2014-2015 Annual Report - Washington County Free Library



2014-2015 Annual Report - Washington County Free Library
2014-2015 Annual Report
A word from the Director
“Who needs Libraries now that we have Google?” How many times have we heard that
question? Well communities from all over the country, including ours, have answered that
question with a resounding WE DO! Public libraries are experiencing a surge of demand in
use. Not only are the traditional services like borrowing materials increasing (yes even in
the age of Kindle) but we are seeing an increase in participation in specialized training
classes and lectures with demand for more.
If we were to simply go by the numbers, Washington County’s 84,418 registered Library
Card holders borrowed over 1.2 million library materials both in paper and digital formats.
That is pretty impressive in its own right. However, today the important role our public
library plays in our county is not just about numbers, it’s about connections. Connecting
our citizens to the information and resources they need to better their lives and the lives
of their families. It is also about connecting our citizens with each other. It is about
facilitating our state and local governments in communicating with citizens to improve
the quality of life in our City, County and State. Historical lectures, computer training,
resume writing classes, one-on-one job application help were just some of the ways
adults used your public library this year. Utilizing the resources of Hagerstown’s Fletcher
Branch, The City of Hagerstown held citizen forums, Congressman Delaney met with vets
across the region, and many businesses, non-profits, state and regional agencies held
meetings there. Over 2,300 meetings, conferences, workshops, classes and events have
taken place just at the Fletcher this year. Over 14,000 adults attended our library
sponsored programs system wide.
One of the most valuable connections we make is starting our children on the path to
literacy with reading skills classes for all age groups beginning with infants and toddlers
and going through the elementary years. We work with parents to instill the importance
of reading to a child to help encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning. Once a
child moves past third grade, they must have the necessary reading skills to learn and
successfully move up through the grades. Their future quality of life and the future
economic vitality of our entire community depends on it. Our system held 1,515 children’s
skill classes this year with over 27,000 children participating. At any one of our branches
children were introduced to the love of reading and science. Both children and young
adults participated in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and computer
coding classes.
Connecting with our communities means reaching out to learn what they need and how
the library can help them. John Palfrey, in his book Biblio TECH documents the strategic
importance public libraries play in the lives of citizens and the communities they live in.
“Libraries have long been the great equalizers in our society, playing a crucial role in our
political and social fabric. Today, libraries provide a safe space, free access to computers
and the Internet, and a sense of connectedness that can be hard to find elsewhere.”
I agree with Mr. Palfrey. Washington County Free Library is all about connections.
Your library by the numbers
Citizen Usage
 Registered borrowers: 84,418
Adult: 62,020
Juvenile: 16,998
Young Adult: 5,400
 Western MD Room visits: 2,563
 Special meeting room use: 3,967
Reference assistance
 Reference Questions: 110,637
* Children’s questions: 16,763
* Reader’s Advisory: 656
* Genealogy questions: 838
 AskUsNow questions: 389
 Directional questions: 6,888
 Computer help questions: 10,245
 Web reference questions: 911
 Total questions: 129,070
Questions/day: 365
Our citizens borrowed
 Materials:
Adult: 324,745
Children: 239,134
Young Adult: 27,796
Games: 4,267
Audiobooks: 32,367
Music: 8,609
DVDs: 245,237
 Digital:
Ebook downloads: 42,312
Freegal Music Downloads: 25,466
Zinio Magazines Downloads: 2,725
Online book club: 175,141
 System Circulation: 84,678
Total borrowed: 1,212,477
Interlibrary loans
 Books loaned: 17,535
 Books borrowed: 9,212
 ILL titles researched: 30,536
Community locations and bookmobile: 9
Combined hours open to the public: 323
Employees: 100 FTEs
On the web
 Page views: 3,021,846
Website visits: 1,032,057
Website (mobile): 55,836
Polaris (Catalog): 1,511,531
Polaris (Mobile): 422,422
 Unique page views: 2,146,376
Website: 706,282
Website (Mobile): 44,336
Polaris (Catalog): 1,119,406
Polaris (Mobile): 276,352
 Unique visitors: 688,283
Database Usage
 Database Page Views: 171,762
 Database Searches: 67,658
 Unique Database Sessions: 896,247
Use of Public Computers
 Number of sessions: 185,771
 Service hours provided: 156,670
Print Collection Statistics
Materials Added to collection: 28,419
Total materials in collection: 313,216
Audio-Visual Collection
Items added: 7,839
Total items in collection: 34,591
Online collection Statistics
Items added: 7,857
Items available to download: 69,316
Total databases available: 62
Program/Class Attendance
 Total Programs/Classes: 2,317
Adult: 452; Children’s: 1515
Family: 142; Teen: 208
 Total Attendance: 45,490
Adult: 14,136; Children’s: 27,005
Young Adult: 4,349
* Summer Reading Club
Adult: 227;
Children & teens: 3,580
* Stem Classes: 2,003
Engaging & strengthening our community
Over 3,500 youngsters and teens explored the world of science with this
year’s Fizz...Boom...Read Summer Reading Club activities.
Kids enjoyed a variety of science experiments at the Kitchen Sciences
& Einstein’s Megatronic Cosmic Café, built and flew paper airplanes at
the Paper Airplane Festival, and uncovered the world of mushy, oozy,
crusty, scaly and stinky gunk at the Grossology 101 class.
At the GSK Science in the Summer classes, kids donned safety glasses
to learn about ’matter’ as they made crystals and watched popcorn and
raisins dance.
Bringing people, information & ideas together
Your public library is an integral part of our county’s education system.
Youngsters of all ages enjoy a variety of classes and activities that exercise
the brain. Shown here from the left above, at the Keedysville Branch
Library children enjoy LEGO challenges and at the Smithsburg Branch
Library youngsters learn about science at ‘SnowCool’ and Electricity STEM
classes. Below kids participate in computer Minecraft activities.
Engaging & strengthening our community
Children develop language and literacy skills through play. Playing
helps children put thoughts into words and think symbolically so they
understand that spoken and written words can stand for real objects and
experiences. At the Williamsport Memorial Branch Library, children
celebrate special holidays with playful craft and learning activities.
Bringing people, information & ideas together
The most important advantage in life you can give a child is not money
but the ability to read well. Reading over the summer helps youngsters
maintain their skills. Above, our Bookmobile makes access to fun reading
materials easy by bringing books to neighborhoods throughout the county.
Below at the left, children enjoy reading to specially trained dogs at the
Smithsburg Branch Library; story-time features a lesson in construction at
the Boonsboro Branch Library; and at the right a child learns computer
skills and gaming at the Boonsboro Branch Library.
Engaging & strengthening our community
Public libraries as social learning centers set learners up for success.
Above at left, nationally known children’s author Rosemary Wells visited
the Sharpsburg Branch Library for a talk about her books and a lesson
about illustrating for children’s books. Center above, children learn about
trees and nature at a STEM story-time at the Boonsboro Branch Library.
At the right above Smithsburg Branch Library hosts its own Antiques
Roadshow as people have their valuables appraised.
Below at the left, people enjoy a visit by NASA astronaut Gregory Reid
Wiseman to the Sharpsburg Branch Library, after his return from the
International Space Station. At right youngsters have fun while developing
strategic thinking skills at a life-size Candyland game at Boonsboro.
Bringing people, information & ideas together
Over 125 people stopped in at the MakerSpace Pop-up Exhibit.
Students from IVM Quantum Club in Hagerstown joined library staff to
demonstrate a variety of maker activities. Participants created art with
scribblebots, got a close-up look at Raspberry Pi, worked with 3D printers,
hand tools for wood and metal working and discussed quilting at this
popular interactive event.
Engaging & strengthening our community
Teens enjoy a variety of programs
geared for them. Above at the left, John
Rose, nationally recognized cartoonist
of the King Features’ Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip leads a
workshop for teens at the Fletcher Library. At the right, teens enjoy an
after hours Geek Homecoming festivity. Costumes, snacks, dancing and
computer games filled the evening. Pictured below are the contestants
for the 8th annual Teen Idol music competition. This popular library
sponsored program, in its eighth year, is held at the Maryland Theatre and
brings people from the quad-state area to Hagerstown.
Bringing people, information & ideas together
The Fletcher Library in Hagerstown serves as the host site for the Maryland
Humanities annual History Day. Above, students prepare for their verbal
presentations. Below at right, youngsters study each others displays.
In service to community, the Fletcher Library in Hagerstown also serves as
the library for the Washington County Public School’s Barbara Ingram
School for the Arts. Below, at left a computer class is taught in the Fletcher’s
third floor computer lab.
Engaging & strengthening our community
The 2014 Maryland Humanities Council One Book author Rayne Grande
was just one of the many authors that visited Washington County Free
Library this year. Over 400 students joined the general public for this
special visit to Boonsboro High School.
Bringing people, information & ideas together
Over 14,100 adults attended one or more of the 452 special programs
offered throughout the county. Pictured above is one of our popular
McCauley lecture series programs sponsored by the library’s Western
Maryland Room. Below, the library partnered with the Convention and
Visitors Bureau to provide a little history prior to the annual holiday
Historic Houses of Worship Tour. At the right is the monthly meeting of
the Genealogical Society held in the Western Maryland Room at Fletcher.
Engaging & strengthening our community
The Fletcher Library in Downtown Hagerstown served as the host site for
the Maryland State Arts Council annual meeting. Arts and Entertainment
District Managers from around the state gathered to review the year’s
successes and learn more about fostering a community where the arts
Over 2,300 meetings, conferences, workshops, classes and events have
taken place in the Fletcher Library community room, conference/
classroom, computer lab and study rooms this year. The community
branch library’s meeting rooms have been the setting for over 1,500
Bringing people, information & ideas together
Public art unveiled at the Fletcher Library. The sculpture “Our Journey
Transports Us Through Time,” commissioned to Washington County
native A. Tobias ‘Toby” Mendez, represents the history of transportation in
Washington County and depicts four predominantly transportationrelated modes including a C&O Canal boat with mule team, a Fairchild C119 Flying Box Car, a nickel plate locomotive #759, and a circa 1970 Mack
RL700 truck. Mendez tell us that as a child he was inspired to pursue a
career as an artist by spending time among the various arts related books
and magazines at the Washington County Free Library.
The Fletcher Branch Library
celebrates its first anniversary!
The Alice Virginia and David W.
Fletcher Branch Library in
Hagerstown celebrated its first
anniversary in October, 2014.
Engaging & strengthening our community
The Friends of the Library sponsors summer language & culture classes
for grade 3-5 each year. This year 153 children enjoyed 9 different classes,
learning 5 different languages.
At center & right, over 100 caregivers and their Princes and Princesses
enjoyed a Tea Party at the Fletcher Library before experiencing the
Maryland Symphony Orchestra’s Magical Music of Disney family concert.
Library staff participate in the annual United Way Day of Caring.
We helped sort over 9,500 books that were donated by the community
before they find their way to the hands and homes of children throughout
Washington County.
Bringing people, information & ideas together
An active Friends organization supports our programming needs as they
volunteer to host events, raise funds for financial support and do much of
the ‘behind the scenes’ work needed for successful programs. Shown
above is the very successful annual quarter auction fundraiser. Below are
volunteers stuffing summer reading club packets and affixing autographed
bookplates to 200 books that were given to 2nd and 3rd grade children as
part of the library’s annual Reading Day author visit.
Where the money comes from...
City of Hagerstown
State of Maryland
Washington County
Capital and Endowment
Out-of-State Cards
...and where the money goes
General Property
Total $4,409,480.00
Interlibrary Loan
Materials Borrowed
Customer Queries Answered
Public & Staff Training Sessions
Program Attendance
Database Pageviews
Database Searches
Study Room Usage
Hosting Community Meetings
Total Value ------------------------------------------
We wish to express our sincere thanks to the many individuals in our community who
have volunteered their time and talents to help with and provide special programs for our
community. We appreciate and thank you.
The Library also wishes to thank the many community organizations that provide support
for our special programs and activities throughout the year.
 After Five Productions
 American Association of University Women
 American Library Association
 Association for Traditional Hooking Artists
 Authentic Community Theater
 Back to Media
 Baltimore Downtown Partnership
 Baltimore Orioles
 Barbara Ingram School for the Arts
 Beyond Comics
 Bill & Melinda Gates
 Bob Evans Restaurant
 Britner Produce
 Broad Axe
 Chick-fil-A
 Chipotle
 Citizens for Maryland Libraries
 City of Hagerstown
 College Savings Plans of Maryland
 Community Foundation of Washington County
 Dairy Queen
 Denny’s Restaurant
 Diamond Comics
 Discovery Station
 Dollar General
 FirstBook, Inc.
 Five Guys
 Food Lion Market
 Frederick Keys Baseball Team
 Friends of the Washington County Free Library
 Gamestop
 Glaxo Smith Kline Science in the Summer
 Hagerstown Chapter of the Embroiderer's Guild of
 Humane Society of Washington County
 Imagery by Andrea
 John Hershey Family Fund
 Leitersburg Cinemas
 Main Line Broadcasting—Wild 96.7
 Martin’s Food Market
 Mary K. Bowman Fund for Historical & Fine Arts
 Maryland Humanities Council
 Maryland State Department of Education
 Maryland Symphony Orchestra
 Maryland Theatre
 Master Gardeners of Washington County
 McDonald’s
 Nifty Thrifty Lady
 Nora Roberts Foundation
 Nutter’s Ice Cream
 Penguin/Random House
 Rotary Club of Hagerstown Charitable Foundation, Inc
 2nd and Charles
 Sheetz
 Smithsburg EMS
 Smithsburg Fire Department
 Smithsburg Market
 Smithsburg Police Department
 Sorenson Communications
 Sprint (Wesel Blvd)
 Star Theater
 State of Maryland
 Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt
 Teens Have Choices
 Thompson Family Fund
 Town of Smithsburg
 Tri-State Astronomers
 Hagerstown Police Department
 University of Maryland Extension Office, 4-H
 Hagerstown/Washington County Chamber of
 Valley Mall
 Washington County Arts Council
 Hagerstown/Washington County Convention & Visitors  Washington County Board of County Commissioners
 Washington County Farm Bureau
 Hancock Area Photo Club
 Washington County Genealogy Society
 Hancock Arts Council
 Washington County Public Schools
 Hardee’s
 Washington County Sheriff’s Department
 Harpers Ferry Adventure Center
 Water Street Financial
 Healthy Howard
 Weinberg Center for the Arts
 Herald-Mail
 Western Maryland Regional Library
 What’s NXT
 Homewood Suites by Hilton Hagerstown
 WJEJ Radio 1240
 Hub City Auction
Our Mission:
The Washington County Free Library engages and strengthens our
community by bringing people, information and ideas together.
Alice Virginia and David W. Fletcher
Branch Library
100 S. Potomac St.
Hagerstown, MD 21740
Central Library & Administrative Offices
Washington County Free Library’s Community Branches
Boonsboro Free Branch Library
401 Potomac St.
Boonsboro, MD 21713
Sharpsburg Branch Library
106 East Main St.
Sharpsburg, MD 21782
Hancock War Memorial Branch
220 Park Rd.
Hancock, MD 21750
Smithsburg Branch Library
66 West Water Street
Smithsburg, MD
Keedysville Branch Library
Taylor Dr.
Keedysville, MD 21756
Williamsport Memorial
Branch Library
104 East Potomac St.
Williamsport, MD 21795
Leonard P. Snyder Memorial
Branch Library
12624 Broadfording Rd.
Clear Spring, MD 21722
WCFL Bookmobile
visit us on the web at www.washcolibrary.org
2014-2015 Board of Trustees
Harry Reynolds, President, 2014
Kathleen Poole, Vice-president
Al Martin, Treasurer
Board members:
Ellie Doub
Brendan Fitzsimmons
John Schnebly
Greg Snook
George A. Stone
Margaret Trader

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