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2010 Winners’ Page................................ 53
Best of Indy 2010
Welcome to the 2010
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best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
There’s a lot to be proud of where
our hometown is concerned, which is
why NUVO has been asking readers
to brag on their local favorites since
we began in March of 1990. And for
just about each of those past 20 years,
we’ve taken an annual survey of the
best places in Indy to eat, drink, shop
and enjoy local arts and culture.
Nearly 10,000 of you cast your votes this year, making the 2010 Best of Indy Reader’s Poll the most successful in our two-decade history. With more than 110
voting categories, the total number of individual votes
exceeds one million. Astonishing. And revealing.
Turns out, sometimes the oldies are still the goodies—
no matter how many times or how many people we
ask. Bazbeaux Pizza, for example, has won as the city’s
best pizza each year, since we first asked in 1991 and
every year in between. You all also repeated most of
your favorite local music choices this year; welcome
back to Jennie DeVoe, Stereo Deluxe, Zero Boys and the
We’ve continued our efforts to keep the NUVO Best
of Indy contest focus on local people, places and things
this year—and actually tightened the rules. While many,
many, MANY votes were cast for corporate, national,
international and/or chain businesses—we didn’t count
them. As we stated in the rules on the voting site, only
votes for locals count.
This isn’t an easy rule to enforce, and we understand
it pisses some people off. But our logic is simple: The
Best of Indy contest and issue our devoted to shining
a light on what is outstanding and unique to our city,
neighborhoods and neighbors. You can go to any city
in America and find an Applebees, Taco Bell, Target,
Whole Foods or LA Fitness that will provide you with
essentially the same items and service. We mean no
disrespect or disparagement, and that is why you’ll find
a list of the corporate choices that are distinguished but
disqualified on page 52.
The votes are in – and the news is great for more
than 100 of Indy’s best. Take a quick glance at all the
winners on page 53 and read through the descriptions
of each throughout the magazine. Most of all—take
time to revisit an old favorite or discover something
new. There are a lot of bests in Indy—and lots of reasons to be proud of the hometown winners!
Best Of
Arts, Media
Children’s Museum of Indianapolis,
Best Museum
Gallery won three of the previous four
years. While it’s housed in the historic
Stutz Business Center, the mission of this
contemporary gallery is to strengthen the
cultural scene in Indianapolis by helping
the arts to flourish in the community.
In addition to gallery shows, members
of the Stutz Artists Association (which
includes more than 70 local artists)
also offer a rotating roster of classes in
various mediums for adults and children., 212 W. 10th St.,
2nd: Big Car
3rd: Indianapolis Art Center
Performing Arts Group
Children’s Museum of
Indianapolis appeals to kids of all ages,
which explains why its won this award
14 times over the past two decades.
Only the IMA has taken the top honor in
other years. Consider the recent rotating
exhibits ranging from Barbie to King
Tut, as well as educational programming
honoring the lives of young heroes such
as Anne Frank and Ryan White, add a
host of discount admission opportunities
and on-going support of community
programs, and you’ve just a few of the
reasons why the Children’s Museum of
Indianapolis is one of Indy’s best cultural
3000 N. Meridian St, 334-3322
2nd: Indianapolis Museum of Art
3rd: Indiana State Museum
Art Gallery
It’s the second consecutive win for the
Stutz Art Space in a category Big Car
comedy choice in the NUVO reader’s
poll for 18 years. While a handful of
competing comedy clubs have come
and gone and come again, Crackers has
maintained great comedy at both the
Broad Ripple and Downtown locations.
Headlining national comics, as well as a
decent open mic with funny locals, mean
you are nearly guaranteed an evening of
good laughs; affordable admission and
bar prices mean you are guaranteed to
not feel ripped-off. www.crackerscomedy.
com, 247 S. Meridian St, 631-3536, 6281
N. College Ave., 255-4211
2nd: Comedy Sportz
3rd: Morty’s Comedy Joint
The Indianapolis Symphony
Orchestra is a five-time winner in this
category. With an excellent year-round
calendar of events that covers a variety of
musical tastes, ISO offers something for
lovers of all music types. Summer wouldn’t
be the same without Symphony on the
Prairie, and Time for Three might just be
one of the most exciting group of musicians
playing anywhere in the country. The
occasional visit by pop stars and rap stars (ie
Ice-T in 2009) doesn’t hurt either – neither
does Happy Hour at the Symphony and
its free food, drinks and pre-show musical
guests on select Thursdays throughout
the season. www.indianapolissymphony.
org, Hilbert Circle Theatre box office, 45
Monument Circle, 639-4300
2nd: Indianapolis Children’s Choir
3rd: Dance Kaleidoscope
Film Festival
With the exception of last year’s surprising
upset by the Comedy Sportz troupe,
Crackers has been voted Indy’s best
The Indiana Repertory Theater
joins the Phoenix and Broadway Across
America series as a five-time winner
over the past two decades. We’d like
to think the inclusion of our beloved
former Arts Editor David Hoppe’s play
After Paul McCartney in the IRT 200910 season helped them continue the
winning streak, and perhaps it did. But
there was no shortage of good works
on the city’s oldest stage this year, just
as in all those award-winning years past.
Kudos to the IRT for mixing traditional
(bankable) productions along with more
contemporary – not to mention staging
the work of local writers. www.irtlive.
com, 140 W. Washington St., 635-5252
2nd: Beef and Boards
3rd: Phoenix Theatre
Despite valiant get-out-the-vote
campaigns by both runners-up, and the
closest vote in the history of the category,
the feel-good Heartland Film
Festival wins for the eleventh straight
time and remains the only winner since
we started asking you to vote way back
in Y2K. Focused on films with positive
themes of human spirit and triumph,
Heartland has been steadily growing
since 1991 and now attracts filmmakers
like Rob Reiner to serve as a vehicle for
movie premiers. Look for this year’s
festival in October with screenings at
venues throughout the Indianapolis area., 200 S.
Meridian St., Suite 220, 464-9405
2nd: Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival
3rd: Indianapolis International
Film Festival
Indiana Repertory Theater,
Best Performing Arts Group
Public art installation
We’ve asked this question five times
over the past twenty years, and each
time you give us the same answer:
The iconic “LOVE” sculpture by
Robert Indiana on the grounds of
the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
1970 installation was one of the artist’s
first reproductions of this steel pop
art icon. Others can be found in New
York City, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Bangkok
and Bilbao (while Israel and Italy boast
translated versions). Our “LOVE” may
not be unique, but our claim to Indiana
is: He’s an Indy native and graduate of
Arsenal Technical High School.
2nd: “Anne Dancing” (Julian Opie),
Mass Ave Cultural District
3rd: “The Ruins” (Taflinger &
Bitter), Holliday Park
And while the Irish, Rib, Jazz and Penrod
Art Festivals have been other multiple
winners, the Broad Ripple Art Fair each
May has come to symbolize the official
start of summer and one of the most fun
weekends of the year (when it doesn’t
rain). Taking over the grounds of the
beautiful Indianapolis Art Center, with
lots of local music, food and beer vendors
rounding-out the artists’ booths, this
longtime festival has more than earned its
“best” designation. www.indplsartcenter.
org, 820 E. 67th St., 255-2464
2nd: Rib Fest
3rd: Indy Pride
Cultural District
Broad Ripple Art Fair, Best Outdoor Festival
OUTdoor Festival
Butler wins Best University for the second time.
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
Broad Ripple Art Fair wins again,
making it the winningest in the category
with five first place finishes over 15 years.
Broad Ripple becomes a ten time
winner in this category this year, not bad
considering the question has only been
on the ballot eleven times. After losing
last year to Mass Ave, Broad Ripple
is once again the Best in Indy cultural
districts. Oh sure, it can rowdy at times,
and occasionally erupts as a hot spot for
easy burglary targets, but the village is
full of Best of Indy winners and there’s
no better Indianapolis neighborhood
to sample local music, dine at local
restaurants, shop at local retail stores
or enjoy an excellent local microbrew.
2nd: Mass Ave
3rd: Fountain Square
Public Park
While ten-time winner Eagle Creek Park
still holds the record for most wins in
this category, White River State Park
and Downtown Canal won last
year and are not giving up the title just
yet. Over the past decade, this urban
oasis has evolved into a true cultural
destination and offers grassy plains,
walking trails and waterways as well
as some of the city’s (if not the state’s)
best cultural attractions including the
Indianapolis Zoo, NCAA Hall of Fame,
White River Gardens, Indiana State
Museum, an IMAX Theater and Victory
Field., 801 W.
Washington St., 233-2434
2nd: Eagle Creek Park
3rd: Holliday Park
House of Worship
This the is fifth win for St. Luke’s
United Methodist Church as the
preferred place of worship for readers
of NUVO in a category that garners
a tremendous number of votes and a
good deal of snarky comments from
those who don’t think the question
should be asked at all. We think St.
Luke’s remains a perennial favorite
of the more spiritual among you not
just for the typical god stuff that most
churches, mosques and temples do, but
because it also provides a large amount
of inclusive programming focused on
community rather than division. www., 100 W. 86th St.,
2nd: Common Ground
3rd: East 91st Street
Indianapolis is home to quite a few
good institutes of higher learning,
including Butler University—a
school that just happened to make it
all the way to the NCAA basketball
finals this year AND win your vote as
the city’s best university. Top-notch
faculty, quality liberal arts-based degree
programs, a beautiful campus and
active student body, this small private
college is one of the city’s oldest and
most respected. We might be a little
partial given the large number of Butler
alum who for NUVO.
2nd: IUPUI
3rd: UIndy
White River State Park and Downtown Canal, Best Public Park
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
WTHR Personalities Andrea Morehead, Best News Anchor; Dave Calabro, Best
Sports Reporter; Mimi Pearce, Best Traffic Reporter.
Radio Station
This is the second consecutive win for
WTTS 92.3, and one of several over the
past few years. With only a handful of
votes separating first and second place in
2010, we think it was the great selection of
music with an emphasis on new tunes that
sets WTTS apart from other radio offerings.
Yes, there’s quite a bit of old stuff, but at
least the catalogue is big enough that you
don’t feel as if you’re in a time warp (not
to mention the blessed absence of GaGa).
WTTS also offers a great interactive web
2nd: WFYI, 90.1
3rd: WZPL, 99.5
Indianapolis’ most iconic newsman Mike
Ahern of WISH once dominated. Since his
retirement, it’s been Morehead who has
consistently earned viewers’ loyalty as the
most trusted source for news. In addition
to her anchoring duties for the evening
news every week night, Morehead is also
an Emmy award winning reporter and
producer. Morehead produces Women
You Should Know, a program that tells
the story of women who have made an
impact on Indianapolis and other cities
throughout the world.,
1000 N. Meridian St., 636-1313
2nd: Angela Ganote, WXIN
3rd: Debby Knox, WISH
Radio Personality
Dave Smiley of WZPL wins for the sixth
straight year, but are his days on top
numbered? Prior to Smiley’s reign, Bob
and Tom of Q95 ruled for more than a
decade—and came within three votes
of taking the victory this year. For now,
however, it seems NUVO readers are still
in love with Smiley’s brand of humor and
find him the best company for the morning
drive to work. What’s not to love about an
adolescent trapped in a grown man’s body
playing practical jokes and making every
possible double entendre all before 10
2nd: Bob and Tom, WFBQ
3rd: Scotty Davis, WNOU
Television station
Winning nine of the past ten years,
WTHR is the local NBC affiliate in Indy
and the clear favorite for NUVO readers in
the local news department. The on-going
recognition as the best in local tv comes,
in large part, from the station’s emphasis
on solid journalism that rarely relies on
sensationalism in place of facts. The
talent pool is crowded at WTHR and you’ll
see a host of WTHR news, sports and
traffic personalities win again this year in
their respective categories. www.wthr.
com, 1000 N. Meridian St., 636-1313
2nd: WXIN 59 (Fox)
3rd: WISH 8 (CBS)
Television news anchor
This is the fifth win for WTHR news anchor
Andrea Morehead, in a category that
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
Angela Buchman, WISH, Best Meteorologist
sports reporter
It’s win number 13 for the sports guy
from Channel 13. No kidding—Dave
Calabro wins with a thirteenth
consecutive victory in the Best of Indy
Reader’s Poll. Could there be a more
recognizable sportscaster in this town?
We think not, and apparently you don’t
either. When he’s not on set, Calabro
is reporting live from local, national and
international sporting events with an
Indy angle. He involves himself in the
Indy sports community on a firsthand
basis, making his recognition about
both familiarity and honor for his
commitment., 1000 N.
Meridian St., 636-1313
2nd: Anthony Calhoun, WISH
3rd: Chris Hagen, WXIN
Indianapolis Colts, Best Pro Sports Team
traffic reporter
Mimi Pearce rides the WTHR Best
of Indy winner’s wave a victory of her
own and first place win for best traffic
reporter. Perhaps it’s her snazzy jackets
or the breezy toss back to weatherman
Chuck Lofton in those five minute local
updates during the Today Show, Pearce
has an unflappable steadfastness to her
smile and reporting no matter what
the traffic conditions. She’s a reliable
source for knowing where the backups,
fender benders and construction zones
are hampering maximum drive-time
efficiency from sunrise until you’re safely
at your desk., 1000 N.
Meridian St., 636-1313
2nd: Mindy Winkler, WZPL
3rd:: Tom Davis, WRTV
Television weather
Really? You all are watching WTHR for
the news, sports and traffic but switching
to WISH for the weather? Apparently so,
because Angela Buchman has won
the Best Weather Forecaster award for
the fourth time in seven years and she’s
the only winner in the local television
categories who doesn’t work at the NBC
affiliate. And with the recent departure
from the local news scene of her arch rival
in this category, legendary weatherman
Paul Poteet (who has won this category
three times), Buchman might just manage
to start a Calabro type of unchallenged
winning streak., 1950
N. Meridian St., 931-2222
2nd: Paul Poteet, WRTV
3rd: Chuck Lofton, WTHR
Sports team
The Colts have been a part of Indianapolis
since their arrival from Baltimore in 1984,
but it took more than a decade for them
to truly emerge as the city’s home team.
Now there is no denying how integral
and valuable they are—as demonstrated
by this year’s seventh straight win as the
favorite pro sports team of NUVO readers.
With two trips to the Super Bowl in the
past five years, including one amazing
victory, we understand why it’s easy to be
on board the Blue Crew bandwagon and
support Peyton Manning and the rest of
the team for their efforts on the field and
in the community.
2nd: Indianapolis Fever
3rd: Indianapolis Indians
Blog/Web site
The social networking site IndyMojo
is many things for many people. Online
message board? They’ve got one of
the busiest in town, where one can
discuss local arts and music with other
aficionados, volunteer opportunities with
other do-gooders and drink specials with
other winos. Super-blog? Yup, a whole
host of people write about music, sports,
video games, pets and about 15 other
topics. Calendar, directory, photo archive,
city guide? Check, check, check, check
—find out about a party Friday and see
the results that you’ve forgotten about
Monday. Plus they even throw concerts,
like this summer’s Mojostock campout.
Best place to volunteer
Over the past two years, a change in
management and significant systemic
improvements at the Indianapolis
Humane Society have dramatically
improved the save rates of unwanted
animals. Newly formed partnerships and
improved collaborations with animal rescue
and welfare groups create the nexus of
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
Butler Bulldogs Basketball, Best College Sports Team
$1 OFF
Lunch or Dinner
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Buy one
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a 2nd entree
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Expires 8/28/10
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
the Humane Society’s recent success and
NUVO readers continue to find it one of
the most valuable places to donate their
time and talents.,
7929 Michigan Road, 872-5650
2nd: Big Brothers and Sisters of
Central Indiana
3rd: Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
Best charitable event
It’s a repeat win for Mutt Strut, the
highly imaginative and wildly popular
Indianapolis Humane Society annual
benefit. Each year, several thousand
pet lovers and their pets take to the
Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval for
a two and a half mile walk and raise
money for the Indianapolis Humane
Society. The event raised over $350,000
in 2009 and engaged 400 volunteers.
On top of the charitable cause, it’s
worth it for a shot of you and your
pooch on the bricks.
2nd: Tonic Ball benefiting
Second Helpings
3rd: Spotlight benefiting
Indiana AIDS fund
Sports team (Amateur)
Naptown Roller Girls battled it out for
a third win in this category, even though
they had some serious competition from
their rival derby team and a whole lot
of hurling lovers. But the Rollergirls fan
base is huge—whether selling out those
bouts at the fairgrounds, showing up at
personal appearances, or simply casting
an astronomical amount of votes in an
alternative newsweekly reader’s poll. And
why not – what’s not to love about broken
bones, tough girls and stiff competition?
2nd: Circle City Socialites
3rd: Indy Hurling
Sports team (College)
Last season, the Butler Bulldogs’
already highly-esteemed national status
went up a notch when they battled and
barely lost to the Duke Blue Devils in the
NCAA basketball finals. So whether it’s
their home court of Hinkle Fieldhouse,
their young and dynamic coach Brad
Stevens or their unselfish, team-oriented
play, everything about Butler Basketball
says “best.” Even with the departure of
Gordon Hayward to the pros, look for the
Bulldogs to be highly ranked in the preseason polls.
2nd: IUPUI Basketball
3rd: Marion University Cycling
Cabinets • Flooring
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75% OFF
1011 E. 22ND ST., INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46202
WED-FRI 10-6 SAT 9-2
Proceeds help build simple, decent homes for families in need.
Tues-Sat 6-10pm
by Reservation, May-Oct.
Indy’s most romantic proposal
spot. Bring your own wine.
Gondoliers serenade in Italian on
the largest gondola in the US.
Old World Gondoliers
337 W. 11th St., 46202
Best Of
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
MONDAYS 10pm-12am
TGI Fridays
Keystone at the Crossing
Jennie DeVoe, Best Local Musician
Local Musicician
With this year’s win, Jennie DeVoe has
collected a total of eight NUVO Best of
Indy awards in various music categories
over the past ten years. This year,
she holds on to the title of Best Local
Musician across all genres by a mere one
vote over Rev. Peyton and his Big Damn
Band, an award previously given to local
music favorites like The Why Store, Slurs,
Mudkids and Cousin Brothers. We’re
still digging last year’s release by DeVoe
entitled, Strange Sunshine, recorded
with longtime P.J. Harvey collaborator
John Parish on the board, and anxiously
awaiting whatever comes next from
this talented singer-songwriter. www.
2nd: Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band
3rd: Stereo Deluxe
Dixon hasn’t collaborated, either as a
sideman or equal partner. He’s connected
scenes by recording albums for Owl
Studios with esteemed organist Melvin
Rhyne (and thereby celebrating our
Indiana Ave. tradition) and, more recently,
with jammy drummer Todd Harrold
(introducing the world of straight-ahead
jazz to jam music). Speaking of Owl,
Dixon also works A&R for the Indy-based
jazz/jam label, creating opportunities for
other Indy artists to record and distribute
their work.
2nd: Frank Glover
3rd: Cynthia Layne
Jazz artist/group
The “musical mayor of Indy” isn’t a huge
fan of his nickname, but Rob Dixon
certainly deserves it: Name a jazz musician
in town with whom saxophonist Rob
Muldoon’s of Carmel
111 W. Main St
Mike’s Speedway Lounge
3701 West 16th St
FRIDAYS 7pm-9pm
Big Daddy’s Bar & Grill
2536 S. Meridian St.
Rock artist/group
Power-pop golden boys Stereo Deluxe
are back for a second time to win the
Best Local Rockers designation. Looks like
the band is still riding the wave of success
following the release of last year’s CD,
When The Party’s Over, a collection of
solid alt-rock-inspired tunes that includes
the civic pride anthem “Southside
Stomp,” devoted to the land where the
four Perry Meridian graduates grew up
and still call home. This year’s repeat
win means Stereo Deluxe joins previous
multiple winners in this category: Margot
and the Nuclear So & Sos, Sparky’s
Clubhouse, The Pieces and Push Down
and Turn as your favorite local rockers.
2nd: The Elms
3rd: Living Proof
TUESDAYS 7pm-9pm
That Place Bar and Grill
810 South Emerson Avenue
SATURDAYS 8pm-10pm
Muldoon’s of Carmel
111 W. Main St
Stereo Deluxe, Best Local Rock Artists
Blues artist/Group
Blues guitar wunderkind Max Allen has
grown up on the job, forging his own
sound after first appearing on the scene as
a precociously talented electric bluesman,
or blueskid as it were. His most recent
record, Ending Sun, stretches into jam band
territory, matching earthy and sometimes
funny vocals (“Lazy” being an ode to
couch-surfing, belching and masturbating)
with his wide-ranging but focused
solos. And the album’s cover of Tupac’s
“California Love” demonstrates that,
while Allen has mastered the blues form,
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
Rob Dixon, Best Local Jazz Artist
he’s willing to stretch a little outside of his
comfort zone.
2nd: Gov. Davis and the Blues
3rd: Gordon Bonham
the local music scene archives, the Zero
Boys have enjoyed a resurgence over the
past few years with the release of the
entirety of the band’s early recordings on
Secretly Canadian. Not that they were
ever forgotten. Ever since the early ‘80s,
when the band surprised hardcore fans
who didn’t think anything decent could
come out of a sleepy Midwestern town,
the Zero Boys have remained a favorite
of a far-flung fanbase, including some
locals who have gotten the best chance
to see the band’s periodic shows and
hear new studio albums released since
the band’s initial reunion in the early
2nd: Gay Black Republican
3rd: Stand and Deliver
Metal artist/group
Max Allen, Best Local Blues Artist
Roots artist/group
Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band came
awfully darn close to stealing the title
of best all-around local music act from
Jennie DeVoe this year, perhaps because
of that sold-out performance at the
NUVO 20th Anniversary Party last March,
or perhaps because of that excellent
new CD they just released. Whatever
the impetus, lots of you are liking this
band’s brand of solid music via a ‘30sera resonator guitar and some quick
fingers to play both treble and bass; not
to mention Washboard Breezy using
an instrument of women’s work for a
decidedly unfeminine use and Jayme’s
pounding attack on the set and marching
bass drum.
2nd: The Cousin Brothers
3rd: Tonas Triad
Punk artist/group
Another repeat from last year, though
this one reaches back even further into
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
One of this city’s greatest metal bands
was almost a stillborn. Back in 2003,
Devil to Pay frontman Steve Janiak
was on top of the local scene — but
also short two feet of intestine, and
not so far away from death’s door.
He recovered, with a quite a story to
tell about botched intestinal surgery,
and he’s since achieved elder status
without sitting on his laurels: Witness
the band’s most recent album, 2009’s
Heavily Ever After, which NUVO’s Jeff
Napier called “the best guitar record
Indy has produced in quite some
2nd: Xero Sum
3rd: Smoke Ring
Hip-hop artist/group
The Mudkids have won this category
seven of the ten times that it has been on
the ballot, putting the legendary group
well on its way to the Best of Indy Hall
of Fame. While they have made some
personnel changes in recent years, the
group’s core — emcee Rusty Redenbacher
and DJ Elp-Mass — has remained intact,
Mudkids, Best Local Hip Hop Artists
Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Best Local Roots Artists
Devil to Pay, Best Local Metal Artists
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
Murat Theater, Eygptian Room, Best All-Ages Music Venue
as has the group’s politically-conscious,
reliably soulful and verbally facile work. A
new full-length work by the Mudkids has
been promised for the fall, not that the
group hasn’t released a steady stream of
work since 2006’s Basementality in the
2nd: Oreo Jones
3rd: Andy D.
Live music venue: All-ages
Located in one of the city’s most vibrant
cultural districts and iconic buildings, the
Murat Egyptian Room may be primarily
booked by the corporate behemoth that
is Live Nation, but it’s hard to find fault
with the city’s most consistent line-up of
up-and-coming indie bands accessible to
fans under 21. Perhaps that’s why it’s
won this category two years running now.
Ticket prices are reasonable, a good dose
of comedy mixes up the offerings, and the
non-smoking environment is a real plus
over most of the city’s venues. You don’t
have to be a kid to take in these shows,
however. Nothing says grown-up like a
pre-show dinner or drinks on nearby Mass
Ave., 502 N. New
Jersey St. 231-0000
2nd: Earth House
3rd: Indy CD & Vinyl
Live Music Venue: Bar/Club
Slater Hogan, Best Club DJ
Club DJ
Slater Hogan may have been a relative
latecomer to the DJ world (he started
DJing in his mid-20s), but he’s made
quite a mark since then, helping to put
Indianapolis on the map with projects
like the house label Musique Boutique
(founded with John Larner) and his
weekly gig each Friday at Blu Lounge.
Hogan celebrated his 40th birthday at
Blu this February with guests The Hood
Internet, just one of the many big-name
headliners he’s brought to town this
year (including King Britt and The Glitch
2nd: Indiana Jones
3rd: Rusty Redenbacher
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
Radio Radio owner Tufty Clough may
have another Fountain Square venue in
the works with La Revolucion, but he’ll be
hard-pressed to top his first club, the nonsmoking, unostentatiously well-furnished,
intelligently-booked, spacious but intimate
Radio Radio. It’s one the best places to
see a show in town, both because of the
always-excellent mix orchestrated by Tufty
and the attentive bar staff led by previous
Best of Indy winner Roni. The long-lived
club is a big reason why Fountain Square
remains a perennially cool part of town —
it’s the place to go once duckpin bowling
has lost its novelty.,
1119 Prospect St., 955-0995
2nd: Rathskellar
3rd: Melody Inn
Live Music Venue:
NUVO readers say the Vogue is the Best
Live Music Theater/Amphitheater in town,
and we couldn’t agree more. For more than
The Vogue, Best Music Venue (Theater/Ampitheater) and Best Dance Floor
three decades, the Vogue has been one
of the most dependable, perfectly-located,
mid-sized concert halls in our city — a place
where local bands play on the same stage
as superstars like Willie Nelson and Billy
Bragg and buzz acts like Rodrigo y Gabriela
and Bassnectar. We’re glad that the
beer’s cheap (and that there are imported
options upstairs), the sound’s good (and
can be blasted when need be) and booker
Matt Schwegman is legit, bringing in acts
that pay the rent while taking a shot on
newcomers., 6259 N.
College Ave., 259-7029
2nd: Verizon Wireless Music Center
3rd: Lawn at White River State Park
Mid-week venue
After an eight-year reign, the Vogue has
been replaced by its neighbor the Jazz
Kitchen, just a few blocks to the south
on College Avenue, as the favorite midweek night spot for NUVO readers. This
year’s award is just one more accolade
to add to the Jazz Kitchen’s15 awards as
Indy’s Best Jazz Club before we retired
the category. Maybe it’s the creative and
eclectic live music weeknight bookings
ranging from jazz legends to rising stars
in soul, though it could be the delicious
Creole dining choices and prime outdoor
seating, or the decidedly more mellow
and slightly more coherent SoBro
clientele., 5377
N. College Ave., 253-4900
2nd: The Vogue
3rd: Lockerbie Pub
Dance floor
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
There’s no better place to get your dance
groove on than at The Vogue in Broad
Ripple. At least that’s what NUVO readers
have indicated eight of the last ten years
and chosen the Vogue as having the Best
Dance Floor in Indy. While the weekend
schedule is typically filled with live bands,
there are a good number of nights set
aside for DJs. Case in point - the weekly
Retro Rewind dance party with DJ
Marcus. And if you’re not into dancing
or even rocking out, keep in mind the
Wednesday-night $1.50 Bud and Bud
Lights specials., 6259
N. College Ave., 259-7029
2nd: Talbott
3rd: Ike and Jonesy’s
Open Mic
The winningest of all winners in all the
years we’ve been surveying you people
– the Slippery Noodle Inn can now
claim a total of 29 Best of Indy Awards.
They’ve earned ten wins as the city’s
Best open Mic Night over the past two
decades and 18 consecutive wins in the
now-retired Best Blues Club category.
Just like the sign out front says “Dis is
it.” The Slippery Noodle really is the best
the place in Indy for anyone who truly
likes live blues performed by the best
local and touring musicians. The history
and infamy that comes with it being the
oldest bar in the city doesn’t hurt either., 372 S.
Meridian St., 631-6974
2nd: Locals Only
3rd: Mouse Trap
Some thought it was a fluke when
Living Room Lounge first won this
category back in 2008. But two years
later, downtown’s Living Room Lounge
returns for a second victory and proof
that it’s no one-hit wonder. We confess
to loving the neighborhood vibe of the
place and good-natured approach to the
karaoke performances that feel a little less
intimidating than other, more upscale, bars.
Upon reflection, we’d like to add that an
amazing pork tenderloin sandwich may or
may not be the real appeal. Otherwise, it’s
just your friends showing off their Pop Star
skills while you sulk in the corner. 934 N.
Pennsylvania St., 635-0361
2nd: Fox and Hound
3rd: Metro
Talbott Street, Best Gay Club/Bar
Ah, snap! A surprise and very close win by
the Alley Cat puts an end to the Melody
Inn’s illustrious three-year rule as home
to the city’s Best Jukebox. To be honest,
we’ve spent a lot of time in both venues,
drunk and sober, and listened to an awful
lot of music, good and bad, on the jukebox
of each and are hard-pressed to find a
substantial difference. So we’ll surmise
that it’s the missed opportunity to listen to
the jukebox when the Melody Inn has live
bands performing that gives the Alley Cat
the edge. 6267 Carrollton Ave., 257-4036
2nd: Melody Inn
3rd: Dorman Street
other drunk people play pool (while listening
to the award-winning jukebox, of course).
For many, however, the pool playing is
merely a ruse meant to attract members of
the opposite sex. Which is pretty successful
apparently—Alley Cat has won Best Bar For
Hooking Up more than once as well. 6267
Carrollton Ave., 257-4036
2nd: Old Pro’s Table
3rd: Mouse Trap
We’ve given this award nearly each of
the past 20 years, and no other venue
or person has won more than twice-until the Melody Inn claimed its third
win this year. Rob and Dave are the
perfect hosts in a place that rarely fails
to deliver cheap drinks, good music
and amusing company. Sure it’s loud
and quite often really, really loud, but
it’s also one of the most reliable and
respected live music venues giving
local and regional bands a place to
learn their stuff on stage and build a
following. Cheers, indeed! (And don’t
forget to tip well!!) www.melodyindy.
com, 3826 N. Illinois St., 923-4707
2nd: Talbott Street
3rd: Radio Radio
Lap dance
Radio Radio, Best Music Venue (Bar/Club)
Broad Ripple’s infamous Alley Cat wins
here, as well – just like they did last year.
It’s really the only thing to do in the place
that won the Best Dive Bar award for ten
consecutive years before we retired the
category, other than drink and/or watch
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
PT’s Showclub is an eleven-time winner
as the source for Indy’s Best Lap Dance. A
“Gentlemen’s Club” offering dancing girls
and drink specials every night of the week.
The After Hours show and specials begin
weekend nights at 1 a.m. with drinks
served until 5 a.m.; and every third
Thursday of the month is amateur night,
where local ladies just learning how to
strut their respective stuffs can get in
some (wait for it) exposure before going
pro and earn up to $500 in cash prizes.
Living Room Lounge, Best Karaoke, 7916 Pendleton
Pike, 545-5777
2nd: Brad’s Brass Flamingo
3rd: Red Garter Lounge
No stranger to the Best of Indy winner’s
circle, Blu wins this year as the Best
Ultralounge. In addition to the swanky
interior and beautiful clientele, Blu has
one of downtown’s hottest dance floors
thanks, in no small part, to the great
lineup of talent they’ve got providing the
grooves every weekend. Check Best Club
DJ Slater Hogan each Friday for mashups,
remixes, Top 40 and electro house.
Saturday nights it’s DJ Limelight doing
the R&B, Dance, and Top 40 thing. And
then there’s Sundays with DJ Deanne
where not only is the music good, there’s
also no cover., 240 S.
Meridian St., 955-8585
2nd: 45 degrees
3rd: Blu Martini
Gay Bar/Club
Talbott Street continues to be the city’s
most popular club for same-sex couples
or those looking to do some same-sex
coupling. It also happens to be one of the
oldest, and still one of the best, dance clubs
in Indianapolis. Gay, straight or bent in any
manner, it doesn’t matter. House music
is a staple, DJs are great and the live drag
show is a must-see. Thursday night shows
boast the most adventurous programming,
including big-name DJs and touring
alternative music acts. www.talbottstreet.
com, 2145 N. Talbot St., 931-1343
2nd: Metro
3rd: Greg’s
Bar for Hooking Up
Is it a surprise that Alley Cat won this
award? Not if you’ve been reading these
blurbs in order or if you’ve ever been
to the Alley Cat. And guess what—it’s
not the first time Alley Cat has won this
particular distinction. If you were really
paying attention, you’d know that this
is the fourth BOI award for the Alley Cat
this year – making it a tie with Scotty’s
Brewhouse for the year’s biggest winners!
Not sure it tops the time Stuff Magazine
included the Cat in it’s own “Top 20 Dive
Bars in the Country,” but we’re awfully
proud. 6267 Carrollton Ave., 257-4036
2nd: Howl at the Moon
3rd: Red Room
Alley Cat wins four best of awards this year.
Bar to People-watch
And speaking of the Alley Cat, yes,
they also won this award for a total of
four this year. Apparently you people are
getting all of your nightlife in a one-stop
shopping manner. And you picked a holein-the-wall to beat all hole-in-the-walls to
do so. You can’t even get here without
threading through Broad Ripple’s back
alleys. Cheap drinks, good music and lots
of pool playing, the Cat is the coolest
of the multi winners this year and most
others. And did we mention you usually
don’t have to go home alone? 6267
Carrollton Ave., 257-4036
2nd: Talbott Street
3rd: Chumley’s
Hangout for Hippies
For four years running, NUVO readers have
voted the Mousetrap the Best Bar for
Hippies, though we should probably have
changed the name to Hipsters this year.
With a good dose of live, mostly local,
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
Melody Inn, Best Bar for Punks and Best Bartenders
music as well as pool tables, big screens,
darts and a dance floor that occasionally
gets pretty crowded, the Mousetrap
dominates this category for good reason.
The locals who hang out here are laidback, as is the overall vibe. It’s the kind
of place where everyone is made to feel
welcome and most quickly make friends
(or at least a friendly acquaintance).
www.myspace.m/moustetrapbar, 7201 N.
Keystone Ave., 255-3189
2nd: Earth House
3rd: Lazy Daze
Bar for Punks
It’s a four-peat in this category for the
notorious Melody Inn, and what better
place for punks than the one featuring
live music every night, including hosting
the ever-popular Punk Rock Night every
Saturday. The small bar helps you get
intimate with the bands on stage, and if
you were paying attention, you already
know the bartenders are the best in town.
Punks abound here, as do a healthy dose
of other non-conformists—all of whom
know the Melody Inn has a longtime
commitment to the local music scene (and
3826 N. Illinois St., 923-4707
2nd: Alley Cat
3rd: Radio Radio
Drink Specials
Bar for Suits
Bar Food
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it
again: There’s a reason Nicky Blaine’s
wins this category so frequently (four
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
times, thus far!) and that’s because it is
undoubtedly the coolest place in town for
the sophisticated set. An upscale speakeasy
just off Monument Circle and deep
underground, Nicky Blaine’s offers fantastic
drinks and a top-drawer selection of
cigars in a beautiful and often stimulating
environment. And we aren’t kidding about
the martinis. Back in the day, we used to
give a Best Martini in Indy award, and this
place always won.,
20 N. Meridian St., 638-5588
2nd: Blu Martini
3rd: Lulu’s
This is the second win in this category for
Scotty’s Brewhouse, and we know why.
There is no place better for drink specials
than Scotty’s Brewhouse. What’s better than
a cold 24-ounce microbrew on a Monday?
Easy, one you don’t have to shell out a ton
of cash for. The specials aren’t limited to
beer either; look for half priced bottles of
wine and cheap you-calls throughout the
week. We also think it’s awfully special that
Scotty’s has so many local beers on tap –
including Three Floyds, Upland and Barley
Island., 1
Virginia Ave., 571-0808
2nd: Melody Inn
3rd: Fox and Hound
The motto at Scotty’s Brewhouse is
“Good Food, Good Brew, Good People.”
Given that they already won for the
Alley Cat (4)
Best jukebox
Best pool
Best bar for people watching
Best bar for hooking up
Brewhouse (4)
Best drink specials
Best bar food
Best place for sports fans
Best wings
Alley Cat, Indy’s undefeated and undisputed Best Dive Bar
special pricing on the good brew part, it’s
only fitting that NUVO readers also found
the food better than your average. In fact,
Scotty’s has the Best Bar Food in town.
All the typical appetizers, sandwiches
and burgers are there, but the fresh
ingredients, imaginative sauces and spices
(lotsa hot stuff!) make these taste better
than many local restaurants not hosting
sports fans and running a packed bar
and patio. Full menu on the web site, in
case you wanna read ahead of your visit., 1 Virginia
Ave., 571-0808
2nd: Chatham Tap
3rd: Broad Ripple Brew Pub
Bar for Sports Fans
Field and Conseco Fieldhouse, Scotty’s
Brewhouse offers year-round
opportunities for game drinking and
eating opportunities. A perfect place to
visit before, during or after the game,
Scotty’s also has a great crowd eager
to root on the home team when tickets
aren’t available or a bar is the preferred
vantage point to take in all the action.
The Sunday morning brunch menu is
a big hit for those who don’t find tailgating as exciting as good food, good
brew and good people with a waiter.
Warning: Scotty’s gets full fast, so get
here early.,
1 Virginia Ave., 571-0808
2nd: Champps
3rd: Moe and Johnny’s
Conveniently located within walking
distance of Lucas Oil Stadium, Victory
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
SpONSOred By
BeST INdIaNa Beer aNd
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
Free Class
970 fort wayne ave
Thank you NUVO Readers for voting us Best
Yoga/Pilates Studio for 5 years in a row!
*Present this ad to receive a free yoga or pilates mat class.
Offer ends 1/31/11
*The offer of free cover excludes special events.
Broad Ripple, Best Farmer’s Market
Indiana Beer
Sun King Brewery’s products are
seemingly everywhere, from their
downtown tasting room and brewery
(135 N. College Ave.) to Victory Field to
liquor stores and bars across the city and
beyond. Among their newest innovations
is the canning of two of their flagship
beers, Sunlight Cream Ale and Osiris Pale
Ale, and you can get your growler filled
at their shop on Thursdays, Fridays and
Saturdays. If you go to a bar that doesn’t
have their brews — other popular
selections include Wee Mac and Bitter
Druid ESB — demand their inclusion.
Don’t miss their seasonal and special
brews, too.,
135 N. College Ave., 602-3701
2nd: Upland
3rd: Barley Island
Indiana Wine
Best Of
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
This is the third time we’ve polled NUVO
readers on what they consider the Best
Indiana Wine, and it’s the third time
you’ve chosen Oliver Winery. Started
in the 1960s by Indiana University law
professor William Oliver, this successful
winery continues to offer a complete
collection of quality wine from grapes
grown in Indiana. Take the drive down
to Bloomington and visit in person for
the tour and tastings and to shop for a
few take home bottles. Most fine wine
retailers in the city carry a year-round
selection of Oliver wines, all reasonably
priced., 8024 N.
S.R. 37, Bloomington, 812-876-5800
2nd: Chateau Thomas
3rd: Easley
Liquor/Wine Retailer
Kahn’s wins this category for the
fourth consecutive year, making it the
undisputed best place in Indy to find
beer, wine and liquor (including an
impressive stock of local products).
We recommend that you either know
what you want before you walk in, go
directly to an employee and ask for a
recommendation or set aside a few
hours to browse the over 900 beers
and 5000 wines Kahn’s offers. The
staff is knowledgeable and the frequent
tastings, classes and other events give
ample opportunity to take full advantage
of the outstanding selection. www., 5341 N. Keystone
Ave., 251-9463
2nd: 21st Amendment
3rd: Mass Ave. Wine Shop
Who would have thought choosing
the Best Local Grocer in Indianapolis
would be such a daunting task. While
the quasi-local Marsh/O’Malia chain
takes top honors as a local grocer, we
admit that we had to go pretty far down
before any non-corporate giant could
be declared a winner. It’s the first time
we’ve asked the question in more than
a decade, and we had no idea it would
be so difficult to find a qualifying winner.
Which means Indy residents are having to
work even harder to find a local grocer
and local goods. Kinda bums us out,
actually., 100 locations
throughout Indiana and Ohio.
2nd: Georgetown Market
3rd: Goose the Market
Green Goods
We’ve changed the nomenclature over
the past 20 years, but no matter what
we call it, Good Earth in Broad Ripple
almost always wins as the Best Local Source
for Natural/Organic/Green Goods. Since
opening its doors in 1971, Good Earth has
been one of the city’s best (and, often,
only) options for buying products conducive
to a conscious-living lifestyle. Family-run
and neighborhood-friendly, the store has a
wide range of food items, as well as natural
Silver in the City/At Home in the City, Best Gift/Home Shop
body care, cosmetic and clothing options.
Just as important, the staff is as committed
to providing helpful, often educational,
information., 6350
Guilford Ave., 253-3709
2nd: Traders Point Creamery
3rd: Goose the Market
Farmer’s Market
Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market
gets better each summer, which is
probably why it has won Best Local
Farmer’s Market three years running.
Featuring more nearly 50 local vendors,
products vary weekly, but farm fresh,
often organic, fruits, vegetables and
flowers are available from spring until
fall, as well as a selection of meat and
dairy items. When the weather’s good
and the hangover’s mild, this is Broad
Ripple at its best—with plenty of great
food, live music and lively locals. Check
web site for complete schedule. Open
Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Located
behind Broad Ripple High School. www., 1115
Broad Ripple Ave., 251-3926
2nd: City Market
3rd: Indy Winter Market
This is the tenth time we’ve asked you to
vote on this one, and it’s the tenth time
you’ve named Long’s Bakery the Best
Local Bakery in Indy. And why not? Since
1955, the Long family has been making
the city’s best donuts by scratch every
morning – and they keep baking all day
long. In addition to donuts, there are
cakes, cookies, pastries and pies. Essentially
an institution, this is where your grandpa
took you on Saturday morning. The line
will seem a little longer when you go now,
but that yeast donut will still be just as
delicious as you remembered. 2300 W.
16th St., 632-3741
2nd: Taylor’s
3rd: Rene’s
Big Hat Books is going to need an awfully
big trophy case. This is the fifth consecutive
win as Best Local Book Store for Liz Barden
and her cozy little shop in Broad Ripple.
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
With a stock so carefully selected, it’s easy
to spend a good deal of time perusing
the shelves or mining the staff’s informed
opinions for a good read. But it’s not just
books that make Big Hat a winner. The bigname readings and book signings, mixed
with an impressive list of local authors, fill a
schedule rounded out with workshops and
book clubs., 6510
Cornell Ave., 202-0203
2nd: Bookmama’s
3rd: Kid’s Ink
Uhm, we’re sorry to repeat ourselves.
But you’ve voted McNamara the city’s
Best Local Florist 15 of 16 times, now.
We’re running out of new things to say.
If it hadn’t been for that one loss to
Posh Petals in 2008, we’d be cutting and
pasting our fool head’s off. With win
# 15, McNamara enters the BOI Hall of
Fame and continues to be our favorite
one-stop shop for beautiful bouquets.
Affordable cut flowers, as well as artistic
arrangements made-to-order, have kept
this family-run business a favorite Broad
Ripple business for more than 50 years., 1111 E. 61st
St. and six other area locations. 579-7900
2nd: Posh Petals
3rd: Watt’s Blooming
Third time’s a charm for Three Dog
Bakery as the Best Local Pet Store.
If you want to treat your pooch like a
prince (or princess), Three Dog Bakery
has two Indianapolis locations that offer
a large selection of goodies and more
practical items. You can pick up a box of
Bark ‘N’ Fetch Biscuits, or a party tray or
gift box for your next canine celebration
or puppy play date. The team at Three
Dog Bakery has consulted veterinarians,
breeders and pet-shop owners to create
treats and cookies from all-natural
ingredients that keep dogs both healthy
and happy., 844
Broad Ripple Ave., 466-1646 and 444
Massachusetts Ave., 238-0000
2nd: City Dogs
3rd: Purrs and Grrs
Luna Music, Best Music Store (Pictured: Owner Todd Robinson (center) and
his groovy Luna cohorts)
The store so nice they named it twice—
and you picked six times as a winner.
Silver in the City (At Home in the City)
is, apparently, unbeatable as the Best
Local Gift/Home Shop. Maybe it’s the
great Mass Ave location, or the amazing
selection of beautiful, quirky, eco-friendly,
artistic, original and (mostly) affordable
items you can’t wait to buy yourself,
those you love, and/or editors of your
favorite local alt-weekly lining the selves
of Kristen Kohn’s store that make you
swoon. Whatever the reason, Happy Sixth,
Silver!, 434
Massachusetts Ave., 866-955-9925
2nd: Global Gifts
3rd: Mass Ave Toys
Bike Shop
It’s the first win for Indy Cycle as Best
Bike Shop and a deserving one. As
the city garners more and more bike
enthusiasts, Indy Cycle is one of our
favorites as a shop where beginners
and pros alike are treated with respect
by a helpful staff dedicated to helping
you find what’s right for you. Need help
moving the little prince or princess up
from training wheels? This is the place.
Thinking about using the bike lanes to
commute to work instead of driving?
Start here.,
5804 E. Washington St., 356-5765
2nd: Bicycle Garage Indy
3rd: Bike Line
Auto Dealer
Butler Toyota/Scion has integrated
itself into the community both as a
result of being the largest Toyota dealer
in Indy and support/sponsorship of the
local music scene. For example, every
Thursday Butler Scion hosts a music and
art showcase featuring local bands, as
well as touring regional and national acts
at Locals Only in partnership with Indy
promoters and labels like A2 Industries,
My Old Kentucky Blog, Transpanther, Indy
Uprising and Standard Recording offering
great local music free of charge. For music
events check out www.butlerscionevents.
com; when you want a new car, check
out or visit
the dealership at their 96th and Keystone
location. 846-9600
2nd: Dreyer and Reinbold
3rd: Indy Honda
Penn Shell Automotive
Honest, Affordable, Quality Service
Since 1980
4841 Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Luna Music joins the five-time winner’s
circle this year. Great locations, groovy
staff, outstanding selection and eclectic
in-store programming seem to be the
secret. Indy’s home-grown music store
has two convenient locations near
where you hang out anyway, both
teeming with a large selection of new
and old vinyl, as well as CDs. The
listening stations throughout the store
are a great way to try out new music
and the staff is willing to help you
find something fresh. Don’t forget to
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
Metamorphosis, Best Tattoo/Piercing studio (Pictured: Artist Paul Breece)
top off your trip by grabbing a sticker
and smacking it on your bumper. It’s
like a hipster homing device. www., 5202 N. College Ave.,
283-5862 and 431 Massachusetts
Ave., 917-5862
2nd: Indy CD & Vinyl
3rd: Karma
Seven wins for Midland Antiques Mall
stretching all the way back to the mid-90s
as Best Local Antique Shop. Midland’s
size, however, means “shop” in this
case is actually a 40,000 sq ft historic
paradise for anyone with an eye for style,
whether it be artsy and modern or chic
and retro. More than 125 dealers boast
furniture, china, glassware, paintings and
more from both yesterday and today.
It’s best not to be in a rush here; the
best items are often a bit obscured at a
glance., 907 E.
Michigan St., 267-9005
2nd: Southport Antique Mall
3rd: Meridian Vintage
Adult Toys
Fifteen consecutive wins for Cirilla’s,
the store that used to be Pricillia’s, so
we aren’t sure there’s a whole lot new
for us to say about your Best Local Adult
Toy Store. Discreet, but not dingy, the
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
strip mall locations and gag-gift façade
take most of the stigma from shopping
for items to please yourself, your partner
or embarrass the hell out of a friend at
a bacholette party. It’s also a great date
night shopping stop, just in case you
want to pick up a few treats that might
go well with dessert.,
8601 Michigan Road, 228-9345 and
6971 W. Washington St., 241-3176
2nd: Tasty’s Gift Factory
3rd: Lover’s Lane
Tattoo/Piercing Studio
Metamorphosis is on an eight-year
winning streak as Best Tattoo/Piercing
Studio. With a prime Broad Ripple
location, professional staff, as well as one
of the most extensive selections of body
jewelry you’re likely to find anywhere,
Metamorphosis has earned the Best
of Indy designation. The shop features
six tattoo artists who are eager to pair
their creative energy with the desires
of the customer to develop the ideal
tattoo. Each artist has their own flavor,
their own flair, which can be seen in
the store’s expansive reference library,
flash gallery and custom artwork. www., 828 Broad Ripple
Ave., 466-1666
2nd: Artistic Skin Design
3rd: Skinquake
quality and quirky items that appeal
to just about anyone with an affinity
for previously worn items – particularly
those with a funky vibe or postmodern irony. Racks are stuffed, so be
prepared to do some digging. www., 824 E. 64th
St., 255-4135
2nd: Frankey’s
3rd: Leon Tailoring
Women’s Fashion
Magic Bus, Best Smoke Shop
Smoke Shop
Magic Bus won for Best Local Smoke
Shop, we think. We had to keep counting
this one over and over because about
half-way through each time, we forgot
what we were doing. Having expanded
the size of the store to nearly double,
improved the lighting and garnered
a bigger inventory – Magic Bus has
everything smokers need and plenty
non-smokers might enjoy. Plenty of
papers, pipes and props to improve or
enhance consumption, as well as a good
selection of clothing (some hemp, some
organic, most with funny/funky sayings
on the front), personal products made
from natural and organic ingredients,
all manner of incense, candles and
aromatherapy. 1073 Broad Ripple Ave.,
2nd: Twenty past four and more
3rd: High on a Hill
Men’s Fashion
Not sure what that says about men in
this town, but it does say that Broad
Ripple Vintage remains a staple in
the Indy fashion scene. Where else can
you or your guy find all the necessary
items for his wardrobe while remaining
fashionable and frugal? More than a
secondhand store, BR Vintage selects
Pitaya has been the favorite place for
women’s fashion in Indy four of the past
five years; but look out – Indy Swank
wasn’t far behind and its only been
open nine months. Pitaya is still holding
on to the top spot, however, thanks in
very large part to a constantly changing
inventory of fresh, stylish and mostly
affordable items. Trendy and tailored,
the selection is great and the staff is
helpful. It’s a great way to spend part
of any day when shopping in Broad
Ripple! Pitaya’s interior is just as bright
and shiny as the staff, which is always
willing to help out. www.pitayaonline.
com, 842 Broad Ripple Ave., 465-0000
2nd: IndySwank
3rd: Frankey’s
It’s the ninth consecutive win for Broad
Ripple Vintage, and it doesn’t look as
if they’ll be giving up the crown anytime
soon. The perpetual Doors soundtrack,
classic rock concert posters, paisley
print and that faint musty smell inside
of Broad Ripple Vintage gives you the
feeling that you’re not just shopping for
threads from the past, but that you have
actually travelled back in time to the
era of flower children and bell bottoms.
With an ever-changing selection, it’s the
perfect place to score a retro-inspired
look, find unique accessories or assemble
a last minute Halloween costume. Just
be sure that you have an ample amount
of time -- scouring the racks of clothing
could easily take up an entire afternoon., 824 E.
64th St., 255-4135
2nd: Value World/Village
3rd: Plato’s Closet
Broad Ripple Vintage, Best Men’s Fashion and Best Vintage Shop
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
Jordan YMCA, Best Health/Fitness Center
Day Spa
Philipe’s Day Spa returns to top place
after a five-year absence; but won six
straight years before the cold streak.
That’s because Philipé’s offers a fullbody spa experience by focusing on
holistic healing and relaxation. With a
dedicated staff providing personalized
care, including just the right products
and treatments, Phillipe’s is a welcome
escape from everyday stress and a
perfect way to reinvigorate the mind,
body and spirit. With a series of price
points and packages, even the smallest
budget can find big luxury. 4685 E. 82nd
St., 578-9900
2nd: The Villa Inn Spa
3rd: Studio 2000 Day Spa
Hair Salon
Snips of Irvington tied with Salon
Orange Moon this year, but took top
place this time. This shop in Historic
Irvington is a full-service salon where
owners Anthony Lineberry and Kevin
Edwards, along with their excellent staff
of designers and stylists, offer high-end
service in a neighborhood atmosphere.
Customers come from all over greater
Indianapolis to enjoy everything Snips
has to offer, with services catering to
hair (cut and style, perms and relaxers,
special occasions), skin (facials, waxing,
bronzing) and body (massage and
nails)., 5731 E.
Washington St., 356-2611
2nd: Salon Orange Moon
3rd: Running with Scissors
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
Yoga/Pilates Studio
It’s five times in a row for Invoke as the
favorite choice of NUVO readers looking
for a great yoga and Pilates studio with
affordable choices, friendly instructors
and beautiful atmosphere. The beautiful
old building, with its large windows and
high ceilings, the variety of classes and
the motivating without being annoying
instructors give Invoke the perfect vibe for
all levels of students. The web site provides
a complete schedule and good description
of classes, but the staff is always willing
to help consult as you make choices for
the class best-suited to your own skill and
interest level., 970
Fort Wayne Ave., 631-9642
2nd: City Yoga
3rd: Yoga Center
Health/Fitness Center
In one of the closest races in this year’s
Best of Indy contest, the northside
Jordan YMCA wins Best Local Health/
Fitness Center for the third time – but
only by a three-vote margin over NIFS.
The proximity to Broad Ripple, affordable
price, family-atmosphere, great schedule
of classes and helpful staff continue to
make Jordan YMCA a favorite option for
those looking to keep fit. It may not be
as glamorous or singles-oriented as some
of the other health clubs in town, but
then that’s probably why it keeps winning
this category., 8400
Westfield Blvd., 253-3206
2nd: NIFS
3rd: Athenaeum YMCA
Do you have Bipolar
Disorder Or mood
Perhaps you can help us!
The Indiana University
Medical Center Mood
Disorders Clinic is searching
for people between the
ages of 18-60 with bipolar
disorder or mood swings
to participate in a clinical
trial. Qualified participants
will receive medical and
psychiatric exams at no
cost. The study consists of
questionnaires and a brain
scan (MRI). At that time
participants have the option
to continue on for further
treatments with medication.
Risks associated with the
study will be disclosed prior
to study initiation.
India Garden
Best Ind
dian Cu
For more
information, call
Please leave your name and a phone
number at which you can easily be
For more information or to view our menu visit
To show our appreciation we offer the following coupons:
(Broad Ripple location also accepts competitor’s coupons)
75¢ Drafts
Price Industry Night
$1.50 Wells
Buy One Dinner Entree, Get a Second Entree 1/2 OFF
India Garden
(Dine in Only) Not Valid with Any Other Discounts
Expires 8/28/10
10% OFF Carry-Out Order
India Garden
(Excludes Lunch Buffet)
Expires 8/28/10
$1.00 OFF All You Can Eat Daily Lunch Buffet
India Garden
(Dine in Only) Not Valid with Any Other Discounts
Expires 8/28/10
BROAD RIPPLE 830 Broad Ripple Ave. 253-6060 DOWNTOWN 207 N Delaware St 634-6060
Best Of
King Dragon, Best Chinese Cuisine
There are no shortage of good and bad
Chinese restaurants in Indy, but the one
NUVO readers said they liked best this
year is the fairly new King Dragon in
Broad Ripple. Despite the bland strip
mall locale, the food is delicious and the
prices low to moderate. We recommend
the steamed veggie dumplings —
luscious green pockets bursting with
vegetable goodness: carrots, cabbage
and even minced broccoli—and the
Hunan triple delight. Also, the fried stuff
like Honey Chicken isn’t too greasy or
heavy. Don’t miss the wonton soup
either. 2134 E. 62nd St., 202-9378
2nd: Yen Ching
3rd: Naisa Pan-Asian
Another Broad Ripple, favorite Naked
Tchopstix boasts great sushi and a
great location right next to the Vogue.
The small café has a diverse menu of
appealing and accessible sushi for vets
and rookies alike. Don’t be afraid to
customize the menu to your taste, but
feel free to pick from the menu options
that are easy and rarely disappointing.
Sushi isn’t the only choice here, a plus
for those who’d rather have their food
well done. Throw in great atmosphere
and a friendly staff and you’ve got one
of the best restaurants in Indy. 6255 N.
College Ave., 252-5555
2nd: Sakura
3rd: Taki
yellows of curry that is as stimulating to
the eye as the palate. This year’s Best Thai
option, Siam Square is just as good for
lunch as dinner. Staple soups include the
spicy thom yum and the silky thom kah
gai For a searing midday meal, try the
Siam ginger plate lunch special, served
with a spring roll to help douse the
flames. Return in the evening to sample
a considered pairing from the dinner
menu and selective beer or wine lists.
For dessert, spoil your taste buds with an
order of roti rolls – pan-fried flatbread
smothered in sticky icing. Moderately
priced, exceedingly delicious. www., 936 Virginia Ave.,
2nd: Thai Café
3rd: Jasmine Thai
India Garden, Best Indian Cuisine
Fifteen-time winner India Garden
continues its domination as the Best
Indian Restaurant in Indy. A culinary
adventure worth taking for those looking
to expand their horizons through culture
and flavor. Navigating the menu is easy
with thorough descriptions of the exotic
samplings, the only hard part is deciding
on which mouth-watering dish to try.
Tandoori ovens and Northern Indian
spices make the dishes burst with flavor
and melt with tenderness. Make sure to
include a mango lassi in your order; the
tropical frozen drink is a delicious staple
of Indian tradition. www.indiagardenindy.
com, 830 Broad Ripple Ave., 253-6060
and 207 N. Delaware St., 634-6060
2nd: Shalimar
3rd: Taj of India
Siam Square, Best Thai Cuisine
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
A Fountain Square favorite, Siam
Square serves up authentic, flavorful,
fiery Thai dishes in a contemporary
space decked in the red, orange and
There are many great Italian restaurants
in Indy, but NUVO readers can’t seem
to break the Mama Carolla’s Old
Italian habit. Good food and excellent
ambiance, Mama’s provides a great
dining experience for families, friends and
couples (Spoiler alert: It won as the most
romantic restaurant in town, too) Smokefree dining, inside and out, makes it easy
to enjoy your meal from start to finish.
Add a glass of wine (or the whole bottle),
a little grated parmesan, and you’re in for
a wonderful meal and evening. www., 1031 E. 54th St.,
2nd: Iaria’s
3rd: Ambrosia
Now t h e la rg e s t b uf f e t s e l e c t i o n i n t ow n !
Daily Lunch Buffet: 11am-2:30 pm
Dinner: Mon-Thurs. 5-10 pm, Fri. 5:00-10 pm
Sat. 2:30-10 pm, Sun. 2:30-9:30 pm
10% OFF
Carry out or Dine In
One Coupon Per Table.
Not Valid With Any Other Offer.
Only valid on menu order.
Expires 8/28/10
Sunday & Daily Lunch Buffet: 11:30am-2:30 pm
Dinner: Mon-Fri. 5-10 pm, Sat. 2:30-10 pm
Sun. 2:30-9:30 pm
$1.00 OFF
Buy one dinner entree
& get the 2nd entree
One Coupon Per Table. Dine In Only.
Not Valid With Any Other Offer
Up to $10.00. Dine In Only.
Not Valid With Any Other Offer
Daily lunch buffet
Expires 8/28/10
1/2 OFF
Expires 8/28/10
Catering for private parties! Call for carryout! | THE SPOT for vegan and vegetable dishes! (non-veggie too!)
Come in for our Sunday dinner buffet! | Up to 250 people banquet hall for parties or conferences
Saffron Café, Best North African/Middle Eastern Cuisine
Everyone has a favorite Mexican
restaurant, and for the past four years
NUVO readers have picked La Hacienda
as the best in town. Cheap, authentic,
delicious—you can’t go wrong with
this family-run restaurant. The large
portions go great with a pitcher of
Texas Margaritas, made strong with that
traditional citrus kick. Lunch specials and
Happy Hour offer great deals for those
looking for a lighter meal or a round of
drinks. Sit inside to enjoy playful murals,
or outside to enjoy the weather. www., 6825 Graham Road,
317-577-2689; 3874 Lafayette Road,
317-290-0755; and 6429 E. Washington
St., 357-8084
2nd: El Sol de Tala
3rd: La Piedad
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
Santorini Greek Kitchen, this year’s
top place as Best Greek/Mediterranean
Restaurant, is win number eight for one
of Fountain Square’s most vibrant eateries.
Before we forget, make sure you have
galaktaboureko for dessert. Seriously.
Other than that, we recommend just
about anything else on the menu.
Spanakopita, souvlaki, saganaki are all
tasty, and while the Tomato Balls might
look more like pancakes, they still burst
with flavor. Belly dancers perform on
Friday and Saturday nights, so make
reservations as the tables fill up fast.
Settle down for a long meal because the
portions are enormous, leaving even the
biggest appetite fully satisfied. Full bar;
1417 Prospect St., 917-1117
2nd: Greek Island
3rd: Hellas Café
Middle Eastern/No. African
Saffron Café offers a wide variety
of delicious North African (mostly
Moroccan) cuisine; and can best be
described as a circus for the senses. We
recommend the delicate and delicious
saffron rice foremost, but the Antipasto
Plate, a combination of three appetizers:
hummus, zaalouk and bakoula served
with mild feta cheese and pita wedges is
high on the list as well. You might also
try one of two specialty dishes: a Kafta
Sandwich, finger rolls of finely ground,
deeply seasoned and char-grilled beef
served on an open-face pita and the
Couscous Royale, a medley of vegetables
served over couscous and steamed in a
clay pot., 621
Fort Wayne Ave., 917-0131
2nd: Bosphorus
3rd: Mediterrano Café
English/Celtic Pub Food
One of the best pubs in the city,
particularly if you like Irish atmosphere,
hospitality and beer, Claddagh also
has Indy’s best fish n’ chips, according
Boogie Burger, Best Hamburger
to NUVO readers. It uses Wild Pacific
Cod fillets, coated with a special Bass
Ale batter and then cooked to a golden
brown perfection and served with pub
chips, cole slaw and a creamy and dreamy
tartar sauce. Our mouths are watering just
thinking about it. Most everything is good
here, particularly when accompanied by
a Guinness, and there’s a great take-out
menu as well! www.claddaghirishpubs.
com, 234 S. Meridian St., 822-6274
2nd: Chatham Tap
3rd: Union Jack’s
r e s t a u r a n t
Fine Peruvian Cuisine & Seafood
Specializing in ethnic menus, seafood
and vegetarian options.
Private party room available.
$6.99 Lunch Special
Monday-Friday 11am-3pm
One coupon per person • Expires 8/28/2010
5356 W. 38 St. • Indianapolis, IN
Shapiro’s has been the favorite deli
of NUVO readers for at least 20 years,
and won this category every single
time we’ve taken your votes. According
to the folks at Shapiro’s, they’ve only
had a few simple goals since the place
opened more than a century ago: “Cook
good. Serve generously. Price modestly.
People will come.” They might be on
to something. The food is delicious, the
portions are huge, the prices are mostly
modest and the place is always packed.
You can dine in or carry out; but don’t
miss the bakery items either way.
Cheescake is much better for you than
corned beef., 808 S.
Meridian St., 631-4041
2nd: Goose the Market
3rd: Ripple Bagel Deli
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
Boogie Burger rocks, plain and
simple. So it came to no surprise to us
that NUVO readers voted it home to
the Best Burger in Indy. Broad Ripple’s
little dining-car-of-a-restaurant-thatcould does lots of things well. There’s
a basic burger that rookies might want
to start with, but don’t wait long to
venture into the condiment options
which are all dwarfed by the bacon, but
still good. Veggies and vegans don’t
dismay. The black bean and soy options
at Boogie Burger are excellent. Don’t
forget an order of garlic fries or onion
rings., 977 E.
Westfield Blvd., 255-2540
2nd: Scotty’s Brewhouse
3rd: Bub’s Burgers & Ice Cream
And the award for the longest winning
streak of NUVO Best of Indy awards in
our 20-year history goes to…Bazbeaux
Pizza. One of only two questions we’ve
asked every single year, NUVO readers
have never selected anything other
than Bazbeaux as the city’s Best Pizza.
In addition to excellent locations (Mass
Ave and Broad Ripple) and terrific staff,
what makes Bazbeaux so enjoyable is the
variety of options. Pour over a massive
list of ingredients and craft your own
masterpiece, or skip the work and choose
one of the standard favorites like the
Basilica, which drops tomato sauce for
pesto, adds black olives and sun-dried
tomatoes, and finishes off with feta cheese., 811 E. Westfield Blvd.
and 334 Massachusetts Ave., 255-5711
2nd: Jockamo
3rd: Some Guys
Makes sense that the Best Burrito in
the city can be found at the same place
NUVO readers voted Best Mexican
Restaurant this year. Which is exactly why
La Hacienda wins this award too! Sure
they may not be as big as your head, but
these burritos really do hit the spot like no
other. Standard bean, beef and cheese
options are punctuated with authentic
and aromatic seasoning the never drowns
out the basic goodness. Don’t forget a
pitcher of Texas Margaritas to wash those
burritos down with! www.lahaciendaindy.
com, 6825 Graham Road, 317-577-2689;
3874 Lafayette Road, 317-290-0755; and
6429 E. Washington St., 357-8084
2nd: La Bamba
3rd: Cancun
Indianapolis’ first steakhouse has also been
chosen as its best time and time again by
NUVO readers. This is the tenth win for
St. Elmo’s Steakhouse, and we have
no doubt that it will not be the last. This
downtown institution has been serving
perfectly cooked steaks exactly the way
patrons ask for them for more than one
hundred years (not to mention a host of
other delicious dishes and the best shrimp
cocktail on the planet). While the choices
are traditional, that’s not necessarily a bad
thing. Why mess with success? Classic
steakhouse food served in an upscale
saloon atmosphere works just fine. www., 127 S. Illinois St., 635-0636
2nd: Sullivan’s
3rd: Morton’s
If you check over in the Music and
Nightlife BOI categories, you’ll find that
Scotty’s Brewhouse won Best Bar
Food, as well as Best Drink Specials and
Best Bar for Sports Fans. And what do
sports fans who like drink specials and
bar food want to eat? Hot Wings, of
course! And Scotty’s has some pretty
damn good ones—the Best Wings in the
city according to NUVO readers. Make
sure to try a variety of homemade sauces
including brew, barbeque and honey
mustard – offered in varying degrees of
hotness., 1
Virginia Ave., 571-0808
2nd: Just wingin’ it
3rd: Chatham Tap
Pork Tenderloin
For more than 150 years, Hoosiers have
been flocking to the Indiana State
Fairgrounds at 38th and Fall Creek
Boulevard to sample the best of things
local. Food is no exception, and in
addition to elephant ears, candy apples,
turkey legs, corn on the cob and lemon
shakeups – apparently the pork tenderloin
sandwich ranks pretty high for NUVO
readers as well. This year’s State Fair
takes place August 6-22 and the theme is
“Year of the Pig.” Not sure if “Best Pork
Tenderloin” is good news or bad news for
said piggies, but it’s delicious news for the
2nd: Mug-n-Bun
3rd: Bourbon Street
Hubbard and Cravens is the
Meridian-Kessler and Broad Ripple coffee
shop serving more than customers—it
serves friends and neighbors some of
the best coffee in the world right in our
favorite neighborhoods. With a dual
commitment to quality and community,
Hubbard and Cravens provide a welcome
respite from cookie-cutter chain shops
and the patchouli-scented trendier ones.
This is a great place to bring your laptop
and your yearning for an excellent cup
of coffee. Friendly conversations are
optional and almost always available.
Don’t miss the fresh baked goods,
4930 N. Penn. St., 251-5161 & 6229
Carrollton Ave., 803-4155
2nd: Lazy Daze
3rd: Monon
Indiana State Fair, Best Place for Summer Treats
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
Café Patachou, Best Brunch/Breakfast
Café Patachou won the last time
we asked this question back in 2006
as well. Billing itself as the “student
union for adults since 1989,” Café
Patachou’s original location at the corner
of Pennsylvania and 49th Street in the
Meridian-Kessler neighborhood has been
serving up some of the most delicious
breakfast and brunch options, quickly
and mostly affordably, for more than two
decades. Now with a family of dining
establishments, including Napolese and
Petit Chou, the orginal Patachou (now
with an expanded dining room and snazzy
outdoor patio) is a neighborhood kitchen
with sophisticated tastes. Take a morning
to taste for yourself. www.cafepatachou.
com, 4911 N. Pennsylvania St., 925-2823
2nd: Le Peep
3rd: Taste
and white chocolate shavings), The Bee’s
Knee’s (light honey pear cupcake scented
with ginger and topped with honey
buttercream)… we could go on, and on,
and on. Menu changes daily, if not hourly,
which is why we recommend frequent
visits. And be prepared to wait in line
occasionally. The Best Desserts in the city
are popular. www.theflyingcupcakebakery.
com, 5617 N. Illinois St. and 715
Massachusetts Ave., 396-2696
2nd: Circle City Sweets
3rd: Holy Cow! Cupcakes
Late Night Option
No better way to score with your hottest
neighbor after the bars close than to
head over or call up Broad Ripple’s
favorite pizza joint Hot Box for some late
night craving satisfaction. The pies are
delicious as the names are imaginative:
The Popeye, Hot Chick, Big Al’s Fredo and
(our favorite) the Dixie Chicken. While
there are a few stores around town (and
one in West Lafayette), we still like the BR
location best – and so do NUVO readers
who voted it the best option for latenight munchies. Plus those ubiquitous
plastic cups are always a cool bonus!
www,, 715 Broad
Ripple Ave., 257-7500
2nd: Peppy’s Grill
3rd: La Bamba
The Flying Cupcake, Best Desserts
best of indy guide // 2010 // NUVO // 100% recycled paper
Come to The Flying Cupcake for dreamy
treats with names like What’s up Doc?
(moist carrot cake packed with coconut and
raisins topped with velvety cream cheese),
Chocolate Ganache (chocolate cupcake
topped with a rich chocolate ganache
It’s pretty handy that Yats, the restaurant
voted as the best in the city, is also
winning awards for its affordability and its
vegetarian options. Maybe that’s because
Joe Vuskovich and his crew love equally
and want to make sure everyone gets a
chance to eat some of the best creole
food anywhere outside of New Orleans,
served by the friendliest guys and gals
your bound to meet. Each day brings a
new set of six to ten menu items, and
that means there are always a vegetarian
or vegan option available. At only $5.50,
it’s a steal.,
659 Massachusetts Ave., 317-686-6380
and 5463 N. College Ave., 253-8817
2nd: Three Sisters
3rd: Café Patachou
Upscale Dining
Nothing feels quite as fancy or grown
up as putting on the suit, picking up a
date and heading downtown for a nice
dinner for two. And no other restaurant
in the city provides a better upscale dining
experience than St. Elmo’s Steakhouse,
according to NUVO readers again this year.
This is the fourth time in five years that St.
Elmo’s has won this award, and it probably
won’t be the last. A downtown dining
staple for 100+ years, it’s destined to be
a favorite for many years to come. www., 127 S. Illinois St., 635-0636
2nd: R Bistro
3rd: Harry & Izzy’s
Budget-minded Dining
The Best Cheap Eats in Indy for eight
straight years – NUVO readers love
Yats! Which means you might have
to wait in line behind a bunch of other
people hungry for delicious Cajun and
Creole offerings for under six bucks. But
the wait is worth it. This is soul food in
a soulful place and you will only be a
stranger once. Mardi Gras lasts all year,
but the menu changes daily. After you’ve
decided on your dish comes the hard
part, deciding which of the nine different
types of hot sauce you’re going to cover
your plate with. www.yatscajuncreole.
com, 659 Massachusetts Ave., 317686-6380 and 5463 N. College Ave.,
2nd: Mug-n-Bun
3rd: Boogie Burger
Mama Carolla’s, Best Romantic Dining
Romantic Dining
Mama Carolla’s Old Italian in Broad
Ripple is, hands-down, the most romantic
restaurant in the city, primarily because
it oozes ambiance. From the twinkling
lights to heavy wood accents, all housed
in what actually feels like a house,
there’s something cozy and refreshing
about a visit to Mama’s in this case. The
reasonable prices mean it’s affordable for
two, even with a good bottle of wine to
complement the traditional Italian menu.
When the weather permits, take your
date to the patio dining room for an
even more romantic evening. (And don’t
forget about their new café next door
for breakfast – Good Morning Mama’s!), 1031 E. 54th St.,
2nd: Eagle’s Nest
3rd: Jazz Kitchen
St. Elmo’s Steakhouse, Best Steak and Upscale Dining
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
Yats, Best Local Restaurant (Pictured: Owner Joe Vuskovich (right) and righthand man Philip Kincaid a.k.a Spill.
Wait staff
Serving downtown patrons since 1902
means that the folks at St. Elmo’s
Steakhouse not only know how
to deliver excellent meals to satisfied
customers, they can also help you make
the best selection. It’s also why NUVO
readers believe the Best Wait Staff in
Indy can be found at St. Elmo’s and
have voted the same for five consecutive
years! Helping guests every step of the
way from deciding which cut of meat to
enjoy or which of the several thousand
award-winning wines to pair with their
meals. Known for the classic turn-of-thecentury Chicago saloon style décor, St.
Elmo offers an upscale experience with
excellent service., 127
S. Illinois St., 635-0636
2nd: Bazbeaux
3rd: Scotty’s Brewhouse
Wine list
Broad Ripple’s Corner Wine Bar brings
a little bit of Paris bistro to an otherwise
very Midwestern corner. NUVO readers
have been so impressed they’ve voted
it as having the Best Wine List a total
of eight times, going back to an early
win in 1995. With over 150 wines and
champagnes to choose from, this tiny
bistro has something for every taste
and budget. Thankfully, this includes
several excellent house wines. They also
feature a menu that is both imaginative
and a perfect as an accompaniment to
the wine. A bit pricey, but excellent and
well-worth the splurge. Desserts here are
delicious. 6331
Guilford Ave., 255-5159
2nd: Euphoria
3rd: Northside Social
Tasting Room/Brew Pub
Voted the Best Tasting Room/Brew Pub in
Indy during its first year of being open,
the Sun King tasting room on North
College has quickly become a hub for
local beer lovers and micro brewers to
hang out, talk beer, drink beer and take
beer home when they go! As of July
4, that includes Sundays in Indiana for
the first time since Prohibition! While
the tasting room has wacky hours, the
web site spells it all out. Beer menus are
always changing, though some favorites
are fairly standard. Come thirsty and
open to trying some new tastes. www., 135 N. College
Ave., 602-3701
2nd: Broad Ripple Brewpub
3rd: Brugge
New Restaurant
There’s a lot of good pizza in this city and
a lot of good new restaurants. But when
our food critic Jennifer Litz reviewed Neal
Brown’s new Pizzology for the first time,
she described herself as “a lovestruck
schoolgirl with singular attentions” who
“eschewed all the wonderful possible
permutations of salads, soups and pasta
dishes on the menu for the seemingly
endless artisan pies.” Litz’s love sickness is
highly contagious. We don’t know anyone
who isn’t raving about it. Seriously. You
can get a delicious pie for under $20, but
you’re going to be one of many, many
others with the same craving, so be patient., 13190 Hazel Dell
Parkway (Carmel), 844-2554
2nd: Scotty’s Lakehouse
3rd: Northside Social
Best of the Best
The food is good, the vibe is great, the
people are awesome and the party seems
perpetually underway. No matter which
Yats location you drop in to, you’ve
stumbled upon the favorite restaurant
of NUVO readers and the one they’ve
voted Best Restaurant in Indy for four of
the past five years. It’s also the one they
named as having the best vegetarian
options and being easiest on the wallet
again this year. You won’t leave Yats
hungry; and if you leave friendless, you’re
probably an ass to begin with. The menu
changes daily, check the chalkboard for
choices and be prepared to sink into
some delicious and affordable Cajun
goodness., 659
Massachusetts Ave., 317-686-6380 and
5463 N. College Ave., 253-8817
2nd: St. Elmo’s
3rd: Mama Carolla’s
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
$3.25 Indiana Beers
$2 Well Drinks
$4 Long Islands
$6 Martinis
Your Choice of 5 Bottles
$12 Domestic Buckets
$18 Import Buckets
$18 Summer Buckets
$3 Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers
& Greyhounds
total First place wins
1991 - 2010
but Disqualified
While we want to keep the NUVO Best of Indy Reader’s Poll focused on the best in local,
independent businesses, we do recognize that some of our favorite stores and yours are corporate
chains. Several big-vote getters this year were disqualified for their lack of localness, but still
worthy of some attention.
Fresh Market 95 stores in18 states
Whole Foods 273 stores in 38 states
Trader Joes 341 stores in 24 states
Kroger 2,500 stores in 31 states
Half-price Books: 100 stores in 15 states
Lifetime Fitness: 85 locations in 19 states
LA Fitness: 300+ locations in 15+ states
BWs/BW3: 650 locations in 42 states
PF Changs: 200+ locations around the world
Cheesecake Factory: 150 locations throughout the U.S.
Melting Pot: 140+ locations throughout the U.S.
Howl at the Moon: 12 locations in 8 states.
Qdoba: wholly owned by Jack in the Box, Corp.
Chipotle: wholly owned by McDonalds, Corp.
Oceanaire : wholly owned by Lawry’s Corp
29 Slippery Noodle INN
15 Cirilla’s
19 Bazbeaux Pizza
14 Children’s Museum
18 Crackers comedy
14 Jazz Kitchen
18 St Elmo’s steakhouse
13 Yats
18 The vogue
11 Heartland Film Festival
15 Alley Cat
15 India Garden
10 Shapiro’s Deli
15 Broad Ripple Brewpub
10 BroadRipple VillAGE
15 MacNamara FLORIST
10 Long’s Bakery
Indiana Pacers
After winning the first ten years we
conducted the Best of Indy poll, the Pacers
have continued to slip down the list over
the past decade. They haven’t been able
to get past the Colts since 2004, and this
year they managed to place sixth – behind
the Colts, Fever, Indians, Ice and Sirens
as Indy’s Best Pro Sports Team. Perhaps,
someone needs to spend a little of that CIB
money on public relations).
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
Best Museum: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
Best Art Gallery: Stutz Art Space
Best Performing Arts Group: Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Best Comedy venue/group: Crackers
Best Theatre: Indiana Repertory Theater
Best Film Festival: Heartland Film Festival
Best Outdoor Festival: Broad Ripple Art Fair
Best Public Art Installation: “LOVE” (Robert Indiana),
Best Cultural District: Broad Ripple
Best Public Park: Downtown Canal/White River State Park
Best House of Worship: St. Luke’s UMC
Best College/University: Butler University
Best Blog/Web site: IndyMojo
Best Radio Station: WTTS 92.3
Best Radio Personality: Dave Smiley, WZPL
Best Television Station: WTHR-13 (NBC)
Best News Anchor/Reporter: Andrea Morehead, WTHR
Best Trafffic Reporter: Mimi Pearce, WTHR
Best Sports Reporter: Dave Calabro, WTHR
Best Weather Forecaster: Angela Buchman, WISH
Best Pro Sports Team: Indianapolis Colts
Best Amateur Sports Team: Naptown Roller Girls
Best College Sports Team: Butler Bulldogs
Best Place to Volunteer: Indianapolis Humane Society
Best Charitable Event: Mutt Strut
Best Artist/Group: Jennie DeVoe
Best Blues Atist/Group: Max Allen Band
Best Hip Hop Artist/Group: Mudkids
Best Jazz Artist/Group: Rob Dixon
Best Metal Artist/Group: Devil to Pay
Best Punk/Hardcore Artist/group: Zero Boys
Best Rock Artist/Group: Stereo Deluxe
Best Roots Artist/Group: Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Best Club DJ: Slater Hogan
Best Live Music Venue (Bar/Club) Radio Radio
Best Live Music Venue (Theater/Amphitheater): The Vogue
Best Live Music Venue (All ages): Murat Egyptian Room
Best Mid-week Venue: Jazz Kitchen
Best Dance Floor: The Vogue
Best Open Mic Night: Slippery Noodle Inn
Best Karaoke: Living Room Lounge
Best Jukebox: Alley Cat
Best Billiards/Pool: Alley Cat
Best Place to People Watch: Alley Cat
Best Bartenders: Melody Inn
Best Drink Specials: Scotty’s Brewhouse
Best Bar Food: Scotty’s Brewhouse
Best Place for Sports Fans: Scotty’s Brewhouse
Best Place for Suits: Nicky Blaine’s
Best place for Punks: Melody Inn
Best place for Hipsters: Mousetrap
Best Ultra-Lounge: Blu
Best GBLT club/bar: Talbott Street
Best Place for Hooking Up: Alley Cat
Best Place for a Lap Dance: PT’s Showclub
Best Indiana Beer: Sun King Brewery
Best Indiana Wine: Oliver Winery
Best Liquor/Wine Retailer: Kahn’s
Best Grocery: Marsh/O’Malia
Best Natural/Organic/Local Selection: Good Earth
Best Farmer’s Market: Broad Ripple
Best Bakery/Sweets: Long’s Bakery
Best Book Store: Big Hat Books
Best Music Store: Luna Music
Best Florist: McNamara Florist
Best Home/Gift Store: Silver in the City
Best Pet Store: Three Dog Bakery
Best Bike Shop: Indy Cycle
Best Auto Dealer: Butler Scion
Best Men’s Fashion: Broad Ripple Vintage
Best Women’s Fashion: Pitaya
Best Vintage/Consignment Fashion: Broad Ripple Vintage
Best Vintage/Antiques Home: Midland Antiques
Best Spa: Philipe’s Day Spa
Best Hair Salon: Snips of Irvington
Best Yoga/Pilates Studio: Invoke
Best Health/Fitness Center: YMCA Jordan
Best Tattoo/Piercing Studio: Metamorphosis
Best Smoke Shop: Magic Bus
Best Adult Toy Store: Cirilla’s
Best Chinese: Yen Ching
Best Japanese: Naked Tchopstix
Best Thai: Siam Square
Best Indian: India Garden
Best Italian Restaurant: Mama Carolla’s
Best Mexican/Spanish: La Hacienda
Best Greek/Mediterranean: Santorini
Best Middle Eastern/No. African Restaurant: Saffron Café
Best Pub Food: Claddagh Irish Pub
Best Delicatessen: Shapiro’s
Best Burgers: Boogie Burger
Best Pizza: Bazbeaux
Best Burrito: La Hacienda
Best Steak: St. Elmo’s
Best Seafood: Kona Jack’s
Best Wings: Scotty’s Brewhouse
Best Pork Tenderloin Sandwich: Indiana State Fair
Best Desserts: The Flying Cupcake
Best Coffeehouse: Hubbard & Cravens
Best Breakfast/Brunch: Café Patachou
Best Late Night: Hot Box Pizza
Best Vegan/Vegetarian: Yats
Best Upscale Dining: St Elmo’s
Best Budget-minded Dining: Yats
Best Romantic Dining: Mama Carolla’s
Best Wait Staff: St Elmo’s
Best Wine List: Corner Wine Bar
Best Brew Pub/Tasting Room: Sun King
Best New Restaurant: Pizzology
Best Restaurant: Yats
100% recycled paper // NUVO // 2010 // best of indy guide
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