CONNECTION - the Enumclaw School District



CONNECTION - the Enumclaw School District
August 2008
Serving Enumclaw and Black Diamond
2929 McDougall Avenue, Enumclaw
Superintendent Message
Come to the Back to School
Rally on August 28th!
Warm Summer Greetings
to each of you!
Our first day of school
is September 2nd! Our staff
members have taken several
classes this summer preparing for your children. It’s
so important for all of us
to continue to improve our
skills. Many are also back
in their classrooms preparing their rooms and their
lessons for the first few days
of school. The first official day back for new staff
members is August 21st.
The rest of the staff will join
our new staff members on
August 25th.
Staffing Changes
We are pleased to announce
the following administrative
staffing changes:
Gerrie Garton has
moved to Black
Gerrie Diamond PrinGarton cipal to Director
of Professional
Community Relations.
Jill Burnes has Burnes
moved to EHS Principal
from EHS Assistant Principal and Ginger Callison has
moved to Thunder Mountain
Middle School
Assistant prinGinger cipal. We are
Callison looking forward
to the great things they will
be able to accomplish this
On the morning of August 28th, our staff will load
busses and drive to the field
at Black Diamond Elementary. We’ll arrive in Black
Diamond by 8:30 and be
greeted by Black Diamond
officials. Donuts and coffee
will be served. We would
love for students, parents
and community members
who are able to join us for
this Black Diamond “back
to school rally” to please
stop by.
After a district-wide
in-service later that morning, our staff will again load
busses and have a “bus parade” down Cole Street in
Enumclaw. This bus parade is scheduled for 11:15.
Our staff will be greeted
by Enumclaw officials, followed by a staff barbeque
lunch. We would like to
invite students, parents
and community members
to line Cole Street at 11:15
to cheer our amazing staff
and then join us in Rotary
Park for our Enumclaw
rally. We’ll be handing out
ice cream bars to the public
who attend.
An event like this definitely brings together our
school district and the cities of Black Diamond and
Enumclaw. I hope many
of you are able to join us
at either the Black Diamond (8:30) or Enumclaw
(11:15) rally. Together, let’s
celebrate the beginning of
what I believe is going to be
an amazing school year for
our students and staff!! See
you there!
Here’s to a great 20082009 school year!
School Schedule
First day of school is September 2, 2008
School schedules as follows:
Black Diamond
9:00 – 3:30
Early Release Times:
Byron Kibler
9:00 – 3:30
High School
8:00 – 11:15
9:00 – 3:30
8:00 – 11:15
9:00 – 3:30
8:10 – 11:25
9:00 – 3:30
Elementary Schools
9:00 – 12:15
Enumclaw MS
8:00 – 2:30
HS Graduation
June 15, 2009
Thunder Mt. MS
8:10 – 2:40
Last Day of School
June 19, 2009
Enumclaw HS
Marci Shepard, Dean of Students
[email protected]
Fax: 360.802.7500
Enumclaw High School (Grades 9-12)
226 Semanski Street South
Enumclaw WA 98022
Jill Burnes, Principal
[email protected]
Ed Hatzenbeler, Assistant Principal
[email protected]
Paul Iacobazzi, Assistant Principal
[email protected]
Kevin Smith, Assistant Principal
[email protected]
Tim Tubbs, Athletic Director
[email protected]
Fax: 360.802.7676
Black Diamond Elementary (Grades K-5)
25314 Baker Street
Black Diamond WA 98010
Gerrie Garton, Principal
[email protected]
Fax: 360.802.7610
Enumclaw Middle School (Grades 6-8)
550 Semanski Street South
Enumclaw WA 98022
Steve Rabb, Principal
[email protected]
Brian Patrick, Dean of Students
[email protected]
Fax: 360.802.7224
Southwood Elementary (Grades K-5)
3240 McDougall Avenue
Enumclaw WA 98022
Susan Arbury, Principal
[email protected]
Fax: 802.7374
Thunder Mt. Middle School (Grades 6-8)
42018 264th Avenue SE
Enumclaw WA 98022
Virginia Callison, Principal
[email protected]
107967-EnSchools_7x21.indd 1
Byron Kibler Elementary (Grades K-5)
2057 Kibler Avenue
Enumclaw WA 98022
Julene Miller, Principal
[email protected]
Fax: 360.802.7300
Sunrise Elementary (Grades K-5)
899 Osceola Street
Enumclaw WA 98022
Chris Beals, Principal
[email protected]
Fax: 360.802.7427
Fax 360-802-7123
Elementary Summer School Program
Elementary students from
across the district participate in the Elementary
Summer School Program
held at each elementary
school every year in August.
Students spend time at
their neighborhood school
in small groups reading as
well as working individually
with teachers to boost their
reading skills. This program
is strategically scheduled in
August to help students get
back into the routine of
school and to practice the
important skills and behaviors of successful readers. Participating students
come back to school in the
Fall ready to begin a new
school year with a sense of
confidence and enthusiasm
to continue their growth as
EHS Leadership Advance
On August 5th and 6th, twenty-two teacher leaders
and the administrative team of EHS gathered together for
a back-to-school leadership advance. This two day event
was filled with rich dialogue and discussions about the future of Enumclaw High School. The primary goal of the
advance was to establish a clear focus on student learning
for the year, clarify goals, and begin to develop actions for
moving forward. In addition, the new leadership team had
a chance to work together and build a shared understanding of their role as a teacher leader and the role of the leadership team as well as planning the back-to-school August
professional development days for the whole staff. It was
a very worthwhile and meaningful two-days collaborating,
learning and focusing on student achievement.
(with no snow days)
Zero Hour
7:03 – 7:55
Winter Break
Dec. 22 – Jan. 2
Late Arrival Start
8:00 – 2:30
Mid-Winter Break
Feb. 17 – 20
Westwood Elementary (Grades K-5)
21200 SE 416th
Enumclaw WA 98022
Keri Marquand, Principal
[email protected]
Fax: 360.802.7622
Administration Office
2929 McDougall Avenue
Enumclaw WA 98022
Mike Nelson, Superintendent
[email protected]
Randy Stocker, Business Director
[email protected]
Terry Parker, Curriculum, Instruction,
Assessment Director
[email protected]
Kathleen Lockyer, Human Resources Director
[email protected]
Aaron Stanton, Student Support Services Director
[email protected]
Chad Marlow, Technology Coordinator
[email protected]
Fax: 360.802.7123
450 Semanski Street South
Enumclaw WA 98022
Everett Cunningham, Supervisor
[email protected]
Fax: 360.802.7243
Frequently Asked
Q: Where can I get
information for my child’s
bus route?
A: The bus routes are
on the district website
at HYPERLINK “http://
aspx. You can also call
the transportation office
at 360.802.7232 if you
need further information.
The lists are run in the
Courier Herald prior to the
start of school.
Q: Where can I get
information on required
immunizations for my child?
A: The immunization
requirements are listed
at HYPERLINK “http://
Q: How can I get my
student’s supply list?
A: The lists are posted at
many stores and online at
http://www.enumclaw. Browse to the
school you are interested
in and click on the “School
Supplies 08-09(pdf)” link.
You can also pick up a
copy at the District Office.
Please note there is no
formal list for the High
Q: When are the presale
days at the middle and high
A: Thunder Mt. Middle
School – August 21st;
Enumclaw High School
– August 20th and 21st.
Q: Where can I get the
athletic and physical forms
for my student?
A: You can print the forms
from the district website:
HYPERLINK “http://www.
faqs.aspx or stop by the
school buildings to pick
them up.
Spring Break
Mar. 30 – Apr. 3
Contact Us
Enumclaw School District
2929 McDougall Avenue
Enumclaw WA 98022
Upcoming Events August and September
August 11
August 18 – 7:00 p.m.
August 20
Secretaries back in the buildings – All schools open!
Board Meeting
Thunder Mt. Middle School Days
Enumclaw High School Hornet Days
August 21
Enumclaw Middle School Days
Enumclaw High School Hornet Days
August 28
District Day – Downtown Parade on Cole Street with Staff
Barbeque at Rotary Park.
August 28 – 3:45 – 5:00 p.m. Ice Cream Social at Southwood Elementary
September 1
Labor Day – District Office Closed
September 2
First Day of School
September 8 – 7:00 p.m.
Board Work Study
September 9 – 7:00 p.m.
6th Grade Camp Information Meeting at EHS Auditorium
September 11 – 6:30 p.m.
Southwood Open House
September 15 – 7:00 p.m.
Board meeting
September 16 – 7:00 p.m.
Westwood Meet the Teacher – Grades 3-5
September 18
Enumclaw Middle School Open House
Black Diamond Open House – 7:00 p.m.
September 18
K-8 Early Release
September 22
EHS Open House
September 23 – 7:00 p.m.
Westwood Meet the Teacher Grades K-2
September 25
Thunder Mt. Middle School Open House
October 2
Kibler Curriculum Night Grades K-2 – 6:00 p.m.
Grades 3-5 – 7:15 p.m.
Sunrise Curriculum Night – 7:00 p.m.
8/14/08 12:20:48 PM