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(VIDEO) Paparazzi Go Gaga for Stars on Palm
Springs Int' Film Fest Gala Red Carpet
Posted by Nicholas Snow | January 05, 2016
"The Power of Words: Book to Screen" Features Producers, Writers, Screenwriters; The Town
Square Art Affaire; Murray Sawchuck; and planning ahead for Suicide Dogs: This Week in the Oasis!
Cate Blanchett, Johnny Depp, Amber Heard at the Palm Spri…
This is raw footage marketed for sale to media outlets, but available for embedding as above. Â We're using it to
convey the madness of the red carpet for those who may not be familiar. Â Coverage of The Palm Springs
International Film Festival 2016 with Cate Blanchett, Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Kate Winslet, Matt Damon,
Rooney Mara, Christian Bale, Sibi Blazic, Brie Larson, Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander, Saoirse Ronan, Steve
Carell, Helen Mirren, & Bryan Cranston on January 2, 2016.
Journalist Nicholas Snow
"The Power of Words: Book to Screen" Features Producer, Writers, Screenwriters
Black Mass, Carol, The Danish Girl, Far From the Madding Crowd, The Run of His Life: The People vs. O.J.
Simpson and Younger to be Featured
The 27th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF) will host the 2nd annual two-day symposium
“The Power of Words: Book to Screen,â€Â curated by Barbara Keller and Susan Rosser. The event will take
place on Thursday, January 7 at the Hilton Palm Springs. During the event, authors will be joined by producers,
stars and screenwriters in sessions moderated by well-known film and literary critics in addition to other
distinguished leaders.
A production still from Carol.
Expected “Book to Screen†participants include screenwriter Phyllis Nagy (Carol), author Dick Lehr (Black
Mass: Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a Devil’s Deal), author Jeffrey Toobin (The Run of His Life: The People vs. O.J.
Simpson), screenwriter David Nicholls (Far From the Madding Crowd), TV show creator Darren Starr and author
Pamela Redmond Satran (Younger), author David Ebershoff and screenwriter Lucinda Coxon (The Danish Girl),
with more announcements to come.
Select films from the “Book to Screen†program will screen at the festival the day before, on Wednesday,
January 6 (the full schedule of panels, discussions and screenings will be available by December 10). A “Book
to Screen†pass provides full access to all symposium panels, discussions and screenings. All Benefactor and
Concierge pass holders for the 2016 festival will have access to this symposium at no charge, requiring only a
confirmed RSVP.
Books will be available for purchase at a Barnes & Noble “pop-up store†at the venue. Authors will be
available for a short period of time after each session to sign books. During the month of December, the Barnes &
Noble in Palm Desert will feature a special section of “Book to Screenâ€​ authors and films.  More info.
The Town Square Art Affaire
January 09, 2016 - January 10, 2016 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM, the Featured Artist for this event is Tai (Gary) Poon.
Poon Tai To was born in Mainland, China. At the tender age of five, he began the serious study of art under the
tutelage of China's famed Chao Shoa-An. He was considered the master of Ling-Nam school and the most
versatile Chinese painter the last century has produced. Tai To quietly and meticulously learned the difficult and
disciplined traditional Chinese bamboo brushwork.
His progress was rapid. He won the governor of Hong Kong's favor and had his first exhibit at the palace. All
images are painted onto a silk canvas. As Tai tells “The command of the brush in my paintings on silk fabric is
derived directly from the practice of Chinese calligraphy. I have learned for many long years from the works of
acknowledged masters and the exact strokes of a conventional artistic vocabulary constituted an arduous
apprenticeship. My work employs Sumi, which means literally "throw-ink". Since the traditional silk fabric base is
very absorbent, lines cannot be altered or diluted and as a skilled artist never repeats a line, it becomes
impossible to tell when drawing ceases and painting begins.†All of his work is very beautiful, and I have to admit
that I already own a couple of his paintings. Â More info.
Comedian/Magician Murray Sawchuck Direct from Planet Hollywood Las Vegas
Direct from “America’s Got Talent†and History Channel’s “Pawn Stars,†Murray: The Celebrity
Magician, headed for The Purple Room (Â January 08, 2016Â - January 09, 2016Â 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM) is a familyfriendly comedy magic show playing regularly in the heart of Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood.
Murray wowed the judges and 22 million people as a finalist on “America’s Got Talent†in 2010 and
currently stars in his own TV series, “Extreme Escapes.â€​Â
Murray is ably assisted by the talented but bumbling ‘Lefty’. His card skills are certainly impressive and he
acts as a great stooge to Murray’s shenanigans.  More info.
Dezart Performs Presents Suicide DogsÂ
The Winner of Dezart Performs' 2015 Play Reading Festival makes its World Premiere! (Fridays and Saturdays @
7:30 PM, Saturdays and Sundays @ 2:30 PM)
When Amelia flies her family to Florida to prepare for her brotherÂ’s funeral, she learns that she is now also
responsible for his very famous and very sick dog, Driver. Â More info.
Hot Deals in the City
Getting up to 50% off at some of your favorite
places by in our Hot Deals section! Â Currenly on offer, 50% off at Bonita Restaurant, 33% off at Ristretto, and
$50% off at Appetito Deli! Â More info.
Find Your Favorite Happy Hour
As seen above at Hunters Nightclub on Arenas
Road, there's never a shortage of Happy Hours in the Coachella Valley. Â Discover them with our Happy Hour
No Need for FOMO! (Fear of Missing Out)
In addition to those we’ve highlighted above, there are hundreds more events listed here.
Compiled by Nicholas Snow
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