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internet safety expert educates community
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Internet safety expert
educates community
foodies choose
established 1992Thursday 13 august 2015
Three days of online-safety workshops
at Geraldine Primary School and Geraldine
High School have left students, parents
and teachers enlightened, empowered and
Internet safety and risk assessment
consultant, John Parsons, educated and
entertained as he outlined the reality of
cyber danger and provided solutions to
8538children and adults enter the world
of technology knowing how to stay safe
from online predators. While he stated, “I
can go geek” about technology, his focus
is on healthcare and mental wellbeing as
he “journeys into sensitive areas”. His work
includes consultancy for the New Zealand
police and the New Zealand government
educating, supporting and providing child
protection. He explains the victim is always
at the centre of his decisions.
In his evening workshops, John outlined
case studies of real predators at work within
New Zealand. One 15-year-old girl had
900 connections on Facebook. Some were
strangers. She was friended by a paedophile
who groomed her to send over 60 sexualised
selfie photos to him, which he posted online.
In another incident, a 60-year-old widow,
groomed by an online predator, parted
with thousands of dollars. She had formed
an online relationship with three men and
decided he was The One. In fact, he was all
three men. The predator had created three
different false profiles on a dating site.
John’s workshop at Geraldine Primary
School was an age-appropriate version of the
evening sessions and year 4, 5 and 6 students
from Geraldine Primary School, Carew-Peel
Forest School, Woodbury School, Waihi
School and Winchester Primary School
attended. His key message to children is,
“use your digital muscles” and create a
“digital boundary” to keep family, friends
and yourself safe. “If you get butterflies in
your tummy, listen to your butterflies. Always
John Parsons: “He was amazing. We were so privileged to have him here,” says Sarah Wilson.
Photo: Pip Goldsbury.
show Mum and Dad.” A show of hands at the
primary school workshop indicated a number
of children have already been asked for
photos, names and age by online strangers.
While John spoke of the reality and the
dangers of the cyber world, he is positive
about technology and encourages its safe
use. “Don’t blame IT. It’s the behaviour.” He
says, “If we teach our children to cross the
road safely, they can cross the road safely
anywhere in the world. This is the same for
technology.” He adds, “We don’t open the
front door of our house and invite strangers
in; we shouldn’t do it online.” John dared his
audience to care and “look for what we do
good in the physical world and do it in the
cyber world”.
Parent and primary school teacher,
Sarah Wilson, was impressed with John’s
workshops and his ability to impart his
message at age-appropriate levels. “He was
amazing. We were so privileged to have
him here.” Molly Wyborn, year 7 student
at Geraldine High School, echoes Sarah’s
enthusiasm. “He made me feel safer on
the internet and I’m sure he helped a lot of
people. I was glad he came to our school and
talked to us about it.”
Pip Goldsbury
Narrative poem of mishaps and characters to be shared
Local poet Jan Vernon is reading her
recently self-published narrative poem, The
folk at Kaka Courts at the Geraldine Library,
on Thursday 20 August at 1.30pm.
“It is a fictionalised and folksy account of
the mishaps, characters and observations of
a small community of older folk – tales of my
imaginary friends in rhyme,” she says.
A previous reading engaged her listeners
to the extent that Jan Vernon has had to pen
a sequel to round off the characters and to
satisfy the “what-happened-to “questions.
“I don’t rely on my own judgement. As
this is self-published, I sent it individually to
two qualified and critical friends in Otago for
their honest opinions before going into print.
I am about to do the same with the sequel. I
write poetry to keep my mind going and with
this one particularly aimed at older people I
hope that it will be enjoyed.”
The nonagenarian and winner of first prize
in the 2007 Timaru Festival of the Roses
poetry section, has been a lifetime poet and
writer but it wasn’t until she was about 70 that
her poems were first included in a published
anthology. Several of her amusing poems
have also been published in The Geraldine
Kent Slocombe
Lamb Filo
with minted yoghurt
mmm... Dessert...
Salted Caramel Danish
41 Talbot St Ph 693 1004
The GERALDINE NEWS, thursday 13 august 2015
Reward yourself with the home you’ve
always wanted and 8,000 Fly Buys Points.*
Jennian Homes Mid & South Canterbury
T 03 307 7308
T 03 688 0146
Our services include:
• Trenches
• Siteworks
• Building foundations
• Vegetation clearing/control
• Landscaping
• Cleaning out dairy sheds
Denys - 027 686 2237
Jared - 027 277 9519
or 03 692 2963 (ah)
Nathan wins overall merit at Blue Light
Nathan Davis (photo right)
won the Overall Merit award
at the Blue Light Life Skills
camp he attended at Burnham
military camp during the
school holidays.
The New Zealand Police
and the Defence Force
collaborate to run the weeklong life-skills courses. Young
people aged 14-17 years
from all over the South Island
attended. They took part
in activities that built selfrespect, respect for others,
working within boundaries,
self-care, teamwork and
The Blue Light Like Skills
co-ordinator, Alison Bevan
said that Nathan won the
Nathan Davis with his merit award. Photo: Supplied.
award “because the camp
solving and was always respectful to staff and fellow course
staff felt that he had significant
and consistent improvement in attitude, self-discipline, members.”
self-confidence, participation, teamwork and problemSubmitted
Geraldine Rugby JAB Breakup
Geraldine - We Come To You!
Twice Weekly, Quality Guaranteed, Locally Owned
Visible Quality, Clearly Better
23 - 25 Theodosia St Timaru. Call 0800 441-331
Snow no problem at the Geraldine Rugby Football Club JAB prizegiving. Photo: Pip Goldsbury.
The skiff of snow didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of 140 young rugby players last Saturday morning at the annual Geraldine
Rugby Football Club JAB prizegiving. Fifty-two children received awards for best team player, tackler or rippa of the year,
most improved player and sportsperson of the year. Regan Thomas won the overall Sportsperson of the Year trophy and
Innes Hanrahan received the Jayden Patterson Memorial trophy for attitude, effort and attendance.
Pip Goldsbury
Quality garments
Superior service
Competitive prices
28 Talbot Street, Geraldine. Ph 693 7118.
Using only high quality certified concrete,
Aoraki Kerb & Channel specialise in:
Driveways ▪ Car parks ▪ Garden edges
▪ Machine-laid continuous kerbing
With experience across small and large
commercial and residential projects, we can
cater to any of your concreting needs.
P. 0800 688 000
E: [email protected]
Ph 0800 693 800
fax 03 525 8699
[email protected]
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50c/word. Display ads: contact us for details. While every effort
is made to ensure the accuracy of information in this publication,
The Geraldine News does not accept any responsibility for errors
or omissions or for any consequences arising from reliance on
information published. The content of submitted material is not
necessarily endorsed by the owners. The editor reserves the right
to make final decisions on layout of submitted ads. Copies can be
bought and we have a subscription service.
The GERALDINE NEWS, thursday 13 august 2015
Hamlet abridged at The Lodge Theatre
Geraldine Rugby Football Club
Special General Meeting
16 August 2015 @ 4pm, GRFC Club rooms
A special general meeting is called to gauge interest in
afternoon grade rugby. The club is currently of the view
that without considerable new input we will be unable to
field a senior rugby team next season.
The meeting is open to all members who have an
interest in local rugby. If local support is not forthcoming
then, unfortunately the current committee will have to
look at more dire options. So the question is: do you
want local afternoon rugby? If so we look forward to
seeing you at the meeting.
Any inquires please contact
Brian Bolt – President 027 693 7689
Brent Patterson – Vice President 027 231 9956
Email: [email protected]
Cast: (from left to right) Kirby Brown, Taylor Scott, Jac Paterson, Bella Kircher, Elkan Powley and Max Paterson.
“To be or not to be”; “Neither a borrower nor a lender
be”; “Though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t”;
“This above all: to thine own self be true”. You’ve heard these
words before somewhere. It may have been a few years since
you studied Shakespeare but there’s a wonderful opportunity
this week to catch a Shakespearian tragedy: sword fights,
Medieval jesters, insanity, ghost visitation and most of the cast
dead by the end of the play: Hamlet – possibly Shakespeare
at his best.
“The students are doing an absolutely fabulous job,” says
director Kay Paterson. “They have fully engaged with their
characters and absorbed the complexity of the Shakespearian
language. I have seen them develop as actors and grow in
their understanding for the play and all its layers of meaning
over the rehearsal period.”
The cast of six has been working since last term on this
60-minute abridgement of this classic, and between them
Photo: Supplied.
cover 13 characters. “So there’s a few quick changes.” says
Mrs. Paterson. “The dead Polonius is dragged off by Hamlet
and then has to do a quick change to be back on as Horatio
in the next scene.”
“There are a few unsafe seats that we will have to keep
as unavailable,” says Kay. “as the final fight scene between
Laetres and Hamlet uses not only the stage space but the
aisles as well.”
“Whether people know students in the cast or not, the
community needs to get out and support these young vibrant
actors,” says Kay. “It’s a compelling and moving show. Well
worth getting out to see.”
The second performance of Hamlet is on this Saturday 15
August at 7.30pm at the Lodge Theatre. Tickets, available at
Just One Wish or at the door for $5.
We are now calling for funding applications for projects in
the Timaru District in the following categories:
• Public Events
• Rural Community Halls maintenance
• Non-profit organisations providing free, ongoing
community service
• Non-profit organisations focused on preserving history
and making it publicly available at little or no charge
• Low interest loan funding to develop new or improve
existing facilities
Application forms are available from the Council offices
in Timaru, Geraldine and Temuka and on the Council’s
For further information please contact Jenny Ensor,
ph (03) 687 7254.
Acland Falls track open
Peel Forest’s Acland Falls
track is cleared of debris.
“After extreme weather
and snowfall, a lot of work
was needed to clear tracks
including at Peel Forest,
Kelcey’s Bush and Talbot
Forest,” says Chris Coulter,
DOC’s South Canterbury
district partnerships ranger.
Restoring order to the
local track network was a
substantial job.
“Two people came from
Oamaru and joined the team
for five to six weeks,” says
All tracks on the district’s
public conservation land are
now open for use.
Jan Finlayson
Peel Forest’s Acland Falls track,
cleared of debris.
Photo: Supplied.
34 High St
Ph 693 1401
Dedicated WOF inspector
Waiting room available or
Pick up and delivery of vehicle
All mechanical Repairs
Servicing of all modern vehicles
Prompt efficient service
National Superannuation card
holders now get 15% discount
The team who cares about your car.
The GERALDINE NEWS, thursday 13 august 2015
Language Perfect World
Championship success
s to your home
hot water, space
ion, making
Eleven of the 12 Geraldine High School gold award winners. Photo: Submitted.
Last term 44 Geraldine High School students from
Years 7-13 participated in the Language Perfect World
Championship, an online vocabulary competition run over
a ten-day period.
“The results were fantastic, both individually and as a
team,” says French teacher Jane Donald. “Twelve students
gained gold awards, four students gained silver, ten students
gained bronze and 16 students gained credit awards.”
As a team, Geraldine High School was first for French in
the 1-50 students category - not just in New Zealand, but
internationally. Out of 144 schools in this category, from
eight different countries, they won by a huge margin of
15,000 points.
r community.
financial focus: Follow your financial values
The process of accurate self-examination is a critical
component of successful financial planning.
Surprisingly, in spite of its importance, hardly anyone talks
about the need to get very clear about why we do what we
do with our money. This avoidance is an enormous mistake
As local as local is
and it’s a mistake that any good financial adviser should be
“Ring me first
well-equipped to help you fix.
- you’ll be so glad you did”
You can do this without an adviser but, for maximum
benefit, you need to be brutally honest with yourself.
Start by asking yourself a few simple questions to reveal
what matters to you the most:
• Why is money important to you?
• Why do you spend the way you do?
• Why do you invest the way you do?
These questions will help reveal your unique financial
values. Some might go even further and describe them as
life values.
If you don’t initially have answers to these questions,
you will need to dig deeper. For example, if you don’t
understand why your money is invested in a certain way,
ask more questions. Whose advice are you following? What
advice have you ignored, and why? It may sound obvious,
Count on us – reliable
45kg LPG
to your
on us –ofreliable
of 45kg
cylinders to your
but home
the best investments for you need to be based on your
or business.
or business.
true goals and values.
your answers as a starting point to discover how you
Transform your Transform
home – supplying
LPG for
all your hotLPG
your home
– supplying
for all
your hot water,
your time and money but, remember, you have
heating and cooking
heating and cooking needs.
to be honest. Does your behaviour match up with what you
We have 3 dedicated
trucks servicing
makingthe region, making
said was most important?
We delivery
have 3 dedicated
egular deliveries
regular deliveries
to Temuka,
Waimateinand Fairlie. Warning - the first time through this process can be pretty
to homes
Count on us – reliable delivery of 45kg LPG cylinders to your home
scary, maybe even painful. It is not uncommon for people to
y owned and
to be part
3 days
be part
of your community.
discover inconsistencies between what they say they value
Transform your home – supplying LPG for all your hot water, space and what they actually value.
ockgas Timaru
I have helped people through this process many times and
and cooking
often found people who were shocked to learn they spent
686 6340
6340delivery trucks servicing the region, making
We have
3 dedicated
time and money on things that didn’t match their values.
regular deliveries to Temuka, Geraldine, Waimate and Fairlie.
So, the first time through, don’t be dismayed if you
Locally owned and operated and proud to be part of your community.
discover there is very little overlap between your actions and
what you say you value. Identifying these inconsistencies
Call Rockgas Timaru on
doesn’t signal a failing. On the contrary, identifying them
helps you on the path towards making better and more
03 686 6340
relevant financial decisions.
Our goal here is to uncover those moments when the way
we spend our time and money don’t actually align with our
values. As we uncover them we need to keep two things in
First, what we said was important to us, and what we
thought was important to us, might not be important at all.
I’ve seen many instances where someone was convinced
they valued something very highly, only to find out they
were relying on someone else’s values, like their community
or their parents.
For years, a friend of mine kept telling himself that he
really valued buying a home. He had convinced himself
that he valued the security he associated with it. He certainly
had the financial resources to buy one, but he kept making
decisions that didn’t get him any closer to obtaining this thing
he thought he valued.
After he took the time to really reflect on his values and ask
honest questions of himself, he finally realised that he valued
flexibility and freedom more than security. Buying a home
turned out to be someone else’s value and letting go of it gave
him the freedom to align his choices to his real values.
Second, we are never ‘finished’ when it comes to aligning
our behaviour with our values. Going through this process
doesn’t magically transform us into perfect people. We’re
still human after all, and we tend not to get things exactly
right all of the time.
However, over time, the process of reviewing our values
and our behaviour can help us get closer to more consistently
aligning the two.
The alternative is the path that too many of us take, chasing
after random prescriptions for our financial lives and telling
ourselves that we’ve got it all figured out.
We can carry on in this blissful ignorance or we can stop,
take a deep breath, and ask ourselves “why?” Only then can
we really determine if what we are doing aligns with the
things we say matter the most to us.
To contact Damon, phone 029 977 8861, or email
[email protected]
DISCLAIMER: Damon O’Brien is an Authorised Financial Adviser. His
column provides general information and opinions and it should not be
considered personalised financial advice. Damon is not liable for any loss
suffered by those who follow the information provided in his column. A
disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge.
The GERALDINE NEWS, thursday 13 august 2015
Challenges and tuition at Writers Group
Woodbury resident Judith Farley has started a new writing
“Anyone can join from beginners to a published person –
anyone who has an interest in having a play with words.”
Judith wants to assure would-be writers that the emphasis
is on having fun.
“There are some great imaginative people out there
and they have this amazing skill of storytelling but maybe
something is holding them back [from writing it down].”
The Geraldine Writers Group is all about positive critique
and provides an informal opportunity to meet people, have
a chat, brainstorm and learn about writing in a low-key way.
Under nominal leadership from Judith who stresses she is not
the owner of the group, members are also set fun exercises
and challenges to stimulate creative writing from the heart.
Skills such as punctuation are also covered.
“A lot of people are really great writers but are put off by
punctuation so I thought it would be a good thing to look
Teaching sessions with in-house and external tutors are
planned on proof reading, autobiography, playwriting,
poetry, song writing, how to write for television and how
to get published.
Judith is a published writer and her first book The Soul’s
Journey, and How it Affects your Life was published in 2013
by AuthorHouse.
“I woke up one morning and knew I had to write a
Judith says the Geraldine Writers Group, which has been
running for three months, started over a cup of tea. She had
tried to start a writing group in Woodbury several months
ago but it did not get off the ground. Then when talking to
a friend, Faye McGunnigle, the conversation turned to their
joint interest in writing and Faye suggested they start a group
in Geraldine.
“Faye and I decided to give it one more go and get one
World War 1
Weak and tired, I look to my left,
And see my mate shot in the chest.
Skin and bone is splattered everywhere,
He is quiet, lifeless and struggling for air…
Why do we need war?
Upset and angry, I hatch a plan…
I’ll need to go into no-man’s-land,
To throw a deadly grenade
as the day begins to fade.
Why do we need war?
I run back for cover
and dive into the trench,
The ditch is muddy, wet and full of stench.
After many long days of this evil fight,
Yes! The enemy surrender in the night!
Why do we need war?
Rian Proudman (8)
Geraldine Lions changeover
The Geraldine Lions Club held its annual changeover
meeting of its president and board recently. With over 100
attending the evening made up of Lions Club members and
partners, and visitors from other Lions’ clubs.
Outgoing president Jim Hopa gave an interesting report
on the club’s very successful year and the distribution of
many thousands of dollars to worthy causes and individuals.
The club’s new president for the 2015-2016 year, Dave
Doy, was then introduced.
Entertainment for the evening was provided by the
Geraldine Primary School Kapahaka Group; four talented
senior Geraldine High School students, comprising of a
classic guitarist and a trio of violinists; and talented local
singer Zoe Scott.
Police Notebook
It has been a relatively quiet time recently, according
to Geraldine’s Snr Constable Murray Thatcher but there
remains an unsolved issue of low value burglaries and thefts
which appear to be opportunistic and possibly linked to
crimes committed by previous suspects.
“Until we can catch them in the act we can’t arrest them,
The GERALDINE NEWS, thursday 13 august 2015
Qualified local carpenter and joiner
Gib-stopping, painting, etc
Free quotes
All work guaranteed
Competitively priced
References available
Ph 027 930 9768 or 03 693 8829
Judith Farley: New writing group. Photo: Supplied.
running for the community here.”
The group meets on the last Sunday of each month in
the Geraldine Library conference room from 2-4pm. All
welcome. For more information, contact Judith on 692
2927. Jo Bates
geraldine’s news in brief
Geraldine Schools’ Poetry
Competition results
Paul Shatford
so we need the public to continue to be on the lookout and
report to us as quickly as possible.”
Speeds on the open road seem to have come down
generally with most drivers in the 95-102 kph band with the
odd “idiot” still travelling too fast, Snr Constable Thatcher
observed. However, having recently caught a driver
coming through one of the Stop signs in town he said that
there is still room for some people to better observe the
safety rules.
Kent Slocombe
Geraldine’s Community Vehicle
Trust meets needs
Board chair Alister France presented the trust’s 19th
annual report recently. In it Mr France noted that taxi
passengers decreased in the 2014-15 year but charter
business grew. The trust’s vehicles rentals and charters
travelled a total of 73,946 kilometres. This is similar to the
73,419 kilometres travelled in the previous year.
Mr France reported that day bus custom fell by 2,174
passengers on the previous year.
“We raised our fares at the end of our 2014 year and has
this resulted in a 9 per cent reduction in gross taxi income
and a 28 per cent reduction in numbers of taxi passengers
carried. It is also interesting to note that our vehicle
expenses are similar to last year yet we have one more
vehicle in the fleet. Our charter gross income increased
by $8,146, possibly reflecting the change in our pricing
structure last year.”
The new Toyota HiAce bought in September 2014 cost
around $58,000 on the road, said Mr France. It was paid
for from trust funds so there was no need to seek special
grant funding.
Mr France paid particular tribute to Barry Hill, who
resigned from the board after about 12 years’ service.
Just wanted to let the community know that the people
from Lotto recently came and surprised and filmed Wendy
Patrick at Mainly Music to thank her for all she has done
for Plunket over the years.
They put together a one-minute clip of the interviews
they did here, and the shoot at Mainly Music. This will play
on the Lotto draw this Saturday, and will be on the Lotto
website next week. Thought this might be of interest.
Meg Catherwood
Call Laser Electrical!
00 438 527
Geraldine District Golf Club. Tuesday 4 August. NZR stableford
round 3. J Gallichan, D Dewe, L Collins 37, J Kellahan 36, A Reid, C
Jopp 35, A Cornelius 34. 9 Holes: M Gregan 20, P Leslie 18. Nearest the
Pin: M Blackmore. Nett Birdies: A Reid, C Gibbs, J Kellahan, A Cornelius
9 Holes: E Gunn, J Oliver, K Redwood, M Gregan.
Wednesday 5 August. North/South: 1 Kay Le Lievre & Diane
Stuart 66.67%, 2 Mary Thatcher & Alison Bragg 59.17%. East/West:
1 Marj Lamming & Anke Numan 55.56%, 2 A Tiffen & Jane Te Whata
Thursday 31 July. Geraldine Handicap Pairs 2. North/South: 1 L
Johnson & H Rinaldi 55.38%, 2 E Lyon & J Nicholson 53.50%, 3 C
Johnson & F Numan 50.92%. East/West: 1 R Bray & J O’Brien 64.08%, 2
J Harmon & R Pitelen 61.53%, 3 P Kippenberger & M Reilly 51.78%.
Results after Round 9: R Bray & S Rinaldi 66, S Thompson &
A Wilson 65, P Kippenberger & R Brylkowski 60, J Scott & J Cooper
60, F Kippenberger & H Bragg 59, E King & M Ellery 57, J Ellery &
C Coulter 53, C Flannery & G Rate 52, M Burridge & G Imms 50, B
Lewis & J Desborough 50, K Inwood & R Hartley 48, H Holmes & B
O’Keefe 48.
Rose Bowl: Results after Round 3: S Thompson & A Wilson 23, J
Ellery & C Coulter 22, J Scott & J Cooper 21, E King & M Ellery 21,
P Kippenberger & R Brylkowski 20, F Kippenberger & H Bragg 18, C
Flannery & G Rate 18, H Holmes & B O’Keefe 18, K Inwood & R Hartley
17, R Bray & S Rinaldi 17, B Lewis & J Desborough 15, M Burridge & G
Imms 11. Games: R Bray & S Rinaldi 7 v P Kippenberger & R Brylkowski
6, S Thompson & A Wilson 7 v M Burridge & G Imms 0, E King & M
Ellery 9 v K Inwood & R Hartley 3, J Scott & J Cooper 8 v C Flannery
& G Rate 5, H Holmes & B O’Keefe 7 v F Kippenberger & H Bragg 5, J
Ellery & C Coulter 9 v B Lewis & J Desborough 4.
Recent AGM / Hui ā tau - Nō nā tata nei
For sale / Hei hokohoko
Wanted / Hiahia
Organisations may have their new committee
members’ names printed in this column for free if emailed
to [email protected]
FIREWOOD. Bluegum. Ph Clearwater Firewood 693 8168.
firewood. Semi-dry Oregon. Possible late-season burning,
definitely next. Ph Clearwater Firewood 693 8168.
Militaria wanted to buy by collector. Firearms, badges,
bayonets or any items of military interest. German items are
of particular interest. Ph Pete Young 693 8876 a/h.
Public notices / Pānui a whānui
SILAGE. 19 medium square bales. Ph 693 8448.
Living Waters. An authentic Christian fellowship meets
every Sunday at 10am at The Orari Domain Hall, Orari.
Join us as we share in a Living Word and fellowship in
the joy of His presence. “..In order that they may know
the mystery of God, namely Christ, in whom are hidden
all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians
2:3. All welcome! Enquiries: 693 8056 or 03 688 8702.
Chiller trailer for hire: $65 per day. Contact Geraldine
Rugby Club 027 494 9229.
living WATERS. In-depth Bible Study, Wednesdays at 7pm,
the Orari Hall, Orari. Ph 03 688 8702.
TOPSOIL, screened or unscreened. Ph 693 7321. Loan trailer
and delivery available.
GENERATORS, pumps, concrete saw, paving and tilecutting bench. All for hire at Village Landscapes & Hire, ph
693 7321.
WATERBLASTERS. Discover why Geraldine’s best painters
keep coming back. 30000psi trailer unit and 2000psi portable
model available for hire. Ph 693 7321.
FreshChoice is also on the lookout for a part-time cook to
join our deli team. If you’re after a couple of shifts a week and
are a competent cook please email [email protected]
GERALDINE Farmers’ Market. Market co-ordinator, six
two hours
News Thurs
13 Aug
mornings between October and April. Must have computer
and people skills.Employment
Ph Joan Donnell,
chairperson, for full
description, 021 0226 6528.
Geraldine District Golf Club
MUSHROOM compost at Village Landscape & Hire, 31
Wilson St.
Thank you
The Geraldine High School Agrikids team would like to
thank the following Sponsors without whom the team could
not have been so successful in the NZ Young Farmer
• Four Peaks Transport
• Natural Log Homes
• Steve Houston Horsemanship
• Kuhmo Tyres Geraldine
• Woodleys Transport
Also PGG Wrightson, Hammer Hardware, Geraldine
Cinema, RD1, Farmers Mill, Mitre 10 and Fresh Choice
ROTARY hoes, three models including tractor mounted, for
hire. Ph Village Landscapes & Hire, 693 7321.
PLATE compactor, concrete vibrator and concrete screeds,
all at Village Landscapes & Hire, 31 Wilson St.
SEED potatoes. Large range to choose from at Geraldine
Hammer Hardware.
SMALL appliances and light bulbs. We are endeavouring to
cover the needs left vacant in our town. Geraldine Hammer
MOBILE shearing for sheep and alpacas. Generator available.
Ph 693 9112.
HANDYMAN. Repair and maintainence jobs around your
home, garden, business. Monthly maintainance contract
for business, rental, domestic customers. Please ph Ian 027
925 1411 [email protected]
$50 BALE
special p
Rats, mice. Pre-baited stations from $5, single-feed
rodenticide, ideal for chook houses, woodsheds or feed stores
etc. Ph Craig’s Pest Solutions Ltd 693 7263.
Accounting services, tax returns, book keeping, registered
tax agent. Ph Raylene 693 7163, 027 274 3264.
Faulty sliding door rollers need replaced? Window catches
no longer secure? We can replace these and get your house
secure again. Ph Geraldine Glass 693 9927.
brookside Boarding Kennels. Farmstay for dogs. 208
Woodbury Road. Ph 693 9929.
DOUBLE glazing enquiries. Ph Geraldine Glass 693 9927.
Prompt efficient mechanical service, contact Geraldine
Auto Restorations, 34 High St, ph 693 1401.
PICTURE framing. Jex and Dave Allison, now The Art Of
Framing. 34 Havelock St, Ashburton. Ph 03 307 6651, 027
431 5108. [email protected]
painter. Geraldine-based. Friendly professional service,
good rates, excellent local references. Ph 693 9803 or 027
962 4841.
auto parts and accessories. North End Motors, ph
693 8673.
Stump Grinding Solutions will be in your area soon.
Our services include stump and root grinding, tree felling and
site clearance. Ph Paul 021 232 3099 or 03 688 7244.
PC upgrades/repairs: Geraldine Computer Solutions.
Ph 693 9496.
Car troubles, contact Geraldine Auto Restorations, 34 High
St, ph 693 1401.
Stewarts Panel & Paint, 214a Talbot Street. Ph Stacey and
Brook 693 8446 for all your panel and paint requirements.
COAL, coke, firewood and kindling available from Geraldine
Hammer Hardware.
ELECTRIC blankets. Single $35, queen $59.98. At Geraldine
Hammer Hardware.
$30 BALE
  
Close: 5pm on Fri 28 Aug 2015
 
   
  
           
      
chimney sweep. For a clean, reliable and local service
call Dan Mckerrow for chimney sweep and repairs. Ph 021
118 7580.
Clothing alterations, mending, creations. Ph Raylene
693 7163.
We offer a good range of modern machinery, and
a competitive salary package. If this sounds like
you then we would be delighted to hear from you.
Send written applications including contact details
for two referees and a copy of your CV to:
Geraldine District Golf Club
PO Box 61
Geraldine 7956
   
Or email: [email protected]
TRAVEL broker, Sue Hammond. Ph 693 9141. Email:
[email protected]
car grooming. North End Motors, ph 693 8673.
We are seeking a qualified and experienced
greenkeeper to maintain and develop our picturesque 18 hole golf course. This is a full-time sole
charge position with good support from members.
The successful applicant must be experienced in all
aspects of golf course maintenance.
For more information and a copy of the job description, contact the Secretary, Max Bensemann,
on 693 8938.
Trades and services / Mahi a ratonga
Van Coffee. Geraldine-based mobile espresso. Bookings
contact Ian on 021 187 8095.
Waihi Lodge Care Centre
Geraldine Lions Annual
Fertiliser Drive
Time to give your garden a boost!
Order forms will be delivered to your mailbox
mid August. Orders to be returned by
30 August. Deliveries will be on 5 September
(if wet 12 September)
Waihi Lodge Care Centre is a community-owned facility
providing rest-home level care to elderly residents. We
have an opportunity for someone to join our team:
• Working in the mornings 8.30-1pm/2pm to prepare and
serve the main lunchtime meal.
• 40-50 hours per 4-week roster, plus the opportunity to
provide leave relief for the other cook.
We are looking for someone who can cook for a crowd (up
to 40 meals), is well organised and is a great team player.
A food safety certificate would be a bonus!
Please contact Kim Harris, manager for further information
or to apply on 693 8131, email [email protected]
Any enquiries please phone 021
221 2051 and leave message.
Another Geraldine Lions Community Project
ffe se
coil purcha
Fr reta
A Full Time position for a Deli Assistant has
become available in our busy, Family Operated
Tasks include slicing, packing, preparing food,
cooking, stock rotation and counter service.
The successful applicant will enjoy working in a
team environment, have a positive attitude and
be committed to delivering first-class customer
(on a huge range of selected items)
10% discount on our all our retail purchases
Gifts for all occasions
Keep a look-out for new knitwear ranges
in store soon
Free coffee with any retail purchase
for the month of August
Daily roast and chef’s hot dishes
Plus extensive cabinet and full à la carte menu
If you would like to join a Progressive Business
and have the following attributes;
• Have excellent communication skills
• Be self-motivated
• Have an eye for detail
• Be a team player
• Have a sense of humour
• Be honest and reliable
We would love to hear from you,
email [email protected]
Specific days and hours of work will be discussed
at the interview.
The GERALDINE NEWS, thursday 13 august 2015
Carew Peel Forest School
Learning Support Assistant /
School Librarian
20 hours per week
We seek an energetic and motivated person who would
enjoy the opportunity to work with delightful country kids
and a supportive staff.
Immediate start.
Position details available by emailing
[email protected]
Kay Ward, Principal
health and well-being / Hauora
Bowen Therapy practitioner: Nikki Turner, Woodbury, ph
692 2957.
Eating out / Kai wahi kē
village inn, open every day from 11am.
Property / accommodation whare noho
ROOM to rent, older woman to share, home central. $150/
week. Ph Tamara 693 7010.
House to rent, two bedrooms plus large sunroom, available
late August. No pets, reference required. $280/week. Ph 027
231 7303.
Upcoming events / Mea pakiri haere
Weight Watchers Meeting, 6-7pm, St John’s hall. Ph
Leander 027 465 6240.
Multiversal paint. Just $58 for the 4 litres, 10 litres $114.
Attractive colours at Hammer Hardware. Ph 693 7312.
GOLF clubs. Brand new set, complete with trundler, just
$599 at Geraldine Hammer Hardware.
chainbar lube special. Just $26.99 1 gallon (3.785l) at
Geraldine Hammer Hardware.
GUMBOOTS for all ages at Geraldine Hammer Hardware.
geraldine news deadline, noon on Mondays at Hammer
Cinema Ph: (03) 693 8118
Country Hospitality at its best
A terrific heart warming film! Ben
Kingsley & Patricia Clarkson in (M)
Indoor and
outdoor dining
Tom Cruise explodes
onto the screen! (M)
Rogue Nation
Brought back by popular
demand! Come along and enjoy
Based on the classic Thomas Hardy
A From Disney/Pixar. A great
head where 5 emotions - Joy,
Anger, Disgust, Fear & Sadness USZUPHVJEFIFSUISPVHIMJGFŷ(Ÿ
So get to the Geraldine Cinema and see the movies on the
Geraldine Visitor Centre
Mon-Sun 10am-4pm
►Geraldine Toy Library AGM, 7.30pm at Toy Library,
193 Talbot Street, all welcome. Ph Amanda 027 533 9608
►Yoga, 9.30am and 6pm, both sessions now at The Academy. Ph Paula 693 8109
►Girl Guides, 6.30-8.00pm for girls aged 9-12½ years at
the Guide and Scout Den. Ph Marie 693 8779 for info.
► Social Darts, 7.30pm at Geraldine Town & Country
Club. All welcome. Phone Marie 693 8664
►Arthritis Exercise Class, 10.30am at St Andrew’s Church
Foyer. Ph Irene 693 9505
►Shine Adults Community Choir 7.15-9pm at The Academy,
all welcome. Please phone Christopher 027 568 5515
►Geraldine Rock’N’Roll Club 7.30 - 9.30pm at Town &
Country Club. All welcome. Ph Lynda 693 8652
► Geraldine Bridge Club, Contract Bridge 7.15pm at
Geraldine Bowling Club, ph Stan or Helen 693 7566
► Children’s Choir entry by koha, 4.30-5.30pm at The
Academy. Please phone Christopher 027 568 5515
► Four Peaks Seido Karate, beginners class, 6-7pm at
Bowling Club . All Welcome. Ph Gisell 021 0228 7049
► The Corral Workshop 9am-4pm, woodwork, metalwork, glass & pottery. All welcome. Ph Cyril 693 8630
►Iconz,6.30-8.00pm at St Andrews Hall. Fun, skills, &
challenge children aged 6-11 years. Parents welcome. Ph
Susan 693 9905. For transport ph Hilary 693 7665
►Geraldine SeniorCare coffee morning 10 -11.30am at
Seniorcare Function Centre, all welcome. Ph Lesley 693 8057
►St Mary’s Church, Holy Communion at 11.15am, then
Luvaduck Lunch at 12noon. All welcome. Gold coin.
►Craft Creators, 9.30am - 12noon at St Andrew’s Hall.
Learn card making, scrap booking or knitting, $2 entry, all
welcome. Ph Karen 03 303 7397 for more info.
► Parliamentary Clinic, 10am - 12noon at Geraldine
Resource Centre. Hannah Lind here on behalf of Jacqui Dean,
Jacqui is available by appointment. Ph 0800 679 248 254
►Hamlet 7.30pm at Lodge Theatre. Tickets $5 from Just
One Wish or at the door. Make sure you don’t miss this
stunning production by Geraldine youth.
►Morris Dancing, 1.15pm at the Academy, Talbot St. All
welcome. Enquiries to Rhys, ph 693 8726
►Walk in Wardrobe, open 10am-12noon at The Lodge
Theatre, ph Carol 021 042 0849
►The River City Jazzmen, 2.00pm at The Lodge Theatre.
Authentic Dixieland Jazz at its Best, tickets from Tresjoli
►Geraldine Archery Club, coaching at 11am, club day at
1pm, at Orari Racecourse. Ph Stewart 693 9952 for info.
►Catholic Mass, 9am at the Church of the Immaculate
Conception, cnr Hislop/Peel St, Geraldine.
►Living Waters Christian Fellowship, 10am at Orari Hall.
All welcome. Ph 693 8056 for more info.
►St Andrew’s Church, 9.00am Contemporary Worship,
11.00am Traditional Worship.
►St Mary’s Church, Geraldine, 8.00am Holy Communion,
10.30am Cartoon Church (Children’s Service)
►St Anne’s Church, Pleasant Valley, 9.15am Holy Communion
►Geraldine Ladies Probus, 10am at Denfield Golf Club.
New members welcome. Ph Jean 693 7209 for info.
►Creative Fibre Group, we spin, knit & natter, 10am to
3pm at Geraldine Vintage Car & Machinery Museum. All
welcome. Ph Rosie 693 8319
► Pleasant Valley Playgroup, for children up to 5 yrs,
9am—12pm at the Old School, School Road, Pleasant
Valley. All welcome, ph Claire 693 8773
►Orari River Catchment Steering Group, 7pm at SeniorCare Function Centre. Ph Rhys 693 8726 for more info.
►Alzheimers Support Group, 10.30am at Resource Centre. Friendly, informative support for people who support
others with memory loss. Ph Barbara 03 687 7583
►Aoraki Migrant Centre, 1-4pm at Geraldine Resource
Centre, free and confidential advice and support for
migrants. Ph Rosie 03 687 7371 or 021 837 7717 for info
► Newcomers Network Coffee Morning, 10-11.30 at
Mundell’s Café. Come in & make some friends. Everybody new to Geraldine area welcome!
►Geraldine St John Youth, 7.00 - 8.30pm at St John’s
Rooms. For ages 8-18yrs. Ph/txt Todd 027 500 4360
►Mainly Music, music and movement for pre-schoolers
and caregivers, 9.30am at St Mary’s Church. $3 / family.
►Indoor Bowls, 1.30 pm at St Andrews Church Hall, all
welcome, ph Pam 693 8651
►Gentle Exercise Class for elderly, 10am at SeniorCare
Function Centre. Ph Jenny 693 7076
►Petanque at Geraldine Bowling Club, 1.30pm-3pm
► Geraldine Scout Groups: 6.30pm Cubs at Geraldine
Scout Den. Phone Brian 693 9829 for info.
►Morris Dancing, 5.30pm at the RSA rooms, Talbot St.
All welcome. Enquiries to Rhys, ph 021 462 260
►JP Service for certifying documents, 12.30-1.30pm at
Geraldine Community Resource Centre, a free weekly
service, no appointment needed. Ph 693 7001 for info.
►Pleasant Valley Smallbore Rifle Club, 7.30pm at Pleasant Valley Hall. All welcome. Ph Jenny 693 8228
►Geraldine Ukulele Club with Hugh & Fi, 7.30pm at St
Andrew’s church foyer. Bring a uke and a smile.
►Housie, 7.30pm at Geraldine Town & Country Club. All
welcome. Ph 693 8713 for info.
►Yoga/Stretchies join us 6-7pm at Woodbury Hall $5 per
session, all welcome Ph 692 2980 for info.
►Geraldine Kindergarten Playgroup, all preschoolers &
caregivers welcome, 1.00 - 2.30pm. Ph Tracey 693 8888
►Plunket Nurse in Geraldine, morning home visits and
afternoon clinic. Phone Paula 693 8177
►Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, 9.30am Sat, 6pm Wed for
beginners, 6.30pm Wed gentle exercise. Qigong 11am
Sat. All at Geraldine Bowling Club. Ph Tim 021 141 9142
► Funergy Fitness - Fighting Fit Classes, Tues & Thurs
6.30pm, Geraldine Primary Hall. Ph Lynda 021 264 4400
►Geraldine Craft Market, 9am - 3pm Sat & Sun, Cox St
opposite St Andrew’s. Email [email protected]
► Geraldine District Golf Club, men’s golf Sat & Wed
12.30pm, women’s golf Tues 10am & Sat 12.15pm, and 9
-Hole women's golf 10am Wed.
►Geraldine Four Peaks Seido Karate Club meets 6 - 8pm,
Tues & Fri, Geraldine Bowling Club. Ph John 027 204 5057
►Geraldine Patchwork Group, Tues 7-9pm ph Maureen
693 8328, and Thurs 10am-3pm ph Joanne 693 8488
►Geraldine Toy Library, open Tues 10.30-11.30am & Sat
9.30-11.30am, 193 Talbot St. Ph Amanda 693 8294
►Grande Vue Golf Club, mixed golf Sun 12.30pm, women’s golf Wed 9.30am. New members welcome.
►Midwifery Clinic, pregnancy planning/testing and fully
funded maternity care. Ph Kathryn 021 334 254
►Red Cross Shop, Talbot St, open Tues 10am - 3pm,
Thurs 10am - 3pm, and Sat 10am - 12noon.
► Rosie’s Recycled Clothing Shop, Peel St, open Tues to
Fri, 11.00am - 3.00pm.
►Zumba® Fitness Mon & Thurs 9.30am at T&C Club,
Toning Wed 9.30am at T&C Club, Fitness & Toning Wed
7pm at Geraldine Rugby Club, Gold class for beginners &
seniors Tues 10am at T&C Club. Ph Gisell 693 9760
The Community Diary is collated and produced by the Geraldine Community Resource Centre (693 7001)
and published by The Geraldine News as a free service for our community.
The GERALDINE NEWS, thursday 13 august 2015
Fresh Tegel NZ Skinless Chicken
Breast Fillets
Tip Top Ice Cream 2L
$ 99
Fresh NZ Beef Blade
Steak/Bolar Roast
Country Fresh Carrots/Onions
$ 99
Loose Red/Orange
Alpine Mild/Colby/Edam
Cheese 1kg
Steinlager Classic
24 x 330ml Bottles
Five Flax/Saints 750ml
$ 00
L&P Soft Drink 1.5L
Treasures Nappies/Nappy
Pants 15-30 Pack
Double up Month!
Prices apply from Thursday 13th August to Sunday
16th August 2015, or while stocks last. Trade not supplied. We
reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits specified apply per customer per day. All
prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Certain products may
not be available in all stores. Proprietary brands not for resale.
This month our community donation amount will be doubled!
If you wish to apply, please pick up an application form at the
customer service desk or visit
Local owner operators supporting their local communities.
FreshChoice Geraldine
Peel Street, Geraldine. Phone 693 8529.
Open 7am-8pm, 7 days.
The GERALDINE NEWS, thursday 13 august 2015

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