If the Shoe Fits - FBC Wichita Falls


If the Shoe Fits - FBC Wichita Falls
If the
Shoe Fits
Begin family devotional with Pastor’s video:
Ephesians 6:15 & Psalm 40:2
famiily devotional
week 4
What shoes would you wear to hike the Wichita Mountains? (boots, climbing
shoes, etc.) What would you wear on your feet to ride in the HHH bike race?
(specialty clip-in bike shoes) Would you wear flip-flops to run a marathon?
Proper footwear helps us persevere
when obstacles arise.
Like the protection we wear on our
physical feet, God prepares our spiritual
feet for battle. The gospel of peace
enables us to stand firm and defend
the faith against Satan’s constant attack.
What are some ways that Satan tries
to cause you to slip and fall? What do
you do when this happens?
What does the word “gospel” mean?
It means “good news”. Who can recite
John 3:16? What good news are we
talking about? (God’s great love for us in
sending Jesus to die in our place so that we
could live forever with Him)
So why do you think it’s called the
gospel of PEACE? Does it seem
strange that in the midst of a spiritual
battle, we would be talking about
peace? Christ’s sacrifice on the cross
gave us true and eternal peace with God
(Romans 5:1) and with other believers
(Ephesians 2:13-16). We are allies with
God and with His church.
Can you think of ways that Satan
tries to destabilize us within the
church? (complaining, quarreling over
non-essential issues, pettiness, etc.) How
can you stand firm in these attacks?
(by focusing on the truth of the gospel,
extending compassion and forgiveness,
etc. rather than the non-essential issues)
A soldier’s success in battle requires
solid footing. This week, stand firm in
the truth you have learned and continue
to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal how you
can work at peace with your fellow
As you memorize the memory verse
this week, remind each other that God
rescued you from the pit and gave you a
firm place to stand. Thank the Lord!