Top 10 Tips: Improve everyday nutrition


Top 10 Tips: Improve everyday nutrition
Healthy Heart Challenge 2012
Top 10 Tips: Improve everyday nutrition
1. Fruit and vegetables: Eat 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit each day.
2. Carbs: Choose wholegrain breads, cereals, pasta, noodles and rice.
3. Pulses: Include legumes (also known as ‘pulses’) in 2+ meals a week. Ideas include baked beans, kidney
beans, three bean mix, butter beans, broad beans, dried peas, split peas, chickpeas and lentils.
4. Spreads: Use spreads made from canola, sunflower or olive oil; and dairy blends that have earned the
Heart Foundation Tick. You can use other foods, such as avocado or hummus instead of spreads 2-3 times
a week.
5. Dressings: Look for salad dressings made from canola, sunflower, soy bean, olive, sesame and peanut oils.
Try a light vinaigrette.
6. Fish: Eat 2-3 serves (150g) of oily fish each week. Use fish oil capsules and omega-3 enriched foods and
drinks to supplement your intake of omega-3 fats.
7. Meat: Choose lean meat and poultry, with no visible fat or skin. Limit processed and deli meats like sausages
and salami, which can be high in saturated fat. Limit foods such as liver, kidney and pâté.
8. Takeaway: Limit takeaway foods to once a week, as they often are high in saturated fat and salt. Healthier
takeaway options include sushi, sashimi, Asian stir-fries, tomato-based pasta dishes and grilled fish or
9. Dairy: Reduce your saturated fat intake and choose reduced, low or no-fat dairy products, including milk,
yoghurt and custard.
10. Portions: Most people put too much food on their plate so keep an eye on your portion size. Speak to your
health professional for more information about portion sizes.
What about drinks?
• Choose mainly water
• Limit sugary drinks, including sports drinks and fruit juice
• Drink coffee (even decaffeinated) and tea in moderation. If you have milk, choose reduced, low or no-fat
• No more than two standard alcoholic drinks per day
Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of Australian women.
Reduce your risk by improving everyday nutrition.
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