drop off
Merci beaucoup! [email protected]
or 895-0415 or 560-1355
-Patricia Schiavone
La Fleur excursion
Please, retain the date! Saturday September 12th at 1 p.m. we will have
lunch at La Fleur restaurant, Mayville. You may visit the Red Brick farm www.redbrickfarm.com on your own and/or play a game of pétanque. After lunch,
we will visit the Brick Village gourmet shop as well as the new pastry and bakery lab for a
possible “démonstration de pâtisserie” http://www.brickvillagegourmet.com
The price of the meal as described on the attached sign up form, does not include alcohols.
If you wish to stay overnight, chef Haloua has arranged for a special rate of $89.00 per room
www.chautauquasuites.com for the friends of the Alliance.
Since we did not have enough participants to warrant renting a minibus last
year, I am asking for volunteers to transport others who do not, or cannot
drive. Please, let me know a.s.a.p. at 895-0415 or [email protected] if
you can transport someone or if you will need transportation.
Please return the attached form with your choice of appetizer and entrée
by September 7th, with your check made out to AFB, to Patricia Schiavone,
103 Eastland Pkwy, Cheektowaga, NY 14225.
From left to right, Chef and owner Jonathan Haloua,
Patricia Schiavone, Marianne Vallet-Sandre and Larissa Rolley,
Director of Operations, Federation of Alliances Françaises USA
Les Nouvelles de l’Alliance
The 1759 Siege of Fort Niagara
The 250-year anniversary re-enactment celebration
While America was celebrating its independence a couple
of weeks ago, thousands of volunteers and visitors stepped
back further in time to re-enact the siege of Fort Niagara.
Fort Niagara, located in Youngstown at the mouth of the
Niagara River was first established in 1679. It was held by
the French until that critical 19-day siege in 1759 during
the French-Indian war. For the first four years of the French
and Indian war, Fort Niagara served as a base for raids by
Native American warriors and French partisans against
the British frontiers, particularly those of Pennsylvania.
Niagara continued to protect communications between
Montreal and Ohio and Louisiana. French success required
an unimpeded flow of goods and supplies to her soldiers
and Indian allies. The British realized this and knew that
the capture of Niagara would isolate the defenders of the
Ohio Valley.
The early years of the war saw many difficulties for
the British war efFort however, and it was not until 1759 that
they were able to organize a successful expedition against
Niagara. On July 1, Brigadier John Prideaux led his army of
about 2,500 soldiers and 1,000 Iroquois warriors, against
the Fortress of Niagara and its 600 French troops. Avoiding
French naval vessels, the British landed four miles east
the Fort on July 6.
During this last July 4 holiday weekend, those
Photos taken at the re-enactment of the 1759 Siege of Fort Niagara.
historic numbers were more than matched as roughly
All photos taken by Stephan Gamard.
2,500 costumed volunteers came from all over the
country and Canada to re-enact the historic siege. The
250th anniversary celebration, which started on July 4th, was pursued all through the month, with a particular efFort during the first three days from
Friday to Sunday.
As one approaches the Fort, the shear size of the event can be witnessed by the number of tents on the park’s grounds. Indeed, the
re-enactors take this event very seriously, living in the 18th century for the whole duration of the weekend and often with their own family: dressing
in period clothing (as French or English troops, colonial settlers or native Indians), sleeping in basic cotton tents, cooking their meals on wooden
fires, and drinking their water from copper pans. The re-enactment activities start on Friday with a British landing, followed shortly by a battle on
the River as the French schooner “L’Iroquoise” is attacked by a small English sloop aided by two canoes.
By mid-afternoon, French, Indian, militia, and British troops parade in the field before
meeting one another in battle. As the French and British troops prepare, the Indians (on the
French side) and the militia (for the British) begin the fight. When the old continent’s soldiers
finally gather, one is literally transported back in time as the roar of the cannons and the constant
musketry fire roll over the plain for close to an hour. As the battle draws to an end and the French
troops retreat back into the Fort, nurses and medics scout the field for the wounded. After the
British commander asks the Fort to surrender (to no effect), the bombardment of the Fort starts,
culminating in the evening with cannons erupting amid fireworks. The remainder of the weekend
re-enacts (in condensed format) the 19-day siege and the eventual defeat of the French troops
and their departure from the Fort’s grounds.
The Fort’s strong, regular Fortifications forced the British to conduct a European-style
siege. The attackers were delayed for 19 days as they dug trenches toward the walls. Batteries
of cannon and mortars bombarded Fort Niagara day and night. By July 24, 1759, the British
were within eighty yards of the walls, the Fort’s Lake Bastion had been ruined, and the defenders
were exhausted. Their last hope was an army of 1,500 men from the Ohio country which had
been summoned to the aide of Fort Niagara. The Fort’s French commander, Pouchot, held on in
hope that they could raise the siege. On July 24, however, the relief force encountered the British
a mile south of the Fort. The French were routed in the ensuing action, known as the battle of La
Belle Famille. On July 25, 1759, Captain Pouchot surrendered Fort Niagara.
The war in North America officially ended in February 1763. France abandoned its North
American territories in exchange for the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. The
economic value of the islands was seen to be more valuable because of their rich sugar crops.
Spain gained Louisiana, effectively ending French presence on the continent.
Stephan Gamard
Les Nouvelles de l’Alliance
Le Louvre, Lenox et Limoges
Planning is now taking place to secure items to be auctioned at the annual
holiday dinner to be held at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens on Sunday, December
6, 2009. The mission of the Alliance Française is to promote French language
and culture. Proceeds from the auction will go to encourage local students
to learn French. Monetary awards will go to high school students who excel
or plan a career using French. To achieve our goal, we need quality items to
auction. Drawings for the regular raffle will also be held that night. Proceeds
from the raffle go to operating expenses.
As you can see from the beautiful photos taken by Paul Pasquarello, we have
Sample of items to be auctioned
a pair of Lenox China holiday lamps, donated by teacher of French, Nancy
at the annual holiday dinner at
Burns. A rare art book, written in French featuring plates of the old masters
Salvatore’s Italian Gardens on
and signed by the director of Le Louvre in 1954 is a very valuable book and is
Sunday December 6, 2009. Please
donated by me. I have also donated a beautiful Limoges serving dish. These
contact us if you wish to donate.
items are very special to me in that I received them from my
family, and it wasn’t easy to part with them. Because I had the
experience of studying at the AF in Paris, I’m willing to donate
them so other young people may have the life changing opportunity I had.
I will be helping Madame the President Patricia and the fund raising committee to secure items for
the auction. Please look through your treasures to see what you have to offer. We are particularly
interested in china, crystal, silver, lace, meals in your homes, boat rides, weekends at condos,
etc. A phone call from you to donate something will make me very happy and bring back happy
memories of my young days in France. Your contribution will make it possible to support young
students to learn French and promote the French culture.
Merci bien. Veronica Hogle (716) 835-5078 [email protected]
u Attention, all students of French Classes u
Please, read the class insert carefully!
If you attended the annual meeting in June, you know that AFB teachers, Gisèle Feal, Nathalie Andraud, Emilie Bournaud and I decided on a few changes for
our classes. Those changes are intended to be fair to both students, and AFB teachers. You must register prior to the beginning of the class and payment
must be sent to our secretary Colette Jowdy. If you are a new student, never having attended a class previously, you will be required to take a test on-line
and to allow the AFB to place you at the appropriate level. For additional information, please visit our website at www.afbuffalo.org -Patricia Schiavone
Le petit Nicolas
A FREE presentation/lecture in English « il y aura un peu de français,
quand même, il faut pas exagérer, et puis quoi, encore! » intended for
teachers, students and the general public by Patricia Schiavone and
Mary Ellen Gianturco, towards the end of October or the beginning of
Date and Place TBA. To date, we await the confirmation of an
available venue. Check us on line at www.afbuffalo.org . A courtesy email or phone call will be made to our members with the exact information
as soon as it is available. Le petit Nicolas (Little Nicholas) was created by René Goscinny
and illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé,
and it was published for the first time in
1959. Nicholas is the story of an ideal
childhood and a nostalgic remembrance of
the 1950’s.
The humor of the books derives from their
unique story-telling style: the adventures of
Little Nicolas are told in the first person by
Nicolas himself. On one hand, the books
are a parody of the story-telling habits
of little children; for example, the author
makes frequent use of stylistic features
such as run-on sentences and employs an
egocentric,naive point of view. On the other hand, adults are the targets
of the books’ humor when the straightforward and uncomplicated
worldview of the child narrator exposes the flaws of adult perception. The
subversive element in the Petit Nicolas thus made it an early example of
modern children’s literature, centered around the experience of the child,
rather than an adult interpretation of the world.
« J’ai eu 50 ans en mars cette année! J’ai plein de choses à
vous raconter, surtout des histoires drôles avec mes copains : Eudes,
Geoffroy, Alceste (c’est mon copain qui est très gros et qui mange tout
le temps), Agnan (c’est le chouchou de la maîtresse-je l’aime, moi,
ma maîtresse!), Joachim, Maixent, Clotaire et Rufus, Edwige et Louise
(quand on sera grands, on va se marier). Les élèves pourront aussi participer mais il faudra tout de même écouter
Patricia et Mary Ellen sinon elles risquent de se fâcher tout rouge et de
faire des gros yeux comme Le Bouillon. Lui, c’est notre surveillant, et il
nous regarde droit dans les yeux, et ses yeux ressemblent au bouillon de
maman quand elle fait sa soupe. Moi, j’aime bien la soupe. Voici quelques
lignes sur quand on est allés tous au restaurant pour l’anniversaire de
mémé : « Eloi, c’est mon cousin, et au dessert (un gâteau!), il a commencé
à me raconter que, dans son école, ses copains étaient terribles et que
lui, il était le chef de la bande. Moi, ça m’a fait rigoler, parce que mes
copains sont meilleurs que les siens, Alceste, Geoffroy, Rufus, Eudes et
les autres, ça n’a rien à voir avec les copains d’Eloi. Tes copains, c’est
des minables, j’ai dit à Eloi, et puis, moi aussi, je suis le chef de la bande
et toi tu es bête. » « J’espère que vous serez beaucoup à venir. Salut! » Les Nouvelles de l’Alliance
Cercle de lecture
pour l’automne
Mercredi 30 septembre à 19 h 00 (7 p.m.)
L’homme qui plantait des arbres de Jean Giono
et Quatre contes cruels de Villiers de l’Isle Adam.
Les deux textes sont tirés de Litterature Audio.
Mercredi 28 octobre à 19 h 00 (7 p.m.)
Dans la petite rue du lierre vert de Liu Shaotang.
Les réunions auront lieu chez
Geneviève James, 319 North
Forest Road, Williamsville
Pour confirmer votre intention
de joindre le groupe, ainsi que
pour vous procurer les textes,
contactez Geneviève au 6334766 ou [email protected]
DVD suggestions
On connaît la chanson (Same Old Song) (1997) French. Director Alain
Resnais **A bit Unconventional. When Parisian businesswoman Odile
(Sabine Azéma) needs a new apartment, her sister Camille (Agnès
Jaoui) offers the services of her lover, real estate broker Marc (Lambert
Wilson). Soon the trio, along with several admirers and former lovers,
gets swept up in various romantic entanglements. Alain Resnais directs
this romantic comedy that features the characters singing along to a
host of French pop songs (a la Moulin Rouge). Dialogues pertinents
parsemés d’extraits de chansons françaises. Fantaisiste.
L’Horloger de Saint-Paul (The Clockmaker of St. Paul) (1973) French.
Director Bertrand Tavernier. Michel Descombes (Philippe Noiret) is a
quiet, unassuming watchmaker who learns from the police that his
son Bernard (Sylvain Rougerie) is the primary suspect in a murder
case. Realizing he knows very little about his son, Michel sets about
investigating Bernard’s life to learn what makes him tick. This cinematic
thriller based on Georges Simenon’s novel was a feature debut for
director Bertrand Tavernier. Subtil portrait psychologique.
Members of the Thursday Groupe de
conversation of the Alliance Française de
Buffalo were guests of Dr. Kumar Bahuleyan
(pictured at the wheel), a group member, for a
sailboat ride in Lake Erie and an Indian buffet
supper at the Seven Seas Sailing School on the
Buffalo River. –Paul Carroll
Photo taken by Daniel Pietrowski
Petites annonces
Congratulations to Veronica Hogle, whose garden was
selected as one of the Buffalo in Bloom gardens to receive a
marker. She will also receive a certificate of recognition from
the Mayor of Buffalo.
Congratulations to AFB member Alessandra Cassini,
(formerly DeSimone), who became a citizen of the United
States on August 6, 2009, and who took back her maiden
name on the same occasion.
“Dunkirk School District is looking for a full-time teacher of
French. Please, call Mr. Cerne, Superintendent, at 716-3669300 to set an interview.”
Alessandra Cassini (formerly DeSimone), becoming a
citizen of the United States of America on August 6, 2009
Réunion annuelle
La réunion annuelle de fin d’année fiscale a eu lieu le jeudi 18 juin
à Hallswalls Contemporary Art Center, dans l’ancienne église
méthodiste Asbury Delaware.
La réunion a commencé par une présentation vidéo de l’école
de l’Alliance. Les trois enseignantes, Nathalie Andraud, Émilie
Bournaud, et Gisèle Feal, représentaient les trois niveaux, débutant,
intermédiaire et avancé. Elles ont parlé de leurs classes respectives
et ont prononcé quelques mots au sujet de leurs méthodes
pédagogiques. La présidente, Patricia Schiavone, a ensuite passé en
revue le programme de l’année. Cela nous a permis de revoir défiler
dans nos têtes la fabrication du vin, celle du chocolat, les îles de
Polynésie, des pièces de théâtre, la visite à Buffalo de l’ambassadeur
de France aux États-Unis et les réunions traditionnelles. Patricia nous
a également parlé des différentes activités de l’Alliance : cercle de
lecture, ateliers de cuisine, groupes de conversations et autres. Alicia
Tuyn a fait un rapport sur les comptes qui semblent bien se porter.
Cette année la gagnante de la bourse offerte par l’Alliance, et qui
permet un séjour d’un mois à Strasbourg tous frais payés, était
Theresa Shaffer, de Lancaster HS, élève de madame Jody Reed.
Finalement, Patricia a souhaité la bienvenue aux deux nouveaux
membres du Comité directeur : Stephan Gamard et Sylvester Ledoux
qui remplacent les deux membres sortants : Marianne Vallet-Sandre
et Paul Carroll, tous deux aussi anciens présidents ayant contribué
pendant de longues années à la vitalité et à la réputation dont jouit
l’Alliance aujourd’hui. Personnellement je les vois quitter le Comité
avec un certain regret.
Nous sommes ensuite montés au rez-de-chaussée où un délicieux
buffet nous attendait, organisé par Doris Hill et Paul Carroll avec l’aide
du fiancé de Mary Grace Duggan au bar.
Je me fais l’interprète des membres de l’Alliance Française pour
féliciter Patricia et les membres du Comité directeur (dont vous
pouvez trouver la liste dans l’annuaire de l’Alliance) pour une série
de programmes tout à fait remarquables et pour l’ambiance amicale
dans laquelle ils se sont déroulés.
–Rosine VanOss
Les Nouvelles de l’Alliance
Voyage en
Nouvelle-France !
It is always fun to plan on exploring a geographic area which is
unfamiliar, but it is particularly wonderful to have dear friends,
native of that area, do the planning for you, and better yet
invite you to join them on the venture.
The excursion was initially discussed for the summer of 2008;
Marie-Claude Hébert and her husband Stéphane Blouin
were going to guide us (my husband, Paul Pasquarello and
me) through the Laurentides, Québec City and the banks of
the Saint-Laurent River.... BUT, it was not to be that year!...
Instead, we waited for the arrival of beautiful Érica Blouin,
born on September 12. Never skipping a beat however, the
trip was rescheduled for July 2009...five of us instead of four!
Baby seat securely installed, stroller, luggage and photographic Photos, from above: Château Frontenac, Vieux Québec; Marie-Claude Hébert
equipment packed away, the van was ready to roll, early on and Paul Pasquarello above Kamouraska; Marie-Claude Hébert, Stéphane Blouin
the morning of July 3. Destination for the first day: Saint- and Paul Pasquarello in Québec city. Top photo by Paul Pasquarello, others by
Sauveur, a delightful village of pastoral landscapes, and a Marianne Vallet-Sandre.
famous ski resort in winter. After a lovely dinner with some of
Marie-Claude and Stéphane’s friends and a good night’s sleep at the local Lodge, the next morning revealed a beautiful little outdoor market
offering everything from fresh produce to special local cheeses, delicious pâtés, homemade jams, cassis wine and more...soon, it was on the
road again to Val-Morin for a great lake front lunch chez Marie-Claude’s aunt, followed by a brief trip to Hudson, and dinner with Marie Desjardins
(who delivered a captivating lecture on La Comtesse de Ségur for the AFB last year). The next day’s destination was Saint-Vallier on the southern
bank of the St-Laurent, just north-east of Québec City, home of Stéphane’s parents. A warm welcome awaited all the travelers, related or not,
with a delicious dinner. Leaving family members together, Paul and I doubled back to Québec City, or more exactly, to a little city called Lévis,
directly across the Saint-Laurent, where Marie-Claude had identified a great B&B for us, Au Gré du Vent, perfectly situated, and from which
the entire illuminations of le Vieux Québec could be admired....and what a view! The photo equipment came out over and over again, and for
good reason.
Our “guides” came into town the next day to show us Québec City. We all
hopped on the ferry taking us rapidly to the other side, unencumbered by our
car. We negotiated steep inclines, climbed flights of stairs, discovered nooks
and crannies...shades of Montmartre, but on a larger scale! The architecture is
breathtaking, either by its grandeur as in the Château Frontenac, or simply by
its quaintness and history. There were flowers everywhere, craft and art shops,
musicians on street corners and more. The visit stretched into another day with
Stéphane, while Marie-Claude returned to her motherly duties. Vantage points
were sought for strategic panoramic shots, but the highlight of the day for me,
was discovering the most wonderful kitchen accoutrement shop, which was in
fact an amazing cooking school from time to time, on which occasions all the
display tables were cleared and the students sat and savored their fabrications!
(Does this sound familiar Alessandra?)
On July 8, it was time to scoop up our guides for a continued trip north on the
southern bank of the Saint-Laurent: Montmagny, Cap Saint-Ignace, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Saint-Rock-des-Aulnaies, and finally Kamouraska,
probably the single most charming little village of them all....green fields, yellow fields, tall grasses undulating with the wind blowing over the
Saint-Laurent, little shops exhibiting fine water color paintings as well as quality hand-made objects of textiles, wood and metal....and in the
midst of it all, at the end of a long drive crossing a field, surprise! La Brasserie Breughel, a microBrewery fabricating delicious beverages which can be enjoyed on the outdoor terrace admiring
the countryside and the water beyond. Another well chosen B&B called La Villa Saint-Louis,
held by Marie-Claude’s friend Martine, was our resting spot followed by a grand breakfast, the
kind which gets you satisfied till supper time!
While Marie-Claude and Stéphane returned to family for a few days, Paul and I explored the
north bank of the Saint-Laurent, the Charlevoix region: Baie-Saint-Paul and its art galleries, SaintJoseph-de-la-Rive, La Malbaie where the B&B Auberge La Romance is totally unforgettable,
both for the beauty of the premises and the famous breakfast buffet offering everything
imaginable including lilac or lavender jams, Port-au-Persil and its ceramicists, all the way to
Saint Simeon.....and back!
Un beau voyage en “Nouvelle-France”! Merci Marie-Claude et Stéphane.
Marianne Vallet-Sandre
Les Nouvelles de l’Alliance
Les Nouvelles de l’Alliance
Alliance Française de Buffalo, Inc.
PO Box 721, Buffalo NY 14207
Les Nouvelles de l’Alliance
MATIN : tous les jeudis
HEURE : 10 h 15 - 11 h 45 LIEU : Quaker Bonnet Eatery, 175 Allen St
CONTACTEZ : Paul Carroll au (716) 883-9378
SOIR (Williamsville) : tous les lundis
HEURE : 18 h 30 LIEU : Café Starbucks, 5429 Main St, Williamsville
CONTACTEZ : Layla Beaini, [email protected] or 836-9159
MATIN : tous les jeudis
HEURE : 10 h 15 - 11 h 45 LIEU : Quaker Bonnet Eatery, 175 Allen St
CONTACTEZ : Paul Carroll au (716) 883-9378
SOIR (Williamsville) : tous les lundis
HEURE : 18 h 30 LIEU : Café Starbucks, 5429 Main St, Williamsville
CONTACTEZ : Layla Beaini, [email protected] or 836-9159
DATE : samedi 12 septembre 2009
HEURE : 13 h 00
LIEU : Mayville
CONTACTEZ : Patricia Schiavone [email protected] ou 895-0415
DATE : samedi 17 octobre 2009
HEURE : 14 h 00 - 16 h 00
LIEU : Amherst Community Church, 77 Washington Hwy, Amherst, NY
CONTACTEZ : Stephan Gamard [email protected] ou 876-0844
DATE : samedi 19 septembre 2009
HEURE : 14 h 00 - 16 h 00
LIEU : Amherst Community Church, 77 Washington Hwy, Amherst, NY
CONTACTEZ : Stephan Gamard [email protected] ou 876-0844
DATE : mercredi 28 octobre
HEURE : 19 h 00
LIEU : Geneviève James, 319 N. Forest Rd, Williamsville, NY
CONTACTEZ : Geneviève James, 633-4766 or [email protected]
DATE : samedi 26 septembre 2009
HEURE : 17 h 00
LIEU : The Murrays 9115 Sesh Rd, Clarence Center, NY
CONTACTEZ : Patricia Schiavone [email protected] ou 895-0415
DATE : mercredi 30 septembre
HEURE : 19 h 00
LIEU : Geneviève James, 319 N. Forest Rd, Williamsville, NY
CONTACTEZ : Geneviève James, 633-4766 or [email protected]
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Lunch at La Fleur
Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 1:00 p.m.
Mayville, Chautauqua lake

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