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Managing Energy Use in the Office
The prototype of Green Office enables the automated control of energy consumption in the office. All devices and
computers are connected to intelligent sockets which are monitored and controlled remotely via ZigBee protocol.
In this way, you can observe actual power usage of every single device and also control them remotely, for example,
by adjusting light intensity.
The energy management settings are assigned to employees’ personal profiles. For instance, when an employee enters
the room, lights are adapted according to the profile settings and an appropriate computer is switched on.
Green Office highlights:
• Remote wireless control of devices using the ZigBee protocol,
• Fine-grained monitoring and control with the use of intelligent sockets enabling energy consumption
measurements and device steering, e.g. switching on/off, adapting light intensity, and more,
• Remote management of computers using standard WakeOnLan technology and lightweight software
• Easy control of the office environment using touch screen,
• Seamless adaptation of the office to users’ profiles taking advantage of the RFID technology.
Green IT Control and Management Platform
Gicomp is a system that enables fine-grained monitoring and control of energy consumed by computers and devices
in distributed environments.
Main features of Gicomp:
Scalability and support for wide area networks
Centralized energy use management
Taking advantage of the XMPP protocol, system components can be deployed in wide area networks and in the
Gicomp allows configuration of monitor and computer stand-by/suspend time, remote switch on/off/suspend
of computers both on-demand and according to the defined schedule.
• Cross platform
Support forWindows, Linux and Mac OS X.
• Power usage statistics
Gicomp provides statistics concerning actual power usage and energy use for each node based on metering
devices or aestimation methods.
• Rich user interface
Easy to use web user interfaces.
See more: http://apps.man.poznan.pl/gicomp
Mateusz Jarus, [email protected]
Ewa Kowalczuk, [email protected]
Michał Madziar, [email protected]
Ariel Oleksiak, [email protected]
Michał Witkowski, [email protected]

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