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home protection programs
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pest, bed bug, termite, wildlife, bird and goose services
home protection programs
Pioneering solutions to pest and wildlife problems since 1983
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- Complimentary Evaluations
- Licensed Technicians and Sales Representatives
- On-Staff Entomologist
- We Provide Peace of Mind
- Simple, Fast Pest Identification
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General Pest Services
Termite Management
Bed Bug Proactive Treatment
Termite Inspections (WDI Form)
Bed Bug Inspections
Bed Bug Heat Treatment
Bed Bug Liquid Treatment
Fumigation Services
Bird in Vent Services
Wildlife Trapping and Exclusion
Bird Management and Exclusion
Bat Removal and Exclusion
Goose Management and Exclusion
Insulation Removal and Placement
*Some services are not offered in all areas. Call for details.
Our Strategic Partners
Some of Our Valued Clients
The Wilds, Zoombezi Bay, Columbus Clippers, Dayton Dragons, Columbus Crew,
National Grocery Stores, Fast Food Restaurants
Our Year Round Protection - Total Gold Program
• An initial service to address any existing pest concerns and help prevent
future problems.
• Routine quarterly preventative and curative treatments.
• 365 days of pest protection at no additional charge. Simply contact us for a
free callback in between quarterly services if needed.
• Inspection and treatment of exterior areas such as foundation perimeter,
decking, porticos, eaves, vents, gutterlines, rooflines and attics.
• Treatment against ants, cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, springtails, nesting
wasps and bees, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, pillbugs, sow bugs, clover
mites, autumn invaders, Asian lady beetles, Brown Marmorated stink bugs,
mice and rats.
• Powderpost beetles, termites, honey bees, German cockroaches, small flies,
fleas, bed bugs and larger wildlife are covered under separate programs.
December, January
or February
September, October
March, April
June, July
or November
or May
or August
** Areas highlighted in red are target treatment areas**
“Our technician, Pat, provides above and beyond service. This past year he took
care of the stinging insect problem under our deck. We are so happy with the
results Pat and Varment Guard have brought us and look forward to working with
them for years to come. Thank you.”
Steve and Shirley, Ohio
Our Bed Bug Services
Bed bugs can hitchhike on luggage of travelers who stay in motels, hotels or homes
that are infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs also make their way into dwellings when
people acquire used furniture. In multiple-dwelling buildings (apartments, hotels
and motels, dormitories), bed bugs travel from active units into inactive ones.
There are many tools for ridding buildings of bed bugs.
Varment Guard offers the following treatments:
Proactive Treatment
- Less invasive treatment with less preparation required
- Reduced risk treatment
- Peace of mind, keep infestations from occurring
Curative Treatment
- Heat Treatment
- Liquid Treatment
- Dusting Treatment
Our Termite Program
The Sentricon® System is designed to eliminate the entire termite colony, not just
individual termites, making it the most effective termite control product available.
And, it is only available through Certified Sentricon Specialists, like us, who are
among the industry’s best pest management companies. Sentricon begins the
termite colony elimination process on Day One, and provides continuous property
protection 24/7/365.
Our Wildlife Programs
• Live-Trapping and Removal
• Structural Damage Repair
• Bird in Vent
• Insulation
• Exclusion
• Bat Removal
- Raccoons
- Muskrats
- Skunks
- Opossums
- Birds/Geese
- Bats
- Groundhogs
- Squirrels
- And more...
“Your representative Anita was very understanding and made me feel at ease when
she inspected my home. I have never felt such empathy from someone working
for ANY company that I have had dealings with. Because of Anita and the rest
of your employees I have had the pleasure of working with, I would not hesitate
recommending Varment Guard. Thank you”
Richard, Ohio

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