For More - Serendivus Conference



For More - Serendivus Conference
Who are w
Event procedure
: 11th and 12th June 2015
: University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Colombo metro city limits
Kithulgala village
Starting time:
11th June - 7.30 am
Ending time:
12th June – 7.30 pm
Day 1
This program comprises a competition that runs around the metro city limits
providing different competitive challenges to the contestants that finally add up to
being a one whole final adventurous journey. Different tasks are designed that are
placed along the competition routes, each task focuses to bring out different aspects
of skills possessed by the contestants.
1. Opening Ceremony
2. Research Task
-Participants will be able to identify the benefits of information gathering
it would be a great opportunity in getting known about the
3. Cart boxes
-The team morale of the participants will be valued through this task where
contestants will be able to identify the benefits of better leadership, team
spirit and supportiveness.
4. Lunch
5. Cashy buzz
-Participants will be able to gain some practical experience in marketing
through this task
6. Promotional Campaign
-Participants will gain a real life experience in identifying the behavior, taste
and perception of different sets of customers.
7. Camp fire & costume presentation
Day 2
Throughout the 2nd day of Strangers contestants will be able to participate in
exciting adventurous tasks in the area of Kithulgala. The evaluating criteria may be
different to each of the tasks.
1. Chef times
-This task will bring a new experience for every participant where it
highlights that studying is not the only thing.
2. Gameethaaleta
-The effort will bring a divergent to every participant in the competition
involved with lot of curiosity and thriller.
3. Lunch
4. White water rafting
-An absolutely thrilling experience. It is one of a kind attraction.
5. Awarding ceremony
Competition charges and entrance fee
Every external contestant will be subjected to a small competition charge as
 Foreign participants
 Private university participants
 Local students
 Foreign students
-$200 per person
 State university participants
-LKR 1000 per person
For more information visit,
-LKR 2500 per person
-LKR 3000 per person
Contact us
We will be always determined to facilitate with the best possible customized benefits to our
valuable participants. Please feel to contact us for any further clarifications or information
with the following sources.
Communication member- foreign university students
+9477 6478 957
[email protected]
Communication member- domestic university students
+9471 4020 207
[email protected]
Communication member – Internal (J’pura) students
+9471 7747 573
[email protected]