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Fun food web-site
We’re thinking green, are you ?
10 Tips to Healthy Eating
and Physical Activity for You
Fun food web-site
1. Start Your Day with Breakfast – A good breakfast helps
refuel your body.
2. Get Moving — Ride your bike or walk instead of taking a
car, take the stairs instead of an elevator.
3. Snack Smart — Choose snacks that are lower in fat and
4. Work Up A Sweat — Do some physical activity each day.
Get your heart pumping, your heart is a muscle that needs
exercise too.
5. Balance Your Food Choices – Eat a variety of foods from
all food groups. Like a balanced school lunch.
6. Get Fit With Friends and Family — Make your physical activity fun with a friend. The time will quickly pass.
7. Eat More Grains, Fruits and Vegetables – They are lower in
fat and provide vitamins and minerals that your body
needs. And they taste good!
8. Join in Physical Activities at School – Be involved! You’ll
feel great!
9. Foods aren’t “good” or “bad” - Foods fit together like a
puzzle. It takes all pieces to make a healthy diet.
10. Make Healthy Eating and Physical Activities Fun — Your
body will grow stronger and leaner as you play