The Creamery Restaurant and Inn


The Creamery Restaurant and Inn
The Creamery Restaurant and Inn
An Extraordinary Acquisition Opportunity
Vista Verde LLC • PO Box 102 • Downsville, WI 54735
● Overview
● The Property
An exceptional investment opportunity has
recently become available in west-central
Wisconsin. Vista Verde LLC, a small consortium
of experienced restoration developers, has
acquired the historic Creamery Restaurant and
Inn. As a result, this outstanding heritage
property is available for a new prospective
owner/operator. Renowned for years as a
premier lodge and restaurant, The Creamery
property affords a wide variety of development
possibilities for those with foresight and a keen
appreciation of the value this destination
facility holds.
Located in the rural village of Downsville,
Wisconsin, this idyllic property overlooks the
scenic Red Cedar River Valley in the westcentral part of the state, just 10 miles south of
I-94 on highway 25. The historic 1904 Downsville
Cooperative Creamery building was completely
rebuilt in 1984-85. The understated architectural
renovation was instantly acclaimed throughout
the Midwest, and remains a standard for
country inns and rich hospitality.
In transforming the building, the
architect used an abundance of rich cherry and
teak woodwork and large windows that
seamlessly blend the rural
vistas with the warm
interiors. The result is a
comfortable space, which
makes nearly all who enter
feel at ease. This has defined
The Creamery brand since its Paul Thomas –
The Creamery’s
inception and continues to
this day.
The main building of The Creamery
complex has operated as a restaurant and inn
with seating for 65 in the main dining room,
along with space for an additional 30 in the
lounge. During the summer months, seating for
40 is available in a screened patio area linked
directly to the lounge and dining room. The
lounge has a full service bar area and features a
distinctive floor to ceiling brick fireplace.
Incorporated into the same building is a
unique 1,500 square foot-space that formerly
housed a gift shop and pottery. This space, as
well as the restaurant and lounge, can be
accessed through the beautiful vaulted entry,
but also has its own storefront entrance.
A well-designed kitchen, bakeshop,
service area and wine cellar all provide the
facilities necessary for efficient operation.
Upstairs, four elegant and spacious inn
rooms overlook the wooded river valley and
distant hills. Once again, rich solid cherry
woodwork and large windows are found
throughout. Private baths with handmade clay
tiles and whirlpool tubs are found in each room,
helping to provide guests with a relaxing
experience in a wooded atmosphere.
The adjacent Woodland Terrace
building houses eight deluxe guest rooms and
two community great rooms.
The original landscaping is well
established and gives the property a feeling of
having been a part of this rural community for
many years. Extensive flower gardens bring joy
not only to guests, but also to appreciative
village residents as they drive by.
● A Brief History
● Character
Opening in September 1985, The Creamery was
an immediate success. Attracting a base of
customers and guests from throughout the
Midwest, it established itself as an epicurean
and cultural center for those wishing a tranquil
rural environment. With an excellent staff and
superb product, the business steadily grew. By
1997, the four inn rooms were operating near
capacity, and in 1998 an eight-room annex, The
Woodland Terrace, was opened.
While The Creamery maintained a
quality product for guests, the changes in
management over the years have prevented the
business from realizing its great potential.
Unfortunately, The Creamery ceased trading in
November 2010.
Vista Verde LLC purchased The
Creamery in April 2011. The company is excited
by the prospect of seeing this truly one-of-akind establishment achieve its fullest potential.
From the start, The Creamery, established a
“brand,” revered for its casual elegance, high
quality and exceptional value. Guests have been
depending on The Creamery for food, lodging,
and an overall relaxing, rejuvenating social
experience for nearly three decades. Ahead of
its time in many ways, reviewers and guests
alike recognized a kind of intangible ambiance
that distinguished The Creamery as the sort of
place you looked forward to visiting. Time and
again, they returned to experience an
environment that they could not easily
describe, but which they valued highly.
Such customer loyalty to the business
exists to this day. The Creamery has been, and
largely remains, the benchmark heritage
hospitality property in the region. It is a brand
people recognize and are eager to see restored
to its former success.
● Potential Markets
No matter what use the investor envisions,
there is a huge market close at hand. Ideally
situated in a scenic rural environment, The
Creamery is off the beaten track, yet accessible
to millions of people within a relatively short
drive. The available markets have already
proven themselves numerous and varied.
The Creamery is located just six miles
south of Menomonie, Wisconsin, a city of 15,000
people. It is situated on the 14-mile Red Cedar
State Park Trail, a recreational destination known
throughout the Midwest. Eau Claire lies 25 miles
to the east with a growing population of 66,000
and a strong business economy. Both cities are
home to large university populations. In the
wider area, the Twin Cities metropolitan area
boasts a population of over three million and is
just over an hour away. Rochester, Minnesota
and its ever-growing Mayo medical center is a 90minute drive. Madison, the state's cultural and
legislative capitol, is just three hours away. The
Twin Ports of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior,
Wisconsin are situated two hours to the north.
To help meet workforce needs, talented
potential employees can be drawn from both
the local population and from the University of
Wisconsin-Stout’s well-regarded School of
Hospitality and Tourism.
● Investment
At present, the historic Creamery building is
essentially a turnkey restaurant and inn that
offers a spectacular opportunity for a rapid
entry into the market. Alternatively, because of
the superb quality of the existing structure,
other possible uses and configurations of The
Creamery are numerous and varied: deli, bakery,
chocolate kitchen, candy factory, music club,
gift shop, office center, special events center,
wedding center, retreat center, brew pub, art
gallery and any combination of these or others.
Vista Verde LLC offers The Creamery for
sale and welcomes all reasonable proposals and
offers or inquiries from parties with serious
interest in pursuing ownership. Vista Verde LLC
is open to a number of possible purchase
options for part or all of the property and is
willing to work with prospective investors to
achieve the best possible outcome for them.
To arrange your viewing and an initial
discussion about this unique opportunity
please contact us on 715 664-8354 or by email at
[email protected] You can also
write to us at: Vista Verde LLC, PO Box 102,
Downsville, WI, 54735
The Thomas Family Legacy
John and David Thomas were two of the founding
members The Creamery 25 years ago and are part of Vista
Verde redevelopment. Here they are with their partners
Kathy and Dawn who are also involved in the project.