C.P.E. Production C.P.E. Multi Vest:



C.P.E. Production C.P.E. Multi Vest:
C.P.E. Production
C.P.E. Production Oy is one of the leading manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipment
in Europe. C.P.E.® has been the equipment of choice for several NATO forces, elite national
counter-terrorism units, police and prison services across the free world.
C.P.E. ® has developed a new concept for ballistic protection. The Diamond line is the
choice for users asking for maximal protection with minimal weight and thickness of the
ballistic panel.
Mu l t i V e s t :
C.P.E. s Multi Vest gives the optimal
protection for those who are not
facing hand weapons as the main
threat. The vest is concealed meaning that the user can use it under
a jacket without showing it, or
outside depending on the job.
The concept is to give optimal protection against common threats like
knifes, spikes and other sharp attack weapons, at the same time full
protection against kicks and blows from different attacks in a fight. The
Multi vest gives the user full freedom of movement due to the unique
The construction is tested against the following standards;
Knife and Spikes
• HOSDB from 2007; KR2 + SP2
• NIJ 0115.00 from 2000;
Level 2 + SP2
Impact Protection
• VPAM KDIW 2004; 100 Joule
C. P . E .
C.P.E. is the only company offering a concealed and comfortable solution which passes these standards.
The perfect choice for those who don’t face hand weapons but other
threats like;
- Prison Guards
- Security Guards
- Taxi drivers
- Others

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