What`s your sexy little secret?



What`s your sexy little secret?
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What’s your sexy little
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A design _ update
and passions
Doubleface (left)
The most
time of the
year calls for
lovable new
Eyrie Chair (left)
Designed by Dutchmen Floris
Wubben, the Eyrie Chair is
purely organic in its shape. “The
nest of a bird is an inventive
piece of natural architecture,”
says Wubben, “and the Eyrie
Chair is an ode to these natural
constructions.” Composed of
wooden branches and steambended ash, the solid chair was
connected together using ash
pins and wood glue.
Visit www.floriswubben.nl
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Le Chalet Zannier (above)
Arnaud Zannier recently unveiled
his refurbished hotel, Le Chalet
Zannier, in Mégève, France.
The contemporary interiors are
genuine and raw, stripped down
to essential, earthy colors, with
carefully chosen antique furniture,
crafted pottery and patina paint.
There are 12 rooms and suites as
well as a luxurious private chalet.
367 Route du Crêt, Mégève,
France, tel.,
©Gestalten, Florian Hauswirth, Peter Lindgreen, Poltrona Frau, Floris Wubben, Arnaud Zannier
Winner of a Wallpaper* Design
Award, Swiss designer Florian
Hauswirth’s Doubleface collection
features items inspired by a
mirrored silhouette. Made
of ceramic and cherry wood,
the objects’ forms play with
symmetrical lines as well
as natural complementary
structures. Yet, their bodies are
clearly separated in terms of
material and function, meaning
that the objects are versatile, like
the bottom of the fruit bowl that
can be used as chopping board, or
the vase that can be opened in two
to be cleaned.
Visit www.florianhauswirth.ch
Atelier (right)
Atelier, Poltrona Frau’s new
collection, is the design work of
Lavinia Borromeo. Intelligently
and lovingly sketched, cut,
assembled and finished, all items
– bowls, boxes, containers and
leather accessories – embody the
company’s recognizable aesthetic.
Visit www.atelierpoltronafrau.com
Lux (left)
In the last few years, a new
school of lamp designers and
light manufacturers have
taken the lead in creating and
developing a new genre of
domestic lighting. These light
fixtures reflect cutting-edge,
contemporary furniture design,
interior design and architecture,
as much as a recent quantum
leap in illumination technology.
New book Lux, published by
Gestalten, showcases a large
selection of these new lamps and
lighting systems.
Visit www.gestalten.com
Bulb (right)
Launched during the London
Design Festival in 2011,
Minimalux’s first lamp was
simply called Bulb. “As the
name suggests this new table
lamp pays homage to the shape
and materiality of the familiar,
but soon-to-be obsolete,
incandescent light bulb,” says
designer Mark Holmes. “The
lamp is fully compliant with a
varied and fast-changing array
of energy-saving light bulbs,
while housing them in a form
that subtly reminds us of their
heritage and evolution.”
Visit www.minimalux.com
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