CHINA and CROATIA - Facts about Herbalife



CHINA and CROATIA - Facts about Herbalife
US Edition No. 081
open for business!
Herbalife’s 52nd and 53rd countries
Surviving the “Eating Season”
Your guide to guilt-free holidays
Expanding Brand Awareness
Herbalife makes a strong impression
Our Founding Philosophy
“We need to be grateful for our health, for the products we have, for
Herbalife, for our families and for the kind of income that we earn.
What we have is so special, and we should never take it for granted.”
– Mark Hughes
For more than 20 years Herbalife has been affecting
people around the world. It’s incredible to think
about the success stories we have seen and
heard because of the products and the business
opportunity. Millions of lives have been changed
because one man–Mark Hughes–had a dream.
Few of us are aware of the moment that destiny sets
a series of events into motion. For Mark, there was
no question. The challenge came at age 18 when his
mother died after years of unsafe dieting practices.
The goal for Mark was clear–find a way to help
people not suffer the same fate as his mom. To that
end, he committed himself to finding a safe and
effective way for people to lose weight, and at the
same time offering a financial opportunity to those
who wanted a better life.
Mark learned everything he could about nutrition,
herbs and dieting. And he mastered the business of
multilevel marketing. As a result, he developed the
best weight-loss products and marketing plan in the
industry. Soon after, Mark started selling Formula 1
on street corners in Los Angeles, and he talked to
anyone who would listen. His marketing tools were
simple–the product, the marketing plan and the
“Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How™” button. Any
obstacles Mark faced in the early days only made
him work harder because he saw a future no one
else even imagined.
Mark’s limitless imagination, boundless energy
and enthusiasm, and his unwavering belief in the
products and the opportunity, were what captured
the spirit of everyone who wanted to be a part of
Herbalife. Mark may have had the dream, but it was
his Distributors that helped him turn his business into
a multibillion-dollar international company.
It is our responsibility to carry on what Mark started.
Distributor by Distributor and customer by customer,
we can take this dream beyond even what Mark
could have ever imagined.
Herbalife’s Retail Business in China
Now Open!
More than 21 years after Mark Hughes’ first visit to China to
study herbs, Herbalife is selling its products in this country of
more than one billion, through dedicated shops owned by
Herbalife Retailers. That’s correct–“Retailers.” In China, unlike
every other country in which Herbalife does business, multilevel marketing and direct sales are prohibited, so there are no
Distributors; Herbalife only has Retailers and what are known as
Privileged Customers in China.
Important Guidelines
Having a retail-based Herbalife business in China represents a
significant investment. It requires a permanent, fixed location,
which cannot be a home. It’s okay to have multiple retail
locations, but it is important to bear in mind that all selling must
take place at these retail locations–not even on the street or in
a private house! Also, no foreigners may conduct business in
China. To make sure that we can still pay commissions on retail
sales, a China-specific Business Plan has been established.
The Herbalife products which Retailers will sell in China include:
■ Formula 1 Protein Drink Mix
■ Xtra-Cal™
■ Formula 2 Multivitamin–
■ Thermo-Bond®
■ Dinoshake®
Mineral & Herbal Tablets
■ Mega Garlic Plus
■ Dinomins
Respected, High-Quality Product Line
Since we manufacture our own products in China, Herbalife’s
investment in the local economy will be evident from the start.
All of our products available for purchase in China bear a
prestigious seal indicating they have been specifically approved
as health foods by the Chinese Ministry of Health!
Your Global Business
So what does this mean to you as a Distributor based in the
United States? Obviously you can’t just start shipping Formula
1 to Shanghai, (and you definitely can’t recruit), but you will be
allowed to refer Chinese Nationals to buy Herbalife products.
You can then earn retail commissions on your Preferred
Customers’ purchases. To find out more about referral eligibility,
call Distributor Relations.
Top photo: Chadwick Chien, Deputy General Manager, Distribution Division,
Herbalife Shanghai; Rob Levy, Sr. VP, International Development; and Bruce Peters,
Sr. VP, Worldwide Distributor Operations with staff at ribbon-cutting.
Left: Distribution Center in Shanghai
Francis X. Tirelli
On October 29, 2001, Herbalife’s Board of Directors announced the election of
Herbalife’s new Chief Executive Officer and President, Francis X. Tirelli. Frank is
a long-time associate of Herbalife and was Mark Hughes’ personal financial
advisor for many years. Since July 2000, Frank has served on the Herbalife Board of Directors.
He comes to Herbalife from a successful 21-year career at Deloitte &
Touche, where he held the position of Vice Chairman and was a member
of its Management Committee and Board of Directors.
“Frank brings an in-depth knowledge and understanding of our
business and a wealth of financial experience, focus and discipline to
our management team,” says Jack Reynolds, Herbalife’s Chairman of
the Board. “He has been an outstanding Board member. We are very
excited about the contributions he will bring to the company as CEO.”
After being appointed, Mr. Tirelli created an Office of the Chief Executive
for strategic planning and overseeing daily operations. Assisting him in
this office are Carol Hannah, Executive Vice President of Sales; and Brian
Kane, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.
“I believe Herbalife has enormous potential,” Frank explains. “It has an
outstanding Distributor base, a strong management team and an
excellent group of products. This is an exciting time for the Company,
and I look forward to helping it continue to prosper and grow.”
Croatia Joins the Team!
Located in southeast Europe, the country of Croatia is bordered
by Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and the Mediterranean
coastline. One of Europe’s most ancient states, Croatia features
a diverse terrain. The coastline is dotted with nearly 1,200
islands while the inland is mountainous. Known for its natural
beauty, Croatia is one of the sunniest climates in the region.
With a land area of more than 56,000 square feet, Croatia is
slightly smaller than the state of West Virginia. Croatia boasts a
population of almost 4.3 million people, offering a new
untapped audience of potential Herbalife customers and
Distributors. So start asking everyone you meet, “Who do you
know in Croatia?”
The following products are available for the Croatian market:
Volume Points
Formula 1 - Vanilla
Formula 1 – Chocolate
Formula 1 – Strawberry
Formula 2 – Multivitamin–Mineral & Herbal Tablets
Formula 3 – Cell Activator®
Formula 4
Rose Ox™
Guarana Tablets
Thermojetics® Tea – Natural flavor
Thermojetics® Tea – Lemon flavor
Thermojetics® Tea – Peach flavor
Thermojetics® Yellow
Thermojetics® QuickStart Program – Vanilla
Thermojetics® QuickStart Program – Chocolate
Thermojetics® QuickStart Program – Strawberry
Aloe Concentrate
Mini International Business Kit
Croatia Distribution Center: Herbalife Center . Slavonska Avenija b.b . 10000 Zagreb, Hvratska
Phone: 385 1 2480 603 . Fax: 385 1 2480 620 . Sales Order Phone: 385 1 2480 601 . Sales Order Fax: 385 1 2480 619
Building Brand Awareness
Helps You Build Your Business
As part of an ongoing
effort to increase brand
a w a re n e s s a m o n g a
broader consumer base,
Herbalife recently
participated in two
events. Home Office
staff, along with local
Distributors, were on
hand at both events to
promote Herbalife and
answer any questions
f ro m t h e g e n e r a l
Los Angeles Times Health & Fitness Festival
Held over two days on the University of Southern
California campus in Los Angeles, this event was
attended by an estimated 30,000 health enthusiasts.
Herbalife had a booth at the event staffed by members
of the Medical Advisory Board, Distributors and Home
Office personnel.
California Governor’s Conference for Women
This one-day event at the Long Beach Convention
Center drew more than 10,000 people concerned with
women’s issues such as making successful career
choices and running a business. Thousands were
introduced to Herbalife’s new look and product line, as
well as the benefits of signing up as a Distributor.
Bringing it Home
Our brand-awareness campaigns are designed to
introduce Herbalife to a broader range of consumers
who might not be familiar with the Company or the
products. As the Herbalife brand name grows in
recognition through all segments of the market, you’ll
discover that sharing the products becomes easier
and easier!
Survival Guide
Congratulations! You’ve been following one of Herbalife’s
Thermojetics® Weight-Management Programs and you’ve
lost weight and gained more energy. Now that the holidays
are here, you may be wondering how to keep on track or
maintain your success. With Herbalife, it’s easy!
According to government statistics, more than
half of all adult Americans are overweight, and
this excess weight is a major contributor to
heart disease, diabetes and other serious
health problems. In studying holiday weight
gain, researchers discovered that only two
factors significantly influence weight gain: level
of hunger and level of activity. By staying active
and not starving yourself, you stand the best
chance of surviving the season of succulent
Accentuate the Positive
Don’t think of your weight-loss program as
restrictive. Instead, look forward to mealtimes
and holiday celebrations. Just because you’re
eating smarter doesn’t mean you should feel
like you’re suffering or giving something up.
Besides, food and drink are meant to be
Just Say Yes
If you’re following the Thermojetics® Green
Weight-Management Program, you can enjoy a
wide variety of holiday treats. Just watch the
portions and keep ’em small. Have “just a
taste” if you have to. For those following the
Thermojetics® Gold High-Protein, Low-Carb
Program, there are lots of food options
available. For example, meats and cheeses
make up a lot of holiday platters, and they are,
for the most part, permissible.
Also, before going out to celebrate, eat a
small meal to make sure you’re not hungry.
Enjoy an Herbalife healthy snack such as
Thermojetics® High-Protein, Low-Carb Protein
Bars, Soup or Roasted Soy Nuts. Or how
about the delicious Frozen Dessert Treat? You
can also find many recipes suitable for holiday
entertaining at Go ahead and
have fun this holiday
season, and be good to
Dr. May, Chairman of
Herbalife’s Medical
Advisory Board,
offers these wise words
for holiday survival:
● For low calorie cocktails–the best is sparkling
mineral water. An alternative is a “virgin” mary. If
you must have alcohol, try a wine spritzer.
(continued on page 7)
(continued from page 6)
● Always hold your drink in your dominant hand, which
makes lifting food from the buffet table much less likely.
One daily indulgence, not a “day of indulgence.”
● Try Herbalife products for healthy snacking. Cut
Thermojetics® Gold High-Protein, Low-Carb Protein
Bars into sixths. Freeze to make bite-sized, delicious
“candy” snacks for your table.
Choose between an alcoholic beverage, a dessert or
a “sinful” main course instead of indulging in all three.
● Consider tasty, low-fat, low-calorie appetizers or
finger foods: vegetable crudités with salsa or shrimp
with cocktail sauce are festive and healthful.
Increase your activities, such as
outdoor sports, strolling in the park,
doing your shopping on foot, doing
holiday cleaning and lots of dancing.
Healthy and low-calorie desserts:
Angel food cake is better than
fruitcake. A baked apple is better
than apple pie, fruit is preferable
to ice cream, and you can
make terrific smoothies with the
Thermojetics ® Green or Gold
Shakes and Performance Protein
● Consider Thermojetics® Roasted
Soy Nuts with your Herbalife
You can also indulge in
almonds, pecans and walnuts.
They’re tasty and they contain
healthy monounsaturated fats,
which are good for reducing the
levels of bad LDL cholesterol while
maintaining the level of healthy
HDL cholesterols.
Info-packed magazine includes amazing testimonials!
your current customers and attract new ones with the latest Look & Feel Great
magazine. This useful sales tool provides valuable information on new Herbalife products and both
the Thermojetics® Green Weight-Management Program and the Thermojetics® Gold High-Protein,
Low-Carb Program.
Your customers and prospects will:
• Discover the three reasons you’ll never need another diet once you try Thermojetics®!
• Read how the power of Cellular Nutrition® helps provide healthy and lasting weight loss.
• Listen to words of wisdom from the experts–the Herbalife Medical Advisory Board–and a special
greeting from Board Chairman, Dr. Lawrence May.
• Find out how Kim Schneider and Vance Hill teamed up their weight-loss efforts to lose a total of
73 pounds! Husband and wife Travis and Nicole Evins also joined their efforts to lose 67 pounds
between them.
• Learn how you can snack your way to weight
loss! With the Thermojetics® High-Protein,
Low-Carb Program, eat delicious snacks all day
and still lose weight without ever going hungry!
Order plenty of copies of the new Look &
Feel Great magazine today! Give them to all
your customers, leave them (with permission)
at health clubs, nail and hair salons and
laundromats. Don’t forget to put your name
on the back and get ready to watch your
sales grow!
$5.95 (set of 20)
Herbalife Family Foundation
Looking Back and Moving Forward
Each year, the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and its sister organization, the Herbalife International
Family Foundation (HIFF), donate financial support to a large number of children’s charities around the world.
September 11 Fund
The HFF and the HIFF are very thankful for the outpouring of funds in response to our call to help the families
involved in the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2001. Herbalife International of America
has provided matching funds for generous donations that have been received from Distributors and
employees around the world and will continue the matching funds program until January 2002. Herbalife
will also provide a separate significant gift to the Foundation that will also support the relief effort.
Bread for the City
The HFF is proud to announce its partnership with “Bread for the City,” the largest food pantry in
Washington, D.C. The food program at the Bread for the City Southeast Community Service Center will be
named for the HFF, a great testament to the services the HFF provides to the community. Bread for the City
offers comprehensive services such as food, clothing, medical care, legal aid and social services in an
atmosphere of dignity, respect and peace.
Mark Hughes Tribute Book and Herbalife Family Foundation Candle
By purchasing the Mark Hughes Tribute Book (#9315, $45) and the Herbalife Family Foundation Candle
(#2218, $16.95), you can play a part in the foundations’ goal to help make the world a better place for
at-risk children. To place an order, please call the Herbalife Order Department at (310) 216-7770. All
proceeds go to benefit the foundations.
You can also give a gift that will help at-risk children with a contribution to the HFF/HIFF. All monies go
toward projects and charities to improve the lives of at-risk children. To make a monetary donation of any
amount, you may send checks or money orders to:
Herbalife Family Foundation
1800 Century Park East
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Please make checks payable to the Herbalife Family Foundation. You may also request a credit card,
automatic royalty or production form, or further information by calling the HFF at (310) 410-9600, ext. 32664
or by faxing (310) 557-3925.
The Foundation, founded by Mark Hughes in 1994, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides
a brighter future for needy children at-risk. All donations are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers. Your support
is deeply appreciated and brings food, shelter, peace and love to children around the globe. During this
holiday season, we wish you a heart filled with love and the opportunity to share it.
Herbalife offers a wide selection
of gift options for the
upcoming holiday season.
The possibilities are only limited
by your own imagination!
Make a list and check it twice–when you’re giving Herbalife
products as gifts, there’s truly something for everyone! Simply
browse through our 2001 Holiday Gift Catalog for fantastic
items to choose from, including the Sensory Garden Candle,
Ocean Currents® Gift Set, Man and Woman gift collections and
Colour Set.
Herbalife products make memorable and unique gifts on
their own, but don’t forget that you can also combine related
products to create a clever holiday gift basket.
Consider a few of these great gift ideas:
• Find a snack bowl and fill it with a snack
sampler of Thermojetics® High-Protein, Low-Carb
products. These healthy treats will give your loved
ones waistline-friendly snacking options during
the calorie-laden holiday goodie season! Include
Thermojetics® High-Protein, Low-Carb Protein
Bars, Thermojetics® High-Protein, Low-Carb
Soup Mix packets and Thermojetics® Roasted
Soy Nuts with Cardia® Salt.
Select gifts from the Holiday Gift Catalog
#5201 $2.00 (set of 10)
flavors. They can heat up a cup of Raspberry, Lemon, Peach
or Original flavor anytime to ward off the winter chill! Don’t
forget to include a pretty mug or tea pot.
• Include the kids with gifts such as Dinomins and
DinoShake® in a fun plastic pail with a drink cup all their own!
In the midst of all the stresses of the season, don’t forget to
treat yourself to an Herbalife gift as well. You deserve it!
From snacks to
stocking stuffers,
Herbalife has the
perfect item!
• We all know how important vitamin C is for
maintaining good health. Make it easy to get the
daily recommended allowance with a gift basket
containing Extreme C supplements, plus try
Radiant C™ Daily Skin Booster and Radiant C™
Face Quencher. Throw in some Orange-flavored
Thermojetics® High-Protein, Low-Carb Drink Mix
for good measure!
• Warm up the ones you love with a selection of
Thermojetics® Herbal Concentrate teas in different
weight loss of the month
“Now I have the confidence to go for my dreams.”
142 Pounds Lost
Treated like an outcast
Caroline’s struggle with excess weight began in the second grade,
but it wasn’t until high school that her size became a real issue.
“Being heavy prevented me from participating in sports and social
activities. I never got invited to parties and I felt like an outcast,”
confides Caroline.
The key to success
Caroline discovered Herbalife through a friend who
encouraged her to try the products. “None of the diets
I had tried in the past worked,” admits Caroline, “but
Herbalife was different. The products not only helped me
lose weight, but gave me the energy to want to work out
and improve my health all round.”
“My friends can’t believe the difference!”
Caroline’s friends have been stunned by her new slim
appearance. One friend, a cashier, almost fell over with
surprise when she saw Caroline’s new look. “Losing all
this weight has changed my outlook,” shares Caroline.
“I participate more physically and socially and now have
the confidence to go for my dreams.”*
Food diary: A substantial breakfast of eggs, toast,
yogurt and fruit. Formula 1 Shake for lunch and dinner.
Thermojetics® High-Protein, Low-Carb bars for snacks.
■ Key motivator: “The desire to have more confidence
and self-esteem.”
■ Diet tip: “Be sure you really
want to change and then
accept the challenge.”
■ Favorite “thin n’ fit”
activity: “Dancing hip hop and
having the confidence to go
club dancing with my friends.”
Before: 289 pounds
After: 147 pounds
*The weight-loss testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted
and are not a guarantee of your weight loss nor are they typical.
President’s Team
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D U S A O C T O B E R 2 0 0 1
Steven W. Clark
From the time he dropped out of high school until he
discovered Herbalife, Steven Clark worked more than 60
jobs, often several at a time, to make ends meet. In pursuit of
a better life, he moved to Portland, Oregon, where he found
himself working up to 60 hours a week.
“Even after a series of jobs as a waiter, legal assistant,
delivery driver and real-estate assistant, I was still only
averaging $1,600 a month.”
One day, Steven came across a “Work-From-Home” booklet
in the restroom of a home-improvement store. “Although I
was skeptical,” admits Steven, “I was also impressed by the
success stories, and I was ready to change my life. I attended
my first Herbalife training and the following Monday quit my
job to do Herbalife full time.” The risk paid off.
“My first month, I earned $1,800 in retail profits!”
Steven attributes much of his success to the wonderful
product results he experienced. “My hectic work schedule,
before Herbalife, had taken its toll on my health and wellbeing. I was suffering from severe back pain and depression,
for which I had to take strong medication,” he shares.
“After just three weeks on the Ultimate Thermojetics® Green
Weight-Management Program, my health-care professionals
agreed to take me off my medications.”
“I couldn’t believe how well I felt and the incredible
energy I had!”
“I have enjoyed running my own Herbalife business for almost
five years now. That’s longer than any job I’ve held–beating
the record held by my four-year grade-school paper route!”
laughs Steven. “The business has allowed me to achieve
many of my life-long dreams. I have purchased my first home,
traveled throughout Europe and bought a fully loaded
Chevrolet Suburban.”
“I used to have a negative checking account balance
each month. Now I earn more than $20,000 a month!”
“I want to thank my entire organization for their support
and hard work, and Mark Hughes for his incredible vision!”
shares Steven.*
Top: President’s Team member Steven Clark.
Bottom: Steven and his “crew” take the
Suburban for a spin.
*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical.
President’s Team
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D U S A O C T O B E R 2 0 0 1
Jennifer & Ryan Combs
Before Herbalife, Ryan Combs was working in a grocery store
earning $300 a week. His wife, Jennifer, at the time a single
parent, was working 12 hour days as a hairstylist trying to
earn enough money to support her young son, Zach.
“I drove a scooter 50 miles each day to drop my son at
school and go to work–rain or shine.”
Jennifer discovered Herbalife when a client introduced her to
the products. “My mother had battled excess weight all of her
life, and I was 40 pounds overweight. I didn’t want to repeat
the same pattern,” explains Jennifer. “I also had chronic
anemia and no energy. Herbalife products changed all that. I
sold my Success Builder order in three days and my business
“My sponsor invited me to go on an Herbalife cruise in St.
Thomas and my whole life changed.”
Ryan was introduced to Herbalife by his parents, President’s
Team members, Steve and Debbie Combs. As fortune would
have it, he also went on the trip to St. Thomas. The couple
met on board a ship fittingly called the “Carnival Destiny” and
love blossomed instantly. Unbelievably, the couple discovered
they lived only 25 minutes apart! A few months later, in May
1999, they were married.
“I’ve traded in my scooter for an SUV!”
This year, Ryan and Jennifer celebrated the birth of their
daughter, Hannah Grace. Their Herbalife business is thriving,
and they have bought a brand-new competition ski boat.
Their monthly income is more than $12,000.
“We encourage our downline to believe in themselves
and their dreams. We’ve learned with Herbalife, it’s all
“We are grateful to our wonderful organization, our friends
and our parents–Steve and Debbie. Thanks to them all we are
living the kind of lifestyle we only dreamed about before,” they
Top: Jennifer and Ryan celebrate in style.
Bottom: The Combs with their speedboat.
*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical.
President’s Team
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D U S A O C T O B E R 2 0 0 1
Kim & Dave Edwards
Right before she left her job as an accountant, Kim Edwards
was making around $60,000 a year, working for a boss
who didn’t understand family life. “I couldn’t even give my
employees raises, because there was a cap,” relates Kim. As
for her own income, Kim was looking for an extra $1,000 a
month to help with the mortgage.
“I wanted my life to be more meaningful.”
That’s when Kim’s twin sister, Tammy, discovered the
Herbalife business opportunity. “After just 10 days on the
products,” remembers Kim, “Tammy was so happy. She had
lost 10 pounds and her skin looked great.” Kim decided to
give it a try, and signed up shortly thereafter.
“They begged me to stay!”
Kim’s employer couldn’t convince her to stay at her stressful
job when she announced she would be leaving. “I knew then
what a value I had been to them,” she says. In her first month
as an Herbalife Distributor, Kim earned $1,700. Now fully
committed to their business, Kim and her husband, Dave,
qualify for everything and get as many people to the trainings
as possible. “Our business has really exploded,” they report,
“and our team is growing.” The Edwards attend trainings
regularly and advise people at all levels in their organization to
“focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t.”
“Including retail, we’re making close to $30,000 a month
Kim points out, “We work hard at this—it’s not without effort.
But I used to work just as hard for my boss and the money
all went to him! Now that I work for myself I don’t have to
put in 80 hours a week.” Their 6-year-old son is attending
private school this year, something the Edwards never
thought possible. The couple are also shopping for their
dream house. “We go on so many vacations, I feel like we’re
living the ‘lifestyle of the rich and famous.’ Herbalife is a dream
come true!”*
Top: Kim and Dave with their son.
Bottom: Twin sister Tammy McGowan joins Kim and other
family members in Hawaii.
*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical.
President’s Team
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D U S A O C T O B E R 2 0 0 1
Dave & Cindy Engel
For Dave and Cindy Engel, having a job meant long hours
away from their children and from each other. Dave worked as
a service technician, and his time was not his own. “He left
before the sun came up and returned home after it set,”
remembers Cindy. “He commuted an hour and a half each
day and carried a beeper so he could be on call.”
“We were living paycheck to paycheck.”
Cindy’s job wasn’t any less stressful, and the pay was hardly
worth it. “I never saw daylight except on weekends!” she
exclaims. “And by the time I figured in insurance, gas money,
my time and paying for a sitter, I was really making only about
a dollar an hour!”
Cindy and Dave knew there had to be a better way.
“We wanted to be the ones to see our children’s first steps
and be a part of their growing up,” says Cindy. “We didn’t
want anyone else to ‘own’ that memory.” In seeking a workfrom-home opportunity, Cindy and Dave found Herbalife, got
on the products and had amazing success. Reports Cindy,
“Dave gained the extra weight he’d needed, and I lost weight
to the point I was thinner than the day we got married.”
“We’re currently making about $19,000 a month.”
The Engels’ business has skyrocketed. Mail order has been a
very effective tool and, along with retailing, has contributed to
their success. As Dave says, “We like to keep things simple
and duplicatable in this business so we may teach others to
be successful, because you can’t teach something you don’t
know.” They’ve taken Herbalife trips to resort destinations
including Florida, California, Hawaii and Tennessee. “The
travel has been unimaginably wonderful!” exudes Cindy.
“We have so much freedom to set our own schedule.”
“We do whatever we want whenever we want,” laughs Cindy.
“Someone asked me if we’re discouraged that we don’t have
more time to spend the money we’re making, but we don’t
think so–we just love helping people! That’s the biggest
satisfaction–we get excited when our customers and
downline get excited!”*
Top: Dave and Cindy with their children, Jerad and Dehlia.
Bottom: The Engel kids enjoying an Herbalife trip to Hawaii.
*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical.
President’s Team
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D U S A O C T O B E R 2 0 0 1
Maria & Federico Guzman
For years, Maria and Federico Guzman struggled to support
their family of seven children. Federico’s business selling
tortillas forced him to work from 3 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days
a week. Maria would contribute to the family income by selling
tamales door-to-door.
“At times we had to rely on welfare to be able to feed our
seven children.”
When Maria discovered Herbalife, she was overweight, in
poor health and even suicidal. Many unsuccessful diets had
left her metabolism in a sorry state and she was extremely
run-down. “My sister, Rocio, told me about the products, so I
drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles to meet with my
sponsor, Jose Luis Monzalvo. I began using the products the
same day,” recalls Maria. “I got incredible results and just
couldn’t keep quiet about it! I didn’t plan on starting a
business. I just wanted to help other people feel great too.”
“Herbalife products turned my life around, and I haven’t
looked back!”
In a short time, Maria had not only lost her excess weight, but
found herself running a successful Herbalife business. It was
attending Herbalife trainings, according to Maria, that really
accelerated her progress. “I promised my husband that I
would take him out of work with my business,” says Maria
with a smile. “He didn’t believe me, but in August 2000 I
had exceeded his monthly salary. That’s when he decided to
join me in the business. Today, we work together and earn
$19,500 a month!”
“This year we were able to afford to take our children and
parents on vacation to Hawaii–it was a real treat.”
“Herbalife has given us our independence and allowed us to
live the family values we hold dear. We love the Company and
all it has to offer!” share the happy couple, who are planning
to purchase their new family home.*
Top: Maria and Federico enjoy a well-deserved vacation.
Bottom: Familia Guzman.
*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical.
President’s Team
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D U S A S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 1
Ruth Hurtado &
Jose Luis Monzalvo
When Ruth Hurtado and Jose Luis Monzalvo discovered
Herbalife, Jose was working in a car wash, seven days a week,
making only $2,000 a month. “We were living in a bedroom that
we rented from my brother,” reflects Jose. “The bills and rent
just kept piling up.”
“One month we had to survive without electricity, because
we couldn’t afford to pay the bill.”
Ruth worked at night making sandwiches, which she sold at
her workplace early the next morning. Her sister, an Herbalife
Distributor, asked Ruth to help her sell the line of products
which are provided in the Distributor Kit. “When I tried the
products for myself and got great results, I decided I wanted to
be involved in the business too,” says Ruth. “In the beginning,
Jose and I struggled a bit from lack of organization,” she admits.
“But after an inspirational Herbalife Opportunity Meeting, we
decided to devote ourselves full time to the business.”
“Thanks to incredible training, our business took off.”
“We were soon able to move into an apartment, where our
bedroom converted into an office during the daytime and then
back again at night,” remembers Jose. “We made an
agreement to reach Millionaire Team, and in just seven weeks
brought our Herbalife check up to $2,000.”
Ruth continues, “As our Herbalife income increased, so did our
family. Today, we have four children–Brian, Dana, Kimberly and
“We live in a beautiful house with a pool and plenty of
space for the kids.”
The Monzalvos have built their business on a simple principle:
When you provide good service to the customer, and teach
your organization to do the same, the money follows naturally.
“We travel extensively and attend all the trainings we can, then
apply everything we learn to improve our business,” says Jose.
“We now average $20,000 a month.”
Top: Ruth Hurtado and Jose Luis Monzalvo.
Bottom: The Monzalvo family with their van.
“We’d like to thank everyone in our organization for their
wonderful support,” the couple say. “Now, more than ever, we
are spreading Mark’s dream to take good nutrition around the
world and helping individuals and families–especially those in
our great Latino community–to live better lives.”*
*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical.
President’s Team
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D U S A S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 1
Nohemy & Camilo Vela
In 1993, having recently married, Camilo Vela was unable to
find a job. His wife, Nohemy, was the couple’s sole support.
“Nohemy worked in a restaurant making about $60 a month,”
says Camilo. “The fact that I couldn’t find work and our
baby was on the way left me feeling desperate.” The Velas
then saw an ad in the local newspaper that read, “Earn
Money–Make up to $500 a week.”
“I was very skeptical,” admits Camilo, “but I called and was
invited to an Herbalife Opportunity Meeting requiring
‘business attire.’” Camilo wore the nicest clothes he had–
jeans and cowboy boots.
“I was impressed with all the success testimonials I heard
that night.”
“I had no money to buy my International Business Pack,”
remembers Camilo. A friend gave him the money he needed.
“At first, I was so desperate for money that I didn’t even use
the products. That was my first mistake–I had no personal
results to share with others!”
The Velas went on to experience immediate product
“I had always been very skinny,” reports Camilo, “but with the
help of Herbalife products, I gained weight and felt healthy.
Nohemy lost a significant amount of weight within a short
time. She was so excited about her weight loss that she
joined me in the business and started helping on the phones.”
Camilo and Nohemy are enjoying their success.
The Velas qualify for all the events they can, bringing
inspiration to their organization. Nohemy says, “We are now
averaging $20,000 a month, and our check just last month
totalled $28,000! We have no financial worries. We bought a
beautiful house with a swimming pool and are adding on a
recreation area. With four children running around, it’s truly a
blessing.” Camilo and Nohemy also just recently purchased a
brand new Toyota 4x4, and they love it.
Their philosophy for success is: Believe in Herbalife, the
products and the business.
Top: Nohemy and Camilo Vela.
Bottom: The Vela family in front of their beautiful new home.
Camilo says, “We take this message to heart and dedicate
ourselves to helping other people create a successful
business, to being the best they can be.”*
*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical.
Millionaire Team
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D U S A O C T O B E R 2 0 0 1
Roberta Levenson
Roberta Levenson’s medical career as a speech pathologist came to a halt when the
company she worked for lost its contract with the facility where it was located. Faced with the
possibility of having to take a pay cut and work extended hours to remain in her field, Roberta
decided it was time to explore new employment options. “I was worried about being able to
duplicate my salary,” she recalls.
“I wanted to work from home, but had no idea how to go about it.”
“About a week after my job ended, my daughter gave me an Herbalife booklet she’d received in the mail,” Roberta
says. “I signed up as a Distributor and qualified for Supervisor right away, and started attending every training I could.”
Roberta credits the support from her upline for steering her in the right direction. “The marketing plan also impressed
me,” she explains. “But the incredible results my family and I got from the products were really what made me want
to do this business.”
“I expect to double my previous income within the next year.”
Roberta’s now earning $7,000 a month on average, but even having achieved financial success, Roberta says her
fulfillment comes more from personal development than money. “The emphasis is on growing as a person, working
on myself and helping other people succeed,” she says. “Just being able to work from home is wonderful. I no longer
get stuck facing long commutes to and from work in winter weather!”*
Joesph A. & Sonia Parisi
Sonia Parisi was a medical professional for 13 years and held a master’s degree in clinical
social work. Sonia’s husband, Joe, was also a medical professional in the field of exercise
physiology. Their combined annual income was almost $100,000, but the couple also faced
more than $120,000 in student loans and debts. “When I had my daughter, it was the most
gratifying experience of my life,” Sonia remembers. “I didn’t want to go back to work, I wanted
with her.”
“I started looking for a way to become a stay-at-home mom.”
“My Herbalife mentor was a stay-at-home mom with two children and a third on the way,” Sonia says. “When I found
out she was only working 15 hours a week and making $7,000 a month, it was very appealing!” Joe was skeptical,
but seeing Mark Hughes award Doran Andry a $650,000 bonus check at a Los Angeles Extravaganza quickly made
him an Herbalife believer. Both Sonia and Joe are now full-time Distributors.
“We went for it and never looked back!”
“We now earn around $13,000 a month,” Sonia says happily. They’ve been able to take their young daughter along
on Herbalife trips to Paris, Hawaii, Nashville and Las Vegas and are now expecting their second child in the spring.
“It’s been amazing,” Sonia attests. “The increased income has been wonderful, but the personal development we’re
experiencing and just being able to help people live better lives is the greatest reward.”*
*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical.
Millionaire Team
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D U S A S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 1
Norma Nava
For 20 years, Norma Nava worked as a seamstress. Despite the long hours she put in, her
income averaged only $1,000 a month.
“I was suffering from diabetes and my health was deteriorating fast from the
medication I was taking.”
“A friend introduced me to Herbalife and my health improved dramatically,” raves Norma. “A
month later I signed up as a Distributor.” Norma’s formula for success is simple: “Just by
wearing my button and talking to everyone I meet, my business has taken off. I never use
flyers because my customers’ results speak for themselves, and I share their stories with others as my form of
“My children are so proud of the successful business woman I’ve become–despite never graduating
from high school.”
“My kids have joined me in the business, and we travel the world together. I attend every event and training–in fact I
haven’t missed a single meeting since I began!” enthuses Norma. “I’m earning $8,000 a month and recently bought
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D U S A A U G U S T 2 0 0 1
Juana Interiano
As a nurse’s assistant, Juana Interiano had trouble making ends meet with three children on
her monthly salary of $1,100. “I was a shy person, depressed and withdrawn,” she says. A
friend introduced Juana to Herbalife in 1998. “I was overweight and her results inspired me
to get on the products myself,” she remembers. “I’m glad I did!”
“When I saw the opportunity to make money, I signed up right away.”
Juana was so happy with her weight-loss results, she started telling everyone she met about
Herbalife products. “Herbalife not only changed my health and well-being, but also that of my
children,” Juana says proudly. “Herbalife has changed my personality, my health and my financial situation.”
“I’m now averaging $7,000 a month.”
Juana has been able to pay off all of her “maxed-out” credit cards and has even purchased a brand-new car! “The
best part about my business is that it lets me spend lots of time with my kids,” she says. “I no longer worry about
how I will be able to provide for them. In fact, we’re currently shopping for a new house to buy. If anyone wants to
improve their situation, whether it’s their health or finances, the answer is Herbalife.”*
*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical.
Global Expansion Team
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D U S A O C T O B E R 2 0 0 1
Brenda &
Air Conditioning
Shane &
Worker; Model
Dan & Kay
Sr. Design
Manager; Material
Michael &
Restaurant Kitchen
Manager; Waitress
Donna &
Marta &
Assistant; Field
Service Technician
Angela &
Factory Worker Die
Ana &
Lincoln Cole
Bonnie &
Glenn Fraisl
Secretary; Facilities
Graphic Arts sales
Keith &
Factory Worker;
Real Estate Loan
Kevin &
Lara Lay
Wu Mei Hui
Global Expansion Team
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D U S A O C T O B E R 2 0 0 1
Tim & Carol
Quality Control
Inspector; Medical
Raul &
Paul &
Paula Walsh
Industrial Mechanic;
Factory Worker
Auto Sales;
Charles &
Vicky Zerfas
Wences &
Stockroom Worker;
Childcare Provider
Yang Xiao
SEPT. 2001
Top U.S. Distributors in Volume listings for October 2001
Bobbie Smith
Gerhard Lipp
Bob & Pam Sott
Jagdish & Amarjit Singh
Benjamin Li
Kin Keong Ho
Top U.S. Distributors in Sponsorship listings for October 2001**
Jose Rodriguez
Irene Hamasaki
Alice & John Kasovia
Gerhard Lipp
Patrick & Delphine Monroe
Carlos Parra
Hannah Sims
7. Sara & Richard Faulkner
8. Jennifer & John Gunter
9. Peter Moraites
10. Marge Komadina
11. Shane & Kimberly Donofrio
12. Hannah Sims
13. Patrick & Delphine Monroe
14. Irene Hamasaki
Jesse & Mike Adams
Mariana & Jose Aleman
Doran & Emiko Andry
Martha & Guillermo Cervantes
Erik Ensrud
Judith Ford
Jason Fredericks
Susan & Tim Greenheck
Yu-Ting Luan
Harry Johnson
Nancy & Richard Franks
Akira Sato
Mary Lou Coors
Susan & Tim Greenheck
Min Kim
Israel & Ana Marquez
Blanca Sanchez Valencia
Gustavo & Patricia Sanchez
Laurie Shames
Debbi & Douglas Sprang
Judy & Harold Thompson
**Similarly ranked names represent
a tie in the number of sponsored
Congratulations to these new
worldwide World, GET, Millionaire
and President's Team members
who qualified as of November 2001.
Batista, Carlota
Lee, Myung Im
Wong, Maria Hu
Baaij, Simon
Bischoff-Gaillard, Jfmg
Bowen, Mark
Chiang, Yung Tsun
Combs, Christopher
Cruz, Otilio
Eilers, Carola
German, Kim
Gilbert, Rollande
Graaf-De, Jantsje
Gravenhoff, Brigitta
Jeon, Youn Ok
Kim, Sun Hee
Lee, Kyung Soon
Lee, Mi Jung
Lu, Chiu Ching
Meeker, Richard
Oberacker, Chad
Park, Young Soon
Sott, Bob
Stapp, Jan
Tahara, Naeko
Yagi, Shingo
Yoo, Jae Sook
Abruzzo, Luigi
Almache, Maria
Ayres, Kim
Bae, Chang Man
Baek, Mi Eun
Balthasar, Travis
Batista, Felipe
Bawek, Michelle
Bernardes, Adelir
Black, Heidi
Boone, Linda
Braga, Joao
Braukmueller, Peter
Braunshtein, Zvika
Burns, Bradley
Cadore, Simone
Carneiro, Leonardo
Castro, Dulceana
Centers, Monica
Chaisub, Sirilak
Chang, Chiao Yen
Chavez, Laura
Chen, Chun Lung
Chen, Mei Jou
Cheng, Shu Chun
Cheung, Kam Ling
Cho, Sung Ja
Cho, Young Jin
Choi, Hwan Tae
Choi, Hyo Soon
Choi, Mi Ok
Christensen, Jeanne
Donnelly, Simon
Dow, Sylvia
Eckel, Rolanda
Edrich, Norbert
Eisenberg, Asher
Estiller, Elizabeth
Fernandes, Salete
Fleck, Sally
Fuller, Stefanie
Goldkuhle, Ute
Gonzalez, Maria
Grosz, Jessica
Gurevich, Alla
Haasjes, Margje
Huh, Hye Kyung
Hwang, Hyun Ja
Jang, Jung Sook
Janssen, Movig
Jaramillo, Walter
Kang, Jung Ae
Kang, Jung Mi
Ki, Kyung
Kida, Kenji
Kiefer, Reinhold
Kim, Bok Soon
Kim, Hong Ik
Kim, Hyun Joo
Kim, Ji Eun
Kim, Jung Wook
Kim, Mi Hye
Kim, Myung Bok
Kim, Myung Mi
Kim, Yeon Ok
Ko, Bing
Koo, Sook Hee
Kumagai, Toshie
Lara, Pedro
Lara-Gomez, Juan
Lauko, Edith
Lee, Yin Fan
Lee, Deok Young
Lee, Myung Ja
Lee, Sun Soon
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 1
Lee, Won Ryung
L'heureux, Michelle
Li, Benjamin
Lim, Sook Jae
Lim, Soon Ok
Liu, Pen Chung
Livingston, Pamela
Ma, Pui Ching
Mandryk, Denise
Martins, Antonio
Mecey, Sam
Menshikova, Lyda
Monsanto, Karen
Morrison, Dorian
Mueller, Karin
Mukherjee, Anup
Munoz, Juan
Nagamine, Masako
Nakayama, Minoru
Noblet, Christian
Nomi, Michiko
Park, Choon Mi
Park, Eun Han
Pastrana, Antonia
Patti, Anya
Pereira, Iolene
Prokop, Brigitte
Quarta, M.
Reyes, Jose
Robitaille, Rusty
Roote, Sally
Ryan, Scott
Sakamoto, Nobuyo
Samaniego, Angel
Santos, Maria
Seelent, Zelmir
Sevigny, Jean-Paul
Shek, Nga Chi
Shin, Kyung Ja
Shinohata, Shuichi
Shoopman, Cynthia
Sin, Mi Sun
Sirena, Marta
Skinner, Julie
Spencer, Catherine
Springer, Elizabeth
Tapia, Maria
Taylor, Rolando
Tejada-Garcia, Jose
Umemura, Michiyo
Varnick, Laurence
Venditti, Jeffrey
Wannapira, Wasan
Weaver, Sheila
Weiss, Wendi
Wong, Shuk Man
Worobiec, Maria
Yeo, Hyun Dong
Yeung, Yin Ling
Yoon, Myung Kil
Yu, Chun Men
Zarate-Diaz, Ismael
Abrahamson, Eva
Abruzzo, Annamaria
Adamcho, Inna
Adamson, Kristy
Adorno, Giuseppe
Adrianson, Rose
Ahmadeev, Rashid
Ahmadeeva, Halida
Ahn, Jung Ja
Aitken, Robert
Akinaga, Miki
Alexiou, Efi
Alibazah, Ra
Alvarez, Imelda
Alvarez-Villareal, Luz
Amann, Evgenij
Ameen, S.
An, Nam Sun
Angiulli, Gianfranca
Antonio, Maria
Aoki, Kiyoshige
Arcila, Ruben
Arias, Jose
Arias, Maria
Ariyama, Masahiko
Arrojado, Maria
Asou, Yasuyo
Atwood, Beth
Avila, Maria
Axtmann, Baerbel
Babke, Petra
Bae, Jung Hyun
Bae, Soo Im
Baek, Eun Sook
Balbuena, Maria
Bang, Kyung Hye
Barber, Ann
Barberan, Virna
Baril, Lise
Barnabe, Icleia
Barnabe, Mellany
Barnett, Carolyn
Barrett, Julian
Barros, Teles
Bary, Jean-Michel
Baumann, Robert
Belanger, Bruno
Beljakova, Tatjana
Bell, Deana
Benjamin, Luciene
Bennett, Anna Marie
Berkley, Sandra
Bez, Claudia
Bhattacharya, Sujan
Blofield, Debbie
Bloot, Jose
Blount, Angie
Bojarska, Luiza
Bontempo, Lorenza
Borawska, Renata
Borovskaya, Valentina
Borysewicz, Dorota
Bowditch, Jeffrey
Bozo, Medur
Bradley, Peter
Brancourt, Isabelle
Brown, Judith
Brown, Kimberly
Buddemeier, Thomas
Burgen, Signe
Burke, Brian
Buso, Remigio
Buyum, Curt
Byambazhav, Uyanga
Bystrom, Michael
Caballero, Edgar
Cabanas, Luis
Campbell, Michael
Campell, Leroy
Campos, Milton
Campos, Carla
Caraballo, Eliezer
Carney, Timothy
Carvajal, Jose
Casari, Jaime
Casas-Robles, Cecilia
Casey, Susan
Cassivi, Diana
Castro, Kelly
Catano, Clara
Cavallaro, Evaldo
Cea, German
Chae, Jung Ran
Chan, Ching Yin
Chan, Hin Man
Chan, Yee Sum
Chang, Chia Hao
Chang, Hsiu Chin
Chang, Miao Chen
Chang, Shu Mei
Chavarria, Jose
Chen, Chih Fen
Chen, Hung Tse
Chen, Mei Yu
Chen, Yi Chin
Cheng, Man Tuen
Cheng, Hsiu Chuan
Cheng, Su Tsun
Cheng, Hueiyuh
Chesser, Crystal
Cho, Bok Hee
Cho, Boo Il
Cho, Byung Nam
Cho, Hwang Hee
Cho, Hye Jin
Cho, Hyun Ja
Cho, Hyun Jung
Cho, Kyung Hee
Cho, Won Hwa
Cho-Lo, Tsui Ying
Choi, Hee Kyung
Choi, Hyun A
Choi, Ki Ja
Choi, Kyoo Sup
Choi, Mi Sook
Chou-Huang, Ching
Chu, Ju Ching
Chuang, Ming Wang
Chudy, Emil
Chun, Soo Ik
Chun, Soon Rye
Coelho, Luciola
Colonna, Marisa
Comella, Daniele
Cook, Karla
Coors, Mary
Cortez, Maria
Corvisier, Marie-Line
Coutinho, Maria
Creek, Julie
Crim, Casey
Cristobal, Nelio
Croce, Laura
Cruz, Jose
Cruz, Marta
Cruz, Renee
Cunia, Silvana
Czekaj, Ryszard
Da-Luz, Darci
Da-Silva, Maria
Dalmiglio, Marisa
D'anna, Giuseppe
Dargui, Abdallah
Dariva, Rejane
Darma, Aleksandr
Darnley, Lorraine
Dash, Dezhidmaa
Dassoler, Juliano
De-Gomez, Lina
De-Souza, Adevaldo
Dell-Agnolo, Fabiano
Demo, Tane
Dey, Tamanish
Dhillon, Mitsuyo
Di-Fausto, Annette
Dietz, Brigitte
Dio, Antonio
Dio, Fernanda
Do-Carmo, Raquel
Dong, Young Soon
Dos-Santos, Ismael
Drews, Diana
Durbin, Joyce
Dutta, Suparna
Dyck, Pete
Eardley, Carolyn
Ebert, Sylke
Ebrahimi-Ejad, Susan
Eckert, Olaf
Edwards, Chris
Elianti, Antonio
Esperante, Amelia
Espino, Jose
Espinoza, Maria
Etchegoyen, Andrea
Fan, Kam Lin
Fan, Tung Sen
Fan, Xiao Ying
Faria, Daniele
Farley, Bernice
Faust, Stefanie
Federspiel, Peter
Fedorova, Tatyana
Ferrazzano, Giuliano
Figueroa, Ricardo
Figueroa, Vilma
Filsmaier, Brunhilde
Finn, Sharon
Flemsjo, Kristina
Fonte, Marco
Fortier, Sylvie
Frandolozo, Silvia
Fredette, HeatherAnn
Freitas, Fernando
Frickus, Mieke
Froboese, Ude
Froelich, Jens
Fujino, Kazuki
Fujita, Hiroe
Fung, Siu Ling
Furukado, Yasuko
Furukawa, Ayako
Furuse, Toshiko
Galarraga, Mario
Gallacher, Michael
Congratulations to these new
worldwide World, GET, Millionaire
and President's Team members
who qualified as of November 2001.
Gallitto, Gabriella
Gallo, Paola
Galvis, Delcy
Gant, Michael
Garcia-Garcia, Belen
Garrett, Sandie
Garza, Norma
Gellert, Sylvia
Gentes, Jennifer
Ghosh, Ranjan
Giannatou, Elpiniki
Giorgi, Giuliano
Godinez, Angelica
Goes, Tatiana
Gogoi, Kobin
Goicheve, Alexandr
Goncalves, Luiz
Gonzalez, Lucia
Gonzalez, Miguel
Goto, Kazuichi
Graham, Alicia
Greco, Lorenzo
Greenheck, Susan
Grossman, Kathleen
Gruboeck, Kurt
Guerrero, Leovigilda
Gysbers-Dekker, Ilona
Ha, Oh Mok
Ha, Young Sun
Haar, Regina
Haba, Hiroko
Hackney, Ellen
Haerle, Alexander
Haiyama, Naoyuki
Hakim, Daniel
Hakim-Toro, Luis
Hakim-Vial, Luis
Haley, Sharon
Hall, Gretchen
Han, Hee Kyung
Han, Mi Hwa
Han, Moon Hee
Hannert, Katharina
Harada, Yoko
Hargrave, Edgar
Hartvelt, Jeanette
Hasegawa, Yasuyoshi
Hashimoto, Nami
Hawkins, Allan
Hayward, Andrew
Hazell, Joanne
Heeg, Nathan
Helms, Lois
Henshall, Susan
Hernandez, Angelica
Hernandez-De-LaRosa, Lorenzo
HernandezRodriguez, Nereo
Herndon, Sherry
Hess, Igor
Higashimae, Yasuhiro
Higashine, Kayoko
Hirano, Hisako
Hirano, Ryoichi
Hirao, Isamu
Hirao, Yukie
Hirschfeld, Grit
Ho, Bik Fai
Hoeck, Judy
Hollmann, Annemari
Hombrado-De-LaCruz, Amparo
Honma, Mieko
Howe, Frank
Hozeman, Esther
Hsieh, Mei Yu
Hsu, Hui Mei
Hsu, Mei Chin
Hsu, Yun Chiao
Hsu, Hsean Tseng
Huang, Benny
Huang, Chiung Ju
Huang, Yu Chu
Hue, Fung Ying
Huh, Kwi Il
Huh, Kyung Ok
Hung, Lai Fan
Hung, Chi Wen
Hunt, W.
Hupprich, Arno
Hurt, Beth
Hwang, Sun Ae
Hwang, Sung Mi
Hwang, Young Chul
Ibanez, Mahra
Ikeda, Shigeko
Ilyukevich, Alla
Imanishi, Tetsuya
Inada, Hiroko
Inman, Darrell
Inman, Wendy
Irschik, Michael
Ishii, Chigusa
Islas-Acosta, Maria
Isono, Tomoko
Ito, Yoshiharu
Ivancicova, Gabriela
Jacobs, Justin
Jang, Eun Young
Jang, Jin Soon
Jasinski, Witold
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 1
Jesus, Jacira
Jewell, Sandra
Ji, Hun Hoe
Jiang, Haiyang
Jin, Sung Won
Johnson, Marcia
Jooste, Leonie
Josafatsson, Smari
Jung, Hae Sup
Jung, Hyang Hwa
Jung, Hye Kyung
Jung, In Soon
Jung, Jong Jung
Jung, Keum Mi
Jung, Keum Rye
Jung, Mi Sun
Jung, Taek Soo
Jung, Yoon Hee
Justo, Pamela
Kagusa, Kyoko
Kaiser, Patty
Kakehi, Kimi
Kalampakas, Ilias
Kalyuzhko, Nikolay
Kamble, Vaishali
Kamura, Yoshiko
Kang, Jeom Soon
Kang, Jin Sun
Kang, Ki Duck
Kang, Young Nim
Karaket, Pornphen
Kasa, Mayumi
Kato, Kiyoko
Katzenberger, Teri
Kawamoto, Toshiko
Kawamura, Akemi
Kayser, Anja
Kazakevic, Rosana
Kemick, Tonya
Kesler, Kristin
Kida, Yoshinobu
Kieling, Decio
Kiku, Yoshie
Kim, Ae Ja
Kim, Bok Soon
Kim, Cho Ja
Kim, Dong Hyun
Kim, Eun Hee
Kim, Hee Ja
Kim, Hyun Joo
Kim, Hyung Jeom
Kim, In Bae
Kim, Ji Sook
Kim, Jin Sook
Kim, Jong Koo
Kim, Jong Pyo
Kim, Jung Hee
Kim, Jung Hye
Kim, Jung Soo
Kim, Jung Sook
Kim, Jung Sook
Kim, Jung Soon
Kim, Keum Ja
Kim, Kwang Mi
Kim, Kyung Hee
Kim, Kyung Hee
Kim, Mi Ae
Kim, Nam Hwa
Kim, Ok Sil
Kim, Roo Si
Kim, Se Jung
Kim, Soo Kyung
Kim, Soo Mi
Kim, Soon Myung
Kim, Soon Ok
Kim, Sun Hee
Kim, Sun Ho
Kim, Sun Hyo
Kim, Woo Doo
Kim, Yong Doo
Kim, Yong Hee
Kim, Yong Hyun
Kim, Yoo Jung
Kim, Young Mi
Kim, Young Sook
Kim, Young Sook
Kim, Young Sul
Kirby, Debora
Kishiro, Akemi
Kisyk, Barbara
Kitagawa, Michiyo
Klimaczewski, Erica
Klute, Peter
Ko, Soon Duck
Kobald, Markus
Koch, Igor
Koga, Shinji
Kogawa, Mutsuko
Komadina, Marge
Komatsu, Nobuaki
Komatsuzaki, Kayoko
Kopper, Albino
Korb, Olario
Kosaka, Michiko
Kothekar, Sadhana
Koumura, Satoko
Koutentakis, Mihail
Kowatsch, Manfred
Koytoylias, Mihaela
Krajnovic, Ljubisa
Kreisl, Renate
Krivak, Zejko
Kuan, Pao Hui
Kuehn, Hanna
Kuhlman, Kurt
Kuk, Mi Sun
Kulikova, Lena
Kwangmek, Hearnfa
Kwok, Woon Ho
Kwon, Elizabeth
Lacheva, Natalya
Lai, Shu Yuan
Lam, Ah Siu
Lam, Chau Ting
Lam, Man
Lam, Mei Ki
Lam, Pik Shan
Lam, Wai Ping
Lamparella, Armando
Larimer, Deborah
Lattari, Mariannina
Lau, Suk Ha
Lau, Xau Mui
Lawrence, Angela
Lazzaro, Pietro
Lee, Chun Man
Lee, Ae Sook
Lee, Choo Ja
Lee, Eun Hwa
Lee, Haeng Sun
Lee, Ho Sook
Lee, Hye Sook
Lee, Hyo Soon
Lee, In Sook
Lee, Jae Ok
Lee, Jin Mi
Lee, Jong Se
Lee, Keum Sook
Lee, Kil Soo
Lee, Kyung Mi
Lee, Kyung Soo
Lee, Kyung Sook
Lee, Mi Ja
Lee, Mi Jung
Lee, Mi Kyung
Lee, Mi Kyung
Lee, Mi Kyung
Lee, Mi Nam
Lee, Moo Hee
Lee, Myung Sook
Lee, Nam Hee
Lee, Sang Kon
Lee, Seung Hee
Lee, Seung Soon
Lee, Sun Hwa
Lee, Young Hee
Lee, Pi Hsia
Lee, Yueh Ying
Lee, Michael
Lei, Kin Lap
Lemos, Vera
Lenaers, Yolanda
Leng, Xue
Leos-Aguilar, Juana
Lesnikova, Larisa
Leung, Ngai Ling
Leung, Shuk Yee
Leung, Wai Lin
Leuprecht, Martin
Li, Siu Yu
Li, Han Ling
Li, Mary
Liao, Po Chang
Lim, Dong Eun
Lim, Jong Sook
Lim, Jung Ho
Lim, Mi Wook
Lim, Nam Hee
Limapichat, Kittikiat
Lin, Hui Chen
Lin, Ming Yung
Lin, Pi Yi
Lin, Feng
Lin, Kan
Linehan, Juanita
Liu, Kit Ying
Liu, Wing Sze
Liu, Chia Ling
Liu, Zhong Ping
Liu-Chang, Su Mei
Loague, Hazel
Loera-Lopez, Beatriz
Lok, Man Hong
Lopez, Juan
Lopez, Ligia
Lopez-Alvarez, Maria
Lopez-Cruz, Sara
Lorenz, Gerson
Lorenzo, Oscar
Lovisolo, Liliana
Lozada, Karen
Lucas, Roger
Lunden, Batgerel
Ma, Hing Kwok
Macascas, Wilma
Machado, Anna
Maciel, Andreia
Mack, Keinesha
Maekawa, Noboru
Magata, Linda
Mageed, Omayma
Maggoschitz, Rupert
Mahanta, Pritam
Maie, Tadayoshi
Malkic, Dijana
Mann, Esther
Mariconti, Marguerite
Markina, Elena
Martin, Andrea
Martin, Gale
Martin, Robert
Martin-Martin, Juana
Martinez, Pedro
Martins, Ana
Masumi, Tatsuya
Mata-Ruiz, Maria
Matamoros, Chanena
Matona, Anne
Matsumoto, Michiko
Matsumoto, Yumiko
Matzir, Jose
Matzir, Pedro
Mau, Vivian
Mau, Yat Kan
Maxwell, Rose
McFall, Sandra
Mellem, Valentin
Melo-Garcia, Maria
Menendez, Gladys
Meranda, Tina
Mercado, Maria
Meris, Abbey
Methorst, Tina
Migaldi, Domenico
Miglioranzi, Tiziana
Miliari, Panagiota
Miller, Donald
Mitamura, Kaori
Mitchell, David
Miura, Kiyomi
Miyazaki, Kazuo
Mlavacova, Sarka
Mock, Carla
Monko, David
Monsrud, Arne
Moon, Ji Young
Moon, Sun Ja
Moraes, Karla
Morano, Pietro
Mori, Mikiko
Mori, Noriko
Mori, Yamato
Morioka, Hiroko
Morita, Fumiyuki
Morones, Maria
Morphew, Carol
Moser, Andrea
Moshkovich, Eli
Mouraux, Nathalie
Mpampali, Aikaterini
Muehlemann, Eva
Mukaihira, Masao
Munoz, Nora
Congratulations to these new
worldwide World, GET, Millionaire
and President's Team members
who qualified as of November 2001.
Murase, Tetsumi
Murata, Hideo
Mutton, Yvonne
Nadeau, Ruth
Nagai, Yukari
Nagaishi, Toru
Nagasu, Hideaki
Nagayama, Hiroshi
Nalivayko, Ira
Navarro, Rafael
Neal, Katrina
Nelson, Alicia
Nelson, Marjorie
Nemeckova, Vera
Newlands, Natasha
Nickel, Siegfried
Nieuwkoop, Corrie
Nikolaevskaya, Inna
Nishida, Naoko
Nishimura, Ryoko
Nobrega, Marlene
Noh, Hyun Jung
Noh, Sook Kyung
Noh, Sook Young
Nulli, Simona
Nwaiwu, Steve
Oei, Dynah
Ogawa, Hideo
Ogawa, Keiko
Oh, Eun Hwa
Oh, Je Moon
Oh, Jung Ja
Oh, Kyung Suk
Oh, Seung Won
Oh, Yeon Hwan
Ohmori, Harue
Ohno, Urara
Ojeda, Norma
Olivares, Enma
Oliveira, Katia
Oliveira, Mariuza
Ollikainen, Liisa
Ooi, Tomie
Osorio, Ivania
Otani, Miho
Pacheco, Ana
Padovan, Christine
Pan, Dai Feng
Pang, Hing Kwan
Pangerl, Jutta
Pannke, Diane
Pappas, Emily
Paratore, Giuseppa
Pardo, Silvia
Park, Bong Ae
Park, Eun Hye
Park, Eun Joo
Park, Eun Jung
Park, Il Ryum
Park, Jang Hee
Park, Jin Sook
Park, Jong Hyuk
Park, Jung Hee
Park, Jung Ok
Park, Kyung Hee
Park, Myung Ok
Park, Shin Jung
Park, Shin Young
Park, Tae Kwon
Park, Yeon Ok
Park, Young Mi
Paula, Zelia
Pedroso, Gilberto
Peeters, Emile
Peetoom, Jan
Pereira, Domingos
Pereira, Edvania
Pereira, Ilma
Perez, Miguel
Perez-Tapia, Juan
Perkins, Janis
Persch, Sigrid
Pessoa, Jorge
Pessoa, Sandro
Petchrat, Pranee
Pettis, Stacy
Phuangngern, Suree
Piassi, Lucia
Pieper, Margot
Pinheiro, Alessandra
Pinnock, Milton
Pires, Melissa
Pizzo, Anthony
Po, Man Hei
Pong, Yuen Cheung
Pontoizeau, David
Pooley, Colette
Poon, Fung Ha
Porsche, Anita
Porter, Carrie
Powell, Aimee
Putzu, Alessandra
Quale, Lynne
Quintal, Ana
Ra, Wol Ja
Rafetseder, Gerhild
Ramirez, Maria
Randall, Mary
Rangel, Cristina
Rao, Pushpa
Ras, Annamaria
Rasche, Ulrike
Ratanopas, Saowalak
Rebolledo, Eunice
Renouard, Yvon
Restrepo, Cristina
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 1
Reyes, Flordeliza
Ribeiro, Miguel
Rich, William
Richards, Linda
Richon, Marie
Rieder, Ewald
Riegel, Christine
Rinco, Eliene
Rizzato, Diego
Robert, Guy
Roberts, Ian
Rocco, Manuela
Rodionova, Svetlana
Rodriguez, Esther
Rodriguez, Yadira
Roman, Bertha
Roman, Manuel
Roy, Alok
Rubi, Gloria
Rubio, Jesus
Rucker, Pauline
Ruiz, Damaris
Rye, Donna
Sa, Min Kyung
Saez, Eduardo
Saez, Gustavo
Saikia, Rajesh
Sakamoto, Kazuko
Sakurai, Mayumi
Salcedo, Martha
Salgado, Marilene
Salin, Yasemin
Santo, Ana
Santos, Patricia
Santos, Rosemar
Santos, Rosemeire
Santos-Jr, Miguel
Sapelkin, Andrey
Sapelkin, Nikolay
Sapelkina, Nataliya
Sat, Chui Wan
Sato, Akira
Saunders, Linda
Savchenko, Stanislav
Savvateeva, Stalina
Schaefer, Annegret
Scherer, Claudia
Schiatti, Alfredo
Schmid, Anja
Schmidt, Angela
Scholte, Petra
Schorlepp, Michael
Schorr, Hans
Schrader, Danielle
Schreiber, Bernhard
Schulleitner, Siegfried
Schulte, Julia
Schwarz, Kordula
Shadav, Oyuninmeg
Shafer, Dean
Shibata, Atsuko
Shida, Yuko
Shii, Masako
Shim, Sang Kwang
Shin, Hyun Kyung
Shin, Seung Pyo
Shin, Yeon Ok
Shirasaki, Tamiko
Shirato, Masami
Shon, Young Hee
Short, Cathleen
Short, Robin
Silva, Blaudemiro
Silva, Mayra
Silveira, Celson
Silverio, Nancy
Simone, Donato
Simone, Giulio
Skaricic, Anka
Snell, Deborah
Snyder, Larry
Soares, Danilo
Sobrinho, Antonio
Sohm, Daniela
Sombillo, Nancy
Somocurcio, Cesar
Son, Kyung Hwa
Song, Nan Hee
Song, Soo Ja
Song, Sun Hee
Souza, Claudia
Speltz, Linda
Springer, Noel
Sreenont, Krittakrun
Stead, Wendy
Steenkamp, Irene
Stefani-Curtis, Lorena
Stein, Marion
Stockinger, Roswitha
Stokalenko, Erna
Strobel, Ursula
Studer, Margrit
Suarez, Julieta
Suh, Chang Yeol
Suh, Jung Mi
Suh, Jung Yeem
Sun, Ming Yu
Suresh, Anitha
Suresh, P.
Suzuki, Atsuko
Tai, Wing Yi
Takada, Jyukichi
Takahashi, Masao
Takakura, Minoru
Takashima, Harumi
Takayama, Katsura
Takeda, Misuzu
Takeuchi, Michiko
Takiguchi, Yoko
Tamashiro, Marcio
Tanahatoe, Janny
Tanaka, Akemi
Tanaka, Yoshihiko
Tang, Hsiu Chun
Terai, Nozomi
Teurlan, Jean
Thaimee, Juthamas
Theissen, Inge
Thomas, Gillian
Thomas, Carol
Thomaz, Milton
Thongdang, Samarn
Thongpon, Nuttaporn
Thothong, Wasawatt
Tix, Klaus-Uwe
Todd, Stephen
Tomori, Kazuko
Tonn, David
Topacio, Benita
Torao, Mitsumasa
Tosun, Maria
Trinko, Christian
Trofimov, Yuriy
Tse, Chow Yuet
Tserenzhav, Batbayar
Tserenzhav, Bayarmad
Tsitsoy, Spiridoula
Tsuda, Hisashi
Tsuda, Terumi
Turner, Loni
Tyrrell, Josephine
Ueno, Kazuhiko
Uetake, Yumiko
Ukibe, Miyoko
Utsch, Christiane
Van-De-Laar, W.
Van-Der-Walt, Johan
Van-Der-Zalm, Trudy
Van-Dijck, Patricia
Vandrei, Larysa
Vansertima, Julie
Vasquez, Jennifer
Vaz, Carlos
Velazco, Imelda
Veleiro, Marta
Vianna, Thais
Vieberink, Aline
Viitanen, Pirjo
Viksne, Marguss
Vinson, Greg
Virgili, Adriano
Vitali, Gual
Viteri, Fernando
Vogel, Mardi
Volderauer, Astrid
Volkova, Natalya
Volterrani, Paolo
Vullers, Margo
Walinjkar, Prakash
Waliser, Marc
Walker, Janis
Wang, Mei Mei
Wang, Ming Tan
Wang, Yao Feng
Watanabe, Hiroki
Watanabe, Mario
Watanabe, Masaki
Wattana, Chutikran
Wechsler, Gabriela
Weigel, Jodie
Weise, Maria
West, Doreth
Weyrer, Johann
Wilkes, Toni
Williams, Henry
Wilson, Steve
Wilson, Mark
Wilson, Sharon
Windham, Laura
Winston, Sandra
Winter, Heidemarie
Wolf, Elisabeth
Wong, Kam Leung
Wong, Kwok Ying
Wong, Lon Ching
Wong, Yiu Kay
Woodward, Alan
Worthing, Glen
Wu, Chin Tun
Wu, Hui Chen
Wu, Meng Hsueh
Yamada, Emiko
Yamamoto, Toyomi
Yamamura, Kyoko
Yamano, Miyako
Yamashiro, Junko
Yan, Suet Yee
Yang, Jae Sung
Yang, Mi Hee
Yang, Mi Sook
Yang, Young Soo
Yang, Meng Chiang
Yang, Shu Huang
Yang, Wen Hsien
Yangirova, Irina
Yao, Mei Jen
Yap, Annalee
Yasugi, Kenta
Yeh, Chen Yuan
Yeh, Feng Shu
Yie, Meng
Yonehana, Miki
Yoo, Chang Moo
Yoo, Kyung Sook
Yoon, Hee Ja
Yoon, Hye Yeon
Yoon, Song Mi
Yoon, Yong Ok
Yoshikawa, Maki
Yoshimoto, Hiroko
Yu, Chin Cheung
Yu, Xiao Yan
Yuuki, Sanae
Yuxi, Zoila
Zagonel, Valmir
Zandbergen, Nel
Zanutto, Leandro
Zenkel, Alena
Zhang, Tianming
Zhang, Zhiyi
Zheng, Shu Yu
Zhukova, Tamara
Zoetmulder, Patrick
Zugno, Marco
Zuill, Tammy
Zverev, Kirill
Congratulations to these new
worldwide World, GET, Millionaire
and President's Team members
who qualified as of September 2001.
Hertog, Arabella
Hurtado, Ruth
Lee, Tae Hee
Pisano, Salvatore
Vela, Camilo
An, Myung Ok
Armas, Alejandro
Chang, Pei Feng
Douw, Raymond
Ford, Shon
Gillespie, Roseanne
Holsen, Patricia
Jaimes, Humberto
Jaimes, Elia
Kamps, Carrie
Kim, Bo Kyung
Kim, Hyun Ja
Kim, Ye Jin
Lim, Joo Hwan
Lum, Kong Yee
Matsumoto, Yumiko
Nava, Norma
Neighbors, Charles
Oh, Sang Nam
Ram, Nand
Suh, Kyung Mi
Tamte, Margaret
Teng, Ling
Villalobos, Edward
Willard, Paul
Zerfas, Vicki
Ajieren, Dave
Akiyama, Hiromichi
Almanza, Marina
Andrade, Pablo
Arias, Carlos
Arroyo, Maria
Bae, Ok Hee
Baltazar, Antonio
Barreiro-Murillo, Aldo
Barrera, Marivel
Belcher, Janice
Bernal, Alheli
Bischoff, Miriam
Biti, Fotini
Bortoli, Darlei
Buenrostro, Maria
Byum, Yoo Jin
Carvalho, Jorge
Cervantes-Moreno, J.
Chang, Hui Lan
Chen, Rachel
Cho, Kwang Jae
Cho, Mi Soon
Cho, Yoon Kyung
Choi, Kyung Hee
Diaz, Gloria
Drummond, Terry
Elston, Lucia
Fetisova, Irina
Flores, Claudia
Flores, Maria
Fukushita, Miyoko
Garcia, Carlos
Gatti, Sabrina
Gee, Kyung Hee
Gomez, Carmen
Gorichanaz, Kim
Goto, Haruyo
Guerra, Martha
Guzman, Maricela
Halbmaier, Traci
Hamm, Matthias
Hernandez, Patricia
Hernandez, Maria
Herrera-Avila, Gloria
Ho, Yung On
Honma, Sonomi
Hutson, Ennifer
Hwang, Eui Min
Igartua-Perez, Uan
Inman, Kim
Iordanou, Maria
Iwata, Rie
Jang, Sun Young
Jauregui, Mariana
Jee, Yoon Ja
Jegadeesan, Vidya
Jung, Kyung Ja
Kawai, Ryuichi
Ke, Li Chu
Kim, Hee Soon
Kim, Hyang Dan
Kim, Ji Keun
Kim, Jin Rang
Kim, Myung Soon
Kitamoto, Tsutomu
Komadina, Mark
Lee, Man Jin
Lee, Mi Ja
Leonidou, Christakis
Lim, Sang Mi
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 1
Lu, Tung Shan
Maceri, Silvia
Maidment, Darrell
Markus, Remie
Masin, Roland
Matsufuji, Kiyomi
Mayo, Chris
McClendon, Joseph
Mennis, Eileen
Mochizuki, Hitomi
Nakanishi, Noriko
Nava-Molina, Cirilo
Niscemi, Paola
Oh, Sung Mi
Okamoto, Eriko
O'neill, Amanda
Ortega, Julio
Park, Mi Won
Park, Young Ok
Pisciotta, Maria
Quaglini, Federico
Rebolo, Iolanda
Robbins, Jacqueline
Rodarte, Rocio
Sackett, Gina
Saito, Yoshinori
Sakalas, Jon
Saldana, Rodolfo
Salmon, Jara
Sathapong, Kanikar
Sawada, Chiemi
Semenichin, Vladimir
Shiga, Takashi
Shoda, Masako
Shon, Kyung Ja
Silva, Danilo
Song, Sung Hee
Sugawara, Yoshiko
Suh, Hwa Jung
Sung, Kyung Soon
Tolson, Gail
Tsui, Bo Lun
Van-Barneveld, M.
Vilallonga, Fco.
Watanabe, Kenji
Winberg, Joan
Wong, Yuk Wah
Wozniak, Dawid
Wu, Yuan Hsuen
Xiao, Yang
Yoshioka, Lorraine
Zatarain, Jesus
Abelleira, Luz
Abolt, Ann
Abudeen, A.
Acosta, Maria
Adams, Jessie
Aguirre, Maria
Aguirre, Beatriz
Alami, Negar
Albrecht, Eugen
Aliyeva, Elmira
Almazan, Reyna
Almazo, Teresa
Almeida, Jerry
Almeida, Liliane
Alves, Evania
Alves, Maria
Alves, Reginaldo
Ameluxen, Rosalia
An, Byung Rye
An, Hwa Soon
An, Jong Soon
An, Kyung Soon
An, Ok Hee
An, Sang Ryool
Ando, Taeko
Angert, Gabriele
Angulo, Margarita
Antunes, Mara
Aoki, Kayoko
Arias, Olivia
Asada, Miyoko
Asatryan, Lianna
Asfour, Randa
Asquini, Elena
Astahov, Yuriy
Atrash, Monica
Atsumi, Rieko
Aunvong, Subun
Backman, Patricia
Bae, Eun Joo
Bae, Hee Sook
Bae, Sook
Bae, Young Sook
Baek, Kyung Mi
Baj, Vesna
Bakleneva, Nade
Baquedano-DeHernandez, Miriam
Barbosa, Sergio
Barnhill, Jomarie
Barrio, Eslinda
Barrow, Lelia
Bartlett, Sandra
Bassett, Yadira
Bastiani, Jair
Batas, Evelyn
Bautista, Maria
Beckerbauer, Nancy
Belyakova, Irina
Belyakova, Irina
Benavides, Victoria
Benigno, Almada
Bernleitner, Johann
Berrezueta, Etelvina
Betancourt, Esteban
Beurskens, Marja
Beviacqua, Audrey
Bhadauria, Gaurav
Birkholtz, Wolfgang
Biswas, Pritilata
Blaauwwiekel, Tiny
Black, Heidi
Bohan, Maryann
Bol, Siaak
Bolland, Renate
Borowik, Malgorzata
Bos, Carla
Brasca, Cinzia
Brito, Mario
Bronzini, Elisabetta
Brooks, Michele
Brown, Marilyn
Brunn, Theresa
Brunner, Anny
Bruno, Celestino
Bueno, Rodolfa
Buenrostro, Maria
Bukley, Katarzyna
Buonasera, Giuseppe
Burns, Patrick
Buschini, Maurizio
Bush, David
Byun, Eun Joo
Byun, Hee Nae
Cabrera, Lourdes
Cabrera, Maribel
Caggianelli, Nicola
Campos, Marli
Cardoso, Regina
Carrington, Kristi
Carter, Anne
Carvalho, Og
Castilho, Vivian
Castillo, Maricel
Castro, Olga
Cervantes, Maria
Cha, Oh Sook
Cha, Seung Hee
Cha, Tae Ryong
Chae, Yeon Hyang
Chan, Siu Yuet
Chan, Yan Yan
Chanchai, Jinda
Chang, Ok Ja
Chapman, Marcia
Chartrum, Saowanee
Chau, Sai Kam
Chaudhari, Dilip
Chauvaux, Mark
Chen, Hsiu Ching
Chen, Jung Hua
Chen, Su Yin
Chen, Yun Ju
Chen, Melisa
Chen, Nan Hui
Cheng, Shu Chun
Cheng, Yi Shan
Chiarello, Joao
Chiereghin, Romano
Chirino, Maria
Cho, Tai Suen
Cho, Bok Soon
Cho, Doo Hee
Cho, Duck Nyeo
Cho, Hye Won
Cho, Myung Hee
Cho, Seung Mi
Cho, Soon Wol
Cho, Sung Soon
Choi, Yin Ling
Choi, Hyo Soon
Choi, Jong Myon
Choi, Jong Wook
Choi, Kyung Ja
Choi, Mi Ja
Choi, Soon Ae
Choi, Soon Wan
Choi, Young Eun
Chong, Lorna
Chou, Caroline
Chu, Chia Pei
Chung, Soon Kang
Cichova, Zuzana
Cirulnick, Linda
Clark, Angel
Clinger, Susie
Clubclary, Siriwat
Coelho, Francisca
Collins, Vicki
Conn, John
Contreras, Kattia
Conway, Keith
Corley, Jennifer
Corrente, Victoria
Dancy, Anna
Das, Ashoke
Dautzenberg, Louisa
Davenport, Paul
De-Abreu, Jose
De-Souza, Gilvania
Dean, Connie
Del-Russo, Nadia
Delabela, Eliana
Denford, Karen
Denney, Donald
Diaz, Maria
Diethart, Franz
Do, Mal Soon
Dodd, Paul
Donmez, Nazmiye
Dos-Santos, Ruben
Dou, Diane
Drake, Paula
Duffus, Marva
Egudkin, Denis
Eliav, Aster
Emanuel, Lucyanna
Engblom, Yvonne
Engel, Uwe
English, Connie
Enomoto, Takako
Erstad, Anne-Marit
Eschenbrenner, Silke
Espadas, Laura
Esparza-Rivera, Dora
Espino, Alvino
Fan, Po Lam
Farrell, Laverne
Feng, Li Ping
Fenyvesy, Eva
Festa, Cristiano
Finney, Jack
Firsova, Olga
Fitzgerald, Patrick
Flewellen, Linda
Franch-Tomas, Maria
Freire, Giordana
Frozi, Carlos
Frozzi, Luiz
Fuentes, Julia
Fuffa, Davide
Fujii, Hiroo
Fujii, Yoshio
Fujita, Shinobu
Fukuoka, Mikiyasu
Furumizu, Fumie
Galinitsi, Eleftheria
Garbaini, Albina
Garcia, Ada
Congratulations to these new
worldwide World, GET, Millionaire
and President's Team members
who qualified as of September 2001.
Garmatz, Glaucia
Gaskin, Mavis
Gatica, Mirso
Geisler, Jurij
Gerasimova, Galina
Gevorkyan, Karine
Ghosh, Sanjay
Gilhooly, Michael
Glas, Marjan
Glebke, Lisa
Gomez, Samuel
Gonzalez, Martina
Grabner, Silvia
Graham, Ronald
Grana, David
Gray, Cynthia
Grill, Elisabeth
Grilli, Fabrizio
Groshong, Mark
Guadalupe, Ana
Guariglia, Raffaella
Guemes, Mark
Hagen, Leif
Hainz, Carola
Ham, Mi Sun
Han, Sun Ho
Haney, Robert
Hanson, Adebayo
Hanson, Casey
Haokip, Boisy
Haque, Reza
Harada, Koji
Haraguchi, Chikako
Harper, Owen
Harris, William
Hart, Linda
Harvey, Helen
Hauf, Izabella
Haukeland, Erlend
Havlova, Marie
Hawver, Wendy
Hejatko, Vaclav
Helleken, Thomas
Henson, Charles
Hermann, Petra
Herrera, Roberto
Herzfeld, Steven
Hetzger, Olaf
Heuvel, Roy
Hicks, Tammie
Higashi, Rikio
Hinson, Sally
Hinton, Rebecca
Hirata, Michiko
Hirayama, Kazue
Hlavac, Mary
Ho, Yu Sheung
Ho, Hui Tsen
Hocking, Ian
Hodgson, Monica
Holzheu, Alban
Honda, Toshio
Honda, Yasuhiro
Hong, Jae Hee
Hong, Jung Ja
Hong, Ok Hee
Hong, Ok Young
Hoover, Dina
Houck, Leslie
Howes, Melody
Hua, Cheng Hsin
Hua, Chung Hui
Huang, Hsin Fei
Huang, Pao Hsuan
Huazano, Rodrigo
Huh, Young Mi
Huh, Young Yi
Hung, Cheng Yu
Hung, Hui Chen
Hussain, Tariq
Hwang, Kyung Hee
Iamudomlap, Nittaya
Ibragimov, Farkhad
Ignatova, Tatjana
Ilan, Judith
Ilaszczuk, Dorota
Inthi, Kutkanang
Iona-Beleuta, Maria
Irikura, Juria
Ishibashi, Masato
Ishida, Mari
Islam, Sahabul
Ito, Hiroyuki
Iverson, Corenna
Izumi, Yuka
Jaballah, Ezzeddine
Jaju, Omprakash
James, Audrey
Jang, Eun Kyung
Jang, Hyun Soon
Jang, Keum Hee
Jang, Keum Sun
Jang, Kyung Soon
Jang, Myung Ja
Jang, Myung Sook
Jang, Soon Sim
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 1
Jeffers, Debra
Jeitler, Helmut
Jhun, Sook Hyang
Ji, Sung Nam
Jimenez, Geraldine
Jimenez, Virginia
Jin, Yang Hee
Jitprasert, On-Anong
Johansen, Dorte
Johnson, Carol
Johnson, Christopher
Joo, Kyung Ran
Joo, Myung Hye
Josip, Kusan
Jue, Stephan
Jumbe, Doris
Jun, In Sook
Jung, Eun Hwa
Jung, Hae Won
Jung, Mi Jung
Jung, Min Hee
Jung, Se Jong
Jung, Soon Hwa
Jung, Sun Mo
Jung, Yeon Bum
Jurey-Reetz, Kelli
Kajeka, Henry
Kakiuchi, Yuki
Kalinova, Vera
Kamikawa, Eri
Kang, Ji Yang
Kang, Kwang Sim
Kang, So Young
Kang, Tae Sung
Kang, Young Ok
Kanou, Keichi
Kanou, Masayuki
Karmen, Tamara
Kashiwagi, Yasuko
Kasugai, Masako
Kawaguchi, Kiyomi
Killion, Diane
Kim, Ae Ja
Kim, Choon Ja
Kim, Choon Sook
Kim, Doo Nam
Kim, Eun Hee
Kim, Hee Jun
Kim, Hee Ra
Kim, Ho Jung
Kim, Ho Keun
Kim, Hyun Joong
Kim, Hyung Ja
Kim, Jae Soon
Kim, Ji Sook
Kim, Jin Hee
Kim, Jin Hyun
Kim, Jong Rak
Kim, Keum Nam
Kim, Kwan Sik
Kim, Kyung Ae
Kim, Kyung Hee
Kim, Kyung Sook
Kim, Mi Ji
Kim, Mi Jung
Kim, Mi Ra
Kim, Myung Hee
Kim, Myung Ja
Kim, Myung Soon
Kim, Nam Sook
Kim, Sang Mi
Kim, So Hee
Kim, Soo Mi
Kim, Sun Ok
Kim, Sun Rye
Kim, Sun Wol
Kim, Sun Young
Kim, Sung Ja
Kim, Yong Hwa
Kim, Yoo Mi
Kim, Young Hee
Kim, Young I
Kim, Young Ok
Kim, Young Sook
Kim, Young Sook
Kisorssy, Noemi
Klimova, Larisa
Ko, Bing
Ko, Man Young
Ko, Myung Ok
Ko, Yong Woon
Ko, Lisa
Kobatake, Teruko
Kobayashi, Kazuko
Koga, Tomoko
Kohli, Suryaveer
Koide, Hiroshi
Komatsu, Yoshifumi
Komutpan, Theera
Konecny, Petr
Kong, Woon Kyung
Kong, Woon Soo
Kook, Dong Yo
Kopeckova, Dagmar
Korneevy, Lydmilla
Kornilova, Elena
Kornsilpa, Krisdakorn
Koroleva, Marina
Kosikowska, Joanna
Koumura, Kunihiro
Koutantos, Nikolaos
Kozirev, Sergey
Kozuru, Fumi
Krassmann, Taisija
Krebber, Roland
Kritsotakis, Stylianos
Krupina, Galina
Kruzel, Amy
Kubetschka, Stefka
Kuhnen, Jose
Kuhnen-Filho, Jose
Kulhintung, Jeanya
Kumakura, Hiroshi
Kuo, Chia Ling
Kuo, Hui Ching
Kurosaki, Yumiko
Kusaka, Yoko
Kuwahara, Kazuko
Kwak, Yoon Jung
Kwok, Hoi Lam
Kwok, Gloria
Kwon, Hyun Mi
Kwon, Mi Jung
Kwon, Soon Young
Kwon, Yong Mi
Lackinger, Sabine
Lahiri, Sushanta
Lam, Wai Chung
Landwehr, Birthe
Lang, Jing
Lapin, Karibeth
Lara-Avila, Margarita
Lau, Bo Lun
Lau, Chee Kong
Lau, Chi Man
Lau, Wai Leung
Lau, Wai Yuen
Laughlin, Angela
Law, Siu Ping
Lazaro, Estela
Lazzarin, Giulio
Leblanc, Amie
Lee, Hin Tat
Lee, Yee Wah
Lee, Yuet Ching
Lee, Chang Ho
Lee, Eun Young
Lee, Ha Jung
Lee, Hae Joo
Lee, Ji Hoon
Lee, Jin A
Lee, Jin Sook
Lee, Jong Man
Lee, Jong Moon
Lee, Jung Hwa
Lee, Keum Im
Lee, Kong Youl
Lee, Mi Sook
Lee, Myung Ok
Lee, Myung Soon
Lee, Pil Jae
Lee, Sang Hee
Lee, Seung Hyung
Lee, Seung Lim
Lee, Soo Jin
Lee, Soo Jin
Lee, Yong Suk
Lee, Young Sook
Lee, Chung Ling
Lee, Yi Ching
Lee, Franca
Leigh, Bryan
Lenich, Bettyann
Leung, Ka Ni
Li, Yan Qing
Li, Song Zhu
Liang, Mei Ping
Liberati, Adriano
Liberti, Emanuela
Lim, In Soon
Lim, Jeom Ran
Lim, Mal Lan
Lim, Myung Jae
Lim, So Jung
Lim, Tae Ran
Lim, Young Hee
Lima, Ivonete
Lin, Fu Ying
Lin, Kuei Hsiang
Lin, Lan Fang
Ling, Fung Har
Liu, Hong
Liu, Yuk Chun
Liu, Tsai Yu
Liu, Yu Chiao
Liu, Jian Feng
Llamedo, Maria
Llerena, Laura
Llorente, Peter
Lo, Jennie
Lobato, Maria
Long, Adam
Longworth, Kevin
Lopatkin, Sergey
Lopez, Micaela
Lopez, Miguel
Lorenci, Leide
Lu, Kuei Yu
Lucas, Jose
Lucas-Raras, Ryan
Lucho, Patricia
Lujan, Claudio
Ma, Ching Ju
Maene, Keiji
Maeta, Masako
Mafla, Mestor
Mafune, Yoshinari
Magruder, Curtis
Maiers, Kimberly
Mainusch, Monika
Majumder, Kamala
Malakar, Rina
Maltseva, Natali
Mang, Hing Ping
Maninhas, Elisa
Mankova, Elizaveta
Mannix, Michael
Manzano-Solis, Raul
Mao, Tie Heng
Marchesola, Vania
Marcillo, Carmela
Marcondes, Rosana
Mardahaeva, Farida
Marra, Silvana
Martinez-Roa, Nancy
Maruta, Yoshiko
Mata, Hermila
Matias, Edson
Matsubara, Keiko
Matsuyama, Yasuko
Mauro, Sheilah
Maximo, Dulce
May, Beatrice
Mazzieri, Fabrizia
McDaniel, Violetta
McEwen, Justin
McGlynn, Barry
McGovern, Thomas
McKenzie, Gary
Meier, Nina
Mejia-Alvarado, David
Mendieta, Palmira
Mendoza, Alejandro
Merchan, Isabel
Metcalf, Joy
Methuen, Sharon
Mikami, Miki
Milford, Dorothy
Milian-Valentin, Joan
Miller, Elaine
Miller, Kimiko
Miller, Lynda
Miranda-Lugo, Elvira
Mirashi, Sharad
Miwa, Setsuko
Miyaji, Setsuko
Miyano, Kimiko
Miyazaki, Kiyoko
Miyazaki, Makoto
Mizobuchi, Yoshimi
Mizuno, Katsuhiko
Modi, Ashish
Mogler, Amy
Mohr, Bettina
Monarrez, Claudia
Monroe, Peter
Monroe, Patrick
Moon, Ji Yeon
Moon, So Young
Moorman, Milko
Moraites, Peter
More, Jennifer
Congratulations to these new
worldwide World, GET, Millionaire
and President's Team members
who qualified as of September 2001.
Morgunenko, Marina
Moss, Marilyn
Mrachkovski, Oleg
Mughiuti, Alfredo
Mukherjee, Jayeeta
Mungura, Alejandra
Munhe, Janete
Munoz, Francisco
Muscarella, Richard
Myung, Na Ri
Nagai, Michiko
Nagata, Ryoko
Nakamura, Machiko
Nakashima, Fumiko
Nakashiro, Suzuka
Nakaza, Neusa
Nam, Ling Gigi
Nanba, Ryuzo
Nantes, Elza
Nascimento, Debora
Nelson, Katy
Nesmolenko, Galina
Neville, David
Ngor, Ling
Nicholson, Lisa
Nickel, Wladimir
Nikolaeva, Nataliya
Nishioka, Tadahiro
Nita, Cristian
Niven, Christopher
Noblet, Christian
Noboa, Wannia
Noh, Hee Jin
Noh, Hye Ja
Nomura, Eiji
Nordin, Darelyn
Noreng, Jorun
Norgaard, Jon
Notman, Mary
Nueesch, Urs
Nunez, Cayetano
Odom, Kenia
O'donovan, Rory
Ogawa, Tami
Okada, Naoko
Okai, Shinsuke
Olczyk, Dorota
Oldenburg, Folker
Olivares, Nuria
Ono, Michiko
Oohira, Tsuneo
Ooura, Keiko
Or, Yuet Lan
Orantes, Yolanda
Orellana, Ana
Origlia, Anna
Ortiz, Jose
Oshiro, Yasuyo
Otero, Roxana
Otte, Birgit
Owens, Kristina
Ozat, Hulya
Paiva, Ana
Palinski, Iwona
Palomares, Alejandra
Palomarez, Juanita
Pang, Kam Ng
Parathiras, John
Parekh, Usha
Parello, Oscar
Parisi, Linda
Park, Byung Chul
Park, Dong Sun
Park, Eui Sup
Park, Eun Soon
Park, Hee Jung
Park, Hye Sook
Park, Jin Hee
Park, Jung Hee
Park, Kyung Hwa
Park, Kyung Sook
Park, Moon Ok
Park, Sang Bok
Park, Son Hee
Park, Soon Ae
Park, Soon Nyeo
Park, Sun Mi
Park, Woon Sup
Parkin, Gary
Parrino, Joanne
Patty, Jeannie
Paul, Olga
Paz, Maryellen
Peng, Fang Yi
Perco, Norberto
Perez, Carolina
Perez, Rodrigo
Perez, Miguel
Perez, Orlando
Perkins, Beverly
Perris, Maurizio
Pervukhin, Nikolay
Peters, George
Peticova, Zita
Pettus, Pamela
Pewlaoo, Tanutya
Phewphong, Tasanee
Pholiphorova, Larisa
Piccinno, Daniela
Piche, Kim
Pitchford, Janet
Poltavskaya, Larisa
Ponomareva, Tatyana
Ponych, Tatyana
Poon, Wing Sum
Porcheddu, Maria
Porges, Chaim
Poston, Marc
Pranio, Gianfranco
Prior, Crystal
N E W LY Q U A L I F I E D S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 1
Prohorova, Ludmila
Prokhorova, Olga
Puchkova, Natalya
Pugach, Svetlana
Pyun, Eun Soon
Quiceno, Carolina
Quintero, Shuhua
Ramella, Albertina
Ramos-Rivero, Virgilio
Ramsey, Donna
Randall, Jeri
Rankin, Michelle
Ransom, Marie
Ray, Chhanda
Rechetova, Lidia
Redman, Carolann
Reitano, Domenica
Renev, Jiuri
Rengers, Anita
Reyes, Frances
Reyes, Linnette
Reyes-Huizar, Laura
Ribeiro, Ademir
Ridley, Gary
Rinaldo, Raffaele
Rizzi, Laura
Rodolfo, Renata
Rodriguez, Milton
Rodriguez, Gabriel
Rodriguez-Velez, Ana
Rogers, Annie
Rojas, Juan
Rojo, Dora
Romazanova, Olga
Romero, Daisy
Romero, Raphael
Rosa, Jose
Rosales, Jeanette
Rucinski, Eloi
Rudolph, Hazel
Ruggiero-Jr, Roberto
Ryabchuk, Vladimir
Saban, Elizabeth
Sager, Lydia
Saito, Toshiyuki
Sakai, Sayuri
Sakuma, Kimie
Samejima, Tsuyoshi
Samnoey, Ingerid
Samorokova, Tamara
Sanchez, Irene
Sandoval, Erick
Sandoval, Karla
Sang, Ok Ja
Sansaerd, Chaiyo
Santoro, Romina
Santos, Carla
Santos, Christiano
Santos, Maria
Sarkar, Jayanta
Sarkar, Krishna
Sarkar, Pallab
Sato, Chieko
Sato, Hiromi
Sato, Kiyoshi
Sato, Mitsuko
Sato, Noriko
Sato, Tazuko
Scarfalloto, Maria
Scarpati, Umberto
Schafer, Barbara
Schauer, Nicole
Schirjaev, Serge
Schneider, Luiz
Schuttpelz, Shellie
Sciavilla, Eleonora
Serrano, Guadalupe
Sessa, Anna
Shang, Chung Yi
Shashkova, Nataliya
Shen, Hung Wen
Shin, Hwa Ja
Shin, Jae Myung
Shin, Soo Yong
Shinji, Megumi
Shiratsuchi, Tomoe
Shirley, Doyle
Shkabarnya, Yulia
Shuvalov, Anton
Silberman, Larry
Silva, Cleidneia
Silva, Ricardo
Silva-Palleiro, Maria
Silvestre, Lucien
Sin, Mi Sun
Singh, Sunita
Singtana, Tasanee
Sipani, Prakash
Sirena, Simone
Six-Joo, Monika
Slaton, Barry
Sloan, Melissa
Smith, Dorothy
Smith, Gloria
Smith, Shirley
Smyra, Monika
So, Myung Hwan
Soares, Rosely
Sokolova, Vera
Solonukha, Tamara
Son, Jung Yeon
Son, Min Jung
Son, Young Mi
Song, Choon Sil
Song, Hwa Sook
Soojay, Devraj
Soto, Justo
Soto, Maria
Soto-Arreola, Paula
Soto-Cota, Luz
Spatz, Sandra
Spearman, Jeanie
Spencer, Catherine
Spotts, David
Sree, Prin
Sripinyo, Angkana
Srivastav, Neeta
Stanga, Marco
Starkey, Patty
Stasinos, Mark
Stavrianou, Stamatia
Stevenson, David
Stratulat, Ana
Suggs, Walter
Suh, Dong Yul
Suh, Sook Eun
Suh, Young Im
Suleman, Heena
Sun, Jane
Sun, Quan
Sung, Mi Ji
Suprunenko, Viktor
Sur, Madhubrota
Suzuki, Yoshihiro
Sy, Maria
Sy, Emma
Tagliani, Julian
Taguchi, Yukari
Tak, Soon Duck
Takahashi, Keiko
Takahashi, Kimie
Takamine, Miyuki
Takebayashi, Hisami
Takeuchi, Michiko
Tanaka, Akiko
Taneshima, Hikari
Tang, Lan Heung
Tauberger, Irina
Taweekun, Sureepan
Tcal-Tcalko, Oysilu
Terminiello, Luigi
Tertyshniy, Aleksey
Tesar, Josef
Thongrung, Siriporn
Thurman, Rebecca
Tiefnig, Heidrun
Tien, Cheng Lung
Tin, Hei Yu
Ting, Fu Mei
Tinsley, Lisa
To, Hoi Leng
To, Yuk Hing
Toda, Midori
Tokmakova, Nina
Tokumine, Masao
Tokutsu, Yumiko
Tonelli, Anna
Torres, Maria
Torres, Rosa
Torres-Diaz, Enrique
Tostado-Cruz, Sara
Toughey, Josephine
Trebour, Pamela
Trevino, Pablo
Trinz, Alexander
Tsangaris, George
Tse, Angela
Tseng, Ching Ya
Tsirigotis, Susanne
Tsuda, Naomi
Tsui, Tien Chen
Tsukurimichi, Yuko
Tsurumaru, Satoko
Tugareva, Elena
Tukovits, Margarete
Turner, Sallee
Tyutikova, Olga
U, Ka Ho
Uhm, Yoo Mi
Ung, Karen
Unger, Serafima
Urabe, Noriko
Ureyen, Humayun
Urriola, Jimmy
Ustarez, Daicy
Vachon, Danielle
Vaktskjold, Karolina
Van-Kooten, Lynda
Vapnik, Dorit
Varacsina, Olga
Varela, Pedro
Vashke, Lidia
Velasco-Velasco, Ale
Venables, Kris
Verkuil, Petra
Viaznikov, Valeri
Vulaj, Linda
Wakimoto, Yoshiharu
Waldauer, Angela
Walter, Friedrich
Wang, Kyung Ja
Wang, Chia Yu
Wang, Mei Yue
Wang, Ti
Wang, Xiao Xi
Watanabe, Koji
Waterman, Delise
Watts, Lu Ann
Weidmann, Andrea
Wels, Geert
Wen, Hsiang Yang
Wesley, Tina
Willhite, Mareva
Williams, Jon
Williamson, Regina
Willis, Gail
Willumsen, Irene
Wilson, Carl
Wilson, Dena
Wong, Hoi Kwan
Wong, Tin Sang
Wong, Yun Hung
Wood, Gail
Woodlee, James
Wyatt, Sue
Wylie, Jill
Wynne, Joni
Yaffe, Nitsa
Yamada, Keiko
Yamashita, Hiroko
Yang, Bong Yong
Yarimizu, Chiharu
Yeh, Ya Lan
Yeip, Elizabeth
Yip, Sau Ping
Yip, Yuet Ling
Yokota, Hiroko
Yokota, Saki
Yoo, Myung Geun
Yoo, Myung Nam
Yoon, Jae Il
Yoon, Mi Sook
Yoon, Min Sook
Yoon, Won Deuk
Yosekawa, Masayuki
Yoshimura, Utako
Yu, Chun Men
Yu, Shan Ting
Zabolotsky, Noli
Zagal, Gabriel
Zalmanzig, Susan
Zayas, Lisa
Zhao, Liang
Zheng, Shimei
Zhou, Jia
Zimmerman, Tammy
Zinco, Luca
Znotina, Dace
Zoubkova, Olga
Zur, Idan
Zwart, Jolanda
Herbalife has three fantastic opportunities on the horizon for qualifying Distributors
and you won’t want to miss a minute of the fun! Keep working your qualifications
plan and you’ll be on your way to these great events before you know it.
President’s Team Excursion
Get ready to experience the ultimate training event
when you qualify for the President’s Team Excursion.
Here are the latest details:
• Qualifiers will stay at the luxurious Westin Mission
Hills Resort in beautiful Rancho Mirage, California
• The event is scheduled for March 3 – March 6
President’s Summit 2002
The 2002 President’s Summit, to be held at Universal
Amphitheater in Los Angeles, CA, on March 8, 9 and
10, promises to be one of Herbalife’s biggest events
ever! Highlights will include:
• The largest Production Bonus payout in Herbalife
• Important training and advice from top-producing
• Exciting tours you don’t want to miss.
Top Producers Getaway Weekends
We know how to squeeze the most out of a
weekend–turn two days into four! And that’s exactly
what we’re doing for the Top Producers Getaway
Weekends. In April, qualifying Distributors will enjoy
four days in a fun-filled domestic vacation destination.
• Vacationers will be able to explore the non-stop
sights and sounds of exciting Las Vegas or
• Kick back on the gorgeous beaches of Hilton
Head, South Carolina, or
• Take in the atmosphere and entertainment of
Branson, Missouri, or
• Enjoy the beautiful scenery and inviting climate of
San Diego!

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