November 2003 - brothers who care



November 2003 - brothers who care
If you have something to say
This community newsletter is a Black publication. Subscription is free. Articles and remarks are welcomed. Contact:
Brothers United Who Dare to Care, Inc. 131 W. North Avenue, Martin Luther King Community Center 2 Floor,
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740. Phone 301-393-9290. Pager: 301-745-2000. Website:
Hagerstown’s Rodney Monroe honored with college basketball jersey retirement.
Monroe, son of the Ruth Monroe (Memorial Recreation Center) and the late Eugene Monroe, was honored with fellow Fire
& Ice teammate Chris Corchiani at a special half-time event at NC State’s Red/White Basketball game at the RBC Center,
Saturday November 1 . Fire was the intense, emotional point guard, Chris Corchiani. Ice was his cool, composed
backcourt running- mate. The school's sports information department came up with the Fire and Ice moniker, a label that
will stick to the two players from here to eternity, writes Tony Hayes. Monroe enjoyed a wonderful High School basketball
career, a phenomenal college game and survived as a professional basketball player after leaving the NBA to play in the
leagues overseas. Monroe’s older brother, Kenny Keyes, was appointed Head Coach of the Hagerstown Community
College (Hawks) Men’s Basketball team. When asked by Speak Up what would he want to be remembered for in his sport
career, Monroe answered, “That I made it, when many others said I wouldn’t”. “I could see God the whole time working in
my life, even though I wasn’t a born again Christian until eight years ago”, answered Monroe when asked what he
attributed to his success. Monroe was asked his thoughts about Hagerstown and growing up in the Jonathan Street
community. “I’m glad I grew up in Hagerstown, it gave me values. Everyone knew one another, neighbors were allowed to
correct me if I did something wrong”, said Monroe during the interview. Monroe has to his list of accomplishments, All-time
leading scorer for NC State and being on the ACC 50 Anniversary Men’s Basketball Team. Congratulations Rodney.
Rodney Monroe center-court with family members and NC State officials. (photos by Speak Up photographer Vic Fowlkes)
Bus trip to Howard University basketball game planned.
The trip is to watch the Lady Bison’s and George Washington University’s Lady Colonials. Hagerstown’s very own Cathy
Parson is the Head Coach of the Bison’s. The price for the trip will be $15, which will cover travel and admission to the
game. All money is to be in by November 21 . The bus will leave from the Memorial Recreation Center Parking lot. For
more information call Yvonne 301-733-0942 or Martha 301-733-6058.
November is National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month.
MOTA of Washington County, in observance of this national event, has prepared a special Native American video
presentation is available for public and community use. Contact the MOTA of Washington County Coalition at 301-3939290, for more information visit
MOTA Mini-Grantee Award/ Orientation meeting.
Approved applicants for MOTA of Washington County Mini-grants will meet Saturday November 8 at 10am in the
Brothers United Who Dare To Care office for an orientation and receive the first disbursement of their grant awards.
Approved applicants will receive Award notification no later than Thursday November 6 . Call 301-393-9209 for more
information. There is still an opportunity for Asian representation and participation this project.
Internet Café for community use.
Brother United Who Dare To Care will be hosting an Internet Café in the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center/ North
Street School building. The program is targeted for low to moderate income young adults and adults that are without
access to the Internet in there homes or residential area and desire to learn or use the Internet. Brothers United Who
Dare To Care recently had Automated Office Equipment (Williamsport) install state of the art computer workstations
complete DVD read/writers and High Speed Internet capability for the Resource/Training Center. The project was made
possible by funding through the Washington County Gaming Commission. Hours of access to the training center will be
largely up to volunteer time available for the program. Computer Technology students seeking community service credits
and internships are encouraged to participate on this project. Anyone interested in the program call 301-393-9290.
African Market Place, a fund raising event.
Every weekend through the holidays. Fridays Noon to 8pm, Saturdays 10am to 6pm, Sundays 10am to 6pm. Location is
at 1018 9th Street, NE Washington, DC. Food, gifts, novelties, clothing, general merchandise, jewelry, produce and more.
Community Empowerment to attain Self Reliance & Respect. The Universal Negro Improvement Association & African
Communities League. Woodson Banneker Jackson Bey Division 330 Charitable Trust.
The Washington County Health Department Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program has $53,172 available for
Community Grants. Grants available to provide Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Activities in the Community to
Minority Adults, Pregnant Women, Women, Youth, and the Medically Underserved. Interested parties are encouraged to
attend the Community Meeting listed below being held at the Washington County Health Department H.W. Murphy
Community Health Center Building 24 North Walnut Street, Suite 201 Conference Room #2 Hagerstown, Maryland 21740.
Monday, November 10, 2003 from 8 – 9:00am.
Community Mobilization Funds. The Washington County Community Partnerships for Children & Families (WCCP) will be
having funding available for one-time projects or a series of projects that will impact teenage pregnancy, family violence,
juvenile crime and or substance abuse. A total of $17,000 will be available. Call 240-313-2090 or
Minority Health Grants. The National Institutes of Health began a new research initiative designed to improve health
promotions among racial and ethnic minority males. Maximum grants are $275,000 over a two-year period. Visit website: for more information.
First Data Merchant Services Job Openings.
Seeking Full-Time & Part-Time Contact Center Associates. Schedules will vary, but most will be between 11am and 11pm
and may include a weekend day. Training class will begin November 10 and 17 . Apply online at
or at their offices Monday – Friday 7am to 6pm. First Data Merchant Services 1 Western Maryland Parkway, Hagerstown
MD 21740.
Head Start “POSITIONS ANNOUNCEMENT”: Maintenance Worker $10.90 - $13.08/ hour. Contact: Human Resources,
Head Start Of Washington County, Inc. 325 W. Memorial Boulevard, Hagerstown MD or call 301-733-0088.
Tri-State Civitan wishes to increase participation.
Meets the second Monday of each month at 6pm at Ledo’s Pizza on Dual Highway. The group helps people with
disabilities and children in need. Contact Joanne Hanahan for more information at 301-739-4113 or email
[email protected]
Youth News
“No Child Left Behind” After-School program.
The program designed by the Contemporary School of the Arts & Co-sponsored by Shawnee Council of Girl Scouts.
For children ages 9-17, interested in Art can enhance their skills. If you are interested attend our meeting on
Saturday November 15th at 10am in the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center/ North Street School, 131 W.
North Avenue Hagerstown Maryland. The program is in need of community support and donations. Items needed
are drawing paper, pencils, oils, canvases, cameras, film and other art supplies. Call 301-714-0489 for more
information or to register.
Breast Self-Examination: Your Key to Better Breast Health
Breast self-examination takes just a few minutes each month. It’s best to perform your exam about seven to ten
days after the first day of your period, when your breasts are least tender. You may feel a bit embarrassed at
first, but your breasts are an important part of your body and they deserve your attention. As you do your
examination, keep in mind that your goal is to become acquainted with how your breasts look and feel. For
information on Breast Self Examination contact 301-791-5843 or 1-800-963-0101.
50 Things you should know about Tobacco (a series)
All tobacco products –cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco – have nicotine.
Nicotine is a drug that is as addictive as cocaine and heroin.
Nicotine is also a poison.
One drop of pure nicotine will kill the average-sized person.
The nicotine in cigarettes won’t kill you (right away). But it will make your heart beat faster and your blood
pressure rise.
(Follow this series to find out about the other 45 things you should know about tobacco.)
Back to Black History & Culture
“Be thankful for what you have: you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have you’ll never, ever
have enough”
- Oprah Winfrey.
Florence Darlene Kee-Cooper celebrates 61 years.
She has been a Christian for 36 years and her church
home is Greater Campher Temple KAHC. Her Pastor is
her brother Derek Kee. She has one sister, Lyn who
resides in Oklahoma. Her daughter is Dr. Valerie Kee
DDS who resides in Frederick Maryland. She has two
grandchildren. She was ordained and licensed to preach
the word of God in 1995. She is employed at the
Hagerstown Treatment Center as an Addictions
Counselor and part time as an Academic Advisor at the
Hagerstown Community College. She has a Bachelor’s
Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Human
Services (Psychology) from Hood College. She is known
as Miss Cooper, Miss Darlene, Elder Cooper and Coop.
(The above was an Autobiography). We wish to
congratulate Darlene Cooper on her accomplishments
and thank her for her service to our community. Happy
birthday to you Darlene and we wish you many returns.
This month’s MOTA Literacy Contest Question (re-run):
(2) $100 Prizes: Who should, when should or why should a person participate in a cancer screening? Why would you or
why would you not participate in a cancer screening or a stop smoking class? Where could you go or what steps can you
take to get a cancer screening or participate in a stop smoking program?
Responses to this question must be submitted in writing and be at least 50 words or more and turned in at the
Brothers United Who Dare To Care office no phoned responses will be accepted. Thank you.
This month's contributions to the Black Culture & Resource Center. The Resource Center is located in the
Brothers United Who Dare To Care office. Resource Center hours are currently 4pm to 6pm Monday thru
Thursday; Fridays 2-4pm or by appointment call 301-393-9290.
“Profiles of Great Black Americans” published by Varsity Company
“The Last Speeches of Huey P. Newton” published by Burning Spear Publications
“The Prayer of Jabez” by Bruce Wilkinson
“Child Proof Your Home” by Vicki Lansky
“Baby Skin” by Nelson Lee Novick, M.D
“Light for My Path – Illuminating Selections from the Bible” published by Barbour Publishing.
“Free Someone You Love from Alcohol & other Drugs” by Ronald L. Rogers & Chandler Scott McMillin
MAGAZINES: Caribbean Beat JUL, AUG 2003; DAV Nov/Dec 2003; Details OCT, NOV 2003; Ebony AUG, SEP 2003;
ESPN OCT 2003; Essence AUG, SEP 2003; For Him Magazine SEP 2003, GQ Nov 2003; Heart & Soul JUN, JUL 2003;
Jane NOV, DEC 2003; Oprah JUL, AUG, SEP 2003; People OCT, NOV 2003; Soap Opera Weekly OCT 2003; Sports
Illustrated OCT 2003; True Love AUG, OCT 2003; U.S. News OCT 2003; Working Women AUG, SEP 2003; Your
Magazine OCT 2003
Sepia Magazine March 1974, September 1974
Ebony January 1976
1828 – 1978 Sequi-Centennial of the Herald Mail JUL 1978
“I Remember” 1776 – 1976 Washington County, Maryland”
1944 Photograph of Sumans Avenue from Mr. Sonny Barnes
“The Voice” Volume 1, Issue 1
Editors Choice:
Book “The Last Speeches of Huey P. Newton”
Book “No Shirt. No Shoes. No Problem!” by Jeff Foxworthy
Newspaper “Some men’s slaves had light duty“, (page 11,1828 – 1978 Sequi-Centennial of the Herald Mail).
Magazine “I am the Black of Washington County – Peggy Doleman” (page 27, 1776 – 1976 Washington County).
Magazine “Biting off ears, bashing bottles on heads – anger management for women” (page 88, JANE Nov 2003).
Magazine “Is The Bush Back – you get tired of having a girl look like she’s 12”, (page 151, GQ November 2003).
There is a box outside of the BUWDTC office with past issues of magazines free to keep, please help yourselves.
Thank you to Mr. Vernon (Sonny) Barnes for the vintage 1944 photo of Sumans Avenue. Thanks to Arnetta Doleman, Ann
V. Doleman, Jiggs Dotson, Marguerite Smith and Minnie Mae Johnson for their monthly contribution of magazines and
books. Thanks to Kuumba for more books. Thanks to Todd Ghattas of Office Suppliers Incorporated for going the extra
mile in getting the office furniture we needed to help the vision we have for our resource center to manifest. Thanks to
Mark Bennett of Automated Office Equipment for helping to keep the newsletter on the street and the incredible machines
that we now have in our resource/ training center. Todd and Mark walk the walk especially with us to important funding
meetings, thanks men for being there. We wish to thank Maryland Delegate Joanne Benson for the invitation to the
Maryland Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Weekend, previous obligations did not allow BUWDTC to send
representatives, but nevertheless we thank Joanne for her continued support, concern and love for our community and the
BUWDTC organization. Thanks always to the people who volunteer and serve our community.
Below, community leaders attend the MOTA mini-grant meeting at the Memorial Recreation Center and later attend a
Workshop provided by MOTA of Washington County put on by Brothers United Who Dare To Care.
Sumans Avenue 1944 photo from Mr. Sonny Barnes. Greater Campher Temple food sale at the 2003 Mummers Parade.
Asbury UMC bids farewell to Pastor Loretta Johnson. Andy Smith passes out newsletter in on the streets of Washington
DC with niece Maryland Broadus (photo by Josie Smith).
Paul Randall Stark
Nov. 5, 1978 – Sept. 23, 2000
Son of Andy Smith & Eva Stark
Cause of death: Cancer
Was cancer treatable? Yes
Was death avoidable? (?)
Cancer: Detect It, Treat It, Beat It! A message from MOTA of Washington County

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