July 2015 TRIUMPH Newsletter


July 2015 TRIUMPH Newsletter
Team Wellness Center’s Monthly Newsletter
July 2015
New TV Show Shatters
Stigma of Mental Illness
A monthly newsletter about
health and happenings at
Team Wellness Center
Golf for a Great Cause!
Join Our First Annual Golf Tournament Benefit for “MI Healthy Mind” Shines Spotlight on Taboo Topics to
Inspire Healing, Recovery, Awareness & Acceptance
Team Cares, Inc. Team Cares is our 501c3 nonprofit organization working to eliminate barriers and to support independence for people with severe, persistent mental illness and addiction. Team Cares operates our food pantry, clothing closet and free shower facility in Detroit’s Eastern Market, and hosts an annual Recovery Conference among many other events. Suicide…obesity…vitiligo…
domestic violence… human
trafficking… these are a few
of the taboo topics featured
on “MI Healthy Mind.”
Team Wellness Center’s
new TV show aims to shatter
stigmas by talking about
health-related topics and
social issues that are often
cloaked in painful silence,
dangerous, even deadly
“Our motto on MI Healthy
Mind is, ‘Let’s talk about
it,’” says co-host Michael
Hunter. “Talking is power!”
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Monday, August 3, 2015 9 a.m. Shotgun Start TPC Golf Resort 1 Niklaus Drive, Dearborn, MI 48124 $150 per Person $600 for Foursomes To register, Contact Courtney Kremer, Public Relations Director, at 313-­‐‑713-­‐‑
9340 or [email protected] to learn about sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorship packages range from $250 to $2500. Join us to golf for a great cause! Expansion Inspires Our New Name: Team Wellness Center
It’s official! We changed our name from Team
Mental Health Services to Team Wellness Center.
The new name reflects our mission to serve as an
integrated health home offering comprehensive
health services, treatment for mental illness and
addiction, job training and placement, supportive
housing, and much more.
Every day we’re
expanding our programs with new ways to enable
Metro Detroit’s most vulnerable populations to
rebuild their lives. We’re proud to help men and
women become self-sustaining citizens making
positive contributions to our community. Serving
more than 7,000 people at our clinics in Detroit’s
Eastern Market and the downriver community of
Southgate, we are your integrated health home for
success in mind, body and spirit!
Team Wellness Center’s Monthly Newsletter
July 2015
Continuing Growth Creates Exciting Changes at Eastern Market
Team Wellness Center is
always growing to help our
7,000 members and the new
men and women who join us
every day to heal, recover and
begin healthy new lives.
As a result, we’re making big
changes at the Eastern Market
Clinic. First, the upstairs atrium
was transformed into the MI
Healthy Mind television studio,
where the show is filmed.
Second, the Pathways Program
for employment and housing
relocated upstairs, into the
Restoration Chapel.
The move allows for expansion
of primary care services on the
first floor, continuing a trend
that has occurred since Team
opened its doors in 2002. The
company has been constantly
expanding, thanks to serving
more people every day.
Other changes at Eastern
Market include painting the
lobby a soothing shade of
brown, with a Motown décor.
“The color creates a calming
atmosphere for our members,
improving our ability to deliver
services,” says Eastern Market
Clinic Executive Director Cindy
Finnegan, LMSW.
The clothing closet moved just
down the street to Team Cares,
which opened a food pantry
and offers hygiene kits and
showers to those in need.
Team Wellness Center
offers services for
mental health,
addiction recovery,
primary care,
employment and
housing, support
groups, and so much
New Pharmacy Helps Expand Services at Southgate Clinic
A beautiful new pharmacy graces the lobby of
the Southgate Clinic, making it quick and
convenient for members to fill prescriptions.
“Having pharmacies on site at both clinics, with
easy access in the lobbies, exemplifies the onestop-shopping atmosphere that we offer at
Team Wellness Center,” says Team President
Pamela Lamb. “We are an integrated health
home because we meet all of our members’
needs under one roof.”
Lobby pharmacies at both clinics
make it quick and easy for
members to fill prescriptions.
“Medication is a very important part of our
members’ journeys toward total wellness,” says
Southgate Clinic Executive Director Sara
Shields, MA, RN. “So we’re very proud to offer
a pharmacy that provides everything our
members need.”
Team Wellness Center’s Monthly Newsletter
July 2015
Fox 2 Entertainment Reporter Lee Thomas
was a guest on MI Healthy Mind to talk about
his journey with “the Michael Jackson
disease” called Vitiligo, which causes skin to
turn white. Joining him just before World
Vitiligo Day was Henry Ford Health System
Dermatologist Richard Huggins, M.D., who
talked about the causes and treatments of this
devastating skin condition.
MI Healthy Mind episodes have also
highlighted human trafficking, domestic
violence, faith-based healing, drug court,
kidney disease, women’s health, healing the
Spirit of Detroit, women’s trauma, suicide and
treatment of mental illness. Several shows
have featured inspiring Team Wellness
Center Peers and expert Clinical Therapists.
The show is filmed on a custom-built set in the
Eastern Market Clinic.
“MI Healthy Mind” TV Show Shatters Stigmas
About Addiction, Mental Illness and More
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Team Wellness Center is pioneering new ground
in the health care industry by launching a
television show that’s bringing stigmatized
subjects into the spotlight – to inspire people to
get help and heal.
Healthy Mind debuted on Easter Sunday, April 5.
You can learn more about MI Healthy Mind and
watch all episodes at
“MI Healthy Mind is a creative way to promote
wellness in Southeast Michigan and beyond,”
says co-host Elizabeth Atkins, adding that the
show airs in Lansing and Toledo as well. “We
can’t solve problems by ignoring them and
being scared to talk about them. So this show
gets people learning and talking about
improving their lives.”
“We want to show that there’s no shame in Mental
Illness,” says Hunter, Chief Information Officer at
Team Wellness Center. “Silence and fear of
being stigmatized can be a recipe for tragedy.
But speaking up can result in getting help to live a
healthier, happier life.”
During the 30-minute program, Hunter and
Atkins create a local Dr. Phil type feeling. They
interview real people who share stories of
triumphing over addiction, abuse, mental illness
and other health problems. They also feature
experts who reveal the symptoms of illnesses,
with resources on how to get help.
Airing every Sunday at noon on Detroit’s TV20,
the sister station of the ABC affiliate WXYZ, MI
He and Atkins, who is Team’s Marketing
Coordinator, have both shared personal tragedies
related to the taboo topics they discuss.
“I believe that saying, ‘What doesn’t kill you
makes you stronger,’” says Atkins. “Our guests
prove this every week when they talk about how
they triumphed over tragedies and now work to
inspire others to get help, heal and make positive
contributions to our community. MI Healthy Mind
is a powerful catalyst for a better world.”
It’s as simple as saying, “Let’s talk about it!”
Team Wellness Center’s Monthly Newsletter
Entrepreneurial Members Sell Art Therapy
Creations at Flower Day and Sunday
Market at Detroit’s Vibrant Eastern Market
July 2015
Did You Know…
Our Housing Program can
help you find an apartment
with new furniture, and
learn the skills to pay your
bills, follow a budget, and
permanently. Just call 313396-5300.
Our Employment Program
can help you get a job and
keep it. Call 313-396-5300.
Our Crisis Line can help
you 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week.
Call 313-2583842.
Team Wellness Center Members sharpened their
entrepreneurial skills by selling their artwork at the hugely
popular, annual Flower Day in Eastern Market.
Our Eastern Market clinic
is open Saturdays and our
Southgate clinic is open 7
days a week!
We treat adult ADHD and
we have a Suboxone clinic.
appointment for primary
care services by calling
On-site pharmacies in the
lobbies at both clinics
provide quick, convenient
service for you.
Team Members are selling paintings and other creations
from Art Therapy four times this summer at the bustling
Sunday Market at Eastern Market.
Call us at 313-396-5300
Faith-based therapy can
help you incorporate your
spiritual beliefs into your
healing and recovery. And
Coaches can help you
achieve wellness in mind,
body and spirit.
Our TV show “MI Healthy
Mind” shatters stigmas
around taboo topics!
Team Wellness Center’s Monthly Newsletter
July 2015
Team Wellness Center President Pam Lamb Leads Presentations at
Conferences to Show That “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”
Teaming Up with Recovery Expert & Primary Care Physician Provides Total Wellness Under One Roof
A man seeks help for drug addiction, but he’s not
getting treated for HIV and depression.
A bipolar woman sees a psychiatrist, then reveals
that she’s addicted to heroin, and a blood sugar
test shows she’s suffering from diabetes.
These are everyday scenarios among the men and
women who seek treatment at Team Wellness
Center, Detroit Recovery Project and Professional
Medical Center. They’re all suffering from the
newly identified phenomenon of “tri-occurring
disorders” — presenting mental illness, addiction
and physical ailments concurrently.
Because “tri-occurring disorders” afflict the
majority of men and women who seek help at each
agency, the companies’ leadership realized that in
order to treat the whole person and facilitate
healing and recovery in mind, body and spirit, a
new approach was required to address these
individuals’ needs for optimum mental health,
physical health and addiction recovery.
So this pioneering team of three Detroit agencies
joined forces to create an easy-to-implement new
paradigm that provides a total wellness approach
for men and women requiring treatment.
“We have a ‘no wrong door’ approach to
treatment,” says Team President Pam Lamb.
“When someone comes to one of us seeking
treatment, we’re all available in the same building
to meet their needs on the spot. Whether they
come for substance abuse, mental illness or
physical health, we’re ready to help them.”
About a year ago, Lamb teamed up with Dr.
Calvin Trent of Detroit Recovery Project and Dr.
David Wash of Professional Medical Center, to
collaborate on this “teamwork makes the dream
work” approach to helping Metro Detroit’s most
vulnerable populations. Now they’re helping
thousands of people who struggle with trioccurring disorders, a significant problem that
has only recently been identified.
Left to Right: Dr.
Calvin Trent of
Detroit Recovery
Project; Pamela
Lamb, of Team
Center; and Dr.
David Wash of
Medical Center,
Nearly 9 million adults have both a mental- and
substance- use disorder, says The Substance
Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
(SAMHSA). But only 7.4% receive treatment for
both conditions, while 55.8% go untreated!
Lamb, Wash and Trent recently presented their
new treatment paradigm during seminars at the
National Alliance on Mental Illness’ Michigan
Conference as well as at the Detroit Wayne Mental
Health Authority’s “Raising the Bar” Conference at
Wayne State University Medical School.
“This is a huge problem, and we’ve found a good
solution,” said Dr. Wash. “Our job is to provide
treatment for each person’s individual needs, but
we can do that by addressing their mental health,
substance abuse and physical health.”
Dr. Trent agreed: “One-stop shopping for total
wellness is important because our urban
community has transportation challenges, so
getting all the services in one spot guarantees that
they’ll take care of everything at once.”
“This really is the way of the future,” says Lamb.
“We can’t operate in silos anymore. We have to
work as a team to ensure total wellness to
everyone who comes through our doors.”
Team Wellness Center’s Monthly Newsletter
July 2015
Team Wellness Center Offers Free Transportation!
Transportation can be a major barrier for
men and women who need the services
provided at Team Wellness Center.
That’s why the Team Wellness Center Bus
makes 11 stops around Detroit to pick up
members for programs and services at the
Eastern Market Clinic.
Need a ride? Just call driver Jeremiah Taylor
Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
at 313-740-5625.
Members can also get free van service to our
Southgate clinic, which is open 7 days each
week, by calling 734-324-8326.
Team Wellness Center Bus Driver Jeremiah Taylor
poses in front of the TWC Bus, which is ready to
pick up members at the Eastern Market Clinic.
“Team Wellness Center is Your Integrated Health Home for Success in Mind, Body and Life!”
Team Wellness Center
Administrative Offices
921 Howard Street
Dearborn, MI 48124
2925 Russell St.
Detroit, MI 48207
P: 313.396.5300
F: 313.396.5353
TTY: 313.396.4270
Crisis: 313.258.3842
14799 Dix-Toledo Rd.
Southgate, MI 48195
P: 734.324.8326
F: 734.324.8327
TTY: 734.324.8327
Crisis: 313.258.4758