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halloween - Goodwill
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Unique costume ideas for the entire family!
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Strap on a pair of black boots paired with a
striped tee and vest and you’re almost there!
Wear an eye patch and a bandana to complete
this classic Halloween look. Arrrgh!
Find a solid color sweat suit. Use paint or marker
to print the word “Crayon” down front of shirt.
Create a pointed hat with construction paper,
staple a string on it to stay put. You can even paint
your face in the same color scheme!
A classic Halloween costume. Pair overalls with
a flannel shirt. Patches add a nice touch to the
overalls, and place straw in the pockets of the
overalls and in your hat.
Make a do-it-yourself zombie outfit with a tattered,
dirty shirt with multiple tears; loose-fitting, tattered
pants with multiple holes; tattered, dirty shoes. Use
safety pins or glue gun to affix branches and leaves
all over. Finish it with face paint to create grey skin,
black-rimmed eyes and bloody accents.
Easy breezy to make a do-it-yourself vampire! You
simply need a white dress shirt, dark pants, a dark
cape if you can find it. Finish it with fangs, face paint
to create pale skin, dark eyes and bloody red lips.
Top Chef
Become the top chef in your kitchen with an apron,
rolling pin and a chef’s hat. Add a dusting of flour
for that perfect finish.
Match a dark pin striped suit with a white tie,
dress shoes, and fedora hat. Add a white or red
carnation in the lapel for extra touch.
This one’s all about the attitude!
Where’s Waldo?
Be the lovable guy everyone is searching for by
donning a few simple pieces you can find at Goodwill!
Red-and-white striped shirt, jeans, red snow hat,
black-rimmed glasses. Accessorize with a camera with
strap and a cane (an umbrella would also work ).
Mad scientist
Wear a white jacket splattered with paint and
black pants. Put powder on your face and create
black shadows around your eyes. Make your hair
stick up and get big black glasses. Accessorize
with some beakers or other science stuff!
Little Farmer
Find overalls, straw hat and a flannel shirt.
Complete the look with a toy pitchfork or shovel
and some plush animals.
Morton Salt
Shop for a yellow dress or rain jacket with a pair of
yellow flats. Don’t have yellow flats? Any color pair
will work. Just spray paint a pair from Goodwill
yellow. Make sure to carry an umbrella and a
container of Morton Salt!
One of the easiest costumes. Buy a set of clothes a
size too small, collar shirt with it buttoned all the way
up, and pants pulled up too high, over white socks
and Grandpa shoes. Add a pocket protector, fake zits,
and gel in your hair to make it look extra-geeky.
‘80s Girl
Katniss Everdeen
The Hunger Games
For everyone who can’t leave the ‘80s behind!
Find an oversized, off-the shoulder sweatshirt,
tank top, footless tights and leg warmers.
And don’t forget to tease, tease, tease!
May the odds ever be in your favor with this
costume! Grab a brown leather jacket, black t-shirt,
black pants, boots, and a bow & arrow.
The American
Grab a Hawaiian shirt, add some Bermuda shorts
and sandals. Accessorize with a visor and camera
(or two) around your neck. For a funny effect, stuff
the butt of your pants for the extra-dorky look.
Find or make some brochures and tickets to stuff in
your pockets and you’re good to go!
Katy Perry
BE KATY. Shop for a one piece bathing suit or
tank top tucked into a pair of jean shorts. A black
wig is necessary to transform you into a star
overnight. Add jewelry and a flower to give it that
Cali girl feel!