TA-SETI Goodies


TA-SETI Goodies
TA-SETI Goodies
Power tiles
Protective Aura
Your troops cannot suffer from
any Damage outside of a Battle.
At the end of a Battle, if your
opponent has played at least one
Divine Intervention card, you can
choose one of them and take it
in your hand.
Night Expedition
During the night phase, you
can move one of your Priests to
the next location on the path to
You do not benefit from bonuses
that are on the path between the
two locations and cannot take
the Object or Skills tokens on the
At the beginning of the Night
Phase, gain 1 permanent VP if
you control at least 2 temples.
This troop cannot suffer from
any Damage outside of a Battle
Neth Shields
This troop benefits from +1 Protection during a Battle.
After a Battle, you win 1 PP for
each opposing unit that you
have destroyed in this Battle.