OUM Education Brochure


OUM Education Brochure
Customised Skills and Professional
Training Programmes for Your Industry
Malaysia • Vietnam • Sri Lanka • Maldives • India •Hungary • Ghana • Sudan • Somalia • Zambia • Philippine • China • Nepal
Institute of Professional
Development (IPD) was set up
in November 2000 as a centre of
excellence within Open
University Malaysia.
Who are our students?
More than 10,000 individuals working in diverse fields in Malaysia and abroad have been trained
by IPD. Our students seek new opportunities and knowledge in:
Advance Preparatory Cabin Crew
Agriculture Science
Airport Ramp & Cargo Operations
Aquaculture Operations/ Technology/
B2B Online Marketing
Baking and Confectionery
Beauty Management
Big Data Management
Brand Image Consultancy
Business Administration
Business Communication
Business Management
Cabin Crew Airport Ground Handling
Call Centre Operations
Commerce (General Management)
Complementary & Alternative
Construction Contract Administration/
Corporate Executive
Corporate IT Security
Cosmetology Major In Makeup Services
Counselling Psychology
Creative Multimedia
Culinary Art
Customer Services
Digital Publishing and eBooks
Early Childhood Education
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Emotional Intelligence
English for Airline Customer Service
English Writing
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Estate Agency
Facebook Marketing for Business
Farm Supervision
Farmstay Operations/ Supervisory
Financial Management
Franchise Management
Freight Logistic Management and
Health and Wellness
Healthcare Administration
Hospitality Management
Hotel & Resort Operations
Hotel Management and Operations
Human Capital Management
Human Resource Management &
Industrial Relations
Indian Bridal and Facial Therapy
Information System/ Technology
Instant Mechanics
International eCommerce
International Social Media
Internet Marketing Management
Logistic Management
Machine Design and Fabrication
Makeup Services
Management and Human Resources
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mechatronics Engineering/ Technology
Mobile Application
Nail Technology
Nutritional Therapy
Occupational Safety & Health
Oceantronic System (Deep Sea Fish
Office Administration
Photography and Video Online
Plant Engineering
Plant General Work/ Supervisory/
Plantation Management and
Political Science
Preventive Health & Nutrition
Report Writing
Retail management
Ruminants Production
Security Management
SME Food/Bakery Production
Social Media Management
Special Education
Strategy and Innovation Management
Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Environment
SW Music Therapy
Technology Management
Therapeutic Play Skills
Weddings and Event Management
Wellness Beauty
Professional Development Programmes
IPD provides various customised skills and
professional development programmes to enhance and
upgrade the careers of working adults - offering Career
Certification, Professional Diplomas and Executive
Master’s Level Degrees. In addition, to fulfil industry
expectations, IPD also provides top-up and bridging
programmes for fresh graduates.
Student Testimonials
Executive Master in Business Administration (Retailing)
I work in the human resource and training department of SOGO and have 26 years of experience in the retail
industry. I never thought that I would go back to being a student, especially since I am now already in my
forties. My experience at IPD-OUM has taught me to think positively and given me the confidence to interact
with people at all levels. It is a challenging path but it has improved every facet of my life. My classmates,
the curriculum of the programme and the professionalism of the staff have made my student experience
well worth the investment. My career will definitely benefit from all that I have learnt.
Professional Diploma in Counselling Psychology
Taking up this programme felt like a pathfinder for me. I knew my interest but I was not certain of the nature
of this field and whether it was truly meant for me. I found this course online but still felt uncertain until an
old friend contacted me out of the blue and said that she has enrolled in an IPD-OUM programme. My
experience was eye-opening, as I learnt in a respectful and fun environment, with individuals from all walks
of life, making it all the more inspiring. My lectures were excellent and thoroughly enjoyable, as most of the
lecturers were professionals. Through this programme, I got to experience the theoretical and practical
aspects of the field of counselling psychology. I appreciate the fact that what I learned was very hands-on
and the contents were of high quality.
Industrial Executive Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health
I was once a leading steward with Malaysia Airlines and now I am a full-time safety officer. I had been
working for four years in the safety and health industry when I decided to take up this programme. It has
provided me with solid knowledge on safety measures for workers, which I need as I am in the construction
sector. I now also know about chemical safety and I am able to detect chemical hazards that might arise from
construction work. Another subject which has benefited me tremendously in this course is ergonomics. This
course has opened my eyes and broadened my horizons immensely.
Executive Diploma in Preventive Health and Nutrition
I have known about the Executive Diploma in Preventive Health & Nutrition, for a few years but I did not think
it would be beneficial to attend such a course as I thought it would be like those commercial courses that
other organisations conducted. However, my perspective changed when I met two graduates from the course.
One of them, who was in his 50s, had lost weight, and become fit and healthy. The other, a farmer in his late
50s, was able to give a health talk with correct facts and knowledge. I was very impressed and decided to
register for the course. It proved to be a wise move. I have learnt a lot about nutrition and health, subjects that were not taught in my
university years. I started the course in September 2012. Applying my newly acquired knowledge, I started to lose about 7kg since
January 2013. I felt lighter, livelier and more alert. I strongly encourage everyone to attend this course as it is the first step towards taking
charge of your health, and helping others to become healthier.
Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning
Most SAP courses are rather expensive. With limited resources, I found it hard to find one that gave me the
knowledge I wanted at an acceptable cost within my budget. Then I discovered the “Postgraduate Diploma
in Enterprise Resource Planning” course by IPD-OUM. The course duration is ten months and it contains
important modules for entrance into the SAP working career. The materials are easy to understand and the
course was taught in a systematic way using simple and direct language.
Executive Diploma in Building and Facilities Management
The decision to continue my education in Building and Facilities Management at IPD-OUM has benefited me
in many ways. The management techniques I learnt have assisted me to manage buildings and facilities,
polish my communication skills more effectively, and improve my professionalism at the workplace.
I would strongly encourage and recommend anyone who wishes to improve or widen their horizons and
career opportunities to study at IPD-OUM.
OUM Education Facts & Figures
First Open &
Distance Learning
University in
Over 150,000
learners since
37 local
Learning Centres
Over 10,000
learners in 13
Tan Sri Dr Abdullah Sanusi (TSDAS) Digital Library
The TSDAS Digital Library is ISO Certified
(9001:2000) and one of the finest in the region.
It has a wide collection of physical books and
relevant materials, 32 online databases
comprising 127,398 e-books, 53,960 e-journal
titles, 2.4 million e-thesis titles, 3 e-news
databases and its own 7,145 e-content titles.
• Electronic information service
• Reference services
• Document delivery services
• Past-year exam papers
• User education/ information skills
• Inter-library loan services
• Liaison officers
Financial Sources
• Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF), Account 2
• Interest-free instalments
• Study loan from bank
• Cash direct into METEOR
Learning Sdn Bhd account
• Financial assistance for continuous
employment training under Human Resources
Development Fund (HRDF)
Learning Centres Nationwide
OUM has 37 Learning Centres throughout the country with more
expected in the near future. Facilities at these Learning Centres include:
• Lecture halls
• Tutorial rooms
• Administrative offices
• Fully equipped digital library
• Computer labs
More than
Our Clients
1. Nestlé Malaysia
2. Kementerian Pendidikan
3. Maybank Berhad
4. AEON Co. (M) Bhd
5. Pos Malaysia Berhad
6. Awana Hotel & Resort
7. Danone Dumex Malaysia
8. National Institute of
Occupational Safety and Health
9. Malaysian Employers Federation
10. Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia
11. Tentera Darat Diraja Malaysia
12. Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia
13. Proton Holdings Berhad
14. Gamuda Berhad
15. Panasonic Industrial Company
(M) Sdn Bhd
16. Bank Kerjasama Rakyat (M) Sdn
17. Samsung Malaysia
18. Island & Peninsular Berhad
19. Ambank
20. Hong Leong Bank
21. Toyota Boshuku
22. RHB Bank
23. Kirkuk Global, Iraq
24. Kementerian Belia dan Sukan
26. Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)
27. Akademi PKNS
28. TELEKOM Malaysia
International Collaborations
1. Adamson University
2. Ateneo De Naga University
3. Celtech College
4. Far Eastern University
5. Manuel S. Enverga University
6. Our Lady of Fatima University
1. Amirtha Institute of Technology Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
2. Amirtha Institute of Technology Trichy, Tamil Nadu
3. Bashkaran International College
of Hospitality Management,
4. Chennai Amirta
5. Chiron Leadership Skills Pvt Ltd ,
Tamil Nadu
6. Guiders Education and
Professional Development LLP
7. Hindustan University, Tamil Nadu
8. Holy Grace Group of
Institutions, Kerala
9. Indian Academy of Professional
Studies, Tamil Nadu
10. MACFast, Kerala
Our Local Partners
11. Mahatma Group of Educational
Institutions, Tamil Nadu
12. NIITAPS, Maharashtra
13. NIMS International Institute,
Tamil Nadu
14. Orient Institute of Hotel
Management, Kerala
15. St Alphonsa Institute of
International Studies, Kerala
16. Vibrant India 2025, Kerala
17. Vismayam College of Art and
Media, Kerala
1. Centre of Health Promotion,
Taiwan Natural Medicine
Organisation, Taiwan
IPD-OUM has local and international strategic partners to provide contemporary skills and professional training
and education.
1. Alvin Leong Academy of
2. Bakavion Sdn. Bhd.
3. Celmonze Aesthetic Academy
Sdn Bhd
4. Chapter One Asia
5. City Advance Skills Academy
6. East West International College
7. EBM Education Management
Sdn Bhd
8. Eduwis Education
9. E-One Net
10. Fame International College
11. Garuda International Academy
12. GB Global Academy (M) Sdn Bhd
13. Global Executive Academy
14. Great Success Consultancy
15. Impian Helang (M) Sdn Bhd
16. Informatic Academy
17. Institut Agro Usahawan (iGROW)
18. Institut Kemahiran Sabah
19. Intech Development Sdn Bhd
20. Integrative Health Academy
21. KL Strategic Change
22. KM Capital Group Berhad
23. Knowledge Com Sdn Bhd
24. Kolej Eastern
25. Kukkiwon
26. Learning Edge Consultants
27. Malaysian Elite Consultancy
Resources Sdn Bhd
28. Malsec Dot Com Sdn Bhd
29. Master Builders Association
Malaysia (MBAM)
30. MEF Academy Sdn Bhd
31. Malaysian Expert Institute Of
Cosmetology (Kobonos Sdn. Bhd.)
32. Malaysian Financial Planning
Council (MFPC)
33. Mutawwif Consultancy Sdn Bhd
34. Nikata Consultants Sdn. Bhd.
35. Nitkertz Sdn Bhd
36. Northern Skills Development
37. Asia College of Technology
(Pacific Technology Sdn. Bhd.)
38. Pacific World Education Sarawak
39. People Skills Asia (S) Pte Ltd
40. Pets Icon Grooming Academy
41. PNS Academy
42. Ports World Sdn. Bhd.
43. Pusat Latihan Asia Pasifik
44. Quality Minds Academy PLT
45. RHC Consultancy Sdn Bhd
46. Rimbunan Hijau Academy
47. Riverbank Academy Sdn Bhd
48. RK Academy
49. SG Academy
50. Sigma Info Analytics Data Sdn. Bhd.
51. Spectrum Education And
Training (M) Sdn. Bhd.
52. Strategic Change Consulting
53. Stratford International Language
54. Sunrise Lifelong Training
Academy Sdn. Bhd.
55. Swiss Hill IT Academy Sdn. Bhd.
56. Terra Energy
57. Tharshall Training Academy
58. Times Media
59. Training Minds
60. Victoria International College
61. Zull Design Autotronic
Institute of Professional Development
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Rampai Business Park South
53300 Kuala Lumpur
+603 - 4142 0585
+603 - 4142 0498
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