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Print a Brochure - Optimum Wellness Naturopathic Medical Clinic
About Dr. A.J. DeNault ND
I was referred to Dr. DeNault by another doctor, for
the treatments he does with cancer. I started
treatments with him in May 2009 and our goal was
building my body to a healthy state.
Dr. DeNault graduated from the University of Alberta
in 1984 with a B.Sc. Pharmacy and has practiced
pharmacy in Alberta and Ontario for over 20 years.
Since taking I.V. Vitamin C, mistletoe therapy and
special natural supplements, my chemo treatments
were made easier on me. I seem to not get any real
side effects from the chemo. My pathology tests
came back with good results and my blood work is
now perfect.
I found myself in good hands there, with Dr.
DeNault's knowledge as a Naturopath and also his
knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs as a
Pharmacist. His staff are also very supportive and
M.S., Edmonton, AB
Last November I started feeling extremely tired, I
could hardly get up off the couch to do anything.
Later I found out my cancer had returned.
I went to Dr. DeNault and started taking I.V. Vitamin
C, special supplements and doing pH monitoring.
Soon after I started mistletoe therapy.
Two weeks after that I started therapy with Dr.
DeNault I started feeling a lot better and I started
getting my energy back. I just went through my
mom's illness and death. Because of the treatments
from Dr. DeNault I was feeling better and I was able
to deal with this very stressful time in my life.
The Love and Care everyone at the clinic has shown
me has been extraordinary.
I highly recommend Dr. DeNault for help in dealing
with cancer, feeling better and hopefully my cancer
will soon be completely gone. His staff are kind
loving, encouraging and supportive. I am very
grateful that Dr. DeNault was recommended to me,
he has made a huge difference!
S.E., Westlock, AB
In 2000 he graduated from CCNM in Ontario as a
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and proceeded to
open the Optimum Wellness Naturopathic
Medical Clinic in Edmonton.
Since then he has continued widening his scope of
practice and knowledge base by taking ongoing
advanced accreditation courses and by visiting
several clinics in the USA, Germany, Mexico, and
He belongs to several organizations: OncANP
Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians,
ACAM American College for Advancement in
Medicine, ISCT International Society of Chelation
Technicians, IOMA International Oxidative Medicine
ISH International Society of
This extensive accreditation has allowed him to
create wellness programs using natural intravenous
solutions and oral products, and by utilizing
specialized testing and treatment equipment.
His pharmacy background helps in assessing and
conventional and natural medicines and treatments
that cancer patients may be taking at various stages
of treatment.
implied by the Optimum Wellness Naturopathic
Medical Clinic, or by members of its staff, that the
testing or the treatment received at the clinic will
effect a cure of symptoms or complaints for which
the patient seeks treatment. Patients by presenting
themselves with the request for Cancer Care
program acknowledge that they have not been
induced or solicited to take treatment by the doctors
or any staff member. The Cancer Care Program is
started only at the patient's request, with their
written and implied agreement and with their full
knowledge of the limitations and potential
complications of treatment.
ptimum wellness
TEL: (780) 439 - 1200
Information Overload
There is a huge amount of information recently
available on the topic of how to fight cancer
"naturally". Every magazine seems to have a story
on how to naturally treat cancer or several ads on
the latest anti-cancer product. Book stores have
hundreds of books available and health food stores
have twice as many products.
And then of course there is the Internet, the
Information Highway . . . which is mind boggling!!
Where does one start? Where can you get valuable,
trustworthy, up-to-date information? Where can you
go in Edmonton to receive testing and advanced
natural treatments that help with cancer?
The Cancer Care Program at the Optimum
Wellness Naturopathic Medical Clinic does just
that and more. We inform people about what they
can do "naturally" to help their body fight cancer and
we offer the latest testing and treatment options.
The Optimum Wellness Naturopathic Medical
Clinic informs people and gives them choices.
Under the direction of Dr. DeNault B.Sc. Pharmacy,
ND (Naturopathic doctor and a pharmacist), the
Optimum Wellness Naturopathic Medical Clinic
provides a high level of expertise in Naturopathic
cancer care. Our program is designed upon
evidence-based approaches which utilize the best of
We also strive to collaborate with our patients
other health care professionals to improve
healthy outcomes.
Our primary goals for Cancer Care patients are:
High-Dose Intravenous Vitamin C
Vitamin C has been
commonly used as
an effecitve cancer
treatment since the
Pauling, the Nobel
prize winner.
In the intravenous
(I.V.) format, it has
been used for decades in Europe, Canada, USA
and Mexico.
Recent research in the USA by Hugh D. Riordan,
MD and colleagues, as well as by Dr. Jeanne A.
Drisko MD and colleagues, has validated that rapid
infusion of high-dose intravenous I.V. vitamin C is
preferentially toxic to tumour cells similar to
cytotoxic drug chemotherapy but with a better
safety profile. Laboratory and clinical studies
indicate that in high enough doses, one can
maintain blood plasma concentrations of ascorbate
high enough to selectively kill tumor cells. I.V.
Vitamin C can also be taken around (but usually not
on the same day) chemotherapy and radiation
schedules; which improves overall results.
The Edmonton Journal has featured articles
discussing the value of rapid infusion of high-dose
intravenous (I.V.) Vitamin C. One article was written
by Marie McCullogh and appeared July 16, 2006
and another article written by Sharon Kirkey and
appeared March 28, 2006.
To monitor and adjust the body's alkalinity if needed
To support normal body function and metabolism that
may be deficient and improve the body's innate
immune system
To support the body and decrease side effects
experienced during conventional treatments
While it might only be gaining recent popularity in
Canada, Mistletoe is one of the most popular
natural medicines used in Europe for the treatment
of cancer (especially Germany). It is also very
popular in Mexico. It has many actions including:
activating (boosting) the immune system's NK
(natural killer) cells, causing cancer cell death
(apoptosis), inhibiting cancer cell growth, increasing
resistance to infections and increasing tolerance to
chemotherapy and radiation.
To ultimately improve the quality of life and a sense of
It has also been shown to increase prevention of
relapse after successful cancer treatment.
To inform patients about treatments and products that
have been shown to have positive effects on helping
the body fight their particular type of cancer
Diet & Specialized Supplements
Each patient in our Cancer Care Program receives
detailed dietary and lifestyle information with
respect to cancer. Also, each patient will be given an
supplements will be specific to each patient
depending on the type of cancer they have, on
whether the patient is undergoing chemotherapy
radiation or surgery, or on whether they are on any
prescription medicines.
Homotoxicology is a scientifically proven and
extensively researched medical system which
integrates modern medical science like pathology,
toxicology, biology, enzymology and immunology
with homeopathic principles of treatment.
It is a fairly new medicine that considers most
diseases to be caused by a build up of toxins.
Prolonged exposure to such toxins commonly found
in our environment through the air we breath, the
water we drink and the food we eat. The severity of
the resulting illness often depends on the intensity
and duration of toxic blockages and the body's
natural ability to detoxify or eliminate these toxins.
Each patient in our Cancer Care Program will
receive a specific homeopathic protocol to eliminate
homotoxins from the body once they have finished
any chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
Empowering the body to naturally get rid of such
toxins brings about healing and restores vitality and
can prevent cancer reoccurrence.
Heavy Metal Testing
Toxic metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium,
arsenic and aluminum play no role in normal health
and are considered toxic.
Contamination with these substances can lead to
serious illness and dysfunction. Provocative urine
testing which is the most accurate assessment is
used at our clinic.
If toxic metals are found, a specific chelation
program can be started. Removing heavy metals
improves your body's ability to fight cancer.

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